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interior design News

Abstract, Graphic Rugs From Inigo Elizalde

From nature to your living room floor, these rugs feature mesmerizing patterns and bright, graphic colors. ...
29-02-2016 19:02

A Classic Renovation by Heydt Designs and Benjamin Dhong Int

A renovated cottage to delight you...Renovating a traditional style home for today\'s living is all about balance, it may mean adding more character t ...
29-02-2016 19:14

What To Wear: From The ?Office? To The ?Date?

What to wear" A question we ask ourselves so frequently. The post What To Wear: From The “Office” To The “Date” appeared ...
29-02-2016 19:03

Tiny bedrooms that are absolutely amazing

A tiny bedroom might mean you have to live without some storage space, but by no means does it mean you have to live without style and beauty.  S ...
29-02-2016 19:19

A 1900s Cabin in the California Wilderness

Dawn De La Fuente, founder of s/he apothecary line, and Ian Ernzer, lead designer at ...
29-02-2016 19:12

Playful Apartment in Ukraine Features a Slide Inside

A slide links the two levels of this modern home, which also has a living wall and a hammock.The post Playful Apartment in Ukraine Features a Slide In ...
29-02-2016 18:55

The Fonte Boa House

In the Rabaçal valley in central Portugal, surrounded by the Jerumelo, Sicó and Espinhal mountains, an immaculate white shape rises from the landscape ...
29-02-2016 19:23

Blushing beauty

Can something that is barely blushing steal your heart with one little glance"If you are one of those always enamored with, romantic at heart,possibly ...
29-02-2016 19:03

February flowers

Last week my parents visited us to celebrate my mom\'s birthday. Not a lucky week, as Enea was a bit sick because of the new teeth. But Saturday I ha ...
29-02-2016 19:19

A Sunny Bedroom

Hello everyone!Well, it didn\'t take long for me to move my yellow accents to another room in my house.  I decided to try out my yellow pillows and t ...
29-02-2016 19:03

Funky headboard

Want to give your bedroom a quick and easy update" Check out this headboard created out of a series of painted hexagons. Even if you don?t have a stea ...
29-02-2016 19:11

A House From the 60s Becomes Modern While Keeping its Soul

A mid-century home near Montreal gets a modern renovation that preserves its soul. ...
29-02-2016 19:02

Fine Art Focus: Gabriel Orozco

Sculpture and installation artwork has always been an area of fine art that eludes me. No ...
29-02-2016 18:55

The palette series: spring blush

In this months spring palette, soft chalky hues are punctuated by the vibrant tones of candy pink and lime green. 01. Chromatic 3321 in Orange Opalesc ...
29-02-2016 19:11

7 Ways to Make the Most of Your Entrance (20 photos)

Ever feel as though something?s not quite right about your entryway" Maybe it?s hard to see your front door, or your foyer feels bland and uninvi ...
29-02-2016 19:12

Anniversary Bouquet

Anniversary Bouquet What I love about my job is not only to be surrounded by beautiful blooms all the time but also to be a part of many happy celebra ...
29-02-2016 19:22

KWAMBIO Uses 3D Printing for Designed Objects on Demand

KWAMBIO uses 3D printing to create designed objects on demand, doing away with the previous limitations it afforded. ...
29-02-2016 19:02

Pendant Lights by Mariam Ayvazyan

Design studio Made In Love –  Mariam Ayvazyan has sent us a beautiful picture of new projects Solid Ties and Sun Rise pendant lights. Read the r ...
29-02-2016 19:23

An Amazing Cantilever Home With Brilliantly Integrated Court

Do you love cantilever architecture" This home features a dramatic contrast between heavy forms and open voids, balancing its weight as if to tau ...
29-02-2016 19:12

La Matita Rossa: The Pencil Sharpener 2.0

The classic pencil sharpener gets 21 creative redesigns. ...
29-02-2016 19:02

The with Livingetc home office capsule collection i

Livingetc’s collaboration with award-winning online retailer is still making a splash. Now following the successful living, dining and bedr ...
29-02-2016 19:11

An Ever-Evolving East London Home For A Creative Family

Sometimes home is more than just a house; when you?re friends with your neighbors ? ...
29-02-2016 18:55

10 Modern Barn Door Ideas That Make a Bold Statement

They\'re not just for farmhouses anymore; sliding barn doors are now a decidedly modern option.The post 10 Modern Barn Door Ideas That Make a Bold Sta ...
29-02-2016 18:55

A Touch of Chanel

A Touch of Chanel by Daniele Claudio Taddei?s is a 1980?s Swiss loft that is meant to nurture relationships within a couple as they live in close quar ...
29-02-2016 19:23

My Houzz: Family?s Personal Style Warms Up a New Build (13 p

Carrie and Freddy Arredondo had lived in plenty of older homes, enjoying their authenticity and charm. That changed when they moved to Wenatchee, Wash ...
29-02-2016 19:12

Celebrating 30 years of Country Homes & Interiors

We’re celebrating our 30th birthday! Country Homes & Interiors was launched in 1986 as a country lifestyle title that showcased the best of ?people? ...
29-02-2016 19:11

The Woven Works of Peg Woodworking

Peg Woodworking\'s pieces are treated to handwoven, geometric designs that form the stool or chair\'s seat. ...
29-02-2016 19:02

Penthouse Apartment in Valencia by Josep Rua

A penthouse apartment in Valencia, Spain, designed by Josep Ruà, draws precisely the policy for modern interior design with simple materials – w ...
29-02-2016 19:23

Monday Mood: More is More

Some Mondays, all I want is less. Less noise, fewer feeds to look at and less ...
29-02-2016 18:55

Snow White Loft in London

This snow white loft in London was made by Cloud Studious. There are a lot of white elements: stairs, walls, floor, ceiling and furniture. So, the apa ...
29-02-2016 19:29

Room of the Day: A Salvaged Bathroom With Lots of Fresh Idea

In a remodel that included a kitchen renovation, whole-house window replacement and 400-square-foot addition, it?s the private master bathroom in the ...
29-02-2016 19:12

Anne Michaelsen Design

Ohhhh you know this one has my heart pitter-pattering! The Little Balboa Island home was designed by Anne Michaelsen-Ya ...
29-02-2016 19:12

Our House Mood Board

Creating a mood board can be a very helpful way to figure out what mood or look you want to create in your home. We made our mood board (above) on the ...
29-02-2016 19:03

Inside Houzz: ?There?s No Place Like Houzz? (one photo)

We believe that making your house into a home means creating a space for the life you want with the people closest to you. Our new videos show all the ...
28-02-2016 19:14

Great Design Plant: Phlox Divaricata (6 photos)

The showy flower clusters of wild blue phlox (Phlox divaricata) are a welcome sign of spring. Use this adaptable native perennial in partial shade or ...
28-02-2016 19:14

Plant up a kitchen herb garden

Pot fragrant garden herbs in enamelware mugs, teapots and jugs with tea-bag style plant tags for a neat and rustic kitchen display that packs a style ...
28-02-2016 19:13

Exquisite Loft in Paris

This exquisite loft is located in Paris. It was decorated by Meero Agency. On the ground floor there are a spacious living room, kitchen and dining ro ...
28-02-2016 19:34

9 Elegant Examples of Black in the Bath (9 photos)

Black can be tricky to use in large amounts in a home. For this reason, it isn?t a common main color choice. But when it?s used, and used well, it ca ...
28-02-2016 19:14

Ideas For Making Any House Your Home

Timber house in Washington Man, you guys, MY HEART just about BURST out of my chest reading each and every of your comments on my last post. Thank you ...
28-02-2016 19:06

This is guaranteed to brighten up your week

No longer is it just the humble magazine subscription bringing us a little joyful relief each week/month; now that subscription can be in the form of ...
28-02-2016 19:13

Inspired By #47: The Academy Awards

"There\'s no business like show business." Irving Berlin The post Inspired By #47: The Academy Awards appeared first on Vicki Archer. ...
28-02-2016 19:06

Contemporary Singapore Home Features Long Lines, Slatted Scr

The three-story building resembles a narrow rectangular box with a perpendicular lap pool.The post Contemporary Singapore Home Features Long Lines, Sl ...
28-02-2016 18:57

Open Plan Not Your Thing" Try ?Broken Plan? (13 photos)

Open-plan living has been one of the biggest trends in our homes in recent decades. Indeed, knocking down walls can create a sense of space, light, so ...
28-02-2016 19:14

Shop Houzz: An Oscar-Worthy Room (82 photos)

Using the Academy Awards as inspiration, we turn the spotlight on those pieces that add a bit of drama to any setting, from the drop-dead gorgeous sta ...
28-02-2016 19:14

We love: The Gainsborough Bath Spa?

It?s easy to imagine that famed portraitist Thomas Gainsborough, for whom this newly renovated Bath hotel is named, might well approve of its intricat ...
28-02-2016 19:13

Houzz Tour: A New Home Designed as a Gallery (12 photos)

The art and vistas of the Northwest are the two main inspirations behind this Seattle home. The team at DeForest Architects carefully planned areas to ...
28-02-2016 19:14

Making Sleeping Arrangements: Creative Ideas for DIY Dog Bed

They’d be comfortable sleeping anywhere. But here are some creative ways on how to give our furry little friends a good night night sleep with the ...
28-02-2016 19:28

The Love Your Home Challenge ? Spring 2016

Welcome to The Love Your Home Challenge, Spring 2016! I’m SO excited that you will join me for the next 31 days! I for one cannot wait to get st ...
28-02-2016 19:06

Off-the-Grid Retreat Beckons in Australian Rainforest

This home in the Daintree Rainforest offers modern style and conveniences for laid-back beach living.The post Off-the-Grid Retreat Beckons in Australi ...
28-02-2016 18:57

You Have Style ? Shouldn?t Your Laundry Room" (10 photo

You?ve styled every room of your home but can?t seem to wrap your head around getting style into your laundry room. If this is a room you inhabit ofte ...
28-02-2016 19:14

Great Design Plant: Sassafras Albidum (6 photos)

In Colonial times, sassafras (Sassafras albidum) was a significant export crop from North America. It was valued for the medicinal and culinary prope ...
27-02-2016 19:13

Weekend recipes: honey, orange and rhubarb shrub cocktail

A shrub is a fruit and sugar syrup, perfect as a fragrant cocktail base. Here, the sugar component is honey and the fruit is shocking-pink rhubarb wit ...
27-02-2016 19:12

Table Decor: Vintage Centerpiece Ideas

I found that the best place to look for stylish vintage centerpiece ideas is by looking through wedding photographs. There are a few wedding ideas b ...
27-02-2016 19:23

Curvy, Concealed Wall Storage in Sydney (7 photos)

To provide for generous storage in the renovation of a Sydney apartment, architects Jemima Retallack and Mitchell Thompson designed a simple curving s ...
27-02-2016 19:13

Contemporary Home in France Angles for Attention

Each of the three stacked, irregularly shaped volumes in this modern single-family home has a green roof.The post Contemporary Home in France Angles f ...
27-02-2016 18:57

New This Week: 2 Charming Farmhouse Kitchens With Modern Con

The attraction to farmhouse kitchens lies in their appealing return to simplicity. But nobody is talking about bringing back the washboard. Today?s it ...
27-02-2016 19:13

Shop Houzz: Trending Warm Metals for Every Room (103 photos)

Mixing warm metals has transitioned from a design trend to watch to a must-try design obsession. With amazing pieces in gold, brass, bronze and copper ...
27-02-2016 19:13

Buy the items you love and make them work in your existing d

I\'m always finding furnishings, light fixtures, etc. that I love, but I worry about reconciling them to my existing decor.  Lately though, after ...
27-02-2016 19:18

A Rustic-Chic Home In The French Alps

In the peaceful Manigod ski resort, located in the scenic south-eastern France, you can find a wooden cabin which has been withstanding cold winter we ...
27-02-2016 19:23

Photography 101- A new favorite lens

Sometimes all you need is simple and sweet when it comes to photography.Something that gets the job done and does it well and doesn't require a ha ...
27-02-2016 19:05

The Many Ways to Get Creative With Kitchen Hoods (22 photos)

The exhaust system installed above ranges and cooktops is probably not what most kitchen design or renovation dreams are made of. However, ventilating ...
27-02-2016 19:13

The Country Decorator?s shopping shortlist – breakfast

Longer days and lighter mornings? Enjoy this precious weekend with a lingering lie-in and honey-drizzled breakfast in bed. We?ve selected a trio of du ...
27-02-2016 19:12

Voong: A Vase That Doubles as a Bong

At first glance, you might not suspect that this vase pulls double duty, but it subtly disguises another use besides holding flowers. ...
27-02-2016 19:04

Semi-Detached House in Australia Is Business in Front, Party

This home outside Melbourne recently received a contemporary extension with several sustainable features.The post Semi-Detached House in Australia Is ...
27-02-2016 18:57

Cozy White Warm Bohemian Bedrooms .....

Cozy White Bohemian Bedroom: Styled by Urban OutfittersRelaxing warm white bedroomWhite bedroom: From that lampshade!!Dreamy, warm white ...
27-02-2016 19:04

Weekend Project: 9 Ways to Branch Out Around the House (15 p

When everything is looking too clean-lined, glitzy, shiny or stark, something as simple as a branch or two may be just what your room needs for contra ...
27-02-2016 19:13

Windows That Expose Your Bathroom to Light Without Exposing

Bathrooms have evolved to such an extent that they are no longer considered utilitarian rooms just for maintaining hygiene. Many of us now aspire to h ...
27-02-2016 19:13

The Top 10 French Movies On Netflix

Netflix has a feast of French movies. The post The Top 10 French Movies On Netflix appeared first on Vicki Archer. ...
27-02-2016 19:05

Houzz Tour: Home Away From Home for an Irish Family in Austr

In 2012, an Irish couple and their children moved to Invermay, near Melbourne, Australia, and asked architect Mick Moloney to create a home away from ...
27-02-2016 19:13

Celebrate Wales!

With St David’s Day approaching (1 March), there’s no better time to visit Wales. Here are three of our favourite ways to celebrate with a family ...
26-02-2016 19:13

Give your space a smart designer edge with The Livingetc Edi

Furniture and accessories created by the world?s leading designers for the top brands around the globe have been included in the The Livingetc Edit at ...
26-02-2016 19:14

Fresh From The Dairy: Check Yo Self

We got all wrapped up in the idea of checks and all things checkered... ...
26-02-2016 19:05

An Intuitive, Solar Powered, Motion Sensor Light

A smart, wall-mounted light decked out with motion sensors that will illuminate your path when it detects movement. ...
26-02-2016 19:05

Studio Tour: One Eleven East

When Erika and Halton Williams were wedding planning, they noticed the lack of open and creative venue ...
26-02-2016 18:56

Modern Nightstands for a Polished and Functional Bedroom

We\'ve rounded up some bedside tables that are not only practical, but also stylish.The post Modern Nightstands for a Polished and Functional Bedroom ...
26-02-2016 18:56

8 Ways Your Bathroom Would Look Great in Gray (8 photos)

If the previously featured blue bathrooms were a tad too colorful for you, perhaps gray is more your speed. Gray has been a popular neutral for quite ...
26-02-2016 19:15

Secret Garden.... Ultimate Indoor Pool...

 Check out this indoor pool area that I found over at Desire to Inspire!! This place is totally magical isnt it" It reminds me of a cross between my ...
26-02-2016 19:05

Kitchen of the Week: A Handy Rollout Dining Table Adds Flexi

Like many people, Richard and Linnaea Bursch seldom use their dining table. So during the remodel of their kitchen, their designer had a creative idea ...
26-02-2016 19:15

Diamond White Like It?s The Oscars

Diamond White, you might ask"   There is a story to this tale, The post Diamond White Like It’s The Oscars appeared first on Vicki Arc ...
26-02-2016 19:06

Link ? A New Living Room Wall by Ronda Design

Link by Ronda Design is a  mixture of materials, namely steel, wood and aluminium, together with unprecedented shelves, an accessorised wall with livi ...
26-02-2016 19:31

Cresta Solid Wood Shell Chair

This minimalist chair ties modernity and tradition together in one streamlined design. ...
26-02-2016 19:05

A Loft Flooded With Light

One of Amsterdam‘s architecture treasures can be found at Hoogte Kadijk 71. This is the place where De Gekroonde Valk, or The Crowned Falcon brewery ...
26-02-2016 19:31

Crisp Architects

My husband Chris and I love to daydream about renovating a farmhouse...I can\'t wait for him to see this one by Crisp Architects! ...
26-02-2016 19:16

Video! Country colours moodboard

We know how passionate you are about colour so we’re excited to present the first in a new series of short videos called the Country Homes & Interio ...
26-02-2016 19:13

An Old Church Becomes a Colorful Skateboarder?s Heaven

What happens when you hand over a 100-year old church to an artist and give them free rein" A colorful indoor skate park is born. ...
26-02-2016 19:05

Best of the Web + Carrie Mae Weems

This week I read the exciting news that artists Carrie Mae Weems won the 2016 ...
26-02-2016 19:16

Headspace?s State-of-the-Art Meditation Pods

Designed by Oyler Wu, the Headspace pods offer a carved out, nature-inspired spot for people to practice meditation. ...
26-02-2016 19:05

In The Kitchen With: Erika Council?s Strawberry Lemon Cream

When I visited Erika of Southern Souffle’s food blog, something felt familiar. I clicked over ...
26-02-2016 18:56

Homes & Gardens Designer Awards 2016: Backer of British

Championing British design requires creativity, commercial instincts and deep product knowledge. WWRDRichard Delaney and Keeley Traee have been shortl ...
26-02-2016 19:13

Nordic Love #5 {Ikea hack} :: #idastyle

Se mi seguite da un po\' sapete bene quanto io ami Ikea. Ci vado almeno una volta al mese {è a 20 minuti dalla Happy House per buona pace del marito!} ...
26-02-2016 19:25

Innovative Treehouse Takes Glamping to a Higher Level

The Dom\'Up, a 172-square-foot octagonal structure, leaves no trace on the trees or the ground after it\'s deconstructed.The post Innovative Treehouse ...
26-02-2016 18:56

Restaurant Find: Hinoki and the Bird LA

In a city as spoiled with good weather as Los Angeles, there is no excuse not to make the most of al fresco dining. Head to Hinoki and the Bird LA, a ...
26-02-2016 19:31

Get the Look: Midcentury Modern Upholstered Parsons Armchair

I’m pretty sure I have BHG’s east coast editor Eddie Ross to thank for my current obsession with the upholstered parsons arm chair. It’s that g ...
26-02-2016 19:18

Shop Houzz: Sofas in Every Color (82 photos)

Your sofa is the anchor of your living room and the seat that makes your sunroom a place where you truly want to spend time. Of all of your furniture ...
26-02-2016 19:15

A beautiful relaxed bohemian Artists home in Baltimore

A Beautiful Relaxed Bohemian Artists Home in BaltimoreHaving lived in Belarus, New York, Pennsylvania and now Maryland, Daria Souvorova has seen h ...
26-02-2016 19:05

My New Appliances are Installed!

Hello everyone!Well, I\'ll tell you what.  It was a crazy afternoon yesterday.  The appliance delivery people arrived and I had to call my husband h ...
26-02-2016 19:05

Houzz Tour: The Walls Come Down in a Creative Parisian Home

What was once a conventional three-bedroom apartment occupying the top two floors of a 1980s apartment building in Paris has been transformed into an ...
26-02-2016 19:15

Hotel Renovation Shows the Tendencies of Contemporary Design

A complete interior renovation for the Singapore hotel Jen Tanglin – carried on by the Hong Kong-based studio BTR workshop shows the tendencies ...
26-02-2016 19:31

Where Math and Nature Meet Art: Katy Ann Gilmore

LA artist draws intricate geometric landscapes that feel suspended in space. ...
26-02-2016 19:05

Comfortable Scandinavian Apartment

This comfortable apartment has a classical Scandinavian design. There are perfectly white walls and ceiling with shades of mocha, graphite and pale pi ...
26-02-2016 19:37

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News most viewed Today

Curtains Outside

Curtains Outside

Instant Romance AddedviaviaviaviaviaviaviaThese photos speak for themselves.I have the perfect spot for sheer white curtains in my backyard.I\'ve a small pergola attached to the side of my garage but I never spend any time back there.Perhaps I... -
Battery Park City Home by Lo Chen Design

Battery Park City Home by Lo Chen Design

This beautiful apartment located in New York, United States, was designed in 2016 by Lo Chen Design. Photography courtesy of Lo Chen Design Visit Lo Chen Design -
Inkblot Rug Collection by Lindstrom Rugs

Inkblot Rug Collection by Lindstrom Rugs

Quick: tell me what you see! If it\'s a collection of graphic rugs inspired by the Rorschach test, you\'re correct! -
A Chef and Painter?s Art-Filled Cottage in South Carolina

A Chef and Painter?s Art-Filled Cottage in So...

For me, getting comfortable doesn’t always mean snagging the best spot on the sofa for movie -
Tropical L-Shaped House by Jacobsen Arquitetura

Tropical L-Shaped House by Jacobsen Arquitetu...

This L-shaped house with strong tropical emanation is located in Sao Paulo, Brazil and is designed by Jacobsen Arquitetura. The home features vast open spaces, multiple levels of interaction and cleverly arranged selection of privet and social... -
The Main Reasons Why Retaining Walls Fail"

The Main Reasons Why Retaining Walls Fail&quo...

Retaining walls are usually strong and can resist anything, but sometimes they can show signs and indications that they might brake them. A retaining walls may slide, topple, overturn and very rare they can totally collapse but all of that can be... -
ONE PIC. ___________ uh la la

ONE PIC. ___________ uh la la

Todays one pic is from the u la la studio in Copenhagen that belongs to the talented Danish ceramicist Julie Bonde. I visited her studio with Emma while we were working in Copenhagen and I was blown away by the beautiful creativity that both she and... -
Pei Partnership Architects Wins Competition for Nanhai Cultural Center

Pei Partnership Architects Wins Competition f...

Pei Partnership Architects, in collaboration with Guangzhou HSArchitects, has been selected as the winner of an international design competition for the Nanhai Cultural Center in the Nanhai District of Foshan, China. The winning design seeks to... -
Think and Make Thursday Party 37

Think and Make Thursday Party 37

Hi friends! Welcome back to Think and Make Thursday Every week, the nine of us will be choosing our favorite Bright Ideas from the party to share on our own blogs the following week, giving you an even better chance of being... -

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