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interior design News

H&M Home: Christmas Collection 2017

Inspire with H&M Christmas Collection 2017. You can decorate your†home in a traditional way or use black & white color schemes. You can also get some ...
21-12-2016 19:23

Cozy Winter Christmas By Zara Home

Enjoy this cozy Winter Christmas by Zara Home. Create holiday atmosphere†with beautiful napkins, candles, vases & plates.†You can also find aprons, te...
19-12-2016 19:32

Happy Holidays From IKEA

New IKEA catalog is so cozy and festive. Christmas & New Year are almost here. If you are still not ready for Happy Holidays, it’s high time to deco...
11-12-2016 19:28

Modern Black & White Interior Design

You can see this modern black & white interior design†in Sweden. The apartment is 81 square meter.†Scandinavian designers like to use white and black ...
06-12-2016 19:26

Indigo Design Associates: Fulham Home

Indigo Design Associates works since April 2003. The founders are husband and wife ‚Äď Colin &†Iona Duckworth. Nowadays, Indigo has a reputation as on...
28-11-2016 19:28

Thanksgiving Table Decoration – DIY Decor Ideas

Forget about your finances, enjoy Thanksgiving table decorating! First, you can use vegetables and fruit for Thanksgiving table decorations. Fruit is ...
24-11-2016 19:25

Modern Wooden House in Alabama

There‚Äôs nothing like decorating your home with wood. You can find this modern wooden house near the lake in Alabama. The windows†are quite big. So t...
21-11-2016 19:33

Garage Organization Tips

Start with addressing any of the significant areas above and you’re going to be shocked at how much of your garage you are able to reclaim! As the g...
20-11-2016 19:34

Pottery Barn Catalog – December 2016

Christmas and New Year are so close. So, it’s time to get some winter inspiration. In Pottery Barn Xmas catalog you will find Christmas trees, velve...
17-11-2016 19:31

5 Tips: How to Organize Your Bookshelf

Don‚Äôt overload your bookshelf with small objects.†A quarter of the space should be free. Also, put only your favorite stuff†on the shelf. Because yo...
14-11-2016 19:33

Modern Chalet Design in the USA

You can find this modern chalet design in the USA. The designers have used only wood and stone. Also, they†used only shades of gray using linen, wool,...
07-11-2016 19:35

Big Windows Apartment in Stockholm

This apartment in Stockholm has†a lot of daylight.†This is because the Swedish designers have decided to make the windows as large as possible. As you...
25-10-2016 19:31

House Remodeling in Portland

The architects and designers had a difficult task. They had to change the design of the house, but to keep the spirit of antiquity. And they succeeded...
23-10-2016 19:29

Perfect Country House in Spain

This perfect country house is located in sunny Spain. Here you can feel the endless summer.†The designer used bright and warm colors. Also, there‚Äôre...
28-06-2016 19:20

Juicy House in the USA

This juicy house is located in sunny†Florida. The designer used a white color in the kitchen, dining room, and hallway. Also, there‚Äôre some wooden e...
20-06-2016 19:22

Elegant Loft in Seattle

This elegant loft was made by Emerald Studio. It’s located in Seattle. In spite of it, the interior reminds of the Californian sun. The walls are wh...
13-06-2016 19:25

10 Bed Storage Ideas

Lack of storage space is always a problem. Especially if you’ve a big family. But there’re a lot of storage space under the bed. So, we’ve found...
04-06-2016 19:17

House Near the Sea in the USA

This house’s located near the sea. It’s made in traditional American style. The walls are in white and light colors. There’re elements of a dark...
03-06-2016 19:17

Bright Florida House

This amazing house’s located in bright Florida. The interior’s made by Andrew Howard. He used blue, pink, yellow and white colors. The house’s c...
27-05-2016 19:21

Mountain Chalet in Idaho

This Mountain Chalet is located in the resort of Sun Valley. The house is completely made of wood. Also, some decorations were made of wood, too. It‚Ä...
26-05-2016 19:21

Bright IKEA Apartment

This bright apartment is completely†made†with IKEA. The area is 80 square meters. The apartment is located in Malaga, Spain. It‚Äôs comfortable and sp...
25-05-2016 19:22

Antique Style Interior in Spain

This house in Spain is made in antique style. There‚Äôre†so much†space and daylight. Also, there‚Äôre†a lot of†decoration elements and flowers in pots...
20-05-2016 19:22

Family House in New York

This family house is for a family with two children.†It‚Äôs located in New York.†The designer‚Äės used white and black colors. Also, there‚Äôre a lot ...
19-05-2016 19:24

Bright Penthouse in Spain

This bright penthouse apartment is located in sunny Spain. The walls are white. But, there’re a lot of colorful details and elements. Also, there’...
13-05-2016 19:21

Gorgeous Castle House

This gorgeous castle house is located on a hill. The house is made of white stone. The interior is made in black, white and gray tones. Also, designer...
13-05-2016 19:21

Modern Cottage in the Mountains

This modern cottage‚Äôs†located in the mountains of Utah. The design has been developed by the studio McGee in 2016. There‚Äôre a lot of white element...
08-05-2016 04:04

Sunny House in Miami

This sunny house in Miami was made by Olivia O’Bryan. It’s light and cozy. The atmosphere’s quite homely. The rooms are spacious. Also, there’...
06-05-2016 20:14

Home Collection by Ralph Lauren

Home†Collection by†Ralph Lauren†is the perfect style from one of the best modern designers. The company often†makes interesting thematic collections.†...
06-05-2016 20:14

Wooden House in Spain

This wooden house was built by Garcia German Arquitectos. It took only five days to built it. The house’s a one-hour drive from Madrid. It’s cozy ...
01-05-2016 19:16

Hotel La Casa de los Tomillares in Spain

La Casa de los Tomillares is one of the best places of rest in Spain. The hotel’s cozy, spacious and light. Also, the house’s full of daylight. Yo...
29-04-2016 19:18

Modern Townhouse in Moscow

This modern townhouse is located in Moscow.†It was designed†by ChDecoration.†It‚Äôs an†American classics with†a bright modern interpretation. The colo...
29-04-2016 19:18

Workplace Organization

How to organize your workplace" Here’s some ideas. All the necessary things will be on the right places now. This will save your time and nerves. Th...
29-04-2016 19:18

Cozy Farmhouse in the USA

This cozy farmhouse’s designed by David Michael Miller. You can find this house near the Sonoran Desert in Arizona. There’re a lot of white and wo...
27-04-2016 19:23

Big Apartment in Barcelona

This big apartment in Barcelona is full of freshness. The designer’s used white color and wooden elements. The rooms are spacious. Also, there’re ...
26-04-2016 19:19

Luxury Apartment in New York

This luxury apartment in New York costs $10,900,000. It was constructed in 1870. The apartment is spacious, light and cozy. It was designed by Grade A...
24-04-2016 19:23

Gorgeous Spa Hotel in Australia

You can find this gorgeous spa hotel near Byron Bay. This region‚Äôs known as the ‚Äúheart‚ÄĚ of Australia. The hotel‚Äôs light, warm and cozy. Also, ...
22-04-2016 19:23

Dream House in Los Angeles

This dream house in Los Angeles was made by Lukas Machnik. The interior is simple and modern. But, at the same time, there’re a lot of gorgeous deta...
21-04-2016 19:21

Country House in Germany

This country house is located in the north of Germany.†It was built 200 years ago. The walls and the ceiling are made in white color. There‚Äôre a lot...
20-04-2016 19:24

Modern Residence in New Jersey

This modern residence was designed in 2014†by LDa Architecture & Interiors. It‚Äôs located in New Jersey. The interior is modern and light. The walls ...
17-04-2016 19:23

Lake House in Alabama

You can find this lake house in Alabama. Andrew Brown has designed the house very stylish and with great taste. This’s a full country residence for ...
15-04-2016 19:24

Comfortable Apartment in Spain

This comfortable apartment in Spain is perfect in all senses. Beige and cream colors†look very warm and cozy. Also, the apartment is very light. There...
14-04-2016 19:28

Cozy Scandinavian Interior

This cozy Scandinavian interior is located in Stockholm. The walls are made in white shades. The furniture‚Äôs†elegant and comfortable. Also, there‚Äô...
13-04-2016 19:22

Modern Villa in California

You can†find this modern villa in sunny California.†It was made by SUBU studio. The rooms are light and bright at the same time. Also, there‚Äôre a lo...
12-04-2016 19:25

Private Residence in the Mountains

This private residence was made by Carney Logan Burke. It’s located in Wyoming. The designers have used neutral, cream, brown and gray shades. Also,...
10-04-2016 19:23

Scandinavian Design in Sweden

This apartment with a spacious living room and one bedroom is located in the center of Gothenburg, Sweden. It‚Äôs 57 square meters. The†interior is ma...
08-04-2016 19:24

Mountain Cabin in Spain

This†mountain cabin†is located in Spain. The window commanded a lovely view. The walls are made in†light colors. Also, designers have used a lot of de...
07-04-2016 19:27

Stylish Apartment in Stockholm

This stylish apartment in Stockholm is 86 square meters.†It‚Äôs decorated in the best traditions of modern Scandinavian interior. There‚Äôre the high ...
05-04-2016 19:23

Fabulous House in Massachusetts

This fabulous house in Massachusetts is called Martha?s Vineyard. The main colors of the interior is white, beige and brown. Also, there are some oliv...
03-04-2016 19:24

Scandinavian Classic Apartment

This Scandinavian apartment is 64 square meters. The designers have used traditional white and black colors. But the bedroom is made in warm caramel c...
31-03-2016 19:28

Sunny Mood in Spain

This†house was built in Barcelona over 100 years ago. There are the vintage furniture and accessories, high ceilings and beautiful tiles. The interior...
30-03-2016 19:23

Modern House in Seattle

This modern house in Seattle is†diverse inside. There are some ethnic motifs: ottomans in the living room, the picture above the fireplace, lamps†and†...
29-03-2016 19:26

Eclectic House in New York

Near the New York City there is this unusual eclectic house. It was designed by Barlis Wedlick. It has the black faÁade and†bright red window frames. ...
28-03-2016 19:31

Traditional House in the USA

At the same time this traditional house in Utah looks quite modern. The color scheme of the interior is pastel with some†color accents.†There are seve...
25-03-2016 19:24

Bright Apartment in Spain

This bright apartment in Spain makes you feel happy. The walls are made in white color. But there are a lot of bright and cozy details. Summer is all ...
23-03-2016 19:29

Small Apartment in Stockholm

This small apartment in Stockholm†is owned by a young couple. There isn‚Äôt so much space, but here is everything you need†for life. The interior is†m...
23-03-2016 19:29

Stylish Loft in Canada

This stylish loft in Canada has a male character. The combination of black elements and wood looks really elegant. The fireplace with wood panels sepa...
21-03-2016 19:30

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Golnan Puratos Complex / A1Architecture

Golnan Puratos Complex / A1Architecture

The project is a combination of various usages such as administrative areas, demo center, training rooms, multifunctional saloons, temporary warehouses and amphitheater. The different usages have come together through an organic geometry made it... -
Getting ready for the Holidays

Getting ready for the Holidays

When do you start thinking about decorating and getting your house †ready for the holidays" Silver and gold tree I am a pretty early bird over here and†I start decorating for Christmas... the day after Halloween. I can't... -
Vipp's Award- Winning Kitchen 2014 - Elle Decoration International Design Award

Vipp's Award- Winning Kitchen 2014 - Elle Dec...

Since I started working on the renovation plans of our London home, I\'ve always figured out that our kitchen would be white like the rest of our home.......until I was invited by VIPP last Christmas to participate to a†styling blogger... -
Geometric Acoustic Wall Panels by Arper

Geometric Acoustic Wall Panels by Arper

Bold, graphic acoustic panels that add visual delight and can come outfitted with a speaker or ambient light. -
Eden d?Ardennes Housing / ateliers O-S architectes

Eden d?Ardennes Housing / ateliers O-S archit...

The 38 housing project is located in Charleville-MťziŤres next to the Belgian border. This is made up of collective apartments of different sizes, superimposed and overlapping. -
First Vertical Forest in Asia

First Vertical Forest in Asia

The architect Stefano Boeri Stefano Boeri designed the first vertical forests in Nanjing, China. These vertical forest are going to produce 132 pounds of oxygen every day with 1,000 trees and 2,500 shrubs from 23 different species. Towers will... -
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Get the Look: Vintage Dining Room Tables with...

source Today’s roundup is all about the perfect pairing of vintage dining room tables with contrasting modern chairs. I love an eclectic space, and the dining room is the perfect place to have some fun with an aesthetic mashup of vintage and... -
We Asked Real Estate Agents: What Are Buyer?s Biggest Design Turn-Offs"

We Asked Real Estate Agents: What Are Buyer?s...

We hope you like the products we recommend. Just so you are aware, Freshome may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. Shop a similar look: Floor Lamp | Pillows | Coffee Table The process of selling a home can feel like... -
Maison ALS by OYAT Architectes

Maison ALS by OYAT Architectes

This single family home located in Bordeaux, France, was designed in 2014 by OYAT Architectes. Photography courtesy of OYAT Architectes Visit OYAT Architectes -
Zen Inspired Interior Design

Zen Inspired Interior Design

Our homes should be the place where we feel most calm and peace, and what better style to promote these feelings of serenity than a zen inspired space, like those featured in our Japanese Zen Gardens post and our look at Japanese Style Interior... -

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