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Future of Urbanism in China: How Can We Build a Livable City"

interior design News
Add to Flipboard Magazine. Fuente: Archdaily - View all news from this site
Future of Urbanism in China: How Can We Build a Livable City" Future of Urbanism in China: How Can We Build a Livable City"

Future of Urbanism in China: How Can We Build a Livable City"

As we are entering 2021 after a year of anxiety and uncertainties, what are your expectation for our future" The UN75 survey reports that most people around the world hold greater optimism for the future: ?Globally, many more respondents believe people will be better off in 2045 than today (49%) compared to those who believe people will be worse off (32%).?

Courtesy of FANCY

As we are entering 2021 after a year of anxiety and uncertainties, what are your expectation for our future" The UN75 survey reports that most people around the world hold greater optimism for the future: ?Globally, many more respondents believe people will be better off in 2045 than today (49%) compared to those who believe people will be worse off (32%).? Read more »

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Future of Urbanism in China: How Can We Build a Livable City" Future of Urbanism in China: How Can We Build a Livable City"


Source of news: Archdaily
Source of publication: 22-01-2021 19:32
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LS1 House by Hive Architects

LS1 House is a modernist single story house located in Sarasota, Florida, designed in 2019 by Hive Architects. Description LS1 house i ...
27-02-2021 19:35

019 Cabin by ?A Atelier

019 Cabin is a transportable modular retreat located in Lithuania, designed in 2019 by ?A Atelier. Description The task was to create a tra ...
27-02-2021 19:35

Weekend House by Studio 4000

Weekend House designed in 2021 by Studio 4000 is located on the banks of Sabarmati river near Ahmedabad, India. Description Context: Project ...
27-02-2021 19:35

Quarter Glass House by Proctor & Shaw

Quarter Glass House located in London, United Kingdom, has been redesigned and extended in 2020 by Proctor & Shaw. Description A series of s ...
27-02-2021 19:35

São João de Deus Social Housing / Brandão Costa

The social housing neighbourhood of São João de Deus, was originally adapted to a layout that followed the British design parameters of ...
27-02-2021 19:35

City Cemetery Presov ? Svaby / STOA Architekti

The City Cemetery is designed as a forest park ? a green oasis in the residential area.  Therefore, it is no longer a strictly monofunctional structur ...
27-02-2021 19:35

MSO PLAY/PAUSE Space / Studio Jean Verville architectes

Architect Jean Verville explores a world where architecture, theatricality, and playfulness come together to imagine a hybrid proposal where sensory p ...
27-02-2021 19:35

Stockton: High Street To Be Demolished to Make Way for River

An extensive urban regeneration project is slated to take place in the town of Stockton in the United Kingdom. A 37-million-pound project, the proposa ...
27-02-2021 19:35

RMDM House / MRDM Architectes

On the border of the historical flea market in Saint-Ouen, this small mixed-use building ? architecture studio office and collective housing, is set i ...
27-02-2021 19:35

Habib Bourguiba Hall / Explorations Architecture

The Habib Bourguiba Hall is the second student residence built by the Fondation de la Maison de Tunisie, which is funded by the Tunisian government. L ...
27-02-2021 19:35

Narva Study Centre of the Estonian Academy of Security Scien

The main idea of the building was to fit into the surrounding environment, also creating a completely new context for the city of Narva. The architect ...
27-02-2021 19:35

Doctor House / Tan Lik Lam Architects

Situated in a dense urban neighborhood near downtown Bandung, Indonesia, the house?s main road is a 2.8-meter wide alley, which can only accommodate o ...
27-02-2021 19:35

Voyage Torba Hotel / Baraka Architects

The project is in the town of Torba in Bodrum. It is a town where tourism, construction and relentless profit pressures have limited effects for now. ...
27-02-2021 19:35

Contexted House / Office for Environment Architecture

Three of the six wooden Nagaya* houses built in 1926, which remain in Osaka City, have been renovated into private lodgings. All three of the existing ...
27-02-2021 19:35

Tata Medical Center / CannonDesign

Cancer cases and deaths in India have doubled from 1900 to 2016, and one of the main reasons for that staggering statistic is the lack of access to ca ...
27-02-2021 19:35

House Bleu / Diagrama Arquitectos

Located within one of the best-kept blocks of Guadalajara’s Centro and Americana neighborhoods, CB is a project that merges a heritage building ...
27-02-2021 19:35

Bamboo House / BL Studio de Arquitetura

When hiring architect Rogério Barbieri in 2017 to develop the project of their new home, the clients knew exactly what they wanted. The husband ...
27-02-2021 19:35

The Laundry Room Makeover, Part I.

Righty-o right on, let\'s hop into the laundry room DIY makeover redesign business whoo-ha now, since I\'ve teased it for far too long enough.  Rig ...
27-02-2021 19:20

Yard of the Week: Midcentury-Inspired Lounge for Relaxing (9

A couple who had recently relocated from the Pacific Northwest to Austin, Texas, wanted an outdoor extension of their living space where they could en ...
27-02-2021 19:12

Patch Masks: Bye Bye Puffy Eyes

My under eyes are so puffy. The post Patch Masks: Bye Bye Puffy Eyes appeared first on Vicki Archer. ...
27-02-2021 19:07

Under Pedestal Sink Storage Cabinet Home Depot

Easily adjustable flexible shelf with gaps for drains or pipes. Pedestal sink storage or storage with a wall-mounted sink without cabinets can be tric ...
27-02-2021 19:06

Kohler Memoirs Pedestal Sink Lowes

Kohler Memoirs Classic Ceramic Pedestal Combo Bathroom Sink In White With Overflow Drain K 2238 4 0 The Home Depot Pedestal Sink Kohler Memoirs Trad ...
27-02-2021 19:06

Bathroom Sink No Pedestal

How To Hack A Bowl Sink Ikea Hackers Bathroom Sink Bowls Bathroom Storage Solutions Pedestal Sink Storage Dc Rowhouse Plans For Master Bath Pedes ...
27-02-2021 19:06

Pedestal Sinks For Narrow Bathrooms

The disadvantage to pedestal sinks is minimal primarily being the lack of the ability to mask pipes and drains outside the wall and floor cavities. Us ...
27-02-2021 19:06

Bathroom Pedestal Sink Storage Ideas

20 Clever Pedestal Sink Storage Design Ideas Diy Recently Pedestal Sink Storage Sink Storage Tiny Bathroom Storage A Little Taller And Closer To ...
27-02-2021 19:06

Hytte by Koto Design

Located in the United Kingdom, Hytte (Norwegian for Cabin) is a new modular hotel and retreat concept brought to you and co-created by the award winni ...
26-02-2021 19:31

Casa a Monteviale by ASA Studio Albanese

Casa a Monteviale is a modern two-story residence located in Vicenza, Italy, designed in 2015 by ASA Studio Albanese. Photography by Ger ...
26-02-2021 19:31

Ch226 by C.H. Interior

Recently designed by C.H. Interior, Ch226 is an inspiring apartment located in Taipei, Taiwan. Photography courtesy of C.H. InteriorThe pos ...
26-02-2021 19:31

5 Ideas to Reclaim Space in Your Home

Many of us are constantly fighting to find enough space in our homes. When this happens our first thought is to extend our homes outwards. But this ca ...
26-02-2021 19:31

Casa Gig by La Leta Architettura

Casa Gig is a modern apartment recently redesigned by La Leta Architettura, located in Palermo, Italy. Photography by La Leta Architettura ...
26-02-2021 19:31

Loft With Love by CMC Architects

Loft with Love is an amazing loft situated in Prague, Czech republic, designed in 2019 by CMC Architects. Description At the end of the 19 ...
26-02-2021 19:31

Cool Home Decor Ideas That You Can Try With Your Kids

When we were kids, most of us didn’t have the privilege of a separate room, nor did we have any say in home decor. Why make our kids miss out on thi ...
26-02-2021 19:31

Residential Building Canonica / deamicisarchitetti

To intervene on a building facing the street raised a question on whether to act through its replacement or through reconstruction and volumetric inte ...
26-02-2021 19:31

Warot Building / B-ILD

Warot Building is the latest addition to the public facilities of the village of Winksele. It hosts a wide range of activities in a carefully designed ...
26-02-2021 19:31

The Fundamentals of Projecting Plans

Architectural plans require training in order to read, understand, and produce. Mastering their codes can unlock the most powerful tool that architect ...
26-02-2021 19:31

What Do Real Estate Trends Tell Us About the Migration Back

Almost one year into the COVID-19 pandemic, life is starting to feel like it might regain its sense of normalcy. With promising vaccines being slowly ...
26-02-2021 19:31

The Richard Rogers? Drawing Gallery / Rogers Stirk Harbour

Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners (RSHP) with Château La Coste are pleased to present the completion of Richard Rogers? final work begun before his reti ...
26-02-2021 19:31

Dorte Mandrup Selected to Create the Hinge, a Landmark City

Dorte Mandrup has imagined ?The Hinge?, a landmark transition between the new urban area Aarhus Ø and the historic town of Denmark?s second-largest ci ...
26-02-2021 19:31

Connected House / Jakob + Macfarlane Architects

In the 1930s, the city of Boulogne-Billancourt was a true architectural laboratory. La Maison Connectée is part of this dynamic of research and experi ...
26-02-2021 19:31

Landscaping on an Urban Scale: 12 Linear Park Projects

Linear parks exist in many different contexts - along riversides, coastal areas, or inserted in the urban fabric - and represent a very particular typ ...
26-02-2021 19:31

Is It Time To Start Thinking About Wooden Industrial Buildin

Industrial buildings are among the best examples of Louis Sullivan\'s famous phrase "form follows function." Generally, they are functional, ...
26-02-2021 19:31

Who Should Win the 2021 Pritzker Prize"

Once The Hyatt Foundation has revealed early March as the announcement date of the Pritzker Prize 2021 Winner, the speculation has begun to swirl arou ...
26-02-2021 19:31

Architecture and the Environmental Impact of Artificial Comp

This article was originally published on Common Edge. ...
26-02-2021 19:31

Berching Culture Hall / KÜHNLEIN Architektur

Urban planning. After an intensive search for a new location for the replacement building for the culture factory in Berching, an inner-city area with ...
26-02-2021 19:31

Greengrass Office / Plainoddity

Greengrass, an agricultural corporation headquartered in Chungju, Korea. ...
26-02-2021 19:31

The Kensington Learning Space / Plan Architect

The Kensington Learning space is a new concept of kids learning space which consist of learning space, playing space and nature space. The site locati ...
26-02-2021 19:31

Ya Space? / PIG DESIGN

This project is a furniture exhibition space, with Memphis furniture as main exhibits. The designer titled it ?Ya Space!?, which not only echoes the n ...
26-02-2021 19:31

Diamond Heights Residence by YamaMar Design

Previously the home of the American figurative painter Joan Brown, this San Francisco Eichler home at the top of Diamond Heights was purchased by one ...
26-02-2021 19:22

Jamestown Road Office by Ben Adams Architects

The building has been stripped all the way back to its structural frame to create elegant new elevations, with floor to ceiling warehouse windows onto ...
26-02-2021 19:22

TR Studio Create a Light Filled Colourful London Pied-à-Terr

Tucked away in West London?s exclusive Chelsea, architecture and interior practice TR Studio demonstrate the applied use of natural light within archi ...
26-02-2021 19:22

Pattern House, the Transformation of an Apartment + Home Off

The Pattern House takes up these principles and applies them in Madrid, merging them with those of contemporary Spanish architecture of flexibility, d ...
26-02-2021 19:22

Apteka 92 by Sergey Makhno Architects

Apteka_92 is an unusual café with a history of delicious cakes and cafes, a cultural hub, and a social gathering space with an expressive atmosphere. ...
26-02-2021 19:22

An Apartment in Madrid Inspired by the Italian Design of the

The Italian architecture of the 50s and 60s saw in the formal research, color and textures the main qualities to give the domestic space a human dimen ...
26-02-2021 19:22

New This Week: 8 Bold Powder Rooms (8 photos)

There are plenty of reasons to take a design leap in a powder room. For one, a little bit of feature tile or wallpaper goes a long way in these small ...
26-02-2021 19:09

Houzz Editor Discusses Trends for Kitchens and Bathrooms (on

In this video, Houzz senior editor Mitchell Parker highlights kitchen and bathroom trends from products that debuted during KBIS 2021. Find out what?s ...
26-02-2021 19:09

Colour Cohesive Interiors Under 55 Sqm (With Floor Plans)

Single colour accents create strong cohesion within these two modern home interiors, which each measure up at just under 55 square metres (600 square ...
26-02-2021 19:09

The Loafers: Are You Wearing Them"

Do you love a Loafer" The post The Loafers: Are You Wearing Them" appeared first on Vicki Archer. ...
26-02-2021 19:06

Inspired By: Pretty Kitchens

If there was one room that I could design over and over would be kitchens. I stumbled upon a few lovely kitchens this week I thought I\'d s ...
26-02-2021 19:06

Lowes Pedestal Sink Glacier Bay

You could discovered another Pedestal Sink Storage Cabinet Lowes better design ideas caminet lavabo lowes. Price match guarantee FREE shipping on elig ...
26-02-2021 19:04

Toto Pedestal Bathroom Sink

This pedestal basin is constructed of vitreous China to ensure long-lasting performance and has 4 pre-drilled faucet. Acri-Tec 22 12 x 18 14 Ceramic O ...
26-02-2021 19:04



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