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Jiangsu Garden Expo Treasure Pavilion / AZL Architects

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Jiangsu Garden Expo Treasure Pavilion / AZL Architects Jiangsu Garden Expo Treasure Pavilion / AZL Architects

Jiangsu Garden Expo Treasure Pavilion / AZL Architects

Jiangsu Garden Expo Treasure Pavilion is located on the far north of Jiangsu Garden Expo Park. Inside of it, the Pavilion displays both traditional handicrafts and folkarts to the public. The whole structure covers an area of 15,000 square meters with a total construction area of 15,500 square meters. Located at the edge of the Expo Park, the Treasure Pavilion is surrounded by a very conflictingenvironment?on its north side, the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed train constantly runs by ; on its south side, right across a river, there is the VOCO Nanjing Garden Expo, a quiet and pleasant small scale village-sense apartment hotel complex. The city and the village collide on this marginal plot.
folded facade. Image Bowen Hou

architects: AZL ArchitectsLocation: Jiangsu Garden Expo Park, Nanjing, ChinaProject Year: 2021Photographs: Bowen HouPhotographs: Fangfang TianPhotographs: Kai WangArea: 15500.0 m2
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Jiangsu Garden Expo Treasure Pavilion / AZL Architects Jiangsu Garden Expo Treasure Pavilion / AZL Architects


Source of news: Archdaily
Source of publication: 20-05-2022 19:41
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