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Quarry No. 9: Stage Space + Quarry No. 10: Live Performance / DnA

interior design News
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Quarry No. 9: Stage Space + Quarry No. 10: Live Performance / DnA Quarry No. 9: Stage Space + Quarry No. 10: Live Performance / DnA

Quarry No. 9: Stage Space + Quarry No. 10: Live Performance / DnA

Quarry No. 9: Stage Space. Quarry No. 9 is cut into the rock as if with a knife and after a narrow entrance widens into an approximately rectangular area that tapers upwards in the interior like a very high-pitched roof with a narrow slit that lets daylight in. This quarry is a typical example of top-down mining. But, here, the fact the lower part that was created by means of machine excavation is also visible since it differs in shape from the hand-worked parts above it. The lower area has a vertical wall structure due to the use of machines, while the conical shape above is the result of manual work. The cathedral-like space, the rear part of which is partly covered, has excellent acoustics, even though its shape was created by chance during the quarrying of stones. After various tests were performed, the acoustic qualities were improved by means of the flooring, panels in the side railings, and sound-absorption measures to facilitate versatile use.
Ziling Wang

architects: DnALocation: Xiandu Street, Jinyun County, Lishui City, Zhejiang Province, ChinaProject Year: 2022Photographs: Ziling WangPhotographs: Xiandu Scenic AreaArea: 1000.0 m2
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Quarry No. 9: Stage Space + Quarry No. 10: Live Performance / DnA Quarry No. 9: Stage Space + Quarry No. 10: Live Performance / DnA


Source of news: Archdaily
Source of publication: 20-06-2022 19:40
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Sir Michael Uren Hub Imperial College London / Allies and Mo

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lvaro Siza, between Modern and Traditional

lvaro Joaquim de Melo Siza Vieira, or simply lvaro Siza, was born in Matosinhos, Portugal, on June 25, 1933. His first work ? four houses in Matosin ...
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ONE BAELSKAAI Apartments / Binst Architects

One Baelskaai by BINST ARCHITECTS is, as the name suggests, the figurehead of Oosteroever, the new district in full development in the historic port o ...
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Dobra 55 Research Center / Kury?owicz & Associates

Dobra 55 has become a pioneering new home for language education where the University of Warsaw has consolidated its varying requirements into a singl ...
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Mikumo House / Hearth Architects

The project is a single-family house that was planned in an area of cherry blossom tree rows.This project was planned and laid out in such a way as t ...
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East York Duplex / Rostami Atash Atelier

The future of cities is tied to sharing space and resources. Shared housing seems inevitable to provide multigenerational homes, aging in place for ba ...
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Rain Curtain House / Room11 Architects

As the name implies, this house is a celebration of a particular climate, of the glorious deluge of rainfall that one of the cleanest places on the pl ...
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The Ark Cabin / Wiki World + Advanced Architecture Lab[AaL]

The project is located in the suburbs of Wuhan. The owners are internet professionals, a family of four who wanted a vacation cabin in nature to accom ...
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House in Pombal Street / So Paulo Criao

At a construction site before this, while seeing tons of rubble without a destination, was when I first used this technique. Each of the walls develop ...
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Omb Office Building / Foster + Partners

Omb - a transformative office building for the Spanish infrastructure and energy company ACCIONA - has officially opened. This retrofit project breat ...
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Situated deep in the Swedish forests, close to a tiny winter sport area, a small traditional wooden retreat sits on top of a ridge formed millions of ...
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