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Sacred Modernity: An Exploration of the Modernist Movement in Mid-Century Holy Architecture

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Sacred Modernity: An Exploration of the Modernist Movement in Mid-Century Holy Architecture Sacred Modernity: An Exploration of the Modernist Movement in Mid-Century Holy Architecture

Sacred Modernity: An Exploration of the Modernist Movement in Mid-Century Holy Architecture

If one were asked to picture a Catholic Church, the first image to come to mind would probably resemble a medieval gothic cathedral with buttresses, pointed arches, and a spire pointing toward the sky. On second thought, many more styles could easily be identified as catholic architecture: the simple yet grandiose structures of the Romanesque or maybe the ornate styles of Baroque and Rococo. An image more difficult to associate with sacred architecture is that of Modernism. The Roman Catholic Church is a particularly conservative establishment. Modernism, on the other hand, is revolutionary; it is rational, functional, and technical; it rejects ornaments and embraces innovation. Surprisingly, in the years after the end of the Second World War, places of worship defied expectations. Blocks of concrete, raw materials, angular shapes, and exposed structures have all been employed to break from tradition and create churches that barely resemble a church. This article will explore Modernist mid-century Church architecture with the support of images from Jamie McGregor Smith.
Church of the Holy Cross, Vienna, Austria - Hannes Lintl - 1975. Image Jamie McGregor Smith

If one were asked to picture a Catholic Church, the first image to come to mind would probably resemble a medieval gothic cathedral with buttresses, pointed arches, and a spire pointing toward the sky. On second thought, many more styles could easily be identified as catholic architecture: the simple y...
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Sacred Modernity: An Exploration of the Modernist Movement in Mid-Century Holy Architecture Sacred Modernity: An Exploration of the Modernist Movement in Mid-Century Holy Architecture


Source of news: Archdaily
Source of publication: 27-06-2022 19:34
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Antwerp City Hall / HUB

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A tenant building that used to be a building materials shop on City Hall Street, Hondori 4-chome, Kure City. The building had been the site of the sec ...
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A Contemporary Urban Residence In Brazil [Video]

In So Paulo, Brazil, a contemporary residence stands bold in sheets of steel, raw concrete and wood. The modern mass is set back from the street, dis ...
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10 Lovely Light Blue Paint Colors for a Bedroom (10 photos)

Light blues can vary from coastal shades with hints of green to more saturated hues with gray undertones. Whether you?re looking for a jolt of energy ...
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White & Neutral Apartment by O&A London

Designed in 2018 by O&A London, White & Neutral is a stunning luxury apartment located in the Knightsbridge Private Park residential development. ...
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Villa GF by Petrone&Partners

Villa GF is a modern residence located in Melfi, Italy, designed in 2021 by Fabio Sgaramella and Daniela Petrone of Petrone&Partners. ...
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Cork House by Ins Brando

Cork House is a modern two-story house located in Aroeira, Portugal, designed in 2021 by Ins Brando. Description The project is (built) in ...
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AC House by Studio Arthur Casas

AC House is a minimalist house in the embrace of nature in Guaruj, Sao Paulo, Brazil, designed in 2022 by Studio Arthur Casas. Description In ...
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4 Tips for Proper Window Maintenance

Windows often tend to be overlooked when it comes to home maintenance. However, your windows have a significant impact on the overall look and comfort ...
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Kemilau Hotel / Parisauli Arsitek Studio

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Charleville House / Scullion Architects

This project breathes new life into a compact artisan cottage in Dublin\'s north inner city. Using a strategy of only removing what was dilapidated, w ...
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From Chile to Mexico: 30 Houses on the Coast of the Pacific

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8 Housing Units in Rue Jean-Bart / Jean-Christophe Quinton a

In the heart of the density of the 6th arrondissement of Paris, this seven-story housing building attempts to find a balance between a discreet presen ...
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LEAD VIP Room Store / TEKI Design

Used clothes give the image of being cheap and easy to buy. Many products are available in a wide variety with no gaps between them.What is called &q ...
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Pishva House / Ali Haghighi Architects

This House is located in a small town near Tehran, the capital of Iran. The client had to make a decision between selling his land so they could migra ...
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Basics Office Building / Liso Architects

Office Building. On the one hand, office buildings are expected to create comfortable and personal workspaces, on the other hand, to represent the com ...
07-08-2022 19:43

The Okura Hotel Tokyo / TAISEI DESIGN Planners Architects &

Okura Legacy?Inheritance of creative endeavors - Hotel Okura Tokyo opened in 1962 to provide a world-class hotel unique to Japan, instead of an imitat ...
07-08-2022 19:43

Mount Martha House / Kister Architects

Located in the back streets of old Mount Martha (an established Melbourne bayside suburb at the gateway to the Mornington Peninsula), this single-stor ...
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Casamirador Savassi Residential Building / Gisele Borges Arq

The CASAMIRADOR Savassi residential building, completed in 2021, is located in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil, and features boldly designed arch ...
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Coo House / Zeropixel Architects

The project concerns the renovation study and then its implementation, in an existing stone house of 1931 in the mountainous Mylopotamos of Crete. The ...
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RA Apartment by Maya Sheinberger

RA Apartment is a beautiful home located in Tel Aviv, Israel, designed in 2021 by Maya Sheinberger. Description The apartment is o ...
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LAB House by Studio Arthur Casas

Located in the middle of the Atlantic Forest in Guaruj, Brazil, the LAB House was designed by Studio Arthur Casas in 2022. Description Con ...
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Coudelaria by Studio Arthur Casas

Coudelaria is a beautiful pavilion and guesthouse project in Itu, Sao Paulo, Brazil, designed by Studio Arthur Casas in 2022. Description T ...
06-08-2022 19:50

ModernHaus Hotel by Palette Architecture

ModernHaus Hotel is a luxury contemporary boutique hotel located in New York City’s SoHo neighborhood, redesigned in 2021 by Palette Architecture. ...
06-08-2022 19:50

When Is Roof Replacement Necessary"

The roof over your head may not cross your mind until it starts leaking. However, paying more attention to it could help prevent problems before they ...
06-08-2022 19:50

Restoration of the Taverne Gangway / Enrico Sassi Architetto

The gangway is in Taverne and connects the industrial area and the railway station with the right bank of the river. The footbridge is a cycle/pedestr ...
06-08-2022 19:50

MKNK Houses / biro Luksic

How to create a living space on a slope where the sun travels behind our back, and the view of the sea is on the opposite side" ...
06-08-2022 19:50

TENTiE Nagoya Office / moss.

An office filled with energy created by the accumulation and contrast of materials. The Nagoya office of TENTiE, a company that operates the artist ac ...
06-08-2022 19:50

Bi House Nha Trang / Pham Huu Son Architects

A green resort at home! Situated about 5 km south of Nha Trang city center, Bi House Nha Trang is located in a rapidly developing suburb with an incre ...
06-08-2022 19:50

The Gully Home / ED+ Architecture

Located on the end of a quiet, residential street in Chennai, overlooking the ocean - the project site called out for a house that opened and offered ...
06-08-2022 19:50

Kabootar Khaneh House / Keivani Architects

The basic concept of the design was to create a space for co-existence between humans and birds. After visiting the project site, the architecture tea ...
06-08-2022 19:50

Hurlstone Park House / Carla Middleton Architecture

House Hurlstone Park is an exploration of form, light, privacy, and materials. The site presented challenges to creating a private open plan living, d ...
06-08-2022 19:50

Bob Dylan Center / Olson Kundig

Dedicated to the study and appreciation of Bob Dylan and his worldwide cultural significance, the new Bob Dylan Center traces the creative trajectory ...
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