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How to Get Your Ceiling Paint Color Right (18 photos)

interior design News
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How to Get Your Ceiling Paint Color Right (18 photos) How to Get Your Ceiling Paint Color Right (18 photos)

How to Get Your Ceiling Paint Color Right (18 photos)

There?s definitely not just one way to paint a ceiling. Even if you favor classic white, there are as many subtle shades to choose from for your ceiling as there are for your walls. And if you overlook these options, you might make a mistake that stays with you for years. Here are some tips for choosing...
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How to Get Your Ceiling Paint Color Right (18 photos) How to Get Your Ceiling Paint Color Right (18 photos)


Source of news: houzz
Source of publication: 30-05-2021 19:09
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Grant Park: Craftsman Bungalow Makeover by Architecturefirm

Grant Park house is a classic Atlanta craftsman style bungalow nestled in the historic Grant Park neighborhood. This once-dilapidated gem was revitali ...
28-05-2023 19:37

Xirui Chunqiu Residence: A Light-Filled Oasis in China’

Xirui Chunqiu Residence is a luxurious haven designed by RUI Design in the heart of Beijing, China. This stunning residence, completed in 2021, captur ...
28-05-2023 19:37

Geode ADU: Butterfly Roof Meets Eichler House in California

Introducing the Geode ADU, a stunning 640 square feet accessory dwelling unit nestled in the heart of Burlingame, California. Designed by Iwamotoscott ...
28-05-2023 19:37

Casa Punta Ixtapa: A Luxurious Seafront Oasis in Mexico

Step into Casa Punta Ixtapa, a luxurious seafront residence designed by Pseudnimo in Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, Mexico. This exquisite property, completed i ...
28-05-2023 19:37

Coriander Kitchen and Farm ?Big Roof? / 1+1 Architects

Big Roof is an oversized garden pergola designed by 1+1+ Architects and HD Structural that hosts dining and events for Coriander Kitchen & Farm, a ...
28-05-2023 19:36

Estancia Rilan Hotel / Ortuzar Gebauer Arquitectos

It is a hotel located on the big island of Chiloé, inspired by rural settlements and Patagonian ranches, which provides a shelter to contemplat ...
28-05-2023 19:36

Wonderland Cafe / XIAO.DESIGN

The location of the project is far away from the busy streets. If the architectural structure is classified as single layer, the utilization rate is n ...
28-05-2023 19:36

New Nature Store / Salon Alper Derinbogaz

Salon Alper Derinbo?az creates new store designs for Reflect Studio, reimagining the future of nature - Our relationship with nature is always changin ...
28-05-2023 19:36

Boat Club Apartments / SJK Architects

A Luxury Apartment Building that Combines the Interconnected Nature of Communal-Living with the Sense of Privacy Offered by Independent Homes. ...
28-05-2023 19:36

Seen House / Studio Miti

In the rural context, suburban Bangkok the house is located face to the river. The house was designed for an extended family living together grandmoth ...
28-05-2023 19:36

Lessin Tower & Complex / MYS Architects

Lessin Tower development is situated in the central heart of Tel Aviv within walking distance to the Mediterranean beaches & sea, the new tower be ...
28-05-2023 19:36

Alsina House Refurbishment / Estudio YME

Ph Alsina is located in San Isidro, in a low density area, characterized by the longevity of its buildings. The property is part of a group of 8 house ...
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Princeton University Residential Colleges / TenBerke

TenBerke has completed two new residential colleges at Princeton University, each serving 510 students. The 485,000 square-foot project sits on 11 acr ...
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4 Woodsy Cabins With Modern Rustic Style (12 photos)

Part of the woodsy cabin experience is roughing it, at least a little bit. In these four projects, designers leaned into rustic elements yet infused t ...
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Patriotic Decor and Memorial Day Weekend: Sunday Strolls & S

Today with our special Patriotic Decor Strolls and Strolls edition we are honoring the people who gave their lives for our freedom and their families ...
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Prism – 1028 Market: Blending Art & Functionality

Discover the dazzling Prism – 1028 Market, a mixed-use residential development nestled in the heart of San Francisco, California. Designed by the re ...
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Gloucester House: A Striking Waterfront Home

Discover the Gloucester House: a modern, two-story marvel nestled in picturesque Gloucester, Virginia. Designed by Architecturefirm in 2021, this stun ...
27-05-2023 19:40

Apartment M: A Chic Beijing Home with a Timeless Touch

Discover the refreshing transformation of Apartment M, a stylish modern and minimalist living space designed by Office AIO in Beijing, China. This gro ...
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Riverside: A Scenic Traditional Home Overlooking the James R

Nestled atop a high stone bluff in Richmond, Virginia, Riverside is a stunning single-family residence designed by Architecturefirm. This traditional ...
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Isabela Pagnan Atelier / APB Oficina de Projetos

Located in Londrina, in an area of intense commercial activity, the interior design project for Isabela Pagnan Atelier is a celebration of the fusion ...
27-05-2023 19:40

Forschungsbau - ECAP Laboratory Building (Friedrich-Alexand

The detection and analysis of high-energy astro particles and their distant sources set the scientific and technical goal for a new research center at ...
27-05-2023 19:40

Super 18 Apartment / Hyper + Simon Henry

The project concerns the transformation of a 45m2 apartment on the 12th floor of the Boucry Tower (named Super 18 at its delivery), a discreet icon of ...
27-05-2023 19:40

Haikou Jiangdong Huandao Experimental School / TAO (Trace Ar

Trace Architecture Office (TAO)\'s latest school project?Haikou Jiangdong Huandao Experimental School is currently in use. Located in Haikou, Hainan, ...
27-05-2023 19:40

MyouKei-An House / kvalito

MyouKei-An" is a small one-story wooden house designed as a retirement retreat for a retiring 12th-generation female priest. The site was located ...
27-05-2023 19:40

Studio AR13 / AR13

AR13 is established with the moral of giving back to society through its architectural design. One of the representations is their architectural studi ...
27-05-2023 19:40

Louzada House / Galeria 733

Louzada House was built on the south coast of Brazil, in the Maritime Condominium, in Tramandaí. The lot is surrounded by exuberant native vege ...
27-05-2023 19:40

Modern Dowel Curtain Rod.

 Look, I admit there\'s nothin\' revolutionary about making a curtain rod out of a dowel, for sure.  Making a modern version"  Mmm, maybe"  So tha ...
27-05-2023 19:27

Houzz Tour: Extended Family?s Vacation Home in the Florida K

An extended family bought this home in the Florida Keys so it could spend time together. About 20 of them planned on gathering here when they hired DK ...
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7 Landscape Design Trends From the 2023 Chelsea Flower Show

The designs showcased at the 2023 RHS Chelsea Flower Show (May 23 to 27) in London can inspire landscapes of all sizes, as designers embraced weeds, g ...
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New Decor + Best Memorial Day Sales 2023

We’re testing out paint colors for our living room walls today (right now we’re trying shades of blue :) ) and dreaming of the day very so ...
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Rrbck Forest Retreat: A Modern Wooden Hideaway

Discover the enchanting Rrbck Forest Retreat, a stunning modern wooden sanctuary nestled in the serene forests of Varberg, Sweden. Designed by the v ...
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Residential Barn: A Modern Swiss Haven in Reppischtal

Introducing the Residential Barn, a striking modern barn house nestled within the picturesque Reppischtal in Zurich, Switzerland. Designed by BE Archi ...
26-05-2023 19:44

Skyline Mansion: Experience the Ultimate Private Club

Welcome to the breathtaking Skyline Mansion Experience Center, a luxurious private club designed by GFD in the heart of Hangzhou, China. This awe-insp ...
26-05-2023 19:44

Treehouse: Stunning Mercer Island Home Transformation

Welcome to the Treehouse! Discover this enchanting two-story house on Mercer Island, Washington, where Floisand Studio Architects masterfully revitali ...
26-05-2023 19:44

Lagoon House / Troyano Arquitetura

This house was designed for a couple of university professors without children. It is located on the edge of a lake, in Osório, a city in Rio G ...
26-05-2023 19:44

Cross-Cultural Collaboration: A Tool for Imagining Africa's

As Venice Architecture Biennale presents its 18th edition titled "The Laboratory of the Future", it centers on Africa as a place of explorat ...
26-05-2023 19:44

Najarro House / Ral Almenara

"It is vital for me, and I insist on this with my students, to never lose sight of different artistic disciplines such as dance, painting, sculpt ...
26-05-2023 19:44

Energetic Retrofitting: A Solution for Environmental Obsoles

Architecture is a continually evolving form of human expression influenced by cultural and contextual factors. While many of the problems we face toda ...
26-05-2023 19:44

BIG Reveals Concept for a Self-Sufficient Off-Grid Island fo

BIG has partnered with experimental clothing brand Vollebak to create the vision for a self-sufficient off-grid island in Nova Scotia, Canada. The 11- ...
26-05-2023 19:44

Casa FT / HRTD Hurtado Arquitectos

CASA FT is a single-family residence for a retired couple, located in a forest context, outside of the urban perimeter of Managua. The earth movement ...
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China Pavilion's Plan for Expo Osaka 2025: A Showcase of Tra

The China Pavilion\'s plan for Expo Osaka 2025 was revealed at a press conference held on April 26th, 2023, by the China Council for the Promotion of ...
26-05-2023 19:44

The Chthulucene Call to Architecture

Climate issues have been the main topic of discussions about the future of cities, but they are certainly not new. The warning about human irreversibi ...
26-05-2023 19:44

Why Mass Transit in America Disappeared

This article was originally published on Common Edge. ...
26-05-2023 19:44

Brecht & Nele House / Atelier Vens Vanbelle

A couple with three teenage children bought a foremanhouse near the former harbour of Ghent. They immediately found themselves in the decor of the Que ...
26-05-2023 19:44

House-U / N.A.O

The site was a deformed site with a height difference from the neighboring land, and there were concerns about solar radiation. A large space was plac ...
26-05-2023 19:44

Swatchbox Offers Design Professionals Free Next-Day Delivery

Collecting samples for a project can present a huge time loss for design professionals. To solve this, Swatchbox is out on a mission to help design pr ...
26-05-2023 19:44

North Campus Library, Northwest A&F University / Architectur

As a new big building in the old campus, the design fully considered the relationship with the axis of the campus and the surrounding landscape. Build ...
26-05-2023 19:44

kiow Hair Salon and Store / FATHOM

This is a complex of a hair salon and an apparel store that connects fashion and beauty. After considering the area ratio of the two businesses in the ...
26-05-2023 19:44

?Neer? Vacation House / Janus Architects

The topography of the land, the rough character, the play of light and shades of the dense trees, and the deep pond have created a dominant feature of ...
26-05-2023 19:44

VIPA Farm House / Studio One By Zero

A doctor couple who wanted to leave the hustle and bustle of Chennai city bought a 2 Acre parcel of land in the outskirts of the city. The clients app ...
26-05-2023 19:44


The MDJ House is the architect\'s approach to designing an original type of modern tropical architecture, designed for a young couple looking for a un ...
26-05-2023 19:44

Analog House / Olson Kundig + Faulkner Architects

Designed in collaboration with the client ? an architect based in Truckee ? Analog House celebrates a rugged, high desert site populated by ponderosa ...
26-05-2023 19:36

Narrow Residence, Brooklyn / Only If

Only If, a New York City-based design practice for architecture and urbanism, has completed the Narrow Residence. Located in the Bedford-Stuyvesant ne ...
26-05-2023 19:36

Marvila Apartment, Libon / KEMA Studio

The project is located in Marvila, one of the oldest industrial and working-class areas in Lisbon, a district that, while not being fully integrated i ...
26-05-2023 19:36

Takoye Apartment by Between the Walls

In general, the Takoye apartment shows that even a small area can be transformed into an interesting and comfortable place for living. Not only for a ...
26-05-2023 19:36

Before and After: 4 Bathrooms That Wow With Wallpaper (12 ph

Being wary of putting wallpaper anywhere near a shower or tub is understandable. After all, paper and moisture are usually archenemies. But if you do ...
26-05-2023 19:18

After 6 Years of Development BALMUDA Unveils The Brew Drip C

Japanese technology brand BALMUDA dedicated 6 years of design and development to get drip coffee preparation dialed in. ...
26-05-2023 19:11

Peter Kovacsy?s Vestige Casts a Transcendent, Ethereal Light

The haunting luminescence of the Western Australian moonlight takes form in a brutalist light sculpture, Vestige, designed by Peter Kovacsy. ...
26-05-2023 19:11

F5: Will Zhang Finds Design Inspiration in Nature, History &

Will Zhang, Director of Design + Product Innovation at Emtek, finds some inspiration in the natural world, design history + even his dogs! Read more i ...
26-05-2023 19:11

New Life: Kyiv Apartment Merges Minimalism and Functionality

Embrace the beauty of minimalism with the New Life apartment project, thoughtfully designed by Between The Walls in the vibrant city of Kyiv, Ukraine. ...
25-05-2023 19:49



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