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Master Bath: Part Ten in a Series. Done!!

interior design News
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Master Bath:  Part Ten in a Series.  Done!! Master Bath:  Part Ten in a Series.  Done!!

Master Bath: Part Ten in a Series. Done!!

  Ok this is it, guys!  It!  It is done!  Done, I tell you!  The DIY master bath shower renovation saga is complete!  The shower portion, mind you, the shower. 
Holy sh*t, people.
But!  I did it!  A major learning curve later, but voila, tada, I rebuilt, me, I, a non-tradesperson with only theater and self-taught and research behind me, destroyed and rebuilt our entire shower into a leakproof wonder of white tile.

Which, as I lay here in bed with my back all jacked up again, feels a truly monster feat!  ouch...So please pardon the terrible editing of photos and format issues too, yeesch.
Regardless, do not ever let anyone tell you you can't do something, mmk"  Never. And it is leakproof this thing, truly truly leakproof.  I did it!  Woot!  How do I know"  Because technically, heh, the shower has been complete for quite a while now (yikes I'm bad at being current lately, so sorry) and there are no leaks anywhere, at all, none, no, zero.
This calls for the biggest ever butt wiggle dance.  I'll be back in like twenty!
So last we left off, my babe and I installed the glass shower door.*  Amazingly without breaking it.  Considering how many times it had to be shipped, we were very careful.
Soooo, all that was left was finishing up!
First, had to clean up the grout mess.  And mess it was, whooie. &n...
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Master Bath:  Part Ten in a Series.  Done!! Master Bath:  Part Ten in a Series.  Done!!


Source of news: Flipping the Flip
Source of publication: 24-04-2021 19:20
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