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Rustic Asian Home With A Traditional Essence

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Rustic Asian Home With A Traditional Essence Rustic Asian Home With A Traditional Essence

Rustic Asian Home With A Traditional Essence

On a peaceful plain by the foothills of Annamese Cordillera, central Vietnam, Hue people hold the role of family in high regard, placing family connections above all else. These values are what led one family of adult children to commission a home design in which their ageing parents could enjoy a retirement of relaxing pastimes […]

On a peaceful plain by the foothills of Annamese Cordillera, central Vietnam, Hue people hold the role of family in high regard, placing family connections above all else. These values are what led one family of adult children to commission a home design in which their ageing parents could enjoy a retirement of relaxing pastimes and gardening. Designed by architectural firm Limdim House Studio, this 75 square metre home was designed to be easy to live in for the elderly couple, with a cosy yet minimalist aesthetic. Traditional, rustic elements were employed to achieve a restful appeal that is reminiscent of childhood in the countryside. An open plan interior promotes natural light and ventilation.
Although Hue is one of the biggest cities in Vietnam, the lifestyle is very peaceful. This calm spirit is conveyed in a traditional home exterior where rustic stone walls attractively encase a welcoming courtyard. Local to Hue city, an ancient style of plain clay roof tiles, called ?Li?t? tiles, give the home exterior its traditional crowning. A modest fenestration of glass louvre windows interrupts a warm, sandy-coloured render.

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Rustic Asian Home With A Traditional Essence Rustic Asian Home With A Traditional Essence


Source of news: home-designing
Source of publication: 20-06-2022 19:11
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