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Stop Fighting the Patchy Lawn! (4 photos)

interior design News
Add to Flipboard Magazine. Fuente: houzz - View all news from this site
Stop Fighting the Patchy Lawn! (4 photos) Stop Fighting the Patchy Lawn! (4 photos)

Stop Fighting the Patchy Lawn! (4 photos)

I?ve met with more than one client while standing on a struggling lawn. ?I keep trying,? they tell me, ?but the grass won?t grow.? I tell them that maybe this means there?s another option, something even better than a lawn. Maybe it?s time for a garden. And it?s as if I?d just told them the secret to...
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Stop Fighting the Patchy Lawn! (4 photos) Stop Fighting the Patchy Lawn! (4 photos)


Source of news: houzz
Source of publication: 11-08-2019 19:11
visto: 0

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Contemplating the Houses of Patagonia

It is a new opportunity for discovery the photographer Thibaud Poirier through offers us. His series has been taken in Argentina. «When I arrived in t ...
18-08-2019 19:34

Palau Sator Refurbishment / Arquitectura-G

The house is located in the core of a medieval village in the Empordà area. It is built over the ruins of the original house, keeping the stone ...
18-08-2019 19:34

The Paris Researcher Pioneering a New Way to Recycle Buildin

Anna Saint Pierre\'s Granito project is harvesting the ingredients for new architectural building blocks from demolished structures. ...
18-08-2019 19:34

How to Make a Portfolio That Will Get You Hired

The Midnight Charette is an explicit podcast about design, architecture, and the everyday. Hosted by architectural designers David Lee and Marina Bour ...
18-08-2019 19:34

Quanzhou Vanke ?Tang? Town / cnS

The design concept of the vertical beam society is carried out from the three basic functions of the link ?old sugar factory reserved area, podium gar ...
18-08-2019 19:34

The Top 10 Design Cities of 2019

Design trends are often the result of foreign cultural influences, avant-garde creations, and innovative solutions for people\'s ever-evolving needs. ...
18-08-2019 19:34

Yongnian Food Market, Julu Foods Group / Roarc Renew

Why Choose a Food Market"Yongnian Road, an old road in Shanghai. Yongnian Food Market, an old food market in Shanghai. The road and the food mark ...
18-08-2019 19:34

HEYTEA Store at Hongqiao Xintiandi, Shanghai / DAS Lab

A brand is a tool of cultural communication. In the interior design of HEYTEA store at Hongqiao Xintiandi, we chose space as a medium and try to find ...
18-08-2019 19:34


?Children are playing in the streets, and some people go to the toilets which are no longer monotonous. The outdoor staffs go to rest in the lounge, w ...
18-08-2019 19:34

Kunshan New Life Hub / BAU

MicrocosmIn an attempt to counter the tendencies towards segregation of programs and land-use in current Chinese planning, BAU added a diversity of op ...
18-08-2019 19:34

Haus am Moor / Bernardo Bader Architekten

Bernardo Bader Architects used locally sourced spruce, fir and elm to clad the interior and exterior of this rural cabin in Vorarlberg ? Austria. ...
18-08-2019 19:34

House in Fontinha / Aires Mateus + SIA arquitectura

On the Gra?ndola crest, the house is designed in the balance between a courtyard house, with a protected core relating to the sky, and an opening to t ...
18-08-2019 19:34

House in Arada / Nelson Resende

The project is located in the street of the New Road, in Arada, a street with adjacent constructions relatively consolidated, in a central link betwee ...
18-08-2019 19:34

C Offices / Forte Architetti

C Offices is the fit-out design for the executive offices of an important company based in Cape Town. The design decisively distorts the rigid and not ...
18-08-2019 19:34

Is Feminism Compatible With Architecture and Urban Planning&

The feminine experience and its contributions in different fields of knowledge have experienced increasing acceptance, being mostly praised. ...
18-08-2019 19:34

How Renderings Can Contribute to Architectural Projects: The

Over the past two decades, the role of representation and rendering has changed dramatically in the architecture, engineering, and construction indust ...
18-08-2019 19:34

Day-VII Architecture: How the Architecture of Polish Churche

In the mid-to-late 20th century, a secular, socialist Poland served as the backdrop for the construction of thousands of Catholic churches. In their b ...
18-08-2019 19:34

Granholmen Summer Cottage / Bornstein Lyckefors + Josefine W

On Kallaxön in the very north of Sweden outside Luleå lies house Granholmen a small light green wooden summer cottage. The area surrounding the house ...
18-08-2019 19:34

Old Doors and Insulation Foil: 5 Projects that Derive from R

Russia is an enigmatic country known for its sublime constructivism developed during Soviet times, its greatness and enormous scale. It comes as no sh ...
18-08-2019 19:34

Cleft House / Anagram Architects

Our clients for this northwest facing residence, in Delhi, are members of 3 generation joint family. Built on a narrow 326 sqm. plot, their home faces ...
18-08-2019 19:34

Landscape Desigen of Langting House / antao

When it refers to the buildings and environments of Chinese style, we can?t help connecting them with slope crest, courtyard, the courtesy order, axis ...
18-08-2019 19:34

Living Space Integrating the Environment with Nature

The client is a landscape designer couple, who have a particular affection for nature and a serene lifestyle. The interior space consists of one basem ...
18-08-2019 19:26

Innovative Kindergarten Project in Shanghai by ELTO

Design vision and objective for this kindergarten is to create a place just like a home and a small communal place for kids. Therefore, we try to esta ...
18-08-2019 19:26

Coastal Sophistication in South Carolina

"Casual and sophisticated, modern and timeless, serene but colourful" is how the designer describes this relaxed, South Carolina home.The designers,  ...
18-08-2019 19:12

Houzz Tour: Glass, Timbers and Angles Shape a Restored Wedge

What do you do with a drafty, compact, 50-year-old house with a tiny kitchen and rotting timbers" The answer for most people would be to tear it ...
18-08-2019 19:09

10 Questions to Ask Before Sharing Your Home With Aging Pare

Living with aging parents can help deepen your relationships, strengthen grandparent-grandkid bonds and offer peace of mind knowing your loved ones ar ...
18-08-2019 19:09

How the Heck Do You Clean a Glass Shower Door" (12 phot

Most people loathe household chores. But is any cleaning task more difficult to stick to than squeegeeing shower walls and doors after use" The s ...
18-08-2019 19:09

A Small Backyard Haven With Secluded Seating (9 photos)

How do you turn a thin patch of scrappy lawn into an inviting yard with multiple vistas" That was the task facing landscape designer Paul Richar ...
18-08-2019 19:09

11 Must-Haves in a Designer?s Dream Kitchen (14 photos)

In interior design, it?s important to think big: After all, in some projects you can?t get everything you want, but you should set the bar high to ach ...
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See What Gives These Bathrooms Their Spa-Like Feel (12 photo

My clients are always asking for a master bath that feels like a relaxing spa. After all, such a peaceful, pampering environment makes a great setting ...
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Product Of The Week: Modern Hexagonal Succulent Planters

These beautiful hexagonal planters also come with hooks so that you can hang them on walls if you are short on desk space. Get it on Amazon. Recommend ...
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Video Of The Week: A Super Luxury Bel-Air House

This eight-bedroom wonder perched on a hill-top is approximately 25,000 square feet, with an additional 20,000 square feet of outdoor decks, patios an ...
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Fall Decor Ideas + Home Style Saturdays

Announcing Fall Nesting 2019 + Doormats Happy Saturday, friend! So apparently my blog posts are being held hostage again so my latest posts haven̵ ...
18-08-2019 19:06

Urban Art Celebrated in Québec City

Until October 14th, art lovers and families are invited to Quebec City to discover the sixth edition of Passages Insolites, a public art experience of ...
16-08-2019 19:41

Impressive Green Isle Restaurant in Taïwan

Huge, eco-responsible, bold and elegant, the Green Isle Restaurant located in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan, was designed by award-winning designer Keng-Fu L ...
16-08-2019 19:41

Peppertree Villa by Luigi Rosselli Architects

This luxurious 1920s villa recently redesigned by Luigi Rosselli Architects is located in Sydney, Australia. Description At the summit of B ...
16-08-2019 19:41

Villa Appia Antica by MGK Architects

Redesigned in 2019 by MGK Architects, this beautiful spacious apartment is located in Rome, Italy. Photography by Luisa Carcavale Visit MGK ...
16-08-2019 19:41

Bee Breeders Announces Winners of SKYHIVE Skyscraper Challen

Bee Breeders have announced the winners of the SKYHIVE Skyscraper Challenge. The purpose of the competition was to allow architects, design students, ...
16-08-2019 19:41

Forum Gda?sk / SUD Polska

Forum Gdansk is a new, modern shopping destination, situated in the inner city of Gdansk. Forum Gdansk combines a huge variety of retail, leisure, cul ...
16-08-2019 19:41

?vyturys Brewery Gastropub / Plazma Architecture Studio

The scope of our design commission was broad yet clearly defined. The interior of ?vyturys Brewery needed to include a bar, a beer shop, a tasting are ...
16-08-2019 19:41

Sanjay Puri on the Potential and the Challenges of Architect

During the World Architecture Festival in Amsterdam, ArchDsaily had a sit down with Sanjay Puri who discussed his starting point, the architectural po ...
16-08-2019 19:41

Lille Langebro Cycle and Pedestrian Bridge / WilkinsonEyre

Enhancing Copenhagen?s waterfront and its reputation as the world?s best city for cycling, the elegant Lille Langebro cycle and pedestrian bridge is c ...
16-08-2019 19:41

An Ornamental Shade and a Desert Sauna for Burning Man 2019

This year?s theme for the famous annual Burning Man festival revolves around the notion of ?Metamorphosis?. Taking place in the Black Rock Desert of N ...
16-08-2019 19:41

Miami Architecture Guide: 10 Places to Visit on Your First T

In the last decade, Miami has progressively transformed into a mecca of architecture and design. While the city?s tropical persona is most often assoc ...
16-08-2019 19:41

Japan House São Paulo / Kengo Kuma & Associates + FGMF

The Japan House Sao Paulo opened as the first case of the ?Japan House Project,? led by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that aims to promote various a ...
16-08-2019 19:41

India Approves World?s First Passenger Hyperloop System

The Government of Maharashtra has deemed Virgin Hyperloop One a public infrastructure project, setting it up to become the first hyperloop project in ...
16-08-2019 19:41

We Need More Wheelchair Users to Become Architects

When famed architect Michael Graves contracted a mysterious virus in 2003, a new chapter in his life began. Paralyzed from the chest down, the pioneer ...
16-08-2019 19:41

St. Margaret?s Eltham Church / Atelier Wagner

St.Margaret?s Anglican Church was built in 1861, designed by the architect Nathaniel Billing as a polychromatic brick gothic revival building atop a h ...
16-08-2019 19:41

Two - Field Sportshall / Atelier st

The  design  idea  pursues  the  goal  of  solving  the  architectural  conflict  between  the large  volume  of  the  new  sports  complex  and  the ...
16-08-2019 19:41

Ofenwerkstatt Workshop / ma ma

The object Ofenwerkstatt Müller is a workshop with five workplaces for the production of rammed earth furnaces ( The structure of the worksh ...
16-08-2019 19:41

Living Lab House / JC Architecture

In the city, we long for the sky; we long for the grass. We long to feel the drops of rain on our cheeks. We long to feel the sun on our skin. On this ...
16-08-2019 19:41

Central Park Public Domain / Turf Design Studio

It was 2007 when Turf Design Studio with Jeppe Aagaard Andersen was commissioned to reimagine the public domain of the Carlton United Brewery site. Wi ...
16-08-2019 19:41

Aquas Perma Solar Firma / CplusC Architectural Workshop

Located in a former light industrial area, AQUAS PERMA SOLAR FIRMA reconsiders the terrace typology stamped along Sydney?s streets and provides a site ...
16-08-2019 19:41

Cutting Corner Store & Gallery / JC Architecture

Site. Cutting Corner is located on a busy alley in the Eastern District of Taipei. The client desired a commercial space that could accommodate shops, ...
16-08-2019 19:41

IDUMI Cafe + Residence / Tenhachi Architect & Interior Desig

Owner?s family lives in the upper story of the cafe. There is a story that used to be important ?well? for the people who lives in the area. Owner?s G ...
16-08-2019 19:41

A28 House / SEHW Architektur

SEHW Architektur gave new life to an industrial building in Berlin?s Zehlendorf district. It had endured several moultings, before it shed its skin an ...
16-08-2019 19:41

Co|Lab, High Performance Building for HITT / William McDonou

Designed as a flexible and adaptable high-performance building for HITT, a leading national construction company, Co|Lab promotes engagement with clie ...
16-08-2019 19:41

Fairyland Premium Kids Café

The Fairyland Premium Kids Café designed by Wutopia Lab is officially open to the public in Dalian on May 28th, 2019. The brand is mutually owned by P ...
16-08-2019 19:33

The Weekender: Lucy?s First Bike, Keeping Blogs Alive + a Po

Lucy?s First Bicycle Our favorite activity this summer has been family bike rides on our tandem ? bicycles built for 2 make everything more fun, I thi ...
16-08-2019 19:23

4 Kitchens With White Cabinets and a Wood Island (4 photos)

If you?re looking for a kitchen design that will last, you can?t go wrong with a palette of white and wood. The brightness of white assists in the foc ...
16-08-2019 19:12



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