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interior design News

Simplified Explanations for Retaining Walls

Simplified explanations are useful for all those who want to learn something new. Or, if you want to try to make a DIY project but you need more help ...
23-08-2017 19:29

Round Stairs Constructions Instructions

Round stairs  can give your home a different shine. More precisely, these spiral stairs can make your home look like a royal palace or a fancy hotel. ...
22-08-2017 19:39

Banapli Assur Teaches Us to Draw a Bedroom

Banapli Assur is the artist who is behind this amazing tutorial. More precisely, in this video we can see how the artist teaches the two-point perspec...
22-08-2017 19:39

Structures Details and Instructions

Structures are the core of the objects. Thus, the structure should be built after the precise plans which have been previously revised. With these exa...
22-08-2017 19:39

Before and After the Graduating in Architecture

Before and after is funny for the architecture students. Generally, every student goes through difficult times during the studies. Also, there are lot...
22-08-2017 19:39

Pitch Angles of the Roofs

Pitch angles  are the slopes and the inclinations angles in the roofs. This angles has a specific way of calculation. Firstly, it can be found in both...
22-08-2017 19:39

Gabion’s Amazing Work with Stones

Gabion’s amazing stone designs are truly astonishing. As you can see on these pictures, the artist works with various sizes and colours of stones. G...
22-08-2017 19:39

Refined Kitchen Plans that will Inspire

Refined designs sell more projects and more ideas. Ideally, when the architects are professionals, they can make plans that can serve as an inspiratio...
22-08-2017 19:39

Entertaining Home Pizza Oven Project

Entertaining family and friends is one of the most important segments of family life. If you fancy having a party where the enjoyment of your loved on...
21-08-2017 19:35

Sensational House with a Modern Design

Sensational designs are an amazing way to combine your wishes and all the possibilities available today. Generally, your wishes can be satisfied when ...
21-08-2017 19:35

Now vs Then: The Profession of the Architects

Now and then, the present and the past are quite different. These two have many differences that come thanks to time, experiences and technologies. In...
21-08-2017 19:35

Stadium Models that Follow the Regulations

Stadium is the place that promotes sports. All of the stadiums should follow several regulations. For example, the bigger stadiums have to be used and...
21-08-2017 19:35

Three-Dimensional Architectural Sketches

Three-dimensional sketches are a amazing way for presenting ideas. Firstly, the architects design the projects, combine the space, the standards, thei...
18-08-2017 19:32

Skater’s Playground Construction Details

Skater’s playground is the skate park. The skate parks are the place where the skaters spend most of their days, practice their tricks and have fun ...
18-08-2017 19:32

Introductory Stair Designs and their Constructions

Introductory details and simple instructions are always welcomed when you are an amateur or a beginner. Hence, when you plan to build or to renovate y...
18-08-2017 19:32

Atypical Architectural Sketches which are Wonderful

Atypical architectural sketches are better for the careers of the architects because they are more catchy. More precisely, more catchy because they ar...
18-08-2017 19:32

Cross Section and Elements of a Road

Cross sections are important to present what parts do we have in a road, for example. It simplifies the things for us and make the more visual. So, a ...
16-08-2017 19:45

Formwork Beautiful Selection

Formwork can be of several types and varieties. Those which are going to be used for under water have to satisfy several conditions. Generally, they s...
16-08-2017 19:45

Cicero Residence by the Talented Visbeen Architects

Cicero Residence is one amazing house that will leave you speechless. Firstly, all the credits go to the talented Visbeen Architects. Starting from th...
16-08-2017 19:45

Tallest and Record-Breaking Buildings

Tallest buildings that are in competition to break the records are currently in progress. Generally, the buildings can be tall, supertall, megatall an...
16-08-2017 19:45

Guzelbahce Villa that is a Stunning Design

Guzelbahce Villa is an amazing project that would make almost everyone jealous. Generally, not all of the people can afford such villa for living. But...
14-08-2017 19:32

Trigg House is the House that Will Astonish You

Trigg House is a design by Hilliam Architects. This design will only leave you speechless and astonished. Generally, this mansion is made for pure enj...
14-08-2017 19:32

Plans and 3D Designs for the Perfect Home

Plans and designs should be attractive, easy to understand and most importantly functional. Generally, all of the architects should find a way to desi...
14-08-2017 19:32

Magnificent Mansion Interior and Exterior Design

Magnificent mansion design in presented in this post. Firstly, the thing that you will notice immediately, is the amazing drive way that leads to the ...
13-08-2017 19:31

Beginner’s Guide for Two-Point Perspective

Beginner’s guides are always welcome, especially if they are simple and explained with pictures. Thus, we give you this excellent tutorial for drawi...
13-08-2017 19:31

Tremendous Property and Amazing Home Design

Tremendous property that takes the breath away! It spreads on 10,000 square feet. More precisely, it has nine bedrooms and nine bathrooms. Besides, it...
12-08-2017 19:26

Australian Contemporary and Elegant Villa

Australian estates can often surprise us with their modern, luxurious and elegant designs. Undoubtedly, the purpose of the residential home is to offe...
12-08-2017 19:26

List of the 10 Tallest Buildings in the World

List of the ten tallest buildings in the world will make take your breath away. As the technology booms, the buildings become taller and taller. Also,...
12-08-2017 19:26

Exhibition of Amazing Architectural Models

Exhibition is a very important element in the career of any architect or artist. Obviously, the collections are a presentation of the work and the eff...
12-08-2017 19:26

Info for the Typical Retaining Walls

Info is very important and very obligatory before starting any project. Thus, there are several typical retaining walls. First, the gravity walls whic...
12-08-2017 19:26

Beautifully Drawn Architectural Sketches

Beautifully presented sketches are what sells the projects. Therefore, the architects tend to make their sketches more unique, more impressive and mor...
10-08-2017 19:33

Richard Robinson Studio Guides you in Drawing

Richard Robinson shares his techniques for drawing, especially for drawing everything in proportion. Normally, if we do not have proportion in the pic...
10-08-2017 19:33

Standards in Architectural Projects and Designs

Standards are present to give the people general instructions and guide them through designing and planning. Thus, the standard serve the architects w...
10-08-2017 19:33

Excellent Four-Star Hotel

Excellent projects are the key for luxury and glamour. Thus, the project of this hotel which has four-stars is something extraordinary and unseen. The...
10-08-2017 19:33

Shadows in your Drawings

Shadows are very important for the drawings. If you want to draw any object, it will look much better if you add its shadow. In the tutorial by Easy T...
07-08-2017 19:29

Tutorials for Three-Points Perspective

Tutorials can make every life easier and simpler. Regardless, if we speak for hobby or something connected to our profession, they can help a lot. Any...
07-08-2017 19:29

Discover the Drawing Mistakes

Discover the drawing mistakes with this amazing tutorial Draw with Jazza. Normally, in every hobby or every profession there are mistakes. That is why...
06-08-2017 19:32

Awesome Cantilevered Staircase

Awesome process of building the cantilevered staircase is presented on the pictures in this post. The cantilevered staircases can be with different lo...
06-08-2017 19:32

France’s Music and Arts House

France’s designs and buildings and monuments are recognizable thanks to their innovative designs. Thus, in this post you will have the possibility t...
05-08-2017 19:31

Flat Design in only 46 Square Meters

Flat designs can be a challenge, especially when the size of the studio is only 46 square meters. Generally, these studios, need to be designed and fu...
05-08-2017 19:31

Technical Drawings of Stairs

Technical aspects are very important in the architectural drawings. Firstly, designing stairs can be a difficult task for the architecture students or...
05-08-2017 19:31

Techniques for Drawing Perspectives

Techniques are very important in every aspect of drawing or designing. Normally, there are different ways that can be used to present different object...
05-08-2017 19:31

Cantilevers Stairs Constructions

Cantilevers refer to a specific type of construction. These elements are rigid and their most recognizable feature is that they have connection only o...
05-08-2017 19:31

Representation of Septic Tank Designs

Representation of the septic tank is shown here in this post. First, the septic tanks are a watertight chambers which are made with fibreglass, concre...
05-08-2017 19:31

Differing Sizes and Plans for Kitchens

Differing sizes of the kitchens need some skills for designing. Usually, every home is different and every owner has different needs and wishes. Thus,...
05-08-2017 19:31

Pouring and Developing Concrete Stairs

Pouring and developing the concrete stairs are parts of the process that are very basic and important. For that purpose, here in this post you will le...
04-08-2017 19:29

U-Shaped Damper the Best Seismic Protection

U-Shaped Damper is the very praised invention for seismic isolation. Unfortunately, the earthquakes are the part of the mother Nature that can not be ...
02-08-2017 19:29

Peculiar Design for The Floating Hotel

Peculiar designs as this one are real gems in the architecture. The Floating Hotel is a unique design which will give the tourism a new shine and new ...
02-08-2017 19:29

Effective Ways to Present Sketches

Effective ways to present your ideas are the most crucial points of designing and working as an architect. The good ideas sometimes get lost because o...
02-08-2017 19:29

Set of New Architectural Models

Set of new accomplishments of the architects is shown here. The architectural models are the final result of the planning and the designing by the arc...
02-08-2017 19:29

Classy and Elegant House Facade

Classy facades usually embrace the minimalist style. Guided by the saying that less is more, the architect of this house has succeeded to make an eleg...
31-07-2017 19:34

Plants and Trees as a Protection from the Sun

Plants and trees are the most natural and the most effective way that can protects us from the sun. The natural shade is always more pleasant and more...
30-07-2017 19:27

Leveling System for any Type of Tiles

Leveling of the tiles may look as a complicated project to you, but actually you can do it your self. This project has a system according to which you...
30-07-2017 19:27

Statistics on Steel Constructions

Statistics is the collecting and analyzing data in large quantities. When the data is collected, the scientists or any other professionals have the id...
28-07-2017 19:27

Fashionable Home Design

Fashionable homes are the perfect match with the modern owners or investors. Generally, the modern homes have plans that out-stand from the regular. T...
28-07-2017 19:27

Angles for Different Types of Stairs

Angles should match the purpose of the stairs. In fact, that is the most important thing before starting the construction. Usually, the constructors k...
28-07-2017 19:27

ECO-Friendly Functional Bath System

Eco-friendly designs are very modern and interesting especially among the environmentalists and the activists. Thus, this bath system will surely amaz...
28-07-2017 19:27

Construct a Huge Outdoor Staircase

Construct something with your own hands! Give your home a personal touch which will make your home even more warmer place for living. For example, you...
28-07-2017 19:27

Basic Swimming Pool Design Instructions

Basic design instructions can give you many ideas. Also, with these instructions you can save money and spend less time constructing the swimming pool...
28-07-2017 19:27

Helix Staircases that will Enrich your Home

Helix staircases will truly make your home more impressive and more glamorous. Usually, these staircases serve as an ornament in the home. There are p...
28-07-2017 19:27

Gabion Designs For Your Yard

Gabion Designs give you many amazing ideas for your backyard. Generally, the focus in these ideas is on the stone and what can you do with it. Usually...
28-07-2017 19:27

Add Realistic Textures in Photoshop

Add realistic elements to your architectural drawings and sketches is not that complicated. Normally, you should take some time and practice all the t...
26-07-2017 19:30

Septic Tanks Systems and Designs

Septic tanks are underground tanks where the sewage is collected. These systems can be build in many ways. However, their building is not an easy and ...
26-07-2017 19:30

Innovations with Concrete and Bamboo

Innovations are the most important part of science and any other field in the world of professions. Normally, any field of science needs improvement a...
24-07-2017 19:31

Cantilever Stairs – Details for Construction

Cantilever means a long projecting beam which is fixed at only one end. Generally, the architects and the engineers tend to make their projects less e...
24-07-2017 19:31

Gravity Retaining Walls from Concrete

Gravity retaining walls actually are concrete crib walls which are made form interlocking elements. These walls are with free draining materials which...
24-07-2017 19:31

Spot the Differences between Render and Reality

Spot the differences at the first sight. That is the purpose of this post. Of course, there are differences between virtual and reality, but not alway...
24-07-2017 19:31

Stepped Foundations Description

Stepped foundations are in places where the side is slopped. For that purpose, footings have to be with steps. Normally, there are certain dimensions ...
22-07-2017 19:32

Bird’s Eye Perspective by Circle Line Art School

Bird’s eye perspective means that all of the objects are drawn or seen from the air and the point of view that the birds have. Hence, the Circle Lin...
22-07-2017 19:32

Delightful Architecture Models

Delightful successes for the architects are their models and their finalized plans. Thus, their visualizations become real and more close to the other...
22-07-2017 19:32

Phenomenal Luxurious House

Phenomenal Designers paired with amazing owners result in such amazing houses. This luxurious home is designed by the architect Victor Canas. It is in...
22-07-2017 19:32

Footings Details and Descriptions

Footings are the lowest parts of the buildings. Usually, these ground levels are divided into three groups: isolated/pad footing, strip footing, and r...
22-07-2017 19:32

Urbanism and Architecture: What to Choose"

Urbanism deals with the development and planning of cities and towns. This can be described as the placemaking and the creations of place identities. ...
22-07-2017 19:32

Downhill Mansion and Its Construction

Downhill mansions are more complicated for building because of the steep terrains. Normally, there are architects and constructors who know what to do...
22-07-2017 19:32

Winding Designs for Staircases

Winding is a way of designing a curve which come out from a central point or from an axis and forms a cone. As we have said many times before, stairca...
20-07-2017 19:34

Helical Concrete Staircases

Helical staircases are also named curved staircases. These stairs connect the floors, but they are not straight. They have an arc. Normally, the spira...
20-07-2017 19:34

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