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interior design News

Stainless Steel and Glass Staircase

Stainless steel combined with glass gave the perfect staircase. This staircase will surely catch your attention. Immediately as you see it, you will n...
12-12-2017 19:30

Suggestions and Ideas for the TV Units

Suggestions such these will surely help you with your renovation plans. Generally, if you are moving into a new home, or you are renovation your old h...
12-12-2017 19:30

Repairing of the Cracks in the Helibar Bricks

Repairing should be a thorough process. We should see that as an preservation of our homes not only just a quick make-up of the damages. If we do not ...
12-12-2017 19:30

Shades of the Objects And the Important Angles

Shades of the objects are a whole unity that should be studied. Generally, it is not only the shadow, but you should know exactly where to put them. F...
12-12-2017 19:30

Elementary-School Projects by San Simon University Architect

Elementary-school designs are the themes for the projects of the architecture students. The Architecture Department at the San Simon University gives ...
11-12-2017 19:30

Calculator for Concrete in Beams, Slabs, Columns and Footing

Calculator is one of the most helpful things ever invented. But, in this case we present you a more different tool, not just the regular one that is m...
09-12-2017 19:24

Approximation of All Details in Planning and Constructing

Approximation is very important for planning and estimation of all the details connected to the planning and constructing. If you start with some proj...
08-12-2017 19:27

Skilled Artist Combines Reality, Imagination and Sketches

Skilled artist finds his inspiration in the famous landmarks all around the world. This gifted person, visits famous buildings and then draws a funny ...
08-12-2017 19:27

Notable Interior Sketches

Notable interior sketches are presented in this post. All the amazing sketches have different style, show us a different perspective and different ide...
08-12-2017 19:27

Peek into the Designer’s Splendid Home

Peek into a designer’s home, a professional’s home that is designed entirely for the own needs and wishes. When you have the possibility and the c...
07-12-2017 19:28

South Korean Architectural Wonders

South Korean architectural wonders are quite impressive. Such astonishing example are these Towers in Seoul. As you can see from the pictures below, t...
05-12-2017 19:29

Sort out the Furniture in your Living Room

Sort out the furniture in your living room with the help of the amazing design guidelines. These guidelines will help you with the inspiration and the...
05-12-2017 19:29

Interior Design Sketches

Interior design sketches are going to tickle your imagination and the need to change something in your home. On the sketches below you can see the cre...
03-12-2017 19:37

Garage Dimensions and Plans for Inspiration

Garage dimensions should be proportional with our needs. If the family is bigger and has a need for more vehicles, then they should leave more space a...
03-12-2017 19:37

Waste Protection with Some Clever Ideas

Waste can sometimes be a really big problem. Especially if it comes to the places which are difficult for cleaning and for reaching. Consequently, it ...
29-11-2017 19:31

Listed Properties and Parts of the Queen Post Truss

Listed properties and parts of the queen post truss will help you with understanding and learning this construction. Generally, this type of truss is ...
29-11-2017 19:31

Tie the Wood with the Right Method

Tie the wood with the right method. The wood should be stable and durable. But, how to achieve that" On the illustrations below there are amazing expl...
29-11-2017 19:31

Buildings and the Important Features

Buildings are made to serve more people and to satisfy the need of all those working or living in. For starters, there are important features that sho...
28-11-2017 19:26

Dampers in Rio?Antirrio Bridge

Dampers play a very serious role in this construction. The splendid bridge in Greece, called The Rio-Antirrio Brigde is one of the longest multi-span ...
28-11-2017 19:26

Dissimilarities between Rafters and Trusses

Dissimilarities are good to be known. If you know the differences and the advantages, you will know what to pick and what is adequate for any construc...
24-11-2017 19:29

Good Deal of Varieties of Stairs

Good deal of the varieties of the stair can be found here. Generally, we all live in different spaces and we need different things. When it comes to t...
23-11-2017 19:28

Love for the Architectural Sketches

Love for the architectural sketches just grows and grows. We can not get enough of the amazing artworks by various artists. Generally, the sketches ar...
23-11-2017 19:28

Uncomplicated and Basic Designs for Contemporary Kitchens

Uncomplicated designs are most wanted for the kitchens. Fortunately, in this post there are plenty of concept designs that give you the basic help. Wh...
22-11-2017 19:31

Particular Details for Staircases and all of The Types and P

Particular details for the staircases and all the details connected to them. As the stairs are a complex constructions, you should be fully aware of a...
22-11-2017 19:31

Glimpse into this Amazing, Modern Home

Glimpse into the plans and the final product. The final product is an impressive home. The home shines with sophistication and style. The execution of...
22-11-2017 19:31

Bollywood Museum – A Masterpiece from India

Bollywood is the Indian Hollywood. Worldwide, it is the second largest production after Hollywood. They make thousands movies and sell even more ticke...
22-11-2017 19:31

Significant Tips for the Construction of the Swimming Pools

Significant tips for the new swimming pools. If you plan to make a swimming pool in your own home, you have to think about the regulations and the rul...
22-11-2017 19:31

Law of Perspective in Drawing

Law of perspective is actually a whole science which imposes certain rules and regulations. Behind the perspective there are many things intermingles ...
22-11-2017 19:31

Right Proportions of the Chairs and the Tables at the Office

Right proportions of the desk at work can make your working hours far more easier and more bearable. If you do not have the adequate size of the chair...
22-11-2017 19:31

Glossary for the Staircases and All of their Elements

Glossary is very important for having the general ideas for the things. For that purpose, there is a specific terminology for the staircases. These wo...
20-11-2017 19:27

Specific Ideas and Architectural Sketches

Specific ideas are shown on the sketches below. As you can see on the pictures below, all of these sketches have different style, present different id...
20-11-2017 19:27

Helplines for the Foundations and the Possible Variations

Helplines can guide you through the work and make it more bearable. The foundations are one of the most important parts of every construction. For tha...
20-11-2017 19:27

Divers Types of Stairs and their Uses

Divers type of stairs exist because there are different need in most of the projects. Every type of house and every type of stairs have different adva...
20-11-2017 19:27

Cladding of the External Walls

Cladding of the external walls is applying materials one over the other in order to get thicker layer. Generally, professionals use this technique to ...
18-11-2017 19:29

Removal Time for Concrete Formwork

Removal of the concrete formworks is also called stripping or striking-of the formwork. The engineer Sami Ullah, guides us through the whole process i...
18-11-2017 19:29

Australia’s Contemporary Residences that Stun the Rest

Australia’s contemporary residences really impress the rest of the world. They stand for a truly luxurious and tasteful home. As you can see in this...
18-11-2017 19:29

Nail Houses That Stand Tall and Proud

Nail houses got their name in China. More precisely, they are houses which owners refused to expropriate their homes. They do not want to accept any k...
17-11-2017 19:29

Confidence Range of the Architecture Students

Confidence of any person in the world has its ups and downs. As we all know, the student days are not simple and easy. Sometimes the students go throu...
17-11-2017 19:29

Hurricane Proof Houses that Amaze Everybody

Hurricane is one of the nature’s forces that is very dangerous. These catastrophes can bring huge harms to the communities, lots of victims and mill...
17-11-2017 19:29

Autocad’s Files for Inspiration for the Single Family

Autocad’s name stands for commercial computer-aided design (CAD). Generally, people from many different fields use this application (architecture, e...
17-11-2017 19:29

Usually Used Concrete Compared to the High-Strength Concrete

Usually used normal concrete and the high-strength concrete have differences and each of them has their advantages and disadvantages. First of all, th...
14-11-2017 19:36

Straw Bale Greenhouse for Elongating the Growing Season

Straw bale greenhouse is perfect for making the most appropriate climate for the plants. Maybe it sounds a little weird, but you will astonished by it...
14-11-2017 19:36

Central Stringer Beam as an Essential Part of the Staircase

Central stringer beam are one of the characteristics of the mainly interior stairs. As we all know, the reinforced concrete stairs have many advantage...
14-11-2017 19:36

13-Year Old Boy Constructed His Own Tiny Spot

13-year old boy fulfilled his dreams. But how" He used his imagination and his determination to design and build a tiny house. This little house will ...
13-11-2017 19:32

Basics for Drawing the Perspectives

Basics and the most general knowledge are very important for the beginners. Especially because it will be the core of their knowledge and the base for...
12-11-2017 19:28

Measures for the Contemporary Kitchen

Measures can be a little bit confusing and overwhelming. But, you do not have to worry. Generally, there is a guideline with a general measurements th...
11-11-2017 19:23

Freshly Designed Sheet for Reinforced Concrete Staircase

Freshly designed sheet in excel can be downloaded. The sheet is for the reinforced concrete staircases and it has detailed explanations for all of the...
10-11-2017 19:34

Reckon How Big Amount of Bricks You Will Need

Reckon the exact amount of bricks that you will need in the construction works. For that purpose, there are a special calculations that are explained ...
09-11-2017 19:32

RetainWall Amazing Software for Retaining Walls

RetainWall is an amazing software for designing retaining walls. Mainly, these walls can be from concrete or masonry and their main purpose is to keep...
09-11-2017 19:32

Avoid Malfunctions in the Reinforced Concrete Column

Avoid malfunctions in the reinforced concrete columns with the correct calculations and the responsible usage of materials. When you notice some malfu...
09-11-2017 19:32

Know the Differences between Pointing and Plastering

Know the differences between the pointing and plastering. If you like to do some do it yourself project, you must learn some of the basic characterist...
09-11-2017 19:32

Combinations of Footings and their Calculations

Combinations are crucial before starting the whole process of designing and constructing. Nowadays, there is an advanced technology, lots of applicati...
09-11-2017 19:32

Openings in Walls and Their Types and Parts

Openings are a delicate things in the construction. Mainly because there are strict regulations which give us the exact dimensions for the windows and...
08-11-2017 19:40

Hens Coop With Planter That Will Beautify Your Backyard

Hens can be really helpful for your household, they are productive and they give eggs on daily basis. If you decide to keep chicken at home, you shoul...
08-11-2017 19:40

Gabions Amazing Facade Designs

Gabions are baskets filled with stones, soil, sand and etc. Their purpose is to stabilize and to reinforce constructions, stop the erosion of water. G...
06-11-2017 19:32

Pad, Stepped and Sloped Footing in Construction

Pad footing is known as the most simple footing. Although it is simple, it is one of the most used and effective footings. It is mainly used for verti...
06-11-2017 19:32

Full Design Plans for Constructing a Villa

Full design plans are the essence of any construction. For that purpose, we give you the example of the elaborate plan. Following these plans there is...
06-11-2017 19:32

Historical Monuments from all Around the World

Historical monuments are very important for the architecture. From them, the architects and the rest of the world can learn many things for the societ...
06-11-2017 19:32

Blueprints Symbols in Architecture

Blueprints symbols in architecture are a must if you want to make a complete architectural, plumbing or electrical plan. Usually, there are the most i...
06-11-2017 19:32

Prevent Water Penetration with Simple Methods and Tricks

Prevent the water penetration is one of the very important things to protect your brick masonry walls. You have to protect the walls from the water. F...
02-11-2017 19:32

RCC Staircase Plans and Correct Reading of the Plans

RCC staircase plans should be precise and correct. But, even more importantly, you should know how to correctly read these plans. For that purpose, th...
02-11-2017 19:32

Extra Amazing Architectural Sketches

Extra amazing architecture sketches that amaze us. Generally, all the architecture sketches, especially if they are from different architects, differe...
02-11-2017 19:32

Surveys and Methods for the Types of Leveling

Surveys are very important for the designing and engineering for any project. Without it, without knowing the general characteristics of the area or t...
02-11-2017 19:32

Aggregate Quantity, Sand and Cement as Concrete Components

Aggregate quantity, sand and cement are the main parts of the concrete. Therefore, you should carefully examine and calculate their quantity and their...
02-11-2017 19:32

Elegantly Designed Staircases

Elegantly designed staircases can truly change the look of your home. In fact, they can entirely transform it. Generally, we usually take the staircas...
02-11-2017 19:32

Case Studies for the Variety of Failures in RCC Buildings

Case studies are in depth examinations for the variety of failures in reinforced concrete buildings. There are several of them: corrosion, poor qualit...
02-11-2017 19:32

Adaptation of Buildings and the Levels of Interventions

Adaptation of buildings is something that every building should undergo. Every building or a house pays its toll to the time and needs care. For that ...
02-11-2017 19:32

Parametric Design that Will Blow Your Mind

Parametric design is the process of combining the algorithmic thinking with the art expressions. Generally, you take the parameters and com...
26-10-2017 19:29

MasterRC Pile Cap Designer Will Help You with Pile Caps

MasterRC pile cap designer is extremely helpful with the designing, calculating, and analyzing of these elements. It spans between one to nine piles t...
26-10-2017 19:29

Sensationally Beautiful Kurpaty Health Resort

Sensationally beautiful resort is located in Kurpaty, Crimea. This amazing resort is also named Kurpaty Health Resort. As soon as you lay your eyes on...
20-10-2017 19:29

Daylighting Systems that are Named Solatube

Daylighting is very important because such light is the most appropriate for the human eye. All that comes from nature is the most appropriate for the...
20-10-2017 19:29

Rafter and Truss, the Very Important Elements of the Roof

Rafter is part of the framework of the roof. Whereas, the truss consisted of the rafters, struts, and posts and it supports the constructions like the...
18-10-2017 19:33

Air-flow in Your Home for Better Temperature

Air-flow is very important for maintaining the most pleasant temperature in your home. Most of the people do not pay attention to it during the planni...
17-10-2017 19:34

Cooler Buildings With The Amazing Clay Bricks

Cooler buildings can be reality with these amazing bricks. The clay bricks like those on the pictures can disperse the heat and therefore keep the bui...
17-10-2017 19:34

Groundfridge for Cooling without Electricity

Groundfridge is an amazing invention that you will surely want to own. This fridge does not use any electricity, it uses the ground and stays cool. So...
16-10-2017 19:38

Orientation for Using the Maximum of the Natural Resources

Orientation is very important for using the natural resources. For example, if you live in the colder areas, you must pay attention to the sun. You sh...
16-10-2017 19:38

Final Details for the Reinforcement

Final touches and details are very important for any projects. Mostly because that is the crucial time for one last check, last changes and updates. W...
12-10-2017 19:29

Elaborate Designs for Staircases

Elaborate designs for stairs might sound a little bit frightening. In fact, with the good guidelines and tips, you will surely get the idea and will f...
10-10-2017 19:31

Staged Construction of Structural Masonry

Staged construction is very important to understand the whole procedure. In this post you can see the step by step procedure of structural masonry. Th...
10-10-2017 19:31

Unusual Varieties of Beautiful Staircases

Unusual varieties might sound a little bit frightening, but in fact the professionals and the technology can make almost everything that you can imagi...
10-10-2017 19:31

Sophisticated Homes from Shipping Containers

Sophisticated homes can be from other things rather than the solid constructions. We will prove you that with this post. This amazing home is made fro...
09-10-2017 19:29

Excellently Designed House Plans

Excellently designed spaces give you more for the invested money. If you have a skillful designers and constructors, they will surely use every inch o...
09-10-2017 19:29

Massings Studies in Architecture

Massings is a term which is used in architecture. Generally, its main concern are the size, form and shape of the buildings. There are lots of styles ...
09-10-2017 19:29

Popular Types of Materials for Flooring

Popular materials change with the years. Trends come, and trends go. But, there are some timeless materials, that are not replaceable. Generally, such...
06-10-2017 19:30

Sketching’s Perspective – Tricks, Tips and Instr

Sketching’s perspective in an very important element that gives life to the sketch. The sketch gets dimension, it get light and shadows. For that pu...
05-10-2017 19:31

World’s Tallest Buildings that Break Records

World’s tallest buildings continually try to be better than the previous one. Therefore, the winners change year by year. As we all know, the talles...
05-10-2017 19:31

External Spiral Stairs

External spiral stairs are not that common. However, that makes them even more special and unique. The projects that have planned spiral stairs, usual...
05-10-2017 19:31

References for the Technical Works in the Bathroom

References are very important component in the designing and the planning. Generally, although we learn all the numbers and types of calculations duri...
05-10-2017 19:31

Practicable Learning and Making Models

Practicable learning is the most important element of the education. All of the information that you gather during the lessons, can not serve you unti...
05-10-2017 19:31

Finishes and Rendering With Different Types of Plaster

Finishes and the rendering are very important for the final look of the buildings. Usually, the final touches are with plaster which is a material eas...
04-10-2017 19:28

Re-purposed Shipping Containers that are Part of a Stunning

Re-purposed shipping containers are turned into a real piece of art. And that piece of art is actually someone’s home. As you can see from the pictu...
03-10-2017 19:44

Control for the Designs and the Protection of the Environmen

Control for the projects and the standards is the most important thing. The regular checks of the quality of the designs, the Eco-friendliness should ...
03-10-2017 19:44

Proofs that You Always Need the Help of a Professional

Proofs are here to remind us that we can not be professionals in every profession. For that purpose, we have to hire or consult a professional when we...
29-09-2017 19:32

Main Elements of the Raised Floors

Main elements are the core of the construction. You have to know them and all of their properties, characteristics for having a strong and durable con...
29-09-2017 19:32

Visualizations and Ideas for Spiral Stairs

Visualizations are proof that we can make the thing that we have in our mind. If we have the vision in our head, almost nothing can stop us from makin...
29-09-2017 19:32

Significance of the Cracks in the Concrete Structures

Significance of the cracks is much more important than the cracks themselves. Because, if we do not know the cause and the meaning, we can not work on...
29-09-2017 19:32

Cracks in Construction and Types of Causes

Cracks in your constructions are not a rare sight. But the more important problem is finding what causes them. If you know the causes and the types of...
27-09-2017 19:30

Inexcusable Mistakes that Happened All Around the World

Inexcusable mistakes that in the same time will make us laugh and feel desperate. It is a true mystery how the architects, the constructors and the in...
27-09-2017 19:30

Novices will Easily Learn to Draw the Two-Point Perspective

Novices nowadays have the help of the technology. If beginners in the past, had to read many book and find new tutors, now the things are much easier....
26-09-2017 19:34

Lights on the Correct Spot in Your Home

Lights are very important for the look and the mood in the home. If we do not have enough light in the house, we will be more depressed and unhappy. B...
24-09-2017 19:34

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Eco House / BXBstudio Boguslaw Barnas

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Eco Resin Vases by Capra Designs

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Eco Village Zmonte / CAVE

Eco Village Zmonte / CAVE

This project is a partnership with JGDS, a contractor specialized on adapting containers into eco villas.  -

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