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Cooler Buildings With The Amazing Clay Bricks

Cooler buildings can be reality with these amazing bricks. The clay bricks like those on the pictures can disperse the heat and therefore keep the bui...
17-10-2017 19:34

Air-flow in Your Home for Better Temperature

Air-flow is very important for maintaining the most pleasant temperature in your home. Most of the people do not pay attention to it during the planni...
17-10-2017 19:34

Orientation for Using the Maximum of the Natural Resources

Orientation is very important for using the natural resources. For example, if you live in the colder areas, you must pay attention to the sun. You sh...
16-10-2017 19:38

Groundfridge for Cooling without Electricity

Groundfridge is an amazing invention that you will surely want to own. This fridge does not use any electricity, it uses the ground and stays cool. So...
16-10-2017 19:38

Final Details for the Reinforcement

Final touches and details are very important for any projects. Mostly because that is the crucial time for one last check, last changes and updates. W...
12-10-2017 19:29

Unusual Varieties of Beautiful Staircases

Unusual varieties might sound a little bit frightening, but in fact the professionals and the technology can make almost everything that you can imagi...
10-10-2017 19:31

Elaborate Designs for Staircases

Elaborate designs for stairs might sound a little bit frightening. In fact, with the good guidelines and tips, you will surely get the idea and will f...
10-10-2017 19:31

Staged Construction of Structural Masonry

Staged construction is very important to understand the whole procedure. In this post you can see the step by step procedure of structural masonry. Th...
10-10-2017 19:31

Massings Studies in Architecture

Massings is a term which is used in architecture. Generally, its main concern are the size, form and shape of the buildings. There are lots of styles ...
09-10-2017 19:29

Sophisticated Homes from Shipping Containers

Sophisticated homes can be from other things rather than the solid constructions. We will prove you that with this post. This amazing home is made fro...
09-10-2017 19:29

Excellently Designed House Plans

Excellently designed spaces give you more for the invested money. If you have a skillful designers and constructors, they will surely use every inch o...
09-10-2017 19:29

Popular Types of Materials for Flooring

Popular materials change with the years. Trends come, and trends go. But, there are some timeless materials, that are not replaceable. Generally, such...
06-10-2017 19:30

Practicable Learning and Making Models

Practicable learning is the most important element of the education. All of the information that you gather during the lessons, can not serve you unti...
05-10-2017 19:31

Sketching’s Perspective – Tricks, Tips and Instr

Sketching’s perspective in an very important element that gives life to the sketch. The sketch gets dimension, it get light and shadows. For that pu...
05-10-2017 19:31

World’s Tallest Buildings that Break Records

World’s tallest buildings continually try to be better than the previous one. Therefore, the winners change year by year. As we all know, the talles...
05-10-2017 19:31

External Spiral Stairs

External spiral stairs are not that common. However, that makes them even more special and unique. The projects that have planned spiral stairs, usual...
05-10-2017 19:31

References for the Technical Works in the Bathroom

References are very important component in the designing and the planning. Generally, although we learn all the numbers and types of calculations duri...
05-10-2017 19:31

Finishes and Rendering With Different Types of Plaster

Finishes and the rendering are very important for the final look of the buildings. Usually, the final touches are with plaster which is a material eas...
04-10-2017 19:28

Re-purposed Shipping Containers that are Part of a Stunning

Re-purposed shipping containers are turned into a real piece of art. And that piece of art is actually someone’s home. As you can see from the pictu...
03-10-2017 19:44

Control for the Designs and the Protection of the Environmen

Control for the projects and the standards is the most important thing. The regular checks of the quality of the designs, the Eco-friendliness should ...
03-10-2017 19:44

Significance of the Cracks in the Concrete Structures

Significance of the cracks is much more important than the cracks themselves. Because, if we do not know the cause and the meaning, we can not work on...
29-09-2017 19:32

Proofs that You Always Need the Help of a Professional

Proofs are here to remind us that we can not be professionals in every profession. For that purpose, we have to hire or consult a professional when we...
29-09-2017 19:32

Main Elements of the Raised Floors

Main elements are the core of the construction. You have to know them and all of their properties, characteristics for having a strong and durable con...
29-09-2017 19:32

Visualizations and Ideas for Spiral Stairs

Visualizations are proof that we can make the thing that we have in our mind. If we have the vision in our head, almost nothing can stop us from makin...
29-09-2017 19:32

Inexcusable Mistakes that Happened All Around the World

Inexcusable mistakes that in the same time will make us laugh and feel desperate. It is a true mystery how the architects, the constructors and the in...
27-09-2017 19:30

Cracks in Construction and Types of Causes

Cracks in your constructions are not a rare sight. But the more important problem is finding what causes them. If you know the causes and the types of...
27-09-2017 19:30

Novices will Easily Learn to Draw the Two-Point Perspective

Novices nowadays have the help of the technology. If beginners in the past, had to read many book and find new tutors, now the things are much easier....
26-09-2017 19:34

Lights on the Correct Spot in Your Home

Lights are very important for the look and the mood in the home. If we do not have enough light in the house, we will be more depressed and unhappy. B...
24-09-2017 19:34

Queen Post Roof Truss Meaning and Main Characteristics

Queen post roof truss is a part of the truss. Firstly, what is a truss" That is a trident or an arc which is placed in the roof covering. Secondly, th...
23-09-2017 19:35

Uses of the Different Types of Stairs

Uses are different for all of the types of stairs. In this post you will have the possibility to learn some of the differences between the types of st...
23-09-2017 19:35

Progress From Ideas to Architectural Sketches

Progress that is evident is important for any project. Generally, you can not reach the final idea and model with only one try. In fact, is much more ...
23-09-2017 19:35

Hospital’s Functional Designing

Hospital’s designs must be ultimately functional and carefully designed. In fact, they are one of the most important places in any society and  they...
23-09-2017 19:35

Shear Reinforcement in Beams and Columns

Shear reinforcement can be arranged in columns and beams with reinforced concrete structure. Because of the fact that there are stresses, we will pres...
23-09-2017 19:35

Piers and Walls and the Guide for Calculating the Amount of

Piers are the support for the structure or superstructures (arches or bridges). Also, there are some sections of structural walls that can be called p...
23-09-2017 19:35

Grade, Proportions and Types of Concrete

Grade of concrete is the most important detail when speaking of working with this material. Actually, you should understand this term and deeply study...
22-09-2017 19:33

Burj Khalifa Plans and Progress of Construction

Burj Khalifa is currently the tallest building in the world. Its height is 2722 ft tall. The Khalifa Tower is in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and its c...
20-09-2017 19:29

Distinguishable Sketches from the Architectural Field

Distinguishable designs and styles is the most important characteristic in every field. Generally, you will get more appreciation and praise if your s...
19-09-2017 19:26

Satisfying Architectural Models and Projects

Satisfying work is the good work presented on the pictures below. Generally, the good projects and models are easily distinguished and recognized on t...
19-09-2017 19:26

Arrange the Layout of the Sewer Sanitary Systems

Arrange the layout of the sewer sanitary systems with the help of these tips. According to the guidelines, you will have more proficiency and better o...
15-09-2017 19:28

Exceptionally Creative Exterior Designs

Exceptionally creative designers have managed to surprise us one more time. For one house or a building, there are several points that are important a...
14-09-2017 19:29

Septage, Criteria and Details for Septic Tanks

Septage of the septic tanks must be done on a regular basis. Depending on the type of the tank, you should know the exact estimate of the capacity, sp...
13-09-2017 19:32

Priceless Fails that will Make you Laugh for a Long Time

Priceless fails that are too funny to be forgotten! Here, you can see some of the funniest fails that are almost unbelievable. As we know, people and ...
13-09-2017 19:32

Properties and Differences between the Types of Concrete

Properties and differences between materials should undergo under careful researches and examines. For that purpose, you should take record of all of ...
13-09-2017 19:32

Criterion for Easier Designing in Architecture

Criterion is very important for more effective work. Generally, if you have knowledge for the basic and widely accepted standards, a great deal of you...
13-09-2017 19:32

Spectacular Brickwork and Many Ideas for Inspiration

Spectacular brickwork is undeniably one of the best details that you can put in your space. Generally, this material has a long history of using and i...
11-09-2017 19:30

Components of the Doors and Their Characteristics

Components of the doors are much more than the handles. Generally, we do not pay much attention to the doors. As soon as we finish the picking of the ...
09-09-2017 19:34

Clever DIY Ideas for Your Garden

Clever ideas and projects can make your home far more better. You surely want to know how" Well, in this post you will see several genius ideas that a...
09-09-2017 19:34

Hilarious Mistakes in the Construction

Hilarious mistakes are present in every job and can happen to every professional. But, some of those mistakes are more than funny. Due to some unknown...
09-09-2017 19:34

Bitumen as an Advantage Used in Road Constructions

Bitumen has many advantages for which constructors use it in the making of roads and pavements. Generally, it has many properties that are mentioned i...
09-09-2017 19:34

Unveil your Talent and Creativity and Use the Small Spaces

Unveil your creativity and take advantage of your talent. If you have a small space in your backyard, do not be desperate. Generally, the small spaces...
09-09-2017 19:34

Visionary Sketches that Offer a Lot

Visionary concepts are more than a simple sketch. Undoubtedly, the architects and the engineers always consider much more than the budget and the dime...
09-09-2017 19:34

Dazzling Architecture Illustrations by very Talented Artists

Dazzling illustrations take our breaths away. As you can see, the talented artists surprise us with their creativity and skills and give us wonderful ...
09-09-2017 19:34

India Teaches Science and Concepts For Building Construction

India shares its science and its belief in Vastu Shastra. But first, what is Vastu Shastra" Generally, it is an Indian science that connects the prosp...
08-09-2017 19:31

Fate of the Roofs and Its Impact on the Home Budgets

Fate of the roofs can and will be changed in the future. More precisely, the roof tiles can have a totally new purpose and look. Also, they will have ...
07-09-2017 19:30

Upscale Models and Inspirational Designs For Homes

Upscale models will serve you as and inspiration when you need to make or renovate your home. Generally, if you have the inspirational design for the ...
07-09-2017 19:30

Declared as the Best Architectural Sketches in 2017

Declared is the list of the best architectural sketches in the previous year. As you will see in this post, the architects and the designers had a rea...
07-09-2017 19:30

Expectations for the Futuristic Architectural Models

Expectations are always good for the designers, because they motivate the designers to exceed them. Thus, the architects and the designers always try ...
07-09-2017 19:30

Precast Stairs Almost Ready for the Final Stage

Precast stairs are special because they are build in the manufacture sites, not on the construction site where they will stand. The differences betwee...
07-09-2017 19:30

Steel Building Designs and Calculations

Steel is maybe the strongest mix of chemical elements and one of the most used materials in the constructions. Also, for the tall  buildings, the bar ...
07-09-2017 19:30

Notes on All Types of Bonds in Brick Masonry

Notes are important for any type of work, especially if you are faced with more than one type of materials or construction differences. Therefore, the...
07-09-2017 19:30

Combination of Strap Footings and Designs

Combination is always welcomed in constructions as in everyday life, mainly because always two is better than one. Firstly, the footings are the core ...
07-09-2017 19:30

Divine Wooden Tiles that Will Give your Home a Charm

Divine tiles can make the home a hundred times better. Lately, there is a new trend in using three-dimensional wooden tiles. Generally, these tiles ca...
06-09-2017 19:29

Number of Bricks that You will Need in the Construction

Number of the needed materials is very important. Regarding to the numbers, you can calculate how much it will cost you. Hence, if you build a house, ...
06-09-2017 19:29

Walls Constructions Using Concrete

Walls constructions are usually from concrete. In fact, this post will show you the process of building a concrete retaining wall from this material. ...
04-09-2017 19:32

Smart Plan for Usage of Maximum Sun Energy

Smart plans can save you a lot of money plus you will have a long term benefits. Generally, all of the architects should tend to use the natural resou...
04-09-2017 19:32

Adaptable Stairs that Also Save Energy

Adaptable stairs is a new and unique concept. Usually, the stairs are just stairs, and with that they exclude the disabled people. Therefore, for bett...
04-09-2017 19:32

Choose the Stairs that Will Fit Perfectly in your Home

Choose the ideal stairs type for your home! Generally, we do not put much emphasis on the stairs, but they can really make your home much better. Thus...
04-09-2017 19:32

Bookworms Unite and Admire these Stunning Shelves

Bookworms enjoy their neatly organized books as much as they enjoy the books themselves. For that purpose, every book lover should take into considera...
04-09-2017 19:32

Protection from Earthquakes with Seismic Dampers

Protection from the natural disasters is one of the most delicate themes. Generally, the earthquakes are one of the most unpredictable natural forces ...
02-09-2017 19:29

Columns Layout for the Luxurious Residences

Columns give a majestic look to the residences. Since the earliest days, the wealthy people lived in such residences and showed their social status wi...
02-09-2017 19:29

Sixteen Advises for Improving the Model-Making Skills

Sixteen advises will make your life easier. In fact, if you work or if you are interested in model-making, you are on the right spot. Generally, for m...
02-09-2017 19:29

Lecture about Stepped Foundation and its Characteristics

Lecture is the first contact with a particular subject. Or, it is a in depth explanation for something that we have already learnt. In fact, this post...
01-09-2017 19:32

Parts and Details in the Roof Constructions

Parts of the roof should be in partnership with the other factors from the environment. In fact, the construction should work entirely with the nature...
01-09-2017 19:32

Causes for the Cracks in the Foundations

Cracks are not good for any object, nonetheless the foundations of your home. Just as you mention the word crack, you are immediately associated that ...
01-09-2017 19:32

Rat Trap Bond Method in Construction

Rat trap bond is also known as Chinese bond. In fact, the Chinese bond is a method used when you are constructing with bricks. Then, the bricks have a...
30-08-2017 19:30

Concerns when Constructing a Spread Footings

Concerns should be left out before the start of the construction. For that purpose, in this post you can read some details about the construction of a...
30-08-2017 19:30

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