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Why and Where is Used a Certain Stair Type"

Straight stairs, Turning stairs and Continuous stairs are the main types of stairs people use in their life. Also, there is a difference between the t...
18-02-2017 19:23

Architect’s Amazing Passion – Mini Brick Work

An architect work that would amuse you is creating a mini architecture of small bricks. This is very interesting idea and very precise, persistent wor...
18-02-2017 19:23

Living in a Stunning Residence

Stunning home is a home full with positive energy, lovely architecture and warm interior design. The place where the owners feel happy, relaxed and co...
18-02-2017 19:23

Solar Cells Bricks Designs that Generates Electricity for Ev

Solar cells bricks are very smart solution to cover your home with and to use the energy of the sun for free! They are looking just like the ordinary ...
18-02-2017 19:23

Useful Dimensions Your Home Elements Desperately Need

Every single detail, element, piece of furniture, appliances works the best if its needs are compliance.  The space, the location and more elements sh...
17-02-2017 19:28

Foundation Cases Detail Presented

In the case of spread footing foundation, the composite elements require one unified spread footing. Unified spread footing of a staircase area, the c...
17-02-2017 19:28

Stairs Preparations and Planning Schemes

Planning a stairs for the construction needs precise measurements and exact numbers. Professionals do the preparations and calculations making the con...
17-02-2017 19:28

Earthbag House Construction Details and Segments

Building with the already used materials is not a novelty lately. Making the project that would include people’s waste as a construction material is...
17-02-2017 19:28

Making a Beautiful Pound of a Tire Construction

Making beautiful pond is a huge deal, but with a little video help and persistent work anything can be done. The pond would look amazing in your big y...
17-02-2017 19:28

Calculating a Quantity of Staircase Concrete

The detailed process for estimating of the concrete volume quantity of staircase is shown bellow in the video. Finding out the concrete volume for a s...
17-02-2017 19:28

Stone Foundation Building Process

Every building needs a strong foundation to rise above. The first detail you need to consider when you’re building any structure is the foundation. ...
17-02-2017 19:28

Geothermal Heating and Cooling by the Use of Heat Pumps and

Geothermal heating and cooling systems are definitely the most efficient and environmentally friendly systems on the market. They work differently tha...
16-02-2017 19:27

Exiting Moments of a Skatepark Construction

Skatepark is the most exciting place where young people go and exercise increasing their sport spirit, competitiveness, hanging, making friends… The...
16-02-2017 19:27

Skylights Types for Building Roofs

Skylight is defined as a special type of opening provided in the roof of the building, which is covered with translucent or transparent material to al...
16-02-2017 19:27

Civil Engineering’s Stair Classification

Depending of the various arrangement of steps, the stairs are classified under following categories: Straight stairs – every step is arranged conti...
16-02-2017 19:27

Footing Design Consisting Steps

Reinforced concrete foundations, or also known as footings, transmit loads from a structure to the supporting soil. Footings are designed based on the...
16-02-2017 19:27

How goes the Building Process of a Reinforced Concrete Stair

Armed concrete staircase building first, needs boards to make the formwork. Providing the corrugated iron from 10 to 12 mm. diameter is also important...
16-02-2017 19:27

What Closet Design Will Suit You"

When all the clothes are making you troubles and you can’t find what you need, it’s time for new closet! You’ll need a space that will be enough...
16-02-2017 19:27

Building Orientation Examples

Having a dilemmas of what type of architecture to choose for your new home is the smallest problem you may have. It is more important the construction...
15-02-2017 19:29

The Main Reasons Why Retaining Walls Fail"

Retaining walls are usually strong and can resist anything, but sometimes they can show signs and indications that they might brake them. A retaining ...
15-02-2017 19:29

Super Elevation Formulas and Details

By definition a super elevation is the amount by which the outer edge of a curve on a road or railroad is banked above the inner edge. To counter-act ...
15-02-2017 19:29

Amazing Designs of Small Log Houses

The construction of a small log house is not so huge as you might thought. Actually, when you have the right professionals beside you, anything is eas...
15-02-2017 19:29

Moment of Inertia Formulas and Planning Help

The moment of inertia, or also known as the angular mass or rotational inertia, of a rigid body is a tensor that determines the torque needed for a de...
15-02-2017 19:29

Shear Walls Details You Should Better Know

In structural engineering, a shear wall is defined as a structural system composed of braced panels (or shear panels) to counter the effects of latera...
15-02-2017 19:29

The Evolution of the One Project Idea

When the architect is occupied with the project he /she is working on, the inspiration is everywhere! They find connection with everything and make th...
15-02-2017 19:29

Truss Types and Possible Shapes that Works Excellent

When the roofing is in question, the construction workers are doing their best to make it strong, resistant and stable element of the building. It sho...
15-02-2017 19:29

Best Comfort Offered in the Small Homes

We all are searching for better, easier, faster, in all life situations. And sometimes we lose the feeling that actually we don’t need all of that. ...
14-02-2017 19:37

Mostafa Afia’s Master Piece Project for a Modern Art M

Mostafa Afia presented a lovely museum project that would stun everyone! The modernistic design and unusual shape of the structure is making an effect...
14-02-2017 19:37

Outstanding Idea of Frozen Drop of Water for a Museum Shape

FR-EE is an architectural firm that made the wonderful renderings for Panama Museum competition.  They have imagined it as neutral containers for art ...
14-02-2017 19:37

Cutouts in a Grade Beams

Cutouts in a grade beam cannot occur without adequate structural provisions across the opening. The builder is solely responsible for cutouts where th...
14-02-2017 19:37

Download a Modern House Ready Made AutoCAD Plans

AutoCAD is wide used computer program for architecture matters. The architects and engineers and even the designers often use it to plan the space, de...
14-02-2017 19:37

New Set of Architectural Models Showing Style Ideas

Architectural models are presenting all the wish of the architect to make something extraordinary, all his dreams directed to the project, all his rev...
14-02-2017 19:37

All Benefits you can Use of 2017 Skalp for SketchUp

An excellent tool that would be very helpful to the architects and designers is generating precise plans and elevations within sketchup. The updated v...
14-02-2017 19:37

Fascinating Design of a Huge Modern Villa

RIYADH -KSA presented their plan for a fascinating 900 m2 villa that will look amazing! The architecture presents a complex structure, three full leve...
13-02-2017 19:43

Downstairs Toilet Build in the Smallest Space Known!

140 x 80 sm seems as a very tiny space for building anything, but if you have an idea and you stick to it, you can do wonders! Even a toilet can be ma...
13-02-2017 19:43

Curved Brick Step Stairs Building Project

Curved brick steps for outdoor stair are lovely design that can be added to a traditional brick house. They would do their function, would provide eas...
13-02-2017 19:43

Bathroom Plans for the Best Organization of the Space

If you need to plan your bathroom and don’t have a clue about the size, element dimensions and what else you need to plan before go and buy everythi...
13-02-2017 19:43

Bioclimatic House Advantages and Excellent Example of a Hous

A building designed in a way that allows occupants to benefit from natural advantages of its site is actually called a bioclimatic house. There is use...
13-02-2017 19:43

Impressive House Designs Presented in 3D

Presentation of a project in 3D will perfectly show you what to expect when all the process of construction and design is finished. The computer progr...
13-02-2017 19:43

Steel Reinforcement Forms and Structure Shown in Computer Pr

The reinforced as a word means strengthen or support (an object or substance), especially with additional material. Reinforced concrete is widely used...
13-02-2017 19:43

Site Analysis Diagrams and what they Show

A preliminary phase of architectural and urban design processes is a site analysis. It takes deep study of the climatic, geographical, historical, leg...
13-02-2017 19:43

Modern House Concept Presented in 3D

Having a nice presentation of your future home will make you more confident about what to expect of your home in future. The architecture, the facade ...
12-02-2017 19:44

What does a Luxury Villa in Spain Project Offers"

Luxury in the home design means more than money and taste. It is a style of living, style of liking things and respecting that no matter what. The arc...
12-02-2017 19:44

Foundation Types and Importance

About the shallow foundation and deep foundation we can speak a lot. Different site conditions and types of building requirements need different found...
12-02-2017 19:44

Design Encyclopedia for Perfect Dorm Arrangement

All students need some special living conditions while they are studying. The dormitories are the most common habitats for the students, bur are they ...
12-02-2017 19:44

Fantastic Stainless Steel Staircase Structure

Stainless steel is very wide use material in the construction, as well as the interior design. The quality performances and the beauty that the steel ...
12-02-2017 19:44

Google SketchUp and All the Work you Can Do with It!

There are many computer programs that allow the architects do their work faster, easier and more detailed than they can do on a paper. Google SketchUp...
11-02-2017 19:50

Mosque Architecture and the Development of the Idea

Conceptual Mosque is a project by Manço Architects which made this concept based on the shape of the human body while doing an Islamic prier. The whol...
11-02-2017 19:50

Five Precious Tips for Easier and More Enjoyable Architectur

Every school is difficult and you need to work hard for its degree. But, you can make it a bit easier and more enjoyable because otherwise you’ll ex...
11-02-2017 19:50

3D Floor Plans for Perfect Organisation of Your Apartment

The interior of a home needs to be organised according to the number of tenants that will live inside, their needs and wishes. The size of the apartme...
11-02-2017 19:50

The Beauty of the Construction – from Rendering to Rea

The ?inhabited tree? in a shape of double helix, is a connection of architecture and nature literary!  Belgian architect   Vincent Callebaut made his ...
11-02-2017 19:50

Glass Floor Design Ideas for Every Home!

Making your home a sophisticated and ideal nest for you and your family needs a lot of ideas and good collaborators to make them real. Using glass for...
10-02-2017 19:38

Chart Encyclopedia and Many Ideas for Your New Projects

An Encyclopedia of illustrations of many ideas of the project “concept diagram” we are sharing with you. The development of one idea is huge proce...
10-02-2017 19:38

Tension Sources Types needed to be Calculated prior Construc

Tension forces need to be predicted depending on the situation so they won’t ruin the final effect needed to be gained. There are more sources of te...
10-02-2017 19:38

Staircase Planning Seen trough its Structural Design

Planning the staircase and doing all those calculations, predictions and measurements is a huge job that needs a lot of experience and knowledge. Depe...
10-02-2017 19:38

Todays Suggestions for Two Story Modern Residence

When people are determined to live in two story home and they need space for modern way of living, they should consider about the outside look of thei...
10-02-2017 19:38

Footing Types, Subtypes and More About it

The lowest load bearing part of the building that usually goes underground is a footing or foundation. There are three main types – strip footing, r...
10-02-2017 19:38

Brick Crack Patterns and Reasons What do they Mean"

We often see different types of cracks on the brick walls and we are questioning what went wrong here" Here are some answers: Horizontal Brick Cracks ...
10-02-2017 19:38

Sketching Ideas for the Architectural Facades Design

The facade is what people see at the first view and what makes them like it better or less. The sketches as the first ideas of the developing of the p...
10-02-2017 19:38

Earth Retaining Wall for Excellent Waterproofing and Ventila

Defender is a retaining wall drainage and protection system that can be used to create a ventilation and  waterproofing space between the wall and the...
09-02-2017 19:24

Tying Reinforcement Bar with Binding Wire – Video

There are some important tips and advice’s that will help you better understand and use the trick to tie reinforcement bar with binding wire. Do no...
09-02-2017 19:24

Proper Amount and Structure of Reinforcing Bars in Stairs Co

Building process of a staircase structure is huge and takes a lot of knowledge and work.Ever since the planning, making a formwork, installation of th...
09-02-2017 19:24

Inspirational Glass Staircases that are Modern and Elegant

Having a staircase in your home and not using it as a beautiful element inside your home is such a waste. Lately, the best choice that fits almost in ...
09-02-2017 19:24

Residential Features that Makes any Home Modern

The modern house concept has interesting architecture, spacious interior, a lot of light coming inside and comfortable furniture usually with simple d...
09-02-2017 19:24

Wide Range of Applications of the Jute Geotextile

Jute geotextile is one of the most important diversified jute products with a potentially large-scale application. It can have several applications as...
09-02-2017 19:24

Pre-Engineered Buildings Main Components

A pre-engineered building (PEB) in the structural engineering is designed by a PEB supplier or PEB manufacturer. Being fabricated using best suited in...
08-02-2017 19:34

The Basic Steps of Two Way Slab Design

When the ratio of the long span to short span is less than 2, the slab is known as a slab spanning in two directions (two way slab).  The basic steps ...
08-02-2017 19:34

The Importance of Light and Wind Movement in the Building C

Natural ventilation can be defined as a process of supplying and removing air through an indoor space by natural means (without the use of a fan or ot...
08-02-2017 19:34

Damper and Structural Seismic Insulation Importance

Building construction field after the Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake made people pay more attention to the seismic resistance of buildings. Technologies are...
08-02-2017 19:34

Floating Stairs Materials and Stairs Structures they can Be

Very popular and so intriguing nowadays are the floating stairs designs. The treads of the stairs are attached on one side, (a wall or a stringer) and...
08-02-2017 19:34

Image Gallery of a Swimming Pool Construction

Swimming pool in the yard is what most of the people that live in the houses and have yards are dreaming for. The perfect relaxing moments when you ar...
08-02-2017 19:34

Soil nailing or Shotcrete Advantages and Use

A construction technique that can be used as a remedial measure to treat unstable natural soil slopes is a soil nailing or it can be used as a constru...
08-02-2017 19:34

Inspiring Modern Villa Exterior Designs

When it comes to exterior design and facade look, people are having so many questions. Lines, materials, windows, terraces, roofing and their best arr...
08-02-2017 19:34

Small House with Excellent Planning of the Area for a Family

A single floor house with 200 sq.m. is a lovely home project presented here. Jerica is a three bedroom home with excellent area planning and lovely sp...
07-02-2017 19:35

Today’s Architecture Models Presenting Minimalist Huge

Those minimalist creations of the projects are presenting huge constructions that will rise up in the future with proper materials and construction wo...
07-02-2017 19:35

Roller System Advantages that Lead to Safer Roads

Increasing the visibility ans safety on the roads is achieved by high intensity reflective yellow sheeting attached to a three-dimensional rotating ba...
07-02-2017 19:35

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