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One Way Reinforced Concrete Slab – How to design it&qu

One way reinforcement in concrete slab is something we found very structurally explained in the video bellow. These slabs are utilized in floors and r...
29-04-2017 19:30

Structural Details of a Staircase Planning and Analyzing Pro

Structural details that are obligatory elements of the stair construction plans are showing the main info’s of the stairs. When the staircase struct...
29-04-2017 19:30

3D Elevations Presenting Awesome Home Exterior Designs

3D elevations presenting awesome designs for exteriors of the buildings are presented here. The houses are all well thought, organized as structures w...
29-04-2017 19:30

Weird Architectural Mistakes making You Laughing or Wonderin

Weird architectural mistakes are frequently found in many areas of the world…especially in the less developed countries. But, also the big cities ar...
29-04-2017 19:30

Bathroom Remodeling Presented Trough Several Very Important

Bathroom remodeling is something that people do once in a while. They need change of their tiles, of the shower cabin, or bathtub. So they often have ...
29-04-2017 19:30

Cobiax Technology and Slab System in the Construction

Cobiax technology is based on generating specific hollows inside a reinforced concrete slab. Synthetic void formers are used instead of massive concre...
29-04-2017 19:30

Strap Footing Design, Where and Why is Used on the Construct

Strap footing and combined footings are regularly used when one of the columns is subjected to large eccentric loading. When there are two columns rea...
29-04-2017 19:30

Life and Suffering Trough the Studies of the Architecture St

Life and suffering of every student is only a way they become professionals. Experiencing responsibilities and following the time tables, schedules an...
29-04-2017 19:30

Computer Drawing vs Hand Drawing in Architectural Competitio

Computer drawings are more popular lately and they are real BOOM in the world of architecture (as well in many other fields too). When the computer so...
28-04-2017 19:29

LEGO Architect Showing Competitive Designs with the Best Arc

LEGO ® Architect by Tom Alphin will bring you back to the time when you were a child building models with these blocks. Actually, this time as adults ...
28-04-2017 19:29

Engineering Sketches Presenting the Calculations they Face U

Engineering sketches we found are presenting the way the engineers work every day making the projects function well. Actually, they do drawing, sketch...
28-04-2017 19:29

Crushed Columns as Very Bad Construction Mistakes

Crushed columns that have surpassed the stage of buckling are presented with images here. Lack of steel reinforcement is only one reason out of severa...
28-04-2017 19:29

Tehran’s Rotating House Capable to Adapt to the Climat

Tehran’s house we found is a very different than any house you have sen or you can imagine! This house at first looks like simple, modern house, but...
28-04-2017 19:29

Architectural Standards and Utilities Helpful in Planning th

Architectural standards and utilities presented here would be very helpful in many cases. Actually, when the architects are planning the space they us...
27-04-2017 19:28

Absurdity of London?s ?Super Basements? Presented Trough the

Absurdity that happens lately in London intrigued many of us. Actually, the wealthy developers are trying to increase their properties underground. Th...
27-04-2017 19:28

Distinguished Gallery Presenting Modernistic Architectural

Distinguished architecture models are gathered in this post’s gallery. We are always searching for something interesting for seeing, exciting to con...
27-04-2017 19:28

3D Reinforcement Presentation and Bending Positions

3D Reinforcement is presenting the need of the steel and how it should be installed for better stability and strength of the final element. Reinforced...
27-04-2017 19:28

Glance on the Most Complicated Architectural Sketches

Glance on the most beautiful and also complicated constructions of architecture yet to be build is presented here. These sketches are all made by hand...
27-04-2017 19:28

Kitchen Adviser by the Best Organisation Layout Images

Kitchen adviser using very clear schemes of the organisation and the best function of this room is presented here. Having a kitchen that would be beau...
27-04-2017 19:28

Rebar Reinforcement with Steel for Concrete Staircase Needs

Rebar reinforcement is used in the construction for helping the concrete withstand the tension forces. This process would help making the construction...
27-04-2017 19:28

Boundary Elements in Shear Walls Details

Boundary elements that are making reinforced concrete shear walls widely used have many benefits. They are making the structure earthquake resistant. ...
26-04-2017 19:31

Framed Structures with Several Column Footings in Isolated F

Framed structures where several columns should be constructed, isolated footings can be adopted. The needed columns can be provided with masonry or co...
26-04-2017 19:31

Wooden Joints are Used in Many Area, as well in Architecture

Wooden joints are very efficient way of connecting the units in making items. The way of joining together pieces of timber or lumber, result with prod...
25-04-2017 19:32

Hand Drawing Encyclopedia of the Best Architectural Sketches

Hand drawing is the most respectful method of presenting the architecture ideas since the ancient times. People were using it to show how they imagine...
25-04-2017 19:32

Axonometric Illustrations Explore the Power of Digital Tools

Axonometric illustrations by the architect Fernando Neyra are presenting the digital tools used in architecture projects. He is analyzing the discipli...
25-04-2017 19:32

Building Material with the Fastest Growing Characteristics &

Bamboo is very fast growing plant that is very often used in the construction. It contains a distinctive rhizome-dependent system, which is making it ...
25-04-2017 19:32

Column Layout in a Residence Example with Some Basic Rules

Column Layout for a residential villa of one and half floors is presented in this post. The column size initially was 9? x 12? and was used with the M...
24-04-2017 19:35

Step-by-step Method for Designing a Staircase with Proper Tr

Step-by-step method for designing a stair case by measuring loading as well as tread and riser is very difficult concern in the staircase construction...
24-04-2017 19:35

Useful Construction Tips that Will Make the Foundation Stron

Useful construction tips presented here will help you better understand and learn something new in this area. Columns foundations always need some str...
24-04-2017 19:35

Drainage System Installation Process From the Roof till the

Drainage system is what keeps the water of the rain collected trough out the roof to the water pipes in the ground. The rain water that goes on the ro...
24-04-2017 19:35

Building Information Modeling Meaning and Main Purposes

Building Information Modeling is a system?s approach to show how the design and construction can maintenance the use, demolition and reuse of built as...
24-04-2017 19:35

Artistic Wooden Models will Enlighten Your Architectural Sig

Artistic wooden models presented here are making us all trilled of the ideas these structures presents. Actually, everyone interested in architecture ...
24-04-2017 19:35

Splendid Ideas Presented Trough the Architectural Sketches

Splendid ideas of architecture yet to be build stopped our sight today. All these images are hand made drawings with many details and elements present...
24-04-2017 19:35

Bamboo and Its Wide Use in the Construction and Design

Bamboo is evergreen plant that is also very often used in the construction and furniture making industry. Bamboo’s are between the fastest-growing p...
24-04-2017 19:35

Details of Roof Truss that Makes the Perfect Finalization of

Details of every single part of the house construction is important showing the function of the pieces in the whole. The roof trusses as well hides so...
22-04-2017 19:33

Analysis Diagrams and What They Present for the Construction

Analysis diagrams are the first and base point for future building. The diagrams are presenting all the aspects of the construction site which are imp...
22-04-2017 19:33

Isenberg School of Management Business Innovation Expanding

Isenberg School of Management presented the idea of Bjarke Ingels group presenting the plans to renovate and extend it. School management announced th...
22-04-2017 19:33

Design Tutorial for 20 feet Long Simple Supported Beam

Design Tutorial of making 20 feet long simple supported beam will gather brief knowledge on this theme.  Design a singly reinforced concrete beam sect...
22-04-2017 19:33

3Ds Max Free Download Designs for Interior Stairs

3Ds Max as a common software used of the designers and architects makes them always scarce of Interior modeling of the stairs. Making the 3D scenes fu...
22-04-2017 19:33

Gabion Facade can Give Modern Appearance of the Stone Wall

Gabion facade is what people think very complicated but actually is just a huge “puzzle” of stones. Ever since the ancient times stones are very p...
22-04-2017 19:33

Tracking Blocks – Pretty Interesting Wall and Facade S

Tracking blocks is something that would change your wall finish concept in general! Actually we found these images presenting small blocks installed t...
22-04-2017 19:33

Self-Build Concrete Block System Shorten for 50% the Constru

Self-build is something revolutionary by emerging sector of construction in Mexico. Developing new systems that will reduce construction times and cos...
22-04-2017 19:33

Importance of Sketching for Architects will Not be Changed w

Importance of the old fashion sketching is lead in question in these technology times we live. The new and constantly improving software’s like Auto...
21-04-2017 19:27

Pile Foundation Types and Their Main Characteristics

Pile foundation recognize three main pile types. Cast-in-situ piles, driven piles and driven and cast-in-situ piles are the three types of constructio...
21-04-2017 19:27

Harvard Offers Prestigious Free Online Architecture Course

Harvard as university of the highest rank follows the new technologies and spreads its formal programs. Architecture as an area which offers this univ...
21-04-2017 19:27

Metal Stud Construction and Steel Framing Interesting Facts

Metal stud and a steel framing is a practical, code approved solution to many of the limitations that builders face today when are using traditional b...
20-04-2017 19:30

Wind Load and the Importance of it in the High Buildings Con

Wind is essentially the large scale of horizontal movement of the air. It plays very important role in the design of the tall buildings. Because it ex...
19-04-2017 19:25

Helea Tower in Puebla, Mexico as a New Style of Construction

Helea Tower is located on unbeatable location, luxury, exclusivity, offering maximum security. The architecture is between those of highest level by t...
19-04-2017 19:25

Deteriorated Reinforced Concrete Structures after Attack of

Deteriorated reinforced concrete structures is not something new in the architecture. After a while from the construction finishes, we can see damages...
19-04-2017 19:25

Steel Frame Hangar The Sample Ready for Free Download

Steel frame hangar is something that you often need ready done while you’re working on a project that needs this kind of sample. When the engineer d...
19-04-2017 19:25

RC Tied Column Reinforcement Details Offered in Several Slid

RC tied or reinforced concrete column is a structural members designed to carry compression loads. They are composed of concrete with an embedded stee...
19-04-2017 19:25

Form a BBS Of Staircase with Great Assistance of Autocad

Form BBS (Bar Bending Schedule) actually means using a practical method for making a staircase with a help of Autocad. As the most useful software eve...
19-04-2017 19:25

Minarets of Mosques Types in Various Regions of the Muslim W

Minarets of the mosques are having different design according to the time it was build. The designs are all showing the era of the construction, the t...
18-04-2017 19:30

Precast Stair’s Use in Masonry Structures Construction

Precast stair construction and more about this is shortly presented in this post. The great advantage of using masonry structures today is the rationa...
18-04-2017 19:30

5 Bedroom Villa with Amazing Pool Area Located in Moraira, V

5 bedroom villa is presented here, offering a spectacular vacation and relaxation in Moraira, Valencia. The villa’s plan and design are showing wond...
18-04-2017 19:30

Articulated Circular Formwork on the Construction SIte

Articulated circular formwork is something interesting and what most of the people haven’t seen. Actually there are not so many architecture buildin...
18-04-2017 19:30

Highway Engineering and Calculation Steps for Asphalt of the

Highway engineering as a very important part of civil engineering involves many segments of the construction in general. There are planning, design, c...
18-04-2017 19:30

Cover your Rebar in the Construction Site and Why You Should

Cover your Rebar – as a statement is a bit confusing, but there is a reason why. As if falling were not enough, falling onto exposed rebar can turn ...
18-04-2017 19:30

3D Designs of the Most Beautiful Houses Exterior Ever

3D designs presented in today’s post are offering the best exteriors ever! Together with our team we made an album of the best exterior designs ever...
18-04-2017 19:30

Stone Stair Construction, Elements and All the Details

Stone stair construction is what people do from the ancient times. They find ways in the nature, using the nature itself to make things better and mor...
18-04-2017 19:30

Method of Joints for Perfect Truss Analysis in the Construct

Method of joints is sometimes called as a method of the pins to analyze truss structures. The trusses belong to structures extensively applied in vari...
17-04-2017 19:28

Septic Tank Based on Number of Persons Components

Septic tank is used as primary sedimentation tank with large detention time (12 to 36 hours against a period of 2 hours in an ordinary sedimentation t...
16-04-2017 19:27

Evaluation of the Process of Punching Shear in Flat Slabs

Evaluation of what people work and do is very important in every segment of their work. Flat-slab construction has been widely used in construction to...
16-04-2017 19:27

Home Pool Construction Process and Building Tips

Home pool is what most of the people dream of for their yards. Everyone imagines his home to be best arranged and to offer the best commodity to their...
16-04-2017 19:27

Site Analysis Diagrams and All Should be Considered Before t

Site analysis are very important part of the process of building a building. The deep analysis of the construction site where the sun path is followed...
16-04-2017 19:27

Perspective Drawing Techniques You May Find Helpful

Perspective drawing and planning what’s next to be build is very important step of the architecture. But the drawing also should be very precise, to...
16-04-2017 19:27

Liquefaction and More About this Phenomenon in the Soil

Liquefaction is a phenomenon in which the strength and stiffness of a soil is reduced by earthquake shaking or other rapid loading. Liquefaction and r...
15-04-2017 19:25

Calculation of the Quantity of Concrete Needed for a Stairca

Calculation of the right amount of needed materials for the later construction is very important. People from the ancient times are trying to simplify...
15-04-2017 19:25

Concrete Beams Reinforced with Bamboo Elements

Concrete beams can use bamboo reinforced simple, efficient and cost ­effective for construction. Bamboo reinforced concrete beams with shear links mad...
15-04-2017 19:25

Wood and Bamboo Structures in Different Combinations

Wood is very old building material that people use from ancient times. Bamboo as a completely environmental friendly material also is used in the hous...
15-04-2017 19:25

Building Techniques for Modern and Excellent Design of Stair

Building techniques for making new and excellent designs of staircases is what we’re presenting here. The staircases in our homes should be function...
15-04-2017 19:25

Composite Structures Using Steel and Concrete as Materials

Composite construction is very often used in the non-residential multi-story building sector. Due to the strength and stiffness that can be achieved w...
15-04-2017 19:25

AVIC Building Section and a Model that will be Located in Do

AVIC Building section presents the newest project for building that will be located in Doha, Qatar. The building model is incredible! Offering an unus...
14-04-2017 19:28

Retaining Wall of Concrete Offering Different Types of Struc

Retaining walls are very often build of concrete. But, in the construction, there are known different types of walls offering different type of suppor...
14-04-2017 19:28

Bendable Concrete (Engineered Cementitious Composites) and I

Bendable concrete also known as Engineered Cementitious Composites abbreviated as ECC is class of ultra-ductile fiber reinforced cementitious composit...
14-04-2017 19:28

Modernistic Architectural Sketches Made by Hand Drawing

Modernistic architecture is what we all like and what we admire the most. Even if there are many against, we can’t confront the way the world is mov...
14-04-2017 19:28

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