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Temporary Wooden Formwork Construction for Concrete Support

Temporary construction element which is used in the construction of concrete structures is a formwork. It is substantially significant element because...
28-03-2017 19:26

Students of Architecture While Their Studies- Then and Now

Students are the most sensitive category of people in the world. They have many obligations during their studies also and responsibilities even though...
28-03-2017 19:26

Parking Design Ideas for More Organized Parking Place

Parking is what most of the drivers deal with as a problem, when there is a lot of traffic and no space. First of all in the big cities if this questi...
28-03-2017 19:26

Wall Opening Types Regulated for Stability and Strength

Wall openings are needed for making windows and doors through the walls. There are more parts and types of lintels and arches for openings on the wall...
28-03-2017 19:26

Useful Advice’s for DIY a Self Leveling Underlayment

Useful tips and advice’s we get on net are really good idea for many situations. This time, we’re talking about all those rough, uneven floors and...
28-03-2017 19:26

Epoxy Injection as a Prevention and Solution to All Concrete

Epoxy injection is more and more familiar as a term and method in the construction. It is known as very economical method of repairing non-moving crac...
27-03-2017 19:27

Australian Home Design Offering Comfortable Interior

Australian home presented here is a single floor house, yet comfortable. It offers a playful structure and several levels roof as a main sign to the h...
27-03-2017 19:27

Footing Design is What Makes the Building Strong and Firm

Footing or foundation, are usually made of reinforced concrete. They transmit loads from a structure to the supporting soil. The design of the footing...
27-03-2017 19:27

3D Home Plan Offering Full Image of the Family House

3D is more often used as a presentation method in the world of architecture and construction. Designers also use it and because of the better visual i...
27-03-2017 19:27

Reinforcement Illustrations made in 3D Showing Best Angles

Reinforcement illustrations we found and share with you today are the best on the net made in 3D. Despite the different reinforcement tools appear tod...
27-03-2017 19:27

Tunnel Construction and the Specific Design of its Formwork

Tunnel construction is a specific job and a complex process that is developed by professionals. It needs a huge preparation work that would give all t...
27-03-2017 19:27

Exterior Design Ideas of Luxury Villa’s Surrounding

Exterior of the project is probably the most valued one, when it comes to the investors. They all like what they see, before even try it and consideri...
27-03-2017 19:27

Restaurant And a Bar In Austria with Unusual Facade –

Restaurant as an eatery, is a business which prepares and serves food and drinks to customers in exchange for money. The owners are trying to make the...
27-03-2017 19:27

Different Types of Formwork found in the Construction Site

Formwork in the construction is very needed element which gives the proper structure to the needed element. Construction workers are making the struct...
26-03-2017 19:25

Wind and Rain Bridge Completely Constructed without Mechaniz

Bridge construction in the area of of Peitian Village, Fujian Province, China is build completely without the use of mechanical fasteners. Wind and Ra...
26-03-2017 19:25

Sophistication of a House Design with Marvelous Outdoor

Sophistication that is integrated in every part of your home is what most of the owners enjoy in. The architecture, the design repeating all over the ...
26-03-2017 19:25

Soft Tiles as Sound and Cold Insulation with Wood Pattern

Foam floor mat  which can be used in any room now can look like real wood. It can appearance as light oak or dark oak wood installed on the flooring. ...
26-03-2017 19:25

Detailing Reinforced Concrete Columns for Seismic Performanc

Detailing of the reinforcement concrete columns require special design and detailing considerations if they are to perform adequately in seismic expos...
26-03-2017 19:25

How Much of the Materials are Needed To Build A House"

Materials people use and buy for constructing a house are always changeable amount. How much of the different type of material is needed for construct...
26-03-2017 19:25

Bank Design Seen Trough Drawing Presented Projects

Bank design is very tempting project theme that need more than just architectural knowledge. Those architects need to do more research in the banking ...
26-03-2017 19:25

Architectural Models that Have Enlighten Today’s Day

Models of architecture is what stopped our research for architecture themes today. Living in a world that shows the glory of people’s mind and growt...
25-03-2017 19:24

Passive Solar as a Smart Concept for Eco Buildings

Passive solar buildings as a concept is connected withe the main building elements (the windows, walls and the floors). In this order they need to be ...
25-03-2017 19:24

RV as Incredible Comfortable Tiny House

An excellent idea of living and traveling is offered by a certified Park Model Recreational Vehicle (PMRV). The presented tiny home of this type is mo...
24-03-2017 19:24

The Most Beautiful Table Designs Ever Seen

The table people put in their dining rooms or office should be also in style with their taste and lifestyle. Making the perfect choice depends on the ...
24-03-2017 19:24

Architect’s VS Civil Engineer’s Obligations

We use both of this terms in the construction and architecture, in order to point that they both professions work on architecture and on the making wo...
24-03-2017 19:24

Modern House Design with a Lot of Style

Amazed by the deign this house offers, we have decided to share it with you. The house is build on two floors with many windows allowing the natural l...
23-03-2017 19:24

Central Stringer Beam for Amazing Design of Stair Case

The staircase that is made to be a beautiful element of the home interior is also a functional segment of it. The main function of the staircase is th...
23-03-2017 19:24

Toys for Adults – LEGO Building Blocks

EverBlocks are amazing adult-size blocks that would turn you back in the time when you were a child and played with the LEGO blocks. Here, actually yo...
23-03-2017 19:24

Residential Construction Hides so Many Reasons for the Desig

In the construction field, there are many reasons why the construction workers are doing specific type of their job. Before the project is taken under...
22-03-2017 19:24

Stunning Ceiling Designs making A Lot of Difference in Your

A ceiling design that would make all your guests look above their heads should be made with style and by your taste. The decorated ceiling is not usua...
22-03-2017 19:24

Convert an Old Shipping Container into a Stylish Cafe

When the creativity is in question, people do wonders out of garbage! This seems disgusting but actually when we think about it, it is true! Old and a...
22-03-2017 19:24

Unique Way of Presentation of the Architecture

Architecture is not only about developing some idea and making the world higher and more architectural beautiful place. It is in the planning it, solv...
22-03-2017 19:24

Admiring the Fountain Design" Here is How it’s Ma

We all enjoy the fountain that is made with a lot of details making amazing effects with the water splashes. Even the most simple one should be made w...
22-03-2017 19:24

T Beams and Their Use in the Construction

A T-beam (also found as tee beam), is a load-bearing structure of reinforced concrete, wood or metal, with a t-shaped cross section. It is used in con...
22-03-2017 19:24

A Spectacular Architecture of the Beach Side Residence

The architecture that comes from the big cities is full of spectacular designs, contemporary models and splendid facades. When the beach is in questio...
22-03-2017 19:24

Geosynthetics Types and More in Civil Engineering

In the civil engineering and construction works are use various types of geosynthetics.This is a type of material considered as bona fide engineering ...
22-03-2017 19:24

Simple Contemporary House Design with a Flat Roof

A luxury and extraordinary flat roof house design is presented in this post. An area of 4580 Square Feet (425 Square Meter) (509 Square Yards) is used...
21-03-2017 19:25

The Impact of the Light Movement to the Construction

The sun path is very important for all living beings on the earth. We all need the sunlight to function, to grow, to be productive. The plants, the an...
21-03-2017 19:25

Detailed Miniature of an Architecture Needing a Magnifying G

An incredible artist made an incredible job on a miniature building. Joshua Smith is excellent Australian artist who spent hours and months making all...
21-03-2017 19:25

Steel Bridges Classification Types and Sub-types

Bridges that are connecting the two sides of the river, or similar are divided into three groups depending on the kind of traffic carried, the kind of...
21-03-2017 19:25

Awesome Design of a Modern House

The house construction needs a lovely floor plan that would be functional, comfortable and beautiful, but also a splendid architecture and facade that...
21-03-2017 19:25

Scissors Roof Truss Presenting a Part of its Construction

Construction field has so many elements that the construction workers do in order to build the given project into a functional building. Ever since th...
21-03-2017 19:25

Sketches of Architecture are Catching the Best Moments of th

The architects and designers, and all that work with art and making things beautiful (also functional in more cases) are great artists too. They catch...
21-03-2017 19:25

John Curtin as a Fascinating School for Medical Research

The initial idea for architecture construction of the John Curtin school was influenced by the DNA double helix, which increases the “organic” loo...
20-03-2017 19:23

Perform a Reinforced Concrete Design out of a Square Tie Col

the youtuber SL Khan has made a lovely presentation of the details for designing a square shaped column by reinforced concrete. The basis used here ar...
20-03-2017 19:23

Modular Brick are Ecological and Very Functional Constructio

The ecological bricks are lately often used and also known as the modular bricks.They are constructed from a mixture of cement, soil and water, which ...
20-03-2017 19:23

Traditional Houses Design that Keep the Famlily Together

Having a lovely home that would keep the family together is a home that feels comfortable, friendly and loving environment for all family members. The...
20-03-2017 19:23

Buildings Protection of the Wind Force

Before the construction even start there are a bunch of analysis making the thorough research for the future building settlement. Winds can do a lot o...
20-03-2017 19:23

Inexpensive Way of Making Floating Wall Shelf Ideas

The walls of your home can be made decorative and playful adding your home spectacular look and interesting detail. They can be made of wooden planks ...
20-03-2017 19:23

Amazing Designs of the Unique Gates

When we are visiting some friends that live in the house, we first meet their exterior. Actually the yard and house facade. But, often they are behind...
20-03-2017 19:23

Architecture Software’s All the Architects Use

Each software is answering to the different needs of the architects who use it every day. Very important factors which help them decide which one to u...
20-03-2017 19:23

Style and Luxury of the Nature in a Garden House

Garden House in Jakarta is a special kind of a home design that offers a lot of commodity, style and comfort to its owners. The house is build on two ...
18-03-2017 19:24

The Luxury of a Sculptural Concrete Staircase in Special Min

This is an amazing example of transformation of a former tank facility in Salzburg, Austria in to a fascinating home. The exciting staircase design in...
18-03-2017 19:24

3D’s Max Staircase Projects Ready for Download

The projects made with 3D Max are often showing quality in visual and technical side. These projects are presenting the interior with a detailed and b...
18-03-2017 19:24

Perspective Drawing and Some Aspects of it

Perspective and perspective drawing as a method shows how things appear to get smaller as they get further away, converging towards a single ‘vanish...
18-03-2017 19:24

Seismic Protection Called U-shaped Damper

Seismic movements can seriously harm and even destroy buildings if they were not planned and seriously constructed to deal with the earth movements. T...
18-03-2017 19:24

How Can You Build a Gabion Wall

If we say that a Gabon is galvanized steel baskets filled with rocks, than you’ll start wondering why you should build one" But, the answers are mor...
18-03-2017 19:24

The Importance of Quality Site Analysis Diagrams

Before every construction starts there are a lot of preparations required. The site analysis is one of them too. It shows many segments of the natural...
18-03-2017 19:24

Downloadable Full Projects of a Modern Residence Bungalows

Creating a project of a bungalow that will be detailed and proven functional needs a lot of time for creating it, a lot of knowledge (of architecture ...
18-03-2017 19:24

Every Component of Housing Shown Through Its Dimensions

When we look around in our home we see so many items that makes the home pleasant and functional peace of our lives. There are beds, chairs, tables, c...
17-03-2017 19:25

Details Included with a Spiral Staircase Installation

The staircase which have spiral shape are making the best impact in the home interior and take so little space which is great for many homes. The spir...
17-03-2017 19:25

Proven: the Most Demanding Studies are those of Architecture

A study by the University of Indiana in the United States indicates that precisely the students of the Architecture and Urbanism course, are those who...
17-03-2017 19:25

Structural Failures of Concrete Structures in the Constructi

Despite the human’s effort to build strong and resistant structures, we are facing so many failures. Despite we are trying to use the technology and...
16-03-2017 19:23

Make a PVC Pipe Sand and Water Playing Table

There is a time in every child’s life when he/ she finds sand and water very interesting for playing. It seems dirty playing “toy” but it is a s...
16-03-2017 19:23

A Residential Double Story House will Leave You Breathless

A house design that offers all you and your family need is what you are searching for. The house presented in this post is showing a double story hous...
16-03-2017 19:23

Ultra Luxury 3D Projects for Houses Exterior Concept

In the world of architecture and in the projects area, people are having so many doubts about the exterior design of their house. They are searching f...
16-03-2017 19:23

Spiral Staircases Strapped On Easily on Any Tree

For talking the best possible view of the surrounding natural landscape you can use these spiral staircases. They are smart climbing tree way that can...
16-03-2017 19:23

Detailed Overview of the Roof Truss

Roof truss is what makes the architecture complete and safe at the end. The final touch of any construction is the roof and its design. It should be s...
16-03-2017 19:23

Stunning Interior ina Family House with an Art Deco Style

Art Deco is a short name for Arts Décoratifs, from the Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes held in Paris in 1925. Th...
16-03-2017 19:23

The Simple Method Presentation of Raft Foundation Constructi

First, the therm raft foundation is explaining consistence of a raft of reinforced concrete under the whole of a building. This is a type of foundatio...
16-03-2017 19:23

Stairs Construction is Surrounded with So Many Information &

When we talk about stairs, there are so many terms connected, so many calculations involved and so much of experience and skills for its construction....
15-03-2017 19:25

How to Calculate and Measure the Needed Materials in Plain C

Plain cement concrete (PCC) also known as cement concrete (CC) and binding concrete used as a basic material for the construction. Measuring the bindi...
15-03-2017 19:25

Making a Soundproof Floor as Important and Basic Step in Con

In the floor installation the resistance to sound transmission is very important and can be achieved in several ways. The mass of the floor and applyi...
15-03-2017 19:25

Fascinating Plans and Ideas in 3D Home Designing

Planning the new home or remodeling the old one is a huge thing. Planning the space, making the perfect arrangement, taking the right measures for all...
14-03-2017 19:25

Affordable Home and Lovely, Functional Small Houses Ideas

Making a home is a huge thing in the people’s lives. The time spent in planning, calculating, collecting money and making dreams come true is exciti...
14-03-2017 19:25

Students Projects and Drawing Ideas on a Paper

Making the projects functional, well organised, well presented for better understood is a skill that students learn and practice during their architec...
14-03-2017 19:25

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