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Open Kitchen Shelving: 40 Classy Examples That Show How The

There?s a type of kitchen design that?s bold, daring, different. It matches Scandinavian exposed brick walls, and complements black-tiled surfaces, fe...
23-08-2017 19:04

A Stunning Butterfly-Inspired House on the California Coast

Most people will never be lucky enough to live in a house that is as inspired, unique, and luxurious as the one featured in this post. But looking ins...
22-08-2017 19:06

2-Bedroom Modern Apartment Design Under 100 Square Meters: 2

Both of these beautiful apartments make great use of open living areas to maximize the usability of their floor plans, each measuring up at under 100 ...
21-08-2017 19:05

Cool Product Alert: A Pet Camera That Can Also Feed Your Pet

Ever wonder what your pets are upto when you are not home" Check out PetCube’s Bite Camera that not only allows you to keep track of your p...
20-08-2017 19:04

Scandinavia Meets Japan In These Minimalist Work Spaces

Here we have the pleasure of tiptoeing around some gorgeous creative spaces from the Chinese side of the web. These work spaces appear to intertwine t...
18-08-2017 19:04

Living Rooms for Book Lovers

Despite living in this digital age of eReaders, nothing compares to the age old experience of thumbing through actual pages, captivated in the familia...
17-08-2017 19:06

30 Stylish Home Office Desk Chairs: From Casual To Ergonomic

Tired of chunky and often downright hideous chairs for the office" There?s no need to compromise on aesthetics when you?ve got a list like ours. ...
16-08-2017 19:15

Black Acrylic, Glass and Stone Form This Dark and Sophistica

Love the natural look, but crave the fine, polished aesthetic of an inner-city apartment" My, have we got an interior for you. This dark and drea...
15-08-2017 19:04

How To Use Lighting To Make A Space Truly Beautiful: 4 Examp

When you consider your interior design choices, you will most certainly think of color, furniture, and window treatments. But too many amateur home de...
14-08-2017 19:07

Cool Product Alert: A Smart Sprinkler Controller To Water Yo

It is unusual for garden equipments to make it to our weekly feature. But the Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller is one device which we think warrants ...
13-08-2017 19:05

Modern Scandinavian Style Home Design For Young Families: 2

As you will see in this post, the Scandinavian design aesthetic can be an ideal choice for a young family. Because this particular style focuses on pr...
11-08-2017 19:07

Live Between Four Pools In This Portugese Riviera, National

Want to live amidst tourist-worthy greenery ? but not in a refuge or tent" This luxury residence in the Portugese Riviera is surrounded by the Si...
10-08-2017 19:06

50 Uniquely Beautiful Wall Sconces That Also Serve As Decora

In need of fresh lighting ideas" Whether you’re looking for attractive fixtures to complement your decor, or need something stylish to illu...
09-08-2017 19:05

32 White Bedrooms That Exude Calmness

Your bedroom, whether you share it with a partner or sleep peacefully alone, should be a reflection of your personality and your values. Most importan...
08-08-2017 19:05

3 One-Bedroom Apartments with Floor Plans

A one-bedroom apartment is often where adult life starts. This type of apartment can provide plenty of space for a young professional, fresh out of sc...
07-08-2017 19:04

Cool Product Alert: Motion Activated LED Lights For Your Bed

Ever wish there was an automatic way to illuminate your way around your bedroom or closet at night" One that does not include you fumbling in the...
06-08-2017 19:05

3 Apartments with Industrial Inspired Concrete Wall Panels

The industrial design trend is making way for a cozier way of living to some extent. While urban loft spaces are still stylish, more and more designer...
04-08-2017 19:04

2 Simple, Modern Homes with Simple, Modern Furnishings

It doesn’t take a lot to make a beautiful space. In fact, it is in the editing of furniture and even color that true style is discovered. Like C...
03-08-2017 19:04

A Luxury Miami Beach Home With Pools, Natural Lagoons, And A

Designed by renowned architect Marcio Kogan, this sprawling 15,000 square foot home allows residents to effortlessly enjoy its gorgeous Florida landsc...
02-08-2017 19:05

50 Kids Room Decor Accessories To Create Your Child?s Creati

Kids? bedrooms are where our childhood memories grow. Why not create a sleep-in playground that visualises your children?s dreams and desires" Ou...
01-08-2017 19:04

A Stylish Apartment With Cozy Spots for Cats

A home’s design needs to take into consideration everyone that lives there. While this usually extends to all the human occupants of a house, ma...
31-07-2017 19:07

Cool Product Alert: A Dog-Like Desk Lamp

Guaranteed to bring a smile to anyone who gazes at it, this unique doggy can be neat addition to your desk. You can get it on Amazon. If you enjoy uni...
30-07-2017 19:03

4 Chic Homes that Utilize Lofted Spaces

When you think of a loft, particularly in modern parlance, you probably expect to find a concrete room with vaulted ceilings and very little in the wa...
28-07-2017 19:03

A Colorful Modern Home Designed with Usability in Mind

Every family home should have a little bit of playfulness to it. In this design from Nordico, it is impossible to deny that a little bit of childlike ...
28-07-2017 19:03

50 Uniquely Cool Bedside Table Lamps That Add Ambience To Yo

Whether you prefer to unwind in the evening with a good book, play games on your phone, or catch up on the day with your partner, the right bedside li...
26-07-2017 19:03

A Bright, Airy Home with Lots of White

Even for the most design-minded, it can get tiring to look at beautiful spaces that feel like they would be impossible to actually live in. But luckil...
25-07-2017 19:05

Home Design Under 60 Square Meters: 3 Examples That Incorpor

Sometimes luxury comes in small packages ? while many may envision a “luxury home” as necessitating a sprawling floor plan, these stylish ...
24-07-2017 19:05

Cool Product Alert: LaMetric Smart Clock

The LaMetric Smart Clock tells you a lot more than just time. You can customize it to display the information you care about. Check it out: Check out ...
23-07-2017 19:07

You Can Now Rent Pablo Escobar?s Beachside Villa In Tulum

An escape to Mexico can take many different shapes. Of course, you may think of a criminal absconding across the border never to be heard from again, ...
21-07-2017 19:06

Two Black and Gray Homes with Chic Simplicity

While Scandinavian-style designs with lots of light wood, white walls, and pops of pretty greens and yellows are certainly popular, that type of color...
20-07-2017 19:09

Super Compact Spaces: A Minimalist Studio Apartment Under 23

Designed by Barinov Andrey, this compact apartment design tests the limits of space conservation. Thanks to multipurpose living spaces and a super eff...
19-07-2017 19:06

50 Cool Piggy and Coin Banks For Kids That Adults Would Love

We all remember our first piggy bank. Our first step on our road to saving, the little pig with the hole in the top was a childhood landmark ? and one...
18-07-2017 19:06

How To Use Neutral Colors In Interior Design: 2 Examples Tha

Anyone with an interest in design knows that there are an infinite number of ways to decorate the same space. Whereas one family might prefer bright c...
17-07-2017 19:06

Cool Product Alert: BenShot Bullet Embedded Glasses

Lend some fancy to your dining with these cool shot glasses that have real bullets embedded in them! They are available for purchase on Amazon. Also r...
16-07-2017 19:04

A Simple, Modern Apartment in Moscow

Beautiful design never means the same thing to two people. While one person may covet the simplicity of Scandinavian styles, another may long for orna...
14-07-2017 19:05

2 One-Bedroom Apartments with Modern Color Schemes

A one-bedroom apartment is just enough. It can be perfect for a single person, or a young couple. It leaves its occupants with just enough space to li...
13-07-2017 19:04

The Breathtaking Indios Desnudos Luxury Residence In Costa R

Located on the Papagayo peninsula of Costa Rica, the spectacular Indios Desnudos residence enjoys the luxury of a breathtakingly beautiful location si...
13-07-2017 19:04

40 Beautiful Kitchen Clocks That Make The Kitchen Where The

Home is where the heart is ? but is the kitchen the heart of the home" The place where we start our mornings, enjoy lunch with friends and gossip...
11-07-2017 19:05

5 Scandinavian-Inspired Apartments

Although the popularity of Scandinavian design has seemingly reached an apex in recent years, the truth is that the elements of minimalism and functio...
10-07-2017 19:03

Cool Product Alert: Table Top Zen Garden

Channel your inner zen with this gorgeous miniature zen garden that comes with a Yin-Yang tray and accompanying accessories. Get it on Amazon here....
09-07-2017 19:03

Double Bedroom L-Shaped Home Design: 2 Examples With Floor P

The layout of a home can have a significant impact on how the design takes shape. The different nooks and crannies that are created by a layout determ...
07-07-2017 19:08

How To Design Industrial Style Bachelor Pads: 4 Examples

Industrial style design has never been more popular. With many young professionals preferring to live in dense, urban areas, the loft apartment that h...
06-07-2017 19:04

6 Sleek Studios with Glass Walled Bedrooms

If you’re used to suburban sprawl, the idea of living in a studio apartment can be daunting. This type of urban oasis does not have space for an...
05-07-2017 19:03

40 Beautiful Kids? Beds That Offer Storage With Sweet Dreams

Kid?s bedrooms are spaces to play in. Creative, quirky and holding all their favourite things, they are a soft place to dream of future careers, hobbi...
04-07-2017 19:03

Cool Product Alert: Throw Pillows With Hidden Messages

Alright folks, if you are the kind of person who doesn’t mind cheeky (and possibly offensive) messages hidden within your throws, do check out t...
03-07-2017 19:03

Industrial Style Dining Room Design: The Essential Guide

Do you love industrial decor" Are you thinking about giving your dining room a fresh modern makeover" This guide is for you! Enjoy this tour...
03-07-2017 19:03

2 Great White Apartments that Show Color Isn?t Everything (I

We love to showcase homes that use color creatively. From an electric pink kitchen backsplash to a gilded mirror or a playfully patterned area rug, co...
30-06-2017 19:06

Industrial Style Bedroom Design: The Essential Guide

Industrial bedrooms exude calm and cool. Exposed brick walls, iron finishes and unpolished floors carry the creativity of the artist ? and what better...
29-06-2017 19:04

Industrial Style Living Room Design: The Essential Guide

Nothing says effortless cool and easy maintenance than an industrial-style living room. Exposed brick walls greet black and white typographic prints, ...
28-06-2017 19:06

30 Indoor Herb Pots and Planters to Add Flavor to Any Home

Starting an herb garden can be a wonderful hobby for nearly anyone. While most apartment dwellers or urbanites don’t have backyards for expansiv...
27-06-2017 19:04

3 Modern Apartment Interiors That Masterfully Demonstrate Ho

Using red in a home design can be tricky. Without a good idea, a design can quickly fall from romance into sensory overload. To avoid a home that look...
26-06-2017 19:06

Cool Product Alert: The 3D Illusion Creating Ziggi LED Lamp

Could there BE a more cool looking table lamp out there" Check out this wonderful creation by the designers at Studio Cheha: “The ?shade? i...
25-06-2017 19:04

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Tolix stools

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Manila Architecture Workshop Awarded in 2016 ...

Manila Architecture Workshop (MAAW) was just awarded one of six outstanding entries to the recently completed Metrobank Art and Design Excellence (MADE) programs for Architecture and Interior Design. In partnership with the United Architects of the... -
Sky Penthouse with All the Beauty of Interior Design

Sky Penthouse with All the Beauty of Interior...

Sky Penthouse is an example of a modern house with spectacular interior. Living in such a surrounding will make you feel as a royal family indeed! The open space inside is offering a lot of commodity and space for all needs of the family members.... -
Blogger?s Favorites: Happy Interior

Blogger?s Favorites: Happy Interior

I have to begin this post by saying that I’m so happy to have Igor Josifovic from the Happy Interior blog here today because I really, truly adore this guy. He is just so likable and authentic. I’ve met up with him in “real... -
The Variety of Materials Used for Gabion Walls

The Variety of Materials Used for Gabion Wall...

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Play With a Parametric Version of BIG's Serpentine Pavilion in this Model

Play With a Parametric Version of BIG's Serpe...

Every year the Serpentine Gallery commissions an Architect to design a pavilion which will sit on its lawn, greeting the hundreds of thousands of people who will visit over the summer months. Temporary pavilions like this are an important chance for... -
Raíces Educational Park / Taller Piloto Arquitectos

Raíces Educational Park / Taller Piloto Arqui...

The architectural fact as a tool for the construction of the memory and identity of a community is the fundamental principle on which the project is based, having as elements of creation the collective imagination of culture, traditions and history,... -
A First Apartment Together in Portland, Maine

A First Apartment Together in Portland, Maine

Photographer and designer Megan Boltz met her now-boyfriend Aaron Bisig through her brother, Tyler. At the time, Megan was living in Michigan and she felt that she really needed a change of pace, so she went out to San Francisco to crash on her... -

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