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Two Examples Of Industrial Modern Rustic Interior Design

Modern rustic decor often melds with industrial home style. Combining rustic furniture and accents with industrial ideas results in an interesting con...
20-02-2018 19:08

3 Scandinavian Homes with Cozy Dining Rooms

There is nothing quite as cozy and inviting as the clean lines and soft textures that are so common in the Scandinavian design style. By using soothin...
19-02-2018 19:08

Product Of The Week: Wireless Stick-On LED Lights With Motio

If you are a looking for a super easy way to illuminate hard-to-electrify spots in your home, check out Mr.Beams’s series of stick-anywhere ligh...
19-02-2018 19:08

How To Make A Cat Happy: Cat Friendly Home Design

If you loved our other cat owners apartment then you?re going to lap this up like a fresh saucer of milk. This cat friendly apartment, thoughtfully de...
16-02-2018 19:07

Joyous Layered Decor Ideas For Small Homes

Four Spaces, visualised by Hung Le, serve as great inspiration as to how a blank white canvas can be layered upon to create a joyous homey living spac...
15-02-2018 19:07

Modest Size Modern Interiors That Flirt With Feature Walls

You don?t need to have bags of space to live comfortably in style. This collection of four apartment tours has interiors that are all of modest propor...
14-02-2018 19:06

2 Gorgeous Attic Apartments That Use Grey As Base

You can?t go far wrong in applying a modern neutral grey as a base for your decor scheme – or can you" Actually yes you can. Too much of a ...
13-02-2018 19:07

Product Of The Week: Beautiful Flower Shaped Throw Pillows

This should keep you going until Spring gets here. Get it on Amazon....
12-02-2018 19:07

A Car Lover?s Ideal Home In Hong Kong

This high-end home is something quite out of the ordinary. Created by Millimeter Interior Design, the 435.0 square metre house in Hong Kong is a car l...
12-02-2018 19:07

Interior Design Around Walnut Wood Finishes: 3 Great Example

Walnut is a hardwood with a rich and inviting tone, and can range in shades from mellow to dramatic. It has long been a popular choice for flooring. I...
09-02-2018 19:05

40 Beautiful Bedroom Chairs That Make It A Joy Getting Out O

Whether you?re an organised sort of a person that prefers to lay out the next days outfit on a chair by the bed, or the disorganised type that leaves ...
08-02-2018 19:05

Detailed Guide & Inspiration For Designing A Rustic Living R

Think rustic, and you might imagine a wooden ski lodge or historic, half-timbered home. Rustic design doesn?t have to involve chunky, dark timber, thi...
07-02-2018 19:05

Apartment With Energised Colour Scheme

Located in Kiev, this 110 square metre apartment was designed by 33BY for a young professional woman. The aim was to concoct a layout that would suit ...
06-02-2018 19:07

Rustic Bedrooms: Guide And Inspiration For Designing Them

The modern rustic interior style is one that is gathering in popularity fast. Is it a subconscious rebellion against cool coloured pared-back minimali...
05-02-2018 19:07

Family Home With Dashes Of Pastel Colour Decor

We?ve all become comfortable with seeing a bit of neutral grey and white decor in our modern interior design schemes but sometimes for a family enviro...
02-02-2018 19:05

Go Black or White In These Two Sloped Ceiling Apartments

Have an attic roof or sloped ceiling" Take advantage of your feature, by designing an interior that complements its angles. These two stylish apa...
01-02-2018 19:08

White Walls and Exposed Brick Go Minimalist in This Couple?s

White walls need not be boring ? they can be a star feature, if you?ve got the materials to accompany them. These visuals by Marina Tsoy use all the b...
31-01-2018 19:08

40 Modern Bathroom Vanities That Overflow With Style

There isn?t a home design that passes through here that doesn?t have an amazing bathroom idea that is completed with a beautiful modern vanity unit. F...
30-01-2018 19:07

Living Rooms With Brown Sofas: Tips And Inspiration For Deco

You saw it, you loved it, you just had to buy it. But, what exactly do you put with that lovely brown sofa to make your living room decor work for you...
29-01-2018 19:08

Product Of The Week: Frank Lloyd Wright Paper Models

Are you a fan of Frank Lloyd Wright’s architecture" Then you are sure to enjoy this kirigami (the art of cutting and folding) book by Marc ...
28-01-2018 19:07

A Cozy Modern Rustic Cabin In The Trees

If you love being at one with nature, relish adventure in the great outdoors or simply crave natural beauty in your life then you?re going to adore th...
26-01-2018 19:04

40 Double Sink Bathroom Vanities

It?s first thing in the morning. You?ve hurriedly stumbled still half asleep toward your master bathroom, rubbing your eyes as you gather today?s to-d...
25-01-2018 19:08

36 Mid Century Modern Coffee Tables That Steal Centre Stage

Ever since author Cara Greenberg penned her 1984 book, ?Mid Century Modern: Furniture of the 1950s?, furniture styles from in and around that period h...
24-01-2018 19:08

Detailed Guide & Inspiration For Designing A Mid-Century Mod

Design enthusiasts praise the mid-century modern style ? but what is it, exactly" Coined by author Cara Greenberg in her 1984 collection, mid-cen...
23-01-2018 19:08

40 Modern Minimalist Style Bathrooms

The minimalist aesthetic is very pleasing and calming on the eye and is therefore a great style by which to design a bathroom scheme. Simplistic lines...
22-01-2018 19:08

Product Of The Week: A Minimalist Doorstopper For The Design

Doorstoppers have always been one of those things that you use not out of want but out of need. Here is one great version of it that puts these things...
21-01-2018 19:08

Open Plan Home Decor With Interesting Layers

Open plan home layouts can appear boxy and lacking in structural design features, so how can visual interest be added" In this home tour, created...
19-01-2018 19:09

Dark Grey Home Decor With Warm LED Lighting

After a hectic day of being out and about in the big bad world, it?s nice to have a cosy nest in which to hide away and snuggle up. Cosiness can be ac...
18-01-2018 19:09

Functional Minimalist Home With Brave Colours And Bespoke In

The design for this 107 sq m home in Moscow, Russia, was visualised by Design Rocks with functional minimalism in mind. Keeping only what was deemed t...
17-01-2018 19:07

Luxury Kids? Rooms

Luxury decor inspiration can be found in spades when it comes to sophisticated master bedrooms, spa style bathrooms and regal reception rooms, but wha...
16-01-2018 19:08

Product Of The Week: A Hi-tech Coffee Table With Built In Re

Ever wished you could magically conjure up refreshments in your living room without that trip to the kitchen refrigerator" Look no further. Sobro...
15-01-2018 19:07

50 Modern Living Rooms That Act As Your Home?s Centrepiece

The place where we all gather, laugh and play is undoubtedly the living room. The focal point of a home, its place between kitchen and bedroom acts as...
15-01-2018 19:07

Wood Covered Industrial Interior Accented With 1940?s Inspir

The visually warming effect of wood tone can make for a very inviting interior. Most popularly lately, we have seen expanses of wood tone working beau...
12-01-2018 19:09

Three Homes Using Exposed Brick, Wood Panelling and Grey To

Have an exposed brick wall, but not sure what to do with it" These three inspirational homes ? sized as smaller apartments or more luxurious two-...
11-01-2018 19:07

Dark Grey, White & Wood Tone Decor With Personal Flair

Dark grey just looks so sophisticated with a white and wood home decor scheme doesn?t it" The depth of hue works sharply against an icy white edg...
10-01-2018 19:07

50 Designer Table Lamps To Light Up Your Home With Luxury

Every table needs a lamp ? but where do you find the best of the best" Forget night-time jaunts to IKEA ? we?ve uncovered some of the lighting wo...
09-01-2018 19:09

Four Modest Sized Homes Going Big On Style

Never let the modest size of your home restrict your sense of style?someone somewhere must once have said. If they didn?t, then we?ve just said it, ri...
08-01-2018 19:08

Product Of The Week: Cute Rechargeable Birds On A Branch Lig

Check out this neat, rechargeable multi-purpose light shaped in the form of a pair of magpies with eggs. Included within are optical sensors that know...
08-01-2018 19:08

White & Grey Interior Design In The Modern Minimalist Style

If you love the look of beautifully smooth grey and white interiors as we do, then this is a great set of inspirational home designs for you. Ranging ...
05-01-2018 19:09

Small & Stylish: Four Homes Under 50 Square Meters

If the rolling hills of a large country estate has always been your dream, you might not like what you find here. More and more urban dwellers are fin...
04-01-2018 19:08

Luxury Apartment Interior Design Using Copper: 2 Gorgeous Ex

We all like the idea of luxury. But while there may be a certain style of interior design that evokes the word, isn’t true luxury just being abl...
03-01-2018 19:08

Product Of The Week: 3 Cool Calendars For 2018

It is a new year and what better way to start off than adding a cool calendar to your collection. Take a pick from these 3 options:...
02-01-2018 19:08

Three Apartments Using Pastel To Create Dreamy Interiors

Traditionally, pastels evoke the colours of nurseries ? baby pinks, blues and creamy lemon yellows that hush the children in your family. But pastels ...
02-01-2018 19:08

A Cozy Ecostyle Apartment in Lviv

The marriage of minimalism and eco-friendly design choices is a match made in heaven in this ecostyle apartment in Lviv, Ukraine. Realized by the visu...
02-01-2018 19:08

Coral & Green Decor Inspired By Art

Coral and green are the fresh and friendly colours of choice in this compact modern apartment in Nőmme, Estonia, designed by Ace Of Space. Set against...
02-01-2018 19:08

Rich Industrial Style Unites Jewel Colours with Exposed Bric

Exposed brick walls, metal beams and banisters, unboxed ducting, surface mounted electrical wiring, utilitarian lighting design; these are all things ...
28-12-2017 19:07

Two Large Scandinavian Style Homes For Young Families

Scandinavian design can be a very good choice for families looking for a way to unify their home. Not only does Scandinavian design encourage minimali...
27-12-2017 19:08

Chilled Out Modern Home in Muted Colour

Three bedrooms and 99 square meters provide the canvas for this chilled out interior design, visualised by Lera Brumina. Located in Minsk, Belarus, th...
26-12-2017 19:07

Completely White Apartment With Dominant Central Home Office

This office-like home interior, by The November Design is a vision of pure white: White painted walls and ceilings, crisp white veneer and powder coat...
25-12-2017 19:09

Cool Product Alert: A Beautiful Watering Can

If you loathe the look of your watering can and would love to replace it with one that would also serve as a decorative item, look no further than the...
24-12-2017 19:06

A Scandinavian Chic Style 3 Bedroom Apartment For A Young Fa

A chic vibe runs through this Scandinavian style home, located in Minsk, Belarus. Much of the furniture is of a classic clean-lined Scandi design that...
22-12-2017 19:08

3 Modern Small Apartment Designs Under 50 Square Meters That

Living in a tiny amount of space can be limiting in many ways but living small certainly does not mean that you have to compromise on style. Not convi...
21-12-2017 19:09

40 Beautiful Swing Arm Wall Lamps And Sconces

We?ve been seeing a lot of home designs come our way that are kitted out with a very particular trend in lighting feature: Swing arm wall lamps and sc...
20-12-2017 19:06

A Soothing, Earthy Color Scheme for a 3 Bedroom Home With St

While a good designer should never shy away from color, there is something to be said for a neutral color scheme. The right earth tones can create an ...
19-12-2017 19:05

A Rio de Janeiro Residence with Lush Jungle Vibes

When you live in a beautiful natural climate, it is only also natural that you want to include the seasons, the outdoors, and the local plant life in ...
18-12-2017 19:13

Cool Product Alert: Cute LED Wall Sconces

Looking to add some playfulness to your room" Why not try these cute and funny lighting options that are guaranteed to bring a smile! Recommended...
17-12-2017 19:06

A Two-Story Home with a Sleek Grey Color Palette

Not every home has a unifying color theme, but without one it can be easy for a house to feel disjointed or erratic. A color palette can unify a home&...
15-12-2017 19:05

Boldly-Coloured, Buddhist-Inspired Family Retreat

Aspire to higher thought, but don?t have the pad to embrace it" A home guided by Buddhist principles was the key desire of this family of four, w...
14-12-2017 19:06

Bauhaus Style Home with Interior Glass Walls

A preserved 1930s Bauhaus building in the heart of Tel-Aviv holds an apartment that has been renovated to reflect its former glory. This is the privat...
13-12-2017 19:06

50 Modern Outdoor Chairs To Elevate Views of Your Patio & Ga

Outdoor seating has come a long way since the wooden bench. Whether you?re looking for chairs crafted in cane, made modern in ABS plastic or meshed in...
12-12-2017 19:06

Using Dark Color Schemes For Small Homes: 3 Examples With Fl

Dark themes are great for creating a sophisticated looking home. Sometimes though, homeowners who have smaller scale apartments may shy away from dark...
11-12-2017 19:05

Cool Service Alert: A 3D Floor Plan Design Service From Home

Instead of featuring a cool product which we normally do at this time of the week, we have something special to announce today – a 3d floor plan...
10-12-2017 19:06

Modern Mexican Build With Tropical Gardens

Contemporary brick architecture is combined with traditional style stone walls within the build of this house located in Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico. Put...
08-12-2017 19:04

40 Fabulous Floor Reading Lamps For The Design Conscious

Floor standing reading lamps are not just an accessory to a room decor scheme. They can set the style of a living room, be multipurpose task lighting ...
07-12-2017 19:04

A Sleek Modern Home for a Stylish Young Family

When a couple decides to bring children into their family, it’s a transformative experience. Not only will they have another mouth to feed and l...
06-12-2017 19:07

40 Minimalist Dining Rooms That Will Leave You Hungry to Cop

Like the kitchen, the dining room is an essential gathering place for any home. It’s where families can gather after a long day apart and where ...
05-12-2017 19:06

Home Designing Holiday Gift Guide 2017

It?s that time of year again ? and the clock is ticking. Signs scream Christmas deals, tinsel covers everything, and Mariah Carey and Jingle Bells are...
04-12-2017 19:06

Cool Product Alert: A Gorgeous LED Floor Lamp

With a beautiful form that embodies clean minimalist design, Brightech Contour LED Floor Lamp gets our vote for this week’s cool product feature...
03-12-2017 19:10

A Sprawling Modern Home in Bangkok

When every member of a family has a space for themselves that reflects their personality, a house is just more comfortable. Of course, an expansive fl...
01-12-2017 19:07

50 Stunning Sculptural Chairs That Act As Artistic Centrepie

Ever felt your interior could look more artistic" There?s a piece of furniture that?s as functional as it?s creative ? the sculptural chair. Craf...
30-11-2017 19:06

40 Minimalist Kitchens to Get Super Sleek Inspiration

For so many families, the kitchen is a focal point of the home. Not only do parents spend hours each week cooking, children sidle up to the kitchen ba...
29-11-2017 19:06

Modern Monochrome Tribal Decor

Tribal design has long been an inspiration in the world of interiors, bringing with it strong pattern, natural woven elements and interesting art. Oft...
29-11-2017 19:06

Cool Product Alert: A Smart Tea/Coffee Mug

The smartphone controlled Ember coffee mug allows you to remotely set the temperature of your favourite beverage to your precise needs. It can keep th...
27-11-2017 19:05

Bold Colour Scandinavian Twists

If we were to think of the elements that typically make up a contemporary Scandinavian home design, we most commonly would think of light pine furnitu...
27-11-2017 19:05

A Bright Home to Give a Family a Taste of the Good Life

This particular home was emailed to us by Ethan Chang of Hozo Design, who poured their creativity and love for beauty into this design. The single-fam...
24-11-2017 19:04

40 Beautiful Accent Chairs That Add Splendour to Your Seatin

No interior is complete without a gorgeous accent chair. Whether lounging in the library, sitting afront your powdering table or making you feel boss ...
23-11-2017 19:05

Ritzy UK Home with Glam Metallic Accents

A super swanky interior awaits us in this ritzy home near London, UK, visualised by Polish firm KUOO Architects. The enormous project is filled wall t...
22-11-2017 19:04

Swiss Cubic House Tour, A Contemporary Concrete Landmark

Located near Lucerne in Switzerland, this is ?House H? by Buchner Bründler architects in Basel, with photography by Bruno Helbling. This home is a con...
21-11-2017 19:06

A Modest Sized Apartment That Makes The Best Use Of Availabl

Whilst we all love to stretch out and wander around an enormous home tour, or drool over a cool cutting edge interior, sometimes we crave a bit of cos...
20-11-2017 19:05

Cool Product Alert: A Smart Night Stand

Alright, what do you call a modern minimalist night stand that has a built in mobile controlled audio system, smart locking cabinet, wireless phone ch...
19-11-2017 19:06

2 Single Bedroom Homes With Warming Wood Tones

We all like to feel cosy and relaxed when we?re in our homes, and the colours that we fill our place with is a great place to set the tone. These two ...
17-11-2017 19:05

Unusual Home Layout with Creative Accent Colours

This 114 sqm (1227 sqft) home based in Lviv, Ukraine uses small pops of bright colour to lift a neutral backdrop. Visualised by IDEADEYA design studio...
16-11-2017 19:15

A Modern Take On 1940s Home Style

Ever wanted to know how to inject a bit of nostalgia into the interior of your home without compromising on contemporary aesthetics" This is a mo...
15-11-2017 19:05

40 Gorgeously Minimalist Living Rooms That Find Substance in

Minimalism. What does it mean to you" Does it say white walls, wooden floors and wide-open French windows" Does it look like block sofas, st...
14-11-2017 19:07

Cool Product Alert: Furniture & Accessories With Wireless Ph

In the war against wires, wireless phone chargers have always been game chargers. Even though you still need these chargers to be plugged into power s...
13-11-2017 19:06

40 Stylish Living Rooms That Use Concrete To Stand Out

Concrete has long acted as a foundation for many homes. Its practical applications are certainly common knowledge as an affordable and durable basis f...
13-11-2017 19:06

Integrating Comfort With Industrial Style: A Home Tour

This metropolitan loft in Moscow, Russia is an amalgamation of modern styles by ONI Architects. The homes backdrop has an industrial style vibe, tying...
10-11-2017 19:05

Yellow Accents In Scandinavian Style Interiors: 3 Examples T

Here we have three Scandinavian style homes that use happy notes of bright sunshine yellow in varying proportions. The first two homes take a subtle a...
09-11-2017 19:07

36 Cool Copper Table Lamps To Warm Up Your Interior

Don?t like the cold tones of silver and chrome" Find gold and brass furnishings appear too tacky" Sophisticated copper is the element for yo...
08-11-2017 19:11

Three Cozy Apartments that Maximize a Small Space

No matter how big your home, you want to be able to maximize your use of the space. In a larger area, this is a bit easier to do with the careful plac...
07-11-2017 19:09

50 Awesome Animal Sculptures & Figurines For Home Decor

Been itching to go on an animal safari, or take a trip to the farm" With a bevy of animal sculptures decorating your interior, you can bring the ...
06-11-2017 19:07

Cool Product Alert: Duck Shaped Colander Set

Check out this adorable duck colander set to help you wash your fruits and vegetables with ease. Get it on Amazon. Recommended Reading: 50 Cool Kitche...
05-11-2017 19:05

Three Contemporary Interiors Making The Most of Light Wood

Light-wooden furniture and flooring are as common as décor staples come. How can you make your light-wooden features special" These three contemp...
03-11-2017 19:05

A Luxurious Home Interior with Pretty, Muted Pastel Colors

While we may often think of pastel colors as appropriate for nurseries or children’s rooms, the truth is they can take on a much more mature fee...
02-11-2017 19:07

3 Homes with a Modern Botanical Vibe

When designing contemporary homes, the result can sometimes come off as a little synthetic-a million miles away from our natural roots. Modern interio...
01-11-2017 19:09

30 Cool Headphone Stands & Earphone Holders To Make a Featur

You?ve got the latest headphones. You?ve got the latest sounds. There?s one thing you?re missing: a unique stand to showcase them on. These headphone ...
31-10-2017 19:04

2 Masculine Interiors in Shades of Grey Black And Brown

Two tours around two open plan apartments that are distinctly masculine in approach, each with a grey, black and brown colour scheme. However, these t...
30-10-2017 19:04

Cool Product Alert: The Alluringly Beautiful Crassula Capite

Sometimes you come across plants that just blow you away with their natural beauty. This south African succulent Crassula Capitella (Campfire plant) i...
30-10-2017 19:04

Calming Tranquil Interior Uses White Space, Plants and Art

When faced with the brief of designing a decor scheme for a young couple who just love to travel, the Marra Group came up with a light, clean space wh...
27-10-2017 19:04

2 Homes in Mediterranean Rustic Chic

Two home tours from the Med take us on an voyage of rustic decor discovery. Where rough stone and wood crash up against marble and sumptuous upholster...
26-10-2017 19:06

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