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Los Altos Residence by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson

Designed by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, this modernist single-family residence is located in Los Altos, California, United States. Description...
27-06-2017 19:30

CC Apartment by Kababie Arquitectos

This luxurious apartment located in Mexico City, Mexico, was designed by Kababie Arquitectos. Description by Kababie Arquitectos The apartm...
27-06-2017 19:30

Aranya Farmhouse by Patel-Vadodaria

Located in India, this minimalist farmhouse was designed by Patel-Vadodaria I Design Research Studio. Description by Patel-Vadodaria PVDRS we...
27-06-2017 19:30

Modern House by Mondo Builders

Designed by Mondo Builders, this modern two-story single family house is located in the United States. Photography courtesy of Mondo Buil...
26-06-2017 19:32

Porto Fira Suites by Interior Design Laboratorium

Located in Fira, Greece, this stylish property consisting of 13 suites was completely redesigned by Interior Design Laboratorium. Descripti...
26-06-2017 19:32

Olion Villa AA by Ark4lab of Architecture

Located in Thassos, Greece, this modern Mediterranean residence was designed in 2016 by Ark4lab of Architecture. Description by Ark4la...
26-06-2017 19:32

Healdsburg House by Dotter & Solfjeld Architecture + De

Designed by Dotter & Solfjeld Architecture + Design, this inspiring country residence is located in Healdsburg, California. Photography co...
26-06-2017 19:32

Attic Apartment in Stockholm

Redesigned in 2014, this beautiful scandi-style apartment is located in Stockholm, Sweden. ...
23-06-2017 19:26

Apartment in Milan by GRAF+BÄDER

Designed in 2017 by GRAF+BÄDER, this modern apartment is located in Milan, Italy. Photography courtesy of GRAF+BÄDER Visit GRAF+BÄDER...
23-06-2017 19:26

Apartment in Barcelona by Cometa Architects

This contemporary 2691 sq ft apartment located in Barcelona, Spain, was designed in 2014 by Cometa Architects. Description by Cometa Archite...
23-06-2017 19:26

Coldwater Canyon Residence by Ehrlich Yanai Rhee Chaney Arch

Designed by Ehrlich Yanai Rhee Chaney Architects, this contemporary single family house is located in Beverly Hills, California. Description...
22-06-2017 19:32

Ponce Davis Residence by Choeff Levy Fischman

This inspiring single story residence located Miami, Florida, was designed in 2016 by Choeff Levy Fischman. Photography courtesy of Choeff ...
22-06-2017 19:32

Elliot Road Home by Klopper and Davis Architects

Located in Perth, Australia, this modern single family house was designed by Klopper and Davis Architects. Photography by Jack Lovel Visit K...
22-06-2017 19:32

Itamabuca House by Arquitetura Gui Mattos

Surrounded by nature, this modern concrete residence designed by Arquitetura Gui Mattos is located in São Paulo, Brazil. Description by Arq...
21-06-2017 19:34

E2 Apartment by Tchenguelieva Staynov Architects

Situated in Sofia, Bulgaria, this inspiring apartment was designed in 2011 by Tchenguelieva Staynov Architects. Photography by Minko Minkov V...
21-06-2017 19:34

3:2 House by MÉTODO

Designed in 2014 by MÉTODO, this minimalist single family house is located in Mexico City, Mexico. Description by MÉTODO Architecture is a ...
21-06-2017 19:34

Casa Pinto by Insite Architetture

Designed in 2017 by Insite Architetture, this single-story country house is located in Salento, Italy. Description by Insite Architetture Casa...
21-06-2017 19:34

Casa N by Cheng Franco Arquitectos

Located in the coastal region of Piura, Peru, this contemporary private residence was designed in 2017 by Cheng Franco Arquitectos. Descrip...
21-06-2017 19:34

Noho Loft by Motiani Design

Located in NoHo, New York, this industrial loft was designed by Motiani Design. Photography courtesy of Motiani Design Visit Motiani Design...
20-06-2017 19:31

3ShoeBox House by Ofis Arhitekti

This contemporary concrete residence located in Ljubljana, Slovenia, was designed in 2017 by Ofis Arhitekti. Description by Ofis Arhitek...
20-06-2017 19:31

Home in Larchmont by colorTHEORY Boston

Designed in 2017 by colorTHEORY Boston, this colorful single family home is located in Larchmont, New York. Photography by Michael J Lee ...
20-06-2017 19:31

Retreat in Hälleviksstrand by Decorate

Inspiring seaside retreat located in Hälleviksstrand, Sweden, designed in 2017 by Decorate. Photography courtesy of Decorate Visit Decorate...
20-06-2017 19:31

Apartment @ 11 by MORIQ

Located in Hyderabad, India, this creative apartment was designed in 2016 by MORIQ. Photography courtesy of MORIQ Visit Moriq...
19-06-2017 19:41

Casa Kae by Soco Interiors

Contemporary single family residence located in Naples, Florida, designed by Soco Interiors. Description Located on a lake-view home si...
19-06-2017 19:41

Apartment in Yekaterinburg by Eugene Shvetsov

This industrial apartment located in Moscow, Russia, was designed by Eugene Shvetsov. Description by Eugene Shvetsov The apartment is located...
16-06-2017 19:37

Yarrow Point Home by Matt Jones Design

This contemporary two-storey residence located in Yarrow Point, Washington, was designed by Matt Jones Design. Photography courtesy of Ma...
16-06-2017 19:37

Minimalist Apartment by Azovskiy&Pahomova Architects

Designed by Azovskiy&Pahomova Architects, this minimalist apartment is situated in the Ukrainian city of Dnipropetrovsk. Description by Azov...
16-06-2017 19:37

House Remodel by Elton R Construction

Redesigned by Elton R Construction, this contemporary residence is located in Colorado, United States. Photography courtesy of Elton R Construc...
16-06-2017 19:37

Villa 430 by MORIQ

Contemporary two-storey residence located in Hyderabad, India, designed by Moriq. Photography courtesy of MORIQ Visit MORIQ...
15-06-2017 19:31

Grimbergen Residence by I.S.M. Architects

Located in Grimbergen, Belgium, this modern single family house was designed in 2015 by I.S.M. Architects. Photography courtesy of Orbit Visi...
14-06-2017 19:31

Residence in Salerno by studio 74ram

This inspiring residence located in Salerno, Italy, was designed in 2015 by 74ram. Photography courtesy of studio 74ram Visit studio 74ra...
14-06-2017 19:31

House in Goiânia by Leo Romano

Designed in 2016 by Leo Romano, this contemporary concrete residence is located in Goiânia, Brazil. Photography courtesy of Leo Romano Vis...
14-06-2017 19:31

Bondi Apartment by Trend Constructions

This luxurious European beachside apartment located in Bondi, Sydney, Australia, was redesigned in 2017 by Trend Constructions. Photography...
14-06-2017 19:31

Cereal Abode by Pilbrow and Partners

This modern asian-style home located in Greenwich Park, Australia, was designed by Pilbrow and Partners. Photography by Rich Stapleton Visit Pi...
13-06-2017 19:33

Contemporary Home by Style My Space

Situated in Los Angeles, California, this contemporary single family house was designed by Style My Space. Photography courtesy of Style...
13-06-2017 19:33

Contemporary House by Mr Home Staging & Design

This contemporary three-storey residence located in Perth, Australia, was redesigned by Mr Home Staging & Design. Description by Mr Hom...
12-06-2017 19:32

White Penthouse by OMY Design

Designed by OMY Design, this inspiring penthouse apartment is located in Holon, Israel. Description by OMY Design When we first saw the grand...
12-06-2017 19:32

RC Aleksandr by Geometrium DSGN

Located in Moscow, Russia, this 1179 sq ft apartment was designed by Geometrium DSGN. Description by Geometrium DSGN A young family (husban...
12-06-2017 19:32

Marble House by Openbox Architects

This contemporary two-storey residence located in Bangkok, Thailand, was designed in 2017 by Openbox Architects. Description by Openbox Arc...
12-06-2017 19:32

Villa C in Rabat by Elouardighi Mounir

Located in Rabat, Maroco, this contemporary two-storey house was designed by Elouardighi Mounir. Photography courtesy of Elouardighi Mo...
06-06-2017 19:30

Izmailovo Apartment by Geometrium DSGN

This inspiring apartment designed by Geometrium DSGN, is situated in Moscow, Russia. Description by Geometrium DSGN The client for this pr...
06-06-2017 19:30

Inspiring Retreat by Natalia Kukresh

This modern rustic retreat situated in Russia, was designed by Natalia Kukresh. Photography courtesy of Centrsvet Group...
05-06-2017 19:31

Park City Home by JamesThomas Interiors

Located in Park City, Illinois, this contemporary single family residence was designed in 2016 by JamesThomas Interiors. Photography by Doug...
05-06-2017 19:31

Apartment by Belyakov & Karayani Design Studio

This colorful apartment located in Russia, was designed in 2016 by Belyakov & Karayani Design Studio. Photography courtesy of Belyakov & Kara...
02-06-2017 19:31

Monte Cassino Apartment by Raca Architekci

Located in Sopot, Poland, this modern apartment was designed in 2017 by Raca Architekci. Description by Raca Architekci Our apartment is loca...
02-06-2017 19:31

Contemporary Residence by Hagman Architects

This contemporary mountain residence located in Snowmass, Colorado, was designed in 2016 by Hagman Architects and Karen White Interior Design. ...
02-06-2017 19:31

Highett House by JFKDESiGN

Located in Melbourne, Australia, this inspiring single family residence was designed in 2014 by JFKDESiGN. Photography by Grant Kennedy, We S...
01-06-2017 19:34

Apartment in San Vittore Olona by Silvio Maglione

Designed in 2012 by Silvio Maglione, this contemporary apartment is located in San Vittore Olona, Italy. Photography by Alberto Ferrero Visit...
31-05-2017 19:31

Apartment in Stockholm by Deco STHLM

This clean scandi-style apartment located in Stockholm, Sweden, was designed in 2017 by Deco STHLM. Photography courtesy of Deco STHLM Visit ...
31-05-2017 19:31

Maroubra House by BJB Architects

Located in Sydney, Australia, this contemporary coastal residence was completely redesigned by BJB Architects. Photography courtesy of BJB Arc...
31-05-2017 19:31

Martis Camp Olana by sagemodern

This contemporary mountain residence located in Truckee, California, was designed in 2016 by sagemodern. Photography courtesy of sagemoder...
31-05-2017 19:31

Residence in Moscow by MOPS Architecture Studio

Situated in Moscow, Russia, this modern residence was designed by MOPS Architecture Studio. Visualization by ONI Render Visit MOPS Archi...
30-05-2017 19:34

Jersey Shore by P. Smith Design

Designed by P. Smith Design, this contemporary beach front residence is located in New Jersey, United States. Photography courtesy of P. Smit...
30-05-2017 19:34

Townhouse Renovation by Studio Geiger Architecture

Completely redesigned by Studio Geiger Architecture, this inspiring townhouse is located in Brooklyn, New York. Photography by Allyson Lubow ...
29-05-2017 19:33

Spyglass Hill House by KRS Development

Located in Pebble Beach, California, this spacious single family house was designed in 2014 by KRS Development. Photography courtesy of KRS D...
26-05-2017 19:32

Church Transformation by Scrafano Architects

Located in Chicago, Illinois, this beautiful church conversion was designed by Scrafano Architects and Linc Thelen Design. Photography cou...
26-05-2017 19:32

Apartment Renovation by Brengues le Pavec Architectes

Redesigned by Brengues le Pavec Architectes, this mid-century apartment is located in Montpellier, France. Photography courtesy of Brengues ...
26-05-2017 19:32

Elegant Luxury by NG-studio Interior Design

Designed by NG-studio Interior Design, this luxurious apartment is situated in the French city of Nice. Description by NG-studio Interio...
25-05-2017 19:34

Contemporary House by Carrera by Design

Designed in 2016 by Carrera by Design, this contemporary residence is located in Sydney, Australia. Photography courtesy of Carrera by Desig...
25-05-2017 19:34

Swann Wynd Bridge House by NAHB

This inspiring single family home located in Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia, was designed in 2016 by National Association of Home Builders. Desc...
25-05-2017 19:34

Boundary Apartment by Wei Yi International

This clean industrial apartment located in Taiwan, was designed in 2017 by Wei Yi International. Description by Wei Yi International Design c...
24-05-2017 19:43

East Hampton Home by Timothy Godbold

Designed in 2016 by Timothy Godbold, this mid-century modern home is located in East Hampton, New York, United States. Photography by R...
24-05-2017 19:43

Industrial Modern by Boswell Construction

This modern two-storey house located in West Hollywood, California, was designed in 2017 by Boswell Construction. Photography courtesy ...
24-05-2017 19:43

Apartment by T.M Design Studio

This inspiring apartment located in Taichung City, Taiwan, was designed by T.M Design Studio. Description by T.M Design Studio As the family ...
24-05-2017 19:43

Casa Canto Cholul by Taller Estilo Arquitectura

Designed in 2016 by Taller Estilo Arquitectura, this modern single-storey house is located in Cholul, Mexico. Photography by David Cervera...
23-05-2017 19:38

Casa Abierta by R79

Located in Mérida, Mexico, this inspiring two-storey residence was designed in 2016 by R79. Description by R79 Casa abierta is a Project f...
23-05-2017 19:38

Green Elephant by Azovskiy&Pahomova Architects

Designed by Azovskiy&Pahomova Architects for a young family, this modern apartment is located in the Ukrainian city of Dnepropetrovsk. Desc...
23-05-2017 19:38

Tree House by Malan Vorster

Located near Cape Town, South Africa, this beautiful tree house was designed by Malan Vorster. ...
23-05-2017 19:38

Bougainvillea Row House by Luigi Rosselli Architects

Designed by Luigi Rosselli Architects, this inspiring row house is located in Woollahra, Sydney, Australia. Description by Luigi Rosselli ...
22-05-2017 19:36

Residence in Chaumot by Gommez-Vaëz

This inspiring country residence located in Chaumot, France, was redesigned in 2017 by Gommez-Vaëz. Photography by Meero Visit Gommez-...
22-05-2017 19:36

Chalet Design by Amdeco Architecture D’intérieur

Located in Méribel, France, this beautiful chalet was designed by Amdeco Architecture D’intérieur. Photography courtesy of Amdeco Architec...
22-05-2017 19:36

Home in Preston Hollow by Linda Fritschy Interior Design

This contemporary residence located in Dallas, Texas, was designed by Linda Fritschy Interior Design. Photography courtesy of Linda Fritschy ...
22-05-2017 19:36

Glass House in Escazú by Cañas Arquitectos

This inspiring glass house located in the Costa Rican city of San José, was designed in 2012 by Cañas Arquitectos. Photography courtesy of Ca...
19-05-2017 19:29

Trail House by Zen Architects

Located in Melbourne, Australia, this contemporary two-storey house was designed in 2015 by Zen Architects. Description by Zen Architects...
19-05-2017 19:29

Farm House Remodel by Evolution Design

This beautiful farm house redesigned in 2016 by Evolution Design is situated in Beijing, China. Description by Evolution Design The projec...
18-05-2017 19:33

Home in Paesana by Marco Bernini

This creative apartment located in Paesana, Italy, was designed by Marco Bernini. Photography courtesy of Marco Bernini Visit Marco Bernini...
18-05-2017 19:33

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Impressive New Cultural Center in Shenzhen

Impressive New Cultural Center in Shenzhen

The MOCAPE, Museum of Contemporary Art & Planning Exhibition recently emerges in Shenzhen, China. The impressive monochromatic structure has been designed by Coop Himmelb and includes a contemporary art museum and the Urban Planning Exhibition Hall.... -
BIG Selected to Design San Pellegrino Factory and Headquarters in Northern Italy

BIG Selected to Design San Pellegrino Factory...

Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) have been revealed as the winners of a competition to conceptualize and design a new headquarters and bottling plant for San Pellegrino, located in the terme of the same name in the Alps of northern Italy.... -
Types and Features of Gable Roof Constructions

Types and Features of Gable Roof Construction...

The form of a gable roof is determined at the design stage. It also depends on the further operation of the attic. There are three main types of gable roof: Symmetrical. This is the most common variant which provides reliable device and uniform... -
New Trend: Concrete Countertops

New Trend: Concrete Countertops

Designer: Freedom Kitchens | Caesarstone: Sleek Concrete We all know that the kitchen is the heart of the home. It?s also the hub of culinary creativity. More and more homeowners are moving away from the manufactured look of laminates and... -
Industrial-Style Penthouse in Berlin Elevated by Works of Art

Industrial-Style Penthouse in Berlin Elevated...

Santiago Brotons Design completed an elegant loft with industrial-style influences in Berlin, Germany. The 320-square-foot penthouse is close to Ku-Damm, Berlin’s famous shopping area and features three terraces with views over the city. As... -
A Modest, Modern Apartment for Living and Working

A Modest, Modern Apartment for Living and Wor...

A modest sized apartment in Poland becomes a modern place to live and work. -
A Haunting Halloween Playlist + Weekly Wrap-Up

A Haunting Halloween Playlist + Weekly Wrap-U...

Halloween is less than a week a way, so we thought it the perfect occasion to share October’s Playlist?just in time for weekend excursions to the pumpkin patch and Halloween-themed dinner parties! Rather than going with all of the... -
Richard Meier & Partners Designs Waterfront Mixed-Use Building in Hamburg

Richard Meier & Partners Designs Waterfront M...

Richard Meier & Partners has released images of their competition-winning design for a new 34,750 square meter (374,045 square foot) mixed-use building in Hamburg, Germany that will combine luxury condominiums, rental apartments and the new... -


I think that it is time to start a new section in my blog where the posts about Prague will be replaced with stories from San Francisco. And here is the first one - the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market which happens every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday... -
Very Adjustable Thermal Insulation of Facades for any Climates

Very Adjustable Thermal Insulation of Facades...

Many have come to the conclusion that one of the best ways of building insulation is a composite unit of plaster facade. This technology is a fastening insulating materials such as expanded polystyrene or mineral wool to the exterior wall using... -

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