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A Happy Home In Essex For Color Play & Adventures

When a family is made up of one textile designer (Georgia), one graphic designer (Ian) and two color-loving littles, you can bet there’s no shor...
17-10-2017 18:55

Curated Maximalism in a Designer?s Southwestern Home

With the days getting shorter and winter slowly approaching, I find myself longing for creative energy boosts to get me through this dull and rainy pe...
17-10-2017 18:55

An Abandoned School Becomes A Place for Art, Community and H

When one of my closest (read: most brutally honest) friends visited my apartment, she pointed to a wall of chipping paint and said, “are you goi...
16-10-2017 18:57

A Gut Rehab with Unforgettable Walls in Los Angeles

There you are, sitting pretty, when opportunity knocks, and *wham* you’ve got to ask yourself: Am I a risk taker, or is the status quo for me&qu...
16-10-2017 18:57

You Are Not Alone: Me, Too.

This weekend, thousands upon thousands of people took to social media under the hashtag #MeToo to share their stories of sexual assault and harassment...
16-10-2017 18:57

Studio Tour: YIELD Design Co.

When Rachel Gant and Andrew Deming started YIELD in 2012, they were working out of their tiny studio apartment in San Francisco, CA, producing brass g...
13-10-2017 18:54

Our Trip to Caravana Americana + Best of the Web

My 30th birthday was last weekend, and I celebrated in a major way: By visiting Mexico City for Caravana Americana. The design fair, which is put on b...
13-10-2017 18:54

In Olympia, WA, A Cottage Bursting At The Seams With Love

Maggie and David Cogswell have lived in their charming Olympia, WA cottage for three years. In that time they’ve welcomed a baby girl, Nora, and...
12-10-2017 18:54

10 Fall Bulbs To Order Now For a Beautiful Spring

It’s time to think about next spring and plant bulbs that will bloom as the days get warmer. Think cheerful Daffodils, fragrant Lily of the Vall...
12-10-2017 18:54

A Vibrant Rental for Two Creatives in Omaha, NE

Megan and Luke Pettipoole didn’t have to search far for their beautiful two-story rental — their current home was next door and almost ide...
11-10-2017 18:54

Before & After: An Essex, England Renovation Focused on Rest

If we took away all the images from Design*Sponge, you poor readers would not only be left with a lot of reading, but you’d probably be filled w...
11-10-2017 18:54

Before & After: A Kitchen for Two House Flippers Who Put Dow

Debra and Dan Barrett love to flip houses. They’re passionate about getting into a new place and giving it new life and new direction. Debra, a ...
10-10-2017 18:55

A Mississippi Home That Gave New Life to an Old Farmhouse

When I was young, I had a spiral-bound notebook containing all my future house dreams. There was a picture of a new-build mansion, pages dedicated to ...
10-10-2017 18:55

Favorites From An Eclectic and Modern Bungalow in Phoenix, A

Chantell Moulin Nighswonger and her husband Kevin Cieszkowski grew up in the Phoenix area, but they landed in San Francisco, CA because, as Chantell e...
10-10-2017 18:55

Why Representation In Branding Matters, by Paige Ricks

Paige Ricks is a San Francisco Bay Area based photographer and stylist who uses color in her imagery to create images that are both striking and have ...
09-10-2017 18:54

A Bungalow in Memphis, TN for an Artist, a Lawyer & a Colleg

Mike and Lauren Prater have a great story. When they met, Lauren was in law school, living in the apartment above Mike. They would leave each other li...
09-10-2017 18:54

Indigenous Peoples? Day

Today is Indigenous Peoples’ Day and in addition to sharing resources (below) about better understanding and supporting indigenous communities, ...
09-10-2017 18:54

Desktop Downloads from Schumacher: Pyne Hollyhock

Friday is here and it’s time for our final Schumacher download of the week! Today’s pattern is an elegant blush print called Pyne Hollyhoc...
06-10-2017 18:54

Lessons Cancer Taught Me, Pt. II

In the Spring of 2016 I was diagnosed with advanced non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a cancer that occurs when the body makes too many abnormal lymphocyt...
06-10-2017 18:54

Gluten-Free Persian Love Cakes from Sweet + Giveaway!

It’s hard to describe the feeling I had when I first opened Baking with Julia when it came out. For me, it was the baking book to end all baking...
06-10-2017 18:54

Desktop Downloads from Schumacher: Chenonceau

Our next desktop download from Schumacher is a beautiful, sky-colored pattern. Based on a documentary print, derived from a 17th-century Persian damas...
05-10-2017 18:54

Shop Tour: Marisa Mason

Marisa Mason, a shop in Oakland, CA’s “Temescal Alleys,” is a prime example of not rushing your business into growing. For the past ...
05-10-2017 18:54

Desktop Downloads from Schumacher: Manor Rose

For today’s download from Schumacher we are taking a more traditional turn, celebrating a pattern from one of my all-time favorite designers: Do...
04-10-2017 18:53

10 Green Storefronts That Will Stop You In Your Tracks

As a shop owner, I actively seek out storefronts and restaurants when I travel. I love to see what each city or town that I visit has to offer. With e...
04-10-2017 18:53

Creating a Home with History and Heritage in Atlanta, GA

Home Economics was a required course in 7th grade. I learned how to make French toast and use a serger. After that, it was possibly an elective, but n...
04-10-2017 18:53

An Arizona Home for Family and Retreat

“Transparency in style, motherhood & home.” This is Alex Evjen’s tagline on her Instagram profile, and after a few clicks, you&#...
03-10-2017 18:55

Desktop Downloads from Schumacher: Exotic Butterfly

This week we’re sharing a series of patterns from Schumacher that celebrate florals. From modern prints inspired by Japanese design to colorful ...
03-10-2017 18:55

5 Tips (And Helpful Flowcharts) For Achieving That Work/Life

Pursuing a healthy work/life balance is something that is often on the minds of creatives — especially for those of us that work for ourselves, ...
03-10-2017 18:55

An Interior Designer?s Fresh Start in West Hollywood, CA

One of the things that makes interior design so powerful is its ability to affect how we feel. And no other time is that more evident than when things...
02-10-2017 18:57

Desktop Downloads from Schumacher: Katsugi

I woke up to a yard full of dry leaves and the crunch crunch crunch of the dogs walking around in them means that fall is definitely here. To celebrat...
02-10-2017 18:57

An Eclectic and Modern Bungalow in Phoenix, AZ

Like a lot of people, my goal after high school was to get out of dodge. I landed in Pittsburgh, PA, a growing city where I could experiment with a cr...
02-10-2017 18:57

Things Are What You Make Of Them by Adam JK + Giveaway

The writers that we’ve worked with over the years here at D*S are some of the most talented and creative people on the planet. And one of those ...
30-09-2017 18:54

In South Carolina, a Century-Old Home for a Modern Family

Without a doubt, one of the greatest challenges I faced during my 10 months of chemotherapy last year was not being able to fly anywhere. In order to ...
29-09-2017 18:55

Designer Tracy Reese Creates Wearable Magic

When Tracy Reese thinks back to her roots as a clothing designer, she remembers, ?My mom was a sewer and she taught me to sew. The Orange-handled Scis...
29-09-2017 18:55

10 Tips For Living Minimally Longterm

“Minimalism” has undeniably become part of the Zeitgeist — whether it evokes a type of design, a mindset or a lifestyle, most people...
29-09-2017 18:55

6 Designers Share: When to Change a Vintage Piece Or Leave I

Many interior designers agree that vintage pieces are key for layering a space. The Internet has taught us to look out for that “diamond in the ...
27-09-2017 18:54

DIY Colorful Rope Necklace

Bekka Palmer is a maker, designer, and photographer living in Brooklyn, NY. As a child of two creatives she found herself between her mom’s sewi...
27-09-2017 18:54

An Australian Home Built for Fostering Creativity

I?ve long thought Dr. Seuss wrote his iconic book Oh, the Places You’ll Go with the camera in mind. Long before our high-tech phones, carrying a...
27-09-2017 18:54

A Family?s Collected Sensibility Creates a Home Full of Stor

When Kristin and Scott Laing first moved to Austin, TX, they never intended to stay for too long. Now, 19 years later, they couldn?t feel more at home...
27-09-2017 18:54

In Vermont, an Unfussy Home Fit for Family

When Desha Peacock, author of Your Creative Work Space, and her husband Matt first peeked at this home, they were overwhelmed by its abundance of retr...
25-09-2017 18:55

10 Inspiring Illustrated Quotes for the Weekend

I’m in the midst of a big new project (a spinoff of our latest book, In the Company of Women) and I could use a little pick-me-up right now. Som...
22-09-2017 18:55

Tandoori Spiced Cauliflower

I was never a huge fan of cauliflower until I read Lukas Volger’s cookbook, Bowl. I didn’t dislike it, but I didn’t look for it at t...
22-09-2017 18:55

Keep Your Fiskars Orange-handled Scissors Safe With This DIY

We’re still on the Fiskars Orange-handled Scissors 50th Anniversary party train and last week, when we asked you to share your Fiskars Orange-ha...
21-09-2017 18:54

Studio Tour: Marina Dunbar

In the heart of the historic district in Columbus, GA stands an old brick building that oozes old-time charm and nostalgia. Despite its stately demean...
21-09-2017 18:54

Three Jewelers Choose Collaboration Over Competition

I recently caught up with one of my close friends from architecture school. We reminisced how our school years were simultaneously the most challengin...
20-09-2017 18:54

Design from A to Z: U Is For Upholstery

Every day we are surrounded by upholstered furniture like sofas, chairs, benches and everything in between. From lush velvet fabrics to vintage tweed,...
20-09-2017 18:54

Wooden Knots by Katie Gong

I spent a big chunk of this weekend digging into some fascinating (and also terrifying) research about Instagram and how difficult it is to make tract...
19-09-2017 18:54

Playful and Layered Design in a Family?s Historic Connecticu

Historic homes can come full of surprises and may not be everyone?s cup of tea, but when Charlotte and Mark Smith had the opportunity to buy a 1854 Fe...
19-09-2017 18:54

A Midwestern Home Goes from Unlivable to Enviable

One day in 2011, while searching Craigslist for rental properties in Minneapolis, MN, graphic designer Claire Moyle and animator Jeffrey Grutter came ...
19-09-2017 18:54

Crystal Corners

One of my absolute favorite things about design is its ability to add something fun, unexpected and different to a space you wouldn’t normally n...
19-09-2017 18:54

Before & After: A San Diego Home Balances Restoration & Mode

Ross and Ashley Goldman and their cat, Mabel, have lived in their 1915 San Diego, CA craftsman for two years. Much of that time has been spent making ...
19-09-2017 18:54

Floral Fossils by Ronni Nicole + Best of the Web

One of the only downsides of fresh flowers is that they don’t last forever. Whether you’re hoping to remember flowers from a wedding, spec...
15-09-2017 18:53

5 Ways To Breathe New Life Into Vintage Pieces

Today, furniture and design shop owner Johnelle Mancha is sharing information-packed tips about a topic for which many of our readers seek advice and ...
15-09-2017 18:53

Shop Tour: Bindle & Keep

For those who are gender nonconformists, it can be challenging to find clothes that both allow for self-expression and fit just right. Enter Daniel Fr...
14-09-2017 18:54

This Is Your Home Dressed in the Colors of Fashion Week

Like all things, New York Fashion Week must come to an end. And that day was yesterday. While the fashion industry is moving in more diverse and perha...
14-09-2017 18:54

Before & After: A Kitchen Renovation and Expansion in London

Caroline and John started searching for a new home in the Angel neighborhood of London three years ago. They lived in a flat in Angel at the time, and...
13-09-2017 18:54

Desktop Wallpaper Downloads From Lea Carey: Day Seven

It’s the last day of our Lea Carey desktop wallpaper download series! We’re so grateful to Lea for sharing seven of her fun and calming de...
13-09-2017 18:54

A Brief History of Knolling, AKA Overhead Photography

I can’t tell you how many moments I spend reframing overhead object photography in mind. Can we suspend these objects from the ceiling with stri...
12-09-2017 18:55

Desktop Wallpaper Downloads From Lea Carey: Day Six

We’re nearly done with our series of wallpaper downloads from artist and designer Lea Carey (make sure to check out our first five days). Lea is...
12-09-2017 18:55

Our Team?s Top 20 Products for September

In the early days of Design*Sponge, new products and designs made up the bulk of my posts. However, over the past 13 years we’ve moved toward es...
11-09-2017 18:54


Fall is here and it’s time for a new #DSHashtag challenge! This month we’re celebrating design on a small scale- super small. From miniatu...
11-09-2017 18:54

Desktop Wallpaper Downloads From Lea Carey: Day Five

It’s the start of a new week and we’re onto day five with Lea Carey’s digital wallpaper series she’s sharing with our D*S read...
11-09-2017 18:54

Buttery Chocolate and Sour Cherry Brioche Buns + Giveaway

When I started my love affair with cooking, it was actually on the baking side, both sweet and savory. In addition to iconic cookbooks by Carol Field,...
08-09-2017 18:53

Desktop Wallpaper Downloads From Lea Carey: Day Four

It’s the end of the week, but only day four with Lea Carey, the artist and designer who is sharing her work with us for a seven-day series of di...
08-09-2017 18:53

Before & After: A Dated Bedroom Becomes A Modern Retreat for

When Jenny and Adam were expecting their second daughter, Teddi, they decided it was finally time to turn their neglected master bedroom into an oasis...
07-09-2017 18:54

Celebrating the Fiskars Orange-handled Scissors 50th Anniver

Back in 2014 when we dreamed up our D*S Design Icon series, we knew that the Fiskars Orange-handled Scissors would have a top spot on our list. These ...
07-09-2017 18:54

Desktop Wallpaper Downloads From Lea Carey: Day Three

If you’re also in the camp of, “Short work weeks somehow seem so much longer,” we’re bringing a little brightness to carry you...
07-09-2017 18:54

In Indiana, A Rare 1960s Home Where Architecture and Art Int

When a mid-century house designed by an apprentice to Frank Lloyd Wright is up for sale, you dig your way through three feet of snow just to get to it...
06-09-2017 18:54

Desktop Wallpaper Downloads From Lea Carey: Day Two

It’s time for another amazing digital download from Lea Carey! If you’re wondering if part of why I love Lea’s work is because we ar...
06-09-2017 18:54

A Wheelchair Accessible Home in England Filled With Bold Des

Calling all design show scouts: I have a TV personality for you! She’s humorous, talented, charitable, and she has a pint-sized sidekick with pl...
05-09-2017 18:54

Hurricane Harvey Relief

Over our summer break, thousands of people in Texas lost their homes, belongings and much more because of Hurricane Harvey. We’ve been discussin...
05-09-2017 18:54

Desktop Wallpaper Downloads From Lea Carey: Day One

The day has finally arrived! No, not the day you have to go back to work after that glorious three-day weekend — I’m talking about our fir...
05-09-2017 18:54

DIY Stone Top Coffee Table

Revitalizing preowned furniture is a well-loved hobby in my house. There’s a reupholstered sofa in the sunroom, bentwood chairs with new velvet ...
25-08-2017 18:54

State of the Blog Union 2017: How The Online World Has Chang

Earlier this summer, my co-worker Caitlin traveled from her home in West Virginia to our’s in New York so we could work together in person. Our ...
25-08-2017 18:54

Today?s Schedule + Next Week?s Vacation!

Before we dive into today’s posts, I wanted to let everyone know that next week we will be taking our annual summer break. Instead of our regula...
25-08-2017 18:54

Global Finds Enrich a Young Family?s Home in Arizona

Five to six times a year, Meg Van Lith heads out on a global shopping spree in order to snag interesting inventory for Tierra Del Lagarto, the shop sh...
24-08-2017 18:55

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Abigail Borg Wallpaper + Best of the Web

Abigail Borg Wallpaper + Best of the Web

I’ve been on a wallpaper kick all week. It seems like everyone is gearing up -
Bathroom Trends 2017 / 2018 ? Designs, Colors and Materials

Bathroom Trends 2017 / 2018 ? Designs, Colors...

At first glimpse it may seem that the bathroom is the dullest and not fashionable space of the home – tributary to its functionality and prosaic means ? but if you think about it is one of the places that you spend a lot of your time ? so why... -
Zaha Hadid Architects Unveils New Experimental Structure Using 3D-Printing Technology

Zaha Hadid Architects Unveils New Experimenta...

Zaha Hadid Architects unveiled a new experimental structure as part of Milan?s White In The City Exhibition during the city?s annual Salone del Mobile. Held at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera in the heart of Milan?s design district, the... -
Trendy Dark Bachelor Apartment by YoDezeen

Trendy Dark Bachelor Apartment by YoDezeen

Trendy dark, masculine and with the dynamic layout this bachelor?s apartment in Kiev is designed by a architects team YoDezeen: Architects Artem Zverev, Artur Sharf, Irina Babich, interior designer Anna Tarabanova; that made it a contemporary,... -
Spotlight: Robert A.M. Stern

Spotlight: Robert A.M. Stern

As founder of Robert A.M. Stern Architects and former Dean of the Yale School of Architecture, Robert A.M. Stern is a self-proclaimed modern traditionalist – and no, in his eyes, that is not an oxymoron. When... -
Home Renovation in Texas Unveils Bold and Playful Interiors

Home Renovation in Texas Unveils Bold and Pla...

Dillon Kyle Architects completed the renovation of Bolsover Residence, an eclectic home located in Houston, Texas. To achieve a better layout, a portion of the initial first level was removed and replaced with a ?buffer? structure that connects the... -
50-Foot-Tall Buckminster Fuller ?Fly?s Eye? Dome to Be Erected in Arkansas

50-Foot-Tall Buckminster Fuller ?Fly?s Eye? D...

One of Buckminster Fuller?s visionary housing structures is set to be erected at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville, Arkansas. The 50-foot structure, known as the ?Fly?s Eye Dome? is the largest of only three original prototypes... -
Faena House: Miami Beachside Penthouse With Layers of Luxury

Faena House: Miami Beachside Penthouse With L...

In 2014, The Faena Group?founded by Alan Faena and partnered by Len Blavatnik?is set to launch its first phase of global expansion in Miami Beach, and it is this beachside location where we will view an amazing layer cake of dream apartments that... -
Extension of the Lycée Français and Renovation of the Studio Molière / Dietmar Feichtinger Architectes

Extension of the Lycée Français and Renovatio...

The "theatre\'s" particular cultural function, location and organisation in a historical building and the identity of the new school building are central to the project. -
Heatherwick Studio's "Vessel" Will Take the Form of an Endless Stairway at New York's Hudson Yards

Heatherwick Studio's "Vessel" Will ...

UPDATE: We\'ve added a video of Thomas Heatherwick explaining the design of "Vessel," after the break! -

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