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interior design News

New Year! New Variety Pack!

Hey!  Happy New Year everybody!  I hope your holiday season was stellar!Whooie, a whirlwind, amiright"  Yeah I\'m pooped too.But, nevertheless, no ...
11-01-2018 19:15

And Now 2017, That's a Wrap Too.

What"!  Seriously"  Where....the year.....What"!  My goodness, where the heck did it go"  Did we even have one"!  What happened"!"!*blink blink*T...
28-12-2017 19:15

The Christmas Post.

Ya know.  I\'m just not one of those folks who gets all giddy with Christmas stuff.  And no offense if you do.  Everyone is different, amiright"The...
19-12-2017 19:11

(Web) Trippin? + A Coupla? Updates

Heeyyyyy!Hey, lookie at that, I did some decoratin\' on our "mantel!"  Our lil\' felt stockings, a...
08-12-2017 19:11

Time for a Little Variety Pack.

Mmk doke, all righty my friends, a Variety Pack!Last month I was out in San Francisco celebrating my parent\'s fiftieth wedding anniversary (yes, five...
23-11-2017 19:12

Hall Bathroom. Revisited.

?Hey, have you seen what I was working on"  I finished it today.?Mike:  Huh"  What"  No I ....Becky:  (flips on hall bathroom light)Mike:B:  You...
16-11-2017 19:24

New Front Porch.

Over the weekend, we had the honor of attending Juliana\'s wedding, Mike\'s co-worker, which was great fun.  We\'re very happy for her and wish her a...
08-11-2017 19:22

My Six Buck Wood Scrap Table.

So I made a little table, see.And it only cost me six bucks to make, see. Yeah, no joke!  Six whole bucks.It might not make much sense how my brain w...
31-10-2017 19:12

Variety Pack: Outdoor Version, Part Two.

Okey dokey, last we left off on our outdoor Variety Pack, I had finished staining the deck and was dismayed at the outcome.What came next was a whole...
25-10-2017 19:16

Variety Pack: Outdoor Version.

Hey, all right!  Let\'s catch up on a spring, summer, early fall\'s worth of yard goodness!Of course I did not get as much done outside as I had wish...
18-10-2017 19:17

Dip Dyed String Curtain.

So, this is how it goes sometimes:  I create something, do a doohickey, live with it for a bit, end up deciding it just don\'t work.  Time to move o...
27-09-2017 19:14

Back Stair Flooring. Part Two.

\'Member I planted some vinyl plank tile on the back stair"  Yeah.  \'Member how I mentioned they were not sticking so well"  Yeah.  Finally took ...
20-09-2017 19:12

Let's Travel the Web Again.

Hey ya.I\'m back.  Whooie.  Yep, done with jury duty.Lake MichiganWow.  I had no idea what a rattling event it would be. Firstly, your attendance i...
07-09-2017 19:12

Workbench Makeover.

And what can I say.  I didn\'t envision I\'d need to rework the whole shebang, kinda like ever, nor did I want to but ya know, things change. More to...
23-08-2017 19:12

The Garage Reorganized. Again.

Yes.  Again.I know, right"!  How many times can one poor soul arrange and rearrange and organize and reorganize one darn garage"!Apparently many.Thi...
08-08-2017 19:13

Final Final First Floor Bathroom Reveal.

Hey!  Hey hey!  Finally!!Seriously, people.  I cannot believe this bathroom is done.  Still.  Like done.  Like, no more work in that room.  Non...
25-07-2017 19:14

Easy: Concrete Tissue Box Cover.

Ah man.  I lied.  Last time I said I\'d finally finally share the finished first floor bathroom.  But yet here I am, interjecting with a seemingly ...
19-07-2017 19:14

How To: Faux Paint Rust + Reused Wood Shelf.

Before we get rolling here, holy crap people, our kitchen drawers are featured on Apartment Therapy.  Apartment.  Therapy.  Jaw ? floor.  Seriousl...
11-07-2017 19:12

First Floor Bathroom Cabinets! Holy Cow. Part Two.

Boy, have I got a load to cover.Let\'s get down to it, shall we"  Pop a squat, let\'s go.Oh!  Oh!  Cabinets!!  They\'re for real!So all right, las...
22-06-2017 19:15

How to: Old Door ? Rolling Work/Storage Table

Ok, I\'ve promised this one twice now so I gotta deliver.  Yes, I will get back to those first floor bathroom cabinets, promise that too.  Man, I\'v...
14-06-2017 19:13

First Floor Bathroom Cabinets! Holy Cow: Part One.

Guys. Folks. Peeps.We have first floor bathroom cabinets.Unbelievable!  I mean.  This bathroom has plagued me for what, every single damn day of the...
02-06-2017 19:16


Ahhhh, sawdust sneezes.  Eau de Stain wafting through the air.  Stinky sealer.  Ah yes.  Cabinets for the first floor bathroom!  Bam, surprise! N...
24-05-2017 19:26

New Arrivals!

Back!  I am back. Indeed, and I am oh so ready to get to work on the house.  Itching.  Though I need a nap.  An extended one, preferably.  Yet, I...
08-05-2017 19:15

Let's Travel the Web.

Whooie, yep, busy.  Busy busy busy.  The movie is keeping me booked up all right.  Then of course weekends are packed with catching up on life.  ...
25-04-2017 19:17

Mini Variety Pack, Plus Be Back Soon!

Indeed, back soon as I picked up a movie for about six-ish weeks.  We all know what that means:  everything house grinds to a halt.  My hope is to ...
21-03-2017 19:11

Back Stair Flooring. At last!

Heeeeeyy!  Yay!  Progress!Suddenly, in a flash, outta nowhere, I finally had an idea for the back stair.  The steps anyway.  The rest of the embar...
15-03-2017 19:11

Faux Bed Frame/Box Spring Cover/In Lieu of a Bed Skirt Thing

It\'s been kinda bugging me, the just out there not looking attractive box spring for our bed.  We\'ve got the schwanky headboard and all but meh, th...
08-03-2017 19:13

On Constant Disappointments, aka Follow Up's.

Sometimes, ya know, stars just do not align.Sometimes, Murphy\'s Law is your unofficial middle name.Sometimes your life constantly feels like this.  ...
02-03-2017 19:13

(Mis)Adventures in DIY'ing: Whole House Humidifier. Part T

Last part. Or so we\'ll see.  Hm.In case you missed part one, you can start here.  If you missed part two, that can be found here.Ok, so part three....
10-02-2017 19:25

Kitchen Update!

An update in other household categories"  Yep!The kitchen!  Granted there\'s not much new in here but I opted to squeak this between the whole house...
31-01-2017 19:17

(Mis)Adventures in DIY'ing: Whole House Humidifier. Part T

In continuing with the way super fabulous fun yay happy time adventure of installing a whole house humidifier by myself:Last we left off, I was second...
24-01-2017 19:19

Bathroom Update!

And now we interrupt the humidifier story time with an update. What"! I thought you\'d like an update!  I\'ll get back to the humidifier story, oh d...
19-01-2017 19:15

(Mis)Adventures in DIY'ing: Whole House Humidifier.

Ok then.  New year.  New quests.  Right"  Right!  Then let\'s get a-rollin\' and right at it, my friends. Clap clap, pop a squat.But a what now" ...
05-01-2017 19:13

2016: That's a Wrap.

Wow, seriously, where the heck did this year go"  Where"  My goodness.  It feels just last week I was writing the Top Ten of 2015.  Seriously.  W...
29-12-2016 19:13

Final Variety Pack for 2016: Part Two.

Ah ha, part two!  To go with part one.  I\'mma lookin\' at my lengthy list of things here I want to include; hm, lengthy but I think I can get it al...
24-12-2016 19:14

The Finishing of the Kitchen Drawers

Totally did not mean to skip over this by stuffing in a Variety Pack ahead, I swear.  Confluences what they are, ya know, schedules are weird, what c...
21-12-2016 19:11

Final Variety Pack of 2016: Part One.

Bwah ha ha ha HA!  Wow.  Hi!Oooh my goodness!  I might be back home but my workload has been quite robust!   Holy cow.  Humblest apologies for be...
13-12-2016 19:11

Stop! Kitchen. Drawers. *thunk*

That\'s me, passing out.  *ka-thunk*We have kitchen drawers now.  I know, right"!  I kid you not.  Kitchen.  Drawers.  Hole-eeeee cow people.  ...
17-11-2016 19:20

Gearing Up!

Ok, folks.  The end is nigh again.  I will be cut from work anywhere, anytime in the next two weeks, at any given moment.  So, yep, the ramping up ...
01-11-2016 19:18

A Trip Around the Web + Please Don't Hurt Yourself.

Heeeeeyyy!Yeah, I miss you guys.  Workin\' hard over on the pilot"  The rest of the season is airing now, the stuff I\'m working on currently.  Let...
03-10-2016 19:20

Please Don't Hire a Designer If.....

Ya know, normally I aim for positivity and such.  And I don\'t mean any of the following in a negative way.  I mean, c\'mon, I said please in the ti...
14-09-2016 19:16

Variety Pack and Updates! Woo hoo!

So yes indeedily-doo, it\'s another variety pack with the added bonus of updates!  All in one!  Who woulda thought"!Heh.Before I get down to it, the...
08-09-2016 19:12

Skillet Trivet: A Story in (Mostly) Pictures

I figured since I have so many photos of this wacky adventure, it might be entertaining to do this as a photo essay of sorts.  Considering I gave my ...
24-08-2016 19:11

Wanna Make Charcuterie Boards"

Heeeeyyyyyyyy guys!  Whaaat\'s up"  Long time no see, I know!Wow yes I\'ve been gone eons huh"  Yeah, sorry.  I\'ve been mightily swamped with The...
08-08-2016 19:10

Lessons of the Thermostat: Part Two.

You are totally not going to believe this.  At all.  Honestly, I still cannot.  But it\'s true.  Totally totally one hundred percent true.I got a ...
06-07-2016 19:13

Wanna Make Beer Flights"

After I made those spiffy boxes for the nearby restaurant/bar, they asked me to make beer flights.  But, they said, not the usual you-see-it-everywhe...
29-06-2016 19:10

A Wild and Crazy Deck Dining Table.

I honestly did not think I\'d ever get this to work. I had a harebrained idea, see. What"  Me"  Not a shocking revelation, I know.  Right, and that...
15-06-2016 19:12

Yard Works.

Apologies for the MIA going on in these parts.  I ended up working not only on ...
10-06-2016 19:11

A Garage Folding Workbench.

Mike rings me up:  "Hey!  Whatcha workin\' on""  Because 9.999 times out of 10 I am indeed working on three things at once.B:  Oh uh, well uh, stu...
01-06-2016 19:12

Before. And After, or I Mean Current: Part Two.

I know I know!  I forgot.  No, I shouldn\'t say that, I didn\'t forget to share part two.  I got wrapped up in projects and work related things.  ...
27-05-2016 19:11

Tile is Done. Ah Finally.

Man.Man oh man. Ok!  All righty!  Yes folks, the tile is done.  Can you believe it"  Yeah, neither can I.  Yay!!Oh!  Oh!  Could it be"!  NEW t...
17-05-2016 19:10

Why Can't I Just Needlepoint or Something" (Tile Updat

Here\'s the moment where I say ah, yes, now I know why I hadn\'t gotten around to redoing the first floor bathroom. ¬†Or to have started then stopped¬...
10-05-2016 19:09

First Floor Bathroom Update + A Tool Rant.

That first floor bathroom!  Aw boy!  It\'s a project all right.  But it\'s on!I mean, it\'s not as intimidating as the pocket door was.  Or wait m...
06-05-2016 20:05

Variety Pack: Fixes and Re-do's and Wrap Up's.

It\'s been a smattering of unrelated this that the other things getting done, hopping randomly from one thing to the next.  I\'m not sure why my brai...
03-05-2016 19:10

Puppy Gate, Deck Style.

Yes Finn is still technically a puppy at about three-ish years old and ok yes, he is also the world\'s most giganto-puppy ever.  So I guess with that...
26-04-2016 19:11

It's a, Holy Cow, an Awning!

I know I\'ve mentioned, the electric retractable awning from our previous address.  We enjoyed it; Mike thought it cooler than sliced bread and has w...
22-04-2016 19:13

Busy Busy Busy with Outdoorsy Time!

Yay the weather is nicer!  Yay!  Briefly surely; it is Chicago.  But go weather!  Go weather!I can finally finally finally start hammering away at...
19-04-2016 19:14

Keep Sewing: Basement Curtains.

Ok so suddenly The List is piling on, especially as Mike has decreed it finish-projects-time.  I actually did rewrite my entire running list last wee...
15-04-2016 19:15

A Felt Curtain.

A uh excuse me"Yeah, a felt curtain.Man, where does this stuff come from", you may dubiously eyeball.  Ummm, dunno"  I have quite a brain.I must adm...
12-04-2016 19:15

Before. And After. Or Current, I Should Say.

Yeah. I am just, mmm hm, havin\' a rough roll of getting back into the swing of things around here at the ol\' abode.  Not sure what it is.  It\'s a...
07-04-2016 19:19

A Lil' Wood Box + How To Break Your Printer.

It\'s always something, huh"  Sigh and alas.But these boxes are darn spiffy and they\'d make a great, well, anything box!What I used:1/4" sanded one ...
31-03-2016 19:15

Uppah-daaayytsss! (Updates!)

It seems after every show, after being pretty well never home, \'tis time for some updates.  Sure, not a whole heck of a lot happens around here whil...
23-03-2016 19:20

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