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Iride by Lithos Design Primes in Mexico City

The multi award-winning studio Grupo Arquitectura, established in 1980 by Daniel Álvarez in Mexico City, has picked the Lithos Design Primes line for ...
27-06-2017 19:18

Provence Mansion With A Modern Twist

Spacious, dynamic and modern this sunny home in Israel, adopt honest materials palette – stone, wood, steel, and plaster at their raw appearance...
27-06-2017 19:18

Salines Container System by edeestudio

Salines container system designed by edeestudio for Neomo using traditional, natural materials, craftsmanship, light construction, in blue color. Made...
26-06-2017 19:20

Two-level Apartment by MARTINarchitects

The project was created and implemented in 2016 by MARTINarchitects. Two-level apartment are located in LCD “White Chocolate” and represen...
26-06-2017 19:20

Methaforma Group Created Mezzanine Apartment in Gray Colors

The new creation of Methaforma Group in Poznan, Poland is designed to host the dynamic life of two men. The elegant emanation of the mezzanine apartme...
24-06-2017 19:17

Dutch Studio Raw Color First Collaboration with nanimarquina

Remaining true to their spirit of research regarding color, the Dutch studio Raw Color presents its first collaboration with nanimarquina. Blend plays...
23-06-2017 19:17

Layer House

The Layer House as its name suggest is designed as a series of ?layers? and intersections with a contemporary expression that secure abundance of livi...
22-06-2017 19:21

New Kitchen Mixers by Mina

Mina is always committed not only to design mixers for a bathroom but also to several kitchen solutions. Practicalities and hygiene requirements canno...
22-06-2017 19:21

Trendy Alpine Cottage by Studio Razavi

In a mood for something natural, romantic and serene" Check out this beautiful Alpine cottage designed by Studio Razavi architecture by the best ...
21-06-2017 19:22

Dig Inn Boston Restaurant Decor by ASH NYC

The growing, health-oriented restaurant chain Dig Inn, has taken its nutritious offering to Boston with an appropriately stylish home designed by ASH ...
20-06-2017 19:18

Modern Addition to Historic House by Gloria Duran

The combination of old stone constructs, wood and water, together with fresh, modern insertions like glass partitions, functional appliances, and furn...
20-06-2017 19:18

Beautiful House Refurbishment by Gloria Duran Studio

Using signature design elements the architects from Gloria Duran architectural studio had restored this 1900’s house preserving it’s beaut...
19-06-2017 19:27

Chilmark House ? Pastoral Jewel with Modern Spirit

A pastoral jewel with contemporary spirit and talented architectural presence. This beautiful project with Scandinavian stylistic hints is situated in...
16-06-2017 19:25

Modernist-inspired Extension Added to Classic Cottage in Aus

Beautiful unity of a century old classic cottage and inspired modern addition in Australia. When one makes a house extension and additional space deve...
15-06-2017 19:18

Retail Projects by DFROST for essence and Swarovski

Latest retail architecture projects by DFROST for essence and Swarovski. Read the rest of Retail Projects by DFROST for essence and Swarovski original...
15-06-2017 19:18

Backyard House by AD+studio

The art of rounded corners, intriguing floor covers (from the alternation of wood and polished concrete to 3D graphic tiles) and mesmerizing lattice s...
14-06-2017 19:19

Eddy Armchair by Alain Gilles

The Giro d’Italia and the Tour de France are two of the most eagerly awaited events in the world of cycling and sports in general. Hard physical...
13-06-2017 19:21

One-Floor House Composed by Organic Materials

You don?t often encounter intriguing design examples from not so renowned architectural destinations around the world, don?t you" Well, this proj...
13-06-2017 19:21

Apartment Renovation by Margeza Design Studio

The apartment can be found in the heart of Budapest, Hungary with an extraordinary view of the city, the Danube and one of the most beautiful building...
12-06-2017 19:22

New Metal Looks by Tubes

Tubes present the new matt brushed copper finish for its Kubik, Bath 25, Smart and t.b.t. models, along with the anodized bronze aluminum version for ...
12-06-2017 19:22

Great Idea to Arrange a Small Loft Apartment

Want another great idea of how to arrange a small loft apartment and turned into bright, dynamic and fun contemporary space" Well, check out this...
09-06-2017 19:22

Clare Cousins Architects Created Addition to an Edwardian Co

Contemporary beauty surrounded by a picturesque landscape of cactuses and plants in Australia. This charming, light and modern house project surrounde...
09-06-2017 19:22

ORA Transform a 16th Century Residence into a Guesthouse

The ?TAJNHAUS has not been a project; the ?TAJNHAUS has been a process. This house with a Renaissance core stands right at the foot of the chateau hil...
07-06-2017 19:20

Lithos Design Celebrates its 10th Anniversary

Lithos Design celebrates its 10th anniversary, a major accomplishment for a young business with a passion for natural stone, which it has been able to...
07-06-2017 19:20

Modern Two-Level Apartment in Taipei

This apartment is designed by DaChi International Design located in Taipei, Taiwan. They are specialized in converting 20 years old building. Measurin...
07-06-2017 19:20

Modern Cave Dwelling in Old Jaffa District

The renowned Israeli architectural studio Pitsou Kedem had created this modern cave dwelling in old Jaffa district, Tel Aviv, turning it into luminous...
06-06-2017 19:20

House with Historic Spirit Restored by Gloria Duran

An amazing restoration project that combines the romantic, historic charm of a medieval manor and the light contemporary expression of modern design. ...
05-06-2017 19:20

Sustainable Housing Project Located in Sidney

Clever architectural and design arrangement, entwinement of fashionable design pieces and vintage hints, artistic and unexpected solutions – all...
01-06-2017 19:24

House in Australia Revolves Around a Stunning Swimming Pool

This unusual and beautiful house project in Australia revolves around a stunning swimming pool ? a very suitable theme for the upcoming summer, don?t ...
31-05-2017 19:21

New Pellet and Wood Burning Stoves by MCZ and Sergio Leoni

In 2017 MCZ Group presents two new stoves with reduced dimensions (brand MCZ), a round pellet burning ceramic stove (brand Sergio Leoni), a new hermet...
31-05-2017 19:21

Afeka House Amaze with Corten Steel Shading System

Functionality and simplicity is the description that the architects Bar Orian give to their project of a contemporary home located in one of Tel Aviv?...
30-05-2017 19:23

Studio Apartment with Warm Organic Color Scheme and Material

We find it particularly appealing when gorgeous textural compositions are combined with warm organic color and materials palette, all presented with d...
29-05-2017 19:24

Multifunctional Furniture Influenced by Green Lifestyle

Designed by Dossofiorito, or Livia Rossi and Gianluca Giabardo, Etta is a truly exceptional product, consisting of a base element on which various acc...
29-05-2017 19:24

Sunny and Welcoming Home with Colorful Artistic Expression

The renovation of this old bungalow in Australia and its contemporary addition is carried out by Arent & Pyke design studio, and it?s possessing t...
27-05-2017 19:22

55 Dining Room Wall Decor Ideas for Season 2018 ? 2019

When decorating your living room zones or dining room areas, there are many compositional details and specific style accents that one should keep in m...
26-05-2017 19:22

Flexible Open-Plan Living in 33 sqm.

The trend of contemporary Asian simplicity, which is picking up speed lately, allows confined dwellings to be turned into bright, flexible spaces wher...
25-05-2017 19:24

Redesign and Refurbishment of The Stanneylands by DV8 Design

DV8 Designs was appointed by The Mere Collection to work alongside the management team to spearhead the redesign and refurbishment of the much-loved C...
25-05-2017 19:24

Small Masculine Apartment in Dark Color Schemes

The contemporary black stylistic of this masculine apartment located in Chisinau, Moldova is combined with a well-balanced mixture of natural material...
23-05-2017 19:28

Softdecor Created Well Balanced Mezzanine Apartment in White

One can assume that to achieve dynamic presence and strong character the designers have to use contrasting colors, bold shades, and unexpected twists....
22-05-2017 19:26

Alessandro Zambelli Unveils New Collection of Furniture for

Alessandro Zambelli‘s talent and design sensitivity meet the aesthetic universe of the brand founded by Adele Cassina: the designer, therefore, ...
22-05-2017 19:26

Luxury Collaboration Transforms Everyday Objects into Works

In a unique collaboration, bespoke Australian tapware manufacturer Sussex has teamed up with celebrated Adelaide jeweler Cassandra Mamone to create a ...
19-05-2017 19:20

Intriguing Example of Home Architects Created to Host Their

It is always interesting to take a pick into the modern homes of architects and designers build to host their families and life. This project of Jacob...
18-05-2017 19:25

Kitchens for Small Spaces

Having to cope with limited space does not mean you have to give up design and functionality, especially in the kitchen, one of the most important roo...
18-05-2017 19:25

Elegant Apartment at Prague Historic Centre

This elegant and cozy Letna apartment was designed by Jana Hamrová and Objectum, located in Prague, Czech Republic. The building is protected as cultu...
17-05-2017 19:22

Bartoli Design?s Apartment Renewal 210 sq m of Light and Rel

Quite a radical renovation, Bartoli Design?s project for a couple of two teenagers that moved to Brianza, in a 210 sqm apartment placed on the top flo...
17-05-2017 19:22

Nuclei Lamp by Taeg Nishimoto

NUCLEI is a wall hanging lamp that brings the visual associations of unseen yet familiar world into a space through optical texture with colored patte...
17-05-2017 19:22

Beautiful Urban Simplicity with a Dynamic Modern Note

Alternating wood and black metal, gray textures and organic materials the designers from Rimartus created this beautiful urban simplicity with a dynam...
16-05-2017 19:24

Vibrant Bangkok Streets Inspire Venue fit-out for Long Chim

Long Chim, the latest hospitality project designed by Techn? Architecture + Interior Design, has opened its doors on the Crown Melbourne Riverwalk. Me...
12-05-2017 19:38

Organic Bathroom Designed and Build by Thomas Laurens

The trend towards organic shapes and materials is a part of our lives, people like the natural look and flowing or curving forms, materials such as wo...
12-05-2017 19:38

Luxury Two Bedroom Apartment in Central London

Luxury and fashionable glamor at this central London, two bedroom apartment. Our old acquaintances from TG Studio with, yet another, strong and vibran...
11-05-2017 19:24

Black and White with Wooden Accents Apartment by Rimartus

Entwinement of black and white it wooden accents and a variety of gray hues to round it up – a modern dynamic apartment in Vilnius, Lithuania de...
11-05-2017 19:24

Spectacular Play of Volumes and Materials into Modern Split

In a mood for something artistic, dynamic and modern" This contemporary project of Romanian architects Outline Architecture Office presents a spe...
10-05-2017 19:21

Vibrant and Playful Office Decor by Becky Carter

In a marriage of New England?s rich, historic aesthetic and Silicon Valley?s innovative energy, Metromile?s 5500 square foot Boston office unites two ...
10-05-2017 19:21

Timber Extension on a Beach House by Austin Maynard Architec

This fantastic timber extension on a beach house in Lorne, Victoria, Australia offers not only a great view towards the ocean the primary purpose for ...
09-05-2017 19:21

Garden Set by Nardi at Trullo House in Apulia

Tradition meets contemporary taste at the Relais Villa Aieni in San Vito dei Normanni, in Apulia; the project which was completed in early June 2016 i...
08-05-2017 19:21

3D Concrete Tile Weave Inspired by Traditional Weaving Techn

KAZA introduces another distinctly original concrete tile series to the company?s product line, designed by Swedish collective Note Design Studio. The...
08-05-2017 19:21

Minimal and Unusual Built-in Mixer by MINA

Must by MINA amaze with the built-in mixer concept by matching the pull-out spout, that is an essential feature of every kitchen area. The idea is bor...
08-05-2017 19:21

Residence in Hanoi in Trendy Dark Palette and Wooden Claddin

Architectural duo Nghiêm Phong and ?ào Thành designed this two-storey residence in Hanoi, Vietnam with a bold swing of imagination, strong, colorful a...
06-05-2017 19:21

Family Home Modernize After Major Renovations

Attention to the detail, whimsical elements, colorful accents and artistic installations and pieces of modern design characterize the interior decor o...
06-05-2017 19:21

Kiev by Arquitetura Nacional

This five storey building in Porto Alegre, Brasil is created by architectural studio Arquitetura Nacional for hosting a few generations of the family ...
04-05-2017 19:25

Two Level Residence in Matera by Manca Studio

Special design for a very special place. This project by Manca Studio is located in the ancient city of Matera, Italy famous for its spectacular cave ...
04-05-2017 19:25

Duo ? Stool or Side Table"

Appealing to emotions, simplicity, and quality of life, DAM emphasizes the Duo stools or side tables recently launched! With a strong geometric charac...
02-05-2017 19:25

Jiaxing Innovation Park Exhibition Center

Located in Xiuzhou New Area, Zhejiang Province, and built in 2011, sandwiched between the corner of two city roads: Zhongshan West Road and Xiuqing Ro...
02-05-2017 19:25

Spacious Scandinavian-Style Home by Interjero Architektura

Elegant simplicity and organic charm characterize this project of Interjero Architekt?ra located in the Kaunas, Lithuania. Alternating rich textures, ...
02-05-2017 19:25

Magical Textile Patterns by Klaus Haapaniemi

The London-based, Finnish, design and lifestyle brand Klaus Haapaniemi was founded by Klaus Haapaniemi and Mia Wallenius in 2010. Their design approac...
30-04-2017 19:24

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News most viewed Today

Impressive New Cultural Center in Shenzhen

Impressive New Cultural Center in Shenzhen

The MOCAPE, Museum of Contemporary Art & Planning Exhibition recently emerges in Shenzhen, China. The impressive monochromatic structure has been designed by Coop Himmelb and includes a contemporary art museum and the Urban Planning Exhibition Hall.... -
BIG Selected to Design San Pellegrino Factory and Headquarters in Northern Italy

BIG Selected to Design San Pellegrino Factory...

Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) have been revealed as the winners of a competition to conceptualize and design a new headquarters and bottling plant for San Pellegrino, located in the terme of the same name in the Alps of northern Italy.... -
Types and Features of Gable Roof Constructions

Types and Features of Gable Roof Construction...

The form of a gable roof is determined at the design stage. It also depends on the further operation of the attic. There are three main types of gable roof: Symmetrical. This is the most common variant which provides reliable device and uniform... -
New Trend: Concrete Countertops

New Trend: Concrete Countertops

Designer: Freedom Kitchens | Caesarstone: Sleek Concrete We all know that the kitchen is the heart of the home. It?s also the hub of culinary creativity. More and more homeowners are moving away from the manufactured look of laminates and... -
Industrial-Style Penthouse in Berlin Elevated by Works of Art

Industrial-Style Penthouse in Berlin Elevated...

Santiago Brotons Design completed an elegant loft with industrial-style influences in Berlin, Germany. The 320-square-foot penthouse is close to Ku-Damm, Berlin’s famous shopping area and features three terraces with views over the city. As... -
A Modest, Modern Apartment for Living and Working

A Modest, Modern Apartment for Living and Wor...

A modest sized apartment in Poland becomes a modern place to live and work. -
A Haunting Halloween Playlist + Weekly Wrap-Up

A Haunting Halloween Playlist + Weekly Wrap-U...

Halloween is less than a week a way, so we thought it the perfect occasion to share October’s Playlist?just in time for weekend excursions to the pumpkin patch and Halloween-themed dinner parties! Rather than going with all of the... -
Richard Meier & Partners Designs Waterfront Mixed-Use Building in Hamburg

Richard Meier & Partners Designs Waterfront M...

Richard Meier & Partners has released images of their competition-winning design for a new 34,750 square meter (374,045 square foot) mixed-use building in Hamburg, Germany that will combine luxury condominiums, rental apartments and the new... -


I think that it is time to start a new section in my blog where the posts about Prague will be replaced with stories from San Francisco. And here is the first one - the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market which happens every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday... -
Very Adjustable Thermal Insulation of Facades for any Climates

Very Adjustable Thermal Insulation of Facades...

Many have come to the conclusion that one of the best ways of building insulation is a composite unit of plaster facade. This technology is a fastening insulating materials such as expanded polystyrene or mineral wool to the exterior wall using... -

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