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interior design News

Door drama

Did I not mention that I did actually finish the front door" Last time we conversed about this – I say conversed as you were quite forthcoming with ...
29-09-2017 19:05

Mother! Home invasion horror

Well it’s been years since I went to the cinema, but last night I stepped out to watch Mother!, the latest from the director of Black Swan. If you h...
25-09-2017 19:06

Holiday on the Azores

This is going to be a ‘hey I went on holiday’ sort of a post so sorry about that if you’ve had it up to here with it on Facebook and Instagram d...
19-09-2017 19:03

Uags bothy and the North Coast 500

A little late, here is a report on my recent trip up to the Highlands in search of that dream cottage of my childhood imaginings. And, yeah, good news...
16-09-2017 19:06

Lille Braderie 2017

Imagine, Bargain Hunters, a city filled with junk for sale, laid out on blankets and wallpapering tables on every boulevard, square and side street. I...
06-09-2017 19:05

My Kokeshi

A couple of months ago my wonderful sister-in-law came to visit, without brother, from Tokyo. We had a lovely chilly time here, and we also called on ...
18-08-2017 19:04

Interior decorating, 90s style

Remember a simpler time, when we regarded our houses as places to get away from everybody, rather than investment vehicles" When a chill-out zone was ...
03-08-2017 19:04

Door update – is this oversharing"

So I got the door back and it was totally the wrong blue. I was after navy blue, like my handbag and so I just spent a morning finding it in my local ...
25-07-2017 19:05

Tinkering about with paint again – front door special

I’ve lived in my house for ten years and for about five of those I’ve thought “maybe we’ll move”. Since this could go on some and because I ...
19-07-2017 19:06

Post-apocalypse estate agents

Well hello. It’s been a while. I have been away in Corfu, reading a gaiety of post-apocalyptic fiction, including The End We Start From. I recommend...
13-07-2017 19:04

Elmers End Cafe – perfect, give or take the tits

This morning I had a meeting in Elmers End, Beckenham – not that far from Croydon. I was a bit early so I spent the journey there craning out the ca...
21-06-2017 19:06

Here’s to the future…

Well hello. It’s been a while. For regular readers I do apologise for our uncharacteristic radio silence. I’ve just been a bit miserable to be hon...
07-06-2017 19:08

Whitechapel’s The New Road Residence – peaceful

Apparently Craft Week has been a thing since 2015 but this is the first year I’ve gone to things at it. I say things, I have been to one thing and t...
03-05-2017 19:08

But and ben take 2

In Scotland a But and ben is a little cottage getaway. The ‘but’ is an outer room or sometimes kitchen, the ‘ben’ a cosy inner room. Regular r...
24-04-2017 19:10

How to fold a fitted sheet

I admit it. I have caved and bought a fitted sheet. You want a list of my lifelong objections to these things, check it out here. What can I say, I’...
19-04-2017 19:05

New obsession: beach combing

Where’s Ros" Answer: She’s out for me out on the rocks with a pokey stick and a Tesco’s bag for life. Yes, I’ve got the beach combing bug! Whe...
10-04-2017 19:05

The coolest thing in Milan

My headline is misleading for I am not currently roaming the streets and trade halls of Milan. I am in lovely Peckham foraging on Instagram for distra...
04-04-2017 19:07

Outsider art at the bothy

You may have seen an article about bothys recently – I’ve been directed to a couple, both written to mark the publication of The Bothy Bible, a bo...
20-03-2017 19:02

The future is….buttery

I have seen the future and it is yellow. But a sort of buttery, warm yellow nothing like the zingy lime-based yellows or Mid C feeling mustards that h...
14-03-2017 19:04

Friday file: Ten Meter Tower

I know it’s not Friday, but that’s another way of saying… this is probably one for the freelancers. Mine and Jill’s esteemed colleague from a ...
21-02-2017 19:05

Hand-crafted caravan

My mum came up to visit with lots of old photos for me to look at – amongst which was this one. Not very old, and I’d forgotten I’d taken it, bu...
14-02-2017 19:16

Trend alert – the tiny shelf

This is the bedroom of Marc Peridis from 19 Greek Street. Pink and cosy and very much what we’d all like a piece of. But that’s not why it’s her...
09-02-2017 19:04

Light relief – the interiors of Murder She Wrote

Since a massive amount of distraction is now required to get through a day without exclaiming at the state of things – and because who doesn’t lov...
02-02-2017 19:12

Death of superclubs and how mine is immortalised in Trainspo

If you tune into the media coverage of the changing face of just about any city in the UK, you’ll know that for a while superclubs were dominating t...
25-01-2017 19:09

Things I have in common with Donald Trump

Wild hair, I suppose. But really it’s desk style. I was amused by this picture in the… yeah… Daily Mail of the Commander in Chief’s desk in Tr...
20-01-2017 19:08

The Art Deco house of dreams

If there’s one overriding feature I noticed about Eltham Palace, it’s that you can feel the parties in the walls. Not just because of the whole Dr...
18-01-2017 19:07

Pablo Bronstein – a fan letter

I went to visit a friend last week, who has transformed his capacious but chilly Victorian living room into a hymn to plants. Exotic cacti and palms a...
11-01-2017 19:08

Real Reveal: Black not bleak

Hiya all and Happy New Year – I’m just emerging from a ‘heavy winter cold’, just like the Queen. Having had family over for Christmas I’m fi...
06-01-2017 19:09

A Christmas Hovel

No-ho-ho! Not my gaff. I’m sharing with you this amazing Hastings home owned by Alastair Hendy, restored by him to something like its original Tudor...
23-12-2016 19:08

My Other Friend’s House

When Jill and I set up this blog it was – as the name suggests – partly about the two of us sharing with each other what we were doing to our resp...
19-12-2016 19:07

F*ck You art

Remember how much we hated slogans when we started this blog (in 2009!)" Well I’ve found a few to get behind that – celebrate" rebel in the face o...
13-12-2016 19:04

Eley Kishimoto studio closing, sample sale

Two years ago, Ros reported on a lovely tour she took of Eley Kishimoto‘s studio, in an unassuming building right next door to the prison in Brixton...
07-12-2016 19:07

A carpet and a christening

As Christmas approaches the efforts to make the house warm and respectable gather pace. Latest instalment – a carpet. Yes, the very item of decor I ...
06-12-2016 19:06

Trend alert! Soviet wallpaper

Well sort of. An acquaintance of ours is moving into a do-er up-er and sharing on FB pictures of the radically mismatched 70s swirly carpets, a differ...
21-11-2016 19:10

Going inside…Peckham Liberal Club

In the Trump Slump I’ve let myself read far too many terrifying articles from knowledgable historians and bleak-world forecaster John Pilger, which ...
14-11-2016 19:12

Oh man…

…what does one say" All this and Leonard Cohen taking his leave of us too.   As I listen on the radio to a discussion about the failure of the left...
11-11-2016 19:09

1830s surrealist Russian fable, The Nose

I stumbled across Russian fable The Nose, by Nikolai Gorky,at Donlon Books last Christmas and bought it because the book itself was such a beautiful ...
08-11-2016 19:08

“Textbook roofline soup” – deconstructing

New super-engrossing website alert! I found this site via my talented cousin who has the tech skills to be living and working in the US right now. She...
04-11-2016 19:07

“Don’t fuck about” – at home with Ma

We’ve shared videos from this fab little series before. Short little guided tours around the apartments of, well, scene-sters, but with a leaning to...
28-10-2016 19:08

Finnish nest dolls and a bit of Moomin news

Remember I went to Helsinki back in April and reported as though I was a spiritual culture vulture above consuming anything" Well I’m over all that ...
24-10-2016 19:10

She even makes dumbbells looks sexy…

I just spent the day cleaning out the house so I need a visual breather and thought you might like one too, from whatever you’re up to.Ros and I ha...
18-10-2016 19:13

System Addict

I am a disorganised person, in general, and lazy. Regards keeping house I find myself easily overwhelmed, sent into a languorous melancholy at the sig...
12-10-2016 19:12

My Friend’s….Fundraiser

I’m involved in a fundraiser taking place mid November. I’m having to go around asking folk for raffle prizes and everything (wait for it…). The...
06-10-2016 19:10

What would happen to Interiors talk if we banned these words

Before I launch into what will seem like a snooty, ill-advised attack on other people’s use of the English language – and to my Mother who rings t...
04-10-2016 19:09

Perving over plans at Jardi Marimurtra

I got swept up in life the second we got back from our summer this year and forgot to post anything to do with it. We spent a week near Palamos, in th...
03-10-2016 19:10

Seasonal furniture shuffle

Ah, autumn. Mists, mellow fruitfulness and the X-Factor being on. After a glorious summer here it is hard to face the fact that autumn is upon us – ...
27-09-2016 19:07

Another person’s tile drama, but this time bathrooms

The most unreal news in my life for the past few years is that we bought a plot of land in the highlands and are building a house on it. It’s not lo...
23-09-2016 19:09

The T on those tiles

And for those of you not down with the lingo, that’s T as in Truth. Yes, here comes the reveal of how my tedious tile tension turned out… Thanks t...
22-09-2016 19:08

Cool face cushions from Luna & Curious

LDF is on just now and this year I’m only focussing on a few choice things. Like five. This is equal parts to do with my time management and my wani...
20-09-2016 19:08

Gimme shelters

Ah, a glorious late summer by the seaside. And even without leaving the house I’ve had plenty to amuse me out the window. For one thing a Russian ol...
14-09-2016 19:08

Happiness is a new office

After Ros and I called it quits on our old office I moved back home to work while she moved to her new home in Margate. I’ve worked, on and off, in ...
08-09-2016 19:05

All Hail Alhambra – or tiles Part 2

So yesterday, on route to Glasgow, I stopped into the tile shop I refused to name in my last post in case you went and bought my dream reclaimed tiles...
02-09-2016 19:05

Tile tension

When you’re particular about things, shopping can be hard, no" Rarely these days, but occasionally I get a notion for something very specific that I...
30-08-2016 19:04

All These Nice Things – Nunhead pop up

Is Instagram controlling me" Yesterday on the strength of a photo on it, I found out about and also went ahead and visited a new neighbourhood pop up ...
28-08-2016 19:04

I need to move here sooner than immediately

Just spent a lovely day on the beach with a friend and her kids. In a few days she’s off to holiday in an off-grid cottage on the Jurassic coast. Sh...
22-08-2016 19:04

Perfect pink still-life

Although Jill is right, it’s all about the pink and green for me, this little scene of pink, red and black has had me staring at it for – literall...
19-08-2016 19:02


I’m going on holiday on Sunday and need to finish all this month’s work early. So sorry to be brief, but check out this chair that I want. It’s ...
17-08-2016 19:03

Proud at last

So this weekend was Margate Pride and I had a lovely time. Last year’s Pride was pretty sad – leaflets went out to homes beforehand from someone w...
15-08-2016 19:03

Fte life

Back again to the annual fete in the French village where my parents live. I’ve reported from previous fetes, so you can catch-up on just what it in...
12-08-2016 19:04

A book I want

A friend got it for her birthday last week and rightly identified it as being right up my street. Snapshots of Dangerous Women is a collection of vint...
09-08-2016 19:02

View of a view

One last gift that I didm’t include in my ‘hedonism of things’ birthday round-up was the present from my mum. My mum loves paintings, especially...
05-08-2016 19:02

Not feeling the linen…

…or to be honest, I’m feeling it too much. Yup I got linen bedding a while ago because it was a trend, two friends I visited had truly lovely line...
03-08-2016 19:01

A hedonism of things

I have to confess that while I am finding almost nothing funny in the current political climate – even jokes about David Cameron humming have left m...
28-07-2016 19:03

All the bad cats

This is my bad one. Sitting with a wild stare in her eye as she’s been carrying her latest kill around the house while yowling. Loudly. Happily for ...
25-07-2016 19:04

Highland cabin porn

Killiehuntly estate is near Glenfeshie in the Cairngorms and includes a child-free farmhouse where you can stay and have your breakfast made for you, ...
23-07-2016 19:05

Iggy Pop and his chairs

Did you see Iggy Pop on tv the other week telling Graham Norton that he’s into collecting chairs" He puts it down to having gone from being super sk...
21-07-2016 19:07

Trend: Highland hipsters

Last week it was my turn to run away to Scotland for a week to ignore technology and coalesce with the air, the lochs, the mountains and the trees. It...
20-07-2016 19:03

May Day

Yes it’s change-over day at Downing Street, with the old incumbents running round stuffing the very last of their belongings, including that little ...
13-07-2016 19:02

Anti-consumerist birthday

Or, birthday part 1, because I also got plenty of gorgeous consumerist presents which I’ll share with you next post. This one however is about the l...
12-07-2016 19:03

Signs of the time

Well, Ros is on the island this week hopefully keeping well away from the newspapers. I don’t know about you, but I’m still depressed. I went to t...
05-07-2016 19:04

Still life

…just about, but certainly not as we’ve known it. I haven’t much I want to write, though I have a lot to say. Instead an image shared on Faceboo...
28-06-2016 19:04

Patti Smith’s DIY SOS

It goes without saying that I love Patti Smith. I expect you do too. Who doesn’t these days" Having enjoyed Just Kids – a salute to which Jill wro...
23-06-2016 19:03

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