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How To Hide The Ugly Things In Your Home

To create a relaxing and well designed room, there are just some things that shouldn?t be seen. Like a WiFi router, ironing board, or cords and cabl...
01-06-2016 19:16

How To Make Your Router Disappear: 6 Inventive and Creative

Electronics can be a bit of an eyesore when it comes to home design. One thing that you can?t really store out of sight and closed off, since you?ll...
01-06-2016 19:16

Creative Ways of How To Store Scarves

It?s pretty surprising the number of ways you can create storage for your scarves. The 15+ scarf storage ideas in this post have been divided up int...
01-06-2016 19:16

How To Make A Small Room Look Bigger: Creative Design Ideas

There are so many different things you can do to make a room look bigger. That is why this post is so long. How you hang your curtains, or the kind ...
01-06-2016 19:16

How To Add a Relaxing Indoor Hammock in Your Home

It?s not very common for people to hang an indoor hammock in their home. Maybe it is because of a lack of space, or not knowing how to put one up ? ...
01-06-2016 19:16

Hidden Storage Ideas: James Bond and Home Decor

Maybe you want to hide things away for security reasons. Or things need to be hidden just to make the room look better and keep it clutter free. Eit...
01-06-2016 19:16

10 Bathroom Toilet Paper Storage Ideas and Styles

Who knew there would be so many different ways to store your toilet paper. The option to go for will depend on what style bathroom you are trying to ...
31-05-2016 19:15

Helpful Laundry Room Storage Ideas and Solutions

The toughest item to store in a laundry room is the ironing board. Luckily there are a number of ways to store it out of the way. You can even elimi...
31-05-2016 19:15

Keeping It Classy: Toilet Paper Holder Ideas, From DIY Ideas

Here is a gallery of different toilet paper holder ideas. You have everything from designer pieces that adds a luxurious finishing touch to a bathroo...
31-05-2016 19:15

Getting Creative: No Closet Solutions and Storage Ideas

It can be a bit of a shame if your bedroom doesn?t come with a closet to store away your cloths. But this just means you need to get a little crea...
29-05-2016 19:17

Wrestling With Your Ironing Board: Ideas on How To Store It

Ironing boards can be quite a hassle, having to wrestle them open then close them up again ? then shove them out of the way. Plus they can be a bit ...
28-05-2016 19:17

7 Ways on How To Make a Room Feel Cozy and Relaxing

I have written a long post on the many different ways you can make a room look bigger. This post is going to do the exact opposite – it is going t...
28-05-2016 19:17

Smart Small Closet Ideas and Storage Organization Tricks

There is a lot that you can do to make the most of a small closet space. Simple storage and organization hacks such has hanging up hooks on the insi...
28-05-2016 19:17

Welcome Home: Front Door Ideas and Designs

First impressions. The first impression of your home is not just important for visitors and potential buyers, but to you the person living there. Wo...
28-05-2016 19:17

The Simple Guide: Home Lighting Design Basics

Lighting plays such an important role in home design. It can turn an ordinary room into a designer looking one. Lighting can change how a room feels...
28-05-2016 19:17

Small Garden Ideas and Designs: How To Make The Most of Your

If you have a small garden you can either design it so that it feels larger and more spacious than it is. Or you can take advantage of the small spa...
28-05-2016 19:17

Style Guide: Modern Laundry Room Ideas and Storage Tips

A modern laundry room is going to be a clean and fresh looking space, just like how you want your laundry to come out. This post on modern laundry r...
27-05-2016 19:16

Farmhouse Living Room Ideas, How To Create The Look

This post is going to go over a range of different farmhouse living room ideas and design tips, to help you transform your space. You’ll find idea...
26-05-2016 19:17

Design and Decor Guide: Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas

When it comes to designing a bathroom there are a few main areas to focus on. In this post I go over farmhouse bathroom ideas that will help you tra...
16-05-2016 19:13

Making The Space My Own: 7 Dream Living Room Makeover Ideas

I was asked what my dream living room space would look like, and how I would remodel the space. This post covers the 7 main ideas I would infuse int...
11-05-2016 19:15

4 Ways to Maximize Space In a Small Home Office: Ideas and D

There is always a way to fit in a home office space. Have you seen a home office fitted into a closet" Did you know that using a mirror can help mak...
28-04-2016 19:13

Color Guide: Grey Basement Ideas

The first question you need to ask yourself is ?how much grey do you want?" And the second question to ask is ?what shade of grey"?. These are the t...
27-04-2016 19:19

Classic: Black and White Living Room Ideas and Designs

When most people think of a black and white living room, they will imagine white walls and a space decorated with black and white pieces. But there ...
27-04-2016 19:19

Color Style Guide: White Kitchen Ideas and Designs

When it comes to designing a white kitchen, you want to try and avoid creating a sterile look. The white kitchen ideas in this post will show you ho...
26-04-2016 19:15

Color Guide: Blue Basement Ideas

There are two ways you can go about styling a basement blue. 1) Paint the walls blue and decorate the space blue, or 2) paint the walls a neutral co...
25-04-2016 19:14

Color Design Guide: Purple Kitchen Decor Ideas

Here are the questions you need to ask yourself when designing a purple kitchen. How Much Purple" You could go all out, and paint all of the walls a...
25-04-2016 19:14

How To Create A Magical Evening: Outdoor Movie Night Ideas

When creating an outdoor movie night, there are 4 main things to think about. 1) Where are you going to set it up. 2) What is the best way to create...
25-04-2016 19:14

Design Tips: Small Living Room Ideas

Having a small living room space means you need to get creative in how you use the space. This will make you a better home designer, and is a fun ch...
24-04-2016 19:17

PASSPORT: Artistic Modern Home In Connecticut

This is the Connecticut home of designer Mar Silver. What makes the rooms so special is that they are clutter free spaces, almost minimalist in desi...
24-04-2016 19:17

Outdoor Living: Modern Patio Design Ideas

This posts goes over the few design areas to focus on when it comes to creating a modern patio design. Lighting: A modern home will be a well lit sp...
23-04-2016 19:15

The Classic Look: Black and White Bathroom Decor Ideas

Here are some black and white bathroom ideas that will help you balance the two colors in the same space. Balancing the Black and the White Do you w...
22-04-2016 19:18

Color Style Guide: Red Basement Design Ideas

There are 3 things you need to think about when creating a red basement design. They are, 1) what shade of red to go with, 2) how much red to use, a...
22-04-2016 19:18

Home Tree Atlas Now On Facebook

Home Tree Atlas is now on Facebook. Get the latest posts delivered to your Facebook feed. You can follow me on Facebook here: ...
22-04-2016 19:18

The Pegboard House: Inventive Ideas on Using Pegboards Aroun

When most people think of pegboards, they will picture them being used for customized storage. But you can get creative with them, paint over them, ...
22-04-2016 19:18

Color Style Guide: Purple Basement Ideas

When it comes to decorating any space with a color such as purple, there are 3 main questions to ask yourself 1) how much purple" 2) what shade of p...
22-04-2016 19:18

A Cozy Getaway: Reading Nook Ideas

Your home reading space could be as simple as using a comfy chair tucked away in the corner. But here is a list of cozy and creative reading nook id...
22-04-2016 19:18

Color Style Guide: Purple Home Office Ideas

This post goes over the different areas to consider when styling a home office in purple ? from what shade of purple to go with to how much purple t...
19-04-2016 19:18

How To Make Your Bedroom Cozy: Easy Ideas

It doesn’t take much to create a cozy bedroom. If you just focus on lighting, softening the space, and bringing in natural materials like plants a...
19-04-2016 19:18

Simple Yet Stylish Modern Wall Decor Ideas

When creating a modern room, you want to keep the space looking sleek, clean, and clutter free. This includes your walls. When it comes to modern wa...
19-04-2016 19:18

Color Style Guide: Red Bathroom Ideas and Decor Accessories

The red bathroom ideas in this post are grouped into 4 main areas: 1) How the shade of red you use will impact the feeling and style of the bathroom...
19-04-2016 19:18

Creating a Wonderland: Kids Room Decor Ideas

Here is a long list of kids room decor ideas, everything from creating a LEGO planter, to using glow in the dark paint to create magical wall decor ...
19-04-2016 19:18

Color Style Guide: All White Bathroom Ideas

So you want to go with a white bathroom design" This means having all of your walls in white. This post is going to be about creating a balance in y...
19-04-2016 19:18

Under Your Feet: Modern Flooring Ideas

The type of flooring you use can really set the style and look of a room. When it comes to modern flooring ideas, there are quite a few options to p...
18-04-2016 19:21

Color Style: Black Living Room Ideas and Designs

The first question you need to ask yourself when designing a black living room is, how much black do you want" How Much Black" You could go with all...
18-04-2016 19:21

A Clutter Free Home: Modern Decor Ideas

A modern home is a clutter free space. Which means that decor items are limited in modern styled rooms. There are some simple and elegant ways you c...
17-04-2016 19:19

Style Guide: Modern Garden Design Ideas

There are a few design techniques to keep in mind when creating your own modern garden design. You can see some of the similarities in the gardens i...
17-04-2016 19:19

Creating a Stylish Workspace: Modern Home Office Ideas

The best way to create a modern home office is to focus on the main areas and focal pieces of the space. This includes: the overall color scheme, th...
17-04-2016 19:19

Design Tips for Modern Closet Doors

Here are some quick styling and design tips for modern closets and their doors: No Handles: If you can, try and get closet doors that don?t have any...
17-04-2016 19:19

A Magical Space: Princess Bedroom Ideas

Everything from the paint on the walls to the lights you use can help create an enchanting bedroom. The princess bedroom ideas and decorations in th...
17-04-2016 19:19

Creative Dorm Room Decorating Ideas That Will Make Styling Y

Space is quite limited in a college dorm room. This means a lot of your decorating and styling will done through the main bedroom pieces (bed sheets...
17-04-2016 19:19

Modern Bathroom Design Ideas: From Lighting Design to Color

In this post of modern bathroom design ideas, I will go over the 3 main design features that will create a modern bathroom space: 1) color choice, 2...
16-04-2016 19:20

Stylish Living: Modern Dining Room Ideas and Designs

A modern dining room is a clutter free and well designed space. This means there are only a few areas you need to focus on to create a stylish moder...
16-04-2016 19:20

A Fine Selection of Modern Wallpaper Designs

If you take a look at modern rooms in a home, you?ll notice that they are made up of neutral color palettes. Mostly white, grey, and black. So when ...
16-04-2016 19:20

Never Have a Plain Wall Again: Creative Wall Design Ideas

There are so many different ways you can style a wall, creating an elegant design element in any room. Here is a list of creative interior wall desi...
16-04-2016 19:20

Inventive and Low Budget DIY Herb Container Ideas

Here are just a few creative and inventive DIY ideas for creating your own herb containers: Vintage style teacups can be reused as decorative plant...
15-04-2016 19:20

The 3 Steps to Creating a Black and White Home Office Design

When designing a black and white home office, there are 3 steps you need to go through. 1) eliminate color, 2) balancing the black and white, and 3)...
15-04-2016 19:20

Staying Up To Date: Modern Living Room Ideas

There are 3 main areas to think about when it comes to modern living room ideas – 1) The color scheme, 2) lighting design, and 3) straight line de...
15-04-2016 19:20

Color Style Guide: Black Home Office Ideas

Paint the walls all black. That is what a black home office is all about. If you?d rather go for a more black and white office design then check out...
15-04-2016 19:20

The Command Center: Home Office Organization and Storage Ide

In this post I go over how home office organization ideas and storage solutions that not only make the most effective use of your space, but also de...
15-04-2016 19:20

Creating the Right Look: Modern Stairs Design Ideas

Here a few design tips when it comes to creating modern stairs for the interior of your home. Materials A metal staircase and stair railing would cr...
15-04-2016 19:20

Color Guide: Grey Kitchen Ideas

A neutral color scheme (grey, white, off white) is always a good color scheme for a kitchen. These neutral shades create a timeless kitchen design. ...
14-04-2016 19:22

The Finishing Touch: Wainscoting Ideas and Designs

When you picture wainscoting, you?ll normally imagine white wainscoting going about halfway up the wall, and the wall is painted. But there are a fe...
13-04-2016 19:18

A Different Style: Black Kitchen Ideas and Designs

To really create a designer and luxurious black kitchen space, try and avoid having any other colors in the space. Take out any colorful pieces from...
13-04-2016 19:18

Decor and Design: White Home Office Ideas

To really create a white home office, you are going to need to take out any colored items that are in the room. This doesn?t mean you can?t have som...
13-04-2016 19:18

The Hotel Experience: Basement Guest Room Ideas

When designing your guest room, whether it is in the basement or another room in the house, try and imagine what it is like to be in a hotel room. I...
13-04-2016 19:18

Work in Style: Grey Home Office Ideas

When it comes to grey home offices, you can either 1) paint all of the walls grey, or 2) paint all of the walls white. In this post I go over how t...
09-04-2016 19:17

Homemade Gift Ideas: From Using a Sharpie, to Copper and Con

After spending some time writing a lot of posts on the best home DIY projects out there, and doing some myself, I?ve put together this huge list of ...
09-04-2016 19:17

The Right Style: Modern Kitchen Design and Ideas

Here are some tips and ideas when it comes to creating a modern kitchen design. Color Choice Stick to a strict color scheme. This means taking out c...
09-04-2016 19:17

Luxury With Color: Black Bathroom Ideas

Black is a luxurious color choice for a bathroom. But you do need to be careful to make sure that you don?t end up with a dark and gloomy space. The...
09-04-2016 19:17

Create a Getaway Oasis: DIY Home Spa Ideas

Image you are in a day spa. There is low lighting, maybe you can hear water trickling down in the background, or there is some relaxing music being ...
09-04-2016 19:17

Design Ideas for Decorative Ceiling Medallions

A ceiling medallion, originally called a ceiling rose, comes from the early 1500s when King Henry the VIII ruled. The ceiling rose acted as a symbol...
09-04-2016 19:17

Style Guide: Pink Bedroom Ideas and Designs

There are 3 ways your can go about designing a pink bedroom. Choosing which option to go with will come down to: how much pink do you want" Here are...
26-03-2016 19:20

Style Guide: Vintage Bathroom Lighting Fixtures and Ideas

Safety Note: Keep in mind that whatever style or kind of vintage bathroom lighting you use, they need to be rated for the bathroom. Since bathroom l...
26-03-2016 19:20

Design Your Space: Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Are you looking to build a full on outdoor kitchen, with food prep countertops and a sink" Or are you picturing a simplier, small outdoor kitchen th...
26-03-2016 19:20

Style Guide: Black and Gold Bedroom Ideas

Black and gold. Now that is a classy combination for a bedroom color palette. It can be a bit tough trying to figure out which parts of the bedroom ...
26-03-2016 19:20

DIY Challenge: Give Your Closet Doors a Makeover – Ide

If you think about it, your closet doors take up a lot of ?visual space? in your bedroom. This means that the style and design of them really impact...
26-03-2016 19:20

PASSPORT: Remodeled Edwardian London Apartment Tour –

It is a balancing act to take an old period apartment, and try to update it to modern standards without losing it’s charm and character. This Edwa...
26-03-2016 19:20

Shopping Guide: Vintage Door Knobs and Hardware

1. Egg and Dart Plate || 2. Fleur De Lis Brass Pull Handle 7. ...
25-03-2016 19:20

Farmhouse Storage and Organization Ideas

The farmhouse style will usually have a white base. So mostly everything is painted white, and then you?ll have raw materials being used for the fur...
25-03-2016 19:20

Styling Your Space: Vintage Bedroom Furniture Ideas

There are only a few pieces of furniture that are standard in a bedroom. In this post I?ll be focusing on ideas for 5 vintage bedroom furniture piec...
25-03-2016 19:20

Style Guide: Blue Home Office Ideas and Designs

The pictures in the mood board above will give you an idea of the different looks and styles that can be achieved with a blue home office. I have al...
25-03-2016 19:20

Design Tips on How To Create a Vintage Gallery Wall

Here are some quick tips and ideas for creating your own vintage gallery wall: Mix up different frames. You don?t need to have all of the frames th...
25-03-2016 19:20

Style Guide: Blue Kitchen Design Ideas

How much blue do you want" That is the question you need to ask if you want to create a blue kitchen design. The options range from an all blue kitc...
25-03-2016 19:20

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