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Lutheran Church of Hope-Grimes / BNIM

Lutheran Church of Hope ?Grimes is a satellite facility of a large, multi-campus Evangelical Lutheran Church in the heart of Iowa. The 21,150 square-f ...
31-12-2019 19:33

Capsule Hotel and Bookstore in Village Qinglongwu / Atelier

Hidden in the deep forests of Tonglu in Zhejiang province, Qinglongwu is an ancient village named after a stream passing through. An old house of wood ...
31-12-2019 19:33

L.A.?s Historic Streamline Moderne Firestone Building to be

The Los Angeles Department of City Planning has unveiled details on the restoration of the Streamline Moderne Firestone Building. First opened in 1938 ...
31-12-2019 19:33

Wonderland Houses / MUTUO

Three residences sit on three small and narrow up-hill lots in the Hollywood Hills. M u t u o ?s design for this project aims to maximize indoor resid ...
31-12-2019 19:33

Bathroom Pavillion Flor de Bamb / FabrikG

Located within the northern perimeter of the Estero de San José del Cabo (BCS Mexico), “Flor de Bambú” is the first material ...
31-12-2019 19:33

Torremocha del Jarama / Otto Medem de la Torriente

The project is defined as a home and studio for a photographer in the mountains of Madrid, an environment conductive to quietude, dominated by vegetat ...
31-12-2019 19:33

La caada House / Felipe Gonzalez Arzac arquitecto

This house located on the outskirts of the town center, within a neighborhood in the pro-cess of transformation and development, is materialized throu ...
31-12-2019 19:33

Los Chocolates Community Development Center / Taller de Arqu

The building concept responds to the needs and opportunities offered by the old neighborhood La Carolina in Cuernavaca?s downtown heart. A traditional ...
31-12-2019 19:33

Raise a Glass to the Most Popular Home Bars of 2019 (10 phot

This Trending Now story features the most-saved home bar photos uploaded to Houzz since Jan. 1, 2019.Home bars come in all shapes and sizes, from larg ...
31-12-2019 19:06

PRY1 Retreat Hotel / Research Studio Panin

PRY1 is located in Prachinburi, at a foothill of Khao Yai National Park known for its rich natural resources. Overlooking the mountains that are parts ...
31-12-2019 19:33

SDC Dental Clinic / Takeru Shoji Architects

The site is in Akiba town, Tsubame city, Niigata prefecture. We designed a clinic that is more than just a dental clinic, it is a daycare center, a bo ...
31-12-2019 19:33

Kjellander Sjberg Wins Competition to Climate Proof the Coa

Kjellander Sjberg, one of the leading architectural practices in Scandinavia, in collaboration with GHB Landskabsarkitekter, Mogens A. Morgen, Realis ...
31-12-2019 19:33

Family House Maxi?ky / 3+1 architekti

The original house, although full of magic, was so rigidly defined by its design, construction and materials that it was impossible to transform it by ...
31-12-2019 19:33

10 Times When Painting a Claw-Foot Tub Refreshed a Bathroom

If your claw-foot tub has seen better days or its look doesn?t mesh with your new bathroom design plan, a coat of paint might be just what it needs. I ...
31-12-2019 19:06

2019 Projects & Home Goals for the new year

2019 home projects... there were a few for sure.When you live in an older house- there are always projects on the list-some bigger than others.READ M ...
31-12-2019 19:02

61 Scandinavian Furniture Designs to Give Your Interior Cozy

Scandinavian furniture has been a mainstay in homes across the world for decades, from traditional pieces and their alluring handiwork to the innovati ...
31-12-2019 19:06

Ajitama Ramen Bistro by JCFS Architects

Ajitama Ramen Bistro is a restaurant born out of the dream and ambition of two friends in love with this traditional Japanese dish. After their journe ...
31-12-2019 19:25

Best of the Best! Top 10 Posts of 2019

After crunching the numbers, we\'re revealing the best of the best, the top 10 most popular posts we published throughout 2019. ...
31-12-2019 19:01

360 Poa Gastrobar / Viero Arquitetura + Silvia Benedetti Arq

360 POA Gastrobar restaurant is a restaurant-bar complex structured with metal, glass and wood, and a distinctive single-object format. In other words ...
31-12-2019 19:33

Setre Naramachi Hotel / Ryuichi Ashizawa Architects & associ

It is a project of rebuilding the Inn, near Nara Sarusawa pond. On the south side, a 4-storey building is arranged to surround the courtyard. Public s ...
31-12-2019 19:33

Breaking Boundaries: Revolutionary Design in Paraguay's Rura

Paraguay?s architecture radically transformed in the last century. For much of the country?s history, indigenous Guarani culture was the primary influ ...
31-12-2019 19:33

12 Important Modernist Styles Explained

Modernism could be described as one of the most optimistic styles in architectural history, drawing from notions of utopia, innovation, and the reimag ...
31-12-2019 19:33

34 Trends That Will Define Home Design in 2020 (59 photos)

It?s not only a new year but a new decade. And what the months and years ahead will bring is anyone?s guess. One thing is for sure, though: The modern ...
31-12-2019 19:06

Bellevue Hill Apartments / Glyde Bautovich

Our design for this site was primarily a reaction to the overlooking and minimal separation from neighbouring apartment buildings to the east and west ...
31-12-2019 19:33

Technicolor Headquarters Office Building / Franklin Azzi Ar

Located on rue du Renard, the office building acquired by the COVEA Immobilier group was renovated by the Franklin Azzi Architecture and CALQ agencies ...
31-12-2019 19:33
31-12-2019 19:04

Zhao House / Chuantuo Architecture

The project use modern vocabulary to communicate with the surrounding rural houses, drawing on the traditional classical architectural space and extra ...
31-12-2019 19:33

Powder Room Palettes: 10 Silvers That Shine Brightly (10 pho

Silver might signify second place in the Olympics, but when it comes to powder room design, these sterling spaces are worthy of first prize. Check out ...
31-12-2019 19:06

2019 Year in Review: Design Events and Shows

We trekked around the globe in 2019 to visit the best design events and now we\'re revisiting them in case you missed anything. ...
30-12-2019 19:01

8 Life-Enhancing Home Resolutions for the New Year (8 photos

With a fresh calendar on the wall and all those empty boxes yet to be filled with to-dos, the start of a new year is naturally an optimistic time. If ...
30-12-2019 19:08

Hacker Designs Largest Mass Timber Office in United States

Hacker Architects have unveiled new images showcasing plans to build the largest mass timber office building in North America. Working in collaboratio ...
30-12-2019 19:41

Sino-french Science Park Church / Shanghai Dachuan Architect

In the context of France and China established diplomatic relations,a Sino French agricultural science and technology park will be built in Chengdu.It ...
30-12-2019 19:41

Casa Bahia by Alejandro Landes

Designed in 2015 by Alejandro Landes, this modernist three-story residence is located in Miami, Florida. Description Casa Baha- a handmad ...
30-12-2019 19:41

Typika Specialty Cafe / KOGAA Studio

TYPIKA is a specialty cafe with care for locally sourced raw ingredients and healthy eating culture. The interior was designed with the same mindset. ...
30-12-2019 19:41

Step Outside to the Most Popular Decks of 2019 (10 photos)

This Trending Now story features the most-saved deck photos uploaded to Houzz since Jan. 1, 2019.From a leafy rooftop deck in Chicago to a stylish hot ...
30-12-2019 19:08

A Belgian Open House that Hides Behind an Oriental Brick-Cur

The idea for this special brick house came about after the architects crossed India and the residents traveled to Morocco. The result: an Belgian open ...
30-12-2019 19:31


This new house is an addition to existing family house designed by a famous architect firm in 70-80?s, Rifenberg and Rirkrit Architects over 40 years ...
30-12-2019 19:41

Gonzlez Luna Building / Estudio Macas Peredo

This apartment building is located in a patrimonial protected area, conformed by modern era style houses from the 50s in Guadalajara. This insertion a ...
30-12-2019 19:41

Park Pavilion The Hoge Veluwe National Park / De Zwarte Hon

The pavilion has a restaurant, a park shop and accommodates education and reception areas. In the elongated and curved central space ? with a cracklin ...
30-12-2019 19:41

Limited Space Apartment by Sandy Wen Studio

In most cases, living in big cities like Manhattan means that people has to compromise certain spatial functions in a compact space. Sandy Wen Studio ...
30-12-2019 19:30

A Year of Dwelling Well (an invitation for 2020!)

This is the time of year for reflection as we take look back at a year coming to a close (and this year is the end of a decade!) plus a time to be int ...
30-12-2019 19:03

12 Gardening Ideas You Can Count as Resolutions (13 photos)

While you?re thinking about goals for the year, don?t forget about adding gardening to the list. Gardening can be a great way to accomplish common res ...
30-12-2019 19:08

Himchori Residence / River & Rain

The natural configuration of adjacent Hills and a merely further vivid Sea, with their opulent strength and beauty was sole inspiration to conceptuali ...
30-12-2019 19:41

Varivana Resort Koh Phangan / Patchara + Ornnicha Architectu

The hotel is located on Pha-Ngan Island, an island south of Thailand. It is situated on a serene hillside, surrounded by coconut orchard with an ocean ...
30-12-2019 19:41

Alta Dale Renovation by Berghuis Construction

This modern private residence located in Ada, Michigan, has been designed in 2019 by Berghuis Construction. Photography courtesy of Berg ...
30-12-2019 19:41

Church Stone Shelter / Arkkitehtitoimisto TILASTO

Church Stone Shelter. Finnish architect Malin Moisio has designed a wooden shelter, named Kirkkokiven laavu, in the deep forest of Kintulammi hiking a ...
30-12-2019 19:41

The Convergence of People, Cities, Nature, and Technology: A

December 22nd, 2019 saw the public opening of the 8th Bi-City Biennale of UrbanismArchitecture (UABB) in Shenzhen, China. As the world?s most visited ...
30-12-2019 19:41

Your Clutter-Clearing Plan for the New Year (13 photos)

With an entire new year ahead of you, decluttering your home may not seem so hard. But after January, when that new year energy begins to wane, the pr ...
30-12-2019 19:08

House in Ses Costes, Spain / 05 AM Arquitectura

On a well-oriented plot to the south and with an access in the highest level, we had to create a single-family house. According to the strong inclinat ...
30-12-2019 19:31

Jiangyin Greenway / BAU

The project will consist of four clearly identifiable segments, each with a unique response to the spirit of the place in which it is located. The nor ...
30-12-2019 19:41

The Competition-Winning Architecture of 2019

While 2019 saw the completion of great works of architecture, it has also been a busy year for unbuilt designs. Whether this consists of imaginary vis ...
30-12-2019 19:41

How to Clean Marble Countertops and Tile (13 photos)

?Nothing moves like marble,? says Stephanie Laney, lead designer for Surfaces USA, referring to the impression of movement created by the veining inhe ...
30-12-2019 19:08

The TerraMater Store / RENESA Architecture Design Interiors

Enclosed within a rustic red terracotta brick, studio Renesa?s new project is not your ordinary showroom. Launching their first showroom in Amritsar, ...
30-12-2019 19:41

RMJM Creates a 180 Meters Tower for the Xiangjiang Gate in H

The Hengyang authorities selected RMJM Shanghai to design the Xiangjiang Gate in the province of Hunan in China. Winner of the design competition, the ...
30-12-2019 19:41

School Ren Beauverie / Dominique Coulon & associs

As part of an urban renewal scheme, the town of Vaulx-en-Velin decided to combine with this large school group a number of programmes offering neighbo ...
30-12-2019 19:41

Simple Tips & Delicious Nibbles Ideas for NYE at home

Bread and olive oil.Cheese plattersand a delicious melted goodness.READ MORE... ...
30-12-2019 19:02

Creating Comfortable Living Spaces in a Modern Minimalist St

Creating unique living spaces in a studio apartment for one can be a challenge. Between having enough storage space and feeling like there’s eno ...
30-12-2019 19:08

Yamanakako Guest House by Irorii Design

This contemporary guest house located in the Japanese village of Yamanakako, has been recently designed by Irorii Design. Photography by Sato ...
30-12-2019 19:41

Tea Community Center by Waterfrom Design

Two premises make this project differ from others: Firstly, the sales office building will be for the community?s sustainable use in the future. Secon ...
30-12-2019 19:30

Command and Situation Centre Stuttgart Police Headquarters /

Distinctive and secure. New build for the Command and Situation Centre of the Stuttgart Police Headquarters. The monolithic shell of this two-story ed ...
29-12-2019 19:44

5 Countertops That Look Beautiful in a Dark Blue Kitchen (5

Kitchen cabinets in the very darkest of blues can look highly contemporary or beautifully traditional. But the drama of these dark tones can make the ...
29-12-2019 19:15

Klintholm Gods Lake Apartments / PLH Arkitekter

Since 2017, the Danish island ?Mn? has been a UNESCO biosphere reserve and Dark Sky Park. Visitors are traveling from all around the world to explore ...
29-12-2019 19:44

Casa pinginos / Carbone Arquitectos

At about 260 sq meters (2800 sq ft) the house raises two stories in a triangular piece of ground, located in a private neighborhood of the city of Bue ...
29-12-2019 19:44

Product Of The Week: A Cute Cat Shaped Tea Infuser Mug

Give your tea time a cat theme with this adorable mug. Get it on Amazon. Recommended Reading:  52 Cat-Themed Home Decor Accessories & Gifts ...
29-12-2019 19:15

Summer House Renovation / ARP - Architecture Research Pract

The project deals with the renovation of a 30-year-old vacation house located in Mykonos island. The existing house sits on a typical mykonian rock wi ...
29-12-2019 19:44

'We Can't Innovate Alone as Manufacturers, We Need to Listen

On the occasion of the 8th VELUX Daylight Symposium held on October 9 and 10 of 2019 in Paris, we talked with David Briggs, CEO at The Velux Group, to ...
29-12-2019 19:44

Dive Into the 10 Most Popular Pools of 2019 (10 photos)

This Trending Now story features the most-saved pool photos uploaded to Houzz since Jan. 1, 2019.Based on the following countdown of the most popular ...
29-12-2019 19:15

ArchDaily's Best Articles about Concrete

ArchDaily has created a list of best articles, news and projects that address everything you need to know about concrete. ...
29-12-2019 19:44

TaiOursea Laomendong SPA Shop / RoarcRenew

Both Sukhothai and the ancient city of Nanjing are places of peace that make people feel at ease and relaxed. Either for Nanjing, an ancient capital o ...
29-12-2019 19:44

House in Goldra / Estudio ODS

We are beyond a plot with 300sqm of surface at 205 meters above sea level, on the southern slope of the Goldra Valley, located in barrocal area in the ...
29-12-2019 19:44

New Year Organizing Ideas: Home Style Saturdays

Hi friends! I hope you had a great holiday, we sure did! I don’t know about you, but I am so looking forward to putting Christmas away and getti ...
29-12-2019 19:11

The 5 Most Popular Houzz Tours of 2019 (10 photos)

It?s always a treat to tour someone else?s home. And the ones in this year?s countdown of the five most-viewed Houzz Tours have a lot in common: charm ...
29-12-2019 19:15

GA Apartment / StudioLIM

One of the biggest challenges in retrofitting old apartments is to correct visual structural imperfections previously hidden by walls. Before removing ...
29-12-2019 19:44

Baham / Moraira House / Antonio Altarriba Estudio de Arquite

Four volumes, three stony and one white slide on the hillside, generating an architectural tour that distributes the different spaces,and is fully int ...
28-12-2019 19:43

Leisurely Mountain Life / Menjue Architecture

Wakened memory - Leisurely Mountain LifeJiuhua Mountain is one of the four famous Buddhist mountains in China, with beautiful scenery and fresh air, a ...
28-12-2019 19:43

Casa BF / Daniel Fromer

A casa projetada por Daniel Fromer destaca-se pela reverência pelo entorno, em meio à vegetação nativa à beira mar. ...
28-12-2019 19:43

Lakeview Duplex Apartment / Wheeler Kearns Architects

Situated within a two-story mansard penthouse with stunning 270-degree views, this Lakeview duplex apartment establishes a series of material layers t ...
28-12-2019 19:34

Readers? Favorite Patio Renovation Stories of 2019 (10 photo

It seems as though many popular patios could pass for indoor living spaces, with cushioned furniture, luxurious lighting and statement-making tiles an ...
28-12-2019 19:13

Pizzeria Pomidoros / Palyichuk Olga Design

Located in Boryspil, Ukraine, the 170-square-meter pizzeria is an urban fast-food cafe. The main concept of the interior was to preserve the appearanc ...
28-12-2019 19:43

Elisa House / Clinicaurbana

A family acquires a tabi and the neighbouring hayloft portion, which is on the verge of collapsing. This portion gets demolished, while its stone bas ...
28-12-2019 19:43

Floor Tile Options for a Stylish Bathroom (11 photos)

Your floor tile?s material, shape and design have a big effect on the look and feel of your bathroom. Although issues like cost, durability and day-to ...
28-12-2019 19:13

Arsenal 108 Building / SIA arquitectura + Manuel Aires Mateu

A building links the higher and lower levels of the city. Through its interior we are carried from the riverside bank to Chiado hill. ...
28-12-2019 19:43

Grange Hall House / Nissen Richards Studio

Grange Hall is a former West Hackney National School, and is locally listed, being one of only two ecclesiastical buildings that survive in the Parish ...
28-12-2019 19:43

RC34 House / Zooco Estudio

The Project is developed in an existing dwelling located in a residential area of el Sardinero, an exclusive neighbourhood with magnificent views of t ...
28-12-2019 19:43

Belomorskaya Apartment / Designers Pavel and Svetlana Alekse

The task for the designers is to make a functional, bright, but at the same time brutal room with loft elements. The stylistic design is modern. Proje ...
28-12-2019 19:34

Max Milhas Office / TODOS Arquitetura

Fly towards new discoveries and see the world from above: this is our concept for the MaxMilhas office project. With the implementation of the fifth f ...
28-12-2019 19:43

Office mui Lab / tamotsu ito architecture office

A new office space designed for a ?Calm Design? global start-up firm ?mui Lab? from Kyoto. Located along Ebisugawa street known as a furniture craft + ...
28-12-2019 19:43

Arne Emerson of Morphosis on the New Tower in Vals

Design:ED Podcast is an inside look into the field of architecture told from the perspective of individuals that are leading the industry. This motiva ...
28-12-2019 19:43

How to Get Your Kitchen Storage Under Control (9 photos)

Having an organized kitchen saves time and makes cooking a pleasure, since everything is easy to find and access. It also promotes safety and saves mo ...
28-12-2019 19:13

Bilkent University Student Residences / FXCollaborative

Sited along a gentle slope, this co-educational residence provides much-needed student housing for Bilkent University?s main campus in western Ankara. ...
28-12-2019 19:43

We Are Art Vandelay, Architect

This article was originally published on Common Edge. ...
28-12-2019 19:43

Clark?s Oyster Bar, Austin, Texas / Clayton & Little

Clark?s Oyster Bar is a remodel of a 1940s building that once housed a former restaurant and before that an auto repair shop. On the edge of the histo ...
28-12-2019 19:34

Liangyou Red Town Art Design Center(ADC) / UAO design

The predecessor of this project is five factory buildings built in 1960s and 1990s. The building is located in the core of the total park, and the tra ...
27-12-2019 19:41

Apartments at Straumehagen / 3RW Arkitekter

Straumehagen is the latest addition to the centre of the new urban development of Straume, an island outside Bergen. 3RW arkitekter have designed the ...
27-12-2019 19:41

Villa 22 / Dreessen Willemse Architecten

In Villa 22, water serves as the connecting element. Not only did water play a unifying role in the construction process when pouring concrete, it al ...
27-12-2019 19:41

House ROFR / Ralph Germann architectes

Ralph Germann\'s design for this house is driven by the building\'s natural surroundings, environment-conscious technology, and a simple and timeless ...
27-12-2019 19:41

Glynin Residence by Ad Studio

Designed in 2016 by Ad Studio, this inspiring cottage is located in Istra, Russia. Description The project is an individual private house i ...
27-12-2019 19:41

How to Be Happy with Your Home (2019 in review)

As we are still savoring these last few days of the holidays with our family, I thought it would be fun to round up some of my favorite blog posts and ...
27-12-2019 19:06

House As A Continuation Of Memory / Ogawa Nishikori Architec

This house is in a serene landscape in Fukushima, Japan, where a 60s couple lives and their children come back on the weekend. Through the dialogue wi ...
27-12-2019 19:41

Sagaponack Compound House / Blaze Makoid Architecture

Designed by Blaze Makoid Architecture with interiors by Purvi Padia Design, this 17,000 square foot family compound is located on a flat, four-and-a-h ...
27-12-2019 19:41

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