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Neoclassical Interior Design Inspiration

Beauty and refinement are key in these five home designs that draw ideas from neoclassical interiors and art. Traditionally inspired pieces have been ...
18-01-2019 19:10

Organic Architecture And Futuristic Decor [Home Tour]

For this inspirational home tour, we?re bringing you a design from China, created by Lucas S.H. This is a highly modern home with unique and curvaceou...
17-01-2019 19:09

51 Modern Bathroom Design Ideas Plus Tips On How To Accessor

We all spend a lot of time in our bathrooms, so it?s only right that we should make them into a simply gorgeous place to be. Unique bathtubs, sleek va...
16-01-2019 19:09

51 Loveseats That Are Comfortable, Modern, And Stylish

Used as a relaxation destination, to add extra seating, enhance a room?s decor, or all of the above, a loveseat is a staple of the home that often get...
15-01-2019 19:08

Adaptations of Scandinavian Style Around the World

The Scandinavian style of interior design is one that has found its way into hearts and homes in many different parts of the globe – take these ...
14-01-2019 19:10

Product Of The Week: The Cool Batman Sleep Mask

Sleep like a superhero with this Batman inspired mask from Langria. Get it on Amazon. Recommended Reading:  Superhero Home Decor...
13-01-2019 19:09

Easy Breezy Town House With Hints of 1970s Decor

Designed and implemented as a town house in Istanbul by COA Architects, the interior of this home has been filled with soft tones and smooth lines to ...
11-01-2019 19:06

4 Nifty Little Apartments

These four super small apartments all measure less than a megre 50 square metres of floor area. However fresh interior designs and neat layouts make e...
10-01-2019 19:06

4 Apartments That Absolutely Nail The Grey Shade

Grey decor has never been so popular. As far as neutral shades go, grey reins supreme right now as a seriously chic and mature choice for homes big an...
09-01-2019 19:06

51 Lounge Chairs That Every Book Lover Dreams About

A place to enjoy a good read, a retreat from a busy day, or simply a stylish accent piece, lounge chairs are about as versatile as they come. A good l...
08-01-2019 19:06

Bel-Air Mega Mansion, 25,000 Sq Ft

This extraordinary property is a Californian mega mansion that measures in at 24922 square feet – not to mention the extra 20,000 square feet of...
07-01-2019 19:08

Product Of The Week: A Beautiful Reading Man Bookend

Fancy a sculptural bookend" Check out this beautiful reading man: Get it on Amazon. Recommended Reading:  50 Unique Bookends For Book Lovers...
06-01-2019 19:08

Rich & Exquisite Modern Rustic Home Interior

A rich and exquisite interior awaits us inside this modern rustic luxury home tour, visualised by Buro511. Dark wood tone covers the walls of a massiv...
04-01-2019 19:12

3 Beautiful Small Apartment Interiors [Includes Layout]

Embarking upon the interior design of an extra small space can be a real challenge but sometimes it?s within strict constraints that creative teams co...
03-01-2019 19:08

Quirky Colourful Interior With Unique Lighting Schemes

Belonging to a proud pair of grandparents, the interior of this townhouse may be considered a little out of the ordinary for the more mature mindset t...
02-01-2019 19:07

51 Garden Statues To Add An Artistic Touch To Your Outdoor D

Think of them as art for your garden. Garden statues are the perfect accessory to enhance and intensify the intended mood of an outdoor space or sunro...
01-01-2019 19:12

A Minimalist Home: Earthy, Modern & Masculine

Concrete, stone, wood, metal, and glass. This modern home tells quite the story with its array of elements effortlessly mingling together. The smorgas...
31-12-2018 19:07

Thor Hammer Meat Tenderizer

Your meat doesn’t stand a chance against Thor’s mighty hammer tenderizer. If wielding Thor’s hammer for life’s mundane tasks i...
30-12-2018 19:07

Blush, Black And White Decor In A Modern Family Apartment

Neutral decor is a safe and soft interior design solution, but to prevent neutrals from falling flat it?s beneficial to inject some darker notes too. ...
28-12-2018 19:07

Snazzy Modern Flat With Rustic Meets Industrial Decor

Colour flashes strike through this Industrial style interior with homey rustic touches, designed by Joy Chen. A traditional arched timber door provide...
27-12-2018 19:10

Sophisticated Small Scale Luxury With Beautiful Botanical Th

Luxury isn?t exclusive to huge scale homes, sophisticated small scale luxury is every bit as fabulous. These two compact living spaces offer upscale s...
26-12-2018 19:08

3 Home Interiors With Modern Elegance

Elegant home interiors don?t have to be stiff and stuffy. Elegance can be combined with a fresh modern flavour to present a place that is full of pers...
25-12-2018 19:07

Product Of The Week: Amazon Echo Wall Clock With Timer

Get your IoT game up with the new Echo wall clock from Amazon. Besides being a stylishly minimalist wall clock that is easy to read, the clock has 60 ...
23-12-2018 19:08

The Re-Style Of A Luxury Villa

Elegant white furniture stands clean against textured stone and rustic wooden backdrops in this re-styled luxury villa in Cap Martinet, Ibiza. The hig...
21-12-2018 19:08

3 Small But Super Stylish Apartments

These three little homes may be super compact but they are also super stylish! Clever layout and zoning techniques help fit in all the mod cons and ho...
20-12-2018 19:08

51 Luxury Kitchens And Tips To Help You Design And Accessori

Food is seductive, home cooking is a decadent (for some!) If your kitchen is indeed the heart of your home – or linked with your dining space &#...
19-12-2018 19:08

51 Mini Pendant Lights That Will Add Big Style to Any Space

Spaces both big and small sometimes call for a little extra flair. Be it a kitchen island that needs a splash of illumination or a bedroom begging for...
18-12-2018 19:07

3 Homes That Show Off the Beauty In Simplicity Of Modern Sca

Be inspired by the simplicity of these three modern Scandinavian style homes, each beautiful in their own fresh and interesting way. Through this trio...
17-12-2018 19:04

Product Of The Week: An Air Quality Monitor That Is Not An E

Indoor air quality is one aspect they we at times tend to neglect. With chemicals that emanate form paint, furniture, carpet and even air fresheners, ...
16-12-2018 19:04

Sophisticated Modern Glamour (Home Tour)

Modern interior design is most often simple and at times minimalistic. Compared to days gone by, this no-frills aesthetic can lack a little glamour an...
14-12-2018 19:06

Two Beautiful Blue Interiors

These two beautiful blue interiors, created by designer Joy Chen, Taiwan, show just how different a specific colour theme can be. The first inspiratio...
13-12-2018 19:09

A Luxury Home With A Jungle Gym Bedroom

Some designs stand out from the crowd with their loud colors and flashy finishings, but this contemporary abode takes a different approach. Designer a...
12-12-2018 19:09

51 Sputnik Chandeliers To Give Your Decor A Contemporary Edg

If your head is often in the clouds and beyond, then you can relate to the invention of this iconic chandelier. After the launch of the Soviet satelli...
11-12-2018 19:10

Dark, Warm & Welcoming Apartment

A chic picture is painted over a dark canvas in this home interior, visualised by Dezest. Warm neutrals and rich natural materials are the palette tha...
10-12-2018 19:12

Product Of The Week: Yoda Magic Bookend

What better way to keep you books in place than by pure Yoda magic" Get it on Amazon. Also Recommended:  50 Unique Bookends For Book Lovers ...
09-12-2018 19:09

2 Quirky Interiors With Punchy Colourful Decor

If you are lover of all things bright and colourful then these two vibrant home tours are sure to light you up. Warm colour can evoke feelings of happ...
07-12-2018 19:11

51 Luscious Luxury Dining Rooms Plus Tips And Accessories Fo

We focus on meal times during annual special festivities and personal anniversaries, but sitting down to break bread together is something that should...
06-12-2018 19:13

Home Designing Christmas Gift Guide 2018

If you?ve been following Home Designing for awhile, you may be familiar with our favorite products of 2018. We wanted to make your holiday shopping a ...
05-12-2018 19:13

Six Calm, Cool & Collected Small Studios

Many of us live in more compact sized apartments because of financial restrictions, for easy maintenance, for proximity to work/family, or all three. ...
04-12-2018 19:12

A New Website From Home Designing!

Long term followers of Home Designing may know we have been covering home and interiors for more than a decade. Just to give some perspective, when th...
03-12-2018 19:12

Product Of The Week: Beautiful Mid-Century Style Ceramic Pla

Check out these gorgeous mid-century modern themed planters from Amazon’s own homegrown brand Rivet. Get it on Amazon. Recommended Reading: ...
02-12-2018 19:08

Modern Rustic Interiors & Contemporary Country House Charm

These two freshly sophisticated home interiors, put together by MOPS Studio, embody a modern rustic vibe that is hugely welcoming. Rustic charm often ...
30-11-2018 19:08

Modern Interior That Doen?t Shy Away From Colour

Modern interior design seems to have undergone a mass desaturation process, with many contemporary homes decked out in a monochrome manner. Monochrome...
29-11-2018 19:08

51 Luxury Living Rooms And Tips You Could Use From Them

The idea of a luxury living room can look very different in the imagination of one person to the next. Perhaps you might see a traditional room decora...
28-11-2018 19:12

51 Decorative Fireplace Screens To Instantly Update Your Fir

Traditionally used to reduce discomfort from excessive heat, shield from sparks, and make sure little humans and pets don?t get too close, fireplace s...
27-11-2018 19:12

Grey, Raw, Masculine Interiors

Sleek furnishings meet with raw decor in these three grey home interiors that incorporate concrete accent walls. The sombre palette used throughout is...
26-11-2018 19:10

Product Of The Week: Beautiful Floating Shelf With In-built

The Umbra Cubist shelf comes in two delightful sizes that makes it versatile enough to be used for a variety of purposes. Get it on Amazon. Recommende...
25-11-2018 19:13

Flora: A Play With Pastels

Shades of soft pink are not something we see a lot of in contemporary interiors, but additions of a gentle blush can delicately lift a modern muted sc...
23-11-2018 19:12

White Minimalism: 3 Examples That Show How To Get It Right

The minimalist aesthetic is an amalgamation of clean lines and simplistic layouts, and this recipe lends itself perfectly to a light and fresh white d...
22-11-2018 19:12

Small Apartment With Big Ideas On Bespoke Furniture

The architect team at Line Design Studio have designed a bespoke space saving interior for an apartment that measures just 65 square metres. Located i...
21-11-2018 19:11

51 Modern Fireplace Designs To Fill Your Home With Style And

If you want your home to feel cozy, elegant, chic, or all of the above, then a fireplace is what you need. Fireplaces are no longer just a way to heat...
20-11-2018 19:12

5 Fresh & Funky Scandinavian Style Home Interiors

These five Scandinavian style home interiors are filled with fresh and funky decor to give living spaces an uplifting boost. If you?re a minimalist, p...
19-11-2018 19:11

Product Of The Week: A Beautiful Space Themed Toy Set Made O

Cosmos by Huzi is a beautiful building block set for kids and design savvy adults who enjoy thoughtfully designed objects. Get it on Amazon. Recommend...
18-11-2018 19:11

2 Modern Home Designs With Colourful Twists

Two modern home designs – each with a colourful twist in the tail. Take a tour of each and see which colour family draws you in the most? Will i...
16-11-2018 19:12

Cozy Contemporary Family Apartment in Moscow

Linear silhouettes and a palette of modern neutrals dress this 110 square metre apartment in Moscow, designed by ATO Studio. This is a family home wit...
15-11-2018 19:12

51 Cozy Bedrooms With How-To Tips & Inspiration

If there was only one place that we could choose to make cozy in our homes, it would just have to be our bedroom. A few may just see the bedroom as a ...
14-11-2018 19:14

51 Cool Carafes To Hold Your Water Or Wine

Looking to infuse a bit of class into your dining or drinking experience" A carafe is the perfect solution! Affordable on almost any budget, a ca...
13-11-2018 19:12

2 Sophisticated Industrial Style Homes

Two similar style homes await our perusal here, each with an industrial style vibe that is steeped in sophistication. Raw concrete walls and ceilings,...
12-11-2018 19:10

Product Of The Week: A Desk Lamp With A Mid-Air Suspended Sw

The cool Heng Balance lamp is a pleasure to look at and play with. Operated by magnets, the sheer tactile sensation of switching the device on and off...
11-11-2018 19:10

Using Green and Pink As Decor Accents

Two strong colour accents are at play in this modern interior design, visualised by Ruslan Kovalchuk. Predominantly white room schemes alternate betwe...
09-11-2018 19:10

2 Scandinavian Apartments For Young Families

Scandinavian interiors combine the best of both worlds ? a seemingly-effortless style with a functionality you can hide away – making it the per...
08-11-2018 19:11

Six Floor Luxury Home With Massive Family Entertainment Zone

From a steep 1,400 m2 hillside site, which drops off to the famous sequence of Clifton?s white beaches, this stacked modern South African home appears...
07-11-2018 19:10

One Space Two Design Options

We rarely get to see two different interior designs for the same space, but this pair of visualisations let us do exactly that. Visualised by Alex Yag...
06-11-2018 19:11

The Box House: A Modern Fortress Of Retractable Walls & Cour

Architect Flavio Castro of FC Studio in São Paulo, Brazil embarked upon building his very own private home, a project he aptly entitled the ?Box House...
05-11-2018 19:11

Product Of The Week: Roomba i7+ With Automatic Dirt Disposal

iRobot Roombas are famous for their automated home cleaning abilities. Though the process of vacuuming or mopping was itself automated, users had to d...
04-11-2018 19:12

Interior Design Using Moody Colours And Natural Materials

Dusky moody colors and natural materials fill this 66 square metre apartment in Moscow, Russian Federation. Wood effect wall panels hug the interior s...
02-11-2018 19:08

Penthouse Interior Design With Orange Accents

Orange accents lift the dark and sophisticated shades of this penthouse interior, designed and visualised by Neiman. The spacious home is set over 145...
01-11-2018 19:11

33 Purple Themed Bedrooms With Ideas, Tips & Accessories To

Purple makes for a decadent decor look with its rich depth of colour, and this collection of purple themed bedrooms is the stuff sweet dreams are made...
31-10-2018 19:11

3 Small Home Interiors With Their Own Sense Of Style

When space is limited it can be hard to think big on design, but these three small apartments each hold strong individual style. Apartment one shows h...
30-10-2018 19:12

Living Room-Dining Room Combo: 51 Images With Tips To Get It

Having a studio apartment or an open floor plan that blends together living and dining areas can feel like an interior challenge. You want to create s...
29-10-2018 19:11

Product Of The Week: The Tizio Desk Lamp

Designed by Richard Sapper in 1972, the Tizio lamp looks like a modernist sculpture. This iconic piece uses a clever mechanism of counterweights to al...
28-10-2018 19:11

Polished Modern Interior With Dual Level Home Library

Architects at Studio MK27 have put together a 827 square metre luxury home design that features a grande living room over two levels, where a mezzanin...
26-10-2018 19:11

Minimalism Meets Moroccan Style

Minimalism with Moroccan style is a combo that you might not have considered; Moroccan style by nature is heavily patterned and intricate – quit...
25-10-2018 19:12

A Bright Colorful Home For A Couple And Two Children [Includ

Bright customised interior spaces balanced out with natural materials make up the interior of the ?Banana Flat? project, which has been designed and v...
24-10-2018 19:09

Cosy Interior With A Kids Area For Play, Study & Sleep

A warm and comfortable home, beautiful in its simplicity, resides in the city of Dnipro, Ukraine. Put together by the architects of Svoya Studio, the ...
23-10-2018 19:18

Mid Century Modern Style Home In Silicon Valley

Brimming with Californian mid century modern design, including wood wall paneling, floor-to-ceiling glazing and a gabled ceiling, this place is remini...
22-10-2018 19:10

Product Of The Week: Super Realistic LED Fire Bulb

Have a look at this neat flame emulating LED bulb that could actually trick people even from close range. See it in action: Get it on Amazon....
21-10-2018 19:16

Unique Stone and Mosaic Work Wows in this Modern Home Design

As the vibrant capital of the Mexican state of Yucatan, Merida is home to a variety of architectural influences. The region features both Mayan and co...
19-10-2018 19:11

City Apartment Decor For Young Professionals

At the heart of the city, two young professionals cohabit in a 140.5 square metre apartment, designed by Fungo Design. The modern interior is a vision...
18-10-2018 19:10

2 Modern Interiors With Rich Blue Decor Ideas

We?ve coupled together these two inspirational home tours that each feature a number of rich blue hued decor ideas. The blue accent pieces and decor e...
17-10-2018 19:09

51 Bathroom Sinks That Are Overflowing With Stylistic Charm

Picking the right sink for your bathroom can be an overwhelming choice with the flurry of options available. Which one is right for you" A sleek ...
16-10-2018 19:09

Product Of The Week: Retro Bamboo Wood Bluetooth Speakers

If you fancy a neat retro bluetooth speaker that could also work as a warm wooden accent for your room, check out the Bongo speakers. Get it on Amazon...
15-10-2018 19:09

A Light & Bright Modern Apartment with Wood Accents

When it comes to the use of wood in interior design, most rely on flooring and furniture to incorporate this natural element. Yet in this light and br...
15-10-2018 19:09

A Small Industrial Apartment With A Home Office & Blue Decor

A small apartment created with both function and style in mind. While designing this home Designer & Visualizer, Logovo, aimed to create a calm at...
12-10-2018 19:10

51 Luxury Bedrooms With Images, Tips & Accessories To Help Y

A place of rest and relaxation, your bedroom should be your solace from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Sure, you want your bedroom?s style to...
12-10-2018 19:10

Garden Greens Add Personality to this Warm and Modern Apartm

The Secret Garden, an interior design project by designed and visualized by Polish firm Zarysy, reminds us that a little green can go a long way. Pops...
10-10-2018 19:11

Decorating With Vertical Gardens & A Unique Lighting Scheme

This sleek home visualisation, by Room Design, features a sophisticated grey palette that is brightened with structured green vertical gardens. Mustar...
09-10-2018 19:10

Blending Home and Work Space Design Inspiration

When one thinks about his or her workplace, rarely does it conjure images of comfort or feeling right at home. However, for TKSTYLE BOUTIQUE, their of...
08-10-2018 19:13

Product Of The Week: Beautiful Air Plant Holders

With the right base, air plants can look like art installations. Check out these three awesome ones we found. Get it on Amazon. Recommended Reading:&#...
07-10-2018 19:10

A House Of Many Layers

This is a home of many layers – not only in terms of having multiple floors, but also in terms of style and a couple of hidden surprises. Design...
05-10-2018 19:11

Color in Compact Apartments Blends Personality & Minimalism

In minimalist apartments that are short on space, it’s important to add personality to keep the living areas from feeling too stark. In these tw...
04-10-2018 19:13

Overcoming A Dark Apartment With Ingenious Lighting Schemes

An ingenious interior design was required to please the bright outlook of a young couple located in the city of Dnipro, Ukraine. Their 115 square metr...
03-10-2018 19:11

Studio Apartment With Glass Wall Bedroom & A Swing In The Lo

There are swing seats, and then there are seats that are a swing – it?s a subtle but clear difference that you?ll see illustrated in this quietl...
02-10-2018 19:09

51 Beautiful Black Bedrooms With Images, Tips & Accessories

Black bedroom decor might not always be everyone?s cup of morning tea or bedtime cocoa, but maybe we can change the minds of nonbelievers. Black bedro...
01-10-2018 19:09

Product Of The Week: An Interactive Owl Shaped Security Came

Ok, we are calling it. This is the cutest security camera on the planet. Static images does not do this beautiful product justice. Do check out the vi...
30-09-2018 19:09

A Home That Uses Reflective Surfaces To Increase The Sense O

Mirrors are often used to increase the sense of space and light in a room, but what other ways can we introduce reflective surfaces within a decor sch...
28-09-2018 19:11

Cross Shaped Modern Home In Peaceful Landscaped Gardens

Modern architecture is often characterised by its bold linear form, and that is what awaits us at this contemporary abode, created by architects at SP...
27-09-2018 19:12

Home Of Surreal Interiors & Modern Empire Style

These fabulously surreal interiors make up one complete home concept, which was envisioned by Moscow based Only Design, in Russia. The surrealist imag...
26-09-2018 19:13

Modern Minimalist Apartment Designs Under 75 Square Meters (

With under 75 square meters of space to work with, interior designers and architects are challenged to be creative with their usage of color, space, a...
25-09-2018 19:11

Product Of The Week: Beautiful Bent Wood Sculpture Planters

Planters with a twist. Literally. Get it on Amazon. Recommended Reading:  50 Unique Pots & Planters 50 Unique Animal Planters 32 Uniquely Be...
24-09-2018 19:10

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PRÁCTICA and Daroca Arquitectos' Mixed Housin...

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Giveaway: Folding Coffee Table

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35 Personalized + Monogrammed Gift Ideas

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Sacher Park Cafe / Yaniv Pardo Architects

Sacher Park Cafe / Yaniv Pardo Architects

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Villa M by Doo Architecture

Villa M by Doo Architecture

Located in Miami, Florida, this modern courtyard house was designed by Doo Architecture. Description The narrow lot of this property is instrumental in determining the plan for this house seeking light and views. 60 feet wide... -
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Residence RR / monom

Kersko. A well-known place, a "forest town" with a population of about 200, yet mysterious and ever-surprising. The plot is square, with sides of 100m. Two thirds of the original pine trees are still standing, and young oaks, birch trees... -
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Keeping It Classy: Toilet Paper Holder Ideas, From DIY Ideas to Modern Designs

Keeping It Classy: Toilet Paper Holder Ideas,...

Here is a gallery of different toilet paper holder ideas. You have everything from designer pieces that adds a luxurious finishing touch to a bathroom, to more rustic and inventive DIY ideas (such as using a branch). Modern Double Toilet Paper... -

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