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Modern Luxury Country House With Skylights & A Majestic Bons

Grosvenor House in Koncha Zaspa, Ukraine, is not your typical country house. This fabulous 3071.1 square meter home, visualised by YoDezeen, is a lead...
25-11-2020 19:09

51 Crystal Chandeliers to Hypnotize Your Guests

A crystal chandelier is back and more modern than ever, for a good reason. It offers a fantastic way to represent your style while enhancing the atmos...
24-11-2020 19:09

Arranging Attractive Apartments Under 70 Sqm (With Layouts)

Arranging fluid living spaces calls for spatial creativity and comprehension. A good grasp of scale and flow leads to interiors that are not only attr...
23-11-2020 19:10

Product Of The Week: Cute Cat Planters

Magic happens when the right plant finds the right planter. Get it on Amazon. Recommended Reading:  50 Unique Animal Shaped Planters 52 Cat-Theme...
22-11-2020 19:06

Light And Cozy Minimalist Moods With White Marble & Wood Acc

Streamlined yet homey, these three cozy minimalist interiors are shaped by whispers of grey, warming wood tones, beautiful expanses of marble and plus...
20-11-2020 19:06

Light & Luxe Modern Home Interiors From China

Light & luxe, these two modern home interiors from China are elegant examples of how plain white decor translates to high-end living. A double hei...
19-11-2020 19:17

51 Outdoor Sofas That Will Make You Want to Lounge Forever

No outdoor space is complete without a cozy, cushy, lazy piece of lounging furniture. That being said, a comfortable outdoor sofa can check all those ...
18-11-2020 19:06

Tastefully Colourful Mid Century Modern Inspired Homes

Tastefully colorful and inspired by mid century modern design, these four apartment interiors offer cosy ambience like a bright embrace. Brave colour ...
17-11-2020 19:06

Remodelled Apartments Under 40 Sqm Fresh From Ukraine (With

Providing inspiration for small apartment remodels, these two home designs from Ukraine demonstrate intelligent use of limited floor area. Each apartm...
16-11-2020 19:08

Product Of The Week: The Cute New Echo Dot

Amazon’s 4th iteration of its ever popular Echo dot is a fun little orb! Check out the kids’ version! Get it on Amazon. Recommended Readin...
15-11-2020 19:05

Satisfy Your Dark Side With Black And Grey Interiors

When creating decor for dramatic effect, there?s really nothing quite like a dark grey and black interior. Black and grey decor is surprisingly flexib...
13-11-2020 19:07

Sweet And Soothing Pink And Blue Interiors

Pink and blue interior designn has that wonderful mix of warm meets cool, sweetness meets soothing. It?s an emotional colour combo that feels like a h...
12-11-2020 19:07

40 Workstation Setups That We Really Like

Our computer workstation setups are one of the most important areas of our homes. They?ve become the place where we spend the most time?even surpassin...
11-11-2020 19:08

41 Modular Sofas to Suit Every Need

Why opting for only one solution when you can mix and match" A system of components and fabrics will let you build a customized sectional, chaise...
10-11-2020 19:07

Decorating Minimalist Spaces With Monochrome Melds

These three chic minimalist home interiors, each designed by Quang D?ng, showcase sophisticated monochrome melds of black and white, grey and beige. T...
09-11-2020 19:07

Product Of The Week: Cute Yoga Rabbits

Can anything be as cute as rabbits doing yoga" Get it on Amazon. Recommended Reading:  50 Elephant Figurines Beautiful Bird Figurines To Dec...
08-11-2020 19:05

How To Pull Off A Cheerful Colour Clash With Red And Blue De

Whilst red and blue aren?t exact opposites on the colour wheel, they?re pretty close to it. This clashing quality can make the two brights seem daunti...
06-11-2020 19:07

Versatile Black and White Decor

A high contrast black and white decor theme is exceedingly versatile. Black and white interiors can be crafted to become light and simple spaces, or p...
05-11-2020 19:13

Warming Modern Spaces With Soothing Lighting

Highly modern home interiors look crisp in the bright light of day, but how does the sharp aesthetic translate into cosy evenings spent at home or dre...
04-11-2020 19:10

51 Mid Century Modern Dining Tables for a Timeless Dining Ro

When investing in a piece of furniture as highly visible and centrally functional as a dining table, it makes sense to seek out the most timeless sele...
03-11-2020 19:07

Giving Modern Interiors The Light Touch

Light and lovely, these five modern home interiors will leave you feeling peaceful, uplifted and refreshed. Beige, grey and white flow in harmonious u...
02-11-2020 19:08

Product Of The Week: A Beautiful Bird Lamp

The beautiful Raven lamp from Seletti could be a playful addition to any decor scheme. Get it on Amazon. Recommended Reading:  Bird Home Decor: B...
01-11-2020 19:10

Brutalist Concrete & Wood Home Design (With Floor Plans)

This imposing 1,545 square metre property is Casa de Alisa in Nonthaburi, Thailand, completed by Stu/D/O Architects. The project is composed of brutal...
30-10-2020 19:09

Peacefully Zen Modern Home In Thailand With Courtyards & Poo

Architect firm Inly Studio have expertly created a peaceful modern home design that complements both the hot and rainy climate of Chiang Mai, Thailand...
29-10-2020 19:09

Red and Restful Home Interiors

Restful is not the first feeling that raises to mind when we think of the colour red. Red is known for passion, energy, and even anger. However, these...
28-10-2020 19:08

51 White Office Chairs to Brighten Your Modern Home Workspac

A productive workspace has a certain hierarchy of needs ? accessibility, functionality, comfort, and even style. Style becomes even more essential whe...
27-10-2020 19:08

Impressive Private Penthouse Interior In Russia

High-ceilings and high-end decor shape this impressive private penthouse interior in Russia, visualized by Ab Architects. If you?re a fan of modern ar...
26-10-2020 19:10

Product Of The Week: Beautiful Eco-friendly Coffee Mugs

Made of compostable wheat straws, these thoughtfully designed and eco-friendly coffee mugs can be a great addition to your kitchen. Get it on Amazon. ...
25-10-2020 19:09

Futuristic Home Interiors Shaped By Technological Inspiratio

Get set to travel forward through time to four futuristic home designs by architect Andrey Chudinow, each one shaped by technological inspiration. Scu...
23-10-2020 19:10

Homes Under 60 Sqm With Deep Blue Accent Decor

Blue accents bring depth and personality to these two modern apartment interiors, each measuring under 60 square metres (layouts included). Our first ...
22-10-2020 19:09

Large And Elegant Rustic Living Spaces

Rustic elegance washes through these four large home designs, characterised by calming neutrals, tactile stone and rugged rustic features. Architectur...
21-10-2020 19:10

51 Storage Bins That Make Tidy Look Trendy

Storage bins are an excellent way to keep those small odds and ends tucked away ? out of sight yet readily accessible right when you need them. In thi...
20-10-2020 19:12

Lush Tropical House Surrounded By Nature

Situated just next door to the ancient and incredible Angkor Archaeological Park in Siem Reap town, Cambodia, the Breeze House is a modern home that r...
19-10-2020 19:10

Product Of The Week: Beautiful Humanoid Bookends

Bring in an atmosphere of learning to your reading room with these cute modern bookends. Get it on Amazon. Recommended Reading:  50 Unique Booken...
18-10-2020 19:10

The Green Curtain House In Vietnam

Created by architect firm HGAA, the Green Curtain House has a revitalising spirit, which puts the elderly homeowners close with nature. The serene res...
16-10-2020 19:10

3 Home Designs Under 45 Square Meters (500 square feet)

Measuring just under 45 square metres (500 square feet), these three modern homes exhibit elegant design with astute spatial awareness. Aside from bea...
15-10-2020 19:08

Artistic Illustrations Of Homes By Frank Lloyd Wright

The work of Frank Lloyd Wright was abundantly influential in shaping America?s architectural legacy, with his projects leaving their mark on almost ev...
14-10-2020 19:09

51 Side Chairs with Versatile Placement Possibilities

Side chairs are a versatile essential. At the dining table, they are prized for their compact footprints ? ideal for the sides of a table where elbow ...
13-10-2020 19:10

Small Scale City Chic: Apartments Under 50 Sqm (With Floor P

These apartments may be small-scale, each measuring just under 50 square metres, but the crisp city vibe communicates upscale chic. Stylish furniture ...
12-10-2020 19:11

Product Of The Week: A Unique Deer Light

One that we are quite fawn’d of actually. Get it on Amazon. Recommended Reading:  50 Unique Table Lamps That Help You Lighten Up Your Inter...
11-10-2020 19:09

Classy Charcoal & Brown Apartment Interior Under 80 Sqm, Wit

Classy yet cosy, this modern apartment design is filled with a rich tonal mix of charcoal grey and warm brown decor, visualised by Shubochkini Archite...
09-10-2020 19:13

Outlandish Concrete Dream Homes In Outlandish Settings

These outlandish concrete dream homes are set in equally outlandish settings, completely secluded as though settled on some alien planet. Designed by ...
08-10-2020 19:09

Spectacular House Designs Inspired By Famous Logos

Famous logos have inspired the design of five spectacular private house designs, released by Polish architecture firm Wamhouse Studio. The conceptual ...
07-10-2020 19:08

51 Small Coffee Tables to Fit Any Living Space Layout

Even small living spaces deserve flawlessly functional furniture. These coffee table picks offer something for every situation ? multipurpose tables t...
06-10-2020 19:08

Creamy Home Interior With Curvaceous Staircase Design & Cour

Cream decor and a curvaceous staircase shape this tranquil interior design, visualised by Lulu Lee. The sweeping staircase design plays a major role i...
05-10-2020 19:08

Product Of The Week: Cute Flower Vases To House Your Favorit

‘Wow, what have you got on your desk"’ ? A comment you are likely to hear again and again if you have these cute vases on display. Ge...
04-10-2020 19:07

Rich & Rustic Home Interiors That Ooze Rural Allure

Revelling in rustic riches, these two magnificent home designs have got us dreaming about days out in the countryside, far away from all of the world?...
02-10-2020 19:09

Dark Interior Decor With Confident Sophistication

Dark decor gives out a confident and sophisticated vibe, particularly when it spans a large living space that is wide open to plentiful natural light ...
01-10-2020 19:08

3 Home Designs Under 65 square meters (700 square feet) With

Three modern homes measuring under 65 square metres, each styled in their own very unique and lively character. Our first home has a mid century moder...
30-09-2020 19:07

51 Benches That Catch the Eye

While considering crucial elements of interior design, benches are usually not in the first line. That’s something worth changing, since these c...
29-09-2020 19:09

40 Gaming Setups That We Really Like

Gamer rooms have quickly gathered status in the home, promoting gaming stations from a dusty corner of a bedroom or lounge to fully fledged and styled...
28-09-2020 19:09

Product Of The Week: Cute Spaghetti Monster Shaped Strainer

All hail the flying spaghetti monster! Get it on Amazon. Recommended Reading:  50 Cool Kitchen Gadgets That Would Make Your Life Easier The post ...
27-09-2020 19:04

Luxury Home Interiors Set In Black And White Decor

Black and white decor elements shape the large spaces inside these two luxury home designs. Minimalist interior layouts meet luxe materials and textur...
25-09-2020 19:07

Cozy Minimalist Interior With A Muted Earthy Colour Palette

Muted color sends warm vibrations through this 79 square metre modern interior project in Moscow, designed by Bureau Slovo. Shades of autumnal brown, ...
24-09-2020 19:10

Serenely Stylish White And Wood Interiors

Serenely stylish in clean white and smooth wood decor, these four expertly designed homes provide tranquil interiors inspiration. Although the colour ...
23-09-2020 19:08

51 Armchairs That Add Effortless Comfort To Your Living

While some people do prefer a sofa, an armchair remains one of the most important functional pieces of interior. This multitasker has to be chosen wit...
22-09-2020 19:06

51 Modern Kid?s Room Ideas With Tips & Accessories To Help Y

A kid?s bedroom is their domain to play, create, study and relax. It?s a do-it-all space for the youngest members of the household, so it?s only right...
21-09-2020 19:07

Product Of The Week: A Minimalist Teapot That Oozes Zen

If you love acquiring beautiful design objects, this elegant porcelain teapot would be a worthy addition to your collection. Get it on Amazon. Recomme...
20-09-2020 19:06

Interiors Under 60 Sqm With Simple Colour Infusions

Simple colour infusions uplift the reposeful grey and white bases of these two homes, each measuring under 60 square metres. The one bed apartment lay...
18-09-2020 19:07

Unifying Home Interiors With Horizontal Colour Blocking

Horizontal colour blocking unifies a space, wrapping the walls together like a ribbon around a gift. These five modern home interior concepts illustra...
17-09-2020 19:05

Luxury Living By The Ocean

Oceanside and oh-so spectacular, these three luxury apartments are made to wow. Whilst the uninterrupted waterside views are blue, sparkling and stunn...
16-09-2020 19:06

51 Oversized Chairs That Make The Case For Bigger Is Better

Oversized chairs are perfect for lounging with a good read, binging your favorite TV shows, or sprawling out after a hard day. Plus, contrary to popul...
15-09-2020 19:08

Alluring Two-Story Family Apartment In Ukraine

This alluring 440 square metre two-story apartment, located in the downtown of Dnipro, Ukraine, was created with pleasure in mind. Each space inside t...
14-09-2020 19:07

Product Of The Week: Cool Skull-shaped Glasses

A unique take on the ordinary drinking glass. Get it on Amazon. Recommended Reading:  50 Cool & Unique Wine Glasses The post Product Of The W...
13-09-2020 19:07

Home Designs Under 100 Sqm With L-Shape Living Spaces (Plus

Measuring just under 100 square metres, these two chic home tours bring us beautiful room design ideas and creative floor plan inspiration that naviga...
11-09-2020 19:07

Playing With Colour In Small Spaces Under 40 Sqm (Plus Floor

Green, peach and blue are the focus of these three small home interior designs, each cut through with natural wood tone. The spaces are snug, measurin...
10-09-2020 19:06

2 Exquisite Turkish Villas That Make You Hunger For Luxury

You will be hungry to have more luxury in your life and your living spaces once you cast eyes on these two exquisite Turkish villas, each visualised b...
09-09-2020 19:06

53 Decorative Pillows to Effortlessly Update Your Home

If you’re looking to add a pop of color, make a room cozier, or effortlessly update a space, decorative pillows are the answer. These fun accent...
08-09-2020 19:07

Remodelling Two 110 Square Metre Apartments (With Plans)

Fusing living modules creates the effect of spatial expansion; this ideal became the driving force of these two exemplary interior remodels, each meas...
07-09-2020 19:07

Product Of The Week: A Unique Modern Cuckoo Clock

A modern take on the classic cuckoo clock. A great feature of this beautiful clock is the natural chirping sounds the bird makes. Hear the sound here....
06-09-2020 19:07

Modern Red And Blue Interior Design Inspiration

Red and blue accents thread an appealing upbeat vibe through light modern interiors. The vibrancy is contagious, lifting the mood of those who would l...
04-09-2020 19:07

Homes Under 30 Square Metres: Design Tips For Tight Spaces

Tackling the design of tight living spaces can present frustrating challenges, but this collection of homes under 30 square metres offers a wealth of ...
03-09-2020 19:05

40 Small Dining Rooms With Tips And Accessories To Help You

Not everyone enjoys eating dinner off a lap tray, no matter how tight the limitations on living space. So, how can we incorporate a formal little dini...
02-09-2020 19:31

51 Rectangle Dining Tables to Refresh Your Dining Space

While rectangle dining tables aren?t exactly groundbreaking, they are a go-to for many interior designers for a reason?they are the optimal shape for ...
01-09-2020 19:28

Compact And Cool Blue Interiors With Warm Accents

Bright blue and grey decor fills these three small home interiors with a cool and breezy vibe. These chilled interior designs come along with warm acc...
31-08-2020 19:31

Product Of The Week: A Cute Double Walled Bear Glass

A cute and whimsical glass to serve your favorite beverage. Get it on Amazon. Recommended Reading:  50 Cool & Unique Wine Glasses...
30-08-2020 19:37

How To Add Areas Of Interest To Dark Decor Schemes

Dark decor paints a suave and sophisticated aesthetic, but it?s easy for the effect to fall flat in the shadows. This is why it?s important to introdu...
28-08-2020 19:29

White & Light Wood Interiors Under 120 Square Metres (With F

Each measuring under 120 square metres, these three modern home designs use a base of fresh white and light golden wooden tone to build an uplifting h...
27-08-2020 19:31

Creating Polished Interior Designs Under 40 Square Metres

When there?s not a lot of space to work with, putting the creative polish on interior design becomes all the more essential. Each square metre of spac...
26-08-2020 19:08

51 Floating TV Stands to Binge Your Favorite Shows in Style

Keeping your floor clear creates the illusion of more space. And one easy way to do this?even in small rooms?is with a floating TV stand. A floating T...
25-08-2020 19:08

Harmonised Grey And Beige Decor

As the world of interiors continues to embrace the grey and beige decor palette, we?re paying special attention to a home that perfectly harmonises th...
24-08-2020 19:07

Product Of The Week: An Amazing Accordion Lamp

Just imagine the possibilities with this amazing accordion lamp. Get it on Amazon. Recommended Reading:  50 Unique Table Lamps That Help You Ligh...
23-08-2020 19:05

Cozy Boho Interiors With Botanical Boosts

Cozy bohemian character shapes these two welcoming home designs, one buzzing with Mediterranean colour, the other chilled in monochrome. The element t...
21-08-2020 19:05

Black Framed Glass Wall Bedrooms And Open Plan Living

Striking black frames build the glass wall bedrooms of these four open plan modern apartments. These dominating structures are balanced out with dark ...
20-08-2020 19:07

3 Home Plans That Are Just Around 46 Square Meters (500 squa

Around 46 square meters (500 square feet) of space set the challenge for these three unique small home plans. Despite limitations, the modern trio set...
19-08-2020 19:09

51 End Tables to Accent Your Living Room?s Unique Style

End tables are more than just a place to balance a lamp or hold your drink, they are an accent that can instantly update your living room with both st...
18-08-2020 19:08

Brutalist Japanese Lake House

This amazing 640 square metre lakeside guesthouse is a brutalist masterpiece by architects Nikken Sekkei, located in Japan. The concrete house was des...
17-08-2020 19:08

Product Of The Week: Game Of Thrones Collector?s Chess Set

Binge watching series has replaced much of our old time hobbies. Perhaps this creative chess set can bring us back to the board" Get it on Amazon...
16-08-2020 19:08

Small Home Design With Split Mezzanines

The renovation of a 75 square metre space into a multi-faceted family home presented some challenges for the designer team at Buro White. The brief ca...
14-08-2020 19:06

Interiors That Exude Warmth Through Soft Brown & Grey Decor

Warmth exudes from these three modern home interiors, through rich brown and grey colour palettes, natural wood tone and soft lighting. Such a palette...
13-08-2020 19:06

Styling Three 70 Square Metre Home Interiors [With Floor Pla

70 square metres of interior space begin the brief for these three fresh home designs, but the final results are very different stories. First off, a ...
12-08-2020 19:07

51 Tufted Ottomans And Stools That Every Versatile Home Need

Tufted ottomans are a powerhouse for any home. They not only instantly add a luxurious aesthetic to a space, but they can assist with storage, act as ...
11-08-2020 19:08

Relaxed Spaces With Minimalist Vibes

Peaceful in their resolute minimalism, these four modern home designs are a picture of harmonious decor and simplicity. Each one of the home layouts a...
10-08-2020 19:07

Product Of The Week: A Cool Head Shaped Planter

This could be a fun addition to your desk or window sill. Get it on Amazon. Recommended Reading:  50 Unique Pots & Planters...
08-08-2020 19:06

Creating Well Rounded Interiors With Circle Themes & Orange

If orange is your colour, then we certainly have a juicy treat for you. These four bright home designs feature tangerine, pumpkin and apricot accents ...
07-08-2020 19:08

Unique Family Hive Home In India

A decorative armour of geometric metal blocks builds the unique façade of this 600 square metre luxury home in Surat, Gujarat, India, designed by Open...
06-08-2020 19:04

51 Gorgeous Green Dining Rooms With Tips And Accessories To

Revitalising, invigorating, fresh and sublime, green dining rooms create good vibes. A green scheme can be cool and calm in minty hues, deeply sophist...
05-08-2020 19:04

51 Pedestal Dining Tables that Offer Maximum Style and Chair

Pedestal dining tables aren’t just a versatile option as they come in every shape, size, and material, but they also prioritize comfort. The abs...
04-08-2020 19:05

Small Apartments With Functionality And Flair

At just under 40 square metres these three home designs are comfortably compact. Careful layouts and bespoke furniture designs ensure that layouts loo...
03-08-2020 19:05

Product Of The Week: The Giraffe Measuring Tape

It is not everyday that you can meet the tall order of making something as mundane as a measuring tape interesting. But the folks at OTOTO seems to ha...
02-08-2020 19:05

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51 Small Dining Tables to Save Space Without Sacrificing Style

51 Small Dining Tables to Save Space Without ...

Whether you have a studio apartment, a tiny dining room, or simply need compact seating, a small dining table may be the perfect solution. Not only can smaller dining tables add function to your home without wasting space, but they can also reflect... -
Chalet in Montana by Locati Architects

Chalet in Montana by Locati Architects

Located in Montana, United States, this luxurious chalet was designed by Locati Architects. Photography courtesy of Locati Architects Visit Locati Architects -
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TRAMATO, antoniolupi carpets\' new carpet collection, combines textures, optical effects and intricate lines for a graphic look we love. -
You Won’t Believe These Chic Paper DIYs

You Won’t Believe These Chic Paper DIYs

Stylish home accents don’t need to cost a pretty penny. You can achieve your desired look with a little bit of time and one craft supply that is easily attained. Although paper isn’t always considered for DIY projects, you may just change your... -
Zhejiang Factory / gad · line+ studio

Zhejiang Factory / gad · line+ studio

For some time, under the guidance of the traditional economic growth model, new industrial cities have sprung up all over the country. These industrial parks follow almost the same underlying logic - spatial layout and architectural construction... -
Creative Ways of How To Store Scarves

Creative Ways of How To Store Scarves

It?s pretty surprising the number of ways you can create storage for your scarves. The 15+ scarf storage ideas in this post have been divided up into A) ideas on how to store them out in the bedroom, and B) ideas on how to store and organize... -
Lake 5 West Clubhouse / GBBN

Lake 5 West Clubhouse / GBBN

Sometimes it?s what?s on the outside that counts. The Lake West 5 Community Clubhouse renovation?s thoughtful façade work has transformed a building that was otherwise unremarkable, except for the way in turned its back on the public. -
[+] Curtain Ideas Small Kitchen Window

[+] Curtain Ideas Small Kitchen Window

Image Source: Curtain Ideas Small Kitchen Window Image Source: Image Source: Image Source: Image Source: Image Source: Image Source: Image Source: Image Source: Image Source: Image Source: -

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