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Product Of The Week: Handmade Natural Wood Wall Hooks

Handmade and eco-friendly in stylishly understated natural wood, these unique decorative wall hooks are too good to be covered in coats. Get it here. ...
01-08-2021 19:15

Creative Cream Interior With Fabulous Furniture

Fabulous furniture brings shape, intrigue and a creative essence to this cool cream interior, visualised by ???. Whilst the decor here is predominantl...
30-07-2021 19:15

Captivating Copper Accents On Dark Grey Decor

Captivating copper accents cause bright and lustrous disruptions through these two dramatically dark grey home interiors. The effect is warming, allur...
29-07-2021 19:14

A Beautifully Landscaped Brutalist House [Video]

A wood and concrete brutalist exterior shields this 2900 square foot home design, based in Houston, United States. Created by the architects at Robert...
28-07-2021 19:14

51 Round Side Tables with Designer Decorative Appeal

Side tables are under-sung heroes of versatility and functionality whether placed by an accent chair or cozied up next to the bed. They provide a spac...
27-07-2021 19:12

A Tranquil Vietnamese House With A Courtyard

A dreamy, nature-touched home stands on the riverbank of a small village in Hoi An ancient town of Quang Nam province, Vietnam, elegantly designed by ...
26-07-2021 19:09

Product Of The Week: Phases Of The Moon Mirror

Check out this beautiful 5-piece mirror set showcasing the phases of the moon. Get it here. Recommended Reading:  51 Decorative Wall Mirrors To F...
25-07-2021 19:10

A Modern Brutalist House In Japan With Exquisite Details

A modern brutalist exterior blankly encases this exquisitely detailed Japanese home, expertly designed by Apollo Architects & Associates. The 410 ...
23-07-2021 19:14

Creatively Colourful Interiors Inspiration: 4 Home Tours

Colour makes a home feel cheerful and inviting. However, we often limit ourselves to just one or two accent hues in a conservative application. Reserv...
22-07-2021 19:11

Ethnic Eclectic Interiors With Vintage Vibes

If you?re looking to create truly individual and characterful living spaces, then ethnic eclectic interiors with vintage vibes evoke a wonderfully uni...
21-07-2021 19:16

51 Glass Pendant Lights to Illuminate Any Corner of the Home

Pendant lights are a powerhouse of functionality and decorative potential ? they provide just the right splash of illumination right where you need it...
20-07-2021 19:15

Snazzy Blue Accent Interiors & Summer-Ready Terraces

Brilliant blue accents bring upbeat energy to these two unique home interiors. Bold artwork and contemporary furniture choices shape a snazzy aestheti...
19-07-2021 19:14

Product Of The Week: Levitating Moon Lamp

A free floating heavenly body emitting light while spinning" Could this moon lamp be any more perfect" Get it here. Recommended Reading:...
18-07-2021 19:14

Warm Interior Decor With Comforting Soft Forms

Comforting soft curves and a melt of warm monochrome tones make up these two reposeful modern interiors. Tactile curves form the main furniture pieces...
16-07-2021 19:17

Neoclassical Interior Spliced With Sage Green & Pink Decor

Lovingly preserved historical heritage brings neoclassical intricacy to this exquisite apartment that overlooks Bolshoi Prospekt, at the very heart of...
15-07-2021 19:22

51 Home Library Designs That Will Have Book Lovers Lost For

Home libraries are places in which to escape, to become lost in the pages of adventure, romance, deep study or self-reflection. Whilst screens have th...
14-07-2021 19:16

51 Large Area Rugs to Underscore Your Decor with a Designer

An area rug is the perfect piece to tie a room together ? it can underscore a solidified decor theme or bring together eclectic elements in a way that...
13-07-2021 19:21

Two Art Focussed Neoclassical Home Interiors

Amongst an array of classic wainscot and decorative boiserie, we find a counterbalance of modern furniture pieces and unexpected colour palettes in th...
12-07-2021 19:16

Product Of The Week: A Magnified Nightstand For Your Apple W

The Nightwatch is an interesting product.The lucite orb magnifies your watch’s display and turns it on when you touch it, effectively making it ...
11-07-2021 19:12

Immaculate White Interior Design With Luxurious Marble Decor

Luxurious marble decor elevates the immaculate white interior of this enviable Moscow apartment, meticulously designed by Quadro Room. Hard, dazzling ...
09-07-2021 19:15

Comfortable Family Home With Gentle Accents (Includes Floor

Gentle accent colours uplift this comfortable 71.2 square metre family home interior, located in Moscow, Russia. Designed by Natalia Rybakova, this mo...
08-07-2021 19:16

Inspired Industrial Interiors With Exposed Brick Walls

These four inspired industrial style home interiors are enriched with cool details that will help you to imagine, shape and realise your very own. Fro...
07-07-2021 19:16

51 Footstools to Kick Up Your Feet With a Decorative Flouris

Footstools are among the humblest of furniture pieces ? comfortable and functional but often treated as an afterthought. But it doesn’t have to ...
06-07-2021 19:16

Refined & Reposeful Grey Interior in Ukraine (With Floor Pla

Refined and reposeful in soothing shades of grey, white and beige, this 255 square metre modern interior design achieves an air of easy elegance. Visu...
05-07-2021 19:19

Product Of The Week: A Stunning Bird Clock

The Migrantbird X Clock by Haoshi is a sculptural masterpiece. Just look at those details. Get it on here. Recommended Reading:  50 Cool And Uniq...
04-07-2021 19:14

Industrial Accent Walls & Open Concept Bedrooms

While these two distinctive home interiors differ in scale and colour palette, they find common ground in sleek modern decor, industrial accent walls,...
02-07-2021 19:17

Classy Contemporary Interiors With Deep Brown, Grey & White

Deep brown, soothing grey & clean white decor shades these three classy contemporary home interiors, visualised by Mai Trang Nguyen. The calming n...
01-07-2021 19:17

How To Create Daring Decor With Dark Textures

When decorating in dark colours, you can find yourself in a mundanely monochrome and featureless rut. In this collection of daringly dark interior des...
30-06-2021 19:19

51 Floor Vases with Endless Decor Potential for Any Interior

Floor vases are an exceptionally flexible decoration for any room in the home ? unbound by tables or surfaces, they can be placed in any spot that cou...
29-06-2021 19:16

Abstract Family Home That Provides Escape From City Life

Abstract, linear volumes stack to form a crisp modern 4266 square foot home for a family of five in Bangalore, India. Created by Crest Architects, the...
28-06-2021 19:17

Product Of The Week: A Minimalist Solar Kitchen Scale

Say goodbye to batteries with this clean and beautifully designed kitchen scale powered by light. Get it here. Recommended Reading:  50 Cool Kitc...
27-06-2021 19:19

Rounded-Edge Furniture & Comforting Curves

Rounded-edge furniture and curvaceous interior architecture create a comforting, tactile design aesthetic. Rounded furniture makes it possible to fash...
25-06-2021 19:15

1 Bed Apartments With Earthy Brown & Green Accent Decor

Enriched with earthy brown and deep green accent decor, this pair of 1 bedroom apartment designs comprise tonal layers that manipulate the sense of sp...
24-06-2021 19:12

Sleek Geometric Villa In Mallorca With A Glass Facade

On a 1,000 square metre south-facing plot, Villa Anguli overlooks Camp de Mar, Mallorca, from a privileged elevated position. Created by E5 Living, th...
23-06-2021 19:14

Subtle Grey Interiors With Classic Details

Subtle grey decor covers this modern apartment interior with a sense of calm and sophistication, whilst classic details add history and character. Vis...
22-06-2021 19:15

51 Sectional Sofas for Elegant and Functional Living Room Se

Sectional sofas are a powerhouse of living space utility. These pieces offer expansive space for seating and stretching out yet, because they are pack...
22-06-2021 19:15

Product Of The Week: A Beautiful Compact Knife

Here is a worthy design object to slice open all those Amazon packages you have been getting. Get it on Amazon. Recommended Reading:  40 Unique D...
20-06-2021 19:13

Decorating Fascinating Spaces With Colourful Art Accents

Colourful art accents make fascinating additions to this peacefully grey and white based modern interior, visualised by Maxim Shpinkov. The bright eye...
18-06-2021 19:26

Japandi Style Home Interiors With Cute Kids? Rooms

These three modern home interiors are each inspired by fresh Scandinavian style decor elements, whilst exuding elegant Asian distinction. An en vogue,...
17-06-2021 19:14

Seductive Interiors With Statement Chandeliers

A statement chandelier forms the crowning glory over a luxurious living space. Large and magnificent, sparkling modern chandeliers add an undeniable w...
16-06-2021 19:16

51 Bathroom Mirrors To Complete Your Stylish Vanity Setup

Is your bathroom vanity arrangement falling short of its potential" We’ve scoured our favorite online stores to find 51 bathroom mirrors to...
15-06-2021 19:14

Six Uniquely Stylish Modern Asian Home Interiors

Uniquely stylish contemporary Asian decor shapes this collection of captivating home designs, skillfully visualised by Lan Hen. Join us as we make a d...
14-06-2021 19:14

Product Of The Week: Mountain Shaped Glass & Coaster Set

Bring something unique to the table with this Mount Fuji inspired glass and coaster set. Get it on Amazon. Recommended Reading:  53 Tumblers And ...
13-06-2021 19:14

Minimising Interior Fuss With Microcement Industrial Decor

Microcement finishes smooth, shape and contour the stylish interior of this modern 90 square metre apartment, located in Lviv, Ukraine. Visualised by ...
11-06-2021 19:19

A Modern Japanese House With A Serene Courtyard

A unique segmented layout defines this wonderful Japanese home, belonging to a couple and their three children near the city centre of Shunan, Yamaguc...
10-06-2021 19:14

Upmarket Apartments That Meld Modernism & Heritage

The Carlile Armadale apartments are a set of chic, upmarket dwellings set within a curvaceous, art deco infused development in Melbourne, Australia. H...
09-06-2021 19:22

51 Egg Cups to Bring Fun and Fashion to Your Breakfast Routi

A stylish egg cup puts a stately spin on the humble breakfast egg. If you are unfamiliar with this table accessory, it is used to serve a boiled egg w...
08-06-2021 19:18

Luxury Minimalism In Interior Design

Laconic yet luxurious, this minimalist home design features high-end twists on wide open space. Visualised by Igor Sirotov, the city loft features ove...
07-06-2021 19:14

Product Of The Week: Strikingly Beautiful Minimalist Vases

There is something intrinsically serene about about the form of these beautiful decorative vases. Get it on Amazon. Recommended Reading:  50 Uniq...
06-06-2021 19:16

Sharp Apartment Interior With Striking Design Statements

Striking design statements sharpen the layout of this 250 square metre apartment, located in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Designed by Almaty Vilnius Architects...
04-06-2021 19:11

Upscale Designer Town House in Moldova (With Floor Plans)

Measuring 222 square metres in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, this upscale designer town house is three floors of unique modern luxury. Visualised by ...
04-06-2021 19:11

Red, Yellow And Blue Interiors That Are Bubbling With Creati

Creative energy positively bubbles over from each of these five engaging red, yellow and blue interior designs. Prolific colour clashes create a vivac...
02-06-2021 19:15

51 Sideboard Buffets for Stylish Dining Room Organization

Sideboard buffets are a classic piece of furniture that has continued to evolve to meet modern style needs ? and if you don’t have one, you migh...
01-06-2021 19:16

Lively Family-Friendly Home interior With Bold Colour

The Secret Garden project is a bright and uplifting modern family home located in Rome, Italy, designed by Maurizio Giovannoni. The homeowners? initia...
31-05-2021 19:15

Product Of The Week: Minimalist Metal Wire Art Pieces

These beautiful works of art can also double up as your jewellery display stand. Get it on Amazon. Recommended Reading:  50 Marvelous Metal Wall ...
30-05-2021 19:09

Chic Open Plan Living Spaces With Grey, White & Wood Decor

Crisp white walls and pale grey infusions make a serene life setting, especially when cast alongside the natural beauty of wood. Here, our four featur...
28-05-2021 19:16

Lively Yellow and Blue Accent Decor: 3 Home Tours

Lively combinations of yellow and blue decor make for uplifting living spaces. These three inspirational home designs don?t drown with colour but bala...
27-05-2021 19:12

Upscaling Homes With Subtle Modern Glam Decor

Modern glam decor puts the charisma back into contemporary interiors. Shining metallic accents and luxe marble elements take the look way upscale, whi...
26-05-2021 19:13

51 Scandinavian Rugs to Underscore Your Nordic-Style Decor

Savvy decorators are increasingly looking toward Nordic influences to inform their interior choices by opting for bright and breezy spaces, warm natur...
25-05-2021 19:15

Portraying Personality In Interiors Under 40 Sqm (Includes F

Each measuring in at just under 40 square metres, these three apartment interiors in Odessa, Ukraine, offer up inspiration for three different persona...
24-05-2021 19:13

Product Of The Week: Cute Hatching Chick Night Light

Which came first" The chicken or the egg" Get it on Amazon. Recommended Reading:  50 Unique Kids? Night Lights That Make Bedtime Fun an...
23-05-2021 19:13

Colourful Interiors That Feel Like Spring & Summer

If the world outside the window is dreary, make your interior into an eternal spring or summer extravaganza of colour, pattern and uplifting energy. F...
21-05-2021 19:14

Crafting Cool Clarity With All-White Interiors

White is the colour of purity and perfection. Any colour goes with white, but should you have an all-white interior" Well, the short answer is ye...
20-05-2021 19:19

How To Balance A Grey and Dark Blue Interior

Dark blue shades present a fabulously sophisticated accompaniment for a trendy grey colour scheme, be it in the living room, bedroom, or even the kids...
19-05-2021 19:19

51 Iconic Design Objects from Mid-Century, Postmodern, and C

Some decor objects are so much more than their appearance ? the most iconic designs often come with a rich backstory, occupying an important place in ...
18-05-2021 19:20

Luxury Beachfront Property In A Jungle Landscape

A series of pavilions shape this 1000 square metre beachfront property in Santa Teresa Beach, Costa Rica, expertly designed by architects Studio Saxe....
17-05-2021 19:19

Product Of The Week: A Cute Industrial Pipe Robot

Light up your table in style with this cute brooding industrial robot. Get it on Amazon. Recommended Reading:  50 Unique Table Lamps That Help Yo...
16-05-2021 19:20

How To Perfect The Black, White, Wood & Grey Palette

Black, white, wood & grey decor meld in peaceful perfection, as this collection of five stylish interior designs demonstrate. Against a fresh canv...
14-05-2021 19:16

Restful Interiors For The Minimalist Mindset

Let?s escape to the calm and comforting warm white decor schemes of four interiors, which each feature peacefully pared back layouts for the minimalis...
13-05-2021 19:19

Unique Home Interiors Cased With Sleek Modern Wall Panelling

Three unique home interiors are the subject of our attention today, each designed by Wu Zhenyu. Unusual furniture design shapes spaces that are captiv...
12-05-2021 19:19

51 Chairs with Ottomans for a Perfect Comfort Pairing

With the addition of a stylishly coordinated ottoman, a simple accent chair can become a place of relaxation perfect for a breezy reading nook, a calm...
11-05-2021 19:19

Art Accented Apartments For Creative Professionals

Imaginative people thrive in inspiring surroundings, that?s why art makes an essential home decor accent for young professionals in the creative indus...
10-05-2021 19:15

Product Of The Week: Cute Double Walled Bird Glasses

Keep cold drinks cold and hot drink hot with this double walled bird glass. It can serve as a unique piece of decor too when not in use! Get it on Ama...
09-05-2021 19:15

Creating Home Hotspots With Red Accent Decor

Whatever feelings or belief system you may have around the colour red, whether it be passion, strength, energy, or even good luck, red is undoubtedly ...
07-05-2021 19:15

How To Enrich Interiors With Textural Decor

Textured walls bring intensity to a modern home interior, and soul of tactile depths. A textured backdrop enriches even the simplest of furniture arra...
06-05-2021 19:16

51 Relaxing Poolside Sitting Areas To Daydream About

Sunshine and cocktails, good friends and great times, relaxing poolside sitting areas are places in which to let responsibilities drift away and work ...
05-05-2021 19:14

51 Full Length Mirrors to Flatter Your Decor and Your Outfit

Full length mirrors are exceptionally helpful for those everyday outfit checks, ensuring you look put-together from head to toe before heading out for...
04-05-2021 19:21

Confident Black, White & Yellow Interiors For Young Professi

Black, white and bright yellow accent interiors send out a confident message; these are spaces that belong to the youthful, the positive-minded and th...
03-05-2021 19:18

Product Of The Week: A Saturn Shaped LED Lamp

Bring in the beauty of Saturn with this gorgeous lamp. Get it on Amazon. Recommended Reading:  50 Space-Themed Home Decor Accessories To Satiate ...
02-05-2021 19:15

Game Changing Space Saving Ideas In Small Studios Under 30 S

Living comfortably in a space under 30 square metres requires a bit of creative thinking, and this pair of studio designs have space saving ideas that...
30-04-2021 19:17

Unconventional Pink Interiors To Add Quirkiness & Colour To

Unconventional, pink and filled with fresh and fun ideas, these three uplifting modern home interiors are set to inspire in a whole new way. The minim...
30-04-2021 19:17

A Lush Modern Tropical House In Kerala With Indoor Greenery

By the Chaliyar river in Malappuram, Kerala, India, the CAER project is a reimagined modern day fortress that melds with its tranquil tropical surroun...
28-04-2021 19:18

51 Oval Coffee Tables for Curvaceous Sofa-Side Appeal

While living rooms are so often defined by their linear aspects, coffee tables introduce a unique opportunity to break up those squared angled with a ...
27-04-2021 19:17

51 Attractive Ways To Use Arches In Interior Design

The elegant arch trend bounds on, and we are completely captivated by this charming decor device. Here, we discuss the use of the arch form in all are...
26-04-2021 19:21

Product Of The Week: Whimsical Light Air Balloons For Decor

Add an air of fancy to your decor with these cute light air balloons. Get it on Amazon. Recommended Reading:  50 Kids Room Decor Accessories To C...
25-04-2021 19:20

Clean, Crisp & Compact Home Interiors Under 40 Sqm (With Flo

Each measuring just under 40 square metres, these two modern home designs offer practical inspiration for organising clean and crisp layouts in compac...
23-04-2021 19:19

Luxury Homes With Peaceful Colour Palettes & Bright Skylight

Modern luxury thrives in understated form, peaceful colour palettes and spacious room layouts. Here, we?re looking at three inspirational home interio...
22-04-2021 19:17

Family Apartment Designed To Maximise Natural Light

Created for a young married couple, this bright 105 square metre home interior is situated in the PIRS residential complex, Minsk, Belarus. Visualised...
21-04-2021 19:15

51 Upholstered Beds To Crown Your Restful Retreat

The average person spends about 1/3 of their life in bed ? even more if this is also a place where you like to browse your phone, watch television, or...
20-04-2021 19:17

51 Archways That Create Seductive Spaces

Whilst modern architecture no longer relies upon the arch to support the load of larger buildings, this Roman feat of engineering remains one of the m...
19-04-2021 19:18

Product Of The Week: Octopus Wall Hook

Need an extra hand (or tentacle) to hold your things" Let this cute octopus help! Get it on Amazon. Recommended Reading:  50 Interesting and...
18-04-2021 19:17

Luxury Home Loaded With Marble and Modern Style

Moments of marble instill luxurious pattern and depth into this 350 square metre home, designed by Nikita Riasov. Iranian grey stone slabs embody an a...
16-04-2021 19:21

Breaching The Barriers Of Minimalist Introvert Homes

It?s time to reveal some interior design secrets as we breach the barriers of three minimalist introvert homes, each thoughtfully designed by architec...
15-04-2021 19:22

Expanding Modern Interiors With Minimalist White Decor

Pared back to peaceful perfection and blanked out with space expanding white decor, minimalist modern homes are pictures of airy tranquility. No nonse...
14-04-2021 19:19

51 Round Mirror to Reflect Your Face and Your Style

A stylish round wall mirror offers much more than plain functionality. Apart from reflecting our faces and light, it helps make the room appear more s...
13-04-2021 19:19

Arizona Family Home Built To Nurture Creativity

In the centre of Phoenix, Arizona, USA, the artistic owners of a large piece of land imagined a new family home that would encourage creativity, growt...
12-04-2021 19:22

Product Of The Week: An Incredibly Versatile And Stylish Des

Don’t let this lamp’s simple, minimal form fool you. This beauty of a desk lamp can also function as a hanging lamp, an accordion display ...
11-04-2021 19:17

Decorating With Textured Finishes & Calming Colour

Gentle and soothing, yet textured and interesting, this 89 square metre apartment interior offers the ideal space in which to regroup and rejuvenate. ...
09-04-2021 19:19

Intense Boho Industrial Interiors

This striking collection of intense boho industrial interiors comes to us from the stunning portfolio of visualiser Yana Prydalna. These extraordinary...
08-04-2021 19:14

An Arched Beauty Of A Home In Australia

Distinctive archways and a tranquil green setting build a luxurious bespoke home exterior in the historic suburb of Armadale, Australia, which is in f...
07-04-2021 19:12

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