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The Dream Home Kit: It is finally here!

It may have taken us a while but we are proud to bring to you our very special Dream Home Kit, the most comprehensive home design resource kit ever as...
29-06-2022 19:10

51 White Dining Tables for A Bright Dining Room Refresh

A clean white dining table is like a blank canvas just waiting to serve as a flattering base for your most creative tablescape ideas. They’re ea...
28-06-2022 19:14

A Luxury Condominium With Elegant White Interiors [Video]

Located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, this chic contemporary home interior project is entitled ?Living Curve? in response to its elegantly arched ceiling...
27-06-2022 19:08

Product Of The Week: Moonlight Nightlight With Remote Contro

With 7 different LED colours and 3 levels of brightness, this moonlight nightlight with remote control can set a multitude of moods at the click of a ...
26-06-2022 19:11

Something special is coming your way?

Dear readers, We have been diligently putting together something special for you over the last three years and we are glad to finally bring it to you ...
24-06-2022 19:10

Cozy 35 Square Meter Apartment Makeover With Floor Plan

With the inability to move or remove the panel structures that segment this apartment, the challenge was on to arrange functional areas to best serve ...
23-06-2022 19:12

Peaceful White Home Design With Interior Arches

A sense of calm and tranquillity washes over all who enter this ethereal white abode. Visualised by Z Vision, this spacious and light-filled home inte...
22-06-2022 19:13

51 Black Side Tables to Flatter Every Modern Style

A black side table is the little black dress of the furniture world ? dress it up or down with your favorite decorative items, or simply let its strai...
21-06-2022 19:15

Rustic Asian Home With A Traditional Essence

On a peaceful plain by the foothills of Annamese Cordillera, central Vietnam, Hue people hold the role of family in high regard, placing family connec...
20-06-2022 19:11

Product Of The Week: Gold Table Centerpieces

Whether you?re sourcing unique candle holders or a decorative vase to complete your table, these gold table centerpieces add an upmarket sense of occa...
19-06-2022 19:12

40 Light Filled Living Rooms Connected With Nature

A light-filled living room is a joy to spend time in as a family and with friends. Add a powerful connection to the outdoors and it?s a place that you...
17-06-2022 19:11

Art & Book Lover?s Youthful Luxury Home Interior

Modern art and colourful furniture pieces give this luxury home interior a vibrant, youthful spin. Visualised by ZHBB Vision, this large abode feature...
16-06-2022 19:13

Intense Black, Greige And Gold Home Interior

Soft greige decor elements are weighted by heavy black visual anchors in this intense modern home design, where gold accents uplift with a champagne l...
15-06-2022 19:12

51 Modern Chairs to Update Your Seating Style for Every Room

Investing in updated modern chairs can be a great way to refresh your decor theme without replacing larger furniture elements or structural elements. ...
14-06-2022 19:10

Striking Black, Grey And Wood Interior In Estonia

Earthy grey stone elements, black marble, and deep natural wood tone combine to present this sophisticated home interior with a dash of panache. Visua...
13-06-2022 19:11

Product Of The Week: Geometric Metal Line Art

With an on-trend matt black metal finish and a minimalist vibe, this geometric metal line art injects a modern flavour into any setting. Get it here. ...
12-06-2022 19:10

Sage Green Home Interiors With Soothing Energy

Sage green is a timeless hue that gently brings in a hint of the outdoors. It is a colour that looks at home in any sized living space, from large and...
10-06-2022 19:12

Smooth Warm White And Cream Interior Dreams

Appreciated for their timeless appeal, smooth cream and warm white home interiors exude grace and upmarket style. A soft overlay of cream, warm white,...
09-06-2022 19:10

Music Lover?s Small Apartment With Bright Beats [Floor Plan]

Upbeat colourful accents add character to this modern apartment, where a 5 guitar rack gives a clue about the interests of its music-loving owner. Des...
08-06-2022 19:10

51 Modern Dining Tables That Will Have You Dining In Style

Whether your dining table is an integral part of your open plan living space or tucked away in its own formal room, it’s a large piece of furnit...
07-06-2022 19:16

Inventive Art-Filled Home Interior With Nature-Inspired Elem

Laconic in its gallery-white base, yet filled with intriguing objects, this home design is a journey of both simplicity and discovery. Created by Shex...
06-06-2022 19:12

Product Of The Week: Stone Table Lamp Carved from Natural Ca

Ethereal beauty glows from this handcrafted stone table lamp carved from natural calcite. The unique vein of the stone means that no two lamps are ali...
05-06-2022 19:07

Making Two Apartments Into One Colour-Rich Home (With Floor

This 156.8 square metre home design project presented the task of uniting two separate apartments into one new residence. Visualised by Bureau Slovo, ...
03-06-2022 19:12

Designing Strong Spaces With Black, Grey, And Greige

Black, grey, and greige decor elements boldly fuse together in the design of these two strong home interiors, visualised by Eugene Shkilnyuk. These da...
02-06-2022 19:11

A Beautiful British House Set In A Lush Orchard [Video]

A fresh start begins for the proud homeowner of Claywood House in Hampshire, England, which is designed to smoothly incorporate wheelchair accessibili...
01-06-2022 19:12

51 Marble and Faux Marble Side Tables for a Touch of Luxury

Few materials exude the pure sophistication of marble ? whether you’re in the market for authentic stone that will last a lifetime or just a con...
31-05-2022 19:10

A Colour Infused Home Interior With Playful Personality

Why select just one accent colour when you create a cheerful and uplifting look with a celebration of colour" This modern home design uses a blen...
30-05-2022 19:13

Product Of The Week: Novelty Ceramic Succulent Planters

Add cartoon cool to your desk, dining table, or window sill with these funny face novelty ceramic succulent planters, which come complete with spectac...
29-05-2022 19:11

Happy Home Interiors With Relaxed Muted Decor

Muted colours make mellow, happy melds inside these three inspirational modern home designs, to promote relaxation and rejuvenation. In sunny home des...
27-05-2022 19:11

Restful Home Designs With A Focus On Finishes

Interior decor isn?t just aesthetics, it affects how we feel whilst we?re in our homes. When the outer world is hectic or grey with city grime, it pay...
26-05-2022 19:12

A Brazilian Summer House With Tropical Flourishes [Video]

Designed with family time in mind, this Brazilian summer house is decorated with tropical touches for a relaxed vacation vibe. The homeowners set just...
25-05-2022 19:14

51 Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas to Brighten Your Counter Wo

There are so many ways to illuminate the surface of your kitchen island ? from individual pendants to playful chandeliers to lengthy linear suspension...
24-05-2022 19:14

A Hillside House In Indonesia [Video]

On a rocky hill in Senggigi, Batu Layar, Indonesia, a steeply contoured 1600 square metre plot has become the new home of a young couple and their thr...
23-05-2022 19:15

Product Of The Week: Flower Vases With A Gold Geometric Fram

Whether displayed in the home, the office, or as a wedding table centrepiece, these chic flower vases with a gold geometric frame bring a modern touch...
22-05-2022 19:11

Colouring Modern Interiors With Green and Red Accents

Green and red decor accents come together to create bright breaks of colour inside these two predominantly monochrome modern home interiors. Breakthro...
20-05-2022 19:10

Cool Gray Interiors With Welcoming Warm Lighting Schemes

Grey interiors, whilst gorgeous, can slide easily into a cool spectrum that appears a little chilly and even uninviting. There are many ways to combat...
19-05-2022 19:27

51 Formal Living Room Ideas With Tips And Accessories To Hel

Formal living rooms carry an air of elegance, shaped by high-end furniture, plush rugs, eye-catching fireplaces, spectacular light installations, stir...
18-05-2022 19:30

51 Wood Dressers To Help Increase Your Bedroom Storage

Because bedroom themes are the easiest to change, it makes sense to invest in bedroom furniture that can adapt even as your decor tastes shift over ti...
17-05-2022 19:10

Detailed Interiors For Design Focussed Homeowners

A simple palette of warm beige tones and fresh white elements form a gentle interior backdrop in which smaller decor details can shine out. These thre...
16-05-2022 19:34

Product Of The Week: Luxury Wooden Monopoly Game

Game nights will never look the same again with this luxury wooden Monopoly game set, complete with a gleaming foil-stamped board and an integrated ac...
15-05-2022 19:10

Youthful Interiors Peppered With Art, Sculpture And Collecti

Artistic surroundings promote inspiration and creativity, joy and wonder. Without art, the human-created world becomes grey and industrious, cold and ...
13-05-2022 19:13

51 Formal Dining Room Ideas With Tips And Accessories To Hel

Sure, we take snacks at the kitchen island and light lunches in the dining nook, but there?s nothing quite like laying the table in a formal dining ro...
12-05-2022 19:08

40 Aesthetic Home Offices That Serve With Style

Home offices are now a staple part of the average household, whether that?s for putting in extra hours outside the office or for building your own emp...
11-05-2022 19:10

51 Wood Side Tables for Any Room in the Home

Few pieces of furniture are more versatile than the humble side table ? and few materials are as versatile and beautiful as natural wood. In this post...
10-05-2022 19:09

Creating Cohesive Interiors With Curves And Colour

Colourful terrazzo treatments, soft brown and blue accents, graceful arches and curved decor elements concoct these two interesting interiors that exu...
09-05-2022 19:11

Product Of The Week: 4th Dimension Concrete Desk Clock

Just the job for an industrial home office space, this sculptural 4th dimension concrete desk clock brings luxe gold accents along too. Get it here. R...
08-05-2022 19:10

Silky Smooth Interiors With Alluring Curves

Silky smooth modern finishes, light and calming backdrops, arches and creative curves fill these two modern home interiors with a restrained sense of ...
06-05-2022 19:11

Punchy Colourful Interior With A Prominent Home Workspace

Punchy, colourful accents send a current of youthful fun throughout this modern home interior. Visualised by One More Buro, this 186 square metre priv...
05-05-2022 19:10

51 Small Bedroom Design Ideas With Tips And Accessories To H

Large and spacious bedrooms might be luxurious but small bedrooms can cosily and succinctly provide us with all of the comforts that we need. This hug...
04-05-2022 19:14

51 Bathroom Faucets to Complete Your Dream Sink Update

Even the most utilitarian fixtures have the potential to shine as artistic decor elements ? and these beautiful bathroom faucets prove it. We’ve...
03-05-2022 19:11

Greige Interior Design Inspiration

We lived harmoniously with beige as a light and warming base colour and celebrated grey as a cool and moody successor. Now, all attention is on greige...
02-05-2022 19:11

Product Of The Week: Fluted Glass Carafe And Tumblers Set

Serve beverages and water in style with this on-trend gold-rimmed fluted glass carafe and tumblers set, perfect for the table or the nightstand. Get i...
01-05-2022 19:32

An Eclectic Cocktail Of Classical Decor And Modern Art

Elegant boiserie and decorative columns form a decorative background for works of contemporary sculpture and unique accent furniture. Designed by Oksa...
29-04-2022 19:11

51 Dining Rooms That Connect With Light And Nature

Sunlight and refreshing connections with Mother Nature make these modern dining rooms into irresistibly inviting spaces in which to gather, break brea...
28-04-2022 19:08

A Modern Indian Brutalist House With Artistic Touches

Combining a raw brutalist composition with softer Indian interior touches, this fabulous home design is a dramatic blend of modern architectural princ...
27-04-2022 19:11

51 Living Room Wall Decor Ideas to Reinvigorate Blank Spaces

Are you looking for the perfect wall decor to fill in that nagging blank space where nothing else seems to fit" Or are you starting fresh with a ...
26-04-2022 19:11

How To Relish The Richness Of Dark Interior Design

Without the right lighting, accents, and strong silhouettes, dark interior design can be dull or just downright depressing. With thoughtful accents, a...
25-04-2022 19:14

Product Of The Week: Reindeer Dimmable Night Light

Control light levels in your little one?s room with this adorable Reindeer Dimmable Night Light. Just one press of his nose turns the light on/off, wh...
24-04-2022 19:09

Standout Japanese Home Style Where Craftsmanship Meets Creat

The distinguishing refined colour palette and laconic forms of traditional Japanese interiors meet extraordinary design solutions in these three inspi...
22-04-2022 19:08

Family Compound For Two Brothers In China [Video]

Flowing Garden House is a large, luxury family compound, built for two entrepreneur brothers in the city of Zhangzhou, China. Created by architectural...
21-04-2022 19:09

Incredible Modern Lakeside Home In Canada

Settled 30 feet above Sakinaw Lake in British Columbia, Canada, Vertes Retreat is a luxurious vacation home, made for a family of four. Created by W O...
20-04-2022 19:10

51 Upholstered Benches for Every Room in the Home

Upholstered benches offer a comfortable take on a classic multipurpose accent, versatile and pleasant to use. We’ve collected our favorite uphol...
19-04-2022 19:09

Creating Cosy-Chic Interiors With Grey Decor & Wood Accents

Tonal grey decor and wooden accents culminate into a cosy-chic aesthetic within these three modern home interiors. In our first inspirational home des...
18-04-2022 19:11

Product Of The Week: Sculptural Moving Pyramid Clock

Fit for a pharaoh?s table, watch this sculptural moving pyramid clock slip satisfyingly into its precise geometric form every three hours of the day. ...
17-04-2022 19:11

Restful Interior With Brown Accents & Whispers Of Grey (With

Wood tone and earthy brown accents bring warmth to this restful modern home interior, whilst white and a whisper of grey make a soothing backdrop. Vis...
15-04-2022 19:34

Minimalist White Interiors With Unique Furniture Designs

Unique furniture designs add stylish wow factor turn after turn inside these two unusual minimalist home designs. Visualised by Indifference Studio, e...
14-04-2022 19:11

51 Aesthetic Bathroom Designs With Tips And Accessories To H

Our bathrooms are a place where we should push the boundaries of imagination. They are our escape from the world, our private sanctuary. Bathrooms sho...
13-04-2022 19:07

51 Living Room Chandeliers for Effective Illumination with U

Living room elegance is only a chandelier away. Finding the right living room chandelier can be a tricky prospect, with sizing just as important as st...
12-04-2022 19:10

Disrupting The Norm With Red And Yellow Accent Decor

Don?t you dream of shaking things up a bit and taking an exciting break from the norm" Well, you can take a walk on the wild side in your very ow...
11-04-2022 19:09

Product Of The Week: Samsung QLED Frame TV With Matte Displa

Houseguests may wonder what the remote control is for when they see this Samsung QLED Frame TV with matte display on the wall. This year?s Frame TV Se...
10-04-2022 19:08

Impactful Interiors With White And Wood Decor

Blending clean white decor accents with warm wooden elements creates soothing and serene home interiors that quiet the mind and soothe the soul. With ...
08-04-2022 19:09

Luxurious Neoclassical Interiors That Are Styled To Impress

High-end finishes, designer furniture, spectacular modern chandeliers, fine classic detailing, and exquisite styling shape this inspirational collecti...
07-04-2022 19:31

Zen Inspired Home Interior With Strong Stone Accents

Bonsai trees bring nature’s intricate beauty to this zen-inspired home interior, where strong stone accents dominate a backdrop of strikingly da...
06-04-2022 19:10

51 Shoe Racks for Decor-Friendly Footwear Organization

Keep your entryway clean, tidy, and organized by getting a handle on the most common clutter culprit ? that never ending rotation of shoes. A shoe rac...
05-04-2022 19:10

Exploring Brazilian Home Design Through Wood Accents & Colou

Natural wood accents and colourful artwork breathe life into these four Brazilian home designs in Vitria, each expertly visualised by Felipi Falco. ...
04-04-2022 19:08

Product Of The Week: Mid-Century Modern Brown Faux Leather S

Making a solid statement, this set of 2 mid-century modern brown faux leather swivel chairs could rock multiple styles in the dining room or home offi...
03-04-2022 19:08

High-End Rustic Interiors From Around The World

Handmade ceramic home accessories, chunky wooden accent furniture, and textured lime wall stucco make up earthy rustic interiors that feed the soul. I...
01-04-2022 19:09

Minimalist Interiors Crafted With Natural Wood Finishes

The minimalist mood can be effectively communicated through a stark and sharp aesthetic that makes a bold impact, or can be more gently conveyed throu...
31-03-2022 19:09

Captivating Pink, Blue And Green Interiors

Colourful interior designs push back at the neutral phenomenon that has swept through modern interiors in recent years. Beige and greige aren?t everyb...
30-03-2022 19:08

51 Entryway Stools to Make Your Threshold Stylish and Functi

As the last place you see when leaving for the day and the first place you see when arriving home, the entryway deserves all the care and attention yo...
29-03-2022 19:11

Muted Modern Home Interiors That Promote Calm & Relaxation

We could all do with a little more tranquillity in our fast-paced, technologically turbulent modern lifestyles. Muted cream and soft white interior de...
28-03-2022 19:09

Product Of The Week: Gold Geometric Bookends

Take home office decor to the next level with this set of two gold geometric bookends that also double up as a desk organizer. Get it here. Recommende...
27-03-2022 19:06

Luxury Home With Smooth Wood and Travertine Interior

Wood and silky smooth travertine elements shape this 250 square metre luxury home interior. Designed by Studio Denew, this chic residence is light-fil...
25-03-2022 19:09

Minimalist Familly Home Interior With Flowing Lines

This fresh and bright home design is the FRND House, where natural materials and colours connect with the outer environment. Designed by MCORP Archite...
24-03-2022 19:09

40 Ensuite Bathrooms With Tips And Ideas To Help You Design

There?s nothing quite like the convenience of flopping out of bed and straight into your very own ensuite bathroom. Or, taking long and relaxing late-...
23-03-2022 19:09

51 Black Accent Chairs That Make a Bold Decorative Statement

Every home can benefit from versatile furniture pieces that look great anywhere, always ready to adorn an empty niche or meet an unfulfilled need ? an...
22-03-2022 19:12

40 Aesthetic Dining Rooms With Tips & Inspiration To Help Yo

Dining rooms are special places where treasured memories are made. They are the place in which we gather together with all of our family and close fri...
21-03-2022 19:09

Product Of The Week: Set Of 3 Metal Wall Decor

Minimalists, abstract art enthusiasts, and line drawing lovers will appreciate this set of 3 metal wall decor pieces that elegantly depict the female ...
20-03-2022 19:10

Scandinavian Home Interiors Six Different Ways

Scandi home style goes from strength to strength, appealing to our appreciation of clean lines, airy living spaces, and our need for daily practicalit...
18-03-2022 19:11

A Book Lover?s Home With Mid-Century Modern Flair

Mid-century modern elements add flair to this cosy book lover?s home, layering contrasting colour over rich wood tone. Designed by Ni Dongbo of NDB De...
17-03-2022 19:12

51 Tea Rooms Design Ideas With Tips And Accessories To Help

The inextricable tea drinking culture of East Asia is well known, where tea is far more than just a pleasant beverage. Not only is tea enjoyed persona...
16-03-2022 19:10

51 Table Centerpiece Ideas to Spice Up Any Surface

Transform that bare surface into a canvas for personal expression with a beautiful centerpiece that reflects your own unique aesthetic. Whether you...
15-03-2022 19:10

40 Aesthetic Kitchens That Make You Want To Brush Up On Your

Creating culinary masterpieces may not be your particular fort, but you?ll wish that it were after you?ve cast your eyes upon this special collection...
14-03-2022 19:08

Product Of The Week: Set Of Three Glass Jars with Airtight S

Store your food in style this Spring with this delightful set of three glass jars with airtight seal ball cork lid. Get it here. Recommended Reading:&...
13-03-2022 19:09

Earthy And Airy, Brown And Blue Decor Ideas

Not only are brown and blue complementary on the colour wheel (brown being a dark shade of orange that is opposite from blue on the wheel) but the col...
11-03-2022 19:08

A Spectacular Seaside Tropical Villa [Video]

Villa Amaze takes advantage of its rare position by fully absorbing 270-degrees of unobstructed beach views through massive edge-to-edge windows. Whil...
10-03-2022 19:09

Parisian Chic Home Interiors That Will Make You Say Oh L L

In the chic haunts of Paris, style is elegant yet comfortable. This goes for clothing fashion and home interiors alike. Just as we?re inspired by the ...
09-03-2022 19:09

51 Wooden Dining Chairs for Timeless Table Compositions

Wooden dining chairs are a classic staple of furniture design, but that doesn’t mean they have to feel overly traditional. In this post, we̵...
08-03-2022 19:32

Relaxed Curves Wrapped In Mellow Monochrome Decor

Relaxed curves and light, mellow monochrome decor make a smooth minimalist statement across these two tranquil modern home interiors. The laconic colo...
07-03-2022 19:11

Product Of The Week: Modern Animal Figurines & Candy Dishes

Colourful and geometric, these are not your average Hippos! Made from polyresin and finished with golden details, these modern animal figurines & ...
06-03-2022 19:08

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Beautiful : Kitchen Sink Base Cabinet Sizes

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Friday Feast...

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[+] U Shaped Kitchen Designs Sink In Right

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A Reluctant Fixer-Upper In Brooklyn Becomes A...

Tiina Treasure and her husband Danny Fernandez (plus their cats, Frida and Bowser) live in a Brooklyn apartment they’ve just recently finished repairing, decorating and creating a home within. Danny is a high school teacher and Tiina is a... -

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