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Piet Mondrian Inspired Interior Design To Give Your Home The

To appreciate the Mondrian look, let?s take a look at the De Stijl artistic movement: Dutch for “The Style” (aka Neoplasticism, ?the new p...
18-07-2018 19:11

41 Nesting Coffee Tables That Save Space And Add Style

Possibly one of the ultimate space-saving solutions with their unique stacking capabilities, nesting table are an amazing option for homes with minima...
17-07-2018 19:11

50 Gorgeous Galley Kitchens And Tips You Can Use From Them

If you’re all set to tackle the installation and decoration of a narrow kitchen, then this set of inspirational kitchen designs should be right ...
16-07-2018 19:10

Product Of The Week: Easy Load Toilet Paper Holder

Our product of the week this time around is best watched in action instead of being described. . Also Recommended Reading: 40 Cool & Unique Toile...
15-07-2018 19:09

Luxurious Interior With Wood Slat Walls

This luxurious Finnish apartment, located by the bay, was imagined by the designers at DE&DE Studio. Rich wooden texture makes up much of the deco...
13-07-2018 19:10

Light and Laid Back Industrial Style Interior

This light and laid back interior with industrial home decor was designed by the talent at Line Architects. Simple home furnishings and pared back acc...
12-07-2018 19:13

51 Captivating Courtyard Designs That Make Us Go Wow

A captivating courtyard design provides a modern home with a special sense of serenity, and allows nature to become a major part of a home?s makeup. E...
11-07-2018 19:10

51 Swivel Bar Stools To Go With Any Decor

Swivel bar stools are a versatile piece of purposeful decor that can be an irreplaceable powerhouse in your home. They not only add seating and functi...
10-07-2018 19:12

Product Of The Week: The Spartan Knife Set & Holder

Fancy having a decorative knife set with a cute and ferocious solider fending off knives" Look no further. Buy it on Amazon. Recommended Reading:...
09-07-2018 19:10

Four Types of Industrial Style Decor

Industrial decor started off as a strong and serious sort of interior design, where chic and shoddy brushed shoulders to equal something edgy. However...
09-07-2018 19:10

Finnish Villa With Glass Walls And Private Pier

Villa Bosund, designed by Sigge Architects, is a two family dwelling located at Bosundintie 4 a and 4 b at the heart of Espoo Suvisaaristo, Finland. T...
06-07-2018 19:10

Curvilinear Architecture with Landscaped Gardens

Set among four acres of green land with areas of dense flora, a lily pond and an existing outhouse, stands a home created for the Munshaw family by ar...
05-07-2018 19:12

51 Industrial Style Bathrooms Plus Ideas & Accessories You C

The bathroom is usually a place that is given a clean decor aesthetic, with many schemes revolving around crisp showroom chic. Therefore, introducing ...
04-07-2018 19:10

50 Marvelous Metal Wall Art Décor Pieces

A bit of lustre combined with edgy compositions might be just what the designer prescribed to take your wall decor from boring to brilliant. Leave beh...
03-07-2018 19:11

Grey Based Decor With Warming Accent Colours

Be guided through three inspirational home interior tours that use accents of sumptuous teal, autumnal shades of brown or one multicoloured blast in o...
02-07-2018 19:14

Product Of The Week: A Sailboat Shaped Decanter

Decanters aerate the spirits they contain to subtly change their aroma and taste. Their effectiveness in the overall drinking experience is still a ma...
01-07-2018 19:11

33 Inspiring Industrial Style Home Offices That Sport Beauti

Industrial home decor is a great aesthetic for a home office space. It?s no frills, no fuss approach creates a strong and motivational place in which ...
29-06-2018 19:11

Compact Multifunctional Flat With Zoning Ideas

Located in a historic house in the centre of Moscow, this compact multifunctional flat, for a single male homeowner, measures just 33 square metres. D...
28-06-2018 19:12

37 Minimalist Home Offices That Sport Simple But Stylish Wor

If you?re going to go with a minimalist style in just one area of the home, then choose your home office. A clean and clearly organised workspace is c...
27-06-2018 19:12

Feedback from our readers

We would love to hear your thoughts and feedback on how we can improve Home Designing to better suit the needs of you, the reader. Please help us by a...
26-06-2018 19:12

50 Lovely L-Shaped Kitchen Designs And Tips You Can Use From

When designing a functional kitchen, the ?working triangle? should be kept in mind – that is, the distance between your sink, stove and fridge. ...
25-06-2018 19:10

Product Of The Week: A Superhero Shelf With Hooks

Keep losing your keys and essentials" Let this superhero help. Get it on Amazon. Recommended Reading: Superhero Home Decor...
24-06-2018 19:13

White Decor With Art Deco Furniture

Arts Décoratifs, or Art Deco as it is better known, is an aesthetic that first appeared in France a short while before World War I and quickly went in...
22-06-2018 19:11

Using Muted Colours and Shapes As Scandi Style Decor

Scandinavian style interior design is best known for its simplistic nature and monochrome look, but it?s high time for a little colour and shape. New ...
21-06-2018 19:08

50 Wonderful One Wall Kitchens And Tips You Can Use From The

You’ve got just one wall on which to set a run of kitchen cabinets? doesn?t really set the creative juices flowing – or does it" One ...
20-06-2018 19:12

Scandinavian Style Interior With Pink And Blue Accents

Neutral Scandinavian style makes for a crisp and clean looking interior, but how about injecting a cool Scandi decor scheme with playful flashes of br...
19-06-2018 19:11

Contemporary Neutral Homes That Don?t Need Bold Color To Wow

Creating a beautiful home with an array of color is hard enough, but what about working with a neutral color palette" Suddenly the right hues bec...
18-06-2018 19:09

Product Of The Week: A Truly Unique Glass With A Mountain In

Modelled after the Matterhorn mountain in the Swiss Alps, this sculptural glass tumbler is enough to pique anyone’s interest. Get it on Amazon. ...
17-06-2018 19:11

Two Nature Loving Boho Interiors

If you love to embrace the life-affirming beauty of plants and warmth of natural wood in your home, and you dig the cool laid back vibe of the boho st...
15-06-2018 19:10

Scandinavian Style Interior Infused With Garden Greenery

Not only is this Scandinavian style apartment layered with elements of gorgeous green home decor, but living greenery thrives here too. The apartment ...
14-06-2018 19:10

50 Stunning Modern Kitchen Island Designs

When imagining the dream kitchen, that dream for many will include a central kitchen island. The image of a independent block of units, standing bold ...
13-06-2018 19:10

38 Beautiful Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas That Add Modern Flare

The bathroom is one destination in your home that is simply unavoidable, so why not style it as the picture perfect haven that it deserves to be"...
12-06-2018 19:08

4 Small Space Apartments That Use Clever Ways To Maximize Sp

When living space is at a premium, it?s time to get creative. We all enter homeownership with a list of ideals and wishes but sometimes it?s hard just...
11-06-2018 19:10

Product Of The Week: Wall Hanging Glass Planters

Bring some greenery in with these beautiful, easy to hang planters. Get it on Amazon. Recommended Reading: 50 Unique Self Watering Planters...
10-06-2018 19:09

Two Small Apartments: A Blue Oasis of Minimalist Living

These cozy apartments may be small, but they emanate big style with their elegant finishes and multipurpose layouts. All white may work to highlight a...
08-06-2018 19:07

3 Open Plan Interiors With Glass Wall Bedrooms

Small studio apartments have the bedroom area situated right alongside the kitchen diner and lounge area – usually without divide. However, thes...
07-06-2018 19:11

All-White Interior Design: Tips With Example Images To Help

Stylish white decor schemes aren?t as simple or easy to get right as some may think. Sure, a blank palette takes away the margin for error in terms of...
06-06-2018 19:13

50 Luxury Bathrooms And Tips You Can Copy From Them

Imagine the frothy feeling of a warm bubble bath against your skin. The feeling is decadent and relaxing. Now, what do you see when you open your eyes...
05-06-2018 19:10

Designing A Living Space Under 18 Square Metres: Challenge A

Looks can be deceiving. If you were to look at a tiny area of 17.3 square meters, you could be forgiven for thinking there isn?t room to designate cle...
04-06-2018 19:08

Product Of The Week: Ceramic Owl Succulent Planters

Can you resist these cute little things" Recommended Reading: 50 Owl Home Decor Items Every Owl Lover Should Have Beautiful Bird Figurines 50 Uni...
03-06-2018 19:10

Fitted Furniture Ideas For The Entire Home

Bespoke flush fitted furniture ideas abound in two urban chic interiors, both designed by INX Design & Guan Pin, using wood grain and monochrome f...
01-06-2018 19:10

Dazzling Home Makeover With Before And After Photos

Potential can be found in just about any space if you have the eye for it. Inspiration may not strike when you?ve grown up in an unorganised and aging...
31-05-2018 19:09

50 Narrow Lot Houses That Transform A Skinny Exterior Into S

A tall skinny house can become lost along the row, but that doesn?t seem to be an issue with these narrow facade house ideas. By implementing a select...
30-05-2018 19:12

50 Modern Coffee Tables To Add Zing To Your Living

A coffee table is undoubtedly a classic staple that can make or break a room’s design, but they aren?t just for throwing your feet up anymore. M...
29-05-2018 19:12

33 Gorgeous Makeup Vanities Plus Tips To Help You Accessoriz

Everybody likes to look at their very best for the day?or their night out?and a vanity unit is a bit of kit that is designed to help us do exactly tha...
28-05-2018 19:10

Product Of The Week: Haoshi Goldfish Clock

Equal parts art and clock, this sculptural time telling piece can make any wall special. Get it on Amazon. Recommended Reading: 50 Unique Wall Clocks...
27-05-2018 19:08

33 Gorgeous Green Kitchens And Ways To Accessorize Them

Eating and the preparation of food is primal. The places in which we partake in these tasks have come a long way but there is still something very nur...
25-05-2018 19:12

Colourful Boho Industrial Style With Moroccan Accents

Industrial chic backdrops aren?t reserved for foregrounds of urban modern style. They can take on many flavours, from chic vintage or colourful eclect...
24-05-2018 19:12

33 Dazzling White Dining Rooms Plus Tips To Help You Accesso

A dazzling white dining room may raise a few eyebrows among parents of spaghetti slinging toddlers, but in this age of wipe clean modern furniture mat...
23-05-2018 19:12

50 Modern Home Office Desks For Your Workspace

If you’re trying to strike a balance between modern and functional for your home office, you know what an agonizing challenge it can be, especia...
22-05-2018 19:10

50 Splendid Small Kitchens And Ideas You Can Use From Them

Keeping wild aspirations in check can be difficult when viewing compact modern homes on the market. All can be going swimmingly until you walk to the ...
21-05-2018 19:12

Product Of The Week: A Beautiful Glass Speaker

Beautiful speakers are a rare thing. Beautiful speakers that sound good are even rarer. This is where we think Sony’s glass speakers are a class...
20-05-2018 19:09

Captivating Architectural Illustrations Of Homes Around The

We don’t normally feature illustrative artwork but when something like this comes along it is hard to ignore. These captivating drawings feature...
18-05-2018 19:12

30 Gorgeous Green Living Rooms And Tips For Accessorizing Th

Whether it’s a green accent wall or a few seafoam green throw pillows, adding a pop of green has the power to completely transform any living ro...
17-05-2018 19:08

Designing City Themed Bedrooms: Inspiration From 3 Hotel Sui

Falling in love with a city can happen on far flung holidays or right on home ground. Is it possible to translate an exciting city vibe into an interi...
16-05-2018 19:08

4 Bright & Cheerful Interiors That Use White & Wood To Good

White and wood interiors have a wonderfully light air about them, with just the right hint of warmth and texture coming from the natural grain. Having...
15-05-2018 19:10

One Home?s Transition To Tribal Decor

We have covered this gloriously ethereal loft designed Paulina Arcklin once earlier, however, the unique space seems to have undergone some standout d...
14-05-2018 19:10

Product Of The Week: A Super-Cute Kitchen Utensil Holder

We can’t take our eyes off this beautiful stag head holder! Oh, the possibilities! Get it on Amazon. Recommended Reading: Faux Deer Head Home De...
13-05-2018 19:09

Using Gold Accents In Interior Design

The metallics trend is a hot one that looks set to continue long into the future. We?ve seen gold accents gleaming on the catwalks and now we?re dress...
11-05-2018 19:10

50 Modern Swivel Chairs That Give Your Home or Office Swing

Need a bit more movement in your seating" The swivel chair is here to save the day. Whether you?re looking to swing amidst your filing cabinets i...
10-05-2018 19:09

36 Modern Grey & White Bathrooms That Relax Mind Body & Soul

Our bathrooms are often used as a place for peaceful recuperation. In order to fully relax in a hot bubble bath or under a steaming waterfall shower, ...
09-05-2018 19:12

Dark Decor For A Night Owl

There are people who prefer to rise bright and early with the first bird song and morning dew, and then there are the night owls who live for sundown ...
08-05-2018 19:09

A Colour Rich Indian Home With Concrete Architecture And Int

Designed by Dipen Gada & Associates, this modern house is composed of patterned concrete and exposed brick. Situated on a much loved 4010 square f...
07-05-2018 19:10

Product Of The Week: Moroccan Inspired Art For Your Walls

Add some interest to your walls with this beautiful 3 tile piece inspired from Moroccan motifs. Get it on Amazon. Recommended Reading: 50 Wooden Wall ...
06-05-2018 19:09

A Striking Example Of Interior Design Using Pink And Grey

Whether or not you?ve ever considered pink for an interior, it?s hard to deny the softly stylish ambiance that is created by adding pink accents to a ...
04-05-2018 19:09

Earthy Eclectic Scandinavian Style Interior

Set in a historic house in the centre of Novosibirsk, Russia, this 73.6 square metre apartment holds a distinctly Scandinavian style interior. Designe...
03-05-2018 19:12

Modern Dark Interior Design

Night owls by nature will love the all encompassing darkness of these three dramatic apartment interiors. Decor schemes that incorporate light and bri...
02-05-2018 19:11

The Contemporary Home Of A Majestic Pre-War Rain Tree

This example of contemporary architecture, designed by ONG & ONG, stands within a vast lush green garden in Singapore. A colossal pre-war rain tre...
01-05-2018 19:09

Product Of The Week: Faux Animal Heads

Bring some wildlife in with these beautiful faux animal heads by Wall Charmers. Get them on Amazon. Recommended Reading: Faux Deer Head Wall Decor...
30-04-2018 19:09

33 Black Dining Rooms That Your Dinner Guests Will Adore

Have you been feeling a bit in the dark as to how to create a black modern dining room that doesn?t appear too dingy" Black decor can look suave ...
30-04-2018 19:09

Yellow Kids? Rooms: How To Use And Combine Bright Decor

Yellow is a colour that creates wow in an interior. It also adds sunny visual warmth and evokes feelings of spring-summertime happiness. This high ene...
27-04-2018 19:10

4 Small Apartment Layout Ideas With Muted Pastel Decor

These four gorgeous little apartment interiors are the work of visualiser Di?m Ki?u. Each of these contemporary living spaces have been arranged in cl...
26-04-2018 19:09

30 Mid-Century Modern Sofas That Make Your Lounge Look Innov

Mid-century modern design was all about reinvention. Designers like Ray Eames, Arne Jacobsen and Verner Panton looked for new ways that our furniture ...
25-04-2018 19:18

Interior Design Using Marble And Wood Combinations

There is something very luxurious about the grand combination of misty veined marble and rich wood grain. The teaming of natural materials brings life...
24-04-2018 19:10

Stylish Streamlined One Room Living

A home doesn?t need to be of sprawling square footage to hold a gorgeous and comfortably functional interior, the best ideas can come in very small pa...
23-04-2018 19:13

Product Of The Week: Knight Pen Holder

Would you have something that is mightier than the sword just casually lying around on your desk" Why not let it down on something worthy" G...
22-04-2018 19:08

40 Awesome Kids? Rooms That Use The Pastel Color Palette

When decorating a room for young ones in your home it can be hard to live up to their wild expectations. That’s why we’ve put together thi...
20-04-2018 19:11

50 Gorgeous Outdoor Patio Design Ideas

As the weather gets warmer, we all start spending more of our time outdoors. Our attention shifts from interior design projects to our outdoor spaces....
19-04-2018 19:08

45 Beautiful Modern Chandelier Lights That Create Glamorous

There?s nothing that says glamour quite like a chandelier. Multi-armed, multi-faceted and glittering, their traditional homes in entrance foyers and o...
18-04-2018 19:09

Art Lover?s Red Blue and Green Home Decor Scheme

A striking vision of rich colour, this 80 square metre modern apartment interior was designed by ATO Studio. Located in Moscow, Russian Federation Are...
17-04-2018 19:10

50 Ideas To Decorate The Wall You Hang Your TV On

Entertainment walls have become an important living room feature, and now provide stiff competition for the traditional feature fireplace. TV lovers w...
16-04-2018 19:11

Product Of The Week: Cute Wooden Stick Figure Lamp

Allow this cute little guy to light up your life or tabletop while he shows off his flexibility. Get it on Amazon. Recommended Reading: 50 Unique Kids...
15-04-2018 19:08

Cool Futuristic Style Home Interiors

We?ve all seen the futuristic interior design ideas splashed across space and time travel movies, and gradually these aesthetics are becoming a realit...
13-04-2018 19:10

50 Beautiful Globe Pendant Lights: From Metal To Glass To Pa

Nothing jazzes up a space quite like a globe pendant light. Whether hung over your dining table, illuminating your kitchen or creating harmony in your...
12-04-2018 19:13

Inspiration For Designing A Writer?s Home

Aspiring writers and avid readers alike are sure to admire this inspiring selection of three writer?s home designs. These amazing places are absolutel...
11-04-2018 19:13

Luxury Villa On Swedish Private Island

There?s getting away from it all – and then there?s getting away from it ALL. The homeowner of this luxury summer villa has a whole private isla...
10-04-2018 19:12

30 White Living Rooms That Exude Purity And Peace

There is nothing quite as restful on the eye as the purity of a fresh white interior space. Coming home to an uncomplicated white living room decor sc...
09-04-2018 19:10

Product Of The Week: The Thor Hammer Tool Box

Get your Norse god swag on point with this 44 piece toolkit/Thor’s Mjolnir from ThinkGeek. Inside it has all your basic tool needs, including a ...
08-04-2018 19:13

Summer Colours Decor And Interior Zoning Technique

After soaking up hints of fresh summer shades, like refreshing lagoon blue and warming coral pink in these four home interiors, we felt inspired to sh...
06-04-2018 19:11

How To Use Colors To Spice Up A Concrete Decor Scheme: 3 Exa

Concrete decor is often found within cool monochrome schemes that are often softened with the introduction of a few indoor plants scattered here and t...
05-04-2018 19:12

Sunny Decor Scheme To Feel Like Summer All Year Round

This harmonious living space in Park Stone, designed by Olga Tarasenko, has a light bright and airy atmosphere. The open plan layout offers a large li...
04-04-2018 19:11

30 Beautiful Ottoman Coffee Tables To Maximise Your Lounge S

Ottomans are commonly seen as seats, not tables. Why can?t they act as both" The perfect place to rest your feet, breakfast, computer or backside...
03-04-2018 19:11

Pop Art Style Penthouse In Tel Aviv

Fans of the pop art movement will love this home tour that takes inspiration from the 1970s trend. Designed by Raz Melamed and visualised by The Craft...
02-04-2018 19:10

Product Of The Week: Cool Sculptural Wooden Hanging Lights

Check out these gorgeous handmade lights from Dezaart, a greek company, that specializes in creating unique products with an emphasis on craftsmanship...
01-04-2018 19:13

Child-Friendly Industrial Style Home

If we imagine of a child-friendly space in our minds, we might not typically first envisage it with industrial style decor. The Industrial vibe is a s...
30-03-2018 19:11

3 Tiny Interiors With Space Saving Adult Loft Beds

Home buyers are settling into smaller places in response to soaring property prices. When faced with the dilemma of furnishing a limited space, ingeni...
30-03-2018 19:11

Funky Modern Interior with Natural Accents And Geometric Dec

Life, energy and vitality; this modern interior design visualised by Zarysy exudes them all. A vivacious colour scheme takes inspiration from the beau...
28-03-2018 19:09

Colourful Interiors With Connection: Green, Coral, Blue And

It?s easy to go all out with colour in our homes. We pick a few shades and boom! There it is; a cheerful concoction of paintwork, furniture and access...
27-03-2018 19:11

Product Of The Week: The Super-cute Super Mario Mushroom Lam

The legendary gaming icon comes in the form of an officially licensed lamp complete with a ‘Level Up’ sound which you can hear when you po...
26-03-2018 19:14

50 Modern Home Office Design Ideas For Inspiration

Just about everyone has to bring work home with them at some time, whether that be a stack of paperwork or saved on a laptop. If you?re not an office ...
26-03-2018 19:14

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Loft in Paris: ancient craft shop transformed by Maxime Jansens

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A Sophisticated Floor Lamp Named Aerial

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Fall Front Stoop

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