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2 Sophisticated Industrial Style Homes

Two similar style homes await our perusal here, each with an industrial style vibe that is steeped in sophistication. Raw concrete walls and ceilings,...
12-11-2018 19:10

Product Of The Week: A Desk Lamp With A Mid-Air Suspended Sw

The cool Heng Balance lamp is a pleasure to look at and play with. Operated by magnets, the sheer tactile sensation of switching the device on and off...
11-11-2018 19:10

Using Green and Pink As Decor Accents

Two strong colour accents are at play in this modern interior design, visualised by Ruslan Kovalchuk. Predominantly white room schemes alternate betwe...
09-11-2018 19:10

2 Scandinavian Apartments For Young Families

Scandinavian interiors combine the best of both worlds ? a seemingly-effortless style with a functionality you can hide away – making it the per...
08-11-2018 19:11

Six Floor Luxury Home With Massive Family Entertainment Zone

From a steep 1,400 m2 hillside site, which drops off to the famous sequence of Clifton?s white beaches, this stacked modern South African home appears...
07-11-2018 19:10

One Space Two Design Options

We rarely get to see two different interior designs for the same space, but this pair of visualisations let us do exactly that. Visualised by Alex Yag...
06-11-2018 19:11

The Box House: A Modern Fortress Of Retractable Walls & Cour

Architect Flavio Castro of FC Studio in São Paulo, Brazil embarked upon building his very own private home, a project he aptly entitled the ?Box House...
05-11-2018 19:11

Product Of The Week: Roomba i7+ With Automatic Dirt Disposal

iRobot Roombas are famous for their automated home cleaning abilities. Though the process of vacuuming or mopping was itself automated, users had to d...
04-11-2018 19:12

Interior Design Using Moody Colours And Natural Materials

Dusky moody colors and natural materials fill this 66 square metre apartment in Moscow, Russian Federation. Wood effect wall panels hug the interior s...
02-11-2018 19:08

Penthouse Interior Design With Orange Accents

Orange accents lift the dark and sophisticated shades of this penthouse interior, designed and visualised by Neiman. The spacious home is set over 145...
01-11-2018 19:11

33 Purple Themed Bedrooms With Ideas, Tips & Accessories To

Purple makes for a decadent decor look with its rich depth of colour, and this collection of purple themed bedrooms is the stuff sweet dreams are made...
31-10-2018 19:11

3 Small Home Interiors With Their Own Sense Of Style

When space is limited it can be hard to think big on design, but these three small apartments each hold strong individual style. Apartment one shows h...
30-10-2018 19:12

Living Room-Dining Room Combo: 51 Images With Tips To Get It

Having a studio apartment or an open floor plan that blends together living and dining areas can feel like an interior challenge. You want to create s...
29-10-2018 19:11

Product Of The Week: The Tizio Desk Lamp

Designed by Richard Sapper in 1972, the Tizio lamp looks like a modernist sculpture. This iconic piece uses a clever mechanism of counterweights to al...
28-10-2018 19:11

Polished Modern Interior With Dual Level Home Library

Architects at Studio MK27 have put together a 827 square metre luxury home design that features a grande living room over two levels, where a mezzanin...
26-10-2018 19:11

Minimalism Meets Moroccan Style

Minimalism with Moroccan style is a combo that you might not have considered; Moroccan style by nature is heavily patterned and intricate – quit...
25-10-2018 19:12

A Bright Colorful Home For A Couple And Two Children [Includ

Bright customised interior spaces balanced out with natural materials make up the interior of the ?Banana Flat? project, which has been designed and v...
24-10-2018 19:09

Cosy Interior With A Kids Area For Play, Study & Sleep

A warm and comfortable home, beautiful in its simplicity, resides in the city of Dnipro, Ukraine. Put together by the architects of Svoya Studio, the ...
23-10-2018 19:18

Mid Century Modern Style Home In Silicon Valley

Brimming with Californian mid century modern design, including wood wall paneling, floor-to-ceiling glazing and a gabled ceiling, this place is remini...
22-10-2018 19:10

Product Of The Week: Super Realistic LED Fire Bulb

Have a look at this neat flame emulating LED bulb that could actually trick people even from close range. See it in action: Get it on Amazon....
21-10-2018 19:16

Unique Stone and Mosaic Work Wows in this Modern Home Design

As the vibrant capital of the Mexican state of Yucatan, Merida is home to a variety of architectural influences. The region features both Mayan and co...
19-10-2018 19:11

City Apartment Decor For Young Professionals

At the heart of the city, two young professionals cohabit in a 140.5 square metre apartment, designed by Fungo Design. The modern interior is a vision...
18-10-2018 19:10

2 Modern Interiors With Rich Blue Decor Ideas

We?ve coupled together these two inspirational home tours that each feature a number of rich blue hued decor ideas. The blue accent pieces and decor e...
17-10-2018 19:09

51 Bathroom Sinks That Are Overflowing With Stylistic Charm

Picking the right sink for your bathroom can be an overwhelming choice with the flurry of options available. Which one is right for you" A sleek ...
16-10-2018 19:09

Product Of The Week: Retro Bamboo Wood Bluetooth Speakers

If you fancy a neat retro bluetooth speaker that could also work as a warm wooden accent for your room, check out the Bongo speakers. Get it on Amazon...
15-10-2018 19:09

A Light & Bright Modern Apartment with Wood Accents

When it comes to the use of wood in interior design, most rely on flooring and furniture to incorporate this natural element. Yet in this light and br...
15-10-2018 19:09

51 Luxury Bedrooms With Images, Tips & Accessories To Help Y

A place of rest and relaxation, your bedroom should be your solace from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Sure, you want your bedroom?s style to...
12-10-2018 19:10

A Small Industrial Apartment With A Home Office & Blue Decor

A small apartment created with both function and style in mind. While designing this home Designer & Visualizer, Logovo, aimed to create a calm at...
12-10-2018 19:10

Garden Greens Add Personality to this Warm and Modern Apartm

The Secret Garden, an interior design project by designed and visualized by Polish firm Zarysy, reminds us that a little green can go a long way. Pops...
10-10-2018 19:11

Decorating With Vertical Gardens & A Unique Lighting Scheme

This sleek home visualisation, by Room Design, features a sophisticated grey palette that is brightened with structured green vertical gardens. Mustar...
09-10-2018 19:10

Blending Home and Work Space Design Inspiration

When one thinks about his or her workplace, rarely does it conjure images of comfort or feeling right at home. However, for TKSTYLE BOUTIQUE, their of...
08-10-2018 19:13

Product Of The Week: Beautiful Air Plant Holders

With the right base, air plants can look like art installations. Check out these three awesome ones we found. Get it on Amazon. Recommended Reading:&#...
07-10-2018 19:10

A House Of Many Layers

This is a home of many layers – not only in terms of having multiple floors, but also in terms of style and a couple of hidden surprises. Design...
05-10-2018 19:11

Color in Compact Apartments Blends Personality & Minimalism

In minimalist apartments that are short on space, it’s important to add personality to keep the living areas from feeling too stark. In these tw...
04-10-2018 19:13

Overcoming A Dark Apartment With Ingenious Lighting Schemes

An ingenious interior design was required to please the bright outlook of a young couple located in the city of Dnipro, Ukraine. Their 115 square metr...
03-10-2018 19:11

Studio Apartment With Glass Wall Bedroom & A Swing In The Lo

There are swing seats, and then there are seats that are a swing – it?s a subtle but clear difference that you?ll see illustrated in this quietl...
02-10-2018 19:09

51 Beautiful Black Bedrooms With Images, Tips & Accessories

Black bedroom decor might not always be everyone?s cup of morning tea or bedtime cocoa, but maybe we can change the minds of nonbelievers. Black bedro...
01-10-2018 19:09

Product Of The Week: An Interactive Owl Shaped Security Came

Ok, we are calling it. This is the cutest security camera on the planet. Static images does not do this beautiful product justice. Do check out the vi...
30-09-2018 19:09

A Home That Uses Reflective Surfaces To Increase The Sense O

Mirrors are often used to increase the sense of space and light in a room, but what other ways can we introduce reflective surfaces within a decor sch...
28-09-2018 19:11

Cross Shaped Modern Home In Peaceful Landscaped Gardens

Modern architecture is often characterised by its bold linear form, and that is what awaits us at this contemporary abode, created by architects at SP...
27-09-2018 19:12

Home Of Surreal Interiors & Modern Empire Style

These fabulously surreal interiors make up one complete home concept, which was envisioned by Moscow based Only Design, in Russia. The surrealist imag...
26-09-2018 19:13

Modern Minimalist Apartment Designs Under 75 Square Meters (

With under 75 square meters of space to work with, interior designers and architects are challenged to be creative with their usage of color, space, a...
25-09-2018 19:11

Three Industrial Style Lofts WIth Natural Accents

The industrial style loft look carries a cool and trendy aesthetic of exposed brick and raw concrete walls, often with exposed ducting, pipework and e...
24-09-2018 19:10

Product Of The Week: Beautiful Bent Wood Sculpture Planters

Planters with a twist. Literally. Get it on Amazon. Recommended Reading:  50 Unique Pots & Planters 50 Unique Animal Planters 32 Uniquely Be...
24-09-2018 19:10

Black, White & Beige Apartment For The Fashionista

Striking black and white fashion photography dominates the walls of this home, which has been designed and visualised by ArtPartner. The subject of th...
21-09-2018 19:11

Indoor Skylights: 37 Beautiful Examples To Tempt You To Have

Skylights can completely change the feel of a room. They don?t just let in more natural light, they also create a much more open feeling of space. By ...
20-09-2018 19:09

Feature Rich Decor In Family Friendly Apartment

Forget going minimalist and check out this apartment interior with 124 square metres of feature rich decor, designed and visualised by ZARYSY. The Pol...
19-09-2018 19:11

51 Wine Decanters To Enhance Your Wine And Your Decor

Although many may think they are just stylish containers to showcase wine, decanters are actually an invaluable tool that ensures wine drinkers get th...
18-09-2018 19:07

Sustainable Luxury Home In The Hamptons, NY

Many of the rich and famous holiday in the Hamptons, New York, and it?s easy to see why. Beautiful scenery and magnificent mansions add up to a playgr...
17-09-2018 19:10

Product Of The Week: Qi Wireless Fast Charging Mouse Pad

A rather remarkable thing we have been observing about wireless phone chargers is that besides gaining in popularity, they are also disappearing. Disa...
16-09-2018 19:08

Refined Room Designs In Grey Decor

This refined home is a vision of pale grey decor, put together by LVI Studio. It is a sophisticated open plan with high ceilings and arched windows. T...
14-09-2018 19:08

51 Cool Bedrooms With Tips To Help You Accessorize Yours

Just about everyone loves the idea of having a stylish bedroom, but this is perhaps particularly important to teenagers and 20-somethings. At the youn...
13-09-2018 19:08

Dynamic Home With Roof Gardens & Water Courtyard

The Coral House is a stunning project by Guz Architects, located in a quiet residential neighbourhood, in Singapore. The home was designed for a young...
12-09-2018 19:11

51 Beautiful Living Rooms With Irresistible Modern Appeal

A place of relaxation and intimate get-togethers, the living room is a hub in the home that deserves top design priority. Get inspired with our curate...
11-09-2018 19:10

Boutique Hotel With Nomadic Style Decor

On the mighty Greek island of Rhodes, Casa Cook stands poised to welcome guests for a unique getaway. The boutique hotel is a relaxed fusion of modern...
10-09-2018 19:10

Product Of The Week: Premium Pet Beds

Want to pamper your furry friend with some cool new beds" Check out these spaceship themed set from MyZoo. Get them on Amazon. Recommended Readin...
09-09-2018 19:08

A Cozy Modern Home With White Marble And Purple Accents

Modern, youthful, and elegant. This home has it all! Expertly designed by Architect, Dinara Yusupova, from U Design, this space has been adorned with ...
07-09-2018 19:14

Luxury Home With Three Levels, For Life, Work & Leisure

The Ibirapuera Apartment by Casa14 Arquitetura is a never inhabited triplex with an area of 900 square metres in São Paulo, Brazil. Architects Mariana...
06-09-2018 19:10

Dramatic Interior With Luxury Closets & Bathrooms

Rich jewel tones set off this dramatic modern home interior, designed by Studio e. A backdrop of grey, black and natural wood grain make a sharp setti...
05-09-2018 19:12

Small & Serene Family Apartment in Minsk

Despite its modest floor area, this two bedroom, one and a half bathroom apartment feels spacious and serene nonetheless. The home is located in Belin...
04-09-2018 19:09

Product Of The Week: Beautiful Plant Stands From Modernica

Give those beautiful plants you own the stands they deserve with these classy set of planters from Modernica. Get them on Amazon. Recommended Reading:...
03-09-2018 19:11

Restful Interior With Blue & Brass Accents Running Through

The team at Design Filosofia have untaken a third project in a residential complex that is surrounded by pine trees and a quiet sense of happiness. Th...
03-09-2018 19:11

Four Perfectly Pale Scandi Style Interiors

The perfectly pale aesthetic of a Scandi Style interior creates a crisp look that is calming to the eye. Gallery white walls and white furniture mixed...
31-08-2018 19:11

Modern Open Plan With Refreshing Colour Infusions

This modernistic apartment is filled with unexpected and refreshing colour infusions coupled with interesting and unique furniture designs. The interi...
30-08-2018 19:11

Stepping Up Studio Apartments

Studio apartments haven?t always had the best rep; it?s not entirely desirable to have your bed right next to your living room sofa, or your kitchen r...
29-08-2018 19:12

43 Stylish Vanity Mirrors To Update Your Bathroom or Makeup

Whether you are there for a minute or an hour, chances are you spend some time with your vanity mirror on a daily basis. Not only is it an essential i...
28-08-2018 19:15

Product Of The Week: Creative Stirring Spoons

If you medieval style stirring spoons are your thing, you will enjoy our feature this week. Recommended Reading: 40 Unique Modern Flatware Sets That Y...
27-08-2018 19:13

51 Modern Bedrooms With Tips To Help You Design & Accessoriz

Wrap your tired eyes around this massive gallery of refreshing modern bedroom ideas and gorgeous bedroom accessories that are sure to wake you up. Fro...
27-08-2018 19:13

Minimalist Interior With Focus On Family & Functionailty

Three apartments were merged together to realise the River Stone project, a spacious 300 square metre home for a young family. Designed by the talent ...
24-08-2018 19:12

Chinese Villa With Open Plan Spaces & Mezzanine Levels

A slick modern villa, designed by the QBI studio in China, cuts into the blue sky from lush green gardens. Led by architect Tran Le Quoc Binh, the pro...
23-08-2018 19:12

Opening Up The Attic ? A Two Tier Bedroom Tour In Moscow

In opening up unused attic space, designers at Ruetemple Studio were able to unleash the stunning potential of a dark house in Yamkino, Moscow, Russia...
22-08-2018 19:15

Modern Eclectic Apartment In A Historical Host Building

Located in the heart of Kyiv, Ukraine, a 180 square meter apartment in a remarkable architectural monument was designed for a young male by the 2B Gro...
21-08-2018 19:10

Shiny New Miami Mansion Under A Canopy Of Oak Trees

A newly built luxury mansion with an interior of 7,916 square feet resides at 4700 Sw 74th St, Miami, Florida. Fresh on the market at $5,900,000, the ...
20-08-2018 19:14

Product Of The Week: A Cute And Functional Citrus Squeezer &

Wouldn’t it be handy to have this cute little guy in the kitchen" Get it on Amazon....
20-08-2018 19:14

Two Different Methods of Dividing A Studio Apartment

These two small homes feature two very different concepts in sectioning very limited living spaces, envisioned by two different creative minds. Our fi...
17-08-2018 19:13

Petite, Precious & Pastel Home Interior

This petite apartment is awash with calming pastel colours, and is filled precious accents around every turn. The beautiful modern interior was visual...
16-08-2018 19:13

Family Home With Interior Space to Run And Play

This spacious open plan home is the L.Apartment, by MalyKrasota Design, located in Kyiv, Ukraine. The 190 square metre living space is home to a large...
15-08-2018 19:13

31 Beautiful Computer Chairs That Are Comfortable And Stylis

The benefits of having a comfortable or better yet, an ergonomic computer chair are countless. The right chair can help ease back pain, loosen a stiff...
14-08-2018 19:11

Product Of The Week: Lyfe Floating Planter

Want to add a bit of whimsy in the way you display your plants" Check out the Lyfe floating planter. Get it on Amazon. Recommended Reading: 50 Un...
13-08-2018 19:15

Tropical House Design with Interior Courtyard

The 7×7 House is a tropical living space put together by IZ Architects, for a single female homeowner. The home design was influenced by its location ...
13-08-2018 19:15

Green And Yellow Accent Interior In Moscow

This quirkily colourful home is a cottage in the suburbs of Moscow, designed by talent at LOV Studio. The idea was to create a modern interior that ma...
10-08-2018 19:11

51 Inspirational Pink Kitchens With Tips & Accessories To He

If you?re thinking of something different for your kitchen design, then think pink. A pink kitchen is a sure fire way to inject a boost of positivity ...
09-08-2018 19:09

Mezzanine Levels And Rooms That Reside Beneath

Mezzanine levels create extra space by floating a room within a room. A mezzanine level?s midway position between floor and ceiling means that lofty d...
08-08-2018 19:17

51 Modern Platform Beds To Refresh Your Bedroom

Platform beds are sleek, stylish, and brimming with modern charm. They differ from regular bed frames with their wooden slats or solid platform base, ...
07-08-2018 19:11

Luxury Cliff Top Residence in São Paulo, Brazil

This is Casa Peninsula, a luxury residence in Guarujá, São Paulo, Brazil. Bernandes Arquitetura set out to achieve a modern build that would complemen...
06-08-2018 19:12

Product Of The Week: A Beautiful Knife Set & Holder

If displaying your cutlery with class is something you fancy, do check out this beautiful set from Berghoff. Get it on Amazon. Recommended Reading: 40...
06-08-2018 19:12

An Apartment With A Complex Geometry

A home interior or an optical illusion" The complex geometry of this apartment?s inner walls makes it both. Partitions refracted at different ang...
03-08-2018 19:16

A Beautiful 300 Square Meter (3230 sqft) Apartment For A Des

They say home is where the heart is and for one well-traveled design aficionado this couldn’t more true. Located in the lively 6th district in V...
02-08-2018 19:15

A Bright And Modern Family Home In Beijing

Located in the bustling Haidian District in Beijing, this small family home emanates big style with its sleek interior and modern finishings. Being on...
01-08-2018 19:15

51 Decorative Wall Mirrors To Fill That Empty Space In Your

Pretty and functional, decorative mirrors are an easy addition to any room. Not only will they embellish your walls with modern glamour, but they can ...
31-07-2018 19:16

53 Inspirational Kids? Study Space Designs And Tips You Can

Homework is part of a kid’s life – whether they like it or lump it! So, what can we do to help the little darlings along with their studie...
30-07-2018 19:16

Product Of The Week: A Beautiful Bamboo Side Table With Inte

Now that the Qi wireless charging standard has become ubiquitous, it now makes more sense than ever for furniture makers to integrate it into their ha...
29-07-2018 19:14

Two Natural Family Homes With Plans

These two individual home designs are each inspired by the colours of the forest, and a variety of natural materials have been used throughout to hono...
27-07-2018 19:13

Black Decor With Colourful Accents

A lofty dual story living room forms the core of this modern home, located in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Designed by MirrorR Studio, the 270 square met...
26-07-2018 19:14

50 Unique U-Shaped Kitchens And Tips You Can Use From Them

A u-shaped kitchen is a highly coveted layout for a househunter since they offer so much space for cabinetry. The u-shaped layout places units around ...
25-07-2018 19:13

50 Small Side Tables That Radiate Modern Charm

A side table can massively elevate a room?s function and comfort, but we know all too well how easy it is for them to fall leeway to bad style or non-...
24-07-2018 19:13

Modern And Youthful: 4 Small Apartments With Fierce Style

Filled with modern color palettes, genius storage solutions, and exquisite furnishings, you won’t want to miss these humble homes. From an apart...
23-07-2018 19:12

Product Of The Week: A Beautiful, Mechanically Locked USB Dr

Our product of the week this time is a rather curious device. It is beautiful in its design and ingenious in its operation. A secret combination of th...
22-07-2018 19:11

Japanese Home Fusing Modern And Traditional Ideas

150 square meters of reinforced concrete forms the structure for a high-end residence, designed by M Architects. Hidden behind a black glass facade, t...
20-07-2018 19:15

Easy Breezy And Bright Youthful Decor

A youthful space with quirky accents, this flat at ?i?kov is situated within in a 1930s house. Designed by DDAANN architects for a married couple, the...
19-07-2018 19:09

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An Exclusive Tour of Auckland Interior Design...

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Grass Garden / JIEJIE STUDIO

Grass Garden / JIEJIE STUDIO

This project is a transformation of a courtyard to a tea house in a hutong in Beijing. The site is a rectangular courtyard with an area of about 100 square meters. -
Fitzhenry Studio & Atrium / dpai architecture

Fitzhenry Studio & Atrium / dpai architecture

Made possible by a generous donation by Dr. Robert Fitzhenry, a McMaster alumni, the addition and renovation to existing studios and classrooms at McMaster University\'s School of the Arts (SoTA), honors Robert?s late wife, Andrée, a painter and... -
He shed… She shed? Naming your garden room

He shed… She shed? Naming your garden r...

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12 Illustrators to Follow on Instagram

It?s the little things that can make my day just a wee bit better ? starting it with a hot cup of coffee, catching a sunny moment on an otherwise rainy day, and kisses from my overly affectionate dog Spencer are a few things that come to mind. If my... -
Interwar Duplex Turned Into Bright Family Residence

Interwar Duplex Turned Into Bright Family Res...

An existing interwar duplex on a sloping site was the foundation of this challenging project. The two units had complex floor plans over three levels; including a detached basement. The building?s... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my... -
A Touch Of Green

A Touch Of Green

Lonny Lonny Lonny Cottage Living Idea House Lonny Green has always been one of my favorite colors. Since March snuck up on us (how did that happen") and St. Patty’s Day will be here before we know it, I thought we should be inspired to... -
A Wall Mirror Composed of Three Materials and an Unusual Structure by Estúdio Parrado

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Guide for the Ultimate Mid-Century Modern Arc...

The following excerpt from Sam Lubell\'s Mid-Century Modern Architecture Travel Guide: East Coast USA?with excellent photos by Darren Bradley?provides an introduction to the revelatory and inspiring charm of the East Coast\'s Mid-Century Modern... -
Meditate In This Mobile Nature-Inspired Pinecone Gazebo

Meditate In This Mobile Nature-Inspired Pinec...

Designed by Czech designers Atelier SAD and distributed by mmcité1, this mobile, nature-inspired gazebo is a playground must-have for children and adults alike. 109 waterproof, plywood scales are treated with resistant glaze and connected by... -

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