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Casa Carmela / Fae + NOMADA

The house is located in the northwest sector of the city of Córdoba, Argentina. The neighbourhood stands out for its good environmental quality ...
29-02-2020 19:35

House in Yatsugatake / Kidosaki Architects Studio

Located on a sloping mountain ridge at the foot of the Yatsugatake Mountains, this house was designed on a piece of land that offers spectacular views ...
29-02-2020 19:35

Glenn Murcutt on the Fires in Australia, Climate Change, and

Design:ED Podcast is an inside look into the field of architecture told from the perspective of individuals that are leading the industry. This motiva ...
29-02-2020 19:35

8 Ways to Use White in the Bathroom (9 photos)

White been a popular hue for interiors for several years now, but when it comes to bathrooms, you don?t want to make everything white and call it a da ...
29-02-2020 19:05

Hernani Cidade Apartment / Arriba

The project is about the transformation of a three bedroom apartment, located on the top floor of a building from the 80´s, into a two ...
29-02-2020 19:35

Kodikara House / Lalith Gunadasa Architects

Recently married young couple having a busy life style; engaged in IT field longed for a Modern House where can unwind and enjoy tranquility while mai ...
29-02-2020 19:35

How Effective is Laminated Bamboo for Structural Application

Mass timber has been hailed as the solution to architecture?s notorious sustainability problem ? that buildings account for nearly 40% of global energ ...
29-02-2020 19:35

Tips on Passing the Architect Registration Examination

The Midnight Charette is an explicit podcast about design, architecture, and the everyday. Hosted by architectural designers David Lee and Marina Bour ...
29-02-2020 19:35

A Light-Filled House in Toledo, Spain Where Patios Have Nobi

In a space with little natural light, four patios serve as light wells and natural ventilation. ...
29-02-2020 19:00

Park Slope Townhouse / Resolution: 4 Architecture

This new construction, five-story townhouse is home to a young family of four. The faade combines brick, speaking to the neighbors; a cedar rainscree ...
29-02-2020 19:35

Cave-like Concrete Home Built on the Slopes of Navarre Mount

Jordi Hidalgo Tan has built a simple but significant rural house in the magnificent landscape of the Navarre mountains in Spain, acting just like a l ...
29-02-2020 19:25

Normalab Compound Space / Simple Space Design

Normalab is located in the creative park transformed from an old factory, which integrates photography, design, floral art and light catering. ...
29-02-2020 19:35

If Plan A is to Mitigate Climate Change, What?s Plan B"

This article was originally published on Washington Post, courtesy of Common Edge. ...
29-02-2020 19:35

12 Items Worth a Spot on Your Kitchen Counter (12 photos)

This article is from our Most Popular stories file.In certain areas of my house, clutter just shows up out of the blue. The kitchen countertop is a du ...
29-02-2020 19:05

Spring Tidying and Home Style Saturdays

My daughters and I did some spring tidying yesterday. The sun came out and we got inspired. When Courtney moved into our lower level a couple of weeks ...
29-02-2020 19:02

Gnesis House / Otta Albernaz Arquitetura

This residence represents a new architectural paradigm for the construction company and the neighborhood it is located. ...
29-02-2020 19:35

Barzok Cultural Center / archoffice

The Barzok Cultural Center is a public space for cultural advancement in Barzok, Kashan. The largest and first of its kind in the city, The Barzok Cul ...
29-02-2020 19:35

Sedka Bridal Store / Pablo Muoz Pay Arquitectos

Industrial areas are places that offer large spaces and easy access, characteristics that now seem to be impossible to find in more consolidated urban ...
29-02-2020 19:35

La Duette House / Natalie Dionne Architecture

A new home for two families brings new life to a quiet Montral neighborhood dating back to the 50?s and 60?s. In its own, unassuming way, this recent ...
29-02-2020 19:35

Flats Aren?t Just For Ballerinas

I have been searching for comfortable flats. The post Flats Aren’t Just For Ballerinas appeared first on Vicki Archer. ...
29-02-2020 19:02

Mon Repos Turtle Centre / KIRK

Mon Repos Turtle Centre, Bargara, Queensland occupies a sensitive beachside location within a conservation park. The Mon Repos beach and environs is t ...
29-02-2020 19:35

Black Color Look Amazing on Apartment Ceiling Designed by Bo

This project from one of our favorite Romanian designers, Bogdan Ciocodeica, presents us with the typical for his creations modern Scandinavian stylis ...
29-02-2020 19:25

Magallanes Park / Vzquez Consuegra

The land of the intervention is located on the right bank of the Guadalquivir River, bounded by the Navigation Pavilion and the Chapina Bridge on its ...
29-02-2020 19:35

Bosque House / A20 Arquitectos

A house is a spatial manifestation of the comfort and warmth of family. A house should provide escape from the day to day and bring the resident into ...
29-02-2020 19:35

Patio of the Week: A Blend of European and Japanese Styles

As this couple built their new home in northern Virginia, they had two different ideas about the landscape design. He preferred a classical European ...
29-02-2020 19:05

Freelancing with a disability: Designing an accessible work

Disability can happen to anyone at any time. Sometimes people have a chronic medical condition from childhood, or one that comes on in middle- or late ...
28-02-2020 18:54

White & Green Art Lover?s Home Decor Done Two Ways

Fresh white decor, flourishing green plants and intriguing art collections shape these two very different home interiors. One highly decorative neocla ...
28-02-2020 19:07

French Country Fridays- 5 tips for an elegant spring table

Spring is on the way- and that means spring entertaining ideas have been on my mind.READ MORE... ...
28-02-2020 19:02

A Paralympic Center and an Aquarium in New York: 10 Unbuilt

Ensuring a platform for everyone, ArchDaily is rounding up, every once in a while, a curated selection from our readers? submissions. With proposals c ...
28-02-2020 19:35

Friday Five with Nina Magon of Contour Interior Design

Both an interior designer and TV personality, Nina Magon is a certified dual threat. And today\'s she\'s sharing with us for Friday Five! ...
28-02-2020 19:01

Amanali House / Rojkind Arquitectos

Amanali House is located 40 minutes north of Mexico City in a residential development near the town of Tepeji del Rio (from the nahuatl language &ldqu ...
28-02-2020 19:35

Casa CCFF by Leopold Banchini Architects

Unique single family house located in Geneva, Switzerland, designed in 2018 by Leopold Banchini Architects. Description Casa CCFF is a domest ...
28-02-2020 19:35

A Contemporary Hampshire Barn Set within a Landscape of Fiel

Set in beautiful Hampshire, the brief for this project was to design a cottage where friends and family could spend long periods of time just next doo ...
28-02-2020 19:27

Laemthong Corporation Factory / PHTAA Living Design

Laemthong Corporation is a well-established Thai livestock and related food industry company, which was founded to produce jute rice bags and nowadays ...
28-02-2020 19:35

Bioaroma Museum & Experince Store / KAAF | Kitriniaris Assoc

Bioaroma Museum & Experience Store in Crete features fragrances and natural cosmetics. The architecture is committed to the triple methodology of ...
28-02-2020 19:35

Nordyne Heating and Cooling

Nordyne, also known as Nortek Global HVAC, is a manufacturer of heating and cooling products. The company creates innovative and thoughtfully designed ...
28-02-2020 18:54

Kitchen of the Week: A Colorful Look for a 1920s Bungalow (9

Interior designer Barbie Palomino?s husband-to-be had bought this 1920s bungalow in West Hollywood, California, before they were married, and the kitc ...
28-02-2020 19:07

Espai CEL ? Thermal Baths / Arquetipus projectes arquitectn

With the aim to create a new thermal water space in the pre-existing building of the Termes Victria Spa Hotel in Caldes de Montbui, we proposed to en ...
28-02-2020 19:35

The Weekender: Dreaming of a Hutch, a Magazine Feature, Emot

Hutch Dreams I often joke that the Two Flat?s corner hutch was what sealed the deal for me. Chicago is full of rich history, yet so often, the beautif ...
28-02-2020 19:17

Arize Hotel / IDIN Architects

Arize Hotel was launched its first branch on Sukhumvit 26 Road, which the main target is Japanese expatriates. Later on the owners anticipated the opp ...
28-02-2020 19:35

Andrum Spa / Johan Sundberg arkitektur

The history of kersbergs Stiftsgrd in Hr can be traced back to the late 1600s. The original estate was heavily renovated and remodeled in the 1900 ...
28-02-2020 19:35

La Marmotta Refuge by AB2ER Architecture

This inspiring refuge located in Sauze d’Oulx Torino, Italy, has been designed in 2019 by AB2ER Architecture. Photography courtesy of AB2ER A ...
28-02-2020 19:35

Dundrum House / Peter Legge Associates

This new home in Dundrum is an exercise in light. The main living spaces are north facing, opening to the generous rear garden and shielded from the a ...
28-02-2020 19:35

Radiator Heat Common Problems & Simple Fixes

Rather than forcing heated air through a system of ducts like a conventional furnace, a radiator uses steam or hot water to warm your home through a s ...
28-02-2020 18:54

Hospitality Design Fair: The Premier Event for Hospitality I

Hospitality Design Fair, held at the world-class ICC Sydney on 27-28 May 2020, is the premier trade fair and conference for creative professionals who ...
28-02-2020 19:35

New Petition Aims to Save The School of Architecture at Tali

Last month, The School of Architecture at Taliesin announced the closing of the school after 88 years. The school and the Frank Lloyd Wright foundatio ...
28-02-2020 19:35

The Spruce Grab & Go Leash Bag: Dog Walking Made Easy

Spruce created a leash bag that holds all the essentials ? for you and your pup! ...
28-02-2020 19:01

In Antarctica, Architecture is Heating Up

In 1773, James Cook circumnavigated Antarctica, representing humankind?s first known encounter with the continent. Ever since, Antarctica has been a v ...
28-02-2020 19:35

Topo’s Shed by Pa Mendaro

Recently completed by Pa Mendaro, this inspiring loft is located in Madrid, Spain. Description This is the house-studio of my friend Clara Ce ...
28-02-2020 19:35


OrderJiao Ling Cabin is located in the midst of farmlands in the northern Guang Dong province. It is designed to be an open ?living room? for villager ...
28-02-2020 19:35

Aging in place: Renovating with independence in mind

Most Americans settle in a home, envisioning a permanent life refuge. Achieving this vision of aging in place, though, means preparing the home now to ...
28-02-2020 18:54

New This Week: 9 Bathrooms With Stylish Walk-In Showers (9 p

Walk-in showers do a lot more than just provide space in which to get clean. These showers, which have no curb or a low curb and often are enclosed in ...
28-02-2020 19:07

Villa Vista / Znameni Ctyr Architekti

A large residential compound, located in traditional city villas quarterHanspaulka, is surrounded by a historical garden park, on sloping terrain. Th ...
28-02-2020 19:35

Design Milk Travels to? St. Moritz, Switzerland

Opulent accommodations, decadent dining, and death-defying winter pastimes, surrounded by Instagram-friendly picturesque landscapes. ...
28-02-2020 19:01

PLAID Offices / BROOK Inc.

Upon their relocation to the four times bigger office space in the heart of Tokyo, PLAID was looking to create contemporary offices realizing all of t ...
28-02-2020 19:35

La Biennale di Venezia Reveals Participants of the 17th Inte

The 17th International Architecture Exhibition, organized by La Biennale di Venezia will be open to the public from the 23rd of May till the 29th of N ...
28-02-2020 19:35

Shine Apartment by Svoya Studio

Apartment “SHINE” are located in the city of Dnipro in a residential complex on the river embankment with a view of the Monastery Island. ...
28-02-2020 19:35

Birch & Clay Refugio / RISE Design Studio

We set out to create a flat - Birch & Clay Refugio - for a family of five that maximised flexibility of spaces and storage solutions and reflecti ...
28-02-2020 19:27

12 Timber Houses in Chile: Material Honesty and Integration

The use of wood in the construction of Chilean houses demonstrates the possibilities offered by renewable resources available in the country. The bene ...
28-02-2020 19:35

Everything you need to know about ADT home security systems

A home security system can provide peace of mind for you and your family, but choosing one can be a confusing process. If you’re curious about t ...
28-02-2020 18:54

Glebe House / Chenchow Little

The site for the Glebe House is elevated above a sandstone cliff face and overlooks the Sydney city skyline. It is located in the inner-city suburb of ...
28-02-2020 19:35

Entreparotas House / Di Frenna Arquitectos

Entreparotas house is a project which allows its users to live in a constant relation with nature, therefore the premise of choosing a site that would ...
28-02-2020 19:35

Open More Doors: Schemata Architects

Open More Doors is a section by ArchDaily and the MINI Clubman that takes you behind the scenes of the world?s most innovative offices through excitin ...
28-02-2020 19:35

Infuse Your Favorite Spirits with the Sempli Incanter

Check out this glass infuser from Sempli ? a clever piece that allows you to infuse flavors into any liquor. ...
28-02-2020 19:01

Renzo Piano Unveils Images of First Completed Residential Bu

Just completed, Eighty Seven Park in Miami is Renzo Piano?s first residential commission in the United States. The Pritzker Prize winner, known for hi ...
28-02-2020 19:35

In the End These Modern Washlets Offer an Upgrade in Hygiene

With the introduction of affordable add-on washlet toilet seats, we\'re sharing a few that will keep your backside more hygienically clean. ...
28-02-2020 19:01

The Beauty of Smooth River Rocks Brings Us the Pebble Series

Imaginative and playful, sleek and modern. The Pebble seriesof luminaires, designed by Lukas Peet for ANDlight, embodies so much. ...
27-02-2020 19:00

St. Ignace Residence / Nathalie Thibodeau Architecte

The St-Ignace house can be found on a winding road along the shores of the St.Lawrence. Nestled in the surrounding linear landscape, the home offers ...
27-02-2020 19:36

Bin & Bon House / H.a workshop

The House was built for 4 members:a married couple and their sons named Bin & Bon. The wife loves cooking and pay attention to her small children ...
27-02-2020 19:36

De Capoc Resort / IDIN Architects

Lying on the enormous slope land in the midst of the mountain ranges, the De Capoc project is a resort located in the Khaokho District where ismassiv ...
27-02-2020 19:36

2inOne House / Haro Architects

2inOne is an integration exercise within the urban fabric. The plot is located in Gneis, a suburban area of the city of Salzburg characterized by a de ...
27-02-2020 19:36

Kitchen Talk

Pretty things in the kitchen I\'m obsessed with Kitchen stuff.I go to sleep at night dreaming about how I want to redo my kitchen.  I moved into m ...
27-02-2020 19:01

How to Plant Bare-Root Roses (10 photos)

The world?s favorite flower has a surprisingly humble start in its bare-root form, consisting of a mass of roots and three to five green stems covered ...
27-02-2020 19:07

HASTINGS Architecture Redesigns Former Nashville Public Libr

HASTINGS Architecture has completed the redesign of the former Nashville Public Library as the firm\'s new headquarters. The adaptive reuse of the his ...
27-02-2020 19:36

The Fieldhouse by Hoedemaker Pfeiffer

Built for family and friends as a space for sport and gathering, the Fieldhouse is a simple, functional structure located Seattle, Washington. ...
27-02-2020 19:36

One Plus Eleven Combines The Conceptual + The Functional

One Plus Eleven creates limited runs of their design-meets-raw-art furniture with a belief that design is more than decoration. ...
27-02-2020 19:00

Ga On Jai House / IROJE KHM Architects

About 20 years ago, government-held ?the house expo? in Gangnam and constructed this ?expo town? of low-rise residences, and every site of this town w ...
27-02-2020 19:36

Rope Chair by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec for Artek

Artek presents Rope Chair and Tupla Wall Hook, two new projects designed by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec. The French brothers ? who also created Artek ...
27-02-2020 19:29

A Room For Tomorrow Prototype / cige

Conceiving a room for tomorrow, but tomorrow that is near, very near, the one for which there is a real urgency to react and reinvent the model. ...
27-02-2020 19:36

Design Icons: Albania's New Architecture Taking Shape

Albania\'s architecture is tied to the sea and the country\'s cultural heritage. Bordered by Montenegro, Kosovo, North Macedonia and Greece, the repub ...
27-02-2020 19:36

Minicasa Z by Assonometria

This beautiful attic apartment located in Verona, Italy, has been designed in 2020 by Assonometria. Photography by @marcotot Visit Assonomet ...
27-02-2020 19:36

MoMo?s Kuala Lumpur Hotel Colors its Red Light District with

MoMo\'s Kuala Lumpur is a new boutique property aimed at the millennial generation traveler drawn to a ?live, play and stay? mentality. ...
27-02-2020 19:00

Inverness A-Frame / Blythe Design Co

The Inverness A- frame and surrounding property are the ideal locale for an intimate celebration, writer?s retreats, creative workshops, adventuring, ...
27-02-2020 19:29

Sansan Kamiyama Lab OMOYA / Shushi Architects

Sansan has set up satellite office Kamiyama lab in Kamiyama town Tokushima prefecture since 2010. OMOYA(Main house), NAYA(barn) and KOYA (cowshed) whi ...
27-02-2020 19:36

Dark Interiors Cut Through With Concrete & Colourful Accents

Concrete and colourful accents bring character and energy to these two dark home interiors. Red, blue and red coloured accents come in the shape of be ...
27-02-2020 19:07

Scandinavian Sauna / Native Narrative

The Scandinavian Sauna is a fully mobile sauna, designed by Danish architecture firm Native Narrative on behalf of a collective of winter bath enthusi ...
27-02-2020 19:36

MVRDV and Airbus Integrate Air Mobility into Urban Environme

MVRDV in collaboration with Airbus, Bauhaus Luftfahrt, ETH Zurich, and Systra, is developing a plan for the future of Urban Air Mobility (UAM). The in ...
27-02-2020 19:36

Who Should Win the 2020 Pritzker Prize"

Once The Hyatt Foundation has revealed the announcement date of the Pritzker Prize 2020 Winner, the speculation has begun to swirl around which archit ...
27-02-2020 19:36

Cotswolds Cottage Gets a Stylish Period Makeover (16 photos)

This cozy 18th-century cottage needed quite a lot of work to restore its character and create a roomier living space for the couple who live here. ?Th ...
27-02-2020 19:07

Newry House, Melbourne / Austin Maynard Architects

A redesigned family home within an existing 90?s shell. Why add a tiny lightwell to your dark, cold Victorian terrace when you can add a conservatory ...
27-02-2020 19:29

Dyson Lightcycle Morph Delivers Algorithmically Optimal Ligh

An adjustable task light that delivers light according to the user\'s age, task, and time of day. Plus it might last 20 years. ...
27-02-2020 19:00

St. Andrew?s Scots School / Rosan Bosch Studio

Learning landscapes for play in Buenos Aires.Playful learning is at the heart of St. Andrew?s Scots School. For the bilingual IB school in Buenos Air ...
27-02-2020 19:36

IDIN Office / IDIN Architects

IDIN architects office is located in the Ratchadaphisek area which is the best location for transportation but itis also one of the most chaotic dist ...
27-02-2020 19:36

Indoor Playgrounds: Playful Architecture at Home

Although we know how important it is to allow children to play in public and outdoor spaces, it is difficult to deny that there are few cities offerin ...
27-02-2020 19:36

KPF Completes Spring City 66, a Mixed-Use Development in Kun

Spring City 66, one of the largest commercial complexes in the city of Kunming in China has just opened. Designed by Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates (KPF ...
27-02-2020 19:36

Polished Concrete Floors In the Two Flat Den!

The polished concrete floors in the Two Flat are done, but it was quite the journey! Today, we?re sharing the ups, downs and investment. The original ...
27-02-2020 19:18

Galata Apartment / WE're architects

Galata Apartment is located in Pera, one of the most historic areas of the city of Istanbul. It is located at the end of Serdar-? Ekrem street, which ...
27-02-2020 19:36

Laurel Hills Residence by Assembledge+

Composed of three pavilions connected by a series of glass hallways, the single-story residence seeks to create a residential oasis in the heart of Lo ...
27-02-2020 19:36

Supersoft Modular Sofa by Note Design Studio

A trip to Italy inspired this soft seating system. ...
27-02-2020 19:00

Giant Bakes Cafe / ASWA

ASWA (Architectural Studio of Work - Aholic) designed the ?Giant Bakes Cafe?, located in Ari district of Bangkok which has upscale residential and hip ...
27-02-2020 19:36

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AUBE Toranomon Residential Building / ETHNOS

AUBE Toranomon Residential Building / ETHNOS

The AUBE Toranomon is situated in an area in downtown Tokyo, where urban renewal is ongoing, and many high rises are being built. However, in the close vicinity of the site are found many lower buildings. The architect designs to allow various types... -
Striking Rockface Feature Walls & Luxury Stone Decor Accents

Striking Rockface Feature Walls & Luxury Ston...

From a smooth stone grey colour palette to natural stone decor elements and striking rockface feature walls, this luxury home interior has a powerful and majestic aesthetic that looks like it would stand for a million years. Visualised by Nazar... -
Lake Gazebo / Bach Mhle Fuchs + After Apricots

Lake Gazebo / Bach Mhle Fuchs + After Aprico...

For the Annecy Paysages 2021 exhibition, we had the opportunity to design a gazebo. A prism-shaped structure is perched on the edge of the lake of Annecy, on the southern edge of the Parc Charles Bosson. Another folly, a gazebo, was added to the... -
Dingshu Vocational School of Pottery / genarchitects

Dingshu Vocational School of Pottery / genarc...

In the context of industrialization, "handmade pottery" still has an irreplaceable appeal. "Craftsmanship" is at the heart of this school\'s teaching, and "craftsmen\'s workshop" is at the center of the campus. We... -
Monologue Art Museum / Wutopia Lab

Monologue Art Museum / Wutopia Lab

Wutopia Lab has been commissioned by Sino-Ocean Group to create a monologue art museum on the park green of SEATOPIA in Beidaihe, Qinhuangdao, dedicated to an infinite minority of people who want to be free from worldly distractions. It was... -
Yibin Science and Technology Museum / TJAD

Yibin Science and Technology Museum / TJAD

Project overview. Yibin implements the strategy of "revitalizing the country through science and education", and builds a scientific research center in the national Sanjiang new area. Yibin Science and Technology Museum (with a building... -
What Are Ecological Fireplaces and How Do They Work"

What Are Ecological Fireplaces and How Do The...

Bringing fire indoors is something many people want during winter. In addition to warming the environment, fire creates a unique sensation that goes back to the beginnings of human habitation, leading us to a certain emotional comfort. Before, a... -
Leading Cambridge School  / Chadwick Dryer Clarke Studio

Leading Cambridge School / Chadwick Dryer Cl...

The new building sits between, and connects to, two existing school buildings, improving access to both and providing ?connective tissue? for the whole school. To the northwest of the site, a new double-height entrance and reception space is formed... -
Sakuragaoka Childcare Center / Kengo Kuma & Associates

Sakuragaoka Childcare Center / Kengo Kuma & A...

A bright child center overflowing with the warmth of wood and light from the Seto Inland Sea was designed for Saijo in Hiroshima Prefecture which is known as a town of red roof tiles and sake breweries. The building was provided with a warm... -
Inside a Florist?s 1850s-Era English Cottage

Inside a Florist?s 1850s-Era English Cottage

In West Yorkshire, 10 miles from where the Bront sisters wrote their books, a charming stone cottage pokes out of a hillside. When the plot was first developed in the 1850s it housed a row of small flatsand a barn, but at some point the individual... -

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