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House and Office in Hofu / Tato Architects

?House and Office in Hofu? is a renovation project of a 40-year-old building. The steel-frame structured building was remodeled to include various spa ...
31-03-2020 19:34

The Rope Chair by the Bouroullec Brothers Is Inspired by Lin

The Rope Chair translates a 2D line drawing into a 3D chair with a frame made with steel tubing and rope. ...
31-03-2020 19:03

13 Design Solutions to Organize your Workout at Home

As cities keep growing and daily realities quickly shift, people turn to new and ever-changing ways to maintain their well-being. While the promotion ...
31-03-2020 19:34

The ?At-Home? Diaries: Momentum

How do we keep up the momentum during this "lockdown"" The post The “At-Home” Diaries: Momentum appeared first on Vicki Arc ...
31-03-2020 19:06

Time to Tackle This Entryway (+ a Vote!)

We have big plans for our home?s entryway. We?ve been talking about these plans for years. Is now the time" We?re sharing what?s been on our mind ...
31-03-2020 19:16

Ciento7 by Marga Comas Interior Design

Recently redesigned by Marga Comas Interior Design, this inspiring single family house is located in Santa Ponsa, Mallorca. Photography c ...
31-03-2020 19:34

Indonesian Architect Ahmad Djuhara Dies at 54

Chairman of the Indonesian Architects Association (IAI) Ahmad Djuhara died at the Infection Disease Hospital (RSPI) Sulianti Saroso last Friday aftern ...
31-03-2020 19:34

Timber Framed Barn Residence & Meeting Space / Leupold Brown

This project is the result of reviving a 1773 barn built of hundreds of timber elements that had been disassembled, stacked, and stored for over 40 ye ...
31-03-2020 19:34

Adjust the Pivot Table Lamp as You Would a Hat on Your Head

A table lamp featuring a shade that balances on a glass globe allowing the user to adjust it like a hat. ...
31-03-2020 19:03

CLT Courtyard House, Vancouver / DPo Architecture

The " CLT courtyard house " by DPo Architecture was built using prefabricated mass timber CLT panels on a site in Vancouver. The the unique ...
31-03-2020 19:26

Snhetta, Marcio Kogan and Juan Herreros in ArchDaily Instag

In times of quarantine, architects and designers are settling into a new remote working environment. In this process of implementing platforms and wor ...
31-03-2020 19:34

OSH Apartment by Albert Bagdasaryan

Located in the Saratov region, Russia, this amazing apartment has been designed in 2019 by Albert Bagdasaryan. Photography courtesy o ...
31-03-2020 19:34

Caf in Ujina / IGArchitects

A jungle gym is a playground equipment, but also could be a mountain, observatory, and a small house.It resembles a nature that continue existing the ...
31-03-2020 19:34

Reparametrize Studio Envisions the Future of Post-War Smart

Reparametrize Studio has followed up their ongoing research ?Re-Coding Post-War Syria?, with a project that focuses on analyzing the damaged fabric of ...
31-03-2020 19:34

Studio in Paris by Katarina Mijic

This tiny apartment located in Paris, France, has been redesigned in 2015 by Katarina Mijic. Description Welcome to an oak wood home of a yo ...
31-03-2020 19:34

The World's Answer to the Lack of Medical Facilities: Tempor

Just 2 months ago, the city of Wuhan, China announced the construction of Wuhan Huoshenshan Hospital, adding 1,000 beds, 30 ICUs, and new isolation wa ...
31-03-2020 19:34

Utebo Municipal Sports Area / Ingennus

The project envisages three actions: the full renovation of the old "Las Fuentes" pavilion (Utebo, Zaragoza), the landscaping of the common ...
31-03-2020 19:34

How Are You Handling Homeschooling Your Kids" (3 photos

I?m not a schoolteacher. But now I?m supposed to play one at home. While the transition to working from home fortunately has been smooth for me, the t ...
31-03-2020 19:08

Compluvium House by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos

This luxurious minimalist residence located in Madrid, Spain, has been designed in 2020 by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos. Description The Gree ...
31-03-2020 19:34

Lake House / ARRCC + SAOTA

This family home and office on the banks of Lake Geneva, with architecture by SAOTA and interiors by ARRCC, was designed for a successful Senegalese b ...
31-03-2020 19:34

The Czech Republic Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai Reveals Deser

Located in the sustainability zone of EXPO 2020 Dubai, the Czech pavilion, designed by Formosa AA, is an invitation for discovery. Raising questions c ...
31-03-2020 19:34

51 Leather & Faux Leather Chairs that Redefine Classic Comfo

What could define timeless elegance better than the classic leather chair" Trends come and go, but the leather chair remains an enduring staple. ...
31-03-2020 19:08

Frame House / NOMO STUDIO

The plot is located on the northeast coast of Minorca, Spain, inside the urbanization of Coves Noves with a magnificent view over the sea. The steep i ...
31-03-2020 19:34

Stash Your Jewelry in the Bellis Jewel Bed by Uniqka

Inspired by 16th century ruffled collars, this looped leather and steel object makes for the perfect bed for your jewelry. ...
31-03-2020 19:03

Pearl Loft, Portland / Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

Our client for this project was hesitating as to whether she should move from her seemingly unfixable Pearl District apartment. When she visited anoth ...
31-03-2020 19:26

Alcoba Housing / MYCC

The house is located in one of many forgotten towns in Spain, where the small population that still remains is close to disappearing. However, it has ...
31-03-2020 19:34

7 simple ideas for Easter at Home

At home. We are hearing stay at home a lot lately.And with the way of the world as it is right now- staying at home is where we need to be and what ...
31-03-2020 19:04

Simple Spring Centerpiece: Get Creative

I think a little spring decorating would lift our spirits this week, don’t you" I know spring feels different this year. I always keep seas ...
31-03-2020 19:06

Jinlin Royal Park / Do Design Group

Nanjing enjoys a special status in Chinese traditional culture, as it is the ?capital of the six dynasties? in history. Therefore, we must think caref ...
31-03-2020 19:34

Natural Wool Felt Room Dividers From WoOL Amsterdam

WoOL Amsterdam is a Dutch independent label making high-end, sophisticated room dividers that absorb sound while being works of art. ...
31-03-2020 19:03

How Will COVID-19 Shape the Future of Work"

The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed how we work around the world. From telecommuting and distance learning to virtual events, designers have quickly ...
31-03-2020 19:34

Learning by Doing: Hand-on Projects

In a world marked by urbanization, the digital revolution, and climate change, traditional approaches to real estate are not enough. To respond to thi ...
31-03-2020 19:34

Bathroom of the Week: Bold and Contemporary in 40 Square Fee

When she was ready to renovate the hall bathroom her teenagers share, this Maryland mother had a strong vision of what she wanted: a modern bath with ...
31-03-2020 19:08

Casa Lupita by Binomio Taller

Located in Merida, Yucatan?s Historic Center (Mexico), Casa Lupita pays tribute to the classic colonial architecture of its historic neighborhoods. Th ...
31-03-2020 19:34

Atmosphere: A Revival Installation / Studio Rain

?Atmosphere: A Revival? is a sauna installation by Sydney-based art and architecture collective Studio Rain. The work seeks to promote individual and ...
31-03-2020 19:34

Sequence House ? An Colorful Bachelor Pad in Madrid

Challenged by a compartmentalized apartment and an incredibly long floor plan, gon architects (Gonzalo Pardo) + Ana Torres has created a light-filled ...
31-03-2020 19:25

Shenzhen Mingde Academy / O-office Architects

Mingde Academy is in the sense of the current education system an experimental school, which was transformed from the original Honghua Dyeing Mill, an ...
31-03-2020 19:34

Valley Family House / Luciano Gerbilsky Arquitectos

Valley Family House is a 580 meter construction, built on a 5,000 square meter lot in a gated community called Valle Santana in Valle de Bravo. The lo ...
30-03-2020 19:31

Lollipop Ideal Garden / DIKA DESIGN

Time is from 2017 to 2019. This review always brings some sense of ritual. This unique shape is like a lollipop. It is located in Yunnan. The lollipop ...
30-03-2020 19:39

Danish Architecture Center Launches New Design Podcast

The Danish Architecture Center (DAC) in Copenhagen has launched a free podcast series called Let?s Talk Architecture. The series is in English, with n ...
30-03-2020 19:39

Gaud, Wright, Niemeyer and Le Corbusier: Take a Virtual Tou

With a sizable portion of the world\'s population hunkered down at home, online activities have become the go-to for those looking to fill, often hour ...
30-03-2020 19:39

How to Bring Tranquility to Your Home

As difficult as this pandemic is in so many ways, I’m trying to find more silver linings. I’m grateful for the opportunity to embrace a mo ...
30-03-2020 19:07

Under the Oak :A converted Wagon in Wales

Under the Oak : Convertion in wales . Photo by Iris ThorsteinsdottirAs Wagon conversions go this one is pretty epic! Not only that but it is near my p ...
30-03-2020 19:04

The Black House by Buero Wagner

This small black house ft a carbonized facade has been designed in 2018 by Buero Wagner. It’s located close to Munich, Germany. Description ...
30-03-2020 19:39

Inside Weather Lends an Open Source Hand to the Medical Comm

An open source resources library to help people produce medical masks and face shields to keep medical practitioners safe. ...
30-03-2020 19:04

A-Z House / Park + Associates

A-Z House sits in a housing estate built in the sixties. It was to be rebuilt as a multigenerational home for our client?s young family and his ageing ...
30-03-2020 19:39

Museum of Contemporary Art Helga de Alvear / Emilio Tun Ar

A strategy, not a way.The project tries to listen to the place and to imagine a potential city that, without discarding our era, is capable of pr ...
30-03-2020 19:39

3 Gardens That Draw Inspiration From Favorite Getaways (9 ph

With travel plans put on pause, there?s never been a better time to imagine how your yard can transport you ? or to add elements that remind you of a ...
30-03-2020 19:10

Casa 3000 is Brought to Life by Pedrali?s New Furniture Coll

Although evoking an image of a fairy tale, Casa 3000 ? a solitary red house designed by Rebelo de Andrade amongst the Cork Oaks and umbrella pines of ...
30-03-2020 19:31

Opposite Office Imagines the New Berlin Airport as a COVID-1

Opposite Office has proposed to transform the new Berlin airport, under construction since 2006, into a ?Superhospital? for coronavirus patients. In a ...
30-03-2020 19:39

Vila So Paulo Therapeutic Residential / Estdio Ubuntu

The refurbishment of this semi-detached house, a very common type in São Paulo, was planned to receive a Therapeutic Residential that attends, ...
30-03-2020 19:39

Snapshots by Andrea Ferrari Dedicated to Tacchini Edizioni C

Tacchini presents Edizioni, the collection of home accessories of the brand, through a delicate photography series shot by Andrea Ferrari. Tacchini Ed ...
30-03-2020 19:31

Eat Play Wag Brings a Stylish Aesthetic to Dog Gear

Eat Play Wag offers modern dog accessories in fun color block combinations and playful patterns that both you and your pup will love. ...
30-03-2020 19:04

Old Belgian Farm Restored and Modernized by JUMA Architects

JUMA Architects beautifully integrated the entrance door and converted the connecting volume between the two wings of the house into a symmetrical who ...
30-03-2020 19:31

Eco-Sistema Installation / Ramiro Carro - Lucas Ibarra Arqui

Echo: Acoustic phenomenon produced when a wave is re?ected on a surface and returns to its emitter. system: (from Latin syst?ma, and this from Greek ? ...
30-03-2020 19:39

Salone del Mobile. Milano Postponed to April 2021

In light of the coronavirus pandemic affecting the entire world, the board of the Salone del Mobile. Milano has decided to postpone the 2020 edition o ...
30-03-2020 19:39

Adding an Outdoor Camera for Peace of Mind (+ Tips for Your

We live 90 minutes away from our Michigan Tree House, so we rely on a handful of smart home products to monitor it and offer peace of mind while we?re ...
30-03-2020 19:19

House With Stone Patio / beef architekti

On the one hand simple masses, basic geometric shapes, admitted materiality and the time, esprit, airiness, elegance on the other. Clean solutions lik ...
30-03-2020 19:39

The Sarpanch House Stands out From Its Rural Surroundings

Neogenesis+Studi0261 created a private modern escape within a traditional Indian neighborhood. ...
30-03-2020 19:04

H House / BAUM

Baum designs a house for a couple with their two kids in Sanmagaya-cho, a valley surrounded by the forest in Fukui Prefecture, Japan.The challenge was ...
30-03-2020 19:39

6 Visions of How Artificial Intelligence will Change Archite

In his book "Life 3.0", MIT professor Max Tegmark says "we are all the guardians of the future of life now as we shape the age of AI.&q ...
30-03-2020 19:39

Dolunay Villa / Foster + Partners

Situated along the coast of the Aegean Sea in Turkey?s southwestern province of Mu?la, the private Dolunay villa has been carefully sited amid the nat ...
30-03-2020 19:39

Modular Unit by Teke Architects Office

The Modular Unit is a small-scale, off-grid structure, designed to be recyclable, to allow a wide range of building uses and reduce environmental impa ...
30-03-2020 19:39

The Lyon Bton Twist Collection Is Fun + Functional

The designs within Lyon Bton\'s TWIST collection of tables were inspired by the basic functions of trays and drawers. ...
30-03-2020 19:04

RBC Design Center / Ateliers Jean Nouvel

A design life style. This is the theme of the RBC Design Center, distributor of contemporary furniture whose headquarters are based in Gallargues-le-M ...
30-03-2020 19:39

House Buiksloterham / NEXT architects

A layered house, with a special skin and a warm heart. This is the starting point for this private residence in the raw, industrial development area o ...
30-03-2020 19:39

Microlibrary Warak Kayu / SHAU Indonesia

A neighbourhood icon with multiple programs - The Microlibrary Warak Kayu is the fifth built project within the Microlibrary series ? an initiative to ...
30-03-2020 19:39

How to Minimize Harmful Effects of Formaldehyde Gas Indoors

As people are spending more and more time inside their homes, offices, and other closed areas, it is important to ensure that these spaces are safe an ...
30-03-2020 19:39

Bachelor Apartments That Exude Great Taste & Sophistication

Bachelor apartments have a bad rap. When imagining a bachelor pad many people would think of a somewhat unloved, unkempt kinda space, that?s crying ou ...
30-03-2020 19:10

Oblong Valley Greek Revival / Hendricks Churchill

Completed fall 2019 in Sharon, CT, the home was commissioned by a family who first employed the firm to design two ancillary structures on the propert ...
29-03-2020 19:29

Why You Should Embrace a Solid Slab Backsplash (13 photos)

A solid slab backsplash is a custom look that says luxury in a kitchen of any size. But it doesn?t require a luxurious budget. Take inspiration from t ...
29-03-2020 19:05

Examining Archigram's Ideas and Their Pursuit of Style

Europe in the 1960?s was the incubator for the emergence of young, provocative, and avant-garde architecture radicals including Archizoom, Superstudio ...
29-03-2020 19:29

How Do Architects Approach Interior Design in China"

Since the beginning of modernism, countless architects have expressed their architectural theories and concepts through the design of residential inte ...
29-03-2020 19:29

?Masstab? Pop Up Space / ALHM collective

Located in the most prominent part of the city center, on a quiet street five steps away from gastro, culture, recreation and parks, the small space a ...
29-03-2020 19:29

Ply-Lined Play Room; a London Loft Extension

This plywood-lined loft extension housing a child?s bedroom is conceived of as a ?Treehouse? - a perfect hideaway in which to rest and play, atop this ...
29-03-2020 19:22

Tram Station Schwabinger Tor / Felix Fischer Architekten

?Schwabinger Tor? is a newly built city district, acting as a center for its immediate surroundings and as a prelude to central Munich. The Tram-stati ...
29-03-2020 19:29

5egg Flawil Apartments / Brechbuehler Walser Architekten

The striking, pentagonal new building, placed directly on the station square, houses thirty age-apropriate apartments, a care station, a spitex base a ...
29-03-2020 19:29

Modern and Vintage Meet Within this Hollywood Residence

In the latest episode of NOWNESS? flagship series IN RESIDENCE, American interior designer Kelly Wearstler shares the story and design of her home, a ...
29-03-2020 19:29

Product Of The Week: Social Distance Aiding Doormats

Need of the hour" Get them on Amazon. Recommended Reading:  30 Funny Doormats To Give Your Guests A Humorous Welcome ...
29-03-2020 19:05

10 Entryways That Make a Great First Impression (10 photos)

They say you get only one chance to make a first impression, so you might as well make it a good one. Check out these 10 entryways that make the most ...
29-03-2020 19:05

Mason Resort / VaSLab Architecture

Inspired by its local craftsmanship of stone masonry, Ang Sila community, concrete and stone has been carefully cut and crafted, forming a unique arch ...
29-03-2020 19:29

Explore the Colors of the World Through Photography

The 13th edition of International Color Awards, an event honouring achievements in color photography, has recently presented its gala and here are som ...
29-03-2020 19:29

Maidenhill Primary School & Nursery / BDP

The project forms part of the new Maidenhill development at Newton Mearns, southwest of Glasgow. A completely new neighbourhood, comprising more than ...
29-03-2020 19:29

Small House / Alejandro Soffia

Within the Chilean 18-OAfter the social crisis unleashed on October 18, 2019, the reasons for this conflict have been gradually clarified. This proces ...
29-03-2020 19:29

A Pair of Dilapidated Semi-Detached Houses Modernized by Anc

Located in the heart of flourishing Roncesvalles in Toronto?s beloved West End, Sorauren 118 by Ancerl Studio is one half of a twofold residential dev ...
29-03-2020 19:22

How to Grow Vegetables in Containers (12 photos)

Most edibles do well in containers, and in some cases even prefer them. For gardeners with poor soil, or no soil at all, container gardening can be a ...
29-03-2020 19:05

Online Masterclass: Architect Archetypes. Epic Careers for A

IE School of Architecture and Design and ArchDaily would like to invite you to join this outstanding online masterclass by architect Michael LaValley, ...
29-03-2020 19:29

Spotlight: Raymond Hood

In a short but prodigious career Raymond Mathewson Hood (March 29, 1881 – August 14, 1934) had an outsized influence on twentieth century archit ...
29-03-2020 19:29

Building D(emountable) / architectenbureau cepezed

Building D(emountable) is a modern, sustainable and fully demountable structure on the site of a historic, monumental building complex in the center o ...
29-03-2020 19:29

The King?s School International College / Walters & Cohen Ar

Walters & Cohen Architects balances industrial heritage with contemporary design at the new International College for The King\'s School, Canterbu ...
29-03-2020 19:29

1960?s Bungalow Converted into Modern, Open-Plan Family Home

Perched above the Don River Watershed in North York, the owners fell in love with the property and bought the house sight unseen ? they were traveling ...
29-03-2020 19:22

Comfort in Context House / Chain10 Architecture & Interior D

Life in the city is something that everyone tries to escape. It is full of cars, noises and things that assault our senses. By stepping out of our com ...
29-03-2020 19:29

Modern and Earthy in the Pacific Northwest (19 photos)

For their retirement, this couple decided to move from their home in Hawaii to a forever home on Washington state?s Camano Island. While scoping out t ...
29-03-2020 19:05

Baltic Sea Terraces / rimpf Architektur & Generalplanung

Built on a slope, with a view over the Baltic Sea. Situated on a steep, westerly slope, approximately 20m above sea level, below one of Eckernfrde?s ...
29-03-2020 19:29

Protocological Architectures: Recursive Remembrance

How does computer programming impact the act of designing" Are digital protocols about to substitute human activity in the project of architectur ...
29-03-2020 19:29

How to Assist Others During the Coronavirus Crisis (5 photos

If you?ve been feeling a little overwhelmed by the coronavirus pandemic, you?re not alone. It helps during a stressful time like this to take good car ...
28-03-2020 19:05

Mixing & Matching With Everlane

I have made a discovery. The post Mixing & Matching With Everlane appeared first on Vicki Archer. ...
28-03-2020 19:02

Home Sweet Home: Home Style Saturdays

Happy Saturday, friends! Well, I don’t know about you, but I’ve barely known what day it is all week long…ha! How is everyone doing& ...
28-03-2020 19:02

Patio of the Week: Family-Friendly Yard for Playing and Rela

A couple with two young kids were undertaking a home addition when they decided to also overhaul their outdoor spaces. ?The existing space was disconn ...
28-03-2020 19:05

House on Mount Maigm by alfredopayanoname29

Designed in 2016 by alfredopayanoname29, this minimalist retreat is located in Alicante, Spain. Description This housing is an exercise of ...
27-03-2020 19:33

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Monologue Art Museum / Wutopia Lab

Monologue Art Museum / Wutopia Lab

Wutopia Lab has been commissioned by Sino-Ocean Group to create a monologue art museum on the park green of SEATOPIA in Beidaihe, Qinhuangdao, dedicated to an infinite minority of people who want to be free from worldly distractions. It was... -
AUBE Toranomon Residential Building / ETHNOS

AUBE Toranomon Residential Building / ETHNOS

The AUBE Toranomon is situated in an area in downtown Tokyo, where urban renewal is ongoing, and many high rises are being built. However, in the close vicinity of the site are found many lower buildings. The architect designs to allow various types... -
Striking Rockface Feature Walls & Luxury Stone Decor Accents

Striking Rockface Feature Walls & Luxury Ston...

From a smooth stone grey colour palette to natural stone decor elements and striking rockface feature walls, this luxury home interior has a powerful and majestic aesthetic that looks like it would stand for a million years. Visualised by Nazar... -
Leading Cambridge School  / Chadwick Dryer Clarke Studio

Leading Cambridge School / Chadwick Dryer Cl...

The new building sits between, and connects to, two existing school buildings, improving access to both and providing ?connective tissue? for the whole school. To the northwest of the site, a new double-height entrance and reception space is formed... -
What Are Ecological Fireplaces and How Do They Work"

What Are Ecological Fireplaces and How Do The...

Bringing fire indoors is something many people want during winter. In addition to warming the environment, fire creates a unique sensation that goes back to the beginnings of human habitation, leading us to a certain emotional comfort. Before, a... -

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