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interior design News

Flat 2 by Unnamed Studio

Flat 2 is a small eclectic apartment located in Rostov-on-Don, Russia, designed in 2021 by Unnamed Studio. Description We first got to the si...
20-10-2021 19:56

Casa BS by Reisarchitettura

Casa BS is a lovely single-story residence located in Ostuni, Italy, designed in 2017 by Reisarchitettura. Description An important German m...
20-10-2021 19:56

Domus LM by Vittorio Massimo

Domus LM is a modern apartment located in Milan, Italy, designed in 2021 by Vittorio Massimo. Description Located on the top two floors of a...
20-10-2021 19:56

Residence Alma by Atelier Barda

Residence Alma is a residential triplex situated in Montreal, Canada, designed in 2020 by Atelier Barda. Description Atelier Barda, an ar...
20-10-2021 19:56

MODERNest House 1 by Kyra Clarkson Architect

MODERNest House 1 is a modern house located in Toronto, Canada, designed in 2012 by Kyra Clarkson Architect. Description MODERNest is a new d...
19-10-2021 19:49

Contemporary Design Duplex by Estudio Vilablanch

Contemporary Design Duplex is a comfortable home with a fresh and contemporary style located in Barcelona, Spain, redesigned in 2018 by Estudio Vilabl...
19-10-2021 19:49

Villa Lake Como by Nomade Architettura Interior Design

Villa Lake Como is a contemporary lake house situated at Lake Como in Italy, designed in 2019 by Nomade Architettura Interior Design. ...
19-10-2021 19:49

Choosing the best furnishings: Parasol Furniture

When decorating the exterior of your house or building, many families and enterprises are thinking about finding a company that sells both high-qualit...
19-10-2021 19:49

Can Tomeu by Andrea Solé

Can Tomeu is a stone house in Sant Pere de Ribes, Spain, redesigned and extended by Andrea Solé. Description Located at the entrance of the...
19-10-2021 19:49

Comfort in Context by Chain10 Architecture & Interior D

Comfort in Context is a contemporary residence located in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan, designed in 2019 by Chain10 Architecture & Interior Design Institute...
18-10-2021 19:43

Industrial Apartment by 9 Creation

This 2,273 sq ft industrial apartment in Singapore was recently designed by 9 Creation. Description Situated in 101A BIDADARI PARK DR (ALKAFF...
18-10-2021 19:43

Baja by Walker Warner Architects

Baja is an amazing vacation house located in Baja, Mexico, designed in 2020 by Walker Warner Architects. Description In harmony with it...
18-10-2021 19:43

Residential House in Vilnius by Akta

Residential House is a stunning mid-century modern home in Vilnius, Lithuania, designed by Akta in 2021. Description A blend of timeless ele...
18-10-2021 19:43

Casa Azul by Core Architects

Casa Azul is a contemporary residence located in Loulé, Portugal, designed in 2021 by Core Architects. Description Casa Azul, emerges int...
18-10-2021 19:43

Casa Cook Samos by Block722 Architects+

Casa Cook Samos is a beautiful hotel located in Samos Prefecture, Greece, designed by Block722 Architects+. Description Nestled in the island Sa...
15-10-2021 19:44

High Desert Residence by Hacker

High Desert Residence is a contemporary residence designed by Hacker, located in Bend, Oregon, United States. Description High Desert Resi...
15-10-2021 19:44

Villa Tsukuba by Naoi Architecture & Design Office

Villa Tsukuba is a modern single-story home located in Ibaraki, Japan, designed in 2021 by Naoi Architecture & Design Office. Description...
15-10-2021 19:44

Camboinhas Penthouse by Arquitetura Trevo

Camboinhas Penthouse is a luxury contemporary home located in Niterói, Brazil, recently designed by Arquitetura Trevo. Description Locate...
15-10-2021 19:44

Ridge House by Leckie Studio Architecture + Design

Ridge House is a modernist single-family three-story home located in Portland, Oregon, designed in 2016 by Leckie Studio Architecture + Design. ...
14-10-2021 19:44

Judo House by Nervegna Reed Architecture

Judo House is a modern two-story house located in Melbourne, Australia, designed in 2021 by Nervegna Reed Architecture. Description The Ju...
14-10-2021 19:44

House AJ by Didonè Comacchio Architects

House AJ is a modern single family house located in Bassano del Grappa, Italy, recently designed by Didonè Comacchio Architects. Descriptio...
13-10-2021 19:44

Family house in Ráby by AIR Studio

Family house in Ráby is a modern house located in Ráby, Czech republic, designed in 2020 by AIR Studio. Description by Ji?í Alexander Bedná...
13-10-2021 19:44

Vila Tripoli by Studio Arch. Manuel Benedikter

Vila Tripoli is a modern apartment located in Bolzano, Italy, designed in 2021 by Studio Arch. Manuel Benedikter. Description The project con...
13-10-2021 19:44

East End House by Andrew Franz Architect

East End House is a seafront retreat located in New York, United States, designed in 2019 by Andrew Franz Architect. Description Perched on...
13-10-2021 19:44

Yuanshe · Hezhou by Y.Ad Studio

Yuanshe · Hezhou is a contemporary hotel located in China, designed in 2021 by Y.Ad Studio. Description Huashengbang Ideal Village is a r...
12-10-2021 19:43

1903 Apartment by Pas Estudio

1903 Apartment is a modern home redesigned in 2017 by Pas Estudio, located in Valencia, Spain. Description The challenge of the proposal was to...
12-10-2021 19:43

House in Xalapa by Lopez Gonzalez Studio

House in Xalapa is a contemporary single-family house located in Mexico, designed in 2021 by Lopez Gonzalez Studio. Description Envisioned ...
12-10-2021 19:43

Ocean Drive Apartment by mwworks

Ocean Drive Apartment is a modern home located in Miami Beach, Florida, designed by mwworks. Description The big idea was to create a q...
11-10-2021 19:51

Apartment in Chelyabinsk by Marina Kutepova

Apartment in Chelyabinsk is a contemporary home located in Russia, recently designed by Marina Kutepova. Description As a rule, the cust...
11-10-2021 19:51

3L Residences by Sofiia Zhurko

3L Residences are 3 contemporary residences located in Pliuty, Kyiv region, Ukraine, designed by Sofiia Zhurko. Description Th...
11-10-2021 19:51

Forest Villa Noordwijk by Kevin Veenhuizen Architect

Surrounded by forest, the Forest Villa Noordwijk is a lovely home located in Noordwijkerhout, Netherlands, designed in 2021 by Kevin Veenhuizen Archit...
08-10-2021 19:41

Casa Eri by YSLA Architects

Casa Eri is a modern single-family house located in Tokyo, Japan, designed in 2021 by YSLA Architects. Description Casa Eri is a house for a...
08-10-2021 19:41

Sandcastle by Luigi Rosselli Architects

Sandcastle is a lovely single family house located in Point Piper, Australia, designed in 2021 by Luigi Rosselli Architects. Descri...
08-10-2021 19:41

Country House in Girona by Glòria Duran Arquitecte

Country House in Girona, Spain, is a lovely traditional stone residence redesigned in 2019 by Glòria Duran Arquitecte. Descripti...
07-10-2021 19:39

Lake Brome Residence by Atelier Pierre Thibault

Lake Brome Residence is a lovely lake house located in Foster, Canada, designed in 2020 by Atelier Pierre Thibault. Description Situated on...
07-10-2021 19:39

CH2110 Apartment by C.H. Interior

CH2110 Apartment is a modern home located in Chiayi, Taiwan, recently designed by C.H. Interior. Photography courtesy of C.H. Interior Visit...
07-10-2021 19:39

AppLike Office Fit-out by Baid

AppLike Office is a beautiful industrial office space located in Hamburg, Germany, designed in 2021 by Baid. Description BAID developed modern...
07-10-2021 19:39

Coburg Freeboard House by Wala

Coburg Freeboard House is a contemporary addition to a single family house located in Coburg, Australia, designed in 2020 by Wala. Descrip...
06-10-2021 19:36

4bhk Apartment by DPA Design Studio

4bhk Apartment is a luxury home located in Ahmedabad, India, recently designed by DPA Design Studio. Description This 4bhk apartment is l...
06-10-2021 19:36

L-Loft by Arbau Studio

L-Loft is an inspiring apartment located in Venice, Italy, designed in 2018 by Arbau Studio. Description The loft is located in a former sto...
06-10-2021 19:36

Lou Estela by Dario Castellino

Lou Estela is a stunning refuge located in Moiola, Italy, designed in 2021 by Dario Castellino. Photography by Fabio Oggero Visit Dario Cas...
06-10-2021 19:36

YSM House by Parallel Lines

YSM House is a luxury penthouse located in Tel Aviv, Israel, designed in 2021 by Parallel Lines. Description This Central Israel...
05-10-2021 19:46

Branches and Rocks by Ruptura Morlaca Arquitectura

Branches and Rocks is an inspiring private residence located in Cuenca, Ecuador, designed in 2021 by Ruptura Morlaca Arquitectura. Photogra...
05-10-2021 19:46

The Orchard House by AR Design Studio

The Orchard House is a beautiful brick house located in Hampshire, UK, redesigned and extended in 2021 by AR Design Studio. Description The...
05-10-2021 19:46

Eagle House by Erling Berg

Eagle House is a mid-century house located in Abilene, Texas, redesigned and extended in 2020 by Erling Berg. Description Surrounded by titan...
04-10-2021 19:42

Cunningham Street Residence by Studiofour

Cunningham Street Residence is a lovely brick residence located in Australia, designed in 2021 by Studiofour. Description The objective f...
04-10-2021 19:42

Casa Alboraya by Mas Millet Arquitectos

Casa Alboraya is a lovely apartment located in Alboraya, Spain, designed in 2020 by Mas Millet Arquitectos. Description Casa Alboraya has be...
04-10-2021 19:42

Rayne’s Park House by Studio Bua

Rayne’s Park House is an inspiring home located in London, United Kingdom, designed in 2020 by Studio Bua. Description Studio Bua ...
04-10-2021 19:42

Fox Residence by Horton Harper Architects

Fox Residence is a lovely two-story house located in Cleveland, Ohio, has been designed in 2020 by Horton Harper Architects. Description Locat...
01-10-2021 19:45

House 2 by Bak Gordon Arquitectos

House 2 is a modern single family house located in Porto, Portugal, designed in 2021 by Bak Gordon Arquitectos. Description House 2 was bui...
01-10-2021 19:45

Loft in via Arimondi by Studio Nema

Loft in via Arimondi is an industrial apartment located in Rome, Italy, designed in 2019 by Studio Nema. Description In one of the most imp...
01-10-2021 19:45

Casa Granero by Alberich-Rodríguez Arquitectos

Casa Granero is a modern barn home located in Castillejo de Mesleón, Spain, designed in 2021 by Alberich-Rodríguez Arquitectos. Descri...
30-09-2021 19:46

Ban Villa by B.L.U.E. Architecture Studio

Ban Villa is a contemporary resort located in Kunshan, China, designed in 2021 by B.L.U.E. Architecture Studio. Description Project B...
30-09-2021 19:46

Queen?s Lane Pavilion by CLB Architects

Queen?s Lane Pavilion is a lovely log house located in Jackson, Wyoming, designed by CLB Architects. Description The Queen?s Lane Pavilion...
29-09-2021 19:43

Casa Tamburini by Dainelli Studio

Casa Tamburini is a contemporary apartment located in Milan, Italy, designed in 2021 by Dainelli Studio. Description Dainelli Studio redesig...
29-09-2021 19:43

House in Gorgos by Destudio Arquitectura

House in Gorgos is a modern apartment located in Valencia, Spain, designed in 2021 by Destudio Arquitectura. Description Casa en Gorgos...
29-09-2021 19:43

Cruïlles 2 by Majoral · Tissino

Cruïlles 2 is a stone residence located in Cruïlles, Spain, designed in 2020 by Majoral · Tissino. Description We are asked to enlarge a hous...
28-09-2021 19:46

Skyview Mansion Sales Center by F.G Studio

Skyview Mansion Sales Center is a simplistic, elegant space located in Lumu, Suzhou, China, designed in 2021 by F.G Studio. Description S...
28-09-2021 19:46

Cabin Herfell by Pushak

Cabin Herfell is a modern summerhouse located in Sandefjord, Norway, designed in 2021 by Pushak. Description Summerhouse by the coast, built ...
28-09-2021 19:46

House 08 by Andrea Rubini Architetto

House 08 is a two-level apartment located in Milan, Italy, designed in 2019 by Andrea Rubini Architetto. Description House #08 is a 130 sq...
28-09-2021 19:46

Wandertree Residence by A21 Architecture + Design

Wandertree Residence is a modern house located in Boulde, Colorado, designed in 2021 by A21 Architecture + Design. Description Tasked wit...
27-09-2021 19:40

Elegant Apartment by Yodezeen Architects

Elegant Apartment is a 164 sqm home located in Kiev, Ukraine, designed in 2021 by Yodezeen Architects. Description The Elegant Apartment pro...
27-09-2021 19:40

Out(side)In House by Atelier RZLBD

Out(side)In House is a contemporary two-story house in Scarborough, Toronto, Canada, designed by Atelier RZLBD. Description As nature s...
24-09-2021 19:44

Hillside by SAOTA

Hillside is a 2019 luxury residence designed by SAOTA and located above Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, California. Description The...
24-09-2021 19:44

Wai’olu Residence by de Reus Architects

Wai’olu Residence is a 13,497-square-foot home designed for an extended family by de Reus Architects, located on Hawaii’s North Kohala Coast. ...
24-09-2021 19:44

Atherton Pavilions by Feldman Architecture

Atherton Pavilions are two accessory structures located in Atherton, California, designed in 2019 by Feldman Architecture. Description The At...
24-09-2021 19:44

House Lhotka by Sons of Architecture

House Lhotka is a modern house located in Prague, Czech republic, designed in 2020 by Sons of Architecture. Description Urban planning and ...
23-09-2021 19:47

A Retreat Among the Peaks by ATOMAA

A Retreat Among the Peaks is a lovely stone house located in Varzo, Italy, designed in in 2020 by ATOMAA. Description In the extreme nort...
23-09-2021 19:47

Oneiric Villas by Dimiourgiki

Oneiric Villas are three stone houses featuring magnificient sea views located in Rethymno, Greece, designed in 2021 by Dimiourgiki. Des...
23-09-2021 19:47

3 Key Considerations When Buying a House

For a lot of people, being able to purchase a home is something that they will have worked towards for a long time. Getting onto the property ladder i...
23-09-2021 19:47

Modular House by Bio-Architects

Modular House is a modern retreat located in Sosnovo, Russia, designed in 2020 by Bio-Architects. Description The countryside residence fo...
23-09-2021 19:47

Meraviglia Slow Living by Block722

Meraviglia Slow Living is a complex of seven luxury suites located in Preveza, Greece, designed in 2021 by Block722. Description The complex ...
22-09-2021 19:39

La Calma House by Ramon Esteve Estudio

La Calma House is a modern residence located in Barcelona, Spain, designed in 2021 by Ramon Esteve Estudio. Description La Calma House is ...
22-09-2021 19:39

Arrow View by AR Design Studio

Arrow View is a contemporary extension to a single family house located in Herefordshire, England, UK, designed in 2021 by AR Design Studio. ...
21-09-2021 19:38

The Grey House by Giorgio Parise

The Grey House is a contemporary L-shaped house located in Sossano, Italy, designed in 2020 by Giorgio Parise. Description At the foot of ...
21-09-2021 19:38

Interior PM by Studio Cakov+Partners

Interior PM is a contemporary residence located in Bratislava, Slovakia, designed in Studio Cakov+Partners. Description We designed the in...
21-09-2021 19:38

The Advantages of Buying a Lawn Mower

If you are thinking about buying a lawn mower, then you have come to the right place. In this post we will cover all of the advantages that come with ...
21-09-2021 19:38

ONA House by Anna Solaz

ONA House is a modern apartment redesigned in 2020 by Anna Solaz, located in Liria, Spain. Description Casa Ona is the transformation of an ex...
21-09-2021 19:38

Zen in Zejtun by Daniel Scerri Periti

Zen is a contemporary residence located in Zejtun, Malta, designed in 2020 by Daniel Scerri Periti. Description Tucked away behind an ...
20-09-2021 19:45

HaMy’s House by Ashera Architects

HaMy’s House is a modern single family house located in Nguy?n V?n V?nh, Vietnam, has been designed in 2021 by Ashera Architects. ...
20-09-2021 19:45

Handling the Scenery by Daniel Scerri Periti

Handling the Scenery is a contemporary apartment located in Saint Paul’s Bay, Malta, designed in 2015 by Daniel Scerri Periti. Descriptio...
20-09-2021 19:45

TA Apartment by Maya Sheinberger

TA Apartment is a modern home located in Tel Aviv, Israel, designed in 2021 by Maya Sheinberger. Description The apartment: a 135 sq.m. ...
20-09-2021 19:45

Akizuki No Tori House by Fujiwalabo

Akizuki No Tori House is a modern guesthouse located in Akizuki, Japan, designed in 2018 by Fujiwalabo. Description Akizuki is an old vil...
17-09-2021 19:50

Grand Apartment by Yodezeen Architects

Grand Apartment is a luxury home located in Kiev, Ukraine, designed in 2021 by Yodezeen Architects. Description The overall concept ...
17-09-2021 19:50

El Nido House by Taller Estilo Arquitectura

El Nido House is a modern stone house located in Merida, Mexico, designed by Taller Estilo Arquitectura. Description The concept and name o...
17-09-2021 19:50

Casa Piano by Vicaría Arquitectura

Casa Piano is a contemporary concrete residence located in Rionegro, Colombia, designed by Vicaría Arquitectura. Description In the heart ...
16-09-2021 19:42

Villa Courbe by SAOTA

Villa Courbe is a contemporary single-family house located in Lac Leman, Switzerland, designed in 2018 by SAOTA. Description The i...
16-09-2021 19:42

Silver Pine by SAOTA

Set among the pine woods on an island in the Moskva River (Moscow, Russia), the contemporary family home designed by SAOTA introduces a revolutionary ...
16-09-2021 19:42

Topos by Sebastian Guzman

TOPOS is a decorative and functional table designed by Sebastian Guzman, where the use of computational design, topology optimization techniques and d...
16-09-2021 19:42

City Apartment by Jose Barea

City Apartment is a modern home located in Spain, recently designed by Jose Barea. Description Under premise of organizing an extensive lay...
16-09-2021 19:42

Casa AA by 2A. Architetti

Casa AA is a modern apartment located in Caserta, Italy, designed in 2021 by 2A. Architetti. Photography courtesy of 2A. Architetti Visi...
15-09-2021 19:43

NB11 Apartment by ZROBIM Architects

NB11 Apartment is a modern home located in Minsk, Belarus, designed in 2021 by ZROBIM Architects. Description A mix of architecture, color,...
14-09-2021 19:49

Bodi Center by Nature Times Art Design

Bodi Center is a zen working space located in Hangzhou, China, recently designed by Nature Times Art Design. Description Located at the 3...
14-09-2021 19:49

Bilboquet Tables by Kateryna Sokolova

Bilboquet – a series of small pedestals and cocktail tables with glass tabletops created by Kateryna Sokolova for the French brand Roche Bobois. ...
14-09-2021 19:49

House OS by 1-1 Architects

House OS is a modern two-family house located in Aichi, Japan, designed in 2018 by 1-1 Architects. Description It is a plan for a two-fami...
14-09-2021 19:49

Villa P by Edoardo Milesi & Archos

Villa P is a beautiful semi-detached chalet located in Ponteranica, Italy, designed by Edoardo Milesi & Archos in 2020. Description The pr...
13-09-2021 19:47

Quick Fixes to Glamourize Your Garden

If you aim to create the perfect outdoor space, a little DIY and a few quick fixes can make all the difference. Glamourizing your garden can not onl...
13-09-2021 19:47

Loft GM by Franco Biagiotti

Located in Ravenna, Italy, Loft GM is an old body shop recovered and transformed into a lovely home by Franco Biagiotti. Photography courtes...
13-09-2021 19:47

Architects’ Barnhouse by MNdesign

Architects’ Barnhouse is a modern vacation home located in Volokolamsk, Russia, designed in 2020 by MNdesign. Description The house ...
10-09-2021 19:43

City Jungle by MNdesign

City Jungle is an industrial apartment located in Moscow, Russia, designed in 2020 by MNdesign. Description This project is unusual f...
10-09-2021 19:43

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