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68 Parker by Susie Novak Interiors

68 Parker is a modern home office located in San Francisco, California, designed by Susie Novak Interiors. Description Susie Novak brought in ...
19-04-2021 19:44

Darkwood Residence by Cumulus Studio

Darkwood Residence is a sustainable home located in Deviot, Australia, designed in 2019 by Cumulus Studio. Description Wilderness at hear...
19-04-2021 19:44

Villa MRLV by Depaolidefranceschibaldan Architetti

Villa MRLV is a modern two-story house located in Venice, Italy, designed in 2020 by Depaolidefranceschibaldan Architetti. Photography by...
19-04-2021 19:44

Live Merano Camping by Harry Thaler

Live Merano Camping is a modern 4* camping facility located in Merano, Italy, designed in 2021 by Harry Thaler. Description The new LIVE Merano...
19-04-2021 19:44

X6 – Two in One Houses by Raz Melamed. Architect

X6 – Two in One Houses is a stunning two-story house located in Hod HaSharon, Israel, designed in 2020 by Raz Melamed. Architect. ...
16-04-2021 19:49

Hale Nukumoi by Walker Warner Architects

Hale Nukumoi is a beach retreat located in Kauai, Hawaii, designed by Walker Warner Architects. Description Hale?Nukumoi?is the quinte...
16-04-2021 19:49

Casa Carioca by Rm Architecture

Casa Carioca is a chic apartment located in Rome, Italy, designed in 2021 by Rm Architecture. Photography courtesy of RMArchitecture Visit Rm...
16-04-2021 19:49

Tiny house / Tiny garden by Equip Inc.

Tiny house / Tiny garden is a two-story house located in Tokyo, Japan, designed in 2020 by Equip Inc. Description The main goal of the projec...
16-04-2021 19:49

Loft by Alex March Studio

This loft in the Poble Nou neighborhood of Barcelona, designed by Alex March Studio, is a wonderful corner in which we feel wrapped up by the most rec...
16-04-2021 19:49

Allis Residence by In Design International

Allis Residence is a contemporary house located in Melbourne, Australia, designed in 2019 by In Design International. Description The Allis R...
15-04-2021 19:50

The House Catorce by Alberto Facundo Arquitectura

The House Catorce is a modern two-story house located in Bolbaite, Spain, recently designed by Alberto Facundo Arquitectura. Description...
15-04-2021 19:50

Villa in Sicily by Dap Studio

Located in Sicily, Italy, this contemporary residence has been designed in 2021 by Dap Studio. Photography by Lamberto Rubino Visit Dap S...
15-04-2021 19:50

Flat in Raval by Cláudia de Sousa – Interior Design

Flat in Raval is a cozy 50 sqm home located in Barcelona, Spain, designed in 2019 by Cláudia de Sousa – Interior Design. Description The...
14-04-2021 19:45

Fairleigh by StudioAC

Fairleigh is a modern two-story house located in Toronto, Canada, designed in 2020 by StudioAC. Description Located just off a busy retail/...
14-04-2021 19:45

La Palometa by Sanahuja&Partners

La Palometa is a contemporary single-story house located in Castelló de la Plana, Spain, recently designed by Sanahuja&Partners. Desc...
13-04-2021 19:40

House BS by Graux & Baeyens Architecten

House BS is a traditional brick house located in Gavere, Belgium, redesigned in 2017 by Graux & Baeyens Architecten. Description The site is ...
13-04-2021 19:40

House C-VL by Graux & Baeyens Architecten

House C-VL is an inspiring bungalow located in De Haan, Belgium, redesigned in 2017 by Graux & Baeyens Architecten. Description In renovatin...
13-04-2021 19:40

Shallmar by StudioAC

Shallmar is a modern two-story house located in Toronto, Canada, redesigned in 2019 by StudioAC. Description Shallmar Residence was a ...
13-04-2021 19:40

Garage Transformation by Barde+Vanvoltt

Located in Amsterdam, Netherlands, this garage designed back in 1930s has been turned into an inspiring contemporary home by Barde+Vanvoltt. ...
13-04-2021 19:40

Los Flamingos Penthouse by Alejandro Gimenez Architects

Los Flamingos Penthouse is a modern minimalist home located in Benahavís, Spain, designed in 2019 by Alejandro Gimenez Architects. Des...
12-04-2021 19:49

Tones of Macarons by Jooca Studio

Tones of Macarons is a classy pastel apartment located in Bucharest, Romania, designed in 2018 by Jooca Studio. Description A story sketche...
12-04-2021 19:49

Kalesma Mykonos by K-Studio

Kalesma Mykonos is a traditional modernist hotel located on the Greek island of Mykonos, designed in 2021 by K-Studio. Description Embraci...
12-04-2021 19:49

Boavista Apartment by Cirurgias Urbanas II – Architect

Boavista Apartment is an amazing industrial home located in Porto, Portugal, designed in 2021 by Cirurgias Urbanas II – Architecture. Ph...
12-04-2021 19:49

Art Barn by Thomas Randall-Page

Art Barn – modern barn / storage space located in Dartmoor, United Kingdom, designed in 2021 by Thomas Randall-Page. Description The ...
12-04-2021 19:49

Tetra Pod by Stilt Studios

Tetra Pod is a contemporary extension to a single family house located in Bali, Indonesia, designed in 2021 by Stilt Studios. Description The...
12-04-2021 19:49

The Shaded House by Prashant Parmar Architect

Located in Ahmedabad, India, the Shaded House is a mid-century modern residence designed in 2021 by Prashant Parmar Architect. Description ...
09-04-2021 19:42

Tianling Villa by MisoSoupDesign

Tianling Villa is a contemporary house located in Taoyuan City, Taiwan, designed in 2020 by MisoSoupDesign. Description The Ti...
09-04-2021 19:42

In simple by Awork.Design Studio

In simple is a small modern apartment located in Taipei, Taiwan, recently designed by Awork.Design Studio. Description The design of this h...
09-04-2021 19:42

This House Never Ends by Steffen Welsch

Located in Melbourne, Australia, This House Never Ends is an extension to an Edwardian weatherboard house designed in 2020 by Steffen Welsch. ...
09-04-2021 19:42

6 Tips & Solutions To Manage Basement Waterproofing Pro

All of your successful basement finishing work could be destroyed by a muddy, cold, or flooded basement. With the floors destroyed, the drywall waterl...
09-04-2021 19:42

2B House by Sifres Ortega Arquitectos

2B House is a modern minimalist house located in Valencia, Spain, recently redesigned by Sifres Ortega Arquitectos. Description The idea fo...
09-04-2021 19:42

Oye Mi Canto by CplusC Architectural Workshop

Oye Mi Canto is a terrace house located in Newtown, Australia, redesigned in 2020 by CplusC Architectural Workshop. Description Oye Mi Can...
08-04-2021 19:38

Casa Um by Atelier Rua

Casa Um is a beautiful hotel located in Estiramantens, Portugal, has been designed in 2020 by Atelier Rua. Description The irregular shap...
08-04-2021 19:38

Altinho by António Costa Lima Arquitectos

Altinho is an amazing single family house located in Lisbon, Portugal, redesigned in 2019 by António Costa Lima Arquitectos. Description ...
08-04-2021 19:38

Almirante Reis Apartment by Bala Atelier

Almirante Reis Apartment is a 90 sqm rustic home located in Lisbon, Portugal, recently redesigned by Bala Atelier. Description By interv...
08-04-2021 19:38

Panormos Bay Luxury Suites by Theodoros Tsafoulias

Panormos Bay Luxury Suites designed in 2021 by Theodoros Tsafoulias are located on the Greek island of Mykonos. Description These independe...
07-04-2021 19:37

Casa C|C by 2a. Architetti

Casa C|C is a modern apartment designed in 2021 by 2a. Architetti located in Rome, Italy. Photography by Carlo Oriente Visit 2a. Architet...
07-04-2021 19:37

Apartment in Saint Petersburg by Peter Sergeev Architecture

This minimalist apartment located in Saint Petersburg, Russia has been designed in 2020 by Peter Sergeev Architecture + Design. Descripti...
07-04-2021 19:37

Totoro House by CplusC Architectural Workshop

Totoro House is a midcentury single family house located in Russell Lea, Australia, designed in 2020 by CplusC Architectural Workshop. De...
06-04-2021 19:46

Casa Cabanyal by Nodopía Arquitectura y Diseño

Casa Cabanyal is a terraced family house located in Valencia, Spain, completely renovated in 2020 by Nodopía Arquitectura y Diseño. Desc...
06-04-2021 19:46

Covid Time Design by Nurit Geffen

Covid Time Design is a modern apartment located in Tel Aviv, Israel, designed in 2021 by Nurit Geffen. Photography courtesy of Nurit Geffe...
06-04-2021 19:46

Quintana Apartment by Taller David Dana Arquitectura

Quintana Apartment is an inspiring home located in Mexico City, Mexico, recently designed by Taller David Dana Arquitectura. Description S...
06-04-2021 19:46

Hazel Tan Apartment by Jooca Studio

Hazel Tan Apartment is a warm contemporary home located in Bucharest, Romania, redesigned in 2020 by Jooca Studio. Description Situated in a...
06-04-2021 19:46

Viewpoint Vaulalia by Bergersen Arkitekter

Viewpoint Vaulalia is a modern retreat located in Bjørheimsbygd, Norway, designed in 2020 by Bergersen Arkitekter. Description Situated in t...
05-04-2021 19:38

Sliding Games by Erez Hyatt

Sliding Games is a lovely contemporary apartment located in Tel Aviv, Israel, designed in 2021 by Erez Hyatt. Photography by Oded Smadar ...
03-04-2021 19:41

Chemin Byron by Olson Kundig

Chemin Byron designed in 2017 by Olson Kundig is a modern two-story house located in on the outskirts of Geneva, Switzerland. Description ...
02-04-2021 19:36

“A Brother, A Sister” House Renovation by Bongia

“A Brother, A Sister” House is a country house located in Padua, Italy, redesigned in 2019 by Bongiana Architetture. Description It’...
02-04-2021 19:36

Sheltered Villas by A&M Architects

Sheltered Villas – three villas designed by A&M Architects located on the Greek island on Karpathos. Description Blending into a 12,000 sqm...
01-04-2021 19:37

Marylebone Apartment by Proctor & Shaw

South London based architects Proctor & Shaw have completed the full interior renovation of an apartment in a period block in Marylebone, London. ...
01-04-2021 19:37

Salt House by Brigita Bula Arhitekti

Salt House designed in 2019 by Brigita Bula Arhitekti is located on the seashore of Pavilosta ? a small seaside town of fishermen, Latvia. Des...
01-04-2021 19:37

Paradero Todos Santos by Yektajo Valdez Architects

Paradero Todos Santos is a 35-suite hotel located in Todos Santos, Mexico, designed in 2021 by Yektajo Valdez Architects. Description Par...
01-04-2021 19:37

Casa Balboni by Map Studio

Casa Balboni originally designed by Carlo Scarpa has been redesigned in 2020 by Map Studio. The house is situated in Venice, Italy. Description...
31-03-2021 19:45

Prospect House by Swivel Interiors

Prospect House is a modern house located Seattle, Washington, designed in 2020 by Swivel Interiors. Description Long-time residents of ...
31-03-2021 19:45

Ranch Dressing by Buttrick Projects Architecture + Design

Ranch Dressing is an inspiring two-story house located in Mill Valley, California, designed in 2016 by Buttrick Projects Architecture + Design. ...
31-03-2021 19:45

Saddle Peak Residence by Aux Architecture

Located in Calabasas, California, the Saddle Peak Residence has been designed in 2018 by Aux Architecture. Description The design of this ho...
30-03-2021 19:44

Orchard Stone House by Rado Iliev

Orchard Stone House located in eastern Bulgaria, has been designed in 2020 by Rado Iliev. Description The building serves as a tempora...
30-03-2021 19:44

Flat 1 by Unnamed Studio

Flat 1 is an eclectic home designed in 2021 by Unnamed Studio, located in Valencia, Spain. Description The project flat|1 is an embodiment...
29-03-2021 19:38

Mar Vista Connect 11 by Connect Homes

Mar Vista Connect 11 is an inspiring prefab house located in Los Angeles, California, designed in 2018 by Connect Homes. Description This ...
29-03-2021 19:38

Casa Bell-Lloc by Studio Saxe

Casa Bell-Lloc is a stunning seafront residence located in Santa Teresa Beach, Costa Rica, designed in 2020 by Studio Saxe. Description...
29-03-2021 19:38

Lefay Resort & Spa Dolomiti by Demetzarch

Lefay Resort & Spa Dolomiti located in Pinzolo, Italy, has been designed in 2019 by Demetzarch. Description A set that seems to em...
27-03-2021 19:37

Villa Draman by Emre Acar

Villa Draman is a beautiful contemporary residence located in Mu?la, Turkey, designed in 2019 by Emre Acar. Description Villa Draman ...
26-03-2021 19:44

Weekend House by New How Architects

This lovely weekend house located in Nové Hamry, Czech republic, has been designed in 2021 by New How Architects. Description The house is...
26-03-2021 19:44

La Baita by Studioata

La Baita located in Orco Valley, Italy, is a mountain house redesigned in 2019 by Studioata. Photography by Dario Muzzarini Visit Studioata...
26-03-2021 19:44

3 Patios House by Once Once Arquitectura

3 Patios House is a modern two-story house located in Lomas de Chapultepec, Mexico, designed in 2018 by Once Once Arquitectura. Descr...
26-03-2021 19:44

House Oz by Emre Acar

House Oz is an inspiring two-story house located in Mu?la, Turkey, designed in 2019 by Emre Acar. Description House OZ is located in Aktu...
26-03-2021 19:44

Sergio Fiorentino Studio by +CStudio Architetti

Sergio Fiorentino Studio located in Noto, Italy, has been designed in 2020 by +CStudio Architetti. Photography by Filippo Bamberghi Visit +...
26-03-2021 19:44

Jiunvfeng Cloud of Hometown Resort Hotel by Gad Lineplus Stu

Jiunvfeng Cloud is an inspiring hotel located in Tai?an, China, designed in 2020 by Gad Lineplus Studio. Description Dongximen Village,...
25-03-2021 19:40

The Little Art Studio by Chen+Suchart Studio

The Little Art Studio is a minimalist art studio located in Scottsdale, Arizona, recently designed by Chen+Suchart Studio. Photography by Mat...
25-03-2021 19:40

Villa Korup by Jan Henrik Jansen Arkitekter

Located on the Danish island of Fyn, Villa Korup is a modern wooden house designed for a young family of six by Jan Henrik Jansen Arkitekter. ...
25-03-2021 19:40

Casa Fevi by Salvatore Oddo

Casa Fevi is a traditional residence located in Trapani, Sicily, Italy, redesigned in 2020 by Salvatore Oddo. Photography by Benedetto...
25-03-2021 19:40

Villa Santpoort by DP6 Architectuurstudio

Villa Santpoort is a contemporary two-story house located in Santpoort, Netherlands, designed in 2020 by DP6 Architectuurstudio. Descripti...
25-03-2021 19:40

The Voxel_A Quarantine Cabin by IAAC

The Voxel_A Quarantine Cabin located in Collserola, Spain, has been designed in 2021 by IAAC | Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia. ...
24-03-2021 19:39

Casa Ithualli by Miró Rivera Architects

Casa Ithualli designed in 2017 by Miró Rivera Architects is a two-story contemporary house located in Monterrey, Mexico. Description Organiz...
24-03-2021 19:39

The Cube House by A&M Architects

The Cube House located in Athens, Greece, is a modern two-story house designed in 2020 by A&M Architects. Description A playful game b...
24-03-2021 19:39

Pànto by Puccio Collodoro Architetti

Located in Palermo, Italy, Pànto is a minimalist rooftop apartment recently designed by Puccio Collodoro Architetti. Photography courtesy o...
24-03-2021 19:39

The Osmanthus Grace by Qiran Design Group

Qiran Design Group designed a sales & experience center for the residential development THE OSMANTHUS GRACE, which is located in Shijiazhuang, the cap...
23-03-2021 19:43

Pattern House by m²ft architects

Recently designed by m²ft architects, Pattern House is a -century apartment located in Madrid, Spain. Description Optical patterns, bright ...
23-03-2021 19:43

Asa House by Bernardes Arquitetura

Asa House is a stunning single-story residence located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, designed in 2018 by Bernardes Arquitetura. Descriptio...
23-03-2021 19:43

Casa Hannah by Workshop Architects

Casa Hannah is a modern two-story house located in Merida, Mexico, recently designed by Workshop Architects. Photography courtesy of Worksho...
23-03-2021 19:43

Apartment T 801 by Acunsa Arquitectos

Located in Mexico City, Mexico, Apartment T 801 is an inspiring home completely redesigned by Acunsa Arquitectos. Description Apartment T 8...
23-03-2021 19:43

Technology You Never Knew You Needed for Your Home

Your home is a safe haven, a place where you can relax and enjoy time with family and friends. Protecting your home is an integral part of being a hom...
23-03-2021 19:43

Echo at Rancho Mirage by Studio AR&D Architects

Designed by Studio AR&D Architects, Echo at Rancho Mirage is a beautiful property consisting of 9 residential houses located in California. ...
23-03-2021 19:43

Bergtischler by Illichmann Architecture

Bergtischler is a lovely retreat located in Rechberg, Australia, redesigned in 2014 by Illichmann Architecture. Photography courtesy of Illi...
22-03-2021 19:44

Sunshine City Apartment by BoringCity

Sunshine City Apartment is a neo classic apartment located in Ho CHi Minh City, Vietnam, recently designed by BoringCity. Photography by ...
22-03-2021 19:44

HOUSE K by Creative Union Network

House K is an inspiring two-story contemporary house located in Cuenca, Ecuador, designed in 2020 by Creative Union Network. Description Pho...
22-03-2021 19:44

Chi-Bu Riverside Resort by o9 Design Studio

Designed by o9 Design Studio in Vietnam, Chi-Bu Riverside Resort is located on the banks of the Ong Keo River, 30km outside of Saigon. ...
22-03-2021 19:44

Generations by Blumenfeld Moore Architects

Generations is a modern house designed for multiple generations by Blumenfeld Moore Architects located in Ramat HaSharon, Israel. Descript...
20-03-2021 19:31

Bat Trang House by VTN Architects

Bat Trang House is a lovely brick house located in Hanoi, Vietnam, designed in 2020 by VTN Architects. Description The project is situated ...
19-03-2021 19:33

Penthouse BV by Adjo Studio

Penthouse BV is a modern apartment located on the top of an apartment complex in eastern Belgium designed in 2019 by Adjo Studio. Descriptio...
19-03-2021 19:33

Origami House by Bernardes Arquitetura

Origami House is an inspiring concrete residence located in Porto Feliz, Brazil, designed in 2017 by Bernardes Arquitetura. Description It is...
19-03-2021 19:33

The Transparent Apartment by Urban Soul Project

The Transparent Apartment project designed in 2019 by Urban Soul Project is a midcentury home located in Thessaloniki, Greece. Description Th...
19-03-2021 19:33

Boomerang House by AJG Architects

Designed in 2020 by AJG Architects, Boomerang House is a contemporary single-story house located in Risskov, Denmark. Description In the ol...
19-03-2021 19:33

Shikor – Country House by Spatial Architects

Shikor Country House is an traditional brick house located in Bangladesh, designed in 2019 by Spatial Architects. Description Bengali ter...
18-03-2021 19:58

House with Three Eyes by Architekten Innauer Matt

House with Three Eyes is a beautiful summer house located in Austria, designed in 2017 by Architekten Innauer Matt. Description The Summer?s fam...
18-03-2021 19:58

Everything You Need to Know About Creating an Off-Grid Outdo

Working from home is a dream come true for many. Remote work eliminates long commutes, offers flexibility, allows for customization of your workspace,...
18-03-2021 19:58

Casa Alegre by Jorge Vidal

Casa Alegre is a beautiful holiday house located on the Spanish island of Ibiza, redesigned in 2014 by Jorge Vidal. Description Ren...
18-03-2021 19:58

Wyndham by Mia Design Studio

Designed in 2018 by Mia Design Studio, Wyndham is a traditional garden villa with large courtyard inside located in Phu Quoc, Vietnam. Descr...
18-03-2021 19:58

Light House by Layan

Located in an inner-city Melbourne suburb, Light House designed by Layan is a 220 m2 alterations and additions project to a detached double fronted si...
18-03-2021 19:58

Hadohilljo Townhouse by Unitedlab Associates

Hadohilljo Townhouse is one of 48 minimalist houses located in Jeju-do, South Korea, designed in 2018 by Unitedlab Associates. Description...
17-03-2021 19:37

Three Trees House by Gallardo Llopis Arquitectos

Three Trees House is a beautiful villa located on the Spanish island of Ibiza, designed in 2020 by Gallardo Llopis Arquitectos. Desc...
17-03-2021 19:37

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News most viewed Today

Lake 5 West Clubhouse / GBBN

Lake 5 West Clubhouse / GBBN

Sometimes it?s what?s on the outside that counts. The Lake West 5 Community Clubhouse renovation?s thoughtful façade work has transformed a building that was otherwise unremarkable, except for the way in turned its back on the public. -
Library and Seminar Centre BOKU Vienna / SWAP Architekten + DELTA

Library and Seminar Centre BOKU Vienna / SWAP...

The campus of the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU) in Vienna was extended by a timber construction with 3,000 m² of usable floor area. The new building offers space for a seminar centre, a library, offices for several... -
31 Housing Units in Ecquevilly / Benjamin Fleury Architecte-Urbaniste

31 Housing Units in Ecquevilly / Benjamin Fle...

The town of Ecquevilly stands on the top of a hilly landscape opening onto vast fields. After the arrival of Renault?s factory in Flins, this village (which had grown according to its 16th-century castle?s layout) experienced three waves of... -
3 Green Spaces House / A-Boom Design Office

3 Green Spaces House / A-Boom Design Office

3 GREEN SPACES HOUSE is a house created with the purpose of living closer to nature, temporarily away from the noisy, smoggy city. The owner, a young couple, chose Dong Nai land about 20km away from Saigon as a place to return after busy working... -
Pereiras Polydrop House / Produção de Arquitectura

Pereiras Polydrop House / Produção de Arquite...

In a semi-rural surrounding land with a relatively accentuated pendent, the client requested a small house with a living room open to the kitchen and an en-suite bedroom.In order to create two small compartments it could, eventually, take advantage... -
How to Install Ventilated Facades Using Wooden Panels

How to Install Ventilated Facades Using Woode...

This vertical cladding for facades is a high-density laminated panel, composed of a core of paper fibers -compressed at high temperature and pressure- and an outer coating highly resistant to weathering and UV radiation. The wood used in... -
Cafe Find: Koffee Mameya Tokyo

Cafe Find: Koffee Mameya Tokyo

Hidden in the backstreets between Harajuku and Omotesando lies Koffee Mameya Tokyo, the reincarnation of owner Eichii Kunimoto and its previous predecessor sibling Omotesando Koffee. Found in the same location, the new box-like design champions the... -
Modern Single Story Forest House With Pool in Ukraine

Modern Single Story Forest House With Pool in...

Come with us to this 195 square metre Forest House in Kyiv, Ukraine, designed and visualised by Bezmirno Architects. Past the towering trees, we find the outside of the single story house standing a beautiful combination of wood and stone. The... -
Luxurious Interior With Wood Slat Walls

Luxurious Interior With Wood Slat Walls

This luxurious Finnish apartment, located by the bay, was imagined by the designers at DE&DE Studio. Rich wooden texture makes up much of the decor, with complex slatted wall installations and extruded pattern a recurring theme throughout. The... -

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