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Vertical House by MRA – Miró Rivera Architects

This amazing five-story residence located in Dallas, Texas, has been designed by Miró Rivera Architects for an avid collector of exotic plants. ...
18-11-2019 19:51

Thames Apartment by Giles Reid Architects

This two-story riverfront apartment located in London, UK, has been redesigned in 2017 by Giles Reid Architects. Description The brief was to ...
18-11-2019 19:51

See the Sea by Svoya Studio

Redesigned in 2019 by Svoya Studio, this inspiring 506 sq ft studio is situated in Odessa, Ukraine. Description One-bedroom apartment in Ode...
18-11-2019 19:51

Bon Appetit Photography Studio by Han Yue Interior Design

Located in Hsinchu city, Taiwan, this building built in 1982 has been recently turned into an inspiring photography studio by Han Yue Interior Design....
18-11-2019 19:51

Industrial Style Apartment

This inspiring industrial apartment is located in London, United Kingdom. Photography by Assen Emilov...
15-11-2019 19:45

La Belle Vue by Bomax Architects

Located in a small beachfront community in South Africa, Project La Belle Vue was a complete architectural renovation and extension by Bomax Architect...
15-11-2019 19:45

Peranakan [email protected] by AMP Design

This chic industrial apartment located in Singapore has been designed in 2017 by AMP Design. Photography courtesy of AMP Design Visit AMP Desi...
15-11-2019 19:45

Casa IV by Mesura

Located in the countryside around the city of Elche in Spain, this inspiring brick home was designed in 2015 by Mesura. Description IV House...
15-11-2019 19:45

EGR Apartment by Ater.Architects

This minimalist apartment located in Kiev, Ukraine, has been designed in 2019 by Ater.Architects. Photography courtesy of Ater.Architects V...
14-11-2019 19:47

Residential Family Home by AB Curated

This stylish zen space designed for a young international family with two small children by AB Curated is located in the heart of Barcelona, Spain. ...
14-11-2019 19:47

Villa BC by DavideBerettaStudio

Located just outside Chignolo Po, in the province of Pavia in Italy, this modern single-story house has been recently designed by DavideBerettaStudio....
14-11-2019 19:47

Manor House by Ryan Lai Architects

Designed in 2017 by Ryan Lai Architects, this contemporary apartment is located in Taichung City, Taiwan. Description The primary aim was t...
13-11-2019 19:45

Estancia Morro Chico by RDR Architectes

The Morro Chico Ranch is located within continental Argentinian Patagonia, at the southern border with Chile. I has been recently designed by RDR Arch...
13-11-2019 19:45

Victor Victoria by Officina 8a

Redesigned in 2018 by Officina 8a, this inspiring apartment is located in Turin, Italy. Photography courtesy of Officina 8a Visit Officina...
13-11-2019 19:45

Casa Popeea by Manea Kella

A boutique hotel that transforms the space, light and charm of a historic building while balancing it with the contemporary needs of its guests, offer...
13-11-2019 19:45

Coi House by Coi Design

Recently designed by C?i Design, this traditional three-story house is located in Da Nang, Vietnam. Description There is a really rustic,...
12-11-2019 19:47

Onkel Eriks Vei 6 by Logg Arkitekter

Designed in 2013 by Logg Arkitekter, this contemporary two-story house featuring an amazing sea view is located in Oslo, Norway. Description Th...
12-11-2019 19:47

House Puri Bukit by Alexis Dornier

Designed in 2019 by Alexis Dornier in collaboration with Tim Russo, the Puri Bukit villa (Ocean View 3) is situated on the island of Bali. ...
12-11-2019 19:47

V. Apartment by MalyKrasota Design

Located in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev, this creative apartment has been recently designed by MalyKrasota Design. Description Architects fr...
12-11-2019 19:47

DSGoWest by Designstorms

This inspiring single family home located in Wheaton, Illinois, has been designed in 2019 by Designstorms. Photography courtesy of Designstor...
11-11-2019 19:42

Huckletree by Sella Concept

The new Westminster workspace PUBLIC Hall is set to open its doors ? to reveal a striking heritage-meets-modern interior conceived and created by Lond...
11-11-2019 19:42

A House of an Architect by Pitsou Kedem Architects

This modern concrete residence designed by Pitsou Kedem for himself and his family is located in Ramat HaSharon, Israel. Description The n...
11-11-2019 19:42

Villa Schatzlmayr by Philipp Architekten

Located in Passau, Germany, this modern 8,181 sq ft ground-level residence has been designed in 2018 by Philipp Architekten. Description A ...
10-11-2019 19:45

Studio Penthouse by JHL Design

Designed in 2019 by JHL Design, this inspiring office space is located in Portland, Oregon, United States. Description The penthouse of th...
08-11-2019 19:33

Villa Vught by Mecanoo

The Villa in the Dutch countryside near Vught gives a contemporary twist to the local farmstead typology. Traditionally, the Dutch ?hoeve? is an ensem...
08-11-2019 19:33

House BB by Didonè Comacchio Architects

Recently completed by Didonè Comacchio Architects, this modern single-story house is located in Cassola, Italy. Photography courtesy of Did...
07-11-2019 19:44

Casa Campanario by PPAA

Designed in 2018 by PPAA, Casa Campanario is a family residence located in a housing development in the city of Querétaro in Brazil. Descrip...
07-11-2019 19:44

VCH Apartment by David Ito Arquitetura

This inspiring 1,076 sq ft apartment located in Sao Paulo, Brazil, has been designed in 2019 by David Ito Arquitetura. Description The r...
07-11-2019 19:44

Central Park Road Residence by Studiofour

This minimalist single-story home located in Melbourne, Australia, has been designed in 2019 by Studiofour. Description Our focus was to r...
06-11-2019 19:37

Modern Ski Home by Locati Architects

Recently redesigned by Locati Architects, this beautiful mountain house is situated in Montana, United States. Photography by Gibeon ...
06-11-2019 19:37

Skyline Apartment by Bylu Design

Skyline Apartment is located in a luxury compound in the heart of Shanghai, China. It has been recently designed by Bylu Design. Descriptio...
06-11-2019 19:37

Country Modern by Fletcher Development

Located in Redding, Connecticut, this modern farmhouse has been designed in 2019 by Fletcher Development. Photography courtesy of Fletche...
06-11-2019 19:37

House Aperture by Alexis Dornier

Aperture House (Ocean View 5) located on the Indonesian island of Bali has been recently designed by Alexis Dornier in collaboration with Tim Russo. ...
05-11-2019 20:04

Apartment Oca by Beatriz Quinelato Arquitetura

This inspiring colorful apartment located in São Paulo, Brazil, has been recently designed by Beatriz Quinelato Arquitetura. Description ...
05-11-2019 20:04

Rochedale Aspen Home by Ownit Homes

This contemporary two-story house located in Rochadale, QLD, Australia, has been designed by Ownit Homes. Description The Aspen redefines ...
05-11-2019 20:04

Catalan Farmhouse by Ana Engelhorn Interior Design

This beautiful 16th century farmhouse located in Cataluna, Spain, has been redesigned in 2019 by Ana Engelhorn Interior Design. Descript...
05-11-2019 20:04

Attic House by Madeleine Blanchfield Architects

Redesigned and extended by Madeleine Blanchfield Architects, this inspiring single family home is located in Coogee, Australia. Description At...
04-11-2019 19:45

Modern Luxury by David Small Designs

Located in Toronto, Canada, this contemporary private residence has been recently completed by David Small Designs. Photography court...
04-11-2019 19:45

Panoramic View House by Archlab

This inspiring two-story house located in Vilnius, Lithuania, has been designed in 2019 by Archlab. Photography courtesy of Archlab V...
04-11-2019 19:45

House with Two Bay Windows by D’arcy Jones Architectur

This minimalist two-story house located in Vancouver, Canada, has been designed in 2019 by D’arcy Jones Architecture. Description This new...
02-11-2019 19:40

House in Cornwall by Yeo Design

Recently designed by Yeo Design, this contemporary single family house is located in Cornwall, England, UK. Photography courtesy of Yeo De...
02-11-2019 19:40

Zagreb Apartment by Mirjana Mikulec Interiors

This spacious luxury apartment located in the Croatian capital of Zagreb, has been recently designed by Mirjana Mikulec Interiors. De...
01-11-2019 19:44

Cityview with Roof Terrace by Ownit Homes

Located in Rochedalle, Australia, this contemporary model home has been designed by Ownit Homes. Description The cleverly designed Cityvi...
01-11-2019 19:44

Gliding Villa by Stu/D/O Architects

This inspiring Feng Shui villa located in Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand, has been designed in 2017 by Stu/D/O Architects. Description In an a...
31-10-2019 19:46

Taula House by European Home

Nestled in the Preston Hollow neighborhood of Dallas, Texas sits Taula House. The name ?Taula? is derived from the Sanskrit word meaning ?Balance? and...
31-10-2019 19:46

Subiaco House by Robeson Architects

This inner city retreat located in Perth, Australia, has been designed in 2018 by Robeson Architects for a couple who travel often. Descripti...
31-10-2019 19:46

House Carbon by Alexis Dornier

This beautiful vacation gataway located on the Indonesian island of Bali, has been recently designed by Alexis Dornier. Description Locat...
31-10-2019 19:46

Arch Cape House by Colab Architecture & Urban Design

The Arch Cape House is a 3,400 square foot, four-bedroom, three-bathroom residence located in the Arch Cape in Oregon, United States. The house is des...
30-10-2019 19:48

RO Penthouse by Pitsou Kedem Architects

This luxurious penthouse apartment located in Tel Aviv, Israel, has been designed in 2018 by Pitsou Kedem Architects. Description A penthous...
30-10-2019 19:48

Town House by IDAS

Located in Vilnius, Lithuania, this modern town house has been designed in 2019 by IDAS. Visit IDAS...
30-10-2019 19:48

Apartment in Milan by AIM

Designed in 2019 by AIM, this contemporary apartment is located in Milan, Italy. Photography by Simone Furiosi Visit AIM...
30-10-2019 19:48

Bastek A Frame by Todd Gordon Mather Architect

This inspiring mountain-style retreat located in Sacramento, California, has been designed in 2018 by Todd Gordon Mather Architect. Photogr...
29-10-2019 19:44

Batel Loft by Giuliano Marchiorato Arquitetos

This minimalist contemporary loft recently completed by Giuliano Marchiorato Arquitetos is located in Curitiba, Brazil. Description The Lof...
29-10-2019 19:44

Residenza M by Victor Vasilev

Designed in 2018 by Victor Vasilev, this modern two-story residence is situated in Lugano, Switzerland. Photography by Leo Torri Visit Vi...
29-10-2019 19:44

VILLA A by Lolot Design

Designed in 2016 by Lolot Design, this inspiring three-story holiday house is located in Latvia. Description This holiday house was created ...
29-10-2019 19:44

Lom Haijai by Studionomad

This multi-unit townhouse designed in 2018 by Studionomad is situated in Lat Phrao, Bangkok, Thailand. Description Lom Hai Jai aims to address...
28-10-2019 19:46

Four Corners Loft by Worrell Yeung

This 3,200 square-foot loft located in the DUMBO neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York, has been redesigned in 2018 by Worrell Yeung. Descr...
28-10-2019 19:46

Parque Apartment by Giuliano Marchiorato Arquitetos

Located in Curitiba, Brazil, this inspiring contemporary apartment has been designed in 2019 by Giuliano Marchiorato Arquitetos. Descriptio...
28-10-2019 19:46

Kurpark House by Florian Zschoche

Designed in 2017 by Florian Zschoche, this spacious three-story house is located in Bad Schussenried, Germany. Photography courtesy of Flor...
28-10-2019 19:46

PK Residence Annex by RMAA

Located in São Paulo, Brazil, this concrete extension to a single family house has been recently completed by Reinach Mendonça Arquitetos Associados. ...
28-10-2019 19:46

Hollywood Hills by Michael Fullen Design Group

Designed by Michael Fullen Design Group, this contemporary single family residence is located in Hollywood Hills, California, United States. ...
25-10-2019 19:44

Explorer Residence by Clark Richardson Architects

Located on the outskirts of Austin, Texas, this contemporary two-story house has been recently completed by Clark Richardson Architects. Des...
25-10-2019 19:44

Collector’s Retreat by Heliotrope Architects

This modern 1,600 sq ft retreat situated on Orcas Island, in Washington, US, has been designed by Heliotrope Architects. Description The ...
25-10-2019 19:44

Runze Shujun Villa by GU Hao Design

This inspiring villa located in Chaoyang District, Beijing, China, has been recently designed by GU Hao Design. Description One’s way of ...
25-10-2019 19:44

The Lennox Gardens Project by AtelierWest

This inspiring apartment recently designed by AtelierWest is located in Chelsea, London, United Kingdom. Photography courtesy of AtelierWest ...
24-10-2019 19:39

Crestview by Bachly Construction

This contemporary two-story house located in Toronto, Canada, has been designed in 2018 by Bachly Construction. Photography courtesy ...
24-10-2019 19:39

From the Roof Down by Egue y Seta

Located in Madrid, Spain, this former storage room has been turned into super-attic / family-hub by Egue y Seta. Description All right, all...
24-10-2019 19:39

Hollywood Waterfront by In-Site Design Group

This luxury waterfront residence designed in 2018 by In-Site Design Group is located in Hollywood, Florida. Photography courtesy of In-Site De...
24-10-2019 19:39

Kellyville Display Home by Kurmond Homes

This contemporary display home located in Sydney, Australia, has been designed in 2019 by Kurmond Homes. Photography courtesy of Kurmond Home...
23-10-2019 19:41

Home in Valencia by Kaleidoscope

This spacious apartment located in Valencia, Spain, has been designed in 2019 by Kaleidoscope. Photography courtesy of Kaleidoscope Visi...
23-10-2019 19:41

Belgique by Anabel Messens Architecte

This inspiring two-story house situated in Paris, France, has been designed in 2019 by Anabel Messens Architecte. Photography courtesy of Ana...
23-10-2019 19:41

Mountain Shelter by Michele Versaci

A bivouac at high altitude, a few metres from summit Dormillouse (2908 mslm) on the border between Italy and France, in the upper Valle di Susa. It ha...
22-10-2019 19:50

Project Ö by Aleksi Hautamaki and Milla Selkimaki

Located on a tiny island in Kemiönsaari, Finland, this inspiring retreat has been designed in 2019 by Aleksi Hautamaki and Milla Selkimaki. ...
22-10-2019 19:50

Concrete and Glass House by SKP Architecture

Designed in 2012 by SKP Architecture, this contemporary concrete residence is located in Créteil, France. Description Each space is visually ...
22-10-2019 19:50

Hidden Cove Residence by Stuart Silk

Inspired by Japanese architecture, this beautiful single family residence is located in Seattle, Washington. It has been designed in 2018 by Stuart Si...
22-10-2019 19:50

Beijing Dahu Villa by AFFD

This luxurious 800 sqm villa located in Beijing, China, has been designed in 2019 by AFFD. Description One’s way of life is based on his ...
21-10-2019 19:42

Sapire Residence by Abramson Architects

This contemporary single family residence located in Los Angeles, California, has been designed in 2019 by Abramson Architects. Descr...
21-10-2019 19:42

Art & Music Apartment by Svoya Studio

Located in Dnipro, Ukraine, this modern industrial apartment has been designed in 2019 by Svoya Studio. Description The history of the d...
21-10-2019 19:42

Svoya Vezha by Svoya Studio

SVOYA VEZHA housing block for two families is located on a compact plot of 600 sqm in Dnipro, Ukraine. It has been recently designed by Svoya Studio. ...
21-10-2019 19:42

Biscayne Point Residence by SDH_Studio

Overlooking the water in Miami Beach this family home capitalizes on spectacular views. Horizontal planes dramatically shape the home?s architectural ...
18-10-2019 19:47

Crinan Barn by HollandGreen

Redesigned in 2019 by HollandGreen, this contemporary barn is situated in Long Crendon, Buckinghamshire, UK. Description What was the clients?...
18-10-2019 19:47

Redfern Warehouse by Ian Moore Architects

This former warehouse located in Sydney, Australia, has been turned into an amazing single family home by Ian Moore Architects. Description ...
18-10-2019 19:47

MC House by Henrique Soares Pinheiro

This elegant single family residence located in Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal, has been recently designed by Henrique Soares Pinheiro. Descr...
18-10-2019 19:47

Casa Caldera by D U S T

This off-grid house is located in a remote landscape on the southwestern bajada of the Canelo Hills in Southern Arizona?s San Rafael Valley, two hours...
17-10-2019 19:45

Apartment in Minsk by Dmitry Barashko

This inspiring spacious four-room apartment designed in 2018 by Dmitry Barashko is located in Minsk, Belarus. Description Our task was to ...
17-10-2019 19:45

The Gaps Apartment by Block Architects

Situated in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, this inspiring home has been designed in 2019 by Block Architects. Description To most of us, apartmen...
17-10-2019 19:45

Apartment in Copenhagen by Tina Seidenfaden Busck

Designed in 2011 by Tina Seidenfaden Busck, this amazing eclectic apartment is located in Copenhagen, Denmark. Description The Apartment R...
17-10-2019 19:45

Apartment S14 by Hush Architects

Located downtown Sofia, Bulgaria, this midcentury apartment has been recently completely redesigned by Hush Architects. Photography courtes...
16-10-2019 19:41

Bonvivan Project by Dmitry Barashko

Located in Minsk, Belarus, this inspiring single family home has been recently completed by Dmitry Barashko. Description This is the third pr...
16-10-2019 19:41

Modern Apartment by Bellas Artes

Located in Valencia, Spain, this contemporary apartment has been designed in 2019 by Bellas Artes. Photography courtesy of Bellas Artes...
16-10-2019 19:41

Clearwater Retreat by Secter Architecture + Design

Clear Water Retreat is a 4,200 square-foot cabin set on a granite outcrop overlooking Lake of the Woods, Ontario, Canada. Description Oriente...
16-10-2019 19:41

NY Catskills Vacation Home by Magdalena Keck

Recently completed by Magdalena Keck, this beautiful vacation home is located in Hudson Valley, New York. Photography courtesy of Magdalena ...
15-10-2019 19:37

Goizco Farmhouse by Bilbao Architecture Team

Situated in Oma Valley, Spain, this traditional country house has been completely redesigned in 2018 by Bilbao Architecture Team. Description W...
15-10-2019 19:37

Summer house by DDAANN

Designed by DDAANN, the family residence stands literally on a green field, near a clump of trees, in a pleasant countryside of central Bohemia. The h...
15-10-2019 19:37

The Layers Apartment by Aviram – Kushmirski

Located in Tel Aviv, Israel, this spacious contemporary apartment has been designed in 2018 by Aviram – Kushmirski. Description This ...
15-10-2019 19:37

Avenue 42 by L.A. Green Designs

This contemporary multi-story residence located in Los Angeles, has been recently completed by L.A. Green Designs. Photography courtesy of ...
14-10-2019 19:40

Urban39 by Studio Neta-li Noy

Designed in 2018 by Studio Neta-li Noy, this inspiring apartment is situated in Tel Aviv, Israel. Photography courtesy of Studio Neta-li Noy ...
14-10-2019 19:40

Sanlorenzo 460EXP by Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel

This luxurious Italian yacht has been designed by Sanlorenzo and Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel. Photography courtesy of Antonio Citterio...
14-10-2019 19:40

Kandenwood Project by Gavan Construction Company

Located in Whistler, British Columbia, this contemporary mountain home has been designed by Gavan Construction Company. Photography courte...
14-10-2019 19:40

Town Cove House by Turkel Design

Situated in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, this contemporary private residence has been designed in 2019 by Turkel Design. Descrip...
11-10-2019 19:39

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Luxurious Interior With Wood Slat Walls

Luxurious Interior With Wood Slat Walls

This luxurious Finnish apartment, located by the bay, was imagined by the designers at DE&DE Studio. Rich wooden texture makes up much of the decor, with complex slatted wall installations and extruded pattern a recurring theme throughout. The... -
The B-Sides Collection Remakes the Past

The B-Sides Collection Remakes the Past

As B-sides of previous designs, the pieces within the The B-Sides Collection are individual experiments based on the past. -
Edgars Creek House by Breathe Architecture

Edgars Creek House by Breathe Architecture

Edgars Creek House is all about a connection to nature. This home is about the country and the landscape in which it exists and offers a way to live as part of that system rather than trying to... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my... -
Esther Choi?s Book of Satirical and Playful Recipes

Esther Choi?s Book of Satirical and Playful R...

Esther Choi\'s new book compiles satirical and playful recipes with staged food in contemporary arrangements + a healthy dose of puns! -
Chenfeng Group Fashion Hub Factory Renovation  / Joseph Dejardin

Chenfeng Group Fashion Hub Factory Renovation...

Joseph Dejardin completes the renovation of a 12000sqm former factory building at Chenfeng Group?s Kunshan campus near Shanghai, South China. The design transforms garment production workshops & administrative offices into contemporary fashion... -
Evolving Style: Streamlining A Farmhouse + Giveaway!

Evolving Style: Streamlining A Farmhouse + Gi...

In today’s edition of Evolving Style we are heading back to the Vermont home of Jessica and Dustin Glasscoe, a farmhouse we first peeked at eight years ago. At the time the plot was doing double duty: in one part sat the headquarters and wood... -
43 Hanging Chairs And Seats To Get You In The Swing Of Spring

43 Hanging Chairs And Seats To Get You In The...

Stylishly suspended from the living room ceiling or from a beam on your porch, hanging chairs are the perfect way to invite tranquility into a hectic day or add a bit of coziness to your backyard escapades. Not sure you have anywhere to mount a... -
Tianhong Headquarters Building / CCDI

Tianhong Headquarters Building / CCDI

Tianhong?s headquarters project locate in Shenzhen Houhai Central District, connecting with the Financial and Commercial Zone and Nanshan Neiwan Park, about 400 meters away from the subway line 2 Dengliang Station. The east side of the project is... -
Kindergarten Classroom at Green School / IBUKU

Kindergarten Classroom at Green School / IBUK...

From the architects. This building is a childhood fantasy of what a classroom should look like. It is supported by a central bamboo basket-like column with a skylight in the center. The building has no walls and the ?door? is a bamboo arch that acts... -

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