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The Turtleneck: What To Wear With The Rest

Current mood = turtleneck time. The post The Turtleneck: What To Wear With The Rest appeared first on Vicki Archer. ...
31-10-2020 19:06

Updates + Home Style Saturdays

Happy weekend, friends! A few updates for you today: #1 Today is the LAST DAY to get a FREE Christmas Spirit oil + Thieves Label + Recipe Cards from m ...
31-10-2020 19:06

Patio of the Week: Contemporary Courtyard Extends Living Out

A couple?s desire to have a stylish, modern outdoor living space that would allow them to enjoy their home and garden year-round drove the renovation ...
31-10-2020 19:08

10 Standout Products From ICFF?s 2020 Virtual Trade Show (10

After their annual design event in May was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic, the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) and WantedDe ...
31-10-2020 19:08

Four Seasons House / Joris Verhoeven Architectuur

If you want to experience the Dutch seasons intensely, you\'ll have to reside in the compact wooden cabin architect Joris Verhoeven has realized for h ...
31-10-2020 19:31

Berlin Brandenburg Airport Willy Brandt / gmp

The Airport consists of the passenger terminal, the Airport City in the center of the parallel takeoff and landing runways, as well as maintenance are ...
31-10-2020 19:31

Lido 501 Apartment / Atelier Aberto Arquitetura

This 30m apartment, with angled walls and a very irregular floor plan, was once a hotel room. In the historic center of Porto Alegre, the Lido Hotel ...
31-10-2020 19:31

Between Water and Land: 10 Projects of Promenades and Waterf

The area surrounding a river, lake, lagoon or sea coast acts as a transition zone between water and land. Therefore, turning the water banks into dyna ...
31-10-2020 19:31

Farstadsanden Facilities Norwegian Scenic Routes / Rever & D

This parking area andadjoining service facilities are part of the National Norwegian Scenic Routes program. It consists of three main components; a p ...
31-10-2020 19:31

"The section is where the exterior and the interior com

During the latest Design Indaba Festival, I had the chance to interview Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu, from Neri&Hu Design and Research Office, the S ...
31-10-2020 19:31

The Midnight Charette on How to Create an Architecture Prese

The Midnight Charette is an explicit podcast about design, architecture, and the everyday. Hosted by architectural designers David Lee and Marina Bour ...
31-10-2020 19:31

IMO Apartment / flip arquitetura

A main wooden element, composed of curves, doors and panels, is the protagonist of the space. It is born from the rigidity of a structural wall that d ...
31-10-2020 19:31

IV Villa / Bgnr Architects + Kantor Gunawan Guanawan

IV Villa is a building located in a hillside area South of Surabaya. The design of the house is conceived from the pre-existing contour of the side. T ...
31-10-2020 19:31

T House / Acspace

This residence rests in an alley in one of the most heavily populated districts of Saigon. The client had purchased it with the original structures th ...
31-10-2020 19:31

Changli Garden / TM Studio

Located in the south of the Expo Park, Zhoujiadu Street Neighborhood is a high-density living block with many typical large residential communities. T ...
31-10-2020 19:31

House in Tonami / Kazuto Nishi Architects

It is a house planned in Tonami City, Toyama Prefecture. The site is in a good environment surrounded by roads on the east and west sides and a park o ...
31-10-2020 19:31

18-042_Residence B+L / DESK architectes

Located in Morin-Heights in the Laurentians, a large piece of land with a slightly mountainous topography was chosen by a young couple to build their ...
31-10-2020 19:31

Refuse! Indoor Cycling II / EstudioFernandaOrozco

The indoor cycling studio “Refuse” opens its doors in Guadalajara. ...
31-10-2020 19:31

The Weekender: A Chameleon, Girl In the Mirror, a Faux Garla

A Chamelon and Her Bug Lucy?s chameleon costume is hardly new (see: exhibit A + B), but my goodness, she loves that thing! So much so, that she wears ...
30-10-2020 19:15

Warsaw Weekend House

This 376-square-foot home in Warsaw is flooded with light and verdant views. When architect Adam Pszczolkowski, of Desea Architects, set out to design ...
30-10-2020 19:22

HONG Designworks Converts Old Victorian Building into a Expe

The project is situated within a Victorian building constructed in the last century in Shanghai. Over the years the old house has witnessed the change ...
30-10-2020 19:22

Base4Work Boutique Coworking by Studio Perspektiv

Boutique co-working was the main idea behind Base4Work. We have created a boutique atmosphere, partially reminiscent of a luxury hotel accustomed to c ...
30-10-2020 19:22

Smriti Curtilag Residence: Reshape Traditional Chinese Philo

Embedded on a secluded retreat, enclosed by tranquil nature, equipped with a verdant backyard, the Smriti Curtilag residence is a classic microcosm of ...
30-10-2020 19:22

The House of Balanced Contradictions in Milan by PLUS ULTRA

For the house of balanced contradictions, PLUS ULTRA Studio, led by Alessandra Castelbarco Albani and Marco Di Nallo, redefines the interiors of an ap ...
30-10-2020 19:22

Refurbishment and Extension of Neighbouring Houses in Isling

This project entailed the refurbishment and extension of neighbouring houses, the aim being to maximise the benefit of a single build with an agreed p ...
30-10-2020 19:22

House Petry / Estdio MRGB

Located in the outskirts of Brasília, the Casa Petry design emerges from a careful analysis of the site. Physically it is characterized by a su ...
30-10-2020 19:30

Rhythm House / Julius Taminiau Architects

Goethe once wrote:?architecture is frozen music?. But for Julius Taminiau this didn?t feel right.?Architecture is not frozen or static, it?s dynamic ...
30-10-2020 19:30

His Loft / Kevin Veenhuizen Architects

His loft is designed in the Top-Up building in Amsterdam-Noord. The beautiful casco, built according to the ??open building?? idea, immediately called ...
30-10-2020 19:30

Reframing the Monumental: Reclaiming the Architecture and Pu

Remnants of the Socialist era, the large-scale architecture and urban spaces of the Eastern European Bloc still constitute a challenging legacy, at od ...
30-10-2020 19:30

Sang-e-Siah Boutique Hotel / Stak Office

This project was defined with the subject of creating a traditional residence in the historical context of Shiraz, Sang-e-Siah neighborhood, between f ...
30-10-2020 19:30

OMA / Reinier de Graaf's Residential Towers, Norra Tornen, W

The International Highrise Award (IHA), organized by the city of Frankfurt and the Deutsches Architekturmuseum (DAM), has selected Norra Tornen, the r ...
30-10-2020 19:30

Ulaman Retreat / Inspiral Architecture and Design Studios

Located inland in Bali, this wellness retreat has been integrated into a forest that borders luscious rice fields on one side and a dramatic river on ...
30-10-2020 19:30

Chinese Architect and Planner Wu Liangyong Explores 70 Years

Chinese architect and town planner Wu Liangyong was recently featured in a new interview from the International Union of Architects (UIA) about his li ...
30-10-2020 19:30

The Body and "Smart Comfort" in Architecture: A Co

Understanding the relationship between body and space is fundamental to offer the many different experiences that architecture can provide. To reflect ...
30-10-2020 19:30

Built Nature: When Architecture Challenges Human Scale

Going beyond human scale is not a novelty. For centuries, builders, engineers, and architects have been creating monumental edifices to mark spiritual ...
30-10-2020 19:30

Stay, Fight, or Flee: Considering Climate Migration

This article was originally published on Common Edge as "Considering Climate Migration". ...
30-10-2020 19:30

O Fieiro House / Arturo Franco

The village of O Fieiro is located in the natural environment of Mount Pindo, known as the Celtic Olympus, a granite rock formation from which all the ...
30-10-2020 19:30

Ribas House / Estdio MRGB

Placed 20 kilometers apart from Brasília’s Plano Piloto center, the Casa Ribas overhangs in a plot with reduced dimensions and appropriat ...
30-10-2020 19:30

Powerhouse Telemark / Snhetta

The energy sector and building industry account for over 40% of the global industry?s heat-trapping emissions combined. As the world?s population and ...
30-10-2020 19:30

Split Bridge / Jane Z Studio

Shenzhen is the fastest-growing city in the world, expanding over 1000 hectares of new construction land each year. Xiaomeisha is located in Dapeng Ba ...
30-10-2020 19:30

The Renovation of Ankang Library / UUA (United Units Archite

Project Background: Ankang is a prefecture-level city located in the south of Shanxi Province in the People\'s Republic of China, bordering Hubei prov ...
30-10-2020 19:30

Villa Alce by Federico Delrosso Architects

This inspiring private vila, located in Biella, Italy, has been recently completed by Federico Delrosso Architects. Photography by Matt ...
30-10-2020 19:30

Casa Lo-Fi 2.0/20 by OFFLINE | officina d’ archit

This inspiring apartment located in Modica, Italy, has been designed in 2020 by OFFLINE | officina d’ architettura. Photography courtesy of O ...
30-10-2020 19:30

Prefabricated Country Home by Figurr Architects Collective

Recently designed by Figurr Architects Collective, this prefab country house is situated in Ivry-sur-le-lac, Canada. Description The house c ...
30-10-2020 19:30

Isola Design District Makes Their DDW20 Experience Virtual

Dutch Design Week 2020 wrapped up on the 25th of October, with Isola Design District having a marvelous nine days of exhibitions. ...
30-10-2020 19:04

5 Modern Clocks for the Time Change

With these modern clocks, you?ll always know what time it is, and you?ll be able to add a touch of modern design to any room! ...
30-10-2020 19:04

Giving Peace of Mind and a Piece of Cake!

This doctor-invented cake shield was created to protect party goers of all ages from spreading germs. ...
30-10-2020 19:04

The Importance of Indoor Air Quality

What disasters, like COVID-19 + wildfires, highlight is the need for optimum indoor air quality as both present major health risks. ...
30-10-2020 19:04

Friday Five With Maurice Cherry of Lunch

Maurice Cherry is principal + creative director at Lunch, an Atlanta multidisciplinary creative studio. Today he joins us for Friday Five! ...
30-10-2020 19:04

Cozy Bedroom Decorating Ideas + Mood Boards

Who’s ready to curl up in their bed and take a long winter’s nap" If your room needs a little refresh, here are three beautiful cozy ...
30-10-2020 19:07

New This Week: 4 Inviting Kitchens With Light Wood Cabinets

If your goal is to create a light and airy kitchen, light wood cabinets should be a top consideration. Light wood brings a subtle warmth, and its soft ...
30-10-2020 19:09

Tour an Architect?s Home Filled With Light and Vintage Charm

In this episode of Houzz TV Live, architect Lesley Cotton gives a virtual tour of her custom home in Oxford, England. Double-height windows flood the ...
30-10-2020 19:09

Brutalist Concrete & Wood Home Design (With Floor Plans)

This imposing 1,545 square metre property is Casa de Alisa in Nonthaburi, Thailand, completed by Stu/D/O Architects. The project is composed of brutal ...
30-10-2020 19:09

Alejandro Aravena Named as Chair of the Pritzker Architectur

The Pritzker Prize, architecture?s highest honor, has just announced the appointment of Alejandro Aravena as Chair of the Pritzker Architecture Prize ...
29-10-2020 19:34

The Angle Residential Complex / Studio Woodroffe Papa

This mixed-use residential project delivers affordable starter homes in OMA?s masterplan for the centre of Almere which delivers shops, 1000 housing ...
29-10-2020 19:34

MEET Digital Arts Center / Carlo Ratti Associati

The project occupies a historic palazzo, known for decades as one of the great symbols of cultural life in the city, which has been fully renovated in ...
29-10-2020 19:34

Monsters, Spirits, and... Zoom Calls" Halloween-at-Home

Halloween is a holiday that centers on space and ritual. Most likely originating from Celtic harvest festivals, Halloween is tied to processions like ...
29-10-2020 19:34

University of Miami School of Architecture / Arquitectonica

Extending Arquitectonica?s longtime association with the University of Miami School of Architecture (Bernardo Fort-Brescia, Laurinda Spear and their s ...
29-10-2020 19:34

Denmark's Innovative Public Projects Captured by Hufton+Crow

Hufton+Crow has unveiled its latest series of images, capturing Denmark\'s recent and inventive projects, completed between 2018 and 2019. The photogr ...
29-10-2020 19:34

WOLEN Dentistry / Pure's Design

The professional needs of Health Care, such as clearly separated layout, efficient scientific working line, unitive logo, will widen the feeling of di ...
29-10-2020 19:34

Herzog & de Meuron Create Third Roche Tower Along Rhine Rive

Herzog & de Meuron have created a new proposal for a third tower in the Roche development along the Rhine River in Basel, Switzerland. Designed fo ...
29-10-2020 19:34

Architecture and Masks: A Visual Representation of Time

The Avions Voisin C7 was manufactured between 1924 and 1928 and featured a groundbreaking design for the time. The extensive use of glass, aluminum bo ...
29-10-2020 19:34

Call for Entries: Gain Master's Program Admission and Schola

IE School of Architecture and Design is announcing the 7th edition of their IE Architecture+ Prize for young architects and designers, ...
29-10-2020 19:34

Wooden Decks in Public Spaces: Welcoming Floors for Collecti

Wooden floors are know for their warm appearance, rich texture, and natural tones that vary according to the origin of the planks, changing with the w ...
29-10-2020 19:34

Designing Dance: New Exhibition Traces the Origins and Legac

Remember nightclubs" That mask-less, gloveless world where you?d melt into a gyrating, strobe-tinged crowd of hundreds while losing yourself to t ...
29-10-2020 19:34

Residence Hga / Grandio

Hüga, happiness in small things. The idea. Hüga was born from the Danish concept Hygee. This idea has become the life philosophy of thousand ...
29-10-2020 19:34

ZUZEUM Multifunctional Art Center / Annvil

Zuzeum is a significant contribution to the Baltic?s art infrastructure. Set in an industrial neighborhood, Zuzeum?s development is an important step ...
29-10-2020 19:34

Legendre Theater / Opus 5 architectes

Enhancing the town?s emblematic Beaux-Arts style edifice with a more contemporary look and feel. The highly respectful project aimed to restore this t ...
29-10-2020 19:34

LSB Regional Headquarters / Domaine Public Architects

The LSB regional headquarters, located in the city of Tyre on the southern coast of Lebanon, examines the untapped potential in challenging establishe ...
29-10-2020 19:34

National Dance Theater / ZDA - Zoboki Design and Architectur

In an old industrial building that was once a flourishing hub for world-famous inventions, Hungarian dance has found a new home. The former Ganz facto ...
29-10-2020 19:34

MAC Construction Headquarters / O2 Studio

O2 Studio designs a new space for work, meeting, and relax for MAC Construction co.,ltd., an experienced contractor in Thailand for more than 15 years ...
29-10-2020 19:34

EV House by Artspazios Arquitectos e Designers

Designed in 2019 by Artspazios Arquitectos e Designers, this two-story concrete residence is located in Viseu, Portugal. Description A do ...
29-10-2020 19:34

House Mansfield by Elphick Proome Architecture

Designed in 2016 by Elphick Proome Architecture, this inspiring two-story house is located in Westville, South Africa. Description The relo ...
29-10-2020 19:34

Bond House by Alexis Dornier

This inspiring residence located in Ubud, Indonesia, has been designed in 2019 by Alexis Dornier. Description The cross is one of the ol ...
29-10-2020 19:34

LSR113 by AAd | Ayutt and Associates design

LSR113 is located on Bangna – Trat road, Bangkok, Thailand, on the lakefront plot of private gated community known as ?Lakeside Residence?. The hous ...
29-10-2020 19:34

The COVID Question: How Is the Pandemic Shaping Residential

Walter Marin, founder of Marin Architects, shares how the covid crisis has roiled residential architecture ? especially for Gen Zs. ...
29-10-2020 19:03

Hari Pontoon: The Solar Powered Bamboo Water Taxi

The Hari Pontoon is an energy efficient water-based transport solution combining bamboo and cutting-edge solar technology. ...
29-10-2020 19:03

Modern Cat Furniture You and Your Pet Will Love

Modern cat furniture designed to be inviting and engaging for cats and a stylish addition to any home ? perfect for you and your cat! ...
29-10-2020 19:03

Hoek Is Sustainable Furniture Built in 60 Seconds

A05 Studio has designed a collection of click-together furniture perfect for small space-living modern design lovers! ...
29-10-2020 19:03

The Minimalist Bole Dining Table by Vonnegut/Kraft

A minimal table featuring a pedestal consisting of flaring flutes - a nod to a tree trunk\'s roots ? designed by Vonnegut/Kraft. ...
29-10-2020 19:03

The ?Emperors? New Coat: Run Don?t Walk

It wasn\'t my \'fabulous find\' but it\'s a good one. The post The “Emperors” New Coat: Run Don’t Walk appeared first on Vicki Arche ...
29-10-2020 19:06

Kitchen of the Week: A Joyful Vibe for a Chelsea Loft (9 pho

This kitchen in New York City?s Chelsea neighborhood needed a refresh. The kitchen, dining room and living room are all part of one open loft space. I ...
29-10-2020 19:09

Peacefully Zen Modern Home In Thailand With Courtyards & Poo

Architect firm Inly Studio have expertly created a peaceful modern home design that complements both the hot and rainy climate of Chiang Mai, Thailand ...
29-10-2020 19:09

Two-level Studio Apartment in Moscow

Two-level studio apartment – 55 square meters, for a young woman from the creative industry designed by CHEK interior design in Moscow, Russia. ...
29-10-2020 19:24

Rose-Mary Pizzeria on Protasov Yar by Yova Yager Design Stud

The ?Rose-Mary? project is a continuance of a special collaboration of like-minded people, Yova Yager, a chief designer and a founder of Yova Yager ho ...
29-10-2020 19:24

From an Old Workplace to a Modern Living Space: Montevecchia

The house was made out of a warehouse and a barn, inside an apartment building in Montevecchia, in northern Brianza, Italy. Continue reading [[ This ...
29-10-2020 19:25

Penthouse Apartment in Lisbon Features Neutral Tones and Woo

With a panoramic view to Tejo River, TM apartment is on the penthouse of a retrofit building in the heart of Lisbon. The project?s layout reflects the ...
29-10-2020 19:25

Under Furniture Collection by Snhetta & Hamran

Snhetta designed a custom-made furniture collection for the world?s largest underwater restaurant in close collaboration with local carpentry worksho ...
29-10-2020 19:25

Platinum Residence by Coates Design Architects

Perched high on a bluff, this magnificent home enjoys unique views of the Puget Sound, Mount Rainier, and Mount Baker. It is also the first LEED Plati ...
29-10-2020 19:25

St Lawrence Reno Condo by Odami Design Studio

The St Lawrence Reno Condo, overlooking the Cathedral of St. James in the heart of downtown Toronto, was converted into an apartment building from a p ...
29-10-2020 19:25

What It?s Really Like to Work With a Professional Home Organ

Professional home organizing is once again on home television and computer screens, thanks to the release of Get Organized With The Home Edit on Netfl ...
28-10-2020 19:08

How to Create a Calm and Relaxing Bedroom (11 photos)

There are endless ways to decorate a bedroom, but the room should above all encourage relaxation and sleep. A good night?s sleep is an essential eleme ...
28-10-2020 19:08

Red and Restful Home Interiors

Restful is not the first feeling that raises to mind when we think of the colour red. Red is known for passion, energy, and even anger. However, these ...
28-10-2020 19:08

Collective Q+A: How Do You Document Your Child?s Milestones&

Early this year, we started documenting Lucy?s height in the most traditional sense ? directly on the millwork, with a Sharpie. As a lover of old home ...
28-10-2020 19:15

Cowley House, Ottawa by Shean Architects

The renewal of the residence on Cowley avenue began with the idea of connecting the existing house to the expansive yard in the rear of the largest si ...
28-10-2020 19:22

Argentinian Restaurant Gran Fierro by Studio Formafatal

The establishment of the Formafatal studio in 2015 was accompanied by the design and implementation of the interior of the Argentinian restaurant Gran ...
28-10-2020 19:22

Forest Essentials Retail Outlet by Architecture Discipline

A minuscule and congested residence-turned-retail space, Forest Essentials at JDH is an adaptive reuse of a conventional old city structure. Continue ...
28-10-2020 19:22

Eagle?s Nest House is Robust, Bold and Striking from Every V

Perched high on a prominent escarpment in the highest level of bushfire attack; Flame Zone, Eagle?s Nest aspires to balance and curate the experience ...
28-10-2020 19:22

Inglewood Residence, a Light-Filled Home Inspired by Midcent

A 2,400 square foot light-filled home inspired by midcentury architecture was designed around an entry sequence and circulation pathway that focuses o ...
28-10-2020 19:22

Viewpoint Vaulalia Retreat / Bergersen Arkitekter AS

Situated in the hillside of a small village on the west coast of Norway, Viewpoint Vaulalia is a tiny retreat and gathering place overlooking the pict ...
28-10-2020 19:29

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News most viewed Today

Restaurant Decor with Inspiration from the 60s-70s

Restaurant Decor with Inspiration from the 60...

This restaurant located in Palma de Mallorca is characterized by using local and traditional materials, and by influencing the 1960?s and 1970?s architecture built on the Mediterranean island, by architects Coderch and Sert. The interior design... -


In modern times, the street life with "people" as the core has gradually become a unique residential culture. The life wrapped in streets and courtyards is full of rich and vivid activity scenes and urban daily life. This project is... -
Guilhermina Commercial Building / Jacobsen Arquitetura

Guilhermina Commercial Building / Jacobsen Ar...

We have been given the responsibility of transforming the former Saint Patrick\'s school, one of the strongest architectural memories of the 20th century in the Leblon neighborhood, into a commercial project. The façade, a preserved... -
Split Bridge / Jane Z Studio

Split Bridge / Jane Z Studio

Shenzhen is the fastest-growing city in the world, expanding over 1000 hectares of new construction land each year. Xiaomeisha is located in Dapeng Bay in the east part of the city, surrounded by mountains on three sides and facing the water on one... - Headquarters  / gmp Architects Headquarters / gmp Architects

The Southwest Regional Headquarters of the Jingdong ( e-commerce corporation has been completed in the capital of the Chinese province of Sichuan. The design by the architects von Gerkan, Marg and Partners (gmp), who won the international... -
Mountain Hotel / Brenas Doucerain Architectes

Mountain Hotel / Brenas Doucerain Architectes

At the gates of the natural area of les Hauts Plateaux du Vercors in the French Alps, three athletes of high level in biathlon sent us to design a mountain hotel with a sporting vocation and likely to ensure their reconversion. The municipality of... -
Navyas / Cadence Architects

Navyas / Cadence Architects

The client brief was to design a naturopathy center with a yoga hall in a tight urban site. The fact that the center was meant for therapy and wellness but had to be designed in a busy, noisy, polluted node in the city was the challenge. What struck... -
Marc Goodwin Captures the Facades of Studios in Frankfurt, Stuttgart, and Munich

Marc Goodwin Captures the Facades of Studios ...

After having explored the spaces of architectural offices in the cities of Frankfurt, Stuttgart, and Munich, Germany, Marc Goodwin documents the facades of the same studios. Looking at what makes them similar and what makes them unique, the series... -
The Local Food Factory / Studio Dali Architects

The Local Food Factory / Studio Dali Architec...

The essence of the countryside is production, and in the planning of the whole village, we attach great importance to the layout of the production space. In 2019, an entrepreneur from Chengdu planned to relocate her factory from the city to Xiaoshi... -
ZGS Pavilion / Studio*K

ZGS Pavilion / Studio*K

The Zimbabwe German Society/Goethe Zentrum Harare (ZGS/GZH) started planning a new event space in the garden of its Zimbabwean learning center in the capital city Harare. The long-existing gazebo, which was the central space used for performance... -

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