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interior design News

Illusory Infinite Staircase by Leandro Erlich

Following on from his previous “Staircase” series, in which the viewer’s sensory perceptions are distorted by variations of illusory installatio ...
30-09-2020 19:28

Casa B by Architrend Architecture

This concrete single family house located in St. Julian’s, Malta, has been redesigned in 2019 by Architrend Architecture. Description We t ...
30-09-2020 19:28

Dreams About Sea by Decorkuznetsov

This modern midcentury apartment located in Dnipro, Ukraine, has been designed in 2019 by Decorkuznetsov. Photography by Aleksandr Angelovs ...
30-09-2020 19:28

GB House by Built Architecture

This inspiring apartment located in Barcelona, Spain, has been designed in 2019 by Built Architecture. Description Although the project is loc ...
30-09-2020 19:28

Avatar by Devyni Architektai

Located in O?kiniai, Lithuania, this lovely retreat has been designed in 2020 by Devyni Architektai. Description This homestead is crea ...
30-09-2020 19:28

Canvas Hill Residence / Choo Gim Wah Architect

The Canvas Hill Residence, its name, a combination of a painter?s medium and the sloping Janda Baik site, reflects the spirit of the homeowner ? a ren ...
30-09-2020 19:28

Ferdows Villa / KRDS (Kourosh Rafiey Design Studio)

Ferdows villa is located in the coastal town of Ferdows near Royan city at Mazandaran province. The Caspian Sea on the north and the Royan Forest on t ...
30-09-2020 19:28

Taiyue Courtyard: The Mint Bureau Homestay / 3andwich Design

The Site: Once the Red Army bankThe old village of Hanhonggou used to be the site of the later troops of Taiyue Military Region during the Anti-Japane ...
30-09-2020 19:28

PONT Coffee Shop / Studio stof

It is no exaggeration to say that Korea\'s coffee industry, which is now experiencing more revival than ever, started with the enthusiasm of small ros ...
30-09-2020 19:28

Ukhia Schools / Kashef Chowdhury/URBANA

This prototype school was designed for construction within the Rohingya refugee camps, arguably the largest refugee camp in the world, in the southern ...
30-09-2020 19:28

Landscaping Restaurant Origin 75 / Alexandre Furcolin Paisag

The Restaurant Origem 75 project presented itself as a challenge that intertwines with the premises of the office. The belief that the design of produ ...
30-09-2020 19:28

School Balder / dmvA

The school is situated in Sint-Gillis, Brussels, close by the South rail station. The building had to accommodate three different entities: the school ...
30-09-2020 19:28

Villa 4M / Studio Pinelli

As it often happens this project started with some changes in the client?s family. Some new families added to the original one but his desires to live ...
30-09-2020 19:28

From Urban Issues to Multi-Unit Housing: 4 Young Practices i

New Generations is a European platform that analyses the most innovative emerging practices at the European level, providing a new space for the excha ...
30-09-2020 19:28

Snhetta Unveils New Cheongju City Hall in South Korea

Snhetta has won the international architecture competition to design the new city hall in Cheongju, South Korea. Working with local partner Tomoon Ar ...
30-09-2020 19:28

New York's Open Restaurants Program for Outside Dining to Be

Part of New York?s Recovery Agenda, to keep the city safe and healthy, the Open Restaurants program established in June of this year was extended year ...
30-09-2020 19:28

Providencia House / AMOO | Aureli Mora + Omar Ornaque

The house is located on the top floor of a building built in 1959 in the Gracia neighborhood of Barcelona. The building has 2 doors per landing, altho ...
30-09-2020 19:28

BIG Designs AI CITY, an Innovation Campus Hosting Headquarte

BIG has unveiled its design for AI CITY, the future home for Terminus Group, a smart service provider. Imagined as the new center of innovation for Ch ...
30-09-2020 19:28

The 5 Points of Modern Architecture in Contemporary Projects

In 1926, Le Corbusier developed the five points that would become the foundations for modern architecture. Once materialized in 1929 in the iconic Vil ...
30-09-2020 19:28

Refurbishment of a Holiday Residence / Raffaele Cammarata a

Overlooking the Lugano Lake, between the woods and the hill at its shoulders, we were called to transform an existing building, one constructed in the ...
30-09-2020 19:28

Moniker Store / Snhetta

The Moniker brand experience is inspired by the human need to express individuality and features five distinct personality traits, influenced by iconi ...
30-09-2020 19:28

Sir David Adjaye Wins the 2021 RIBA Royal Gold Medal

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) has just announced that Sir David Adjaye will receive the 2021 Royal Gold Medal. One of the world?s h ...
30-09-2020 19:28

Villa K by Marion Regitko Architects

Villa K is organised around a raised ?viewing platform? which is slightly pushed into the top of a hill. The design of the house is a response to both ...
30-09-2020 19:22

AMRA7 Apartment by Bruno Rossi Arquitetos + Piratininga Arqu

The structural design exposed on the facade continues its narrative inside the AMRA7 Apartment. The demolition of the ceiling revealed the beauty of t ...
30-09-2020 19:22

Qbik Loft Woronicza in Warsaw, Poland / Studio Loft Kolasins

The apartment was built for a family, a couple and two young children. The Qbik Loft included a selection of finishing materials. In addition, we have ...
30-09-2020 19:22

Winery Terra Enoteca Set in 16th Century Italian Palazzo

Located in Fano, a city in Marche region, the winery configures itself as a graft inside the spaces of Palazzo Tomani-Borgogelli. The 16th century bui ...
30-09-2020 19:21

Apartment Refurbishment in Barcelona by LAOS

The dwelling to upgrade is located on the fifth floor of a building built in 1910 very close to the imaginary border between Grcia and la Dreta de l? ...
30-09-2020 19:21

Brave ground, color of the year 2021 for AkzoNobel

[english below] Qualche settimana fa, come risultato della ricerca sulle tendenze globali di AkzoNobel ColourFutures, BRAVE GROUND stato nominato ...
30-09-2020 19:15

Our IKEA Kitchenette Reveal!

This post is in partnership with IKEA. We added a multi-purpose IKEA kitchenette to the Two Flat?s den ? a compact space dedicated to entertaining, wo ...
30-09-2020 19:15

3 Home Designs Under 65 square meters (700 square feet) With

Three modern homes measuring under 65 square metres, each styled in their own very unique and lively character. Our first home has a mid century moder ...
30-09-2020 19:07

What to Do This Fall to Build Healthy Garden Soil (11 photos

It?s easy not to think about enriching your garden soil until spring planting rolls around and nurseries are filled with tempting plant starts and bud ...
30-09-2020 19:07

Warm Contemporary Style for an Active Couple in Minneapolis

This couple had loved living in the city of Minneapolis before moving to the suburbs to raise their family. Once their children moved out, they were r ...
30-09-2020 19:07

A ?Monastically Inspired? Workspace Designed for One

The Zen Work Pod presents a significantly higher (and aspirational) tier, addressing the possibility of working remotely indefinitely. ...
30-09-2020 19:02

Vondom Grows Its Commitment to Sustainability With the Ibiza

Spanish brand Vondom\'s sustainable Ibiza outdoor collection was designed by Eugeni Quitllet, inspired by his childhood summers. ...
30-09-2020 19:02

The Mama Bear Chair Makes a Welcoming Comeback

Carl Hansen & Son has produced Hans Wegner\'s furniture for 70 years, now they\'re adding the CH78 chair?Mama Bear?to their collection. ...
30-09-2020 19:02

DMTV Milkshake: Jerry Helling Finds Sublime Design in Unlike

Hear from one of the best (and nicest!). Jerry\'s roster of designer collaborations could double as a who?s-who of global talent. ...
30-09-2020 19:02

Colorful Metal Wall Hooks That Will Help You Stay Organized

Scout Regalia designs simple yet durable modern wall hooks made from heavy gauge powder coated steel in a variety of fun colors. ...
30-09-2020 19:02

Corona Food Masks Portrait Series by hej studio

Hej studio challenged themselves to create natural face masks out of foods like cabbage and tortillas. ...
30-09-2020 19:02

Nanchawan?Shiwu Tribe Homestay by Zhiyong Huang

This beautiful hotel located in a small mountain village in Yichang, Hubei, China, has been recently designed by Zhiyong Huang. Descriptio ...
29-09-2020 19:34

Trow House by Delution

This inspiring narrow house located in West Jakarta City, Indonesia, has been designed in 2018 by Delution. Description The land width whic ...
29-09-2020 19:34

The Hamptons by L?Atelier Paris Haute Design

Our design team was asked to create a spacious kitchen and butler?s pantry for Hamptons clients who love to entertain. They wanted a kitchen that was ...
29-09-2020 19:34

AK House by Pitsou Kedem Architects

Designed in 2020 by Pitsou Kedem Architects, this concrete two-story house is situated in Israel. Description This corner house is locat ...
29-09-2020 19:34

JNBY Store / Linehouse

Linehouse was approached to design the new store interior for women?s wear brand, JNBY. The brand sought a modern approach to capture its core values, ...
29-09-2020 19:34

Boxing Club Mohamed Ali / Atelier Aconcept

The city of Savigny-le-Temple wanted to build a new boxing club (tha & free fight), in the heart of le Domaine de la Grange . Atelier Aconcept ...
29-09-2020 19:34

Round Pillars in Architecture: From the Classical Column to

The pillar has adorned many of the greatest monumental examples of Western architecture since antiquity, from the Doric columns of the Parthenon to th ...
29-09-2020 19:34

Bermonds Locke Hotel / Holloway Li

Brought to life with repurposed materials, the studio?s innovative design will transform the 143-room hotel into a surreal, iridescent haven, inspired ...
29-09-2020 19:34

Who Has Won the RIBA Royal Gold Medal"

Recognized as the UK?s highest honor for architecture, the RIBA Royal Gold Medal for Architecture is approved personally by Her Majesty The Queen and ...
29-09-2020 19:34

Grossmarkt Theatre Pavilion / Carmody Groarke

Carmody Groarke has designed a circular aluminium pavilion that will provide hospitality for a 1700-seat temporary theatre built within Hamburg?s Gros ...
29-09-2020 19:34

?A Vase May Give a Shape to a Room?: In conversation with Jo

John Wardle (b. 1956) founded John Wardle Architects in Melbourne, Australia, in 1986. His early interest in architecture started with encountering ob ...
29-09-2020 19:34

"Design is All About People": Joshua Sanabria Expl

Storytelling is at the heart of architecture and design. For Josh Sanabria, CEO of independent media company DesignClass, great stories foster curiosi ...
29-09-2020 19:34

6 Ways to Enhance your Design with a Pivot Door

Pivot doors are not ordinary doors. They used to be a hassle to install and once in place, the door movement was often lacking. Things are different n ...
29-09-2020 19:34

OMA's New Toulouse Exhibition and Convention Centre Opens in

OMA\'s new MEETT Exhibition and Convention Centre in Toulouse has officially opened. OMA Partner Chris van Duijn led the development, the third larges ...
29-09-2020 19:34

Schmidt Hammer Lassen's Mixed-Use K8 Tower in Norway Moves F

The sustainable mixed-use K8 tower, designed by Schmidt Hammer Lassen moves forward with final approval from the Stavanger City Council in Norway. The ...
29-09-2020 19:34

ODA Designs Largest Affordable Housing Project in NYC

ODA-Designed Hunter?s Point South, the newest development by TF Cornerstone, and the largest affordable housing project in NYC has launched its housin ...
29-09-2020 19:34

MM Tropical Suburb Town House / MM++ architects

The MM home appears to be carved out of a singular, monolithic block of concrete. It openly shares the materials of its making ? raw painted concrete ...
29-09-2020 19:34

What's the Collaborative Network Behind the Process of Build

The process of building and construction involves many different stages, starting from the very first ideas and drawings until the building is finally ...
29-09-2020 19:34

Rigshospitalet Hospital North Wing / LINK arkitektur + 3XN

Rigshospitalet North Wing features more than 200 patient rooms, operating rooms, an intensive care unit, and outpatient clinics. The guiding principle ...
29-09-2020 19:34

Tiny Offices: Extensions Separating Home from Workspaces

Working from home comes with a flexible schedule, not to mention savings ontravel costs, and you can be closer to family. But distractions can make w ...
29-09-2020 19:34

House V / NOVO architectures

This Family house is built on a hill planted with pine, oak, and birch trees, at the heart of a wide natural protected area. Densely wooded, on a slop ...
29-09-2020 19:34

Les Belles Echappes Chalet / Chevallier Architectes

The project began with the discovery of this exceptional land by the architect who proposed it to the client. The latter, seduced, envisages the const ...
29-09-2020 19:25

6M Residence by Jannina Cabal & Arquitectos

The 6M residence is located on a great plot next to a lake on which the setting sun falls and combines with the sounds of nature, characteristics that ...
29-09-2020 19:25

Studio Modijefsky Has Converted an Industrial Site into a Ho

On the Hembrug terrain in Zaandam, an area of 42,5 hectares, a monumental industrial site has been transformed by Studio Modijefsky into the home and ...
29-09-2020 19:25

DN Apartament by BC Arquitetos

The concept of the project emerged from modernist influences and from narratives that guide new ways of living, inspired by contemporary and minimalis ...
29-09-2020 19:25

PH Scalabrini Ortiz House by Kohan Ratto Arquitectos

The project is located in the neighborhood of Palermo, in a housing complex in horizontal property of the 40’s. The PH Scalabrini Ortiz is the i ...
29-09-2020 19:25

51 Benches That Catch the Eye

While considering crucial elements of interior design, benches are usually not in the first line. That’s something worth changing, since these c ...
29-09-2020 19:09

What We Need From Our Homes in the Age of COVID-19 (7 photos

Our needs are tied to our emotions, which are themselves influenced by our surroundings. The pandemic we?re living through has intensified certain emo ...
29-09-2020 19:09

Bathroom of the Week: Light, Airy and Elegant Master Bath Up

This single, retired homeowner with two adult children bought a Spanish-style ranch home in an active adult community along a golf course in Lincoln, ...
29-09-2020 19:09

Visit a Modern Country Home on an Almond and Sweet Potato Fa

Cindy Souza didn?t feel like her home reflected herself anymore. She and her husband, David, built the house on 20 acres in Atwater, California, in th ...
29-09-2020 19:09

The Most Regrettable Decorating Mistake You Can Make

There are plenty of opportunities to make mistakes in life. And yes, many that *could* be made while decorating your home. Maybe you’ve made a f ...
29-09-2020 19:06

Plus a change, Plus c?est la mme chose

The more they change, the more they stay the same. The post Plus a change, Plus c’est la mme chose appeared first on Vicki Archer. ...
29-09-2020 19:06

From Industrial Ball Bearing to a Sleek, Minimalist Bottle O

Revision used hollow ball bearings to create a minimalist bottle opener that acts like a sleek convex mirror. ...
29-09-2020 19:04

Circular by Design: Yair Neuman Turns Waste Eyewear Lenses i

Yair Neuman turns discarded lenses into polycarbonate sheet materials from which he creates a striking lighting collection ? "Lens Light." ...
29-09-2020 19:04

Wick Is Today?s Version of Portable Candlelight

Graypants lighting studio has created Wick, an energy-efficient portable LED fixture that\'s ready to go everywhere you go! ...
29-09-2020 19:04

Alessi Reissues the Practical, Stylish Plico Trolley Cart

Originally designed by Richard Sapper in 1976, the elegant black PLICO trolley cart has been reissued by Alessi. ...
29-09-2020 19:04

Beautiful Concrete Villa in Switzerland

Situated in the hills of Comano, a small village near Lugano in the south of Switzerland, “La Villa in Concrete” was designed by the architectural ...
28-09-2020 19:30

Groe’s House by Crahay & Jamaigne

Designed in 2016 by Crahay & Jamaigne, this contemporary single-family dwilling is situated in Eupen, Belgium. Description First constructio ...
28-09-2020 19:30

Bachledka – Summit Facilities by Compass Architekti

This inspiring concrete hotel / restaurant situated in at the top of Mala Po?ana on the ridge of Spi?sk Magura (?diar, Slovakia), has been designed i ...
28-09-2020 19:30

Apartment in Warsaw by Kando Architects

Designed by Kando Architects, this inspiring industrial apartment is located in Warsaw, Poland. Description Being young it?s extremely eas ...
28-09-2020 19:30

Kampoong In House / Ismail Solehudin Architecture

Mass and plan Concept ?Knowing that the client once lives in a high-density urban kampoong (village), we offer the client to have the same experience ...
28-09-2020 19:30

DC 20 House / Wahana Architects

The background of this design is its dense urban site in Kelapa Gading. The owner is a young businessman with two children. They do not require comple ...
28-09-2020 19:30

Expansion of the Waterhouse / Sunyat

There are some typical impressions of Shanghai the Cool Docks Waterhouse, its industrial heritage, 30s architecture, internet famous hotels, and its s ...
28-09-2020 19:30

Meunier Tech Beauty Shenzhen Concept Store / DOMANI

Meunier Technology Beauty\'s first concept flagship store is located in Baoan District, Shenzhen, China. The project invited China\'s top-tier design ...
28-09-2020 19:30

Greenery Curtain House / HGAA

The house is built in Mao Khe, a growing area of ??urban and economic construction of Quang Ninh province, Vietnam. This land is also a mining center ...
28-09-2020 19:30

Albert Park Office and Depot / Harrison and White + Archier

This is a project for the park ? a true ?Parks? building. It fuses together office and depot functions for Parks Victoria in Albert Park, providing th ...
28-09-2020 19:30

Campus and Creative Innovation Knowledge Park / 3h architec

When planning the expansion of the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest?s Campus, our mission was to transmute the university grounds int ...
28-09-2020 19:30

6 Small Scale Projects with Large Social Impact

The field of architecture has the potential to influence human relations in countless ways through the built space. In small-scale projects, in partic ...
28-09-2020 19:30

Metal Profiles Coated with Wood Veneers: 7 Options for Apply

For many, the aesthetics of wood are powerfully enchanting. With a huge diversity of species and innumerable variations in colors, weights, and textur ...
28-09-2020 19:30

ZJA Unveils "Dune Landscape" and New Landmark for

Amsterdam-based architecture firm ZJA has unveiled the winning proposal for a new architectural landmark and "dune landscape" along the Belg ...
28-09-2020 19:30

Recent Images Highlight Completed Structure for Sou Fujimoto

The House of Hungarian Music, part of the Liget Budapest Project, has won the World\'s Best Use of Music in Property Development at the American Music ...
28-09-2020 19:30

Cavalcante House / BLOCO Arquitetos

Casa Cavalcante was built in the center of an area of ??266 hectares, adjacent to the Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park which houses one of the most ...
28-09-2020 19:30

Mayor of London Launches Housing Design App to Transform Con

In order to assist the city of London and encourage constructions after Covid-19, the Mayor of London, with tech-led design practice Bryden Wood and l ...
28-09-2020 19:30

The Cultural Courtyard - Elephant World / Bangkok Project St

Kui people are an ethnic group in Surin, north-eastern Thailand. For many centuries, members of a Kui family have always included both humans and elep ...
28-09-2020 19:30

How will Families' Architectural Expectations Change over th

Between 1950 and 2011, the world\'s urban population increased fivefold. In 2007, for the first time, the number of people living in cities surpassed ...
28-09-2020 19:30

T3 Audi Design Center in Ingolstadt / gmp

The Audi Design Center (DCI) at the company?s original site at Ingolstadt has now been operational for three years and has been extensively tested in ...
28-09-2020 19:30

Diamanten Cabin / A38 Arkitekter

?The Diamond? set in the mountains above Oppdal in central Norway is an exercise in the juxtapositioning of modern minimalist form with ancient Norweg ...
28-09-2020 19:30

MEETT Toulouse Exhibition and Convention Centre / OMA

MEETT, Toulouse?s new Exhibition, and Convention Centre, is located in the innovation zone north of Toulouse. The project is not only about architectu ...
28-09-2020 19:30

A Former Storage Room Turned by Egue y Seta into Family-Hub

Let?s climb the stairs and take a look in to this redefined super-attic: a former storage room turned into family-hub. Continue reading [[ This is a ...
28-09-2020 19:23

Greenwich St Apartment by Kimberly Peck Architect

The overall foot print of the Greenwich St apartment remained much as it was with a slight expansion of the kitchen and bathroom. Continue reading [ ...
28-09-2020 19:23

Crestwood Residence / Ancerl Studio

Crestwood Residence is located on the boundary line between Barrie and Oro-Medonte in Barrie?s coveted North Shore neighbourhood. The home is situated ...
28-09-2020 19:23

40 Gaming Setups That We Really Like

Gamer rooms have quickly gathered status in the home, promoting gaming stations from a dusty corner of a bedroom or lounge to fully fledged and styled ...
28-09-2020 19:09

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