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China Hangzhou E-sports Center / CSADI

interior design News
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China Hangzhou E-sports Center / CSADI China Hangzhou E-sports Center / CSADI

China Hangzhou E-sports Center / CSADI

We used to look up at the stars, remembering the love and hate of interstellar life through time and space, intertwined in the dark cosmic forest of spinning and flickering ......

architects: CSADILocation: Gongshu District, Hangzhou, ChinaProject Year: 2022Photographs: AOGVISIONArea: 797900.0 m2
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China Hangzhou E-sports Center / CSADI China Hangzhou E-sports Center / CSADI


Source of news: Archdaily
Source of publication: 03-02-2023 19:48
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Triângulo House: Brazil’s Mid-Century Marvel

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Your home is not just a structure; it’s an intimate reflection of your tastes, your lifestyle, and your aspirations. And there’s a transformative ...
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The project aims to create a modern office building that seamlessly integrates with its surroundings. Situated adjacent to the S?u?ewiecki Stream, the ...
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Studio Shed / LMNL office

Dutch studio LMNL office [for architecture and landscape] has designed a simple shed that doubles as a studio on a local property in Brabant, The Neth ...
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Architecture is a lifelong journey in constant evolution, where passion, learnings, collaboration and the unexpected shape your career.  ...
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Embracing the Future of Design and Construction: Technologic

"In just one generation, we have gone from the pencil to AI.? This quote by Knut Ramstad from the Nordic Office of Architecture encapsulates the ...
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Bandido Bali - La Lourdes & La Matilde Villas / Javi Diaz

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Betina House / Terra e Tuma Arquitetos Associados

Located in the city of Mucugê, surrounded by the Serra do Sincorá, this house gave us the privilege of designing in an exceptional enviro ...
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Henning Larsen Wins Competition to Reimagine Prague Central

Henning Larsen has just won a competition to redesign Prague Central Station, Nový Hlavák. The project aims to reconnect the historic central station ...
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How to Choose Colors for Your Apartment Walls" Explore

Choosing how to paint your apartment can significantly impact its atmosphere and visual appeal. While it may be tempting to stick with the comfort of ...
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How to Create a Cozy Winter-Ready Interior

Lowering our body temperature and metabolism to preserve food and energy during a cold spell is not (yet) a skill humanity has learned. Human hibernat ...
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Socially Just Public Spaces Are Crucial to Flourishing Socie

One of the most radical instances of public space transformation happened recently. During the early months of the Covid-19 pandemic, public space tra ...
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Ukrainian-Danish Youth House / prototype

The transformation of the space for the Ukrainian-Danish Youth House is based on two main ideas. ...
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Pears Jewish Campus / Tchoban Voss Architekten

Adjacent to the site of the Chabad Lubavitch Family and Cultural Centre in Berlin\'s Charlottenburg- Wilmersdorf district, the community center Pears ...
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Elevating Contemporary Exhibition Design with Sliding Glass

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Asmalay House / Blurring Boundaries

Located within a lush tapestry of mango trees in the coastal town of Alibag near Mumbai, \'Asmalay\' is a biophilic home that embraces the harmonious ...
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Yanzi Memorial Hall / Architectural Design and Research Inst

Fengxian, which is named after the respect of Yanzi, is located among the river towns along the Yangtze River. Yanzi Memorial Hall is located in the c ...
28-11-2023 19:41

Jiuxiangling Kindergarten / SUIADR SML Design Studio

In this 100-school renovation activity, we are responsible for the design of the project Jiuxiangling Kindergarten, which is located in Xili Primary S ...
28-11-2023 19:41

House for Investment / Shirley Dan

This is an exceptional project of a 44-year-old bachelor, a construction supervisor, who closely collaborates with architect Shirley Dan in managing h ...
28-11-2023 19:30

Gutenberg House / Grizzo Studio

The premise of the project was to maintain the old facade of the house. The existing house was only 70m2 with rooms that did not ventilate since the c ...
28-11-2023 19:30

TV Star Apartment / Dorit Sela and Nitzan Horowitz

The TV Star Apartment, meticulously planned and designed by Dorit Sela and Nitzan Horowitz, is the epitome of refined chic and great taste. Continue r ...
28-11-2023 19:30

Penthouse 2, Melbourne / K.P.D.O.

K.P.D.O.?s Melbourne Penthouse 2 is a finely tuned play between textured materiality and classical/modernist planning principles. Continue reading ...
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Pieno Restaurant / Znamy Si?

The interior is filled with details from old Italian restaurants, such as glass display cases and brass handles, a leather seating area or the floor t ...
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Electra Sea Penthouse / Orly Silber Interior Design

The Electra Sea penthouse is located in one of the central cities in Israel, in a new tower on the front line facing the sea. Continue reading ...
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Mulgoa House / Mckimm

The Mulgoa House is a sequence of spaces that harness an interconnected relationship between the indoors and outdoors. Continue reading ...
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Ederlezi House by Práctica Arquitectura

360 degrees of views of hills, mountains, and hills connect the user with the horizon from the terrace at the top of the house. The interior is differ ...
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The Red House House Gets a Fireplace!

Today, we’re sharing our experience adding an Ortal natural gas fireplace to The Red House. This post is in partnership with Ortal, and as alway ...
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Bathroom of the Week: Spa Feel With a New Sauna and Shower A

As parents of 10-year-old twins, this Minnesota couple wanted to bring more family fun and joy to their home. They turned their sights to their partia ...
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51 Narrow Dining Tables To Slot Into Tight Spots

We all love to break bread with friends and family but not everybody has a supersized dining room to work with. Sometimes, our eating area is restrict ...
28-11-2023 19:14

Take 5: House Matches, Modern Aboriginal Art, Candles Stacks

Editor-in-Chief Caroline Williamson returns for the Take 5 series, sharing geometric stained glass, modern Aboriginal art, candle stacks, and more! ...
28-11-2023 19:07

Explore Ian Alistair Cochran?s Candy-Like, Saturated Resin W

Translucent, refracting, and saturated with bright colors, Ian Alistair Cochran\'s furniture + home goods look good enough to eat! ...
28-11-2023 19:07

Lucianne Canavan Repairs for Well-Being, Community, and the

Lucianne Canavan has merged traditional repair techniques to create her own approach that benefits well-being, communities, and the planet. ...
28-11-2023 19:07

Bowers & Wilkins Switches Into High Gear With Zeppelin McLar

Splashes of McLaren\'s iconic Papaya Orange with a Galvanic Grey body make for a speaker design that looks faster than the speed of sound. ...
28-11-2023 19:07

Format Architecture Infuses Café Mars With Bright, Bold Visu

This modern eatery in Brooklyn serves colors, textures, and geometry as rich and bright as its Italian-American fare. ...
28-11-2023 19:07

Casa La Loica: A Modernist Sanctuary

Casa La Loica, crafted by Elton Léniz Arquitectos, is a striking contemporary home nestled in Lo Barnechea, Chile. This 2021 design marvel smartly ris ...
27-11-2023 19:38

R4 Apartment: Big Style in Small Spaces

ALTADEA Architects unveil the R4 Apartment in Ukraine, a modern minimalist space expertly arranged within 40 square meters (about 430 square feet). De ...
27-11-2023 19:38

Undefined Living: Redefining Space in Vietnam

At the heart of Ho Chi Minh City’s burgeoning urban scene lies “Undefined Living,” a 2021 minimalist apartment by DQV.Architects. Breaking free ...
27-11-2023 19:38

THROUGHglare: Modern Elegance in ?ód? by Anna Maj

Explore the captivating world of THROUGHglare, Anna Maj Interiors‘ 2023 modern house project in ?ód?, Poland. Merging bright, spacious interiors wit ...
27-11-2023 19:38

Casa Aramara: A Tropical Modern Marvel in Costa Rica

Discover Casa Aramara, Sarco Architects‘ 2021 masterpiece in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. This luxurious house masterfully blends indoor and outdoor spac ...
27-11-2023 19:38

Helvetia: A Victorian Terrace’s Sustainable Revival

Discover Helvetia, a 2023 architectural masterpiece in Melbourne, Australia, by Austin Maynard Architects. This house redefines sustainability, focusi ...
27-11-2023 19:38

Royal Acre Residence: A Story in Every Corner

Discover the Royal Acre Residence in Vadodara, India, a 2022 marvel of mid-century modern design by K.N.Associates. This house, an epitome of luxury a ...
27-11-2023 19:38

97 Apartments / ValletdeMartinis Architectes

Located in the peri-urban area of the city, between Mérignac town center and the ring road, our project of collective housing at Les Ardillos is part ...
27-11-2023 19:38

EÑE House / Estudio Albar

The clients\' premise was to achieve Nearly Zero Energy Consumption and minimum environmental impact at home. For this reason, the decision was made t ...
27-11-2023 19:38

The Employee Experience: Designing Workplaces from User Rese

The average person spends approximately 90,000 hours, equivalent to one-third of a lifetime, at work. The workplace can be a second home to adults, an ...
27-11-2023 19:38

Solar Trees Marketplace / Koichi Takada Architects

An ?architectural forest? of 32 trees in Shanghai, designed by Koichi Takada Architects, has been built to serve as an evolving retail space and a sym ...
27-11-2023 19:38

Yasmeen Lari Sets Out to Build One Million Flood-Resistant H

Following the extreme floods that affected Pakistan in 2022, architect Yasmeen Lari the Heritage Foundation of Pakistan pledged to help build one mill ...
27-11-2023 19:38

Soup Of Hope / Tadu Arquitetura

Designed to occupy a corner lot in a neighborhood in Juazeiro, Bahia, the space houses the new headquarters of the "Sopão da Esperança" (Sou ...
27-11-2023 19:38

Foster + Partners Wins Competition to Design New Airport Ter

Foster + Partners has won an international competition to design Abha Airport?s new terminal in Saudi Arabia?s Aseer Region. Inspired by Rijal Almaa v ...
27-11-2023 19:38

Building Upon the Built: Adaptive Reuse of Industrial Archit

In the global context, the first factories emerged in the latter part of the 16th century, primarily housing typographic workshops. Over time, their p ...
27-11-2023 19:38

Vienna's Architectural Evolution: 21 Landmarks Spanning Baro

Often referred to as the ?City of Music,? Vienna stands as a living testament to architectural evolution across centuries. Bring together an array of ...
27-11-2023 19:38

The Breathing Quadrant / PMA madhushala

A series of three houses intending to redefine traditional house forms, more or less from similar eras aligning to a contemporary wish list, were bein ...
27-11-2023 19:38

Pointe Pavilion / J.R Architects

The Pointe Pavilion is in front of the Taiwan Railway Liuying Station and is an integrated sidewalk system. Several light and pure geometric curved me ...
27-11-2023 19:38

YEARLY PLAN Shanghai Gallery / dongqi Design

The 3-story exhibition and retail building - YEARLY PLAN Shanghai, designed by dongqi Design, is located on Changle Road, which represents the typical ...
27-11-2023 19:38

Shuinian Station / Atelier ArchFAN

Moulin Rouge | Shuinian Station. The project base is on the side of a field road in Deyuan Street, Pi County, Sichuan. The original building is a rura ...
27-11-2023 19:38



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