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Pelosof Bar / Post-Spectacular Office

interior design News
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Pelosof Bar / Post-Spectacular Office Pelosof Bar / Post-Spectacular Office

Pelosof Bar / Post-Spectacular Office

The building, a 1924 eclecticist galleria located in the city?s center, and its spectacular atmosphere were the major characteristics while thinking about the design concept, even though the interference with the shell was minimal by choice. The design was built up around the idea of gatherings in private courtyards surrounded by artisanal peculiar items, a hospitality take on cabinets de curiosits.
Yannis Drakoulidis

architects: Post-Spectacular OfficeLocation: Tsimiski 22, Thessaloniki 546 24, GreeceProject Year: 2021Photographs: Yannis DrakoulidisPhotographs: Photographs: Kostas AmiridisArea: 600.0 m2
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Pelosof Bar / Post-Spectacular Office Pelosof Bar / Post-Spectacular Office


Source of news: Archdaily
Source of publication: 18-06-2022 19:44
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It is a single-family house project between party walls in Granollers. The client asked for a house that could admit up to four different family situa ...
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"It?s About Time", the 10th Architecture Biennale

It?s About Time, the 10th edition of the Rotterdam Architecture Biennale, is a seven-week-long manifestation showing realistic courses toward a livabl ...
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sculpture atelier galliani montecchio / NAT Office

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8 New Kitchens With Stylish Countertops (8 photos)

Countertops often account for a significant amount of surface area in a kitchen. So in addition to providing workspace, countertops also have an impor ...
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Houzz Tour: Spanish Colonial Home Gets a Colorful Makeover (

Designer Alison Kandler and this homeowner have similar tastes in interior design. ?She loves color and pattern as much as I do,? Kandler says. ?The m ...
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Lamborghini Urus S Is Origami on Four Wheels

Lamborghini shows a design refresh can be refreshing rather than purely derivative, with the new Urus S a purer expression of the Super SUV. ...
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The Embrace Sideboard Is More Than Nice Curves

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Seattle Penthouse is a contemporary home located in Seattle, Washington, designed by Kor Architects. Description An ambitious remodel that ...
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The Point by Kor Architects

The Point is a contemporary residence located in Washington, United States, designed by Kor Architects. Description A family home tha ...
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Climate Positive Living in Schleizer Strae / Peter Ruge Arc

Building industries are presently responsible for 30% of the carbon emission ? we have started to change the way we built. With a combination of deepl ...
29-09-2022 19:46

Brick House in La Eliana / sanchis olivares

In a decades-old established garden city, in the suburbs of Valencia, an old tennis court became a plot on which we were asked to build a single-famil ...
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Istanbul City Guide: 5 Historical and 20 Contemporary Projec

Byzantium, Constantinople and now Istanbul, the many names this city has had over the centuries are proof of the central role it has played throughout ...
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Blendahaus House / Estdio MRGB

"[...] a concrete and glass house in the forest."As the client\'s first premise, this hypothesis structured all the design solutions of Blen ...
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4 Essential Elements of Site Analysis

Site analysis is a crucial first step in creating a viable building design. Considering site location, topography, zoning regulations, traffic conditi ...
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Faysal Tabbarah Appointed Curator of the National Pavilion U

The National Pavilion UAE has announced the appointment of Faysal Tabbarah, Associate Dean and Associate Professor of Architecture at the American Uni ...
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Social Infrastructure Pilares Priani / PRODUCTORA + Palma

PILARES are small neighborhood hubs that provide social, educational, and cultural infrastructure to residents of Mexico City. An initiative implement ...
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NASA and AI Space Factory Develop a 3D Printed Lunar Structu

NASA and AI Space Factory developed LINA (Lunar Infrastructure Asset), an in-situ 3D-printed outpost to protect astronauts and critical missions on th ...
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What Is a Dry Garden" Tips for Implementing One

Taking care of a plant is not always easy. There are species that must be watered daily, while others can go for a longer period without any contact w ...
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Smiljan Radic Designs Hotel for Solo Houses Project in Spain

The Solo Houses project has just announced the incorporation of the Venta d\'Aubert Winery in Crete, Spain, and the construction of a hotel designed b ...
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Good Architecture is Considerate

This text was originally published in The ArchDaily Guide to Good Architecture, our first-ever book currently available for purchase. ...
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Frida Escobedo Among the 100 Emerging Leaders by TIME 2022

Each year, TIME publishes TIME100 Next, a list, inspired by its flagship TIME100, seeking to recognize 100 people from all industries around the world ...
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Qingxi Culture and History Museum / UAD

BackgroundLocated in Nanshangang, Sangzhou Town, Ninghai County, Zhejiang, the project is positioned as a small cultural and tourism building that int ...
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Aireys House / Studio Nicholas Burns

Aireys Inlet is a quiet coastal town located on the Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia. The site is inland slightly on the edge of the hills in den ...
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MOKSHA Crematorium / Rahul Deshpande and Associates

A unique design assignment. Four varied religious groups, Hindus, Shia Muslims, Sunni Muslims, Lingayat, share One parcel of Land to perform the last ...
29-09-2022 19:46

KOKAGE Clinic / SAI Architectural Design Office + ATIES

KOKAGE" is a project that proposes a new form of local medical care and community welfare in Kure City, Hiroshima Prefecture, with a "system ...
29-09-2022 19:46

Studio Tanta Mixed Use Building / TAISEI DESIGN Planners Arc

Urban landmark at a crossroad overlooking a lush forest - Studio Tanta is a recording studio that stands at the corner of a crossroad looking over the ...
29-09-2022 19:46

The Lounge DK / Super Pie Design Studio

The project is a reinterpretation of nature inspired by the relationships between straight lines and planes.The space was intended to be expressed as ...
29-09-2022 19:46

Pivot Residence by Architects EAT

The new 300sqm family home in the leafy suburb of Eaglemont has a south west facing street elevation. The impervious faade is offset by a generous se ...
29-09-2022 19:32

The Project of a Lifetime / Spiegel Architects

This plot was bought by the owners with the view of building their first private property on it and creating a modern and cozy home for their family o ...
29-09-2022 19:32

40 Dark Kitchens That Look Delicious

Food is seductive, so your kitchen should be too. Create sultry allure with a kitchen design that walks on the dark side of decor. It will reward you ...
29-09-2022 19:11

Kitchen of the Week: Warm and Cheerful Style With Pink Cabin

This couple wanted a kitchen that sparked joy ? and they definitely weren?t getting that with their existing kitchen?s basic white and gray finishes a ...
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After: ?Coastal Grandma Meets Graphic Designer? Is the Vibe

Our Lifestyle Editor shares the before/after photos of her living room refresh project with Alex Yeske Interiors. Plus, the full source list of furnis ...
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No Wires Required Victrola Stream Carbon Turntable Is Built

A historic blast from the home audio past is back, the Victrola Stream Carbon turntable is designed from the ground up to pair with Sonos speakers sea ...
29-09-2022 19:03

3form Teams Up With Gensler for a New Globally-Inspired Patt

The Global Expressions celebrates the power of design with six globally-inspired patterns for commercial interiors. ...
29-09-2022 19:03

A London Hotel Mixes Japanese Aesthetics With Bold Artistic

Nobu Hotel London Portman Square is a boutique hotel influenced by Japanese minimalist aesthetics complemented by bold artistic expression. ...
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