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America the Beautiful

Whether you\'re disappointed like I am today, or happy you were heard, I thought it was a good day to share something all of us have in common in Amer...
10-11-2016 19:17

Stylish and Colorful Interiors

The temperatures here in Maryland might be dropping, but the sun is shining!  Even though I tend to go for more subdued colors in my home\'s pale...
10-11-2016 19:17

Inspiring home offices in darker hues

Depending on the amount of natural light, your ceiling height, and finish - you can make a dark home office an enlightening place to be productive!Mod...
03-11-2016 19:17

Warm and rustic spaces to inspire you to cozy up for winter

Well, we\'re expectinh highs of 78 here in Maryland, but we all know winter will be here in the blink of an eye.  Whether you\'re a fan of winter...
02-11-2016 19:25

Happy Halloween! Our favorite spooky, silly, and charming Ha

Hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween!How pretty is this entrance with the pumpkins and cornstalks"The crows add a nod to the spooky seaso...
31-10-2016 19:19

Fall decorating ideas

Beautiful fall porch decorating ideasI\'m a sucker for a beautifully decorated porch or container garden. I though Friday would be a good time to shar...
28-10-2016 19:16

A kitchen transformation: dark and cramped to bright, open,

This kitchen transformation is going to knock your socks off!  As you\'ll see in the before pictures below, this kitchen started out dark and sti...
27-10-2016 19:16

Inspiration for using copper in your home

Copper accents, Decor, hoods, and tubsIf you haven\'t noticed, copper is BIG right now. Wether you can only afford to go small with decor like copper...
26-10-2016 19:18

Beautiful Dining Room Inspiration

Dining Room Inspiration just in time for Thanksgiving!Whether your hosting this year or not, I figured it would still be nice to indulge in a little d...
25-10-2016 19:18

Proof wall to sall carpeting can be gorgeous

Growing up in an old farmhouse, we always had hardwood floors, so it would be hard for me to go to carpet I think.  That being said, wall to wall...
20-10-2016 19:19

A touch of vintage: Rooms full of history, beauty and charac

So I discovered a new (to me) blog, The Vintaquarian, that I love.  I cannot stop looking.  Below is just a taste of the beauty to behold th...
18-10-2016 19:23

Oh what a rug can do: Space transforming rugs

I\'m not getting tired of seeing the amazing ways designers are incorporating oriental rugs - both antique and modern spins, into homes.  Some tr...
17-10-2016 19:21

Why you shouldn't neglect your hallways

It\'s not a new idea to utilize your hallways and not let them be wasted space, but some - myself included- are still guilty of this.  Now that t...
13-10-2016 19:16

Style the perfect bed for Fall

Now that the temperatures are dropping (*tear), it means I\'ve been pulling out heavier blankets for warmth during the cool nights.  I thought it...
11-10-2016 19:20

Alexa Hampton's rich and beautiful interiors

It\'s Monday...ugh.  I need an interior eye candy pick-me-up.  Want to join me" These absolutely stunning, elegant rooms are the w...
10-10-2016 19:25

An amazing industrial chic New York City apartment

Okay, so this apartment isn\'t technically in New York, it\'s in Hoboken.  I actually worked in Hoboken years ago when I lived in Brooklyn, and i...
06-10-2016 19:17

Decorating with Velvet for a touch of luxe

I\'m definitely not into frilly and fussy when it comes to my home decor, but sometimes a girl just needs a little luxury in her life.  Especiall...
05-10-2016 19:26

Small kitchen inspiration and ideas

Small kitchen"  Me too.  Why is that a good thing"  Because everything is closer at hand!  I actually prefer a smaller k...
04-10-2016 19:18

Fall Anthropologie that we love

Fall 2016 is about nature, layering textures, and patternPink dining room chairs"  Don\'t mind if I do!  And out that window" &nbs...
30-09-2016 19:15

Things to love about fall

There are so many things to love about fall! It always seems to come right when we have had enough of the blazing hot weather. It\'s like a gentle rem...
28-09-2016 19:14

Early American Colonial interiors that we could still live i

I grew up in an 18th century farmhouse, and we just went to Annapolis yesterday, so I was feeling inspired to look up some colonial interiors.  H...
27-09-2016 19:15

Modern Rustic Inspiration

Growing up on a farm, I feel at home in a rustic interior.  That being said, I also like interiors that are uncluttered and have very clean lines...
22-09-2016 19:17

St. Bart's house tour: cool, crisp Caribbean style.

This house tour will have you packing your bags.  It is the home of Keld Mikkelson of Day Birger et Mikkelson and his wife Marianne Brandi.  ...
20-09-2016 19:15

Beautiful rooms that are eclectic, artisan, and bohemian

 I know we see this look around a lot now, but I can\'t help it - I love it.  White kitchen, oriental rug, and clean hardware.  Jealous...
20-09-2016 19:15

We're loving Greek Revival - see why

Of all the "fancy" styles, Greek Revival is probably my favorite.  Granted, it\'s more of an architectural style than an interior decor...
15-09-2016 19:15

The Best Master Bedrooms

Beautiful Master Bedroom InspirationSorry I\'ve been MIA this week.  I think I\'ve been fighting off a cold as I\'ve been so tired it feels like ...
14-09-2016 19:16

Feeling a little geometric today

Shapes are so simple, yet the can make a major impact in our home. Have you ever taken a moment to look at the some of the shapes you use in your home...
09-09-2016 19:12

A home full of charm, beautiful details, and built-ins!

I love our home, but if I lived in this one I\'d be pinching myself every morning to make sure I wasn\'t still in a dream.  This is the Willow Ho...
08-09-2016 19:12

Perfectly polished transitional interiors

Traditional interiors with modern appealSince earlier in the week we shared some bohemian design inspiration, I thought we\'d contrast that with shari...
08-09-2016 19:12

Modern bohemian interiors

Bohemian home inspirationI hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day weekend.  Here in Maryland we were blessed with beautiful weather! The appeal ...
07-09-2016 19:14

The best of August!

Fall is right around the corner and routine is back in the air! Here are some of the best posts in August in case you missed them:Work Space LoveLight...
02-09-2016 19:12

Fall 2016 Inspiration: Our favorite trends

While it breaks my heart that summer is at it\'s tail end, fall is great for fashion, and therefore great for decor.  Two trends we\'ve been noti...
02-09-2016 19:12

Lovely Bedroom Inspiration

I love to transition my bedroom with the seasons and I am feeling like a bedroom transformation may be in order! Here is some lovely bedroom inspirati...
31-08-2016 19:10

Beautiful homes in shades of blue

Rooms in shades of blue are popular for a reason - the color works in every roomMost of our house is painted in a light aqua blue.  It\'s soothin...
30-08-2016 19:12

Start your week off right: Elegant interiors with historic d

I grew up in an early nineteenth century telescope house on the eastern shore of Maryland, so I LOVE homes with old bones and details that only existe...
29-08-2016 19:11

Real Life Styling

Sometimes life is a little messy and sometimes messy looks a little amazing! Here are some pictures I came across that show how a little messy can loo...
26-08-2016 19:10

Luxurious Bathrooms

Our master bath is in desperate need of a facelift.  You can tell the previous owner tried to make it look upscale based on the tile they used, b...
26-08-2016 19:10

Beautiful Interiors (and great tips!) from Fixer Upper's Joa

I guess I\'m a bit late getting on the Fixer Upper bandwagon, especially considering they will no longer be doing the show *tear* after season 4....
24-08-2016 19:11

Best Built-ins: Inspiration for adding beautiful functional

When I hear built-ins I usually envision more expensive custom built homes.  However, when you consider the cost of quality furniture, or any fur...
24-08-2016 19:11

Ali Cayne's light-filled family friendly NYC townhouse

I was pretty darn excited to run across this house tour on Domino magazine because I\'ve seen and featured rooms from it individually in previous post...
23-08-2016 19:18

Useful Tips On How To Manage A Master Bathroom Renovation

Bathrooms usually take up only a small portion of the entire house but they are considered to be very important. A bathroom normally has a pretty comp...
19-08-2016 19:10

Some Colorful Inspiration

With seasonal colors getting ready to change, I thought it might be fun to look at some colorful inspiration!via houseofhipstersvia abeautif...
17-08-2016 19:10

Beautiful Transitional Interiors by design firm Olivia O'Bry

Today we\'re back with more eye candy from Olivia O\'Bryan.Enjoy!How do you like the unusual "plank" cabinetry"One day I will have...
17-08-2016 19:10

Functional over frills.

When you talking about home decor some would assume that it\'s more about the fun of decorating than the functionality. That is where I disagree. Deco...
12-08-2016 19:11

When Simple Meets Stunning

Every once in a while my love for design goes a little overboard and I have to make myself take a step back and clear my mind.via pampaWhen a roo...
10-08-2016 19:16

Beautiful Transitional Interiors by design dirm Olivia O'Bry

Traditional interiors with a fresh twistI love transitional interiors because they don\'t rely on trends rather on sound design principals, but they a...
08-08-2016 19:10

The best of July!

This July was a hot one and so was the blog this month! Here are the top posts from July:An Old Portland Library Turned Into a Beautiful HomeA Brookly...
05-08-2016 19:09

Work Space Love!

I\'m a huge fan of checking out how everyone else spends their working day. It\'s fun to see what kind of work environment others thrive in and maybe ...
03-08-2016 19:09

Light-filled rooms to brighten your Monday

Beautiful rooms to inspireWe had quite a busy (though fun-filled) weekend so I\'m feeling a bit lethargic this morning.  I needed a bit of eye-ca...
02-08-2016 19:13

Gifts for New Homeowners

We always talk about great ways to add a touch of your personality into a home, but what if you are trying to give a gift to a new homeowner" Mos...
29-07-2016 19:12

Simple, Chic, and Beautiful Interiors

Uncluttered, well-curated, organized homesI\'m definitely on a binge as of late to find inspiration for simple interiors.  For most of us, a home...
28-07-2016 19:10

Adding life to each room.

I love to have a plant in each room of my house. There\'s something beautiful about a living growing thing around you. via brit.coMost plant...
27-07-2016 19:11

Small home office ideas

Inspiration for a small home officeI\'m lucky that I finally now have a dedicated room in my home to serve as my office, but I wasn\'t always so fortu...
25-07-2016 19:13

Powder rooms that make me squeal!

I have no idea why I have an obsession with well decorated powder rooms, but I do! It\'s the one place a guest will go that you can guarantee that the...
23-07-2016 19:15

Old barns converted into beautiful family homes!

Historic barns turned into functional living spacesI spent the better part of this weekend scrubbing out my barn and stalls by hand this weekend due t...
21-07-2016 19:14

Kids Rooms That Rock!

I\'ve always pictured how fun it would be to decorate a kids room. Since the nursery phase doesn\'t last long, I\'ve been scouring the web to find som...
21-07-2016 19:14

Small living room ideas and inspiration

Inspiring small living roomsMost of us don\'t live in vast estates, and we don\'t even live in a two story home.  Just a humble rancher for us - ...
18-07-2016 19:11

Mixing Pastels and Brights

Usually when you plan out a room you know what color scheme you are looking for and if you are going for a more subtle look or a bold look. What if yo...
16-07-2016 19:11

Beautiful Bohemian Interiors!

Relaxed and comfortable bohemian styleI love the carefree and unconventional attitude of bohemian interiors.  The relaxed look always puts me in ...
14-07-2016 19:12

Rug Love: Kilims, Oriental, and Moroccan

Amazing rugs, amazing spacesI\'ve had a bit of an obsession with rugs lately.  Particularly oriental, moroccan, and kilim.  They are just so...
13-07-2016 19:08

Filling Empty Corners

We all have that one corner or space in our home that we have no idea what to do with! Here are some ideas to fill up those empty corners and make the...
13-07-2016 19:08

An old Portland Library turned into a beautiful home!

Jessica Helgerson Interior Design turns a former library into a client\'s dream house.The project was a complete remodel of the small public library i...
11-07-2016 19:16

Bedroom Office Inspiration

Beautiful ways to have a home office in your bedroomWe finally hired a nanny 2 days a week so I can start getting back to work.  It is wonderful ...
08-07-2016 19:11

LimitLess Walls: Easily Customize Your Space

Wanting to give your room a pop, that piece of decor that ties together the whole space and puts your personality on display" Making an accent wa...
08-07-2016 19:11

The best of June!

Summer has been fantastic so far! June especially. Here are some of our top posts in June. Which are your favorites"A Bright Brooklyn Home Filled...
06-07-2016 19:13

A modern lighthearted and comfortable Park Slope Brownstone

A Brooklyn apartment full of inspiring ideas and detailsI hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July!  It seems like another lifetime ago when I ...
05-07-2016 19:11

July 4th!

Wishing everyone a wonderful July 4th weekend!via pier1via etsyvia princesspinkygirlvia potterybarn ...
01-07-2016 19:09

Chip and Joanna's Fixer Upper Magnolia House

Fixer Upper\'s B&B The Magnolia HouseI\'ve only caught a few episodes of Fixer Upper but the ones I saw I really liked. Then a photo of the Magnol...
01-07-2016 19:09

Vintage Accents in Modern Bathrooms: How a Touch of Timeless

Bathroom technology and design have thankfully come a long way in the last century, giving us more comfortable, utilitarian, and efficient furniture. ...
29-06-2016 19:10

Summer Bathrooms: Beautiful rooms to retreat from the heat

Refresh in a bathroom that\'s pretty and ready for summer!Sometimes the only way to restore yourself from the summer heat is a nice cool shower! So ma...
28-06-2016 19:11

Nate Berkus: His NYC Greenwich Village Penthouse

Nate Berkus just sold his chic NYC penthouse for $10 MillionIf you stay up to date with home decor news you probably already know that Nate Berkus and...
27-06-2016 19:12

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2 Sleek Homes that are Unapologetically Modern

2 Sleek Homes that are Unapologetically Moder...

“Modern” is a term that can get overused when it comes to interior design. Nearly every home is modern in some way or another, whether it’s the inclusion of a flat screen television or a gleaming countertop with an undermounted... -
Study Finds 25% of UK Architecture Students Have Sought Treatment for Mental Health Issues

Study Finds 25% of UK Architecture Students H...

Are the rigors and tribulations of architecture school causing serious impacts on students\' mental health" A new student survey conducted by Architect?s Journal has found that more than a quarter of architecture students in the UK are... -
BIG, MVRDV, Snřhetta to Compete for San Pellegrino Flagship Factory Redesign

BIG, MVRDV, Snřhetta to Compete for San Pelle...

Sparkling Natural Mineral Water company San Pellegrino has announced an international competition between 4 top architecture firms for the redesign of its flagship factory and bottling plant, located at the source of the mineral water, San... -
Fascinating Eichler Home Remodel in Burlingame, California

Fascinating Eichler Home Remodel in Burlingam...

The owners of this charming family abode in Burlingame, California, USA had long dreamed of an Eichler home remodel they would live in forever. Their vision was clean, contemporary, and open. Klopf Architecture… would design and reconfigure... -
Vaughan Civic Centre Resource Library / ZAS Architects + Interiors

Vaughan Civic Centre Resource Library / ZAS A...

Resulting from an extensive visioning process exploring the evolving role of the library in the digital age, The Vaughan Civic Centre Resource Library by ZAS Architects is a visionary maker-space dedicated to community learning, gathering, creating... -
[+] Kitchen And Utility Room Design Ideas

[+] Kitchen And Utility Room Design Ideas

Image Source: Kitchen And Utility Room Design Ideas (BPT) - Accomplishing the laundry is no best relegated to dark, aged basements area no one cares to go. Thanks to avant-garde technology, abundant architecture and admission to... -
Getting Creative: No Closet Solutions and Storage Ideas

Getting Creative: No Closet Solutions and Sto...

It can be a bit of a shame if your bedroom doesn?t come with a closet to store away your cloths. But this just means you need to get a little creative when it comes to finding no closet solutions. You can even take it a step further and turn... -
3D Visualization will Show You Some Impressive Designs

3D Visualization will Show You Some Impressiv...

ARCHIDECK is the company that here is presenting how the future can look like in their home design. The images bellow are showing every detail of a house designed by the needs of a four members family. Through these photos you can see the process of... -
A 60 sq. m. Small Beautiful Home Design

A 60 sq. m. Small Beautiful Home Design

This is one story house design that offers a 60 sq. m. for its tenants. The house facade is lovely with a seating place in the porch of the house at the entrance door. The interior has one large living room open with dining and kitchen, two bedrooms... -
SNODO / Gruppo Building + Boffa Petrone & Partners

SNODO / Gruppo Building + Boffa Petrone & Par...

The aim of the project is to preserve and respect the existing industrial atmosphere of an incredible historical architecture such as the ?OGR? (the former railway repair workshops from late 19th century). The interiors design refers to the style of... -

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