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Q&A: Jen Hewett?s New Book, Print, Pattern, Sew + Giveaway!

To many in the creative community, Jen Hewett‘s name is synonymous with mastery of craft: she’s widely revered for her prowess in printmak...
22-05-2018 18:53

Daring DIY Modernizes a Century-Old Victorian in Ireland

In their dreams, visual merchandiser Katty Patterson of Hunter’s Bohemia and her husband Marky live in a lovingly-restored farmhouse in the sout...
21-05-2018 18:56

Glass Artist Byrony Lane + Best of the Web

Stained glass is so interesting to me. I toured a really stunning Basilica a few years ago with the most incredible stained glass. The guide explained...
18-05-2018 18:54

Life & Business Profile: Jan van der Lande of Kikkerland

Some of my favorite gifts and products over the years have come from Kikkerland. Think cat butt magnets (a best seller), solar powered waving garden g...
18-05-2018 18:54

Launching Your Online Business: What To Do (and Know) Before

All month we’re partnering with Weebly to share a series on getting your online business off the ground and running! One of the questions I hear...
17-05-2018 18:53

The Art of Collecting: Ann Wood of Woodlucker

Ann Wood has spent most of her life arranging and curating her many collections. When she was only 12 years old, her mom painted her bedroom floor to ...
17-05-2018 18:53

In Scotland, a Rug Designer?s 200-Year-Old Farmhouse

Dunbar, a coastal town about 30 miles east of Edinburgh, Scotland, attracts a certain type of person. On most days you’ll find villagers fishing...
16-05-2018 18:54

Finding Peace and Quiet in a Longterm Renovation

I’ve always known I wanted a fixer-upper. I’m not afraid of things being chaotic for a season if it means my husband and I can live in a p...
15-05-2018 18:54

In London, a Shop Owner?s Carefully Considered Family Home

Opting for more space can mean leaving behind a neighborhood you love, and setting down roots in an area that may or may not feel like home at first s...
14-05-2018 18:54

Artist Calli Moore + Best of the Web

I grew up in a town of about 10,000 people in southeastern Iowa. For a small community, we actually had a fantastic school district with award-winning...
11-05-2018 18:53

Spicy Chicken Chili Dogs to Kick off Summer + Giveaway

  Between Harlem and Heaven: Afro Asian American Cooking for Big Nights, Weeknights, and Every Day by chefs JJ Johnson and Alexander Smalls drew me in...
11-05-2018 18:53

Before & After: An English Rental Brings the Drama

For years, traditional hotels have used their grand interior designs to woo visitors and get press. Now that Airbnb and HomeAway have proven they have...
10-05-2018 18:54

A Thoughtfully Refined & Restored Treasure in the Berkshires

In the idyllic Berkshires in western Massachusetts, far from the noise and buzzing energy of New York City, sits a home that’s lined with lilac ...
09-05-2018 18:53

Behind the Instagram Account: @thefrancophiles

I love Instagram and following anonymous feeds that stick to one subject. While one might be an entire feed dedicated to floors, another might revolve...
08-05-2018 18:54

In Chicago, Room to Play Meets an Exercise in Restraint & Si

When The Dolgin Family was looking to stay in their Chicago, IL neighborhood of East Lakeview over three years ago, their mission was driven by the de...
07-05-2018 18:53

Celebrating the States: The Midwest

I’ve lived in Iowa my entire life. It’s the definition of landlocked. It’s one of those states forgotten by the rest of the country ...
04-05-2018 18:53

Magazine Tour Next Week + 8 Great Online Stories

This week has been a total whirlwind of launching our brand new book-a-zine, Good Company, getting ready to leave for events next week (come see us in...
04-05-2018 18:53

The Nun?s Room, an Old Tomato Growers? Shack in Western Aust

Days spent at The Nun?s Room begin as the sun starts to rise over the Western Australia bushland. Jake the whippet stretches his long, slim legs and s...
03-05-2018 18:55

Good Company Magazine Tour: WASHINGTON D.C.!

Our new book-azine, Good Company, is officially on stands and out in the world! We had our first panel event in Brooklyn on Monday and had SO much fun...
02-05-2018 18:54

An Interview with Alter-NATIVE?s Bethany Yellowtail

Bethany Yellowtail is well known within several communities: the world of social activists, the American Indian art scene, the global fashion industry...
02-05-2018 18:54

Living In: Scandal

I think we can all agree that Scandal is one of the most fashionable shows of all time. Whether it be a white fedora or a Carolina Herrera dress, ever...
01-05-2018 18:53

Good Company Magazine is Officially Out Today!

I started Design*Sponge 14 years ago with one simple goal: to create a space where I could talk about the things I loved with people who shared the sa...
01-05-2018 18:53

Good Company Magazine Tour: ATHENS, GA

Our new book-azine, Good Company, is officially on stands tomorrow and I can’t wait to hit the road to celebrate! I’m hosting seven panel ...
30-04-2018 18:54

Good Company Magazine Tour: KANSAS CITY

Our new book-azine, Good Company, will officially be out tomorrow (!!) and this week I’m sharing the final details for our seven panel discussio...
30-04-2018 18:54

Good Company Magazine Tour: DETROIT

Next week is the very first magazine tour event celebrating our new book-azine, Good Company, and I can’t wait to hit the road! At each event we...
27-04-2018 18:54

A Rum-Soaked Pound Cake That Tastes Like Home + Giveaway

I have fond memories of being allowed to have a Bourbon Ball or two at Christmastime when I was little. I attribute that experience to my current fond...
27-04-2018 18:54

Good Company Magazine Tour: CHICAGO!

I can’t wait for our upcoming magazine tour events to start!!! I’ll be traveling across the country to celebrate the launch of our new boo...
26-04-2018 18:53

A Shotgun Home that Celebrates Black History in New Orleans

It’s probably fair to say that buying a house without seeing it first is regularly considered a no-no in the world of real estate. But that̵...
26-04-2018 18:53

In London, a Color-Clashing Punk?s Bright & Vivacious Flat

Tucked into a circa-1880 Victorian terrace flat in Hackney, London you’ll find the home of Ms. Pink, a self-proclaimed professional color and pa...
25-04-2018 18:58

Good Company Magazine Tour: LOS ANGELES!

I’m so excited to start sharing alllll of the details for all of our upcoming magazine tour events to celebrate the launch of our new book-azine...
25-04-2018 18:58

Before & After: An Essex Kitchen And Powder Room

Amy and John Adams have been living in their Leigh home, in Essex, for nearly a year. Six weeks after their family moved in (which includes four child...
24-04-2018 18:54

Good Company Magazine Tour: BROOKLYN!

I’m so excited to start sharing the details for all of our upcoming magazine tour events to celebrate the launch of our new book-azine (which is...
24-04-2018 18:54

A Texas Home Full of Natural Light and Potential

When Austin and I put an offer in on a house last fall, I got to work designing what each and every room would look like once we moved in. Now that we...
23-04-2018 18:54

A Philadelphia Home & Studio with Clean Lines and Detailed V

One thing I really love about writing for Design*Sponge is the storytelling we do through home tours. I love learning about what went into a room reno...
20-04-2018 18:54

Get It Together! with Orlando Soria + Best of the Web

Sometimes when I get a book in the mail I can just feel that it’s going to be good. That’s exactly how I felt when I saw a package marked ...
20-04-2018 18:54

Making the Good Company Tour Accessible

Before I announce all the tour details tomorrow for our first ever Good Company Magazine Tour,  I wanted to mention that we are raising funds to help ...
19-04-2018 18:53

Before & After: Lauren and Austin?s Laundry Room Reno

Austin and I have lived in our new house for three months now, and it’s already hardly recognizable from the house we toured in October. It was ...
19-04-2018 18:53

A Military Base Home Infused with Cheerful Color

When you live on a military base, turning the house you’ve been allocated into a home that feels comfortable and reflects your personal style ca...
18-04-2018 18:54

10 Pet-Safe Houseplants

Last fall my partner and I were jonesing for a dog, so we did what every good renter does and sent our landlords a really nice email. Their reply"...
17-04-2018 18:54

Pre-Order: Meet Our New Magazine, Good Company!

For the past eight months, I’ve been working on a project that has been, without a doubt, the hardest of my career. And it’s finally here ...
17-04-2018 18:54

A Bohemian Apartment In New Orleans Makes Pattern Play Look

As someone that has moved, crisscross style, around the United States, I understand the personal growth and adventure that moving to a new location ca...
16-04-2018 18:53

Exciting News Next Week + Best of the Web

After months and months of hard work (and a lot of learning curves), next week we’re going to be announcing an exciting new project for us. A pr...
13-04-2018 18:54

Obsession-worthy Strawberry Shortcakes + Giveaway!

It’s not every week that I get to share the recipe from someone whose food I have actually eaten. But I have had Gaby Dalkin’s food, and I...
13-04-2018 18:54

Before & After: The Cutest Bunny Wallpaper We?ve Ever Seen

I always get excited to see a home renovation project that embraces patterned tile and wallpaper. I’m usually a little nervous to use bold wallp...
12-04-2018 18:54

The Anatomy of a Home Tour

Here at Design*Sponge, we’ve covered a wide spectrum of topics, from DIY how-to’s, to artist profiles and studios, to recipes, to pop cult...
11-04-2018 18:54

Living In: The Looks of Trixie Mattel

“Trixie Mattel. You’re a winner, baby!” A few weeks ago, in a move that literally had my friends gasping, RuPaul surprised viewers a...
10-04-2018 18:54

Time for Lunch: I Knead Love?s Turkey + Broccoli Quiche

Today we’re talking about businesses that use their time and resources to give back to their communities. This morning we had the pleasure of ta...
09-04-2018 18:54

Time for Lunch: I Knead Love?s Classic Apple Pie Recipe

In the words of one of my favorite drag queens, “It’s time for dinner!”… and dessert. All day we’ve been talking with Ma...
09-04-2018 18:54

Businesses That Give Back: I Knead Love with Maya-Camille Br

One of the things that stayed with me the most after finishing In the Company of Women was seeing just how many of the business owners I interviewed u...
09-04-2018 18:54

Jordan Nassar + Best of the Web

This weekend Julia and I are heading down to Miami for a quick dose of sunny weather before both of us hit the road for book and magazine tours (stay ...
06-04-2018 18:54

Before & After: An 1880s Victorian in Scotland is Refashione

Everyone is so busy and focused on productivity nowadays that sticking to the status quo has unfortunately become, well, the status quo. There simply ...
06-04-2018 18:54

A Tiny Cabin in the Woods For Creative Homesteaders In Vermo

Natasha Lawyer and Brett Bashaw may be new to Vermont, but they’re no strangers to forging a path and creating their own way of life. You might ...
05-04-2018 18:54

Life Lessons from Trading Spaces: The New Season Begins!

The first time I saw Genevieve Gorder on television, I knew I was seeing something special. It was 2000 and I was home on break from my freshman year ...
05-04-2018 18:54

A Philadelphia Home that Boasts a Potpourri of Architectural

In the early 1970s, the renowned Philadelphia architect Louis Kahn took on a project that entailed turning a century-old Philadelphia, PA corner store...
04-04-2018 18:54

Q&A: Interior Design in Iran ? Peeking Behind Closed Curtain

What makes me so happy as a writer at Design*Sponge is our constant effort to share with you a variety of homes and homeowners from all over the count...
03-04-2018 18:54

In North Carolina, a Family Sets the Stage for Memory-Making

At some point during the last three and a half years, my fanboy admiration for decor morphed into a desire to know the ins and outs of home improvemen...
02-04-2018 18:53

Inclusive Stock Photography + Best of the Web

As we head into the weekend, I wanted to wrap things up this week with one of the beautiful images that Andrea Pippins just added to the Adobe stock i...
30-03-2018 18:53

A Citrus Lover?s Sheet Cake

I quit sugar cold turkey on January 5th this year, and haven’t eaten a single granule since then. I have not, however, stopped baking with it fo...
30-03-2018 18:53

A Southern California Cabin Escape In The Mountains

Rachael Ann Lunghi is a stylist and floral designer based in San Diego, CA who recently purchased a cabin in the woods along with her mother, Ginni Fi...
29-03-2018 18:53

DIY Celestial Wood and Brass Inlay Serving Board

Recently, the warm glint of brass inlay has been showing up all over ? on wooden dressers, cut into marble jewelry boxes, curving through intricate ha...
29-03-2018 18:53

Before & After: An 80s Kitchen Gets a Modern Scandinavian Fa

We imagine that few people would find themselves being precious about original details when it comes to a mid-80s kitchen design, as the time period i...
28-03-2018 18:53

Inclusion Riders in Design: Why Our Community is Stronger Wh

The Oscars are known for stirring up controversy, alongside memorable fashion moments, every year. This year’s show had plenty of both, but one ...
28-03-2018 18:53

15 Statement Earrings For Spring

These days it’s hard to get me to invest in anything clothing-wise. I tend to kick around in the same jeans and old sweatshirts (usually pinched...
27-03-2018 18:53

Fun and Fearless Personality in a Century-Old Jacksonville H

Virginia Chamlee and Tom Canfield toured at least a dozen homes in Jacksonville, FL before stumbling on the listing that would eventually become #proj...
27-03-2018 18:53

London?s Farm Girl Cafe

This past weekend, Wes Anderson’s latest film Isle of Dogs hit the big screen. I haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, but if it’...
26-03-2018 18:54

Where to Follow Design*Sponge Online (New for 2018)

I wanted to take a brief time-out because the world of blogging has been changing drastically over the past year or so and the way people find, read, ...
26-03-2018 18:54

Shyama Golden + Weekend Inspiration

When I was writing about People of Craft, a platform that acts as a central hub for people of color across all creative fields, I got lost for hours d...
23-03-2018 18:53

Before & After: A 1926 Michigan Home Gets A Modern Refresh

Jenna Cook and Brandon Curry are a couple that know what they want and will make the efforts to make it happen. They’re also not afraid, or unfa...
23-03-2018 18:53

Before & After: A Brooklyn Apartment Gets A Vintage-Inspired

Entrusting an interior designer to interpret your own personal style, and then translate it throughout the walls of your home, isn’t always the ...
22-03-2018 18:53

Where We Shop: Making Room for Indie Shops and Box Stores

Last week we had a community discussion about trends. I wanted to talk about why my thoughts on them had changed and what that shift taught me about j...
21-03-2018 18:53

Before & After: A Bedroom Dormer Becomes An Extraordinary Nu

I love everything about Stacey Blake’s aesthetic. From the moment you walk into her Fayetteville, NC home, there’s color everywhere you lo...
21-03-2018 18:53

Before & After: A Childhood Home Reimagined

Homes with surprising backstories always seem to stick with me longer than those that are simply pretty. Oftentimes, these standout houses witness lov...
20-03-2018 18:54

A Respectfully Restored Fisherman?s Shack on the Australian

In the early 80s while still in his teens, Jamie Kwong spotted a rustic shack in a TV commercial. The simple waterfront house, which Jamie thought mus...
19-03-2018 18:53

Umami-Rich Scallion Oil Lapcheong Noodles

I am not a prolific social media user, and admit to being an infrequent Instagrammer. I am content to keep my head down and chug along in my daily rou...
16-03-2018 18:54

Ruben Guadalupe Marquez + What To Read This Weekend

Lately I’ve been finding myself spending more and more time with collage. It feels perfectly tied to the 90s resurgence happening in fashion rig...
16-03-2018 18:54

In Defense of Trends (Keep Calm and Let Them Be)

The world of design and design media loves to talk about trends. Some publications focus on touting them and staying one step ahead of the latest thin...
15-03-2018 18:53

Q&A: Practicing Inclusivity in the Design Industry with Peop

One common excuse offered by someone challenged for featuring/hiring/promoting only white people is, “but I don’t know where to find peopl...
14-03-2018 18:53

A Lovingly Restored Historic Home In Idaho Falls

Lonnie Pyper and Rebecca Long Pyper live in Idaho Falls, ID with their four children in a house that Rebecca has loved since she was in high school. R...
13-03-2018 18:53

A Rustic Bungalow in Austin, TX Celebrating Family

Every time I miss a family milestone or the temperature dips below freezing, I feel a subtle tug to pack up my Chicago home and move back to Texas. Su...
12-03-2018 18:53

A 1986 Home with Old Charm Crafted by Seasoned Renovators

When you see the sentimental details in Michelle and Ed’s home, the care that was taken with their space, and how personal and loved it feels, i...
09-03-2018 18:53

IRL + Best of the Web

This week, after 14 years, we finally had our first ever IRL team retreat. We flew from around the globe to meet and work together at the Hasbrouck Ho...
09-03-2018 18:53

Before & After: An All-Beige Bathroom Becomes a Scandinavian

When Kai Price and his partner, Joe Brothwell, first started planning the gutting of the bathroom in their 600-square-foot Victorian apartment in Sout...
08-03-2018 18:53

Before & After: A Home Gets a Charming Overhaul in Portland,

It’s not often that you can find an older home on the market that’s only had one owner. But that was exactly the case for Portland, OR cou...
07-03-2018 18:53

An Art Deco Apartment in South London Decorated to the Max

When blogger and decorator Sarah Akwisombe and her husband Jason first saw this apartment in Croydon, London, its Art Deco details and potential had t...
06-03-2018 18:53

An 1860s House Becomes a Serene Escape For Charleston, SC Ge

I have this thing with hotels. I love the design of hotels, staying in hotels — the works. I have even gone out of my way just to stay in a spec...
05-03-2018 18:53

Best of the Web + Donald Glover

This weekend I plan on settling in for the newest season of Donald Glover’s Atlanta, so when I saw this hand-written quote from Donald’s i...
02-03-2018 18:54

A Riot of Color and Charm in a West Yorkshire Victorian

Downstairs, in the basement of the Baker family?s home, an old cast iron range cooker stands proud and intact. It reminds the family of what their dou...
02-03-2018 18:54

Before & After: A Muted Arizona Home Gets Bright & Cheery Cu

I love a good curb appeal makeover. As a child, I would drive all over Memphis, TN with my grandfather (a land developer), just looking at houses, tal...
01-03-2018 18:54

Q&A: Creating a Platform for Black Interior Designers

If you’ve ever opened up a shelter magazine or scrolled through a design blog and wondered why it feels whitewashed, we’re with you. Repre...
28-02-2018 18:54

Doing Your Taxes This Year Is Easier Than Ever With TurboTax

Tax season is in full swing and it is, well, taxing. I’ve filed electronically with TurboTax for the last several years and I’ve only had ...
27-02-2018 18:54

A Chicago Home Filled With Reflections of Family, Culture &

When Mylene and Ramilo bought their 1948 Chicago Georgian home, they arrived with their dog, full hearts, and gratitude for their opportunity. In the ...
27-02-2018 18:54

A Neoclassical Home Seamlessly Blends the Old with the New

In the late 1800s, immigrants and Americans alike were leaving their rural lives behind for the bright lights of our nation’s burgeoning cities....
26-02-2018 18:53

Ethereal Glazed Sweet Potato Donuts + Giveaway

When I saw celebrated vegan chef and creator of the blog Sweet Potato Soul Jenné Claiborne’s new cookbook, I zeroed in on her recipe for  Sweet ...
23-02-2018 18:54

CRWN Magazine + Best of the Web

For the past six months I’ve been spending just about every waking moment working on our new bi-annual magazine, which hits stands this May. It&...
23-02-2018 18:54

An Ode To Oriental Rugs

When we launched our #DSNiceRug challenge on Instagram back in 2014, we not only got serious rug envy, but we were captivated by the rich colors of th...
22-02-2018 18:53

An Artist?s New Zealand Home Brimming with Bold Pattern

Evie Kemp and Sam Holford’s home in Auckland, New Zealand is an immersive experience, where patterns drip from every surface, bold colors pull y...
22-02-2018 18:53

DIY Paper Spider Orchids

I am very afraid of spiders. Even in a nature documentary, they send me into a full-body gasp, yelp, and shudder. So it was with some trepidation that...
21-02-2018 18:54

Back to School with Entrepreneur & Thought Leader Marie Forl

I’ve always wanted to say “our next Life & Business featured entrepreneur needs no introduction,” as if I were an Oscar presente...
20-02-2018 18:53

Black History Month Spotlight: Alma Woodsey Thomas

“Do you think of yourself as a black artist"? art critic and writer Eleanor Munro asked 86-year-old Alma Woodsey Thomas in an interview con...
20-02-2018 18:53

Before & After: Layers of Frills Become a Modern Board & Bat

In the interior design or DIY world, there’s nothing quite like the satisfying feeling of seeing your vision translated from the twists and turn...
19-02-2018 18:54

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News most viewed Today

Sustainable House Integrates a Roof Terrace by Chris Pardo Design: Elemental Architecture

Sustainable House Integrates a Roof Terrace b...

Wren House is a residential project designed and completed by Chris Pardo Design: Elemental Architecture… in Missoula, Montana. It was built with sustainability in mind, for the homeowner and his family have a deep respect for the environment.... -
Maison et Objet?s 2017 Designer of the Year: Pierre Charpin

Maison et Objet?s 2017 Designer of the Year: ...

A showcase to celebrate the fruitful collaboration between Pierre Charpin and Ligne Roset. -
Ocotea House Renovation / in situ studio

Ocotea House Renovation / in situ studio

The existing house on Ocotea was a well-loved, 1960\'s, low-sloped ranch with a full basement visible from the left side. Over the years, what was originally a clean image of mid-century residential architecture had fallen into disarray - the... -
Leather Wall and Floor Tiles by Lapelle Design

Leather Wall and Floor Tiles by Lapelle Desig...

Brand new wall and floor coverings designed by Studio Lapèlle, tiles with a unique ?touch? able to create a new extremely evocative glossary of interior design. Read the rest of Leather Wall and Floor Tiles by Lapelle Design originally posted on... -
[+] West London Kitchen Design Park Royal

[+] West London Kitchen Design Park Royal

Image Source: West London Kitchen Design Park Royal It is appropriate to alpha with their names. John Cooper, the Yorkshire Methodist grocer?s son, bedfast out of the Aboriginal World War. Harold and Walter Steggles, East End brothers... -
4 simple and charming early autumn decor ideas

4 simple and charming early autumn decor idea...

September brings warm days and crisp evenings.Colorful leaves on the ground and the smell of pumpkin spice and cocoa in the house.And it also brings pumpkins... and lots of them.But not usually right away. Which means early autumn decorating in... -
[+] Sims 4 Kitchen Designs No Custom Content

[+] Sims 4 Kitchen Designs No Custom Content

Image Source: Sims 4 Kitchen Designs No Custom Content 1994 Hervey Range Rd, Alice River.Image Source: A HOME that seamlessly blends country with avant-garde administration in a arresting backcountry ambience has won abode of the year... -
White Arkitekter and Citu Release First Images of Climate Innovation District in Leeds

White Arkitekter and Citu Release First Image...

Scandinavian firm, White Arkitekter, working closely with urban developers Citu, have designed the masterplan for the new Climate Innovation District in Leeds, in the United Kingdom. A central brownfield site in the city will be developed and... -
3 Light Interiors With Creative Pops Of Color

3 Light Interiors With Creative Pops Of Color

These simple interiors are a nice palate cleanser after a long day of looking for more complicated design ideas. Each one is unique but they all share a common theme: a fresh and light atmosphere bursting with the energy of a few colorful accents.... -
AL_A, DS+R, Selldorf Among 6 Teams Shortlisted for Renovation of 18th Century Palladian House in Surrey

AL_A, DS+R, Selldorf Among 6 Teams Shortliste...

Six teams have been shortlisted in a competition to restore and renovate the historic Clandon Park mansion in the county of Surrey, England, after the National Park property received heavy damage from a fire in 2015. -

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