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My New Book- Inspired Gatherings

I am wearing my heart on my sleeve, pulling that curtain asideand spilling some beans today. I have been working on a few fun things over here-  and t...
30-04-2020 19:04

7 quick, easy & temporary ways to update your kitchen

Have I told you how much I love a good project"  I love to tackle renovating a space and giving it a new look.Maybe it was because I grew up in a hous...
28-04-2020 19:02

French Country Fridays- 5 minute mantel with books and bottl

It is all about 5 minute decorating over here today- and styling this mantel with just a few things you probably already have on hand.READ MORE......
24-04-2020 19:03

Inspiration- 12 ways to decorate with blush

You know that delicious barely blushing blush color" That soft pale shade of pink that doesn't shout 'pink' and that almost looks like a c...
22-04-2020 19:03

Before & After- What our Living Room Looked like Before

Do you love a good Cinderella story" A before and then a happily ever after complete with a wave of a magic wand"  Oh good. Because I have a few that ...
21-04-2020 19:02

Weekend View & Mother's Day Giveaway

Welcome the weekend view.It is a dreaming of fresh cut lilacs in the sink kind of weekend over here. Talking about gardens progress, wisteria and a Mo...
19-04-2020 19:35

French Country Fridays- Simple Bathroom Refresh

When you just need a quick room update-it is all about simple tips.READ MORE......
17-04-2020 19:02

Creating a garden inspired floral arrangement

Have you ever just wandered out to the garden or yard to see what inspires you"The other day I did just that. I needed something for our table... and ...
15-04-2020 19:02

Curb Appeal- 20 Front Door Color Inspirations

Home is our haven more than ever right now.And while a lot of us are shopping the house to see what inspires us instead of shopping the store- and rea...
14-04-2020 19:01

French Country Fridays- Simple Spring Vignette Ideas

It is that time of the week again... French Country Friday time.This week is all simple spring vignettes-  all the time.READ MORE......
10-04-2020 19:02

Book Club- 45 Book ideas for reading right now

Can I just say that I am SO excited about starting up this virtual book club with you all today"And I might have compiled a very *small* list of sugge...
09-04-2020 19:05

A story & 7 ideas for adding vintage charm to your kitchen

Today it is all about a love story- about finding yourself exactly where you need to be.And taking something tarnished and polishing it up and why tho...
07-04-2020 19:03

20 minute Decorating- Simple Easter table centerpiece ideas

I have to be honest... I cannot believe it is already Easter time.Of course, with the current way of the world- this Easter Sunday will definitely be ...
07-04-2020 19:03

French Country Fridays- Real vs faux flowers

It is all about fabulous flowers over here today- and why there are particular ones that are some of my favorites.READ MORE......
03-04-2020 19:03

Quick Change -Creating an Inspired Easter Table and Gatherin

Yesterday a bit of a shuffle -shuffle happened in the house.Ever get inspired to move things around to create a completely different look & feeling in...
02-04-2020 19:02

7 simple ideas for Easter at Home

At home. We are hearing stay at home a lot lately.  And with the way of the world as it is right now- staying at home is where we need to be and what ...
31-03-2020 19:04

12 ideas for decorating with buckets & where to find them

I have been longing to go junking recently.I am starting to think about getting in the car and driving by to wave at my favorite thrift stores.I imagi...
27-03-2020 19:03

French Country Fridays- Things to do at home

Home is feeling a bit different these days isn't it"I mean it is the same of course, but even so, it feels different. This week - for French Count...
27-03-2020 19:03

Comfort Food- Vegetarian Mexican Corn Stew

This soup is one of our absolute favorites and we have been making it for probably about 20 years now. Though we have tweaked it to be our own and to ...
25-03-2020 19:00

9 Ideas for creating foraged arrangements

This weekend, I grabbed the trimmers and headed outside to wander our property to look for something to create a foraged arrangement.When it comes to ...
24-03-2020 19:04

French Country Fridays- A little spring in the kitchen

Today it is all about a little bit of spring.READ MORE......
20-03-2020 19:01

Haven at Home - faux flowers

The past week,  I have gotten a lot of messages from many of you asking me to share some ideas for making being at home not feel so different right no...
19-03-2020 19:04

34 things to do while staying at home

Yesterday, I put on Christmas music... and yes, I know. It is March 19th. Christmas music and twinkle lights always makes it feel like something magic...
19-03-2020 19:04

5 ideas for creating an inspired table setting at home

Spring flowers are some of my favorites- though I don't think I have met a flower I didn't like.Today is all about sprinkling joy and beauty a...
16-03-2020 19:03

French Country Friday- 15 spring centerpiece ideas

Cabbages and flowers as centerpieces- a favorite simple look for spring tables.READ MORE......
13-03-2020 19:01

Greenhouse garden planning

Garden planning is in full swing over here. And today I am sharing a few peeks at the project as well as a bit more about the plants we are incorporat...
12-03-2020 19:02

5 Style Tips for a Casual Bohemian Inspired Gathering

Casual gatherings are some of my favorites.While I love the details and elements that go into setting a more formal table with pretty dishes &  elegan...
09-03-2020 19:01

7 things to do in the Wine Country

It is all about wine country fun today.If you are looking for a few things to do that are free or inexpensive on your next trip I've got you cover...
06-03-2020 19:02

20 Minute Decorating - How to style faux flowers

20 minute decorating is always one of my favorite posts each month.Because if you are like me- you love to decorate but sometimes don't have more ...
03-03-2020 19:01

New French Market Floral Collection

Today it is all about French market flowers and  baskets full of pretty.READ MORE......
02-03-2020 19:01

French Country Fridays- 5 tips for an elegant spring table

Spring is on the way- and that means spring entertaining ideas have been on my mind.READ MORE......
28-02-2020 19:02

11 ways to add a vintage style charm to a new kitchen

The kitchen... the heart of the home.Kitchens are where a lot of cooking magic happens & conversationstake place over coffee and fresh baked goodies.T...
26-02-2020 19:01

21 ideas to decorate with blue & white

Blue and white can be bold and beautiful - and soft, elegant & charming at the same time.It is one of those combinations that is classic and is always...
24-02-2020 19:01

French Country Fridays- Vintage Floral Painted Beds

Vintage & Florals. Two of my favorite things.And when you put them both together- even better.Today it is all about these charming vintage floral pain...
21-02-2020 19:01

Travel Diaries- Capri, Italy

Ahhh Capri... such an absolutely beautiful place.READ MORE......
20-02-2020 19:01

How to create a simple spring table centerpiece (and a secre

You probably already know how much I love styling a pretty table.Creating the ambiance with candles and twinkle lightsand playing with flowers for the...
18-02-2020 19:00

10 ways to add French charm to your bedroom

What is it about French style that we all love so much"The chandeliers dripping with crystals and romance"The painted furniture and gilded mirrors"The...
17-02-2020 19:00

Weekend View and 5 charming paint color ideas for front door

What does your front door say about you" Bold and beautiful" Soft & muted" Traditional or on trend" Choosing the color for the front door is kind of l...
01-02-2020 18:59

French Country Fridays- Simple Valentine Table & Recipe idea

'Delicious dessert, a pretty table and date night at home for Valentine's Day" Yes, please.READ MORE......
31-01-2020 18:59

7 ways to add French farmhouse charm to your bathroom

Whenever I am getting ready to travel anywhere- I tend to do one thing. Which leads to about 27 other things that I didn't even think about doing ...
30-01-2020 19:01

Books, shelves, a before & changes

When it comes to shelves in magazines- have you ever noticed that they always look so perfectly polished, spaced just so and edited and curated to be ...
29-01-2020 19:03

7 tips for using grocery store flowers for a custom bouquet-

Creating a floral arrangement might look like it is hard to doand like it is expensive-but today is the start of a new series all about floral insider...
27-01-2020 19:00

French Country Fridays- a special Valentine gift

Valentine's Day might make you think of little heart shaped boxes full of chocolate and roses-but this post is about a special Valentine gift with...
24-01-2020 18:59

Sautéed & Fresh Vegetable Pizza

A cauliflower pizza crust topped with sautéed veggies, fresh veggies, feta cheese & avocado" Yes, please.READ MORE......
24-01-2020 18:59

How to Create a Dutch Door for the Barn

There is just something about a dutch door that has a whole lot of charm and romance.READ MORE......
23-01-2020 19:01

Travel Diaries- Positano, Italy

Have you ever traveled somewhere and instantly felt a shift inside"Like a deep breath in and out. Something that you maybe can't explain just exac...
21-01-2020 19:00

7 Ideas for decorating with faux flowers

You already know that I am a huge fresh flowers kind of girl.Flowers just add that certain something and finishing touch to a room.  Whether in a big ...
17-01-2020 19:04

15 Simple winter decorating Ideas

Simple winter decoratingAfter Christmas and the busy in the house- so many of use feel like we just want simple.Quiet. Less is more type feeling in ou...
14-01-2020 19:03

Design Influencers Conference 2020

I am so excited about the Design Influencers Conference this year... are you planning to go"Today is the LAST DAY to register at the Early Bird Pricin...
14-01-2020 19:03

French Country Fridays -Winter Living Room

Sharing a few ideas for warming up the living room in winter.READ MORE......
10-01-2020 19:03

Tips for simple & easy ways to store holiday decor

I have been un-decking the halls over here.Packaging up ornaments, trees and garlandsand doing a January refresh in the house.READ MORE......
10-01-2020 19:03

Reflections, Dreams & Possibilities - Happy New Year

It is the start of the first full week of 2020.Which means new projects, new ideas and looking aheadand taking a look back at the year that was.READ M...
07-01-2020 19:04

20 minute decorating- Simple Beautiful Floral Arrangement

Something so simple as fresh flowers in a room cake make it feel completely different.And today I am talking about a simple bouquet that was under $20...
07-01-2020 19:04

Weekend thoughts... Word of the year - 2020

Every year, I think of a word or a few words that I plan to focus on in the new year.Not as in every single thing has to revolve around that word- but...
05-01-2020 19:02

French Country Fridays- Cozy Winter Decorating Ideas

Welcome to the first French Country Fridays of 2020.I hope everyone has been enjoying the holiday season and a little time off.READ MORE......
03-01-2020 19:08

Simple ideas for decorating for winter

There is nothing like those twinkling trees and magical ambiance of Christmas that the holiday season brings to the house.And after the holidays when ...
01-01-2020 19:08

2019 Projects & Home Goals for the new year

2019 home projects... there were a few for sure.When you live in an older house- there are always projects on the list- some bigger than others.READ M...
31-12-2019 19:02

Simple Tips & Delicious Nibbles Ideas for NYE at home

Bread and olive oil.Cheese platters and a delicious melted goodness.READ MORE......
30-12-2019 19:02

French Country Fridays- New Years Eve decorating

Happy weekend after Christmas all.READ MORE......
27-12-2019 19:05

Merry Christmas & the day the metal band played Christmas

It is Christmas Eve.The house is bustling. The trees are twinkling. The kitchen is a little on the messy side and the oven has been working overtime b...
25-12-2019 19:07

Last minute treats and sweets ideas

Merry Christmas Eve eve all.I am baking away today over here - and figured you just might be doing the same. So I thought I would share a few tried an...
23-12-2019 19:09

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