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interior design News

French Country Fridays- English garden patio and giveaway

Happy Friday everyone!Are you ready for the weekend"READ MORE......
22-06-2018 19:08

Get the Look: English Garden Patio Lion Fountain under $400

I might be obsessed with ivy walls...And with blush roses vining through them and a lion fountain in the center"Well, I am in love.READ MORE......
21-06-2018 19:05

A fresh look on the patio with HomeGoods & Giveaway

A little sprinkle of blush on the patio, a charming boho hammock and a simple romantic new look is what todays post is all about.And something for you...
21-06-2018 19:05

Get the look for less- Deconstructed French Chair

You know that look that is all about a piece of furniture that is rustic and yet, comfortable at the same time"That look where the burlap shows and th...
18-06-2018 19:06

French Country Friday- French Country Coffee Table

Happy Friday everyone!!It is time for French Country Fridays and this week- it is all about a favorite style of coffee table- and more.READ MORE......
15-06-2018 19:07

Antique Victorian Arched Marble Fireplace- Before

When searching craigslist becomes an every few days kind of thing... you might be a bit obsessed.But... in a good way.READ MORE......
13-06-2018 19:07

Blue, Blush & Gold summer table & 10 styling tips

A little bit of blue & white with a pop of blushand a sprinkle of gold and a whole lot of ambiance.A winning recipe for a summer table for friends for...
11-06-2018 19:07

French Country Fridays- 8 ideas for styling a summer patio

It is warm hot summer days and warm summer nights kind of weather over here- and that means lots of outdoor patio time.Which means you are probably th...
08-06-2018 19:05

Haven Conference Mentor

Haven Conference is just around the corner.Which is frankly a bit hard to believe- and is super exciting.And this year- it is being held in Charleston...
06-06-2018 19:10

How to keep your lilacs from wilting after cutting them

 Oh lilacs... how I love you.From your delicate star blossoms to your intoxicating scent and gorgeous colors- you are a spring beauty. And I am pretty...
04-06-2018 19:06

Weekend View- and a sneak peek

Happy 1st weekend in June!Lazy summer days relaxing in the hammock, swimming in the river and staying out late under the stars are just around the cor...
04-06-2018 19:06

French Country Fridays- Knotty Pine Walls Love

A share your favorites kind of day-and today it is all about something that was dark and dreary and not so fabulous when I first saw it...but that wit...
01-06-2018 19:07

Design Bloggers Tour Top 12 favorites

I am obsessed with some of the inspirations I found at High Point Market this spring.Things like rich velvet upholstery, pretty dainty details and lot...
30-05-2018 19:08

A red, white and blue story

The red, white & blue.READ MORE......
29-05-2018 19:09

French Country Fridays- Patio Refresh

Happy Friday!!It has been a whirlwind busy week with photo shoots and a few refresh projects happening- as well as some work on a special project that...
25-05-2018 19:09

One of my favorite flea market treasures

One of my absolute favorite second hand treasures might be one with gold and details and lots of lovely amounts of charm and charisma.Yes,  indeed.  I...
24-05-2018 19:08

California style fresh vegetable pizza

Have I ever mentioned that we have a wonderful live in chef"One who loves to cook everything from gourmet breakfasts to gourmet dinners- and is not on...
22-05-2018 19:07

5 minute decorating- Bottles, Books and Blooms on the mantel

Remember that 5 minute decorating series I did a few years back"The one where I shared how to decorate something like a mantel, refresh the bedroom or...
21-05-2018 19:09

French Country Friday - Soap bottle love

It's that French Country Friday time again...and today it is all about one of my favorite obsessions.Soap bottles.CLICK HERE TO READ MORE......
18-05-2018 19:08

The secret to these buckets of blooms on the patio

I might be obsessed with pretty little buckets.Especially when they are filled with pretty little flowers.And these... have a secret.CLICK HERE TO REA...
16-05-2018 19:06

Weekend View - Mother's Day

Happy weekend everyone.This week the weekend view is full of  a little bit of Mother's Day love.CLICK HERE TO READ MORE......
13-05-2018 19:05

French Country Fridays- Early Summer Home

It is hard to believe that it is almost the middle of May- which means summer is just around the corner. I am more than a wee bit behind on tours this...
11-05-2018 19:07

15 gift ideas for Mother's Day

It is hard to believe that is already almost the middle of May - and that this weekend it is all about celebrating the moms, grandmothers, aunts, and ...
09-05-2018 19:07

Cottage Garden- 8 things to know about Foxgloves

Some of my favorite cottage gardens are filled with blooming beauties tall and small- blooming inshades of whites and pinks mingling with sages and si...
07-05-2018 19:07

French Country Fridays- How to mix vintage and new

Happy Friday! It is time for French Country Friday again... and this week it is all about vintage and new and how to mix them to get that look we all ...
04-05-2018 19:06

Lamps Plus & Exciting News

A couple of weeks ago, I hopped on an early morning flight to L.A. for a fun day all aboutgorgeous lighting, home decor and so much more.It was a day ...
01-05-2018 19:06

High Point Market Tour Day 2

Day two at High Point Market...After a busy day one and likely about 12 miles covered - your feet might start feeling a bit tired- but honestly, you f...
30-04-2018 19:06

French Country Fridays- Simple Mantel Decor for a Celebratio

It's that time again... that French Country Fridays time. This week it is all about party inspiration.CLICK HERE TO READ MORE......
27-04-2018 19:07

Collecting- Antique Floral Charm

Delicate and delightful.I am a sucker for all things pretty, romantic, French style and - add some flowers- well, I am totally smitten.CLICK HERE TO R...
25-04-2018 19:15

Vintage French Style Patio

Have I mentioned that I have a big crush on all things weathered and worn"Things like old silvered wood, chalky galvanized metal bits...CLICK HERE TO ...
23-04-2018 19:09

French Country Fridays- 3 tips for hosting an outdoor event

It's that French Country Friday time again...and today it is all about outdoor entertaining.CLICK HERE TO READ MORE......
20-04-2018 19:06

High Point Market Tour- Day One

Ahhhh High Point Market... you are always so inspiring.CLICK HERE TO READ MORE......
18-04-2018 19:06

Gardening - Camellia

One of the biggest surprises when we moved into our cottage - was this huge tree that seemed to take up half of the front of the very front of our cot...
16-04-2018 19:08

French Country Fridays- Perfect Hammocks

Happy Friday everyone!CLICK HERE TO READ MORE......
13-04-2018 19:07

Blush Check Window Seat Pillows

I am one of those girls who might be obsessed with little things... like details.Pretty little carvings on furniture, and gilding on mirrors, plaster ...
10-04-2018 19:08

French Country Friday - Cottage Garden Favorites

Time for another French Country Friday post- which is all about sharing some favorites with a few friends.This week, since I have gardens and planting...
06-04-2018 19:06

7 Dreamy chicken houses

We have been doing a bit of planning over here with all kinds of outdoor projects coming up in the coming months. And one of them might involve chicke...
02-04-2018 19:05

Simple Spring touches and Giveaway with HomeGoods

The windows and doors have been open, the sun shining brightly  and the warm air feels like spring has arrived this week.And I am so excited.  Spring ...
29-03-2018 19:05

7 Simple Spring Vignette Ideas with Balsam Hill

Can you believe that April is just around the corner" April means that spring will definitely be on the way- even if the temperatures have been more o...
26-03-2018 19:07

Blushing Beauty Office - custom paint refresh

Last week, I was playing with little cans of paint, a paint brush and several dollops of colors in the kitchen.  A little bit of black, a touch of yel...
23-03-2018 19:05

French Country Fridays- Cane back stools

It is that French Country Fridays time again.And this week it is all about pretty cane back chairsand tips on choosing the perfect stool for your kitc...
23-03-2018 19:05

9 ideas for a charming Easter table

Sometimes simple and sweet is perfect. Especially when it comes to entertaining and hosting friends and family.And for Easter and spring- using things...
21-03-2018 19:07

Celebrate Spring table setting ideas

I woke up listening to the birds outside my bedroom window chirping away this morning and it made me more than a little excited for spring, gardening ...
19-03-2018 19:05

French Country Friday- French Ticking curtains

Happy Friday everyone!!Time for another edition of French Country Fridays- and today it is all about some of my favorite curtains.CLICK HERE TO READ M...
16-03-2018 19:05

Simple spring refresh

Simple is perfect when it comes to a refresh.And when you find something like pretty little bedding that speaks your name" Well, you know... I mention...
13-03-2018 19:04

Spring garden planning & new series

It is that time of year... to think about gardening.Well, okay. Not gardening yet... but Garden Dreams and what you want your garden to be in a few mo...
12-03-2018 19:05

French Country Fridays- Cabbage Flower Arrangement

I am thinking spring over here.Birds singing away. Gardens in bloom. And lazy summer days just around the corner.Even though we have rain on the forec...
09-03-2018 19:01

Behind the scenes- Photo Shoot at Rachel Ashwell's house and

The first week of January started 2018 with a whole lot of amazing inspiration and a photo shoot that was an absolute dream.You might remember seeing ...
07-03-2018 19:01

French Country Floral Friends

Fresh flowers, faux flowers and a whole lot of inspiration and fun.Yesterday was such a fun post to write and to finally be able to share something th...
05-03-2018 19:01

Random weekend- French Country floral collection & Giveaway

Happy weekend everyone.It is all random over here on the weekends... and this weekit is all about spilling the beans on a secret project.CLICK HERE TO...
05-03-2018 19:01

Painted cupboard Makeover - French Country Friday

Do you remember that time I shared that I had stayed up late watching Sherlock... and the cliff hanger left me wondering like things that make you go ...
02-03-2018 19:02

Braided floral topped pie

Something simple and sweet...And not just for fall or winter.CLICK HERE TO READ MORE......
01-03-2018 19:03

7 simple ideas for enjoying copper in your home

Are you as in love with copper as I am" CLICK HERE TO READ MORE......
28-02-2018 19:06

French style poster bed details

Sometimes you just need a little something with a touch of French style. Maybe it is something tiny like a gilded french table to tuck into the corner...
26-02-2018 19:02

Simple French Decor ideas- French Country Fridays

Another edition of French Country FridaysAnd this week- it is all about simple decorating ideas with buckets and bloomsCLICK HERE TO READ MORE......
23-02-2018 19:02

Design Bloggers Conference Mentor

Guess what is just a couple weeks away... one of my favorite events that is all about Design, Blogging and basically-is full of a lot of information a...
21-02-2018 19:02

10 Favorite Blush linens for your bedroom

Sometimes I am inspired by something for one roomand it leads to something for another roomand another inspiration.And before you know it... a makeove...
19-02-2018 19:03

French Country Fridays

Happy Friday everyone.Are you excited for the weekend"CLICK HERE TO READ MORE......
16-02-2018 19:02

7 simple and easy flower container ideas

I have a slight obsession with flowers.I know that might be a surprise...CLICK HERE TO READ MORE......
14-02-2018 19:01

7 inexpensive ideas for Valentine's Day

It is February 12th.That means that 'sweethearts day' is just 2 days away.sWhich means an amazing dessert, paper Valentine's and dreaming ...
13-02-2018 19:02

Romantic inspired table- French Country Friday

Happy Friday everyone!CLICK HERE TO READ MORE......
09-02-2018 19:02

The little kitchen that could

Did you ever read that book- 'The Little Engine That Could'"It was one of my favorite books when I was growing up. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE......
07-02-2018 19:02

3 ways to add French Cottage charm to your bathroom in 5 min

5 minute decorating... one of my favorites and one of your favorites.Because, we all want that gorgeous, well thought out, designed and styled look......
05-02-2018 19:02

18 exterior door color ideas

My front door is having an identity crisis. And so is the rest of the outside of my house.It all started with a fresh paint color on the little cottag...
02-02-2018 19:02

A charming vintage inspired kitchen island

I have told the story many times of how much I fell in lovewith our kitchen the first time I saw it.So you likely already know that it wasn't the ...
30-01-2018 19:04

5 tips for refreshing your laundry room

January is one of those months that is about refreshing and renewing.Our wardrobes, ourselves and our homes and decor.And one of the places I always l...
29-01-2018 19:05

5 ideas for adding vintage charm to your kitchen

The first time I saw our kitchen- I fell in love.Not with the dust bunnies, old linoleum or that ceiling fan with the beer bottle pull.I fell in love ...
26-01-2018 19:02

3 ideas on a dime- Romantic inspired place settings

I am all about the romantic inspired pretty much everything over here...And that includes tables and entertaining ideas.This share is a bit different ...
24-01-2018 19:04

Simple inspired winter entertaining ideas

From tables for two to evenings out under the stars by the fire pitto cozying up by a roaring fire indoors with family and friends.I love inspired ent...
22-01-2018 19:05

Weekend View & a few questions

Happy weekend everyone.It is time for that this and that and all things random post. This weekend it is all about photo shoots,  webinars and finding ...
22-01-2018 19:05

Friday Favorites- Choosing the perfect shade of White

Shades of white.You wouldn't think it would be so hard to choose the perfect shade of white for painting a room, right"But there are
19-01-2018 19:07

A love affair with my French range - Questions and answers

It has been just about 6 months since I fell head over heels in love... and I remember it like it was yesterday. It was a hot summer day and my tank t...
17-01-2018 19:04

7 easy ways to warm up your home for winter

It is January which means days are shorter and colderand gray winter skies can seem to be on repeat.And when it comes to home- beautiful light from th...
15-01-2018 19:04

Friday Favorites- Marble Counters, blackberries & how to get

We have quite a few blackberry bushes growing wild around our property and those blackberries mean that blackberry everything happens during the summe...
12-01-2018 19:06

Charming French Style Tables

Sometimes you bump into something that instantly speaks your design language.Maybe it is a certain color or the rustic finish something has- or maybe ...
09-01-2018 19:05

Friday Favorites- 1 of the easiest ways to change the look o

Oh how I love Friday Favorites.That day of the week where we talk about favorite things.Like favorite travel spots, flowers, and decor ideaslike this ...
05-01-2018 19:04

10 of your favorite posts in 2017

The first couple of weeks of January is always full of favorite posts.From favorite renovations to favorite diy projects to favorite inspirations.And ...
03-01-2018 19:05

Blank Pages & possibilities- welcome 2018

Welcome 2018.A new year.With new possibilities, new goals and dreamsand a book full of blank pages just waiting for you to write your story on them.CL...
02-01-2018 19:04

7 simple decor ideas for New Years Eve

Can you believe it is almost a new year"New Years Eve is a time for reflecting on the year and looking ahead to a new one.CLICK HERE TO READ MORE......
02-01-2018 19:04

Weekend View- NYE Edition

It is the weekend view time... and it is hard to believe that it is New Years Eve.Seriously. I am really wondering where this year went.It has been a ...
02-01-2018 19:04

French Cottage Bathroom - Favorites in 2017

The hustle and bustle and busy of the holiday season is winding down a bit.Though those twinkling trees are twinkling away and the garland is on the f...
27-12-2017 19:05

Christmas Eve Weekend View

Can you believe it is Christmas Eve"All is calm. All is bright. All is sprinkled with twinkle lights and Christmas magic.CLICK HERE TO READ MORE......
25-12-2017 19:04

Christmas Nights Home Tour

Happy almost Christmas everyone!!I can hardly believe that Christmas is just a couple days away.And I am totally not ready yet...  much on the to do l...
22-12-2017 19:04

30 under $30 gift ideas

Can you believe that Christmas is just a few days away" This season sure has flown by this year and if you are like me you are running around scrambli...
20-12-2017 19:02

A vintage Inspired romantic Christmas mantel

Sometimes you find something that inspires decorating and changes in a room.Even when you thought you had all that Christmas decorating wrapped up and...
18-12-2017 19:05

All through the house- 12 of my favorite Christmas Trees

It is hard to believe that Christmas is just around the corner.And though I have decked the halls and put up several trees already-I have holiday deco...
15-12-2017 19:01

Easy Holiday Hosting- 4 tips for creating the perfect cheese

All things Merry and Bright brings twinkling trees and pretty garlands and the holiday parties and get togethers. Tis the season for hosting and enter...
13-12-2017 19:02

Romantic White Christmas Mantel

I am more than a little obsessed with all things Merry & Bright. And when it comes to Christmas decor- I always love to add a little bit of romance as...
12-12-2017 19:02

The Great Tinsel Debate- and my little French Country Christ

Do you remember the story about the first Christmas I spent with my now husbandand the great tinsel debate"CLICK HERE TO READ MORE......
11-12-2017 19:02

Giving Back This Season with Balsam Hill

Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year and along with those twinkling trees and Christmas music playing- the season also brings back so man...
07-12-2017 19:00

Antique Fireplace Before & After

Not that long ago I bumped into an ad for an antique fireplacethat needed a bit of love.One with lots of details  and big potential to be absolutely i...
06-12-2017 19:03

A charming little room dressed for Christmas

p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 11.0px Helvetica} span.s1 {letter-spacing: 0.0px} Sometimes it is fun to play with some of those little...
04-12-2017 19:02

A little bit of Christmas in the Greenhouse

A little bit of this and that and a whole lot of Christmas charm...Christmas is all through the house over here... and that includes the outdoor areas...
01-12-2017 19:04

All through the house... Holiday Housewalk tour

It is hard to believe it is already time for the Holiday Housewalk again!The season seems to be absolutely zooming by this year.And today, I am sharin...
29-11-2017 19:02

Merry & Bright~ My favorite Frosted Fir Christmas tree

All things Merry & Bright have been appearing around the house.From fresh garlands and pretty little baubles dotting the mantels and tablesto twinklin...
27-11-2017 19:02

Romantic white & blush Christmas bedroom

I am all about simple & sweet this year.Like a beautiful white tree dotted with blush & silver ornamentsand sprinkled with an abundance of romantic ch...
26-11-2017 19:06

10 favorite Simple Christmas Stylings

Happy Friday after Thanksgiving!I hope your day was beautiful! We are gearing up for a busy weekend and week ahead- and so today is all about playing ...
24-11-2017 19:01

18 favorites from Design Bloggers Tour at High Point Market

Today it is all about something that caught my eye in each of the showrooms we visited on the Design Bloggers Tour... and maybe a couple of extras.CLI...
23-11-2017 19:02

Pale greens and silver & gold ~ Christmas Living Room

Christmas has been sprinkled almost all through the house...Almost....  ;)From fresh garlands and pretty twinkling treesto baubles and sprigs of green...
21-11-2017 19:03

Coffee, kitchen gift ideas and a peek

I am one of those girls who loves espresso...A delicious little cup of that bold coffee will do anytime-  and of course, the occasional specialty trea...
20-11-2017 19:02

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