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The Seller?s Guide to Finding a Buyer: What Not to Do When L

When it comes to listing your home, you want everything to go smoothly. If you make a mistake during the listing process, you might end up getting les...
23-09-2018 18:54

Get Ready To Nest In Bed Longer With The New Wayfair Eider &

As temperatures drop and days get shorter, you\'ll probably be spending more time in bed (or at least wishing you could). Wayfair\'s latest design col...
22-09-2018 18:54

5 of the Best Tips for Decorating a Home Office

So you have a home office. Congratulations! Plenty of people long for a dedicated space in their homes where they can focus and tackle their to-dos. T...
22-09-2018 18:54

Let These 14 Stunning Built-In Ideas Inspire Your Next Home

If there’s one architectural feature that everyone loves, it’s built-in furniture. Whether we’re talking about classic bookcases, a ...
21-09-2018 18:55

7 Design Mistakes You?re Probably Making With Your House Pla

Designing your own custom home means getting ultimate control over your abode. Whether your wish list is a mile long or you?re looking to downsize, th...
20-09-2018 18:54

Still Think You Don?t Need a Formal Living Room"

The formal living room has become an endangered species.  Freshome reached out to experts around the country, and the responses were the same. ?There ...
19-09-2018 18:55

6 Amazing Indoor Water Feature Ideas

Water features are usually associated with outdoor gardens, adding a serene bubbling brook to lush natural areas. But you can also get that relaxing f...
19-09-2018 18:55

7 of the Best Herbs to Grow Indoors

There\'s nothing quite like fresh herbs to turn up the flavor dial on a dish. Adding herbs is a great way to excite your tastebuds without adding thos...
18-09-2018 18:53

World Market Has Some Gorgeously Ghoulish Halloween Decor fo

This year\'s Cost Plus World Market Halloween decor is awesome. The items are fun, affordable and perfect for your upcoming Halloween party.The post W...
18-09-2018 18:53

Create a Grand Entrance With Your Entryway

You never get a second chance to make a good first impression. Regardless of your home?s style, when people come to ? and go through ? your front door...
17-09-2018 18:54

How to Get the Best Price When Buying a New Build

Buying an existing home is all about the art of the deal. A new home, on the other hand, is set in stone, right" Not exactly. While the materials...
15-09-2018 18:55

6 Stylish Ways to Use Polka-Dot Designs

Think polka dots are just for clown costumes" Think again! Polka dots can be a striking way to add color and geometry to a room?s design.The post...
14-09-2018 18:54

12 Gorgeous Shiplap Ideas That Will Have You Channeling Your

There’s a reason shiplap has been a fixture on the interior design scene for a while. There’s just something about this material that brin...
13-09-2018 18:53

Create the Perfect Home Office in 8 Steps

Your home is your castle, but it can also be the central command post for your business, or a secondary workplace if you frequently bring work home. I...
12-09-2018 18:53

10 Smart Moving Supplies That Will Make Moving Easier

If you’re getting ready to move, you probably have an idea of the basic moving supplies you’ll need: boxes, tape and paper. However, we...
11-09-2018 18:53

Question Time: These Are the Top Questions to Ask During an

Attending open houses can be a lot of fun. After all, how often do you get a chance to tour other people’s houses without restriction" Howe...
10-09-2018 18:53

5 Ways to Incorporate Woven Textures Into a Home

We hope you like the products we recommend. Just so you are aware, Freshome may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.  Have you always...
09-09-2018 18:53

7 Ridiculously Easy New Build DIYs

There\'s a reason you had a contractor build your home; you didn\'t want to get your hands dirty. But the problem with new builds ? especially those b...
08-09-2018 18:53

Anthony Bourdain?s NYC Apartment Is for Rent and the Views A

Just a few months after the devastating news of Anthony Bourdain’s passing, his New York City condo is up for rent. Bourdain didn’t own th...
08-09-2018 18:53

Delta Children Brings Nursery Looks That Are Impressively El

Putting together a well-designed nursery can get tricky. On the one hand, you want the space to feel beautiful and purposefully designed.The post Delt...
07-09-2018 18:54

SUNO?s Got a Line With Anthropologie and Here Are the Pieces

Cult favorite fashion brand SUNO is back! Launched back in 2008, the collection of one-of-a-kind vintage textiles won design awards and was a favorite...
06-09-2018 18:53

Gorgeous Ideas for Fall Porch Decorating

We hope you like the products we recommend. Just so you are aware, Freshome may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.  We absolutely l...
06-09-2018 18:53

5 Outdoor Living Spaces That Keep True to Nature

Bringing living spaces outside has gotten more and more popular over the years. It?s a great way to blend nature and the modern comforts of home. Howe...
06-09-2018 18:53

6 Optical Illusion Wallpaper Ideas

Once seen as an outdated addition to a home, wallpaper is coming back in a huge way. From trendy new ideas like scratch and sniff wallpaper to hyper-m...
05-09-2018 18:53

Hate That Brick Fireplace" 12 Ways to Make It Look Bett

Your brick fireplace is a dependable source of heat and, if it?s wood-burning, also helps keep your heating costs low. But the outdated design may hav...
04-09-2018 18:53

Are You Actually Ready to Buy a House" Ask Yourself The

Have you been thinking about buying a home recently" If so, you’ve probably asked yourself time and time again whether or not you’re ...
03-09-2018 18:54

These Are the Top Renovation Mistakes (And Tips for Avoiding

Renovating is tough. It’s easy to fall into tricky ? and costly ? mistakes. But don’t worry; we’ve got your back. Below, we’ve...
03-09-2018 18:54

Is Your Home Making You Sick" Sick Building Syndrome 10

Sick Building Syndrome. It?s a real medical condition in which people experience sickness as a direct result of occupying a particular room or buildin...
01-09-2018 18:54

Tips for Creating the Outdoor Shower of Your Dreams

An outdoor shower can be both fun and practical. If you don?t want kids, pets and other adults tracking dirt through your house, an outdoor shower is ...
01-09-2018 18:54

5 Easy Projects You Can Tackle Over the Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend signals the end of summer, so it?s the perfect time to take care of a few chores around your home. An ounce of prevention is worth a...
31-08-2018 18:54

Wait ?Til You See the Amazing Furniture Deals You Can Get on

Shopping online at Bed Bath & Beyond just got real. Forget the endless selection of towels, bedding and bathroom stuff.The post Wait ‘Til Y...
31-08-2018 18:54

11 Clever Ways to Use Your Bonus Room

Most spaces in your home already have a designated use. The kitchen is where you gather with family and your master bedroom is your nighttime respite....
30-08-2018 18:54

4 Landlord-Friendly Ways to Improve Your Apartment

We hope you like the products we recommend. Just so you are aware, Freshome may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.  You’ve mo...
29-08-2018 18:54

DIY: 6 Chic Ways to Use Marble Contact Paper

Nothing says luxury quite like marble. We eschewed it for a brief moment in the design world because it was associated with gaudiness, but marble is m...
28-08-2018 18:54

4 Ways to Make Your Home Smell Great for Your Open House

There\'s a lot to do before an open house. You need to clean top to bottom, spruce up your home decor, remove any hyper-personal touches and emotional...
27-08-2018 18:54

How to Use Multiple Accent Colors in a Space

Accent colors have long been a favorite method of design. An accent color is a specific shade that stands out against the rest of the room. As such, a...
26-08-2018 18:54

20 of the Coolest Indoor Fireplaces

Indoor fireplaces have been a mainstay in homes for centuries. In the early days, they served purely functional roles in the home before modern-day he...
25-08-2018 18:54

6 Tips for Creating a Functional Micro Patio

Do you have a small patio space that you don?t quite know what to do with" It?s easy to get discouraged looking at photos of outdoor living space...
24-08-2018 18:54

What Is Universal Design and How Do You Get It"

Do you have aging relatives or are you thinking of designing a home that you want to live in forever" Then you may have heard the term Universal ...
23-08-2018 18:54

4 Apartment Hunting Red Flags That Should Have You Running t

Apartment hunting, especially online, is easy ? maybe a little bit too easy. While the internet and print ads can be great sources for connecting peop...
22-08-2018 18:54

Get Back-to-School Ready! 6 Tips for Creating a Homework Spa

Doesn’t it feel like summer just started" We collectively blinked and ? bam! ? it’s time to get ready to go back to school. And that ...
22-08-2018 18:54

Advice From the Experts: How to Shop for the Right Yard Equi

Summer is here, which means lawn care is in full swing. If you know you’re missing the right tools to keep up with your backyard but aren’...
21-08-2018 18:54

5 Unexpected Ways to Use Wood Textures in the Kitchen

Wood is a common material for kitchens, from cabinets to walls to countertops. You can also use wood textures in the kitchen in surprising ways to cre...
20-08-2018 18:53

12 Living Room Rug Ideas That Will Change Everything

We?re always interested in easy ways to rev up living room decor. If you can only add one item to make a big impact in your space, an area rug is an e...
19-08-2018 18:54

Cool Kitchen Backsplashes to Whet Your Appetite

The basic function of kitchen backsplashes is to prevent water, food and other types of liquids and solids from damaging the wall behind your kitchen ...
18-08-2018 18:54

5 Ideas for Rustic Chic Accent Walls

In the world of design, rustic chic has become an increasingly popular option in a home. But what is rustic chic" Basically, these are spaces tha...
17-08-2018 18:55

You Can Totally Change a Room by Switching out These 4 Small

Not all interior design changes have to be full remodels. Sometimes, all it takes is a few small additions to totally change the way a room looks and ...
16-08-2018 18:54

Ashley Woodson Bailey?s Wallpaper Brings Moody Florals Home

This ain\'t your grandma\'s floral wallpaper. Florist-turned-photographer Ashley Woodson Bailey has just rolled out a line of garden-inspired wallpape...
16-08-2018 18:54

5 Stylish and Functional Garden Edging Ideas

Whether you?re designing a garden from scratch or trying to figure out ways to make your current garden more attractive, you might want to consider lo...
15-08-2018 18:54

How to Unpack After a Move (Without Driving Yourself Crazy i

You’ve probably heard lots of advice on how to pack before moving. But what about advice on how to unpack after a move" This process is jus...
15-08-2018 18:54

20 Awesome Dorm Room Bedding Ideas for Inspiration

We know that when you?re living in a small dorm room, your bed is everything.The post 20 Awesome Dorm Room Bedding Ideas for Inspiration appeared firs...
14-08-2018 18:53

5 Modern Ways to Use Wood Paneling

Wood paneling was all the rage in the mid-20th century, before falling out of favor for decades. If you wanted an updated home, the first thing to go ...
14-08-2018 18:53

5 Concrete Floors That Will Cement Your Love for This Materi

The design world is hot for concrete right now. It’s not only one of 2018’s biggest design trends, it’s equal parts sleekness and st...
13-08-2018 18:54

Getting Ready to Do Inspections on Your New House" Here

Congratulations ? you’ve finally found a house that you love, and your offer has been accepted. Now what" The next step in home buying is d...
12-08-2018 18:53

Let These Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas Inspire Your Next R

No matter what style it comes in, the kitchen is the heart of the home. But for those of us who are obsessed with making others feel welcome, there...
11-08-2018 18:53

Design Unleashed: Best Modern Pet Items From Wayfair?s New A

Wayfair has gone to the dogs (and others of our favorite furry friends) with a new exclusive line of pet furniture and accessories.The post Design Unl...
10-08-2018 18:53

Get Ready to Go Nuts Over These 4 Drool-Worthy 2018 Countert

Many people think of the countertops in their kitchen as something of a workhorse. It’s a surface on which they can prepare a meal, eat or get w...
10-08-2018 18:53

4 Ways to Get a Mini Kitchen Island for a Small Space

If you have a small kitchen but want the functionality of a kitchen island, don’t despair: Just because you’re working with a small space ...
09-08-2018 18:53

These Stunning Rooftop Deck Designs Will Have You Wishing fo

The most common place to find a rooftop deck is in the city, where lack of space lends itself to building up. However, their unprecedented views make ...
09-08-2018 18:53

Modsy Review: This 3D Rendering Service Is the Next Step in

This article is sponsored by Modsy. While our team received this service free of cost, the opinions and statements below are those of our writer’...
08-08-2018 18:54

8 Things You Need to Do Before Moving Into Your New Home

Congratulations! You survived the time- and energy-draining process of buying a home! Now it’s time to enjoy life at your new address. You’...
07-08-2018 18:53

August Is National Curb Appeal Month! Here Are 4 Small Chang

August is National Curb Appeal Month! It’s the perfect time to give your home’s exterior a refresh. With that in mind, we’ve brought...
07-08-2018 18:53

Kitchen Pantries for Every Lifestyle

Like closets and garages, kitchen pantries are one of those once-hidden rooms that are now playing a significant role in today?s home. ?The pantry has...
06-08-2018 18:54

Build a Better Bathroom: 6 Bathroom Upgrades Worth the Money

Kitchens are usually seen as the heart of the home, but bathrooms are the muscle. A poorly planned bathroom could affect the way you feel about your h...
05-08-2018 18:54

The Data Is In: These Are the Top 2018 Home Trends Buyers Ar

Each year, releases a comprehensive report ? called the Single-Family Home Trends Report ? that compiles data on what today’s buyers ar...
04-08-2018 18:54

West Elm and Steelcase Partner for Better Workspaces

West Elm has long been a go-to choice for anyone who prefers a modern aesthetic. You can find its furniture and textiles in homes across the country. ...
03-08-2018 18:54

5 Ideas for Fold-Away Kitchen Storage

If there?s one thing many of us feel we need, it?s more kitchen storage space. It seems like there?s always some new doodad to buy for the kitchen. An...
03-08-2018 18:54

The First-Time Renter?s Guide to Apartment Living

Congratulations! Moving into your first apartment is a major life step. As a new renter, you’re probably feeling a lot of excitement, mixed with...
02-08-2018 18:54

Best Baby Glam Pieces From the New PB Modern Baby Line

Fashionistas and design purists, rejoice! PB Modern Baby, Pottery Barn’s anxiously awaited line of high-glamour baby furnishings, is now availab...
01-08-2018 18:54

8 Swoon-Worthy Wallpaper Ideas

Decorating with wallpaper is back in our creative toolbox. We?re loving the new patterns and colors. This is not the paper that we rush to cover or re...
01-08-2018 18:54

How To Settle Into A New Neighborhood And Feel At Home In No

Settling into a new home involves much more than just arranging your furniture and enrolling your children in different schools. It’s about gett...
31-07-2018 18:54

12 Fresh New Front Door Colors to Welcome You Home

We love the look of a colorful front door to welcome guests into our home. Perhaps our front door is like our home?s jewelry ? adding a little sparkle...
30-07-2018 18:54

Which Uses More Water: Taking a Shower or a Bath"

If you?re trying to save money, which bathing option uses more water" How can you tell" Comparing a shower to a bath is like comparing apple...
29-07-2018 18:53

4 Ways to Decorate Around Minimalistic Mantels

Mantels used to be more ornate pieces in traditional homes. They acted as the focal point of the room, harkening back to a time when people were more ...
28-07-2018 18:54

Defining a House Style: What Is a Ranch Home"

Until recently, the ranch home was the most popular home style in America. However, have you ever stopped to wonder what made this style capture our h...
27-07-2018 18:53

4 Design Tips From ?Queer Eye? Star Bobby Berk

The “Queer Eye” reboot has taken the world by storm. Whether it’s women fawning over Antoni Porowski or social media living for the ...
26-07-2018 18:54

25 Refreshing Outdoor Shower Ideas For An Easy, Breezy Summe

Have you ever had a shower outside on a sunny, warm day" It\'s a great way to refresh yourself when it\'s hot. Plus, if you live near the beach, ...
25-07-2018 18:53

Walk-In Closets to Die For

It?s no secret that walk-in closets are one of the most valued home features. However, you may be surprised at the lengths we?ll go to for storage spa...
25-07-2018 18:53

Here Are the 10 Most Affordable Cities for Renters in 2018

Zillow has released a report of the most affordable cities for renters. They looked at the 50 largest metro areas in the U.S. to zero in on the 10 mos...
24-07-2018 18:54

6 Creative Small Space Beds for More Usable Space

If you have a small bedroom, one of the trickiest parts of decorating it is trying to figure out how to fit a bed into the space. Larger beds mean lit...
24-07-2018 18:54

11 Sneaky New Build Budget Busters (and How to Avoid Them)

You’ve painstakingly picked out your paint color and chosen the perfect bathroom tile. Now it’s time to let your builder take over the det...
23-07-2018 18:53

Boring Garage" Turn It Into a Showstopper

Garages used to be (there?s no other way to say this) boring enclosures for your car: functional and practical, but plain and bare. Some homeowners al...
21-07-2018 18:53

Here Are 6 Surprising Home Improvements That Will Get You th

Zillow, the website that values home properties according to local area sales, just released a report on how to add value before selling your home. Th...
20-07-2018 18:55

Palm Springs: Your Hot Spot for Mid-Century Modern Design

Mid-century modern is a trend that’s here to stay. You can thank “Mad Men” or our parents’ hand-me-downs, but either way, this...
19-07-2018 18:54

Floor Your Guests With These 2018 Rug Trends

Perhaps it was the Dude who said it best: A rug can really tie a room together. Laying down a single piece of fabric has the potential to completely t...
19-07-2018 18:54

Our Top 5 Prime Day Smart Home Picks

Prime Day isn’t over yet! You’ve probably had some fun poking around all of the great deals on furniture, textiles and home decor on Amazo...
18-07-2018 18:54

How To: Incorporate Surfboards in Home Decor

Americans have always had a love of surf culture. We associate it with cool people and a laid-back lifestyle. Surfers are famed for soaking up days in...
18-07-2018 18:54

How Much House Can I Afford" Here?s a Breakdown by Stat

Are you planning a move or a relocation" You probably have questions like, “How much house can I afford" or “Should I rent or bu...
17-07-2018 18:54

The Best Prime Day 2018 Home Deals

Have you been making the most of Prime Day 2018" We\'ve had quite a few hours to get our Prime Day feet under us (Amazon too). You may have made ...
17-07-2018 18:54

Prime Day 2018: The Best Home Deals From Amazon?s Big Day

It\'s here! Prime Day is basically Christmas for online shoppers who live for two-day shipping. It starts today at 3 p.m. ET, but that doesn\'t mean y...
17-07-2018 18:54

5 Ways Baskets Can Revolutionize Your Pantry Organization

Baskets. They might be wicker, plastic or fabric. In nearly every instance of a well-organized pantry, the humble basket plays a crucial role.The post...
16-07-2018 18:54

5 Creative Ideas for Forest Scene Walls

Artistic wall design has become a huge trend in homes over the years. From geometric patterns to realistic art, statement walls fit into just about an...
14-07-2018 18:55

Which Architectural Style Is Right for You"

Planning to build a home may leave you equal parts excited and overwhelmed. Building means making hundreds of choices on the way to your move-in date....
13-07-2018 18:54

Check out Oprah?s New Orcas Island Getaway

Variety has done some super sleuthing to discover that Oprah Winfrey just spent $8.275 million on a private estate on Orcas Island, Washington. Orcas ...
13-07-2018 18:54

How to Deal with Construction Delays

There you are, staying on schedule and getting ready to move into your new home when boom: construction delays. Suddenly your perfect schedule seems m...
12-07-2018 18:54

Highlights From the 4 Winners of the 2018 Young Talent Archi

Each year, the Fundació Mies van der Rohe and Creative Europe organize the Young Talent Architecture Award (YTAA). The goal of the award is to highlig...
12-07-2018 18:54

10 Easy Summer Decorating Ideas

Summer decorating is so much fun ? it\'s a great excuse to update your decor. Summer activities can take you inside and out this season, and that mean...
11-07-2018 18:54

4 Bar Cart Essentials: Glasses, Decanters and More

You\'ve finally found the perfect bar cart. You know it\'s the ideal piece to fill out that corner and make your home or apartment look party-ready.Th...
11-07-2018 18:54

These Are the Top Color Mistakes That Everyone Makes (And Ho

If we’re being honest, there’s a lot more to choosing and combining colors than meets the eye. There are so many different shades and hues...
10-07-2018 18:54

20 Funky Lighting Ideas for a Unique Space

If you?re looking to create a unique space that fully expresses your artsy side, look into fun lighting creations. Lighting has become something of an...
09-07-2018 18:54

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News most viewed Today

Lake Shore Artist Studio / Praxis d?Architecture

Lake Shore Artist Studio / Praxis d?Architect...

The site for this artist studio is on lake shore where the shore starts to turn from west to south. The topography change brought a site condition in which the west and south periphery is 4-6 meter high retaining walls, leaving east open to lake... -
ROOM Concept Store / Maincourse Architect

ROOM Concept Store / Maincourse Architect

ROOM Concept Store takes inspiration from the idea of a ?designer?s studio?, a place where designs are derived and processed, where visitors explore, experiment, and appreciate creative thinking in an intriguing way. -
Let's go to Mexico

Let's go to Mexico

Oh, wow for that small two bedroom house located in the beautiful Pacific seascape that caught my eye today. It is a gorgeous mix of personality and beautiful things from all over the Mexico: colorful rugs, lovely blankets and handcrafted chairs,... -
Kult / Pool Leber Architekten + Bleckmann Krys Architekten

Kult / Pool Leber Architekten + Bleckmann Kry...

The kult is a new cultural hub for the town of Vreden and a vibrant focal point on its cultural route. It combines a 1.400 sqm artistic-historical museum with the cultural administration of the district, the local archives, an educational space, a... -
Bellaire Residence / Lake Flato Architects

Bellaire Residence / Lake Flato Architects

Bellaire Residence sits on a previously undeveloped, narrow lot within a well-established and densely-occupied, urban neighborhood. Inspired by modular design, the client sought a modern home in... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my... -
Squarespace Offices / A+I

Squarespace Offices / A+I

New York-based architecture, design, and strategy firm A+I is pleased to announce the completion of Squarespace?s Global Headquarters in New York City - a new home to one of the world?s leading voices in website publishing. With approximately... -
Svalbard "Doomsday" Seed Vault Floods After Record Winter Temperatures

Svalbard "Doomsday" Seed Vault Floo...

Earlier this year, the Global Seed Vault in Svalbard was flooded after record high temperatures over the winter caused some of the permafrost surrounding the vault to melt, reports The Guardian. The building\'s entrance tunnel was flooded and then... -
Share Your Style Party #86

Share Your Style Party #86

Welcome to Share Your Style! I\'m Julie from Little Farmstead, and I\'m your host this week. Whether you\'re here to browse the party for inspiration, or whether you\'ll be linking up your recent projects with us, we\'re so happy to... -
House GZ2 / Paul Steel Bouza Arquitecto

House GZ2 / Paul Steel Bouza Arquitecto

The GZ2 is a 36 square meter house located over a small cliff of a peninsula in the Lonconao lake, approximately fifteen kilometers from Futaleufú in the Los Lagos Región. The design operation is simple. It consists of an open floor of... -
Hello Wood's POP-UP Park Adds a Splash of Color to an Underused Square in Budapest

Hello Wood's POP-UP Park Adds a Splash of Col...

Hello Wood has revived its highly-successful POP-UP Park, bringing a touch of vibrancy to an underused square in downtown Budapest. Having built the structures in the summer of 2017, the park has returned one year later to provide ?a democratic... -

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