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Pine Nut Cabin by daab design

Pine Nut Cabane by daab design is a timber-clad retreat hidden between a pine forest and olive grove in the South of France. Built in collaboration wi...
19-01-2022 19:32

Casa del Calvari by ENDALT Arquitectes

In this project, we try to preserve as much as possible, leaving remnants of the original elements as a tribute to those who built, rebuilt, or lived ...
17-01-2022 19:26

Patio House by studioNOLET

This family house is located at the edge of a suburb in the Baix Emporda, Catalonia, Spain on a steep hill overlooking a forested valley. The house is...
13-01-2022 19:31

A Nordic-Inspired Interior Design

Modern one room space with elegant Scandinavian dcor touches and cute retro hints design by INT2 architecture. One can hardly believe that this fanta...
12-01-2022 19:56

DOT Coffee Station #1 by YOD Group

Eclectic city cafe design with an urban pulse and artistic heart. The design project for this trendy Kyiv caf – DOT Coffee Station #1- is creat...
10-01-2022 19:28

Moscow Apartment Renovation by INT2 architecture

Preserving the original volume and bones of the place, alongside appropriated brick structures and exposed beams, the architects from INT2 architectur...
06-01-2022 19:29

Osteria Betulla by DA bureau

Osteria ?Betulla? is the second project of a talented che?f Arslan Berdiev, the founder of the sensational restaurant Birch. The concept of osteria Be...
06-01-2022 19:29

Vavilova Apartment by Le Atelier

An apartment in Moscow is located in a new house among the buildings of the mid-20th century. Initially, we were faced with the task of making an apar...
05-01-2022 19:32

Blue Bottle Coffee Shiroiya Cafe by Keiji Ashizawa Design

Shiroiya Ryokan was established in Maebashi, Gunma Prefecture during the Edo period and closed in 2008, despite having a history of about 300 years. I...
04-01-2022 19:28

Renovation Project Equador 804 by DC.AD

Equador 804 Apartment is a renovation project located in Cascais, covering approximately 33m2, aimed at income generation through short-term rental. T...
03-01-2022 19:34

The Dough House by Studio David Elgrabli

Studio David Elgrabli created an attractive, small bakery design delivering a welcoming charm and sleek allure with this low budget project. Leading w...
27-12-2021 19:29

Viva la Vega House by Serrano + Baquero Arquitectos

Horacio and Vanesa’s childhood memories are linked to the fertile plain of Granada; the murmur of the irrigation channels, the coolness in the s...
27-12-2021 19:29

OG Home & Studio by Omar Gandhi Architect

Located in the vibrant, historic North End of Halifax, Nova Scotia on a narrow and abandoned lot. In the decades prior, the adjacent property was the ...
23-12-2021 19:30

Hover House by Pranala Associates

Just a step away from the entrance, visitors will be taken on a journey to enjoy the architecture of the house. Located in Bandung, Indonesia, Hover H...
21-12-2021 19:29

VR Cabin by CRB Arquitectos

The VR cabin project was developed in the search for the perfect connection between the user and its environment, creating a space that coexists direc...
21-12-2021 19:29

Windmill House by BOX arquitectos

In a consolidated urban mesh, at the center of Ponta Delgada, the approach answers to a program of an extremely small single-family house with two flo...
15-12-2021 20:00

Heytea Zao Flagship Store by CCD

Nantou Ancient Town is located in the central area of Shenzhen, with a history of more than 1,700 years. It is a cultural birthplace of Guangdong, Hon...
15-12-2021 20:00

Vanke-City Growth Hall by More Design Office

Vanke ? City Growth Hall is located in the ‘Eastern Suburb Memory’ in Chengdu. The original building held the Hongguang Electronic Tube Fa...
14-12-2021 19:55

Luxury Apartment in the Green Center of Vilnius

A home for a large family was designed in Zverynas – the greenest district of Vilnius. The building has an interesting history ? in 1860 it was ...
14-12-2021 19:55

Jos Mrmol Refurbishment by Micaela Racca

The project arises from the need to renovate a late 19th-century 35sqm apartment located in Almagro, Buenos Aires. The layout was originally fragmente...
09-12-2021 19:31

House in Lan?kroun by Martin Neruda Architektura

In a residential area in Lans?kroun, Czechia, Martin Neruda designed a new atrium ground-floor house in place of a demolished two-storey terraced hous...
09-12-2021 19:31

Soldout, Musinsa Store by WGNB

Soldout is a recently-established limited=edition sneakers platform brand by Musinsa, which is the largest multi-brand online fashion store in South K...
07-12-2021 19:33

Sussex House by mckimm

In its proximity to the beach, Sussex House sits amongst a growing contemporary landscape of homes in Melbourne?s south-west, in Brighton, each connec...
07-12-2021 19:33

Game of Light and Shadows by Replus Bureau

A luxurious space inspired by light and picturesque landscapes of an ancient city gives a feeling of exceptional coziness and comfort. To create a lux...
03-12-2021 19:28

Original Chicken Restaurant in Shenzhen City

Original Chicken is a mid- and high-end Chinese catering brand that has almost 20 years of history. With consistent dedication to ingredient sources, ...
03-12-2021 19:28

A Lifestyle-Driven Design for a Fashionable Family

“Light-filled, minimalist surfaces and subtle textures form the white-ish backdrop of an Instagram-able space for this dynamic family residence....
01-12-2021 19:48

Green Color Interior Project by Flussocreativo Design Studio

A chromatic thread that outlines the aesthetic of the apartment, but also a consistent choice of environmental sustainability for a total green spirit...
30-11-2021 19:49

RYB apartment Men Bureau

The apartment are located in the Rybalsky residential complex in the Podol district of Kiev, Ukraine. Since the apartment is located above the commerc...
30-11-2021 19:49

Steel Moment Coffee Shop and Bakery by Assemble Project

A beautiful, sunny community space in South Korea offers an inviting ambiance (with a warm courtyard) that is in possession of an intriguing design co...
26-11-2021 19:21

Olidouro House by oitoo

Even though the charming historic center are the most visible face of refurbishments and reuse interventions, it seems that this architectural theme i...
25-11-2021 19:28

Apartment in Milan by Eutropia Architettura

A bright apartment in Milan, Italy in the Citt Studi area, surrounded by a terrace that creates a whole between inside and outside. Fluid spaces, nat...
25-11-2021 19:28

JIGI Poke Restaurant by VAUST Studio

When the opportunity was presented to design a Poke restaurant, we decided to free the concept from what is already known. This project is about re-ev...
23-11-2021 19:29

Olaria House by NJ + Associated Archives

In its fourth participation at CASA COR SP, one of the largest exhibitions of architecture, interior design, and landscaping in the Americas, NJ + arc...
22-11-2021 19:26

Merged Apartments Make a Cool Loft Space

Unmistakable elegance, simplicity, and expressive contemporary design composition, enveloped in rich organic texture and minimalist color combinations...
19-11-2021 19:27

Jinan Truly Malaysia?s Home Retail Space

As the American Architect Peter Eisenman once said, ?In the information society, the changes in architecture are that buildings no longer have to be l...
18-11-2021 19:30

No Wasted Space House Design

Modern urban asceticism with luxurious organic textures and artistic, unusual shapes. In Bratislava, Slovakia, this contemporary home design is locate...
17-11-2021 19:30

Chalet Pic-Bois by Ravi Handa Architect

In a clearing of a wooded area in Lac-Brome, Chalet Pics-Bois first saw the light of day. The strength of the project lies in the study of the site an...
15-11-2021 19:49

Koji Saryo Caf by Atsushi Suzuki + Transit Branding Studio

Located inside a luxury resort and shopping center in Mie Prefecture, this caf operated by rice-koji maker Uonuma Jozo offers amazake, a sweet fermen...
14-11-2021 19:27

Box in the Box by Giant Design

Spiritual abundance does not mean material impoverishment. It can be an ideal working experience derived from the interaction between people and space...
11-11-2021 19:28

SILPO Supermarket as an Observatory

An absolutely new approach to the family shopping culture! Now at the supermarket you can not only stock up on everything you need, but also have an i...
11-11-2021 19:28

White Rabbit Surf Caf

White Rabbit Surf Caf is a venue on the Southern Bug river bank in Khmelnytskyi city, Ukraine. A cozy caf, a shop, and a rental of SUP boards are un...
08-11-2021 19:32

Sand Colored Moscow Apartment Lera Brumina

Small urban space, in Moscow center, with elegant ambiance, exquisite small details, calming pastel colors, and an inspiration base, coming from the m...
05-11-2021 19:31

Stainless Steel Decor at Bowl Cafe Kiev

The new Bowl Superfood caf interior dcor project is a play of contradictions sustained in contemporary aesthetics- retro wallpaper next to exposed b...
04-11-2021 19:32

Villa Favre ? Two-family House in Switzerland

Villa Favre is a two-family house located in Le Mont-sur-Lausanne, Switzerland, a northern district of Lausanne on Lake Geneva. The house comprises a ...
04-11-2021 19:32

Lapinha Studio by plano livre

The architectural design of Estdio Lapinha was conceived to be executed in two stages. The first was the construction of a modular housing inside two...
02-11-2021 19:31

Open Floor House by SAU Taller d?Arquitectura

L?Esquirol House is situated in a row house of several storeys in the village of the same name in the county of Osona. Francesc, one of the children o...
02-11-2021 19:31

Forest Glamp by Bourgeois Lechasseur / architects

Meters away from some of Qubec?s most spectacular landscapes is an unusual new glamping project. Reflection is the work of Qubec-based Bourgeois Lec...
29-10-2021 19:34

6:19 Studio by balbek bureau

The contemporary design studio Balbek Bureau employs their usual artistic and bold approach towards modern design and creates this art gallery-like in...
27-10-2021 19:33

MGS Office

Designed by COVO Interiores, the MGS Group offices are located on the ground floor of a residential building in one of the main arteries of the city o...
27-10-2021 19:33

Kerimov Architects`s apartment in Moscow

The architectural bureau Kerimov Architects designed the interior of the 200 sq. m apartment in the residential complex ?Vorobiev House? (Moscow). The...
22-10-2021 19:38

Minimalist Apartment Decor by Koot bureau

Beige is a minimalist apartment of 45 m2, located in Lviv, Ukraine, designed by Koot bureau for a customer who is also the father of the bureau?s foun...
21-10-2021 19:42

Tianya Books: Bookstore at the End of the Earth

Wutopia Lab‘s Tianya Books for Sanya Tianya Haijiao Scenic Area was officially opened in June 2021. Once regarded as the end of land in China, T...
21-10-2021 19:42

Interior of an Apartment in Residential Complex in Moscow by

Architectural bureau Kerimov Architects designed the interior of an apartment of 145 sq. m for a family with children. A bright lobby and a narrow lon...
20-10-2021 19:45

(SO)What Chengdu by Various Associates

Taking “Don’t know, Don’t care” as the core brand values, (SO)What advocates that every female can find her own dressing style...
20-10-2021 19:45

Apartment Design Project by Alina Prokopenko and Nelly Proda

Love the decadent deep blue and reds, dark wood, jazzy sparkles, and marble luxury" All wrapped in the sense of a romantic getaway" Well, yo...
16-10-2021 19:40

Waverly Residence by Mainstudio

Waverly Residence is a minimal duplex located in Montreal, Canada. Minimal in design yet strong on form and function. The designer echos arched doorwa...
14-10-2021 19:35

RUST by by Co+in Collaborative Lab

RUST is a 40 square meter (430 square foot) apartment located in South Jakarta that was designed by Co+in Collaborative Lab with the aim to bring a ne...
14-10-2021 19:35

B&B Italia Showroom, Ningbo by Outin. Design

As a leading Italian furniture brand, B&B Italia fuses creativity, craftsmanship and technology to activate the historical and cultural heritage o...
13-10-2021 19:35

Yova Yager?s Home in Kyiv, Ukraine

Dark jazz and Nature?s symphony of materials and textures greet us in this exquisite modern apartment in Kyiv, Ukraine created by Yova Yager design. T...
08-10-2021 19:31

Canning Street House by Foomann Architects

Large, simple design gestures create a diversity of spatial experiences within this small-footprint home.At 110-square-metres, Canning Street showcas...
06-10-2021 19:27

Cafe 128 by berezen studio

The inviting ambiance of this neighborhood coffee shop in Kyiv gives an organic, easy-going vibe without too many pretensions but with playful and coz...
05-10-2021 19:35

Protagonist Bar by balbek bureau

Protagonist is a caf-bar located in a historical part of Kharkiv, Ukraine. It is a hangout place for the creative and imaginative people, to share id...
01-10-2021 19:35

Aera Bakery by Gonzalez Haase Architects

For the second Berlin branch of Aera ? a gluten-free bread manufacturer and caf located at Rosenthaler Platz ? the architecture duo Gonzalez Haase AA...
01-10-2021 19:35

23A Coffee Shop by Ponomarenko Bureau

23a is a city coffee shop that is located on one of the historical streets of Kharkiv near Kharkiv Theater of Opera and Ballet. During the daytime, it...
30-09-2021 19:35

South Yarra House by Pop Architecture

Pop Architecture was engaged alongside Beatrix Rowe Interior Design on this bespoke extension in South Yarra from Concept Design to Contract Documenta...
30-09-2021 19:35

KRM House by Open AD

A pavilion-style house informed by the ancient Latvian farmstead ? the viens?ta. Designed as a holiday home, the house is free of excesses and encoura...
28-09-2021 19:36

Sentinel House by Aurelien Chen

This hybrid barn house on a narrow piece of land dialogues in harmony and in contrast with the traditional surroundings. Once upon a time in Audierne ...
24-09-2021 19:32

Kardella Residence by studiofour

A two-storey addition to an existing heritage-listed Art Deco, the Kardella Street Residence?s design comes from the opportunity to provide a stronger...
22-09-2021 19:27

Wutopia Lab?s Toyou Bookstore Designed for the CIFI Group

Wutopia Lab‘s Toyou Bookstore designed for the CIFI Group opened to the public on May 1, 2021, and in just three weeks, this new bookstore becam...
22-09-2021 19:27

An Interior Renovation to an Existing Art Deco 1920s Apartme

As an exercise in restraint, South Yarra Apartment uses a light touch to restore and renovate the existing 1920?s space into a robust and rentable con...
22-09-2021 19:27

Amazing Color-Filled Spaces by Alta Idea Studio

The background of this project did not promise anything extraordinary. The owner set a rather trivial task for the designer: the apartment is a transi...
17-09-2021 19:38

Black & Milk ? Coffee Bar by Ponomarenko bureau

Where strict geometry (black) is combined with careless, smooth, glossy and white (milk), where barista and stainless steel are responsible for the to...
17-09-2021 19:38

Salobie Restaurant by YOD Group

A modern Georgian cuisine restaurant is located in the central Chernihiv in the so-called ?stalinka? building erected in 1953. The venue occupies the ...
15-09-2021 19:31

Looknow Flagship Store by S Studio

Inspired by the original status of space, S Studio recently launched the LOOKNOW Xintiandi flagship store. Through the storyline of “House Now&...
15-09-2021 19:31

Residence Kin in Taipei City by Fu Design

The ?epidemic? has changed the life and definition of home. In addition to providing physical protection, home has also become a haven for spiritual r...
14-09-2021 19:37

When Italy and Brazil Meet in a Creative Space

Simple yet elegantly bold apartment design created by Italian architect Fabio Fantolino for a large apartment space in Brazil. The distance between th...
04-09-2021 19:34

Building 3 for Fortune Art Homestay in Xiyaotou Village

Stangers ? room with a rejected view is Wutopia lab?s latest creation for fortune art homestay in Xiyaotou village, China. In this countryside guestho...
02-09-2021 19:30

Boloteca Store by Mana arquitetura

Located in the Pinheiros neighbourhood in So Paulo, Brazil, Boloteca is a young entrepreneur?s business, specialized in selling cakes. The premisse f...
31-08-2021 19:30

Compact Apartment by Acos Design

It is a story about a sensitive space, designed to accommodate the needs and emotions of the user, becoming the environment for various scenarios of e...
31-08-2021 19:30

A Retro-Futuristic Retail Space by Liang Architecture Studio

Audrey Hepburn, known for her impeccable fashion sense, graciousness and beauty, still inspired us nowadays.This project is a multi-brand fashion bou...
26-08-2021 19:33

Meloso Restaurant by t-unoauno + arqaz arquitectura

Meloso arose in response to Mexico City?s earthquake on September 19, 2017. Located in the town of San Luis Tlaxialtemalco, it is a town which origina...
26-08-2021 19:33

LUCH 6 Office by KOTRA architects

Our LUCH 6 project was carried out in 2021 for Glera Games, one of the game development companies in Belarus. We received a unique site at Luch Watch ...
24-08-2021 19:28

House D-S by Graux & Baeyens Architecten

If you looked carefully, from the lot, you could see no fewer than three beautiful long-distance views of the surrounding rolling fields. However, the...
24-08-2021 19:28

ECCO Global Flagship Store-HONG Designworks

Ecco flagship store locates on Huaihai Rd ?? the interaction of eastern and western culture by many international brands. Ecco, a Danish brand of shoe...
20-08-2021 19:30

Contemporary Open and Light-filled Minimalist Space

Intriguing modern apartment in Kiev, Ukraine with industrial edge and absolute minimalist beauty in white. They were created for functionality, comfor...
19-08-2021 19:33

WS House by Men Bureau

When a few years ago a married couple found their charming old house not far from Kyiv, they only ever intended it to be a country retreat, a place to...
18-08-2021 19:32

A Modern House Standing in Contrast to Everyday Life in the

What will you do if you have a heritage beauty of a home situated amongst a rich natural environment, but you are a lover of contemporary art and esth...
18-08-2021 19:32

Mid-Century Modern Apartment in Kyiv

Mid-century modern beauty of design for young, dynamic owner – a graphic designer provoking and inspired artistic creation in the design creator...
13-08-2021 19:43

Living on the Roof by rotunno justman

In Paris, the scarcity of land partly explains the city?s low housing production capacity. The research for alternatives to densification must be enco...
12-08-2021 19:35

Prior by Ritz & Ghougassian

A welcomed addition to the area, Prior is located in Melbourne?s inner north, in Thornbury. As an insertion into its bustling high street locale, the ...
12-08-2021 19:35

Terracotta House by Austin Maynard Architects

Living in bustling, vibrant, bohemian Fitzroy, our client asked us to help her with a tree-change, without changing postcode. Her priority was to have...
11-08-2021 19:35

Apartment as Medina by CXEMA

The apartment was designed for a young couple who are interested in interior design and art. Just before starting the project, they came back from the...
10-08-2021 19:30

An Artistic Urban Jewel in Kiev Created to Fit Small Space a

The dash of creativity exuded in this dynamic modern design project composes a space of cheerful urban dynamic and modern functionality. The design te...
06-08-2021 19:32

JP Residence by Men Bureau

JP Residence is the first detached house for a family of two who has long been living in a rental apartment. ?We would love to have quiet and a cozy f...
05-08-2021 19:32

A Welcoming Space to Relax Patients by Bean Buro

Bean Buro was appointed to design a private clinic specialised in paediatric orthopaedics and scoliosis in Hong Kong. The specialist doctor and owner ...
04-08-2021 19:33

Patio House in Tel Aviv by Meirav Galan Architects

Architect Meirav Galan designed the Neve Tzedek Patio House located in the historic Neve Tzedek neighborhood of Tel Aviv, Israel. The townhouse, of wh...
03-08-2021 19:32

Burgundy Black hotel project by rhymedesign

Like a glass of red wine, the color of the room gradates through variations of burgundy.When pouring, the falling wine usually shines vivid red, but ...
30-07-2021 19:32

Small Urban Apartment Decor by Interdio

A small urban jewel from our series: contemporary urban design for apartments on a small scale – this project located in Vilnius and designed by...
30-07-2021 19:32

Meatbusters Gastropub in Palanga by Donata Granata

This loud, bright, colorful, happy, tasty interior is created for Meatbusters Gastropub in Palanga. Palanga is a seasonal summer vacation city filled ...
27-07-2021 19:30

FAIR FINCH Coffee-Tea Boutique by YUDIN Design

FAIR FINCH is a coffee-tea boutique located in Kyiv and this year celebrates its fifth year of activity. During this time, the company has established...
27-07-2021 19:30

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