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Oxalis Restaurant by Sò Studio

Oxalis is located in 4L of Bohua Square, which is a French Restaurant. Shanghai Bohua Square is composed of a 60-story office tower and retail commerc...
17-01-2020 19:27

Carefully Chosen Palette of Colors at New Living Divani Coll

From the outset, Living Divani‘s distinctive features are clean silhouettes, sophistication, a carefully chosen palette of colors and a sense of...
17-01-2020 19:27

Sofa System Allows you to Create an Custom-made Modular Sofa

Coolness or opulence" With Cubit you can achieve both ? and more. Because Cubit?s modular sofa is absolutely versatile. Pouf, armchair, corner mo...
16-01-2020 19:25

Brazilian Apartment with Very Large Green Social Area

Assuming that integration is expansion, the ground floor became a large social area. Where kitchen, dining room, living and balcony work together. fli...
16-01-2020 19:25

Heytea at Longfor Paradise Walk by Super Normal Design

As a brand leading contemporary tea drinking trend in China, Heytea has been improving itself through continuous transformation and upgrade. Shenzhen ...
15-01-2020 19:25

Dwelling that Can Act as Co-work and Co-living Space

Dynamic, modern, and youthful loft project in Vilnius, Lithuania created by IMPLANT Architecture & Design comes to show how the extra height in th...
15-01-2020 19:25

Folding Garden ? Futuristic Space by Towodesign

For Chinese people, garden is the “second nature”. Taking cues from Chinese classical gardens characterized by twists and turns, Towodesig...
14-01-2020 19:26

Jerusalem District Luxury Home Designed by Moran Gozali

The family includes a 50+ couple with their three adolescent sons. Interior designer Moran Gozali was handpicked to turn this house into their dream h...
14-01-2020 19:26

Fantasy Forest ? Meitao Ceramics Sales Center

The design of this project is inspired by the natural beauty, vegetation, forests, mountains, and rivers, enabling people to live in bosom of nature w...
13-01-2020 19:28

Dramatic Red Staircase Sits at Center of Trongyee Boutique S

AD Architecture recently reimagined a boutique for Trongyee, situated in Shantou, China, which sells clothing from designer brands. The interior desig...
13-01-2020 19:28

Ndebele Rug as a Tribute To Female African Art

Ndebele is pictorial art and African culture, a tribute to the Ndebele people and to their female artistic tradition. This town in northern South Afri...
10-01-2020 19:28

Dreamy & Light Small Studio Apartment by James Garvan Archit

Luminous simplicity, clear lines, extensive blond wood structures and elegant entwinement between modern and classy – this is the dreamy & l...
10-01-2020 19:28

Culturist Coffee Culture Place by Svoya Studio

Creating optimal low-key surroundings for relaxation, organic ambiance for comfort, and artistic atmosphere for cultural development, the architects f...
10-01-2020 19:28

Voisin Organique Restaurant & Lounge

Situated in Upper Hills, Futian District, Shenzhen, Voisin Organique is a farm-to-table restaurant features contemporary Chinese cuisine. The restaura...
10-01-2020 19:28

Three-Dimensional Designs Inspired by Nature

With the vision to offer industrial level quality floor mats with Scandinavian design, partners Sonja Djønne and Thoralf Lian founded the Mo i Rana, N...
10-01-2020 19:28

Ukrainian WabiSabi Apartment by Sergey Makhno Architects

?Imperfect beauty? ? that is how the design team from Sergey Makhno Architects describe their very unusual, yet trend defining project. And we must ag...
07-01-2020 19:32

SC Apartment

The SC Apartment is located in Sao Paulo, Brazil and it was designed for an Art and Design Collector who does not intend to live there : it´s a space ...
07-01-2020 19:32

Lama Beige Apartment by Sobo Studio

When composing a modern urban apartments decor, one can follow the guidelines of organic trends and contemporary minimalism form maximum pureness and ...
06-01-2020 19:27

Modern Studio Apartment with Glass-Walled Bedroom

Apartment located in building named Sky Line in Kyiv, Ukraine and one of the main characteristics of the architectural solution is rounded floor plan ...
03-01-2020 19:44

Cactus Fashion Store by Boundary Space Design

Cactus, a clothing brand, has a concept retail store in Xi’an, China. The client expects it to be pink and romantic. A large area of pink will b...
02-01-2020 19:36

GA Apartment by Studio LIM

One of the biggest challenges in retrofitting old apartments is to correct visual structural imperfections previously hidden by walls. Before removing...
01-01-2020 19:31

Ajitama Ramen Bistro by JCFS Architects

Ajitama Ramen Bistro is a restaurant born out of the dream and ambition of two friends in love with this traditional Japanese dish. After their journe...
31-12-2019 19:25

Limited Space Apartment by Sandy Wen Studio

In most cases, living in big cities like Manhattan means that people has to compromise certain spatial functions in a compact space. Sandy Wen Studio ...
30-12-2019 19:30

Tea Community Center by Waterfrom Design

Two premises make this project differ from others: Firstly, the sales office building will be for the community?s sustainable use in the future. Secon...
30-12-2019 19:30

Fashionable Pink Apartment Decor by Martin?s

Modern urban minimalism and trendy stylistics are composing the interior of this contemporary city apartment. Fashionable entwinement of solid black s...
27-12-2019 19:30

Almadin Apartment by Dolgopiatova Design

In a mood for something playful and chic" Here is an apartment project with contemporary spirit and stylish execution of the design idea. Located...
26-12-2019 19:28

Ah Yung Kitchen by OPENUU

Ah Yung Kitchen is the second restaurant by Hong Kong Michelin star Chef Ah Yung, serving refined Cantonese cuisine. The design is inspired by traditi...
25-12-2019 19:28

Chengyuan Garment Office Building

Chengyuan Garment is a Chinese OEM company specializing in manufacturing young people’s fashionable apparel, which is located in Shaxi Town ? th...
25-12-2019 19:28

Trendy Cafe Bar Takava 2.0 by Yudin Design Studio

This is the moment when history becomes a legend … TAKAVA Bar 2.0 is the development of the concept of the already famous TAKAVA Coffee-Buffet, ...
23-12-2019 19:34

Cafe Konvikt by Denisa Strmiskova Studio

Cafe is located next to former Baroque chapel in Jesuit convict in Olomouc. The word convict is symptomatically derived from latin word convicere, whi...
20-12-2019 19:30

théATRE ? Modern Tea Ceremony House by Sò Studio

Having a tea in this surreal tea garden designed by Sò Studio will bring you an unforgettable ceremony experience. ?Opening? is the first thing we did...
19-12-2019 19:29

The Pin Collection Lights Up Leading Hotels

Designed by Ichiro Iwasaki for Vibia, the Pin collection is defined by a striking interplay of geometric forms. Lean lines pair with a bold, circular ...
19-12-2019 19:29

Box ? a New Concept in the World of Self-Service Stores

In May of 2019, Fyra began to search for an answer to the question of what would the perfect self-service store be like. Posti, Finland?s leading post...
18-12-2019 19:31

Office in the West of Stuttgart was Designed by Scope for Sc

When an architecture firm designs its own space, it’s worth taking a closer look. In addition to creating a sense of identity, this project show...
17-12-2019 19:31

Logs Coat Hanger Design by Büro Famos

The German design studio Büro Famos has taken wood offcuts and transformed them into a star-shaped minimalist coat hanger. Hanna Litwin and Romin Heid...
16-12-2019 19:30

Memory Apartment Next to the Golf Course by Manuel García As

The house is located at the base floor within the complex of the Real Club de Golf Campoamor. It is completely stick to the golf greens, enjoying unbe...
16-12-2019 19:30

Fitzroy North House

Welcoming natural light, Fitzroy North House sees Olaver Architecture?s fresh contemporary approach reinvigorate an original brick terrace to create a...
13-12-2019 19:30

Living Divani at Salone del Mobile Milano.Shanghai

Point of reference in the design scene due to the perfect, harmonious proportions and feeling of understated luxury of its upholstery, from 20th to 22...
12-12-2019 19:27

Zhihe Partners Lawyers Office

Zhihe Partners is a Shanghai-based law firm, newly founded by a group of experienced professional lawyer partners. When they found and invited us to d...
12-12-2019 19:27

Jazz ? Magnetic Combinations for the Hall by Studio 28

Design freedom Creativity, modularity, freedom of composition ? Jazz is an extensive collection of magnetic elements and accessories to put together t...
11-12-2019 19:28

Pizza 4P Emporium by SEMBA

The popularity of Pizza 4P ?s is not limited to Vietnam. Popular factors are the deliciousness of the pizza, the smile of the staff, the pleasantness ...
11-12-2019 19:28

Janeiro Table ? Collaboration Between Bartoli Design and Lag

All-Italian is the new and challenging collaboration between Bartoli Design and Lago, now introducing the Janeiro table. The brand commissioned the St...
11-12-2019 19:28

Modern 60?s Renovated House Tel Aviv

A house from the 1960s designed originally by Noy Pedro Architects was purchased and used by its owners as a home office. The building was extensively...
11-12-2019 19:28

The Magic of Fire Meets the Eclectic Inspiration of Paola Na

In the history of MCZ, a leading brand that produces stoves and fireplaces, 2019 will be remembered as one of the company?s milestone years. Despite b...
11-12-2019 19:28

Cascade House

Interesting fact ? according to statistics, the Australian homes turned out to be the second-biggest in the world. Rethinking and reimagining this app...
09-12-2019 19:29

906 World Cultural Center by balbek bureau

In 2016, balbek bureau began designing a multi-functional architectural complex located in a vibrant area of San Francisco, California. The complex in...
09-12-2019 19:29

Greentown Model Villa by GFD

Mr. Cai Yuanpei, the leading educator in early twentieth-century China, stressed the importance of aesthetic education in one of his books and pointed...
06-12-2019 19:26

Tribal-Pop Wool Rugs by Camille Walala

Floor Story presents a new rug collection designed by the French artist Camille Walala, famous for her ironic installations. A graduate in textile des...
05-12-2019 19:34

Three Geometric Gifts for an Unconventional Christmas by For

Products which express themselves through the appeal of clean geometries, created only from essential elements, for a return to aesthetic purity and s...
05-12-2019 19:34

Folding Residence Design by GE Design Architects

We might don?t know whether the parallel world exists or not, but if it does exist, we’re not sure it is completely parallel to our world, or it...
04-12-2019 19:34

Terracotta Ridge Vase by Muuto

Kaksikko, also known as the design duo Wesley Walters and Salla Luhtasela are the creators of the ceramic Ridge vase launched by Muuto in fall 2019. T...
04-12-2019 19:34

Nildo Jose Turned this Apartment in Sao Paulo into a Fresh a

Combining contemporary and innovative design with vintage and artistic touches, the designer Nildo Jose turned this 130 sqm apartment in Sao Paulo int...
03-12-2019 19:30

White Studio Apartment in the Style of Minimalism

Small apartment with stylish decor project that remind us of an exquisite and chic pastry – with whit? topping and delicious honey sparkle. This...
03-12-2019 19:30

Atlas Concorde Decor Collection by Piero Lissoni Inspired b

Atlas Concorde presents Canone Inverso, the first collection designed by Piero Lissoni. The project is divided into four porcelain tile mosaics inspir...
03-12-2019 19:30

Manuel García Asociados Received a German Design Award 2020

Last Friday, 22nd of November, the interior design studio Manuel García Asociados was awarded by German Design Award 2020 for its corporate interior d...
29-11-2019 19:36

Handcrafted Precast Terrazzo Collection by KAZA Concrete

KAZA, known for rebranding concrete as a luxurious material for the creation of their 3 dimensional elements for bold accent walls, introduces Handcra...
29-11-2019 19:36

Chromatica by Note Design Studio

Vibia has developed Chromatica in collaboration with Note Design Studio, an innovative inspirational tool for architectural and interior design profes...
28-11-2019 19:39

Dijon Kitchen by Diego Revollo Arquitetura

Spectacular kitchen design, with suspended Kitchen Island and trendy decor elements. A creation of Diego Revollo Arquitetura, this modern kitchen̵...
28-11-2019 19:39

Mooncraft by o&o studio

The Shiliupu Dock of Shanghai was a place enriched fully with the Shanghai Bund history. It features numbers of longtangs and traditional Shanghainese...
27-11-2019 19:38

Family House in Jinonice

A narrow street, where the sleepy character of old Jinonice is still preserved, broadens out to create a tiny square with a well. It was dominated by ...
26-11-2019 19:31

Small 66 square meter Mezzanine Apartment by Studio In2

Playing with sizes and spatial arrangement, the design team from Studio In2 created this imaginative project ? Nancy?s Big Apartment – a two-lev...
26-11-2019 19:31

Urban Chic Apartment by Atelier Prototipi

Urban chic with an amazing stylistic and artistic dash. This modern apartment project in Minsk, Belarus, a creation of Atelier Prototipi, draws its in...
25-11-2019 19:35

Nail Studio by Kilo / Hon?

The concept of the space organisation is based on the need to divide the operation of the nail salon into more sections – foyer, a section for m...
25-11-2019 19:35

Home in Prague with a Playful and Luminous Spirit

Beautiful contemporary home in Prague, the Czech Republic with a playful and luminous spirit. Artistic approach, customized, unique angles, and modern...
22-11-2019 19:40

Kaizen Coffee by space+craft

Kaizen coffee co. is known as one of the best specialty coffee places in Bangkok, founded by a young barista, Arnun Wattanaporn whose passion is highl...
21-11-2019 19:29

Urban Home for Young Couple in São Paulo

The original project by Ciro Ribeiro Pereira was from 1953, so Estúdio BRA reconfigured the original floor plan of apartment in Itamarati Building, re...
21-11-2019 19:29

Frag at the fourth Edition Salone del Mobile.Milano Shanghai

Frag will be present this year at the Salone del Mobile.Milano Shanghai, the trade fair at the prestigious Shanghai Exhibition Centre on the city?s Ya...
20-11-2019 19:36

Industrial Building in Berlin was Turned into a Cozy Home

SEHW Architektur gave new life to an industrial building in Berlin?s Zehlendorf district. It had endured several moultings, before it shed its skin an...
20-11-2019 19:36

Porro Flies to Shangai and Presents its 2019 Home

For the 4th consecutive year Porro flies to China to participate in the Salone del Mobile Milano.Shanghai. Among the most famous brands of contemporar...
19-11-2019 19:34

A Story of Successful and Iconic Recreation of a Home

Sometimes when starting a building project, a lot of obstacles and small impediments can stand on your way. Still, in the case of reimagining this bea...
19-11-2019 19:34

Sydney Home Designed in Classic Modernist Style

A breath of fresh air – it?s rarely that to be the description of modern home design, but in this case, it is true. This collaborative project i...
18-11-2019 19:38

Rug Created from Sketches of the Old Library

This carpet is designed for the public library in Stockholms newly renovated National museum by Emma Olbers for ASPLUND carpets. Biblioteket means lib...
18-11-2019 19:38

Home Full of Light, which Bounces on Luxurious Brass Surface

Sometimes when one explores impressive contemporary design projects, there is that ?Aha? moment when one successfully puts their finger on – whi...
15-11-2019 19:35

Cove House by Justin Humphrey Architect

There is this tendency (especially in modern Australian design) to compose incredibly stylish yet sensual homes combining organic materials like ? woo...
14-11-2019 19:39

Apartment in Kiev by Igor Sirotov Architects

Minimalism in an apartment of 130 square meters in Kiev, Ukraine. Sirotov Architects worked on the TO2H project – an apartment for a young coupl...
13-11-2019 19:36

Bridge Made of Ultra-High Performance Concrete by Aoc Archit

The bridge over the D?etovice stream in Vrapice, near the city of Kladno, is located on a pedestrian trail that leads from the village to the cemetery...
13-11-2019 19:36

vivo Headquarters in Dongguan by CCD

The core value of vivo is “fun, vitality, innovative technology”, and its core value runs throughout the design. From a distance, the comp...
12-11-2019 19:34

Minimalist Apartment With A Neutral Color Palette by Erez Hy

This project by  Erez Hyatt is a masculine representation of Israeli urban minimalism, where the striking expression of the decor is based on the sele...
12-11-2019 19:34

GreenMonster Lab by BANDe Architects

The GreenMonster Lab is located on the B1 floor of Kuntai Jiarui Cultural Center in Wangjing area, Chaoyang District, Beijing, with a building area of...
11-11-2019 19:30

Penthouse in Modiin by Studio Erez Hyatt

Using its signature approach towards modern, urban design, Erez Hyatt create the dynamic ambiance of this penthouse in Modiin, Israel. The entwinement...
11-11-2019 19:30

Modern Bohemian Apartment in St. Petersburg

The search for balance between playful and urban stylistics, minimalist and cozy ambiances, trendy and classic aesthetics is a difficult challenge for...
08-11-2019 19:26

Chic Concrete Apartment Decor

Executed in the stylistic of light urban dynamics, this apartment project by RoomDesignBuro is called Beton -concrete; and carries the intriguing entw...
07-11-2019 19:33

Beauty Salon Renovation by Studio DOTCOF

This beauty salon is a renovation project by Studio DOTCOF. The client owns a hair salon originally, located at a corner of a busy crossroad. For some...
07-11-2019 19:33

Models in Model ? First Architectural Model Museum by Wutopi

Wutopia Lab was commissioned by Fengyuzhu to design the first architectural model museum in China in the way of predicting the future city. Models in ...
06-11-2019 19:29

Vilnius Old Town Apartment by Form Studio

Apartment is located near the old city of Vilnius, Lithuania. Location helped to determine interior style which is mix of modern classic and minimalis...
06-11-2019 19:29

Geometric Color Apartment Decor by Waterfrom Design

To remove the excess decoration in design, Waterfrom Design leave the depth of field of lacquer texture and color blocks in the residential space. Own...
05-11-2019 19:38

Interdio Turned a Small Apartment into a Stylish and Comfort

Interior designer Beata Senkevic from Interdio Design Studio ones again shows a mastership with turning a small urban apartment into a stylish and com...
05-11-2019 19:38

Studio Apartment Under 50sqm by Interdio

This project of Interdio present us with modern urban decor featuring impeccable style and unusual color combinations. The urban signature of the char...
04-11-2019 19:36

Sculptural Chair with a Strong Graphic Identity

The Spike chair is unique in shape. The seat and seat back are fashioned from a number of rods, like a bed of nails, which collectively mimic the curv...
04-11-2019 19:36

Lost Villa Boutique Hotel by DAS Lab

For more than 200 years, the Yellow River has been the cradle of Dawan Village, and become the witness of its developing cultural context. It was not ...
02-11-2019 19:32

Aqua Health Clinic by Waterfrom Design

Upon entering the door, in the center of cool and avant-garde solid wood floor stained with soft-stem bulrush, the long glass case is covered with war...
01-11-2019 19:36

Comfort and Design in the Bedroom by Pianca

Pianca, an historic Italian brand in the home furnishing systems and accessories industry, offers beds and furniture systems for a bedroom marked by c...
31-10-2019 19:37

Space in Shanghai Provides Unique Health Experiences

With consumption upgrade in China driving iteration of commercial scenes, TOWOdesign, a Chinese design studio which excels at reorganizing spaces in a...
31-10-2019 19:37

BZ Apartment by StudioDO

Located within a 1960?s brutalist building in one of Tel Aviv?s main boulevards, studioDO has completed the design of BZ apartment for a client lookin...
30-10-2019 19:40

GGL House by Studio AG Arquitetura

The GGL House, located in São Paulo city, was planned to a young couple. Its plot, in a narrow and long shape, was designed in a way in order to use t...
29-10-2019 19:35

Apartment in Chicago Features Wood and Steel Volumes

Inside a century old structure initially built for automotive assembly and display, Vladimir Radutny Architects renovated a residence that was poorly ...
29-10-2019 19:35

Endless Graphics with no Limits: Waterproof, for Floors, Wal

Instabilelab dedicates a whole section to the bathroom environment. Every kind of graphics, from the more simple to the irreverent ones, made to amaze...
28-10-2019 19:36

Izumi Copenhagen Restaurant

A new layout for Charlottenlund’s Izumi restaurant in Copenhagen, curated by Pan- Projects studio, sees in the Seleri chairs, designed by Mentse...
28-10-2019 19:36

Kilo/Hon? Turns Attic Apartment into Generous, Functional Mo

Complete reconstruction of old space in Bratislava, Slovakia turns this attic apartment into generous, functional modern home with luminous ambiance a...
25-10-2019 19:35

A Mix of Design and Venetian Glassmaking: the Bonaldo Lighti

A mix of design and the Venetian art of glassmaking: the Bonaldo Lighting Collection is the new range of lamps by the Italian company specialized in t...
24-10-2019 19:30

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Herzog & de Meuron Releases Conceptual Images of the Grand Canal Museum Complex in Hangzhou, China

Herzog & de Meuron Releases Conceptual Images...

The Grand Canal Museum Complex in Hangzhou, China designed by Herzog & de Meuron reflects on the importance of this area in Chinese cultural and natural landscapes. The project illustrates the story of the Grand Canal, through a continuous... -
Titan Integrity Campus / Mindspace

Titan Integrity Campus / Mindspace

The corporate office building is located on a 6.5acre site which has a lake on the eastern side and road towards north. The design has a very special connection with the site and the adjoining lake. The idea is of exploiting every view possible to... -
Always Astier De Villatte

Always Astier De Villatte

Some things stay very much the same and astier de Villatte is one of them. The post Always Astier De Villatte appeared first on Vicki Archer. -
Aglae House by AFARQ Arquitectos

Aglae House by AFARQ Arquitectos

This weekend house located 75 miles from Santo Domingo, Chile, has been designed by AFARQ Arquitectos. Description Casa Aglae is our proposal for a weekend house in Santo Domingo, a coastal area located 120 km. from Santiago.... -
Horten Upper Secondary School / LINK arkitektur

Horten Upper Secondary School / LINK arkitekt...

Norway?s highest environmentally classified education buildingHorten upper secondary school won the international sustainable BREEAM Awards 2019 for the best public sector building at the design stage. The project is referred to as an example of a... -
51 Outdoor Chaise Lounge Chairs To Soak Up The Sun

51 Outdoor Chaise Lounge Chairs To Soak Up Th...

What?s better than lounging in the sun" Lounging in the sun in style! The right outdoor chaise lounge chair can contribute to your relaxation, a great tan, and a killer patio, sunroom, porch, poolside, or backyard set-up. Our collection... -
43 Hanging Chairs And Seats To Get You In The Swing Of Spring

43 Hanging Chairs And Seats To Get You In The...

Stylishly suspended from the living room ceiling or from a beam on your porch, hanging chairs are the perfect way to invite tranquility into a hectic day or add a bit of coziness to your backyard escapades. Not sure you have anywhere to mount a... -
Petite, Precious & Pastel Home Interior

Petite, Precious & Pastel Home Interior

This petite apartment is awash with calming pastel colours, and is filled precious accents around every turn. The beautiful modern interior was visualised by Ruslan Kovalchuk & Mariya Chmut to include interesting interior detail from any... -
45 Beautiful Modern Chandelier Lights That Create Glamorous Interiors

45 Beautiful Modern Chandelier Lights That Cr...

There?s nothing that says glamour quite like a chandelier. Multi-armed, multi-faceted and glittering, their traditional homes in entrance foyers and over dining tables make quite the impression. We?ve put together 45 modern takes on the chandelier,... -

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