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All the Tile (Installed!) In Our Two Flat + a Fun Video Conv

This post is sponsored by The Tile Shop. We?re talking about the tile in each room of the Two Flat and how we feel about the spaces now that they?re c...
23-11-2020 19:19

Festive Pear + Gin Cocktail with Infused Ice

This post is in partnership with A.O. Smith. We?re sharing a fun + festive cocktail recipe using pears, gin, and the kicker ? infused ice cubes. Enjoy...
20-11-2020 19:13

A YBH Holiday Gift Guide: for the Whole Family

We?re kicking off our annual gift guides with items that the whole family can enjoy together! Gift guides will roll out over the next handful of weeks...
19-11-2020 19:25

5 Ideas to Keep Holiday Cards Stress-Free

This post is in partnership with Artifact Uprising, a Colorado-based company that creates premium-quality customizable photo goods from your digital p...
17-11-2020 19:13

The Two Flat Unit 2 Kitchen Reveal!

Although pint-sized, this kitchen features everything from a concealed dishwasher, pull-out corner cabinets, open shelving and deep storage. Let?s tak...
13-11-2020 19:15

Where Do You Start When Designing a Kitchen"

This post is in partnership with Elkay®. We?re sharing how we started designing the kitchens at the Two Flat ? and what items kicked off the process. ...
12-11-2020 19:14

The Two Flat Unit 1 Kitchen Reveal!

Our wood, white and black kitchen has a classic feel with all the modern conveniences. Let?s take a tour! We completed our Two Flat renovation last we...
10-11-2020 19:13

Completing the Unit 1 Kitchen With a Modern DIY Railing Kit

This post is sponsored by our friends at Viewrail, the authority in modern railing solutions. Today, we?re talking through the DIY installation of the...
09-11-2020 19:14

The Weekender: A Chameleon, Girl In the Mirror, a Faux Garla

A Chamelon and Her Bug Lucy?s chameleon costume is hardly new (see: exhibit A + B), but my goodness, she loves that thing! So much so, that she wears ...
30-10-2020 19:15

Collective Q+A: How Do You Document Your Child?s Milestones&

Early this year, we started documenting Lucy?s height in the most traditional sense ? directly on the millwork, with a Sharpie. As a lover of old home...
28-10-2020 19:15

How We Used a Crockpot to Remove Decades of Paint from Hardw

This is our tried and true method of boiling hardware to remove decades ? centuries, even! ? of old paint without the use of harsh chemicals. Fellow o...
26-10-2020 19:18

Everything You Want to Know About Our Formica Countertops!

This post is in partnership with Formica Corporation. We?re revealing our Formica kitchen countertops today and answering all the questions we?ve been...
23-10-2020 19:19

Our DIY Beadboard + Shelves Backsplash

The Unit 1 kitchen in our ongoing Two Flat project is almost complete! Today we?re walking through the DIY beadboard backsplash and integrated custom ...
21-10-2020 19:18

These Old Nails: How to Frame + Display Keepsakes

It?s a Monday Rewind! We have over 11 years of archives, so from time to time, we?ll be sharing our favorites from posts past. This tutorial was origi...
19-10-2020 19:17

The Weekender: What?s Next", Our Airbnb, and Nostalgia

What Now" Your enthusiasm for our Two Flat renovation, especially as we near the finish line, has been unparalleled. Love you. We?re in the final...
16-10-2020 19:16

DIY Open Shelving (With an Unexpected Twist!)

We?re breaking down how we made strong open shelving using an unexpected material. See the step-by-step in this tutorial! An Alternative to the Floati...
14-10-2020 19:16

5 Tips for Tiling and Loving Your Kitchen Backsplash

This post is sponsored by The Tile Shop. We?re sharing the 5 things we do every single time we tile a backsplash that sets us up for success! As many ...
12-10-2020 19:18

Tour Our Chicago Home in 3D!

We?re talking through the newest way to tour and shop our primary home in Chicago with our friends at Openhaus! Have you heard of Openhaus yet" I...
09-10-2020 19:20

A Clever No-Tools Required 3M? CLAW Heavyweight Hanging Solu

This post is sponsored by 3M. You CAN hang heavy things, and we?re showing you how. Hang up to 45 pounds by yourself, easily! We?re at the point in th...
08-10-2020 19:16

How to Make a DIY Cookbook Nook

How to make a DIY cookbook nook | Black kitchen with white countertop, chrome faucet and brass hardware | via Yellow Brick Home Take me to H...
06-10-2020 19:15

The Weekender: Rent the Two Flat, Trailblazers, Voting By Ma

We?re Keeping Her! The Two Flat, that is! Man, what a winding road that decision was. As many of you may have seen during a recent Instagram Story Q+A...
02-10-2020 19:16

Our IKEA Kitchenette Reveal!

This post is in partnership with IKEA. We added a multi-purpose IKEA kitchenette to the Two Flat?s den ? a compact space dedicated to entertaining, wo...
30-09-2020 19:15

Our Mauve Dining Room Reveal!

This post is in partnership with KILZ®. We?ve been renovating our Chicago Two Flat (a building with two units) for the better part of a year-and-a-hal...
25-09-2020 19:14

A Warm, Cozy Round-Up of Fall Favorites

Oh, fall, we love you so! Let me count the ways? Hello, Fall. Why do you think fall is so universally loved" Is it the cooler air" The feeli...
23-09-2020 19:14

How Much Did Our Pink Bathroom Renovation Cost"

This post is in partnership with Citizens Bank. We love old houses. (Old news.) But did you know" Over the last 15 years, we?ve renovated four ho...
21-09-2020 19:14

The Weekender: Finding the Elusive Work|Life Balance

Forever In Search of a Work|Life Balance. Sound familiar" If there?s a trend that I?ve noticed from most of our friends and family, it?s tha...
18-09-2020 19:13

How We Added Sparkle In a No-Light Zone (+ a Door Knob Guide

This post is in partnership with Schlage. Choosing door hardware is an opportunity to create an often overlooked design detail. Think of it as jewelry...
17-09-2020 19:11

Our Experience as Landlords After Seven Years

We purchased our current home (which features a separate Garden Unit downstairs) seven years ago. At the time, we were moving out of our first condo, ...
15-09-2020 19:15

Our Experience as Airbnb Hosts After One Season

Now that we?ve opened up our Michigan Tree House and have opened it up to short-term rentals this summer, we?ve been getting enough questions about ou...
08-09-2020 19:18

The Weekender: Answering Your Questions, a Two Flat Update a

An Update + a Huge Thank You You have blown us away with your kindness and support, and we humbly say, thank you! While I was nervous to detail the pr...
04-09-2020 19:13

What (In the World!) Is Going On at the Two Flat"

This is our real-life rundown of what (in the world) is going on at the Two Flat ? from flooding to floor refinishing (again) and why. But first, a no...
01-09-2020 19:35

Our Plaid Pantry DIY!

This post is in partnership with Scotch® Painter?s Tape and HGTV Magazine. We?re sharing the step-by-step tutorial for how we used Scotch Painter?s Ta...
28-08-2020 19:35

Collective Q+A: How Do You Stay Positive Through a Renovatio

Are you in the middle of a renovation" Maybe you?ve just started, maybe you?re thinking of starting, or better yet ? maybe you?re in the home str...
26-08-2020 19:16

Can you Reglaze a Pink Bathtub"

We know that reglazing a white bathtub is a cost effective way to spruce it up. But what about a pink tub" We?re sharing what we did to get our p...
24-08-2020 19:15

The Weekender: A Reader Survey, For the Love of Plants and a

We?d Love to Hear From You! It?s time for our annual reader survey! We?d love to get to know you better, so that we can continue to strengthen this am...
21-08-2020 19:12

You Probably Need a Mesh Wifi Network

We?re walking through all the details of our new eero mesh WiFi system(s) and how we?ve eliminated ?dead spots? in our home WiFi networks. It?s worth ...
20-08-2020 19:13

Our Little Pink Bathroom is Done!

We?re officially checking off the smallest bathroom in our Two Flat renovation! We salvaged the vintage pink bathroom fixtures and mixed new with old ...
18-08-2020 19:16

So You Want to Try Contrast Trim"

This post is sponsored by Metrie. I?m sharing why you may want to consider a darker, contrasting trim color for your walls, as well as how to choose t...
14-08-2020 19:12

Your House Isn?t Straight. Here?s How to Deal With It!

We love old houses, but you?d be hard pressed to find a clean 90-degree angle anywhere. Today, we?re breaking down some of our favorite tricks on how ...
12-08-2020 19:15

Welcome to the Family, Catfish!

The Cat(fish) is out of the bag Our sweet foster dog is officially a Vargo! Never, at any point, did our ?plans? include adopting the first dog we fos...
31-07-2020 19:16

Who Purchases Window Shades, Tenant or Landlord"

This post is sponsored by Bali Blinds. We?ve outfitted Unit 2 of our ongoing Two Flat project with cordless solar shades that will enhance the look an...
29-07-2020 19:18

When to Splurge, When to Save

Today I?m breaking down the question: Which items in your home are worth the splurge" When can you save" I had a great question come through...
27-07-2020 19:15

My 4 Tips for Finding The Best Items On Amazon

In this post, I?m sharing my best tips + tricks to shopping on Amazon. Find exactly what you?re looking for, without the feeling of overwhelm! I reall...
23-07-2020 19:12

Where Did You Get Your Headboard" (+ 20 Curvy Favorites

?Where did you get your headboard"? This is easily the most asked question about our home, so I?m sharing 20 round headboards I found online for ...
21-07-2020 19:16

The Weekender: Our Fostering Adventure

Hello, Catfish! Our family is diving headfirst into the mostly exciting, slightly scary world of fostering! We?re working through One Tail at a Time (...
17-07-2020 19:15

How We Chose New Windows for the Two Flat

This post is sponsored by our friends at Andersen Windows + Doors. We?re sharing how we selected the sizes and shapes for an entire house full of beau...
16-07-2020 19:14

Vlog: Our Summer 2020 House Tour!

our tone-on-tone bedroom In this video, we?re sharing our most complete house tour to date! This is the first time our pink guest bathroom has been re...
15-07-2020 19:14

Pairing Smart Technology with our Vintage Doors

This post is in partnership with Schlage. A question we answer often is: How would you define your design style" It?s taken us years to cultivate...
10-07-2020 19:15

Mixing Old + New In Our Vintage Pink Bathroom

This post is sponsored by The Tile Shop. We?re sharing how we?re incorporating the vintage pink fixtures in our bathroom with new tile and chrome fini...
08-07-2020 19:16

The Weekender: On #Instashelves + Is Staying Positive In the

It?s been a while since we?ve caught up and had a chat, and good gravy, so much has happened with the Two Flat, with our family, with our life and our...
03-07-2020 19:13

Mood Board Week(s): Unit 1 Kitchen

Today wraps up the end of our Two Flat wet room mood boards! If you?re counting, there have been 2 bathrooms + 1 kitchen for Unit 1, and 1 bathroom + ...
29-06-2020 19:13

Mood Board Week(s): Unit 2 Kitchen

There are only 2 mood boards left the Two Flat?s wet rooms! We?ve covered 3 bathrooms for both units, and now it?s on to the kitchens. These plans wil...
26-06-2020 19:12

The Two Flat Exterior Is Painted!

This post is sponsored by Lowe?s. We?re sharing the exterior reveal of our Two Flat renovation, taking a look back and breaking down what you can expe...
24-06-2020 19:12

Goodbye, Chocolate Chunk

We said goodbye to Chocolate Chunk, our CC girl, last week. For days, we were in shock. I think we?re still in shock. We echoed the same sentiment ove...
22-06-2020 19:14

Mood Board Week(s): Unit 1 Den Bathroom

Over the next couple of weeks, we?ll be sharing mood boards for each of the Two Flat?s wet rooms! If you?re counting, that?s 2 bathrooms + 1 kitchen f...
19-06-2020 19:12

Mood Board Week(s): Unit 1 Pink Bathroom

Over the next couple of weeks, we?ll be sharing mood boards for each of the Two Flat?s wet rooms! If you?re counting, that?s 2 bathrooms + 1 kitchen f...
17-06-2020 19:17

Repairing Pet Damage In the Yard with Boris the Pibble

This post is in partnership with Troy-Bilt as a part of their Fence Talks series. It?s likely no surprise that we love dogs. Our dogs. Other people?s ...
16-06-2020 19:13

Mood Board Week(s): Unit 2 Bathroom

Over the next couple of weeks, we?ll be sharing mood boards for each of the Two Flat?s wet rooms! If you?re counting, that?s 2 bathrooms + 1 kitchen f...
15-06-2020 19:15

Love ? Unity ? Change

Love ? Unity ? Change Last week, I shared why we choose to call Chicago home. I shared why it was important for us to put down roots in a city where w...
12-06-2020 19:14

The Smartest Garage Door Opener We?ve Ever Used

This post is sponsored by LiftMaster®. Garage door openers have come a long way in the last few years, and we?re walking through how we?ve integrated ...
28-05-2020 19:17

How to Get Your Grill Ready For Summer + a Delicious Turkey

Grilling season is upon us! Today we?re breaking down the steps to deep clean and partially rebuild a gas grill just in time for summer. Plus, we?re s...
27-05-2020 19:17

All the Tile We?re Using In the Two Flat!

This post is sponsored by The Tile Shop. We?re sharing every last tile choice we?ve chosen for our Two Flat renovation, ranging from bathrooms to kitc...
26-05-2020 19:13

The Weekender: A Setback, the Most Colorful Home, a TV House

This past week has been a roller coaster of emotions, starting with the flooding we saw at the Two Flat. Chicago has been seeing a massive amount of r...
22-05-2020 19:13

$10 DIY Giant Jenga (With a Twist)

We?re all spending a lot more time at home right now, so yard games will be a favorite past-time this summer! Today we?re outlining three steps for a ...
20-05-2020 19:14

Your Pet Is Cooler Than You + A Pet Supplies Round-Up!

Have you noticed that pet accessories are cooler than you" Pet products ? from beds to collars to hoodies ? have really stepped up their game! To...
18-05-2020 19:15

The Weekender: Remember When", an Exciting Two Flat Del

In the beginning, it made my heart happy every time a friend or colleague said, I?ve been enjoying the family togetherness. During a Really Real time ...
15-05-2020 19:15

Why We Use Outdoor Rugs Inside + A Round Up of Favorites

Outdoor rugs are not only for the outdoors! We?re sharing why we use outdoor rugs inside, what materials to look for, how we clean them + sharing a ro...
13-05-2020 19:17

A Big Picture View of What?s Left for The Two Flat

Our Two Flat renovation started in the summer of 2019. One year later, we?re not where we thought we?d be. Today, we?re sharing what projects are left...
11-05-2020 19:13

Our Warm Weather Bucket List + a Printable!

Sunny days are ahead, can you feel it" Print your own warm weather bucket list right here, and dream big as you fill it out! In the spirit of sta...
08-05-2020 19:18

How to Clean and Seal Interior Brick in 4 Easy Steps!

We?ve always loved the look of imperfect old brick chimneys. When the opportunity to expose the one in our ongoing Two Flat project presented itself, ...
06-05-2020 19:18

How Will You Celebrate Mother?s Day This Year"

This year, Mother?s Day will look a little different for all of us. So in the spirit of staying positive, we?re rounding up a simple, attainable list ...
04-05-2020 19:15

The Weekender: Do Big Risks = Big Payoff"

Featured image of Jean Stoffer Design?s Ada Modern Classic Home, photographed by Stoffer Photography. Bigger Risk, Bigger Payoff" In Stories this...
01-05-2020 19:14

Advice from a Professional House Painter (+ Selecting a Pain

This post is sponsored by Lowe?s Home Improvement. Painting the exterior of a home is a large undertaking that requires a lot of consideration, so tod...
30-04-2020 19:18

Host a Family Art Party!

Grab the art supplies and gather around the table ? it?s time for an art party! These are the essentials you?ll need + our tricks to make it a fun suc...
28-04-2020 19:17

The Two Flat is Trimmed!

This post is sponsored by Metrie. We?re sharing a HUGE progress update on our ongoing Two Flat renovation project and talking through the process of s...
27-04-2020 19:16

The Weekender: Candy Colored Tile, My Makeup + Skincare Favo

This was an exciting week for tile, because a big shipment of samples arrived for our Two Flat! We?ll be working with The Tile Shop on every decision ...
24-04-2020 19:15

Our 1 Year Two Flat Anniversary Looks Different Than We Thou

Renovating during a pandemic has its challenges, but we?re grateful for how far we?ve come. Today, I?m reflecting on the journey to this point, as we ...
23-04-2020 19:16

When Working From Home Isn?t What You Expected

The concept of ?work? is anyone?s interpretation right now. But whatever ?work? means to you, here are the things we?ve implemented into our routine t...
21-04-2020 19:15

Our Warm + Nature Inspired Deck Refresh

This post is sponsored by Lowe?s. Our Tree House is one step closer to completion! Today we?re walking through the steps to properly stain a weathered...
20-04-2020 19:17

Lucy?s Big Kid Bedroom

This post is sponsored by IKEA. We?re sharing how we gave Lucy?s bedroom a mini refresh for the big girl she?s become! Earlier this year, we went into...
17-04-2020 19:15

An(other) Engineer Print DIY to Try!

In this post, I?m sharing how we installed and framed a giant engineer print onto canvas. This large scale DIY is a fun way to display a favorite memo...
15-04-2020 19:14

The Weekender: We?re Fine, We?re Scared and It?s All So Stra

It?s All So Strange. It?s all so strange. The weather. Our schedules (or lack thereof). This day (week, month, year, really!). We?ve been putting our ...
10-04-2020 19:15

Is the IKEA SYMFONISK Right for You"

The IKEA/Sonos speaker collaboration is an exciting launch for anyone interested in streaming music or podcasts throughout their home. But are these n...
07-04-2020 19:14

My Top Picks from the Studio McGee Target Line!

Studio McGee?s collaboration with ThresholdTarget launched over the weekend, and apparently, we were all watching. Although many items from the line s...
06-04-2020 19:13

The Weekender: The Winner Is(!), Pretty Coloring Pages, a Po

And the Winner Is? Okay, you all shocked me this week. I was so sure every one of you was going to vote Dark + Moody on our entryway dilemma (because ...
03-04-2020 19:16

Welcome to Our Hall of Doors (+ A Door Selection Guide)

Welcome to our Hall of Doors! Today, we?re updating on the installation of all of the new doors in the ground floor of Unit 1 and dishing out our pers...
02-04-2020 19:16

Time to Tackle This Entryway (+ a Vote!)

We have big plans for our home?s entryway. We?ve been talking about these plans for years. Is now the time" We?re sharing what?s been on our mind...
31-03-2020 19:16

Adding an Outdoor Camera for Peace of Mind (+ Tips for Your

We live 90 minutes away from our Michigan Tree House, so we rely on a handful of smart home products to monitor it and offer peace of mind while we?re...
30-03-2020 19:19

The Weekender: Pay Attention, A Course In Happiness, The Pre

What Can I Do For You" Does the photo above feel like you" Are you feeling overwhelmed, anxious, scared" Me, too. I carry my stress phy...
27-03-2020 19:16

54 Projects You Can Tackle Right Now

I?m pulling 54(!) DIY projects from the vault and sharing them here with you today. Ranging from beginner to intermediate, there?s a project for every...
26-03-2020 19:15

The Pros and Cons of a Speedheater

We?re sharing the pros and cons that we discovered after using the Speedheater 1100, an infrared paint stripping tool. Is it right for you" Let?s...
24-03-2020 19:16

Best of Amazon: A Restful, Comfortable Bedroom

In Best of Amazon, we?re uncovering the hidden gems to help you with your day-to-day. This time, we?re sharing All Things Bedroom Design! You can also...
23-03-2020 19:29

The Weekender: Things That Made Me Happy, Kept Us Busy and H

Hi, hello, how are you (really)" This is the start of every conversation with our family. With our friends. With each other! We?ve found a lot of...
20-03-2020 19:13

Long Distance House Call with Bali Blinds

This post is sponsored by Bali Blinds. We helped our friends Jill and Eric solve their big (huge!) window dilemma ? even though they?re 300 miles away...
17-03-2020 19:15

Do You Hang Art In Your Bathroom"

Of all the places you hang artwork, is the bathroom one of them" If so, are family photos a ?yay? or a ?nay?" I?m sharing why you should put...
16-03-2020 19:17

Why We Called It Quits.

We?ve realized that there are not enough hours in the day to do it all ourselves. Earlier this week, the realization hit us like a ton of bricks. Cont...
12-03-2020 19:16

The Staples In Lucy?s Closet

Today we?re answering: Where?d you get Lucy?s X, Y, Z" Our 2-year-old has a modest wardrobe that eliminates daily stress, and we?re sharing how w...
10-03-2020 19:15

5 Things to Consider Before Your Next Tiling Project

The variety of choices when selecting and installing tile can be overwhelming! We?re talking through a quick list of our top 5 considerations before s...
09-03-2020 19:15

The Weekender: Nice to Meet You, Our Tree House News, and a

Hi, Friends! We spent most of last week/end in Cincinnati for a video and photo shoot, and while I shared sneak peeks on Stories, so, so many of you w...
06-03-2020 19:17

How to Choose a Rug Pad + Why You Need One (Seriously)

This post is sponsored by RugPadUSA. Use promo code YELLOWBRICK for 10% off your order, and yes, it can be stacked with other offers! Promotion expire...
05-03-2020 19:18

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