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Celebrating One Year With Our Sweet Kitty

Our sweet dog, Catfish, came to us under some challenging circumstances. Today, we?re looking back on how she became a permanent part of our family ex...
02-08-2021 19:27

Our Mini Backyard Refresh

A few small changes made a big impact on how our Chicago backyard feels and functions! This post is in partnership with Article. Chicagoans love their...
30-07-2021 19:25

How the Paint Colors In Our Home Shift Over a Single Day

We?re comparing how the paint colors in our home shift over the course of a single day, from AM to PM. Lighting is the single most important thing to ...
28-07-2021 19:25

Total Control + Security with LiftMaster

Today we?re talking through a few new ways we?ve made our garage more secure and functional with the LiftMaster Secure View Smart Garage Door Opener! ...
26-07-2021 19:18

How To Install a Porch Swing in 4 Easy Steps

We?re talking through all of the steps involved in hanging our DIY porch swing in its new location on our renovated Chicago front porch as well as add...
22-07-2021 19:21

Before + After: Our Condo Kitchen Makeover!

This is how we gave our early 2000s-era kitchen a big makeover on a budget! We are so excited to be sharing the entire condo kitchen reveal with you t...
20-07-2021 19:29

The Weekender: Family Time for the Soul, Studio McGee Picks,

It?s official: Lucy is the balance our lives need. We reunited over July 4th weekend (after spending a handful of fun-filled weeks at grandma?s house)...
16-07-2021 19:29

A Complete Cabinet Makeover in One Weekend!

We?re breaking down the steps and all of the products we used to completely transform the kitchen in our Chicago condo with a fresh coat of cabinet pa...
15-07-2021 19:34

Q+A with a Real Estate Pro

Our condo is on the market! We listed the week before the July 4th holiday, which wasn?t necessarily in our favor, but we took that risk in the hopes ...
13-07-2021 19:32

A Step-by-Step Guide to Tiling a Backsplash

Tiling a room adds instant impact and personality. From bold patterns to subtle backdrops, I?m willing to bet you?ll find tile that speaks to you at T...
08-07-2021 19:28

How To Remove a Stone Backsplash In 4 Steps

This is how we easily removed a stone vanity backsplash in just 30 minutes with just 4 simple steps. It?s easy! We promise! You know that short, stubb...
07-07-2021 19:26

The Weekender: Setting Boundaries + a Bright Summer Cocktail

It?s Been? a Month.??????? Um, where did June go" We?ve been light on the blog, but behind the scenes, we?ve been pushing ourselves too hard, and...
02-07-2021 19:29

How We Clean + Style Our Vinyl Windows to Make Them Shine!

A step-by-step to cleaning our vinyl window frames and glass, including which products we use and how we outfit them to look their best! This post is ...
01-07-2021 19:27

Shopping (and Saving) as we Prep the Condo for Sale!

For the last handful of weeks, we?ve been at the condo all day, every day. The walls have been painted, the floors refinished, and as I try not to cry...
24-06-2021 19:20

Our Budget Shed Makeover Reveal!

This is how we made over our sad shed using paint + stain, clever organizing, space-saving lawn tools and adding solar lighting! A little over a month...
18-06-2021 19:35

A Simple Console Shelf DIY

We?re walking through the simple steps we used to create the ?console shelf? behind the sofa in our Chicago living room. This afternoon project cost a...
01-06-2021 19:27

The Weekender: Front Porch Updates, Everlane Favorites, Cica

The Front Porch is Making Strides! This past week has been all about the front porch, and we can see the light at the end of the tunnel! In case you m...
28-05-2021 19:27

Collective Q+A: What Has Been Your Favorite Secondhand Find&

The thrill of the hunt, am I right" When thrifting (or flea market-ing or estate sale-ing or yard sale-ing), we always joke that you don?t know w...
26-05-2021 19:26

What We?ll Be Doing to the Condo Before We Sell

These are the items to complete on our condo before we sell! Paint, floor refinishing, and a kitchen backsplash all make the list. We?re Selling, Now ...
21-05-2021 19:23

We?re Selling the One That Started It All

We?re Selling the Condo! We?re going back ? way back! ? to the start of this blog. Who remembers our condo" It was the first home Scott and I pur...
19-05-2021 19:33

Our Entryway Color Reveal!

Our entryway has been a labor of love and a work-in-progress for many years. Today we?re unveiling the most recent update ? a fresh paint color! Welco...
17-05-2021 19:30

Our Tired Shed is Getting a Budget Makeover!

Today we?re kicking off the budget refresh of the small shed at our Michigan Tree House! We?ll be focusing on low-cost, high-impact solutions to get t...
14-05-2021 19:25

Our Chicago Home is Getting a Little Exterior Makeover!

We?re refreshing the front of our Chicago home?s exterior! Today we?re breaking down the updates we?re tackling, and the few that we?re skipping. When...
12-05-2021 19:29

How Do You Decide Which Products are Best for Your Home + Fa

When deciding which products are the best for your home and family, where do you start" In our case, we?ll consider the project at hand ? let?s s...
11-05-2021 19:31

The Weekender: Have You Gotten a Haircut Lately"

Have You Gotten a Haircut Lately" Since the start of lockdown ? over one year ago ? I?ve noticed that my friends have fallen into two camps: Camp...
07-05-2021 19:24

23 Leather Chairs for Every Style and Budget

Investing in a leather arm chair is investing in an heirloom. Today, we?re sharing 23 chairs for every style and budget! If well cared for with an app...
05-05-2021 19:22

Mini Bedroom Makeovers to say ?Thank You?

As a parting gift to our nanny ? she?s family, really ? we gave her family mini bedroom makeovers. Just one way we?ll be saying ?thank you? for being ...
03-05-2021 19:27

Considering Motorized Shades" Read This First!

Motorized shades are among the most convenient features of our extensive smart home system. Today we?re breaking down all of the varying ordering opti...
28-04-2021 19:26

The Weekender: Peach Walls, CBD for the Soul, and Frustratin

Peach, Peach or Peach" It?s (finally!) entryway makeover time! We started with 30 paint chips on the wall, and we watched them change colors thro...
23-04-2021 19:26

Our Ever-Evolving Home Throughout the Years

Home is a process. Let?s take a look back at how the rooms in our home have evolved over the last 8 years, little by little. Our Home, Over the Years ...
21-04-2021 19:21

How We Revived Our 5-Year-Old Backyard Planter Boxes

Today, we?re talking through the simple steps we took to bring life back to the 37 linear feet of planter boxes in the backyard of our Chicago home! 5...
19-04-2021 19:24

Reader Question: What?s Your Favorite Album from Start to Fi

We?ve been curating our vinyl collection for almost 20 years, but certain albums get played far more than others. Today we?re each rounding up our top...
16-04-2021 19:29

So, You Want to Buy a Turntable" Here?s How to Get Star

If you?ve been curious about getting started collecting and playing vinyl, we?re here to help! Today, we?re sharing our turntable and speaker pairings...
14-04-2021 19:28

A Fun and Easy Instant Photo Display

It?s a Monday Rewind! Yellow Brick Home has over 11 years of archives, so from time to time, we?ll be sharing our favorites from posts past. This tuto...
12-04-2021 19:31

The Weekender: My Morning Skincare + Makeup Routine, Imposte

Going Live in 3? 2? If you were able to join me in my Instagram Live this week, thank you for being there! Your kind comments kept me going, and it fe...
09-04-2021 19:26

How We Keep All of the Plants in Our Home Happy + Thriving!

No room in our home is complete without a houseplant! They?re beautiful, purify the air and bring life to any space. Today we?re sharing all of the pl...
08-04-2021 19:22

How We Gave Our Shoe Cabinet a Major Upgrade with a Few Smal

I couldn?t be more excited to share with you our upgraded shoe cabinet! File this under big impact, low stress makeovers ? the best kind, in our opini...
06-04-2021 19:29

8 Ways to Save Money on Almost Every Purchase

We?re breaking down all of the different ways we?ve had success saving money on everyday purchases. From buying gently used items to stacking discount...
01-04-2021 19:22

Cuddle Up In Our Snug!

We maximized the smallest nook in our home so that it doubles as cozy seating and toy storage. Let?s show you around! Snuggle Up + Stay Awhile Months ...
30-03-2021 19:29

The Weekender: Musical Rugs, On Being Asian American, and Br

Musical Rugs I did a thing I never do. I bought a vintage rug for our dining room shuffle after only spending 30 minutes searching. As an over-researc...
26-03-2021 19:28

Collective Q+A: What Is Your Favorite 1-Day DIY"

Larger renovations ? think: a kitchen makeover or gutting a bathroom ? can quickly start to feel like a slog. Progress is slow, hold-ups are par for t...
24-03-2021 19:25

11 Spring Projects to Tackle Right Now

Despite having snowed in Chicago last week, I?m only looking forward and reminding myself that it is, in fact, officially spring! For today?s Monday R...
22-03-2021 19:27

The Completed Family Room + Playroom!

Our second floor received a big facelift when we nixed the home office in favor of a family room + playroom! Let?s take a tour. The playroom is comple...
18-03-2021 19:44

Which Type of Window Treatment Should You Use" Plus a L

Choosing window treatments is intimidating. Who here has ever thought that" We joke that we?re the resident Window Advisors on our block; we?re a...
16-03-2021 19:41

The Dining Room Shuffle

The dining room refresh is in full swing! One of our goals for this year was to get our home to a place where it?s working harder for us. That will lo...
11-03-2021 19:23

The Weekender: Blogs + Online Creators. Let?s Talk.

This ?Easy? Life Did you watch Fake Famous" It was? obnoxious" Sad" I haven?t been able to stop thinking it, especially after reading D...
05-03-2021 19:23

Big Bowls As Decor + My Favorite Finds!

For years, we?ve kept a ceramic bowl on our coffee table to corral all our Instax memories. By keeping them out, friends and family have always gravit...
03-03-2021 19:19

Screensavers That Double As Art + 22 Digital Downloads to Tr

I?m sharing my tips for uploading digital screensavers to your television that double as art! I?ve also rounded up some of my favorite digital downloa...
01-03-2021 19:19

A DIY Built-In Storage Bench Using IKEA Cabinets

We?re walking through the process of building a DIY storage and seating area in our snug. A DIY like this will take on different forms in every unique...
24-02-2021 19:16

A DIY Laundry Sorter Solution

No more sorting laundry! This is how we created a built-in laundry sorting system using budget-friendly items. Yellow Brick Home has over 11 years of ...
22-02-2021 19:18

Tips for Stocking Your Play Kitchen + 36 of the Cutest Acces

We?re sharing 4 tips for stocking your own play kitchen, plus we?ve included a round up of 36 of the cutest pretend food, pots, pans and cooking utens...
19-02-2021 19:19

What to Look for When Buying a Vintage Rug

Most of the items in Lucy?s playroom have been repurposed from other areas ? the credenza used to hold office supplies (it?s now chock full of buildin...
19-02-2021 19:19

How to Make a DIY Shaker Peg Rail with Shelf

Today we?re breaking down the steps to build a shaker peg rail with an integrated shelf. We?re using it for our 3 year old daughter?s dress-up area, b...
16-02-2021 19:15

The Weekender: What?s for Dinner", a Stunning Bed + Bat

What?s For Dinner" Does anyone else loathe that question" We?re cooking in more than ever, and our tried and true recipes have started to fe...
12-02-2021 19:18

Lucy?s Library: A Round-Up of Diverse + Inclusive Books for

A couple weeks ago, I shared several of the books in Lucy?s library that celebrate diversity, featuring characters of color of all backgrounds. Now th...
10-02-2021 19:20

A DIY Lion Lamp + a Round-Up of 20 Cute Animal Lamps!

We?re talking through the simple process of turning a vintage lion figurine into the cutest table lamp ever! As a bonus, we?re also rounding up 20 cut...
04-02-2021 19:18

Our Winter Cheer Kit

A round-up of winter cheer! These are the physical things that bring us comfort and give us joy in everyday tasks, no matter how small. Take me to Our...
01-02-2021 19:17

The Weekender: Catfish?s DNA Results, CBD to Try, and Black

What Makes Catfish, Catfish" The day after Christmas, we mailed in a swab of Kitty?s dog slobber to the Embark DNA labs, and we not-so-patiently ...
29-01-2021 19:17

A Guide to Creating Capsule Bedding

Let?s create a capsule wardrobe for the bedroom! From bedding basics to how we mix, match and layer, we?ve partnered with The Company Store to share h...
28-01-2021 19:17

A DIY Plinth Base for Our IKEA BRYGGJA Dresser

Today we?re walking through how we built a DIY plinth base to elevate the look of our IKEA BRYGGJA dresser. This easy project only took us a couple of...
27-01-2021 19:21

How We Modified Our IKEA VITTSJÖ

Yellow Brick Home has over 11 years of archives, so from time to time, we?ll be sharing our favorites from posts past. This tutorial was originally pu...
25-01-2021 19:19

Collective Q+A: What Is Your Home?s Finest Organizational Mo

We renovated our kitchen more than 5 years ago, and if we were to do it all again today, there are definitely some big changes we?d make ? starting wi...
21-01-2021 19:19

Kicking Off the Playroom!

Our playroom transition has begun! But first, we need your help. Let?s dig in and have some fun! Kicking off the playroom! Playroom planning starts? n...
19-01-2021 19:38

The Weekender: Lucy is 3, Reducing Stress, Studio Ghibli + M

Lucy is 3! Did you know" Lucy turned 3 this week! (Just kidding, it?s all I?ve talked about.) Her one request was a unicorn cake ? although when ...
15-01-2021 19:16

Why We?re Nixing Our Home Office

We?ve eliminated our home office in favor of a more flexible arrangement that allows us to work efficiently from anywhere. Today we?re talking through...
13-01-2021 19:17

The Two Flat: A Master List of Every Before + After!

Looking for satisfying before and after room transformations" We got you! This is a master list of every makeover we completed in our Chicago Two...
11-01-2021 19:22

The Den Bathroom Reveal!

The bathroom in the Two Flat?s den nearly tripled in size over the course of the renovation. It went from small + dark to spacious + bright, and we?re...
06-01-2021 19:16

Our Goals for 2021!

Happy New Year, Friends Happy new year to you! Now that one of the most bizarre and challenging years of our collective lives is behind us, we?re vowi...
04-01-2021 19:17

2020, It Was a Year.

We made it to the other side. We made it to the other side! That sentence holds so much weight, after a year like this one. When it felt like the sky ...
18-12-2020 19:17

7 Lucys, 1.5 Years Later!

I?m sharing the latest version of Lucy?s composite photo, taken in the same room at the Two Flat, 1.5 years later. One of my greatest joys in life is ...
16-12-2020 19:16

These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things

It?s time for our annual Favorite Things list for 2020! We?re grateful to have had a healthy year, albeit a rough one. Even still, I remind myself of ...
11-12-2020 19:20

Cleaner Air for a Happier Home

This post is in partnership with our friends at BISSELL®. Today we?re talking through the addition of the BISSELL air320 Air Purifier to our currently...
09-12-2020 19:17

All the Lighting In the Two Flat!

I?ve created a lighting resource that shares all the (non-vintage) fixtures we used throughout our Two Flat renovation. 1. gooseneck sconce*, $40/pair...
07-12-2020 19:16

A YBH Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for the Home

It?s my favorite category ? gifts for the home! Whether you?re looking for something special for the homebody in your life, a housewarming idea or a l...
04-12-2020 19:19

Collective Q+A: What Is Your Favorite Holiday Tradition"

Every year, we choose a free Saturday in December for ?Suburb Day.? Hear me out. Living in the city, we rarely need to leave, since most things our he...
03-12-2020 19:20

A YBH Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts That Give Back

On this Giving Tuesday, we?ve assembled a gift guide full of items that put a focus on giving back. From pet rescue to wildlife to education, your pur...
01-12-2020 19:18

Choosing the Best Window Treatment for Every Room In Your Ho

This post is in partnership with our friends at Bali Blinds. Today we?re talking through how we chose the window coverings for each room of Unit 1 in ...
30-11-2020 19:46

Small Business Saturday Gift Guide (+ Share Your Own!)

Last year, we began the annual tradition of not only sharing some of our favorite small businesses, but we also asked you to take part in sharing your...
28-11-2020 19:15

Black Friday Is Here!

We?re rounding up all the deals we can find and compiling them alphabetically in this Black Friday Master Guide. Stay home, cuddle your loved ones, an...
27-11-2020 19:16

A YBH Holiday Gift Guide: Self-Care

Is this the year of self-care, or what" I?ve been experimenting for months with serums, moisturizers and peels, and I?ve actually been having fun...
25-11-2020 19:16

A YBH Holiday Gift Guide: Kids of All Ages

With today?s gift guide, we?re focusing on toddlers to teens and everyone in-between! Some items on this list will be wrapped under our own tree for L...
24-11-2020 19:16

All the Tile (Installed!) In Our Two Flat + a Fun Video Conv

This post is sponsored by The Tile Shop. We?re talking about the tile in each room of the Two Flat and how we feel about the spaces now that they?re c...
23-11-2020 19:19

Festive Pear + Gin Cocktail with Infused Ice

This post is in partnership with A.O. Smith. We?re sharing a fun + festive cocktail recipe using pears, gin, and the kicker ? infused ice cubes. Enjoy...
20-11-2020 19:13

A YBH Holiday Gift Guide: for the Whole Family

We?re kicking off our annual gift guides with items that the whole family can enjoy together! Gift guides will roll out over the next handful of weeks...
19-11-2020 19:25

5 Ideas to Keep Holiday Cards Stress-Free

This post is in partnership with Artifact Uprising, a Colorado-based company that creates premium-quality customizable photo goods from your digital p...
17-11-2020 19:13

The Two Flat Unit 2 Kitchen Reveal!

Although pint-sized, this kitchen features everything from a concealed dishwasher, pull-out corner cabinets, open shelving and deep storage. Let?s tak...
13-11-2020 19:15

Where Do You Start When Designing a Kitchen"

This post is in partnership with Elkay®. We?re sharing how we started designing the kitchens at the Two Flat ? and what items kicked off the process. ...
12-11-2020 19:14

The Two Flat Unit 1 Kitchen Reveal!

Our wood, white and black kitchen has a classic feel with all the modern conveniences. Let?s take a tour! We completed our Two Flat renovation last we...
10-11-2020 19:13

Completing the Unit 1 Kitchen With a Modern DIY Railing Kit

This post is sponsored by our friends at Viewrail, the authority in modern railing solutions. Today, we?re talking through the DIY installation of the...
09-11-2020 19:14

The Weekender: A Chameleon, Girl In the Mirror, a Faux Garla

A Chamelon and Her Bug Lucy?s chameleon costume is hardly new (see: exhibit A + B), but my goodness, she loves that thing! So much so, that she wears ...
30-10-2020 19:15

Collective Q+A: How Do You Document Your Child?s Milestones&

Early this year, we started documenting Lucy?s height in the most traditional sense ? directly on the millwork, with a Sharpie. As a lover of old home...
28-10-2020 19:15

How We Used a Crockpot to Remove Decades of Paint from Hardw

This is our tried and true method of boiling hardware to remove decades ? centuries, even! ? of old paint without the use of harsh chemicals. Fellow o...
26-10-2020 19:18

Everything You Want to Know About Our Formica Countertops!

This post is in partnership with Formica Corporation. We?re revealing our Formica kitchen countertops today and answering all the questions we?ve been...
23-10-2020 19:19

Our DIY Beadboard + Shelves Backsplash

The Unit 1 kitchen in our ongoing Two Flat project is almost complete! Today we?re walking through the DIY beadboard backsplash and integrated custom ...
21-10-2020 19:18

These Old Nails: How to Frame + Display Keepsakes

It?s a Monday Rewind! We have over 11 years of archives, so from time to time, we?ll be sharing our favorites from posts past. This tutorial was origi...
19-10-2020 19:17

The Weekender: What?s Next", Our Airbnb, and Nostalgia

What Now" Your enthusiasm for our Two Flat renovation, especially as we near the finish line, has been unparalleled. Love you. We?re in the final...
16-10-2020 19:16

DIY Open Shelving (With an Unexpected Twist!)

We?re breaking down how we made strong open shelving using an unexpected material. See the step-by-step in this tutorial! An Alternative to the Floati...
14-10-2020 19:16

5 Tips for Tiling and Loving Your Kitchen Backsplash

This post is sponsored by The Tile Shop. We?re sharing the 5 things we do every single time we tile a backsplash that sets us up for success! As many ...
12-10-2020 19:18

Tour Our Chicago Home in 3D!

We?re talking through the newest way to tour and shop our primary home in Chicago with our friends at Openhaus! Have you heard of Openhaus yet" I...
09-10-2020 19:20

A Clever No-Tools Required 3M? CLAW Heavyweight Hanging Solu

This post is sponsored by 3M. You CAN hang heavy things, and we?re showing you how. Hang up to 45 pounds by yourself, easily! We?re at the point in th...
08-10-2020 19:16

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