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Eco-Friendly (Washable!) Air Filters for a Healthier Home

This post is sponsored by K&N®. If you follow along with us on Instagram, you may have seen this post when we talked through our initial impressio...
18-07-2019 19:22

Home Essentials That Look Good Doing Their Thing: The Kitche

Over the next few weeks, we?ll be sharing room essentials that look good doing their thing, highlighting the things that aren?t typically super pretty...
16-07-2019 19:20

Did We Maximize Our ROI with the Bathroom Renovation"

This post is in partnership with Now that our bathroom remodel is complete, it?s time for a reality check to see if we made wise long-term ...
15-07-2019 19:18

Mini Vlog: Jack + CC Take a Bath

Is there anything more adorable than giving your babies a bath" (We think not.) In our last Q & A, I couldn?t even count how many of you requ...
12-07-2019 19:22

A Planter Box Garden Update: The Year of the LEAP!

When we built our backyard planter boxes a few years ago, we were still pretty clueless when it came to outdoor gardening. To make sure we didn?t wast...
11-07-2019 19:18

Home Essentials That Look Good Doing Their Thing: The Bathro

A few weeks ago, we shared our frustration with finding toddler items that are as functional as they are beautiful. The good news is that I think thes...
09-07-2019 19:20

How to Paint Anything (+ Our Painting Tips and Tricks!)

A few weeks ago, I dropped off a handful of our painting supplies to a friend who was giving her family room a new color. She and her husband are not ...
08-07-2019 19:19

The Weekender: Summer DIYs to Try + All the Big Sales!

Happy holiday weekend to our US readers! Do you have any fun plans" We?re headed to the Two Flat to scavenge all the vintage doorknobs before dem...
05-07-2019 19:24

5 Things We Do to Keep Toys Under Control

Our toy organization hacks can be piecemealed together over a series of several posts, like our recent nook refresh and Lucy?s nursery reveal, for exa...
02-07-2019 19:17

What Are Your Trader Joe?s Must-Haves"

Fun fact: I do the vast majority the grocery shopping for the Vargo household. It?s become a bit of a weekly tradition for me to scoop up Lucy at the ...
01-07-2019 19:18

The Weekender: Media Wall Goals, A Colorful Home and the Ski

A Media Room to Watch The thoughtfulness that Kelsey injects into every single square inch of her Indiana farmhouse never ceases to amaze me. She has ...
28-06-2019 19:18

Planning for the Exterior of Our Tree House!

It?s hard to believe that we?ve owned out little Michigan Tree House for two years! Over the last 24 months, we?ve largely focused on gettting the int...
27-06-2019 19:21

30 Tabletop Items for Kids (That You?ll Like, Too)

We?ve worked hard to create a home that we love, both in the way it functions and the way it makes us feel. Since Lucy, you?ve seen as we?ve turned so...
25-06-2019 19:19

Urban Porch Privacy + Comfort with Exterior Solar Shades

This post is in partnership with Bali Blinds. We fell in love with our home for many reasons, but one of the biggest was the beautiful tree-lined stre...
24-06-2019 19:16

Our Top 10 from the Last 10(!) Years

We?ve been blogging for 10 years. 10. YEARS! Am I shouting"! Does this make us old" Are we blogger grandparents" It?s really hard to be...
21-06-2019 19:29

Our Small Bath Reveal! (+ How We Created a Spa-Like Shower S

This post is in partnership with Lowe?s. It?s bathroom reveal day, and we couldn?t be more excited! We?re excited to show you, we?re excited to have t...
19-06-2019 19:21

How To Create a Composite Photo by Stitching Multiple Images

A few weeks ago, I shared an Instagram Story of the composite photo I made of 1, 2, 3, 4? 7 Lucys! I had my image printed and framed with Framebridge,...
17-06-2019 19:24

The Weekender: I?m Here for the Cake and the Comments

As our tiny Libby gets older, her needs get stronger. Libby ? our sweet elder kitty ? loves a snuggle more than most dogs, and we often joke that she ...
14-06-2019 19:25

How We?re Maximizing Storage In a Small Bathroom

This post is in partnership with Lowe?s. How ?large? or ?small? a bathroom feels to an individual is all relative, for sure. To some, our current bath...
13-06-2019 19:21

How-To Install a New Bathroom Vanity!

A big change for your bathroom doesn?t have to involve demolition, moving walls or swapping fixture layouts ? rather, a refreshed bathroom can be as s...
11-06-2019 19:21

A Cheerful Welcome for the One Tail at a Time Behavior Cente

One Tail at a Time people are good people. It?s the reason why we devoted much of our time and energy into their first brick and mortar, The Adoption ...
10-06-2019 19:22

How-To Install a Toilet in 5 Easy Steps

Hey! Guys! We have 2/3rds of a working bathroom! For the first time in about six weeks, we now have a functional toilet (and faucet ? more on that soo...
07-06-2019 19:23

Custom Pet Portraiture: It?s a Thing.

In what feels like a thousand years ago, I used to paint your pets. It was an evening and weekend side hustle turned full-time job, which ultimately t...
06-06-2019 19:21

Rad Gifts for Dad

I?ve only been the father of a tiny human for a little over a year, but I?ve received many great Father?s Day gifts over the years! I think of fatherh...
04-06-2019 19:26

A Mini Den Makeover In 2 Days!

This post is in partnership with IKEA. All products are sourced at the bottom of this post! Every so often, a project will land in our laps that gives...
03-06-2019 19:23

5 Key Updates To Our Workshop

The bathroom remodel is nearly complete. We?re awaiting a few final items, so we were able to shift our focus to the workshop for now. Just beyond the...
30-05-2019 19:22

The 3 Ingredients to Our Nook Refresh (+ a Giveaway!)

We?re so excited to share with you our nook refresh today! Out of all the rooms in our home, maybe this has seen the most amount of changes" When...
28-05-2019 19:23

The Weekender: To Share or Not to Share the Process" (+

With the end of our small bathroom renovation in sight (shower glass was just ordered, guys!), we?re at the stage in our home where everything is bein...
24-05-2019 19:17

Navigating a Flea Market with a Toddler

We always say that Flea Market Season is our favorite season. Hands down. (It?s just luck that it coincides with summer, right") We love it so mu...
23-05-2019 19:23

How To DIY (Pink!) Board and Batten

The first floor bathroom renovation is one step closer to completion! Plumbing, electrical and floor plan upgrades are all complete. Our contractor al...
21-05-2019 19:22

A Nostalgic (+ Easy!) Silhouette Project

This project was so quick and satisfying, a welcome creative break in the midst of renovation. I first mentioned in this post that we were thinking of...
20-05-2019 19:20

Vlog: Yellow Brick Home IRL with Chris Loves Julia + Young H

There?s never enough time when your cross-country friends come to visit, but we squeezed in as much fun as we could in 3 days! In this vlog, we?re sha...
16-05-2019 19:21

A Niche, a Transom and a Plumbing Stack

It?s been a whirlwind couple of weeks ? in the best way! Our first floor bathroom was finally demolished, Kim?s parents visited for 8 days, and we hos...
14-05-2019 19:19

Answering All Your Two Flat Questions!

Last week, we opened up a big can of worms and gave a video tour of our newly-purchased two flat. Thank you all for your enthusiasm as we shared our n...
13-05-2019 19:20

The Weekender: A Photo Shoot, City Swapping and a Note on In

Happy Friday! It?s been a funny week with (mostly) ups and (just a few) downs, but we made it. First, we can?t thank you enough for all of your messag...
10-05-2019 19:16

How We Decided On a Black, White + Pink Bathroom

This post is in partnership with Lowe?s. The plastic is down! If you?ve also lived in your home during the course of any renovation ? big or small ? ...
09-05-2019 19:22

Vlog: Welcome to The Two Flat!

We bought a Two Flat! We?ve been bursting to share this news with you ??????for weeks, but let?s be real, we?ve been spoiling the surprise on Instagr...
07-05-2019 19:17

The Evolution of our Whole Home Audio System

The options for seamless (and even wireless!) home audio have never been more plentiful or more beautifully designed. We?ve been adding to our audio ...
06-05-2019 19:15

The Bathroom Renovation: Plans + Progress

The first floor bathroom is finally underway! We?ve been in our Chicago home nearly 6 years and the last ?untouched? room in the house is in the mids...
01-05-2019 19:21

Dreamy Trees In the Sleeping Loft

This post is in partnership with We couldn?t be more excited to share with you the wallpapered sleeping loft at Tree House! The journey to...
29-04-2019 19:28

The Weekender + Sneak Peeks

Over the years, you?ve probably noticed a shift in our style where neutral tones have taken over our living spaces. (You know, like that time we nixe...
26-04-2019 19:17

A Rental Living Room Gets a Makeover!

This post is in partnership with Article. Enter to win a $1,000 Article shopping spree at the end of this post! Love where you live now. Essentially, ...
24-04-2019 19:28

How Did Our Rental Decisions Hold Up More Than One Year Late

Roughly a year and a half ago, we completed a full renovation of the garden unit apartment in the basement of our home. Do you remember where we start...
23-04-2019 19:39

Our 30 Spring Essentials + How We Get Ready for the Season

It?s spring, it?s spring! (Kind of.) Chicago has felt a string of 70-degree days, although lest we get too excited, there was also a mini blizzard thi...
19-04-2019 19:17

The New Modern Railing for Our Sleeping Loft

The new custom fabricated sleeping loft railing is in! And it has a gate that latches! And it?s paired with new handrails on the retractable ladder! A...
17-04-2019 19:22

A Whole New Look, Who Dis"

Happy New Blog Week to us! Man, this has been a long time coming, and we thank all of you so much for bearing with us over the last handful of months ...
16-04-2019 19:25

How to Make Your Own Rope Swing

Is there anything more indicative of summertime relaxation than gliding along lazily on a swing" We don?t think so! When we were given the opport...
15-04-2019 19:18

A Flash Sale for Charity Recap + a Big Thank You!

All photos in this post were taken by the talented Daniel Peter. First, a heartfelt thank you. After many sleepless nights, we, along with Nicole and ...
12-04-2019 19:20

The Rooftop Pergola Reveal!

This post is sponsored by Lowe’s. When we last talked about Project Pergola, we left you with a rooftop deck that went from bare to pow! As a r...
10-04-2019 19:20

Custom Drapery + Shades = Handsome Efficiency

This post is in partnership with Bali Blinds. Hanging curtains high and wide is a design trick loved by many to make a space feel larger, and we̵...
08-04-2019 19:21

Our Hidden Lighting Solution for the Sleeping Loft

check sheets | sconce | vintage rug (similar) | wool rug | bookcase | art | night light The pitched beadboard ceiling is one of the most charming asp...
02-04-2019 19:19

Let?s Build a Pergola!

This post is sponsored by Lowe’s. Here in Chicago, real estate can come at a pretty significant premium. A typical residential lot is long and ...
29-03-2019 19:19

Vlog: A (Personal) Q+A, Part II of II

? In case you missed it, here’s part I of this II part Q+A. Thank you for following along! In this vlog, we’re answering all the question...
28-03-2019 19:18

Would You Change the Layout of Your Home"

sconce | pillow | stool | floating vanity | grey rug Have you or would you change the layout of your home" Moving, removing, or adding walls wit...
26-03-2019 19:18

Everything You Need to Know About Our Flash Sale for Charity

I wish it wouldn’t be obnoxious to write this entire post in all CAPS and exclamations! That’s how excited I am. We are. Today, I’m...
25-03-2019 19:18

3 Small Space Solutions for Real Life (+ Mini Vlogs!)

This post is sponsored by Crate & Barrel.  Small spaces are our jam. We love solving a good tiny room challenge, whether that’s an awkward ...
22-03-2019 19:18

Choosing Wallpaper for the Sleeping Loft: A Poll + A Round-U

check sheets | sconce | vintage rug (similar) | wool rug | bookcase | art | night light It’s official – choosing wallpaper is not for the...
20-03-2019 19:17

Vlog: A (Business) Q+A, Part I of II

? We always say that the best part of this blog community is just that – the community. We have loved your feedback and encouragement as we tac...
19-03-2019 19:17

How To Refresh a Vintage Bathroom + Keep the Charm: II of II

This post is sponsored by Lowe’s. See part I of this II post series right here! As it turns out (but probably not so surprisingly"), vinta...
15-03-2019 19:23

5 General Rules to Mixing Wood Tones

vintage rug (similar) | dipped stool | sconce | vanity Much like mixing metals, colors, or fabrics, mixing wood tones can be an exercise in subtlety....
13-03-2019 19:15

How We?ll Be Renovating Our Bathroom to Maximize ROI

This post is in partnership with Our first floor bath renovation is around the corner! Did you notice it during our recent house tour"...
12-03-2019 19:14

The Weekender + an Exciting Announcement!

pendant light | toaster | coffee brewer | soap pumps | hardware Never underestimate the joy that can be found in a pair of matching soap pumps. (One ...
08-03-2019 19:16

YBH is on Spotify!

modified record storage (similar) | tv console | wall clock Our home is full of music. Pretty much always. While neither Kim or I have a musical bone...
07-03-2019 19:16

Vlog: Our March 2019 House Tour!

Somehow, some way, two years have passed since we last walked through our house with you! We’re fixing that right now. In this vlog, we’r...
06-03-2019 19:16

Lucy?s Veggie Packed Power Muffins

marble pastry slab | cooling rack If you feel like you’re in a toddler snack rut, run to this post! I had just finished whipping up another bat...
04-03-2019 19:15

28 Ethical Clothing Brands You?ll Love to Support

closet | headboard | sconce Early this year (and clearly bitten by the January Resolutions Bug), we cleaned – nay, overhauled – our close...
01-03-2019 19:16

How To Refresh a Vintage Bathroom + Keep the Charm: I of II

This post is sponsored by Lowe’s. Something that always hurts my heart is when I see an adorable vintage bathroom – you know, the kind wi...
27-02-2019 19:16

Lighting That Works Well Together In An Open Concept Home

navy rug | desk | chairs | pendant lights Our home turns 132-years-old this year. Can you believe it" 132! When we first moved into this house, ...
25-02-2019 19:15

Finding Your New Favorite Contractor

kitchen renovation: drawer hardware | pendant light | vintage rug (similar) | towel As we begin the adventure of our own first floor bathroom renovat...
22-02-2019 19:24

Repairs, New Hardware + Paint for the French Doors

pendant light | bed frame | jute rug | vintage rug | sectional | door hardware A favorite feature of our little Tree House is the set of French doors...
21-02-2019 19:17

Adding Recessed Lighting to Our Studio (+ How Much Does It C

sectional | desk | desk chairs | navy rug | light | plant pocket Time zones are a funny thing. (This is relevant, I swear!) Kim and I both grew up in...
11-02-2019 19:17

Planning for Our Tree House Corner Banquette

Emily Henderson’s Griffith Park Sunroom  The future dining corner at Tree House is coming! The space that once held a faux brick fireplace surr...
07-02-2019 19:16

Vlog: Our Favorite Vintage Furniture Shops In Chicago!

? Let’s go on a thrifting adventure together! In this vlog, we’re taking you along with us while we browse some of our very favorite thri...
05-02-2019 19:17

Pet Supplies That Actually Look Good In Your Home

throw | table | sectional We love pets. Old news, right, because we talk about it all the time" We love our pets, we love our friends’ pet...
04-02-2019 19:18

How We Keep Our Upholstery Clean (+ a Giveaway!)

This post is in partnership with BISSELL® One of the big reasons that we enjoy being a part of this home-loving community is because so many of us al...
01-02-2019 19:17

8 Things You Can Do Right Now for a Closet You?ll Love Wakin

closet system | hardware | floor mirror | bedding | navy rug Are we all Marie Kondo-ed out yet" Yes" No" Kind of" Okay, here̵...
30-01-2019 19:23

Modifying Our Media Center + Keeping It Organized

media center | coffee table | vintage rug (similar) | pouf | arm chair Sometimes a seemingly tiny change can make a huge impact. We always say that i...
28-01-2019 19:19

Updates To Our Most Asked About Home Projects 2.0!

We’re back with another round of our most asked about home projects and purchases! We tend to receive several of the same questions about varyi...
24-01-2019 19:15

Our Baby and Pet Gate Solution (+ 21 Baby Gates That Look Go

light | table | chairs | vase | faux greens | high chair | gate Our little Lucy has been a speedy crawler for a long time now, but a week before her ...
22-01-2019 19:17

Repairing Grandma?s Vintage Clock

sectional | armchair | coffee table | console | ivory pouf | leather pouf Kim’s grandparents’ midcentury clock has been with us for almos...
18-01-2019 19:19

53 Tools to Build Your DIY Library

DIY nail art Given the number and variety of projects we’ve documented here on YBH, we get a lot of requests for tool buying advice. We totally...
16-01-2019 19:18

Lucy Is 1!

Lucy’s: high chair | boots Lucy Sun is now a one year old. One! I’m an extremely nostalgic person (almost obnoxiously so, to the point wh...
15-01-2019 19:18

The Painted Sleeping Loft!

check sheets | sherpa cushions | sconce | vintage rug (similar) | wool rug | bookcase | art | night light We spent the majority of our New Year’...
10-01-2019 19:18

2019, We Have Big Plans for You!

Late last year, we put a call out on Instagram to make sure that we continue to deliver posts, tutorials, photos and videos that are truly helpful ...
08-01-2019 19:17

DIY Problem Solving: A Slim Behind-the-Sofa Console!

This post is sponsored by Lowe’s.  When we made significant progress on the trim work in the Tree House living room a little while back, there w...
07-01-2019 19:17

Merry Holidays + Our Favorites

sectional | faux fur throw | sconce | coffee table | chair | curtains + rod | rug (similar) I just re-read our post from...
06-01-2019 19:19

How?d We Do, 2018"

Happy New Year, friends! We hope 2019 is treating you well, and just think, it’s already Friday! (These last few days were tough; who’s wi...
06-01-2019 19:19

DIY Leather Candle Cozy

File this fun and simple project under ‘one-I’ve-been-thinking-about-for-years-and-finally-doing.’ Sometimes I’ll get an idea ...
18-12-2018 19:18

Adding Function to the Workshop (Again)!

This post is sponsored by Lowe’s. Much like our skinny little guest room, our skinny little workshop has seen a couple of incarnations since we&...
14-12-2018 19:16

30 Coffee Tables for When You?re Short on Space

sectional | table | chair | pouf | art | sconce | vintage rug (similar) Coffee tables are a little tricky, aren’t ...
12-12-2018 19:18

Updates to the Sleeping Loft + What?s Next

check sheets | quilt | sherpa floor cushions | sconce | vintage rug (similar) | bookcase Tree House’s best kept secret ...
10-12-2018 19:19

Vlog! A Day (or Two) In the Life: A Trip to Tree House

? Rarely do two days look the same around here, so we’re sharing a day (okay, two!) in the life while we balance a doctor’s appointment, m...
05-12-2018 19:23

Gifts for Every Budget: The YBH 2018 Gift Guide

Think of this gift guide as a catch-all for everyone else on your list – all of these picks are intended to be universally loved! Did you draw a...
03-12-2018 19:19

For Young(er) + Old(er): The YBH 2018 Gift Guide

Why is shopping for kiddos so difficult" And why is it that the same could be said for our parents" Before you gift your favorite empty nest...
30-11-2018 19:17

A 2-Day Pretty In Peach Laundry Room Makeover!

This post is sponsored by Lowe’s. Scott and I absolutely love taking on quick makeovers – we live for the satisfaction of flipping a space...
28-11-2018 19:23

For Home + DIY: The YBH 2018 Gift Guide

Today’s guide includes everything involved in making your home a place that you absolutely love! We’re breaking it down by items that surr...
27-11-2018 19:22

For Him + Her: The YBH 2018 Gift Guide

This year, we’re excited to be kicking off our first round of annual gift guides! With our own family and friends, we strive to find something u...
26-11-2018 19:19

Our Living Room Update that Changed Everything (+ an Article

This post is in partnership with Article. Our living room has shed so much weight, and yet somehow, it gained so much more seating! It started earlier...
23-11-2018 19:22

The Easiest ?Floating? Night Stands

headboard | sconce | clock | bolster | bedding Apparently, we have a ‘thing’ for skinny bedrooms. Between Lucy’s...
19-11-2018 19:19

A Sound Solution For Your Walls Without All the Demo

This post is in collaboration with National Gypsum PURPLE XP®. #askforpurple After completing the renovation of our laundry / mudroom at Tree House, w...
15-11-2018 19:22

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