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Axel Chay?s Statement Making Pieces Are Now at The Future Perfect

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Axel Chay?s Statement Making Pieces Are Now at The Future Perfect Axel Chay?s Statement Making Pieces Are Now at The Future Perfect

Axel Chay?s Statement Making Pieces Are Now at The Future Perfect

Several of Axel Chay's contemporary, statement-making home furnishings are now available at design gallery The Future Perfect.

Self-taught artist Axel Chay’s work is influenced by many things ? chief among them is the Mediterranean Sea. His love of swimming in the vast body of water is present in every project, from interior design to art. Chay translates these waves and curves into odes to the feminine spirit and sensuality. His contemporary, sculptural pieces also share a love of kinetic art and the Memphis movement that can’t be denied. Chay enjoys experimenting with steel, aluminum, cork, work, expanded foam, and plaster to bring his untraditional creations to life. Now, several of his statement making home furnishings are available at design gallery The Future Perfect.
To learn more about Axel Chay, visit

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Axel Chay?s Statement Making Pieces Are Now at The Future Perfect Axel Chay?s Statement Making Pieces Are Now at The Future Perfect


Source of news: design-milk
Source of publication: 23-05-2022 19:08
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Striking a Balance: The Dilemma in Heritage Cities

Subject to the forces of capital, migrating populations, and political circumstances, our planet?s cities are constantly evolving. This continuous evo ...
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Wraxall Yard / Clementine Blakemore Architects

Wraxall Yard is a sensitively restored dairy farm in Dorset offering inclusive holiday accommodation, a community space, a workshop, and an educationa ...
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N290 NIU House / Fran Silvestre Arquitectos

The NIU project arose as a way to innovate on construction systems, seeking to increase precision in the materialization of architecture and, through ...
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Dr. Funk Holiday House / Kebler Plescher Architekten

Driving from Anklam to Usedom and turning left just before the bridge, following the signs to Wangelkow along very sandy forest paths, you will find y ...
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A Rural Art Studio / Jumping House Lab

Lifting the Four Corners of the Rooftop. Imagine a two-story house, with its four rooftop corners lifted up. More light is let in; the height of inter ...
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Spline House / Daisuke Ibano, Ryosuke Fujii

This is a housing project for a married couple and their children, located on the edge of a quiet residential area. The site was developed after the 1 ...
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Caishi Campus of Jinan Licheng No. 2 Middle School / TONG YU

Origin. Established in 1958, Jinan Licheng No. 2 Middle School has grown from a typical rural middle school to a well-known Qilu school as the condens ...
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Project TamHouse with an area of 3.6mx16m is located on a small alley in the heart of Hanoi, a typical land parcel commonly found in the urban area of ...
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Let?s face it, some colors and materials clash while others seem like a match made in heaven. In a kitchen, where large planes of cabinets, countertop ...
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As a color consultant, I find this time of year is one of my favorites. It?s when Pantone Color Institute, the color standards management company, cho ...
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Reconfigured Home Design With Curves & Muted Colours

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Thanks to 3 Heights Tripot Stools Can Adapt to Any Environme

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F5: Elena Salmistraro Shares Her Favorite Accessory, Art + A

Artist + designer Elena Salmistraro joins us for this week\'s Friday Five, sharing a versatile meal, some of her favorite types of art + more. ...
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Pantone?s Color of the Year 2023 Is Viva Magenta

In case you haven\'t heard, Pantone announced their Pantone Color of the Year 2023 and it\'s... PANTONE 18-1750 Viva Magenta! ...
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An Oriental Modern Poem Written in the Simple Mansion by Gan

An Oriental Modern Poem Written in the Simple Mansion is a three-story penthouse apartment located in Xi’an, China, designed in 2022 by Gang Feng. ...
01-12-2022 20:06

House in Castell de la Plana by El Fabricante de Espheras

House in Castell de la Plana, Spain, is a lovely single-family house redesigned by El Fabricante de Espheras. Description a “Casa entr ...
01-12-2022 20:06

Country House J by Architekti Mikulaj & Mikulajova

Country House is a contemporary interpretation of a traditional Slovak house located in the Slovak region of Zhorie, designed in 2019 by Architekti M ...
01-12-2022 20:06

JR House by Pascali Semerdjian Architects

JR House is a contemporary two-story house located in So Paulo, Brazil, designed by Pascali Semerdjian Architects. Description The JR Hou ...
01-12-2022 20:06

The Importance of Energy Efficient HRV Systems in New Build

Usually referred to as HRV, a heat recovery and ventilation system is something every homeowner should become familiar with because of all the benefit ...
01-12-2022 20:06

Maison Colbert / Chris Dyson Architects + Buchanan Studio

Maison Colbert is a family home for Philip Colbert, artist, and Charlotte Colbert, writer, and filmmaker. It?s also a venue for exhibitions, with spac ...
01-12-2022 20:06

Pluim House / Delmulle Delmulle Architecten

The project was built against a house designed by architect Marie-Jos Van Hee. A painting by Vermeer, called ?Het Straatje?, served as an image for V ...
01-12-2022 20:06

A Baseball Stadium in South Korea and an Aquatic Center in C

Sport plays an important role in the life of every city, yet the buildings housing these activities pose a particular set of challenges to the archite ...
01-12-2022 20:06

Reggio School / Andrs Jaque / Office for Political Innovat

The design of Reggio School is based on the idea that architectural environments can arouse in children a desire for exploration and inquiry. In this ...
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The 3rd International Conference on Mosque Architecture in K

Organized by the Abdullatif Alfozan Award for Mosque Architecture and the College of Architecture at Kuwait University, the 3rd International Conferen ...
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White Arkitekter and K2S Architects Win Competition to Desig

The city of Helsinki has announced White Arkitekter and K2S Architects as the winners of the competition to design a new waterfront cultural destinati ...
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