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Architectural Shots turned into Hypnotising Abstract Patterns

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Architectural Shots turned into Hypnotising Abstract Patterns Architectural Shots turned into Hypnotising Abstract Patterns

Architectural Shots turned into Hypnotising Abstract Patterns

Michael Strevens is a London-based artist who creates immersive, vibrant photo series with his phone and touch-up apps.

Using photo editing applications, he transforms images to create abstract compositions.

He defines himself as an artist who likes to play with lines, pixels, patterns and perspectives.
In order to account for the scale, Michael Strevens regularly places people in motion near the grounds. Very small shapes that are barely detectable but that you end up distinguishing on each of the artist’s creations.
He explains that this ?allows the spectator to situate himself in the image and transforms the abstract motif into a? place ??.
This mesmerizing series is a thin window on the artist’s work that you can find here .

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Architectural Shots turned into Hypnotising Abstract Patterns Architectural Shots turned into Hypnotising Abstract Patterns


Source of news: fubiz
Source of publication: 20-04-2020 19:34
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