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Modern Dowel Curtain Rod.

 Look, I admit there\'s nothin\' revolutionary about making a curtain rod out of a dowel, for sure.  Making a modern version"  Mmm, maybe"  So tha...
27-05-2023 19:27

Spring Cleaning! Master Closet Redo Part I: Tips for Wallp

 Ah ok, see, heh, this is what happens, SMDH.  I walk into our master closet and ugh it\'s flipping a wreck.  I should really do some spring cleani...
13-05-2023 19:31

Outside a Closet Rod.

 Ok, this surely sounds confusing and bizarre, an outside a closet rod, but hear me out.  And once you do, you?ll want one, or several, too.Generall...
29-04-2023 19:31

About Finn.

 You may not be interested in dogs, or maybe dogs having surgery, but Finn did recently, as Hailey did several years ago though hers was different. ...
15-04-2023 19:30

Taking a Brief Break.

Just a quick note to let you know I\'m taking a brief break and hope to be back soon.Our big boy Finn, my Trusty Furry Assistant, has some spots of ca...
25-03-2023 19:27

A Controversial Master Bath Project: Jet Tub Cover Up. Par

 Does this take the cake as the longest blog post title I\'ve composed to date"  So yeah though, come join me back in the bathroom with this Controv...
11-03-2023 19:32

How To DIY: Tufted Floor Cushions.

 All righty!  Yes!  How to DIY tufted floor cushions!  This project, well, this dilemma was long overdue in resolving.  Long.  And now it\'s res...
25-02-2023 19:30

Updates to Updates: Joybird and Interior Define.

 Shockingly, so quickly, we have updates to updates:  Joybird and Interior Define!  And exhilarating ones at that!I\'m not gonna lie, and as it\'s ...
11-02-2023 19:33

A Tumble Washable Rug.

 Well!  How exciting, right"  A rug that?s washable!  Whaaat"!  I know it sounds cuckoo but what a boon!  And thanks to Tumble, we get to test o...
28-01-2023 19:28

Dollar Store DIY Decor: A Skewer House.

 All righty, joining back up with the recurring the dowels and my other wood shapes, they needed a small hole drilled in order to stick in the flora...
14-01-2023 19:32

Ciao to 2022: Variety Pack.

 It\'s been a year, 2022, amiright"!  Ciao, buddy!  I don\'t even speak Italian.  Either way, I thought I\'d close out the year with a spiffy Var...
31-12-2022 19:21

A Controversial Master Bath Project: Jet Tub Cover Up. Par

 Moving ahead with the controversial master bath project, jet tub cover up, onto part II here.  Cedar!  Kind of in a slight holding pattern as I si...
24-12-2022 19:28

Joybird Review Update. Plus, Interior Define.

 So back when....goodness, only 2019, we ordered a couch and rug online from Joybird and I wrote up a spiffy post with my initial review.  Now it\'s...
03-12-2022 19:33

A DIY: The Stair Project. Part Three, Risers.

 So, yeah, it\'s been a stitch since I mentioned the ol\' DIY Stair Project I see.  Time to update with part three, the risers!It\'s not quite done,...
19-11-2022 19:34

Fall DIY: Leaf Sun Catcher Wall Hanging Thingie

 I\'m probably a tad late with this fall DIY leaf sun catcher wall hanging thingie.  I\'m a punctual human, early even, but it appears never so with...
13-11-2022 19:33

DIY Wood Dowel Hooks

 Right, there are a bazillion tutorials online about how to DIY wood dowel hooks quickly and easily, say in 15 minutes, or I suppose in this case the...
22-10-2022 19:35

How to DIY: Detachable, Portable Fence-Mount Outdoor Televi

  All right, yeah, this is going to seem strange but hear me out.  This here How to DIY post is about a detachable, portable fence-m...
08-10-2022 19:35

It's time to travel! Let's take a Web Trip!

 I say this, travel, as today is the last day of no doubt an utterly and completely jaw-dropping experience traveling overseas.  I\'m writing this i...
24-09-2022 19:18

Variety Pack! It's a Variety Pack post!

 Love me a Variety Pack post as it gives me a chance to not only catch up on sharing smaller projects about the house but also cover tidbits, tips, a...
10-09-2022 19:21

Workbench Updates, Part II.

 I don\'t know that these workbench updates necessarily warranted a two-part series, but, here we are with it.  Seemed like too much for one post so...
27-08-2022 19:50

Easy DIY: Leather Plant Hanger.

 This really is a very easy, very simple, IMO quite stylish little DIY project:  a leather plant hanger.  It\'s boho, it\'s mid-century, it\'s chic...
13-08-2022 19:19

Workbench Updates, Part I.

 I know, I know, it seems like I\'m always working on dowels and such, say.  Very simple, just some scrap wood pieces I had lying around and some si...
30-07-2022 19:20

DIY Dowel Decor: Modern Printables Frames.

 Here\'s a totally fun little dowel decor project:  DIY modern printables frames.  These are what you see hanging above that spiffy Smart $40 Canva...
16-07-2022 19:47

A DIY'ers Shopping Guide.

 Yes, yes.  Yes we know, Amazon Prime Day is here, we know.  It\'s a shopping extravaganza, time to outfit the workshop, get some new tools, and se...
12-07-2022 19:20

How To (and Not) Build a Cedar Fence Picket Elevated Raised

 So, how to build an elevated raised planter using cedar fence pickets.  And also how not to build it.  Yeah.And by that I mean, have a freakin\' p...
02-07-2022 19:22

A DIY: The Stair Project. Part Two. The Treads.

 All righty.  Let\'s get back to the DIY Stair Project today with part two, all about the stair treads.Can I just open with I am pooped"  Yeah I am...
18-06-2022 19:25

Faux Concrete Tabletop Solar Fountain.

 That\'s right, you can make a stylish little faux concrete tabletop solar fountain for your deck or patio or sunny window even, wherever you\'ve got...
04-06-2022 19:49

Variety Pack Day.

 Time to catch up around the house with a Variety Pack Day!  Yay!  Variety Pack Days are fun.  Let\'s get going then!In my never-ending quest to i...
21-05-2022 19:26

Fancy Scrap Plywood Closet Shelves.

My goodness, supplies are whoo pricey lately, huh"!  Sure makes it tough to run out for materials to create stuff.  Let\'s dip into and use up some ...
07-05-2022 19:24

Smart $40 Canvas Drop Cloth Headboard.

  Oh my word, have you ...
30-04-2022 19:20

New Kitchen Shelves + Holes in Wallpaper Repair.

 Back, oh, shortly after we moved in, I was scratching my head at a window opening in the kitchen and thought to add some shelves.  Make functional ...
23-04-2022 19:21

A Water Bowl Stand for the Pooch, Part II: Concrete.

 One of these days I\'ll get back to house-related projects.  Promise.  In the meantime, here we\'ve got an update around Finn, yay Finn!  It\'s a...
09-04-2022 19:19

Modern Concrete Outdoor Solar Light Hack.

 So I\'m always looking for ways to add some sparkle to the yard at night with lighting.  As we are sans outdoor outlets, solar is the solution.  T...
26-03-2022 19:20

DIY Dowel Decor: Recessed Can Light Shades.

 Ok, this may seem a weird entry into the DIY ...
12-03-2022 19:17

A Controversial Master Bath Project: Jet Tub Cover Up. Par

 So this is going to be controversial, this project.  A cover up build-over of the jet tub in our master bath.  And in the end, when the day comes ...
05-03-2022 19:19

DIY Dowel Decor: Modern Hanging Wall Art Jewelry Holder.

 Here\'s the thing with this cool program Hometalk has going on:  I have too many ideas.  I\'ll struggle, hem, haw, hem, haw, fear I\'m tapped fres...
26-02-2022 19:22

Surfing the Web Fantastic.

 Huh, it\'s been a long stitch since I\'ve brought you some good reads from the internet so let\'s get to surfing the web fantastic.  Besides, it\'s...
12-02-2022 19:15

Master Bath Vanity Updates: Spray Bottle Rack and Shelf Uni

 The master bath, it\'s back.  It continues!  I know, right"!  This time the vanity gets some updates, make it functional and organized with a spr...
29-01-2022 19:22

Dollar Store DIY Decor: Candle Holders.

Hey, I\'m back with another episode of Dollar Store DIY Decor!  This time it\'s candle holders.Sure, I know, I just mentioned how I\'ve got a slew of...
15-01-2022 19:40

2021: Year of DIY Projects in Review

 I swear to goodness, wasn\'t I just wrapping up 2020\'s project review"!  Seriously.  Where the hell did this year go"  Dear me.  So now it\'s a...
01-01-2022 19:25

The Laundry Room Makeover: Shelves and Pegboard and Done!

 All righty, let\'s wrap up this DIY low-budget laundry room makeover, shall we"  What was left"  Some shelves, a replacement pegboard, and then i...
18-12-2021 19:17

How To: Redecorate with Low Effort and For Free.

 You may wonder, how on earth... redecorate with low effort and for free.  It is possible, my friends.  I kid you not.  There is never not a time ...
06-12-2021 19:54

A Custom DIY Light Fixture of Pallet Wood Blocks.

  So here\'s a case where I did something stupid but it somehow panned out, sorta but not really, but sorta, but I would not encourage it...
20-11-2021 19:49

The Laundry Room Makeover: Stencil Painting and New Light F

 Continuing with the laundry room makeover today, let?s catch up with the stencil painting and replacing the ceiling light fixture!  Yeah!  Progres...
06-11-2021 19:24

Variety Pack: The Master Bathroom.

 Fact:  a DIY\'er is perpetually DIY\'ing.  As I suck at wrapping projects up too, the bits tend to linger.  Please tell me I\'m not alone...   R...
23-10-2021 19:25

How To: Stain Pine Wood.

 So if you\'ve ever tried to stain pine, a soft wood, you know that it never looks quite right.  It looks dull and ruddy and washed out and it\'s en...
09-10-2021 19:26

A DIY: The Stair Project. Part One.

 This is it.  It\'s time.  It is time for the stair project.  THE Stair Project.  The main stair, the only stair taking us from the first floor t...
25-09-2021 19:26

How to Fix: Rusting Metal Outdoor Steps.

This, ugh, this set of steps, these metal outdoor stair units are a rusting maintenance time-suck hell, I tell you.  And this type of stair is ubiqui...
11-09-2021 19:26

Tool Rant: Women's Work Gloves.

Taking a brief break here from the DIY to rant about women\'s work gloves.  Notably, issues regarding gloves of the heavy use variety for ladies.  S...
28-08-2021 19:30

The Laundry Room Makeover: A DIY Waterfall Counter.

 Once I got the laundry sink utility tub covered and done, man, I was pleased as punch!  Time to keep rollin\' through the room, right"  Next was a...
14-08-2021 19:35

Pack of the Variety Type.

 Boy, it\'s been a stitch since I\'ve penned a Variety Pack, goodness!  It\'s not for a lack of variety projects, heh, it must just plain ol\' be me...
31-07-2021 19:23

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