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interior design News

Web Trippin'

Today I bring you another installment in the series of web trips, dancing around the internet plucking out the cool, enjoying a lil\' escapism, ya kno...
19-06-2021 19:24

15 Minute DIY Pot Lid Storage Rack How-To.

This here is a how-to on a 15 minute DIY pot lid storage rack, heh.  Where do you come up with....."  How can that be, you say"  Fifteen minutes ...
05-06-2021 19:24

The Laundry Room Makeover: How to Hide a Laundry Utility Tu

 Mmk, all righty, let\'s do some catching up on the DIY laundry room budget-friendly makeover, shall we" It\'s been a stitch since the inaugural par...
22-05-2021 19:24

A DIY Tile Cover-Up: Master Bathroom Floor.

So yeah, I finally finally finished up that master shower tear-out and rebuild (nearly) all by my DIY lonesome self, right"  Glaring up at ...
08-05-2021 19:24

Master Bath: Part Ten in a Series. Done!!

  Ok this is it, guys!  It!  It is done!  Done, I tell you!  The DIY master bath shower renovation saga is complete!  The shower ...
24-04-2021 19:20

Office Papers, Part 2: Peel and Stick Wallpaper.

Oh so, peel and stick wallpaper"  Yeah, it\'s a thing.  And it\'s a DIY boon for renters, amiright"!  You can decorate your walls finally, toss up ...
10-04-2021 19:28

Kitchen Cabinet Uppers Shelf Topper.

Well that\'s a mouthful, kitchen cabinet uppers shelf topper.  But, I guess that\'s what it is though.  So here\'s a DIY how-to way to resolve that ...
27-03-2021 19:21

Let's Redo It (Again): The High Fidelity Zone.

Right"  How many times am I going to do and redo and rework and undo and design and redo that six foot wide stretch of territory in our house ...
13-03-2021 19:34

The Laundry Room Makeover, Part I.

Righty-o right on, let\'s hop into the laundry room DIY makeover redesign business whoo-ha now, since I\'ve teased it for far too long enough.  Rig...
27-02-2021 19:20

Master Bathroom: Part Nine in a Series. The Shower Door.

Oooooohmygosh, we are so close now, so close!  Ok, let\'s get to wrapping up the story of this master bathroom DIY shower renovation, shall we" ...
13-02-2021 19:20

Dollar Store DIY Decor: Wood Dowel Vases.

*clap clap* alrighty, new segment on the ol? blog today:  Dollar Store DIY Decor!  A little outside the box thinking, reimagining supplies, a s...
30-01-2021 19:14

Let's Organize: The Pantry Again.

It\'s January, again"!  Jeez louise, seriously....January, with the quicker and quicker arrival, amiright"!  But, as it is January yet again, it mus...
16-01-2021 19:15

A Web Vacation.

Since it\'s that extra ambiguous time of year where we barely know who we are between and around the holidays and as it\'s been a bit, a long bit, sin...
02-01-2021 19:15

2020: Year in Review.

Jeez louise, another year has come and gone"!  What the hell, man"!  Preeeettttyyy sure not one person is sad to see this one come to an end. ...
19-12-2020 19:15

Back Stair, Continued.

So tired of the back stair looking like poop, beat up walls with spattered coffee and dog dirt smears, I finally did something about it.  A bit of ...
05-12-2020 19:17

How to DIY a Gutter Alternative.

Gutters, man.  They?re typically so unattractive (to me anyway) but yet they serve such a vital fun...
21-11-2020 19:13

Master Shower: Part Eight in a Series. Tiling and Plumber (

Ah, the DIY tiling was underway and man, tiling with subway tile, no matter their size, is a big project.  Big project in that it\'s astonishi...
07-11-2020 19:12

Three's a Charm: A DIY Foyer Light Fixture, Part 2.

Ok!  So right, I skipped around and skipped over the second half of this fancy pants DIY wood pendant light fixture build for ya.  But, I t...
24-10-2020 19:18

A Photowall Mural.

Guys, I know, I\'m sorry, I know I said I\'d follow with the new foyer pendant light fixture DIY unveiling but an immense opportunity darted up ...
10-10-2020 19:17

Three's a Charm: A DIY Foyer Light Fixture, Part 1.

Well.  Yes.  Yes indeed, I have now DIY\'ed my way around the front door foyer area?s light fixture three times now.  Heh.  Three?s a charm.  Rig...
26-09-2020 19:11

It's a Variety Pack!

Boy, I went from zero to sixty on the Variety Pack posts, huh"  For a stretch there, time was sparse hence no DIY project deep dives. This summer\'s...
12-09-2020 19:14

Master Shower: Seven in a Series, Wall Tiling.

Oh, DIY master bathroom shower renovation saga, I have not forgotten thee.Last we left off, I had finally finally finally gotten that floor drain and ...
29-08-2020 19:40

Easy Modern DIY Outdoor Planters, Ikea Hack Included.

Guys.  Pleasantly there?s been a spate of extensive productivity here as of late, it?s been so great.  So great.  And as I mentioned last time, Hom...
15-08-2020 19:13

How to: Cedar Window Frames with Floating Shelf Planters.

Bllrrtt, a mouthful, right"  Cedar frames around our garage windows with a cedar floating shelf planter....honestly I was trying to figure out how to...
01-08-2020 19:14

How To: Paint a Half Round Shape on a Wall.

Or a circle.  Or an arch.  Or a quarter round.  Bubbles.  Or an S shape!  Or arc-shaped stripes!  Right"!   Trust me, this is a fun DIY you can...
18-07-2020 19:13

A Front Door Project.

Why do I always do this to myself"  I....I am so good at inadvertently creating extra projects where none were before.  It\'s a skill.  I guess.So ...
01-07-2020 19:19

The Master Shower: Six in a Series, Rebuilding.

Ok!!  Clap clap, we?re moving right along with the DIY shower renovation!   I really need to make a concerted effort to get this in print already, h...
17-06-2020 19:17

Variety Pack Day!

It?s been a bit since our last Variety Pack....oh wait crap, no it hasn\'t.  Ooooooops.  Doh.In all honesty, I was going to have a master shower pos...
06-06-2020 19:12

Cheap and Easy DIY How to: Oversized Wall Sized String Art.

Well, so ok.  Mike is not a fan.  He?s even refraining from comment he said.  So there?s that.I think it?s pretty cool though.  Or, maybe I?m off ...
20-05-2020 19:14

One Fine Saturday (A Variety Pack)

One fine Saturday, this most recent in fact, it was a glorious spring day.  Oh it was so nice.Now.  I?ve been a bit less than motivated around the h...
07-05-2020 19:18

Let's DIY: Wood Wine Carrier Caddy Thingie.

There?s a slew undone here in the ol? dwelling residence, touch-ups, finishing bits, sanding, snippets, caulking, whatever naggy smidgies that need to...
23-04-2020 19:17

The Master Shower: Five in a Series. Rebuilding!

Ok.  Let\'s shake off that bad plumber crap, that was dark, so chins up, let\'s rebuild!I\'m slightly outta order here but ultimately, the rebuild i...
08-04-2020 19:15

How to DIY: Lawn Aerator Shoes.

This blog, sigh, I?ve always intended and wanted it to be a respite.  I?ve had conversations with Mike several times, ya know, should I?.do I mention...
25-03-2020 19:13

How to DIY: Beeswax Wraps & Weighted Dog Blanket.

Ok!  Ramping back up from that stupid flu! It took much longer than I expected and anticipated to get my energy and focus back which has been frustra...
11-03-2020 19:19

Taking a Walk on the Web Side.

I\'ve got the flu.  Ugh.  This happens so infrequently to me, thankfully, but it sure knocked me down.  I spent about thirty six hours straight in ...
20-02-2020 19:16

The Master Shower: Four in a Series. The Plumber Experienc

Ooooh the plumber. What a jerk.Last we left off, he had installed the new copper and base plumbing parts for our master bathroom shower renovation but...
05-02-2020 19:14

Wrapping Up the High Fidelity Zone.

All righty!Got my annual January cold, it\'s fantastic (not).  Too much time sitting and I\'m squirrely.So you remember I painted up that wall mural,...
21-01-2020 19:16

Let's Organize!

Guys!  Happy New Year!  Happy New Decade!Finally, I hit a new year ground running too!  Unlike years of past....I dunno what snapped but whatever i...
16-01-2020 19:17

Relaxing with a Web Trip.

Such the busy time of year, right"  Whewie.I thought as we wind down the year and decade (yeesch, how did that happen"!) and gear up for the next one...
19-12-2019 19:19

How to DIY: Frame a Wall Mounted Mirror that has Clips.

Ok.  Since I had to rip out the darn leaky shower, sigh, and had to rebuild it, sigh, heh, my goal of course was to make that shower visually pleasin...
05-12-2019 19:24

The Master Shower: Three in a Series. The Plumber Experien

So ok.  Next step in the master shower saga"  Stop...plumber time.  Different than Glacier Bay Marx* set up on crazy sale.  Affordable, has shut-o...
21-11-2019 19:18

Packin' Some Variety.

Wow, I am slim on the ol\' Variety Pack posts.  Let\'s resolve that asap, yeah"  Yeah!  Lessss\' go!Ok!  First off, Mike has been making use of hi...
07-11-2019 19:23

Let's DIY: A New Pegboard Wine Rack.

I must say, I caught a sh*tload of flak for the previous wine racks I made for the pantry.  I get it.  The bottles didn\'t lay flat.Before.  Hm, so...
24-10-2019 19:21

Where I Build Some Record Album Shelving.

?Not everything has to be a blog post, babe,? Mike says to me as I turn this into a blog post.  Sorry, babe.  I love you!?I felt like this project w...
09-10-2019 19:20

The Master Shower: Two of a Series.

So I should really continue on with the master bathroom here, er, rather, the master shower I mean. Heh, the rest of the bathroom"??insert several eye...
26-09-2019 19:16

A Bedroom?s New Life.

So ok yeah, I ached.It had been a mighty long time since I\'d gotten my a** out of a chair n? done some sh*t.  I had been swamped, swamped with work ...
12-09-2019 19:24

Joybird Review.

Back in 2012, a bell tolled:  Mike and I were to purchase our first couch together.  Until then, we had new-to-us ones and prior to us meeting, I ha...
29-08-2019 19:19

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