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PS House by Inception Architects Studio

The entire interior of the PS house seeks the complementary green space and extensive views, and its location shows the utmost respect for its surroun...
29-06-2022 19:27

Rustic Cabin by Norm Architects ? Back to Basics at the Fore

Situated deep in the Swedish forests, close to a tiny winter sport area, a small traditional wooden retreat sits on top of a ridge formed millions of ...
25-06-2022 19:24

Winship Shed by Reddog Architects

A key feature of the Winship Shed is its external faade with the striking dark metal cladding contrasting with the lighter interior. The very geometr...
24-06-2022 19:28

Raven Ridge Cabin by W O V E N Architecture and Design

Raven Ridge Cabin is a rustic modern retreat for those looking to escape the over-stimulation of urban life. Nestled atop a steep slope, the cabin off...
23-06-2022 19:29

Minimal Downtown Loft by Bushman Dreyfus Architects

The oldest building on the downtown pedestrian mall in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA, contains this minimal and modern renovation. The c.1843 three-s...
23-06-2022 19:29

Cloud Ranch by Best Practice Architecture

Enchanted by the Tieton landscape of endless apple fields, craggy mountains and blush-colored sunsets, our client was compelled to purchase a decommis...
23-06-2022 19:29

Villa Zilverduin by Studio Toff

Villa Zilverduin is the perfect hideout for your stylish beach holiday. The villa is located in the dunes of the Dutch island Ameland, on a higher dun...
22-06-2022 19:30

Upland Road House by Daniel Marshall Architects

DMA were approached by the clients after seeing another of our houses. Their site was a 600m2 recently subdivided site, with a rather unusual road fro...
22-06-2022 19:30

Gallery Ranch House by Forward Design | Architecture

This project was a full renovation of a 1970?s ranch house. The original house was chopped into multiple small-disconnected spaces. Continue reading ...
21-06-2022 19:33

Heirloom Farm Studio by Bushman Dreyfus Architects

This small structure, located in Bundoran Farm - a unique sustainable residential community on a working farm in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mount...
21-06-2022 19:33

Revelry Restaurant Remodel in Bozeman, Montana

The remodel of Revelry, a 3,500-square-foot restaurant in downtown Bozeman, Montana, was designed to create a feeling of comfort and warmth to complem...
21-06-2022 19:33

Mediterranean Inspired Home in California for Multigeneratio

The homeowners, hailing originally from Italy and India, wanted a warm inviting space that was equally a classic Mediterranean home and a traditional ...
21-06-2022 19:33

Toowong Lighthouse by Alcorn Middleton Architecture Office

This addition provides the family?s home with a more serviceable weather protected entertaining space, than the previous timber deck with flyover roof...
20-06-2022 19:28

House NaMora by Filipe Pina + David Bilo

Situated in a natural shelter of a valley at the foot of the Serra da Estrela, close to the parish of Gonalo, in a place also known locally by the na...
19-06-2022 19:28

Single Family House with Pool in Poznan, Poland

The house with courtyards was built in the densely settled suburbs of Pozna?. A relatively small plot of approx. 1,700 m has been fully used in terms...
19-06-2022 19:28

Aptitude Software Office, London

After monitoring their occupancy levels, Aptitude Software found inefficiencies in their workplace due to changes in the way they work and chose to do...
18-06-2022 19:31

Sakinaw Lake House by W O V E N Architecture and Design

Sakinaw Lake House is situated on a platform carved from a steep rocky slope overlooking Sakinaw Lake. A carport located above the house serves as the...
18-06-2022 19:31

Post-War Apartment T101 by ROOI Design and Research

Chinese homes have changed dramatically in size, scope, and design in the past few decades; conducted by ROOI Design and Research firm, Post-War Apart...
17-06-2022 19:27

Sanyea Sjr Seaside Resort, Shenzhen, China ? An Upgraded Tr

Sanyea Sjr was designed and completed by Shenzhen-based Fusion Design Office. This is a 1,800-square-meter seaside resort, with an excellent view of ...
17-06-2022 19:27

Raven House, Mayne Island / Measured Architecture

Raven House is our before and after story about the resurrection of a beguiling old house. It?s also a tale of the mediation of a demanding host build...
17-06-2022 19:27

Carroll Gardens Townhouse by Barker Associates Architecture

The family of four, a husband and wife working in the publishing field, and their two daughters, lived in the house for ten years before deciding to d...
17-06-2022 19:27

Guaec House by Belluzzo Martinhao Arquitetos

The Guaec House, located on a beautiful beach on the north coast of So Paulo, was designed for two families. The great challenge of the project was ...
17-06-2022 19:27

A Little House in the Prairie by Inon Ben-David

Four years ago, Inon Ben-David was approached by this young couple that asked him to create their dream home in Kfar Szold. Continue reading [[ This...
15-06-2022 19:28

Tengoku Residence by CLB Architects

CLB Architects designs the Tengoku Residence, Jackson Hole, Wyoming...a Japanese-inspired garden style home with a dose of mid-century California mode...
15-06-2022 19:28

Three-Sided Glass Extension to a Victorian Terrace House in

The Vitrine project?a house for a classical music composer and an opera director?encompasses a three-sided glass extension to a Victorian terrace hous...
15-06-2022 19:28

Ice Cream Shop Je?t? Jednu

The ice cream shop is situated in the centre of Brno on the Minoritsk street in one of the old apartment buildings in the city centre. Continue read...
15-06-2022 19:28

Minimalist Urban Residence by Anacapa Architecture

This private residence was an exercise in sophisticated design and modern minimalism. The design maximizes natural light with an abundance of fixed an...
14-06-2022 19:27

Seaview Road House by Voxell Architecture

Originally designed by prominent architect Friedrich Eisenhofer in the 1970s, the existing building at 66 Seaview Road offered an incredibly unique an...
14-06-2022 19:27

Home of Finance-Elites by Rui Design

The present residential design aspires to create an emotional bond between the space and its residents. Continue reading [[ This is a content summar...
13-06-2022 19:26

SS House ? A White Volume in the Olive Grove

The SS House is an Italian private vacation home inserted into a young olive grove in the Ostuni countryside, in the Valle d\'Itria area (Puglia). Co...
13-06-2022 19:26

Woodway Residence by Olson Kundig

Home to an active family of five, Woodway Residence inhabits a series of planes that float above a restored meadow. Continue reading [[ This is a co...
13-06-2022 19:26

A Home Leftover by Ego Design Studio

A home leftover was literally a home that was left by an organization that promised to economically support it and was hence created by leftover mater...
12-06-2022 19:26

HOFT Apartment Complex, Riga, Latvia

The House of the Flying Trees (HOFT) combines a respect for history with contemporary functionality and an understanding of the human need to feel a c...
10-06-2022 19:30

Rift House by Measured Architecture

If there is a word to describe this house, it would not so much be ?bold? or ?restrained? but ?detailed?. In Rift House, details are the very baseline...
10-06-2022 19:30

Frame House by Mork Ulnes Architects

A concrete framework establishes the structure and rhythm of Frame House, a residence in the Sonoma countryside. Rooted on a hillside above a forested...
10-06-2022 19:30

Art Maisonette ? Reconstruction of an Attic Duplex in Prague

Art Maisonette in Prague\'s Letn, a six-month road trip with children around the United States and a passion for the Czech graffiti scene and art in ...
10-06-2022 19:30

Venice Bungalow by Studio Benson and Shortridge Architects

This 1922 Venice Bungalow retains its exterior charm with original wood-sided facades, column details and thick trims. The addition of two contrasting...
09-06-2022 19:26

Vancouver Residence KR18 by BattersbyHowat Architects

Residence KR18 is located in an established neighbourhood in West Vancouver, B.C., and features an extremely steep 45-degree slope down to a ravine be...
09-06-2022 19:26

A Modern Two-Family Home with a Geometric Design

This brand-new private home, planned and designed by architect Marina Rechter-Rubinstein, owner of ReMa Architects, is part of a two-family house in G...
08-06-2022 19:26

A Hotel Suite for Living ? Maison Lumire by Susanna Cots

As if it were a hotel suite, the interior designer places invisible elements in this Barcelona penthouse, so that all its power to provide wellbeing c...
08-06-2022 19:26

Saint Adrian House by Tiago do Vale Architects

The Saint Adrian House, in its genesis, intended to offer just the bare minimum in comfort, health and hygiene under the standards of its time -standa...
08-06-2022 19:26

Kabelovna Studios by B Architecture

Kabelovna Studios are located in a former electrical cable-making factory in the district of Holesovice, in the heart of Prague, Czech Republic. The f...
08-06-2022 19:26

Dot House by Boano Pri?montas

The \'Dot House\' comprises a bathroom and a micro kitchen to provide an independent and self-sufficient micro-habitable space that could be used for ...
07-06-2022 19:36

Camp Teton ? Wyoming Retreat by Andersson-Wise Architects

Camp Teton is a four-building mountain top sanctuary with front row seating to the Teton Range, and its? infamous peak, The Grand. The site also overl...
07-06-2022 19:36

K2 House by Francois Verhoeven Architects

The K2 house has minimalist details, free of gutters and roof edges. The window frames are integrated in the walls and behind the siding. Continue re...
07-06-2022 19:36

Edges Residence, Los Angeles by Belzberg Architects

Located in the Hollywood Hills, Edges Residence seeks to resolve the desire for both a generous program on a relatively small lot, and the long and lo...
07-06-2022 19:36

Sherbourne Residence, Culver City / Minarc

The design for the Sherbourne Residence is multifaceted and places simultaneous focus on sustainability, color and space with design elements oriented...
07-06-2022 19:36

Blackbox House by Strand Design

The simple geometry of this dark steel-clad lake home provides an immediate contrast to its warm and dynamic interior volumes. Continue reading [[ T...
06-06-2022 19:29

Projet Pilote, a Unique Place in Montreal

With approximately 100 seats, replete with a full kitchen alongside the aforementioned micro-distilleries within a 2,000 s.f. space, Projet Pilote tru...
06-06-2022 19:29

Innovative Office Building in Barcelona by Open AD

The innovative office building in Barcelona has the potential to become a new focal point for the neighbourhood and enhance local wellbeing. Infused w...
06-06-2022 19:29

Toowong House Renovation by KIN Architects

The alterations and additions explore new ways to engage the street and garden while fostering family togetherness. The client?s love for their histor...
06-06-2022 19:29

Whale Beach House by Studio Johnston

A Sydney beachside home where shifting geometries coax northern sun into south-facing rooms, and big views are carefully framed and balanced. Continu...
06-06-2022 19:29

Parkside Residence by Ashley Halliday Architects

House and garden were orchestrated to reflect the owner?s generosity of spirit, modern taste, dynamic family lifestyle and desire to engage with their...
02-06-2022 19:27

Villa Renovation: Inside and Beyond the South Tyrolean Tradi

Traditional construction methods combined with modern living comfort in the midst of breath-taking scenery. These aspects characterize House K2 on the...
02-06-2022 19:27

Douglas Street House by Ashley Halliday Architects

Our vision and ambition for the Douglas Street House was to create an intimate home for a professional couple and two children, their eclectic art col...
01-06-2022 19:28

The Table at Crate ? Crate & Barrel?s First-Ever, Full-Servi

The Crate & Barrel design and construction team brought together an array of talent to execute on their first-ever, full-service restaurant conce...
01-06-2022 19:28

Single Residence in Tune with Nature / Stephan Maria Lang Ar

The plastic beauty of the building is architecturally designed in perfect harmony with the natural splendor of its surroundings and the needs of a pat...
31-05-2022 19:26

Laguna Residence by Space International Architects

A total of 4935 sqft of living space (per the builder) is masterfully designed and features the Main Residence at 4260 sqft with 5 bedrooms and 4.5 ba...
31-05-2022 19:26

Home Dijkhuis in Amsterdam by Studio Modijefsky

In the north of Amsterdam, a traditional ??Dijkhuis?? (dyke house) has been transformed into a family home by Studio Modijefsky. This kind of building...
31-05-2022 19:26

Douglas Fir House, London / Christian Brailey Architects

Shoehorned into the back of a beautiful Edwardian terraced property, the existing studio was entirely unloved and underwhelming. Every inch of wall wa...
30-05-2022 19:28

Puppeteers House, Sintra, Portugal / REDO Architects

Located in Sintra, an area that is known for its romanticist palaces and gardens as well as its relative proximity to the sea, this project stands wit...
30-05-2022 19:28

Menlo Ventures Office by Studio Blitz

To celebrate the 1923 brick building?s natural, industrial character Blitz designed a comfortable work/meet environment that is elevated and approacha...
30-05-2022 19:28

Franklin Street Residences, San Francisco / Michael Hennesse

This two-unit residential building proposes an alternative to conventional building strategies found throughout San Francisco. At the front elevation,...
30-05-2022 19:28

Penthouse Apartment by Nitzan Horowitz ? A Villa on Cloud Ni

Open spaces, a family room, and a large balcony: This apartment was designed like a private villa, whilst actually being located on the 21st floor Co...
30-05-2022 19:28

Contemporary Extension in a Conservation Area ? Oxford Road

An extension to a mid-terraced house incorporating a sequence of uses across a single level, each one defined by changes in ceiling pattern. Continue...
29-05-2022 19:26

Royal River House ? Efficient Single-Story Home by Briburn,

An energy efficient single-story home with detached garage + a separate artist?s studio, all capable of reaching net zero energy goals. Continue read...
29-05-2022 19:26

Blackwood House in Falmouth, Maine / Kaplan Thompson Archite

Unlike contemporary modern spaces that are cold and sterile, this house is modern and sleek yet roughhewn. With fine woodworking alongside the clean l...
29-05-2022 19:26

Bilgola Beach House by Olson Kundig

Responding to the beachfront environment of its headland site, the Bilgola Beach House is designed to withstand Australia?s dramatic climate condition...
27-05-2022 19:26

Parc Oasis Apartment, Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong

For this young couple living in a 450 square feet apartment in Parc Oasis, they are surrounded by a calm and peaceful colour palette which makes them ...
27-05-2022 19:26

Chambers House by Shaun Lockyer Architects

The Chambers House is the restoration of a raw, crafted, modernist building which presented a number of practical and deterioration challenges to over...
27-05-2022 19:26

Modern Law Flexible Office ? Allen & Overy by Studio Reakto

Can we take the DNA of a successful law firm and transform it into a modern, open and airy space" How do we combine teamwork with complicated or ...
27-05-2022 19:26

Calistoga Weekend House by Signum Architecture

Set in the mountains between Sonoma and Napa, this weekend home is just 10 minutes from downtown Calistoga, but it seems much further removed. Contin...
27-05-2022 19:26

CreativeCubes.Co ? Carlton, Corso Interior Architecture

CreativeCubes.Co - Carlton is an inviting and alluring space that follows in the same essence as its sister coworking spaces in South Melbourne, Hawth...
26-05-2022 19:29

Point Reyes Residence by Butler Armsden Architects

The Point Reyes Residence was constructed with the vistas in mind and every single room is oriented toward looking across the water and at the world o...
26-05-2022 19:29

Contemporary Renovation of an 18th Century Historic House

The restoration project of the main floor apartment in a mansion, dating from the beginning of the 1700s and located just outside Bergamo, reinterpret...
26-05-2022 19:29

De Haro House by Levy Art + Architecture

Built in 1903 and bought in 2001, the original house was dark and closed off, with no view to speak of. So the couple enlisted Ross Levy of Levy Art +...
26-05-2022 19:29

12th Street Townhouse by Barker Associates Architecture Offi

The clients for this wood frame townhouse renovation and extension wanted a house full of saturated color, pattern, texture, and light, with Art Deco ...
25-05-2022 19:33

The Fintech Office ? A User-Friendly Space by WIT Design & R

In February 2020, the Fintech Office ? and the Dragon Restaurant, located in and developed by the Ronghui International Building, were simultaneously ...
25-05-2022 19:33

White Duplex by Yuri Borges Design

In addition to being beautiful for our taste, the White Duplex needs to be very functional to receive our intense daily movement, divided between time...
25-05-2022 19:33

Pretty Beach House by Lahznimmo Architects

On a challenging bush block on the edge of Bouddi National Park at Pretty Beach, the house took seven years to design and build for the owners/archite...
25-05-2022 19:33

Gracefield Houses by Barry Connor Design

This townhouse duo was designed for inner city living and epitomises understated luxury and effortless chic urban living. Working within the relativel...
25-05-2022 19:33

Casa 15 in Braga, Portugal / AM-arqstudio Studio

Every project is a unique relation between intentions and desires translated into what is expected to be the comfort, the pleasure, and the relaxing s...
24-05-2022 19:32

Selva Alegre Residence Takes Inspiration from the Surroundin

Selva Alegre Residence was created to take inspiration from the surrounding environment, the Andes Mountains in Ecuador. The project was seen as a mod...
24-05-2022 19:32

Heliotrope Reveals Buck Mountain Cabin, Orcas Island, Washin

Heliotrope reveals Buck Mountain Cabin, Orcas Island, Washington...a cabin designed to reach out into the tree canopy and embrace expansive views Con...
24-05-2022 19:32

Suncrest Residence by SDH Studio Architecture + Design

U shaped residence with contemporary Balinese flair, where ?our goal was to make a beautiful architectural statement with a home that?s comfortable an...
23-05-2022 19:31

Zoncuantla Apartments, Mexico by RP Arquitectos

The Zoncuantla Apartments is located in the mesophilic forest of the old Xalapa - Coatepec highway in terrain with privileged panoramic qualities Con...
23-05-2022 19:31

A Saramaga House by Duarte Caldas Architectural Design ? DC.

A Saramaga House is a project that consists of the refurbishment of a residential building in Cartaxo, about 60km north of Lisbon. Continue reading ...
23-05-2022 19:31

KY Apartment by BAUU Bernardo Amaral Arquitectura + Urbanism

This nineteenth-century townhouse placed in Porto?s historical center was recently transformed by a real estate developer into a collective housing bu...
22-05-2022 19:27

Rio House Retreat, Rio de Janeiro by Olson Kundig

The 1,500-square-foot house rises into the rainforest canopy ? a secluded hideaway for the owner couple to retreat from the distractions of city life....
22-05-2022 19:27

Ode Boutique Hostel by Otty

An ?ode? to family - driven by females, a black-owned family operating a boutique hostel in the heart of the west end. The project is an embodiment of...
22-05-2022 19:27

A House Full of Charm: Architecture Immersed in a Stunning V

The interior space was designed as an open plan that includes a living room and kitchen both overlooking the breathtaking hills of Ramot Menashe, whic...
22-05-2022 19:27

Pokehaus Bistro Prague by SOA Architekti

Design is austere, compact, with only true natural colors. The aim is to move the atmosphere from messy bistro to decent tropical show kitchen. Conti...
21-05-2022 19:31

Teneriffe Warehouse Apartment by Wrightson Stewart

Located in one of Brisbane\'s heritage wool stores, this warehouse space accommodates both home and artist?s studio. The design captures the historica...
20-05-2022 19:27

Studdridge Tiny Courtyard by Unagru Architecture Urbanism

The plans were to extend in the basement, at the rear as well as the roof of this Victorian terraced house, however the client was not totally happy w...
20-05-2022 19:27

Rebel Road ?Ramp House? by Steve Zagorski, Architect

Rebel Road is a "ramp house" that is elevated and almost hovering above the lower level functions. We often refer this type of house in Texa...
20-05-2022 19:27

Edyn Leafy London Office

We collaborated with Maison August for this 400m2 office space for Edyn Hotel group, whose ethos is built around unique, vibrant, and distinctive spac...
20-05-2022 19:27

Apartment MRA by Schuchovski Arquitetura

The 130m2 apartment located in the Bigorrilho neighborhood, in Curitiba, was designed to reflect the personality and attend the necessities of the rad...
20-05-2022 19:27

Private Residence Design ? Lake Lantern by Evans Lee Design

?Spatial fluidity, the distinction of Lake Lantern, is born to be the top of private residence design, not the aesthetic. Continue reading [[ This i...
20-05-2022 19:27

Scenic Shed by Jacobschang Architecture

The Scenic Shed is a 500 sf single-room space of leisure located in New York?s Hudson Valley. The structure was built using conventional wood framing ...
20-05-2022 19:27

STS Residence by Schuchovski Arquitetura

The STS residence was designed for a couple who wanted an integrated home, which proved to be a great challenge in face of the original plan, full of ...
20-05-2022 19:27

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