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Kitchen of the Week: Vintage Style With Serious Baking Featu

Carrie Ann Terrell and Jody Bjornstad didn?t feel their 1970s add-on kitchen with its dated finishes and fluorescent lighting complemented the beautif...
26-01-2023 19:23

5 Home Design Trends on the Horizon in 2023 (one photo)

It?s hard to know what the future holds. But if you know where to look, you can make some pretty good predictions. To get an idea of what?s on the hor...
24-01-2023 19:24

Bathroom of the Week: Traditional Style in a 1920s Cottage (

This 1920s Atlanta cottage?s first floor had just one bathroom that was shared by the home?s primary and guest bedrooms and that also served as a powd...
24-01-2023 19:24

8 Ways to Work on Your Yard This Winter Without Heading Outs

Winter weather can keep even the most avid gardener from working outside. But that doesn?t mean you have to give up all gardening activities until spr...
23-01-2023 19:22

25 Living Rooms With Roaring Fireplace Fires (25 photos)

Fire symbolizes light and warmth as well as transformation, so gazing at flickering flames feels especially fitting during the wintry early days of a ...
22-01-2023 19:18

6 Ways to Make Your Remodel or New Build More Sustainable (6

Four architects on Houzz share insider tips for building and remodeling in a way that?s kinder not just to the earth but to your back pocket too....
21-01-2023 19:22

Before and After: 3 Outdoor Makeovers in 500 Square Feet or

A small yard can provide a surprising amount of outdoor living space, given the right design and an attention to detail. In the following three projec...
21-01-2023 19:22

Should You Have One Sink or Two in Your Primary Bathroom&quo

One sink or two" This is the classic debate for couples renovating a sizable primary bathroom. There are pros and cons to both. So what?s right f...
20-01-2023 19:24

4 Stylish New Kitchens With a Contrasting Island Color (4 ph

The majority of homeowners either add an island or upgrade an existing one during a kitchen remodel. And nearly half of homeowners choose an island co...
20-01-2023 19:24

Kitchen of the Week: Sleek White-and-Wood Look in 140 Square

This two-story 1871 Chicago building holds special meaning for Joseph De Vito and his wife, Adriana Carrasco. De Vito?s grandparents lived in a 700-sq...
19-01-2023 19:23

Everything You Need to Know About Hiring a Cabinetmaker (9 p

Cabinets that are designed to fit the exact dimensions and style of your home can be a thing of beauty, in addition to being highly practical. Here?s...
18-01-2023 19:22

Bathroom of the Week: Modern, Elegant and Low-Maintenance (7

When this Toronto couple were building their new home, they wanted it to be fresh, casual and low-maintenance. Their builders recommended interior des...
17-01-2023 19:23

10 Kitchen Trends to Watch in Layouts, Features and More (18

When remodeling a kitchen, it?s helpful to know which choices are popular among other homeowners, even if you end up diverging from the crowd. A look ...
16-01-2023 19:21

Before and After: 3 Basements Transformed by Design (11 phot

Basement renovations have unique challenges that upstairs spaces don?t. Basements tend to have low ceilings, a lack of windows and items like ductwork...
15-01-2023 19:22

10 Biggest Remodeling Regrets and How to Avoid Them (10 phot

You don?t want to spend years dreaming about your home renovation, followed by several months of living through remodeling work ? only to feel less th...
14-01-2023 19:21

Yard of the Week: A Sociable and Stylish Family Retreat (12

Describing it as the ?final piece of the puzzle,? Paul and Tracey Richards couldn?t wait to transform the neglected backyard of their 1930s home in He...
14-01-2023 19:21

5 New Bathrooms With Shower-Tub Combos in 65 Square Feet or

Shower-tub combinations save space while offering the option of a relaxing soak or a quick rinse. That versatility and efficiency has made them a comm...
13-01-2023 19:20

Kitchen of the Week: New Layout With White-and-Wood Style (1

Brian and Amanda Johnson tried making a few adjustments to alleviate the problems they had with their 1990s kitchen. But after eight years of applying...
12-01-2023 19:27

How to Organize Your House on Nearly Any Budget (9 photos)

Are you feeling overwhelmed by household clutter, or just know it?s time to get your home in order" Our organizing guides, broken down by room, f...
11-01-2023 19:21

Bathroom of the Week: Light and Airy With Coastal Influences

As this Charlotte, North Carolina, couple were getting ready to move their daughter from her nursery into her bedroom, they realized they wanted to l...
10-01-2023 19:22

7 Big-Picture Kitchen Remodeling Trends Happening Now (15 ph

Homeowners are spending more on kitchen remodels, but they?re also increasingly choosing sustainable options that are more cost-effective in the long ...
10-01-2023 19:22

Before and After: 3 Outdoor Fireplaces That Bring Heat With

A fireplace draws people in to relax and enjoy the flickering flames. When added to a yard, it can elevate the design and become a signature feature. ...
09-01-2023 19:18

Houzz Tour: Designer Tests New Ideas in Her 1922 Cottage (24

Designer Ginger Curtis grew up visiting historic Weatherford, Texas, as a young girl, when her family would go camping and hiking in nearby Lake Miner...
08-01-2023 19:21

Yard of the Week: Seasons of Blooms in an Idyllic English Ga

The yard that landscape designer Nigel Philips inherited when he and his wife bought their East Sussex, England, home was a good size and pleasant eno...
07-01-2023 19:21

How to Make Your Kitchen Island Your Favorite Dining Spot (1

Who says it?s a bad thing to eat dinner in the kitchen" These days, with spare time and square footage at a premium, many people are ditching the...
07-01-2023 19:21

3 Narrow New Bathrooms With Space-Saving Tricks (3 photos)

A long and narrow bathroom is common in many homes. But having a bathroom with such proportions doesn?t mean you can?t get the look of an open space. ...
06-01-2023 19:19

Kitchen of the Week: Bright and Warm in Creamy White and Woo

Designer Nicolette Jarquin and her husband, David, bought their 1925 bungalow as a fixer-upper. Spending five years with the 1960s-remodeled kitchen g...
05-01-2023 19:16

Houzz Tour: Honoring the Soul of a 1920s Spanish-Style Home

In the colorful Los Angeles neighborhood of Silver Lake, a pair of Hollywood writers purchased a 1920s Spanish-style house that they set out to renova...
04-01-2023 19:16

Bathroom of the Week: Vibrant and Glam for a Teenage Girl (9

This mother of three felt her house was boring, with tired finishes and a liberal use of beige that didn?t suit her vibrant personality. Since two of ...
03-01-2023 19:19

Houzz Tour: Opening Up a Midcentury Modern Time Capsule (24

After a two-year search in a cutthroat real estate market, a Minnesota couple finally landed their dream home: a remarkably untouched, architect-desig...
02-01-2023 19:17

35 Home Design Trends on the Rise in 2023 (38 photos)

They say change is the only constant in life. Lately that notion feels all too true. But in an ever-changing world, many people are seeking stability ...
01-01-2023 19:17

25 Wonderful Wintry Views (25 photos)

Enjoy the serene beauty of winter with a tour of 25 homes and landscapes in snowy settings, including a chalet in Austria, a mountain retreat in Lake ...
01-01-2023 19:17

Yard of the Week: Japanese Tea Garden Celebrates Nature's Cy

The young couple who bought this property in ?mihachiman, in Japan?s Shiga Prefecture, were unsure what they should do with the courtyard in their new...
31-12-2022 19:14

The 10 Most Popular Bedrooms of 2022 (10 photos)

This Trending Now story features the most-saved bedroom photos uploaded to Houzz in 2022.A bedroom should create a calming atmosphere that promotes sl...
31-12-2022 19:14

Before and After: 3 Bathroom Makeovers in White, Wood and Bl

White and wood is a winning material combination that?s hard to resist. But if you really want to turn up the drama, consider adding black elements to...
30-12-2022 19:18

See the 5 Most Popular Virtual House Tours of 2022 (5 photos

The next best thing to walking through a home is taking a virtual tour with the home?s designer and remodeler as a guide. That?s the premise of our H...
29-12-2022 19:19

19 Stories of Unusual Remodeling Requests and Odd Situations

Design and remodeling pros help homeowners create spaces that reflect their personalities. But because there are multitudes of personalities out there...
28-12-2022 19:15

The Top 10 Entries and Mudrooms of 2022 (10 photos)

This Trending Now story features the most-saved entry photos uploaded to Houzz in 2022.Depending on its location and use, a home entry can take on man...
28-12-2022 19:15

The Top 5 Bathroom Makeovers of 2022 (5 photos)

This Trending Now story features the most popular Bathroom of the Week stories shared on Houzz in 2022. A well-designed bathroom is often the result o...
27-12-2022 19:17

The 10 Most Popular Pools of 2022 (10 photos)

This Trending Now story features the most-saved pool photos uploaded to Houzz in 2022.A pool is great for swimming and cooling off, but the surroundin...
27-12-2022 19:17

The Top 10 Laundry Rooms of 2022 (10 photos)

This Trending Now story features the most-saved laundry room photos uploaded to Houzz in 2022.There?s a lot that designers can do to elevate a small s...
26-12-2022 19:17

The 10 Most Popular Kitchens Around the World in 2022 (10 ph

Taking a global approach to design inspiration can open up a world of opportunity. And there?s plenty of evidence in this collection of the most-saved...
25-12-2022 19:15

Houzz Tour: 1900s Elegance in a French Manor House (39 photo

In fall 2019, these 40-something Parisians with two kids fulfilled their dream of buying a second home in the countryside, close to Pont-l?vque in N...
24-12-2022 19:17

The Top 5 Outdoor Makeovers of 2022 (5 photos)

There are many approaches homeowners can take when it comes to creating welcoming outdoor spaces. In our weekly outdoor makeover series, we try to cap...
24-12-2022 19:17

Houzz Readers Share Their Christmas Trees (25 photos)

The response to the Houzz Call asking Houzz readers to share their Christmas trees brought so much joy to the Houzz community. Keeping up with new pho...
23-12-2022 19:17

The 5 Most Popular Kitchen Makeovers of 2022 (5 photos)

A kitchen remodel is often a personal journey. But there?s a lot we can learn from looking at what others have gone through and seeing their stylish r...
22-12-2022 19:15

How to Create a Joyful, Clutter-Free Bathroom (10 photos)

Imagine entering your bathroom to see clean, clear surfaces, freshly folded towels and just a few carefully chosen bath products beside the sink. A sm...
21-12-2022 19:16

The Top 10 Kids? Bedrooms of 2022 (10 photos)

This Trending Now story features the most-saved kids? bedrooms uploaded to Houzz in 2022.Built-in bunk beds save space, add playful style and offer an...
21-12-2022 19:16

The Top 10 Powder Rooms of 2022 (10 photos)

Powder rooms are usually places where designers and homeowners feel more comfortable taking a walk on the wild side with design choices. That?s becaus...
20-12-2022 19:15

John McClain Dishes on Design, Inspiration and His New Book

Award-winning interior designer John McClain didn?t want to publish just another pretty coffee table book. Instead, the Houzz TV and HGTV veteran, who...
20-12-2022 19:15

The 10 Most Popular Decks and Patios of 2022 (10 photos)

This Trending Now story features the most-saved patio and deck photos uploaded to Houzz in 2022. A patio or deck offers a tremendous opportunity to ex...
19-12-2022 19:19

Houzz Call: How Do You Prepare for Houseguests" (8 phot

At this time of year when loved ones come to visit, many of us can use help knowing how best to prepare for overnight guests. Houzz readers: Please sh...
18-12-2022 19:17

The 5 Most Popular Houzz Tours of 2022 (5 photos)

Whether your taste leans toward clean lines and contemporary furnishings or rough-hewn beams and antique treasures, you?ll find plenty of design inspi...
18-12-2022 19:17

Porch of the Week: Bringing a House Back to Its Midcentury

This homeowner, a woman who worked from home in Asheville, North Carolina, originally called interior designer Brooke Kern to help her furnish her dec...
17-12-2022 19:18

8 Shower Features Pros Love to Recommend (12 photos)

When compiling a list of can?t-miss shower features, we turned to the pros for advice. We asked bathroom designers and remodelers on Houzz to share th...
17-12-2022 19:18

The Top 10 Home Offices of 2022 (10 photos)

This Trending Now story features the most-saved home office photos uploaded to Houzz in 2022.Working from home takes on many forms. To some it means a...
16-12-2022 19:20

10 Essentials for a Gracious Guest Room (10 photos)

Getting ready to host overnight guests" Let?s assume you have a bed (or air mattress) and coverings on all the windows. That?s a great start! Thi...
14-12-2022 19:18

The 10 Most Popular Living Rooms of 2022 (10 photos)

This Trending Now story features the most-saved living room photos uploaded to Houzz in 2022.Comfort, style and a relaxing atmosphere are qualities ma...
14-12-2022 19:18

The 10 Most Popular Bathrooms of 2022 (10 photos)

This Trending Now story features the most-saved bathroom photos uploaded to Houzz in 2022.Choosing the right features for a bathroom can be overwhelmi...
13-12-2022 19:18

6 Ways to Refresh Your Outdoor Living Spaces for Winter (17

Outdoor spaces can feel a little bare once winter arrives. There isn?t the abundance of blooming plants and outdoor accessories that enhance porches, ...
13-12-2022 19:18

The Top 10 Home Bars of 2022 (10 photos)

This Trending Now story features the most-saved home bar photos uploaded to Houzz in 2022.Few things make hosting a party more efficient and lively th...
12-12-2022 19:18

Step Inside a Modern Australian Country Home (one photo)

In this episode of Houzz TV, Australian designer Dana Tosolini gives a virtual tour of a country home she renovated for a couple and members of their ...
12-12-2022 19:18

How to Organize Your Living Room on Nearly Any Budget (16 ph

The living room is one of the most heavily used, multifunctional spaces in a house. It?s commonly used for movie nights, children?s playdates, art pro...
12-12-2022 19:18

Houzz Tour: An Australian Country Home Gets a Stylish Makeov

The owners of this home in Burradoo, Australia, south of Sydney, are a pair of medical professionals who recently started working in nearby Bowral. Th...
11-12-2022 19:20

8 Self-Care Practices to See You Through the Holidays (8 pho

The holiday season is often a mix of joy and stress. But with a few health and wellness self-care routines in place, you can regain your center and en...
11-12-2022 19:20

10 Off-White Paint Colors for Home Exteriors (10 photos)

If you like the clean, crisp look of white exteriors but don?t want your house to feel too stark or sterile, an off-white paint might be the perfect s...
10-12-2022 19:17

Houzz Call: Show Us Your Christmas Tree (6 photos)

It?s the time of year when many people head to the tree lot or the attic to get a Christmas tree, set it up and trim it. Houzz readers, we want to see...
10-12-2022 19:17

The 10 Most Popular Dining Areas of 2022 (10 photos)

This Trending Now story features the most-saved dining area photos uploaded to Houzz since Jan. 1, 2022.Eating at home looks different to different pe...
09-12-2022 19:18

Before and After: 3 Bathroom Makeovers That Got Rid of the T

Some homeowners worry about losing resale value when removing a bathtub, especially if it?s the only tub in the house. But for those who rarely use th...
09-12-2022 19:18

Kitchen of the Week: Open and Airy in White, Wood and Blue (

Design-build pro Erik Bergstrom and his wife were living in a 1,000-square-foot home with no garage, little storage and a tight galley kitchen that of...
08-12-2022 19:19

Pros Share 8 Laundry Room Must-Haves (16 photos)

Adding the right features to your laundry room can make everyday tasks easier and elevate the look of the space. Here, four pros share the eight must...
07-12-2022 19:21

Bathroom of the Week: English Cottage Charm With Lavender Hu

These homeowners were inspired by the charming country cottages of their native England when remodeling their suburban Seattle home of the past 20 yea...
06-12-2022 19:31

6 Ideas for Creating a Cozy Home for Entertaining (one photo

With the holiday season officially here, you might be thinking about getting your home ready for entertaining. And a look at what homeowners have been...
06-12-2022 19:31

10 High-Impact Ideas to Dress Up Your Winter Containers (10

Winter containers can do a lot for a home and garden, adding interest to sleepy landscapes and creating a festive atmosphere outside. While you have a...
05-12-2022 19:18

The 10 Most Popular Kitchens of 2022 (10 photos)

This Trending Now story features the most-saved kitchen photos uploaded to Houzz since Jan. 1, 2022.A look at kitchens other homeowners love can help ...
04-12-2022 19:17

Before and After: 4 Entries That Make Great First Impression

Entryways are tricky. They need to make a great first impression and function in a way that welcomes guests while stopping wet shoes and snowy boots i...
03-12-2022 19:18

Yard of the Week: Flowing Garden Beds and an Entertaining Sp

When designer Simon Orchard first visited this tricky-shaped Hampshire yard, it was badly overgrown and ? despite being large ? felt smaller than its ...
03-12-2022 19:18

6 New Kitchens With Stylish Color and Material Combinations

Let?s face it, some colors and materials clash while others seem like a match made in heaven. In a kitchen, where large planes of cabinets, countertop...
02-12-2022 19:19

Pantone Chooses a Vibrant Magenta for 2023 Color of the Year

As a color consultant, I find this time of year is one of my favorites. It?s when Pantone Color Institute, the color standards management company, cho...
02-12-2022 19:19

Kitchen of the Week: A Blend of Modern and Farmhouse Styles

A mix of black, white and wood balance modern- and farmhouse-inspired styles in this suburban Chicago kitchen. The homeowners ? the parents of three y...
01-12-2022 19:23

Pros Reveal 10 Features That Elevate a Living Room (16 photo

Getting that perfect balance of cozy and functional in a living room can be tricky, which is why homeowners will often turn to a design expert for hel...
30-11-2022 19:21

10 Simple Ways to Bring Order to a Small Kitchen (11 photos)

Contrary to what you might think, you don?t need acres of counter space or dozens of drawers and cupboards to have an organized kitchen that?s a joy t...
29-11-2022 19:17

Bathroom of the Week: Updated Style and Storage for Empty Ne

After raising two kids and sending them off to college, this empty-nest Texas couple decided it was time to nurture their tired 1990s en suite bathro...
29-11-2022 19:17

10 Things to Consider When Choosing an Outdoor Fire Feature

Fire features are a popular component of outdoor living spaces. Whether it?s their romantic glow or the warmth they provide during the cold seasons, f...
28-11-2022 19:18

Before and After: Laundry Room Gets a Moody Blue Makeover (8

After sending their two athletic sons off to college, this suburban Seattle couple were ready to give their much-used laundry room a makeover. They hi...
28-11-2022 19:18

Houzz Tour: Midcentury Modern Home Revived, Roots Intact (20

When this couple purchased a midcentury house just south of San Francisco, they were as enamored with its great flow and views as they were with the i...
27-11-2022 19:18

How to Care for Your Christmas Tree (6 photos)

Artificial trees may have increased in popularity, but for the purist, only a real tree will do. No matter how realistic it looks, an artificial tree ...
26-11-2022 19:20

Yard of the Week: Low-Water Landscape With a Natural Pool (2

One of the most influential contemporary landscape designers, Dutch designer Piet Oudolf, says that in his projects he seeks beauty through orderly de...
26-11-2022 19:20

20 New Coffee Table Books for the Design Lovers on Your List

What better gift for the design mavens on your holiday list than a statement-making book of gorgeous interiors, architecture or gardens" Not only...
25-11-2022 19:19

20 Powder Rooms That Pack a Punch (20 photos)

The holiday season often brings friends and family into one another?s homes. Thus, it?s usually the time of year when a powder room gets the most traf...
25-11-2022 19:19

Thanksgiving Tales: When the Turkey Tanks (6 photos)

This article is from our Most Popular stories file.We asked readers to chime in with their most memorable Thanksgiving missteps, and more than 200 bra...
24-11-2022 19:19

Tour a Warm and Inviting Contemporary Home (9 photos)

This young Toronto couple with two kids wanted a home that?s warm and inviting as well as open and airy. Designer Diana......
24-11-2022 19:19

Historical Carriage House Transformed Into an Artist?s Studi

Nancy and Mark Jarzombek had a beautiful 1910 carriage house on their property that was full of potential. But 20 years ago when they wanted to turn ...
24-11-2022 19:19

Houzz Call: Share Your Thanksgiving Tablescape! (9 photos)

Happy Thanksgiving, Houzz readers! If you will be hosting dinner, have you thought about your tablescape yet" If you get a spare moment during yo...
22-11-2022 19:17

Bathroom of the Week: Brighter and Breezier in White and Woo

Lance and Chelsea Baird liked the large size of the primary bathroom in their 2003 Frisco, Texas, home. But something had to be done about the ornate ...
22-11-2022 19:17

What to Know About Adding Outdoor Lighting (22 photos)

Outdoor lighting can make a home?s exterior spaces inviting and intriguing after the sun goes down. And it has a more practical purpose as well: It ca...
21-11-2022 19:17

Before and After: 3 Kitchen Makeovers in White, Wood and Gre

If you?re a fan of white-and-wood kitchens but prefer a little (or a lot) of color added to the mix, green might be the missing ingredient you?re look...
21-11-2022 19:17

Designers Share 6 Favorite Kitchen Photo Styling Props (6 ph

A kitchen with clear counters can be a beautiful thing. But potential clients can find photos of unstyled kitchens stark. Staging helps people envisio...
21-11-2022 19:17

Walk-In Pantries vs. Cabinet Pantries (12 photos)

It?s only natural to debate whether to go with a walk-in or cabinet pantry when you?re building a new home or redesigning your existing kitchen. Some ...
20-11-2022 19:17

Houzz Tour: Classic Elegance in a Spanish Apartment (11 phot

This apartment in a 1950s building in Bilbao, Spain, is located on the Gran Va: the most important shopping street, created in the 19th century durin...
20-11-2022 19:17

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