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9 Clever Organizers to Tidy Your House

Last week I went on a big “early summer” organizing spree. It always feels so great to declutter and organize your home, doesn’t it&...
25-06-2019 19:06

Summer + Home Style Saturdays

Happy summer! And how is it already Saturday again" The last week or so went by in a flash. With my son Luke’s graduation and birthday, and...
22-06-2019 19:04

Inspired By: Rooms Decorated with Red

Do you love rooms decorated with red" I don’t know if it is as commonly used as I remember it “back in the day” … or is i...
17-06-2019 19:08

Home Style Saturdays | Summer Decor |Restore Grout |Collecti

Happy Saturday! I’ve been invited to be a regular participant in Home Style Saturdays. So what this means for you is that every Saturday youR...
15-06-2019 19:07

Our White Gate

You may have noticed this in my side patio makeover post, but we are no longer gateless in Seattle :). As was the case with many of our side patio pro...
14-06-2019 19:12

As Seasons Change

Hi friends! This is the week that Luke (our youngest!) graduates from high school! So, I guess you could say I’m both looking forward to summer ...
11-06-2019 19:08

Home Style Saturdays

Ready for some weekend home style inspiration" Today I was invited to be a guest for a virtual blogger event called Home Style Saturdays!  Every ...
08-06-2019 19:07

Well-Being + Wind Chimes on the Porch

I love to listen to the gentle sounds around our home. I especially enjoy the sound of laughter, but when the house is otherwise quiet I love to hear ...
07-06-2019 19:09

My Summer House | Mark Sikes + Annie Selke

I‘ve always been torn between which house I love more. I have to admit, as much as I love decorating my fall and winter home, I’ve been es...
06-06-2019 19:09

7 Reasons You Don?t Love Your Bedroom (And How To Fix It)

Here are seven reasons you might not love your bedroom right now (and simple designer tips to fix it on a budget!).  Do any of these describe the...
04-06-2019 19:15

11 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Sofa (+ My Faves)

Choosing a sofa for your home can be a daunting process. They are an investment that can make or break a space, so it pays to do some research before ...
04-06-2019 19:12

7 reasons you don?t love your bedroom (and how to fix it)

Here are seven reasons you might not love your bedroom right now (and simple designer tips to fix it on a budget!).  Do any of these describe the...
03-06-2019 19:09

The Best Way to Clean Your House Today + Giveaway

Hi friends! Hope you’ve been having a great week! The sun is out here and it’s almost the weekend, so that combination is making me very h...
31-05-2019 19:07

Outdoor Cushion and Rug Care + Patio FAQ

Hey friends! Thank you so much for all the kind comments on my refreshed side patio. It has been a long process for the past 3 1/2 years or so to get ...
29-05-2019 19:08

8 Important Things That Might Be Missing From Your Home Deco

A home won’t be finished in a day (unless you are watching a home makeover T.V. show, ha! In that case, that house will be completed in about 30...
28-05-2019 19:09

Wall Sconces by the Bed: Get Inspired!

Back when we lived in our Portland house, I put up wall sconces by the bed. I LOVED THEM! So cozy in a bedroom. I actually love the look of wall light...
27-05-2019 19:09

9 Elements for Enjoyable Outdoor Spaces

If you’ve been dreaming of outdoor areas you and your family can enjoy this summer, here are nine elements you can easily incorporate to make yo...
26-05-2019 19:07

Lamps on Kitchen Counters

House and Garden UK Setting a lamp on a counter has always been one of my favorite ways to bring charm and warmth to a kitchen. It’s such a simp...
24-05-2019 19:06

Memorial Day 2019 ? Favorite Sales!

Hi, friend! If you’re thinking about refreshing your home for summer, oh my are there some amazing sales out there right now to help us all do j...
23-05-2019 19:09

10 Tricks for Budget-Friendly Decorating

Do you want to update your home, but feel limited by a tight budget" Check out these ten inspiring tricks for budget-friendly decorating! 1. Buy ...
22-05-2019 19:08

My Anthropologie-Inspired Diffuser Recipes + Free Oils

I just wanted my house to smell like Anthropologie. If you want your house to smell like Anthropologie (who doesn’t love that Volcano candle&quo...
21-05-2019 19:08

How to Add Cottage Character to Your Home Over Time

I was scrolling the interwebs the other day and photos of a little cottage stopped me in my tracks. This coastal cottage in Carmel is almost exactly t...
20-05-2019 19:08

Reversible Bedding to Refresh Your Room!

One easy way to mix patterns and have flexibility with your style is to use reversible bedding! That way you get the fun of having a new look for your...
17-05-2019 19:09

Gather: Blue and White Striped Decor

What is it about stripes" Do you love them as much as I do" I think blue and white striped decor is such a classic summer look, it never goe...
16-05-2019 19:09

DIY Coffee Mug Herb Garden

I‘ve had gardens on the mind lately! Last week I shared a DIY Terrarium Diffuser. Guess thinking about gardening makes sense, since it’s s...
15-05-2019 19:04

If I Lived Here: Maine Cottage by the Sea

House Beautiful If I lived here in this charming cottage by the sea…I’d keep the windows open so I could smell the salty breeze blowing th...
14-05-2019 19:05

Blue + White + Natural Coastal Style

It sure can take awhile to get into a groove when you move into a new-to-you home! I’ve always felt that if you are on a budget, have other prio...
10-05-2019 19:04

Spring in our Outdoor Oasis (A Side Patio Refresh!)

The pups and I saved a comfy spot just for you on our newly refreshed side patio! So come on in, grab yourself a cup of iced tea or coffee and join us...
09-05-2019 19:09

DIY Terrarium Diffuser

Tending to a garden is a calming, therapeutic experience. I’ve often said that I almost like gardening more than I like decorating! Today I̵...
08-05-2019 19:08

How to Have a Happier Home

Here are simple pick-me-ups for a happier you and a more cheerful home. 1. Clear the Clutter Intentionally weed out the clutter so you’ll have m...
07-05-2019 19:05

5 Fireplace Makeover Ideas

Hey friends! I really appreciated all of your comments, emails and Instagram messages with suggestions and thoughts on my fireplace post. Thank you! T...
06-05-2019 19:04

Spark Joy with Your Decorating Style

This post is sponsored by featuring Drew Barrymore’s Flower Home Collection. Want to spark joy in your home" Bring more persona...
03-05-2019 19:04

To do, or not to do?

When we moved into this house, I started gathering all kinds of ideas for what I wanted to do to update this room. I dreamed up everything from adding...
30-04-2019 19:04

Changing A Square Door to an Arch: Before & Afters

Back when we were planning our kitchen remodel, we wanted to pack as much character as we could into our little space. We weren’t opening up wal...
29-04-2019 19:08

Happy Drawers: Simple Organizing Ideas

I like happy drawers! Opening a drawer filled with chaos does not make me happy. :) Trust me, not every drawer in my house makes me happy right now. B...
25-04-2019 19:07

My York Pottery Barn White Slipcovered Sofa ? FAQ

I‘ve had my Pottery Barn white slipcovered sofa for about eight months now. You might recall that I had a similar sofa with the same fabric slip...
24-04-2019 19:16

Life Lately: Easter with 4 Doodles

Hey Friends! I hope you had a wonderful Easter! We went to church as a family and then had all of the kids and dogs over (ha!) to our house for an Eas...
23-04-2019 19:27

Simple Ways to Decorate Your Porch for Spring

Spring is here! If you’re as excited to get outside as I am, here are some simple ways to tidy up and decorate your porch. 1. A fresh doormat I ...
18-04-2019 19:09

DIY: A Free Standing Cabinet Command Center

You might remember seeing this cabinet in our home over the years. We’ve even repurposed it a couple of times to suit our needs in two different...
17-04-2019 19:06

Signature Home Scents: DIY Lavender Vanilla + Lime Linen Spr

Do you have a signature scent for your home" Or a seasonal favorite home scent" Last week I made a ‘Lavender Vanilla + Lime’ spr...
15-04-2019 19:06

10 Small Space Decorating Mistakes

A small room can feel limiting, but less space isn’t necessarily more of a problem than having a big room or an unusual layout. In fact, small r...
13-04-2019 19:07

Using my Instant Pot for the First Time

True confession: I bought an Instant Pot a few years ago. But, I was terrified of it blowing up so I returned it. Then last year my daughters Kylee an...
12-04-2019 19:08

5 Budget Friendly Take Away Design Tips

1. Create a New Mood with Color It’s important to consider how the natural light and other architectural features impact the feel of a space. In...
08-04-2019 19:08

Dwelling Well + Giveaways

Today I wanted to introduce you to the other two very special friends who are a part of my Dwelling book launch blog tour (and make sure you follow th...
07-04-2019 19:12

Two Dwellings + the Epic Giveaway!

Today I wanted to introduce you to the first two blog friends on my special Dwelling book launch blog tour! They each bring something unique and wonde...
04-04-2019 19:07

Dwelling: The Heart of the Home-Maker

Today is launch day for my new book Dwelling! I love hearing the wind chimes in the trees outside our open windows. They chime softly, gently playing ...
03-04-2019 19:08

Feel Well Where You Dwell + Dwelling Launch Week Giveaways!

A home should be sacred space. It’s a place where we should feel our best, a safe shelter in the world where we can learn to better care for our...
01-04-2019 19:07

Make Things Pretty to Boost Your Mood

Onee of my favorite things to do is putter around the house. I talk about that a lot around here, I know, but it’s a thing I do! I may not be ve...
29-03-2019 19:06

Make Your Home a Dream House with New Windows + Doors

Sponsored by Milgard Windows My mom has always reminded me that any home could be dramatically improved with the right windows and doors. As a perpetu...
28-03-2019 19:07

4 Ways to Wake Up on The Right Side of the Bed

How you design your morning will set a trajectory for your day (and you’re already designing it whether or not you intended to!) Does your morni...
27-03-2019 19:08

Create Your Happy Place at Home

Do you have a happy place to go to within your home" Maybe it’s the chair you go to soak in a moment of peace, or a room you sit in to brin...
26-03-2019 19:07

A HomeBody Manifesto

“Our dwellings?both our home and body?are intricately connected.Each has the potential to inspire the other to be its very best. Our dwellings w...
21-03-2019 19:07

Hall Cabinet ? Battery Library Lights and Removable Wallpape

I love to find manageable and affordable ways to add more character to a space. This past weekend we made two more new fun changes to our little hallw...
17-03-2019 19:04

How to Clean A White Sink (3 secrets, without harsh chemical

For years and years I’ve talked about the significance of emptying, cleaning and polishing my sink every day. My whole perspective on my home an...
11-03-2019 19:03

Serendipity & Dream Home Dwellers

I love to consider how the word ‘serendipity” applies to creating my “dream” home. Horace Walpole coined the word serendipity,...
04-03-2019 19:03

Inspired: Beach House Style

Do you ever go through phases with your home where you are feeling restless to do something new, or you know you want to make a few changes or adjustm...
25-02-2019 19:04

Daybed + Living Room (and Daybed Sources)

When we moved into this house we envisioned a window seat or bench under this back window in our living room. The view out the the mountains, water an...
14-02-2019 19:08

Mood-Boosting Spring Room Refresh

This post is in partnership with World Market After a week of several back-to-back snow storms here in Seattle, I think it’s safe to say we̵...
12-02-2019 19:08

Hang a Rug on a Wall + Sparking Joy

Do you ever get paralyzed when it comes to hanging things on your walls" Or maybe you just feel like you are in a creative rut and want to mix th...
11-02-2019 19:05

Why Dwelling is the Most Important Book I?ve Ever Written

This week we had a few unexpected snow days! We rarely have snow here in Seattle, but when we do I love curling up on the couch with my fuzzy blanket ...
07-02-2019 19:04

Nova + Inspired Stripe! Dash & Albert Rugs

Remember a couple of years ago when I participated in the Annie Selke Dash & Albert rug design competition" It seems like a lifetime ago, doe...
31-01-2019 19:07

Seeing Your Home in A New Light + Lighting on Amazon

Sources: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11 // 12 // 13 I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s Spring Fever (too soon"...
28-01-2019 19:07

Kitchen Redesign Tips

I get lots of remodeling questions from readers, so today I thought I’d share a few tips for redesigning a kitchen! 1) Take your time! Be inspir...
24-01-2019 19:05

Courtney?s Seattle Studio Apartment Tour

Hi there! This is Courtney here, Melissa’s daughter, taking over the blog today! About a year and a half ago, I moved into my very first apartme...
18-01-2019 19:07

Create a Winter Sanctuary

This post is in partnership with World Market The sun came out in Seattle yesterday and I have to say, it was glorious to get a glimpse of spring. Jan...
14-01-2019 19:07

Decorating in January

Sources: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 I received a few messages this week about how to decorate in January, through this “in-between” t...
11-01-2019 19:04

A Simple Life in 2019: Lessons from Jack

Hey friend! I’m so glad you’re here. Yes, you came to the right post. It’s not Christmas. Even though you’ll see some Christma...
07-01-2019 19:05

What Makes a House a Home

Moving is always rough, it takes more out of me than I ever expect. Especially if there’s remodeling involved, too! Our family has moved many ti...
01-01-2019 19:09

A Look Back at Our Home Improvements

Yesterday I shared a Home Goals worksheet for 2019. It’s always fun to think about what’s ahead! But I think it’s also important to ...
31-12-2018 19:05

Home Goals 2019 + Worksheet and IG Template

Happy almost 2019, friends! I know many of us think through and set personal goals at the start of each year, but do you make goals for your home"...
31-12-2018 19:05

New Lamps for My Bedroom and Living Room from Walmart!

This post is in partnership with Walmart I?ve been on the hunt for new lamps for our bedroom and living room for quite awhile. I had a vision in my mi...
28-12-2018 19:05

Winter Cocoa Station

This year our family is choosing experiences over gifts. And by experiences I don?t mean anything big like a Hawaiian vacation! We?re doing the simple...
21-12-2018 19:05

Free Christmas Printable Gift Tags + Winter Calendar

Hi friends! First of all, I just want to say thank you so much for all your kind words and messages about my new book Dwelling! I?m really excited for...
20-12-2018 19:05

Slow Christmas + announcing my new book Dwelling

This year I wrote a brand new book called Dwelling. Dwelling (due to release in April) reflects my desire to create a home that takes good care of the...
18-12-2018 19:04

Winter Kitchen + Gluten Free Gingerbread Cookies

This post is in partnership with World Market ‘Tis the season to be in the kitchen. Or is that every season" Ha! It’s been two years ...
05-12-2018 19:10

Inspired By: Change or Consistency"

When I was looking through my Christmas tour posts from years past to share in this post, one tour I didn’t share on my list was this one from w...
03-12-2018 19:08

Christmas Style Inspiration + Gift Guides

Hello, friends! Who is feeling festive" I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I’ve been seeing Christmas decor all over Instagram and tr...
25-11-2018 19:11

Preserving Family Memories

This post is sponsored by Kodak Digitizing Box One of my earliest and most memorable pre-holiday blog posts had nothing to do with decorating. Nor was...
21-11-2018 19:08

All I Want for Christmas?

Oh, hello there dreamy blue KitchenAid mixer with hobnail white bowl. Where have you been all my life"  I was just innocently doing a little onli...
18-11-2018 19:08

How I Use Essential Oils + Daily Wellness Routines

After sharing my wellness station and the Christmas Cheer Bundle I’m offering, I got quite a few messages and emails posing a similar question. ...
16-11-2018 19:09

My Winter Wellness Station ? Essential Oils Storage

I love decorating my home. But even more than making things look pretty, I focus more of my attention on creating a healthy and happy home. Whenever p...
14-11-2018 19:11

The Cross Decor & Design: Out to See + TIR Christmas Shop

Hi, friends! I recently spent a few days in Vancouver, B.C. with some friends and my girls. While we were there we visited what might be one of my new...
12-11-2018 19:07

Preparing Your Nest for a Cozy Holiday

This post is in partnership with World Market Any home can be cozier and more functional in time for the holidays! We make our home work for us, wheth...
07-11-2018 19:07

Simplifying to Get Ready for Christmas Decor

As we’re just ‘wrapping up’ the last day of October, I thought it was a good day to wrap Christmas gifts and set up the tree. JUST K...
31-10-2018 19:08

Holidays + hosting + home and GIVEAWAY!

Can you believe we are basically in holiday season right now" I don’t feel ready, ha. My house is definitely not ready. But luckily there&#...
25-10-2018 19:09

My Fall Wreath + How to Hang a Wreath on the Door

Few decorative elements will make your home feel as welcoming and festive as a seasonal wreath to greet you (and your guests) as you arrive home. Even...
19-10-2018 19:08

Sweater Weather: Tips for a Warm & Cozy Home

We’ve been enjoying some amazing autumn sunshine and cooler temps here in Seattle! Sweater weather is my favorite! Outside many of the leaves ar...
15-10-2018 19:07

Gather: Cozy Things with Tassels, Textures, and Trims

  Hey friends! I hope you’ve been well and enjoying the first week of October. I’ve been giving myself time to enjoy all the things I...
08-10-2018 19:11

3 Cozy Fall Activities for the Homebody

“Autumn is a season to reflect on the life we’ve always dreamed of. Do we have to have the perfect life or dream home to be content right ...
03-10-2018 19:07

14 Simple Fall Decorating Ideas

Who has been puttering or fall nesting around their house" I started to and then had a couple of unexpected deadlines I had to attend to this wee...
29-09-2018 19:08

Fall Home Refresh: 5 Ways to Bring Your Home to Life!

Fall home refresh –  sponsored by World Market I couldn’t be more excited about the beginning of fall! The weather was gorgeous in Seattle...
24-09-2018 19:08

Transform Your Bedroom into a Cozy Retreat

Yesterday morning as I got out of bed and started heading into the kitchen, I realized it was quite chilly in the house. Hello, fall" Is that you...
22-09-2018 19:06

Simple Ways to Create a Welcoming Fall Porch

Whether you love decorating with ALL the pumpkins or not, fall is on its way. I know some people LOVE decorating their porches for every season and ho...
20-09-2018 19:07

Fall Puttering

Hey friends! This week I’m making time for something I love to do. (I hope will, too.) I call it puttering, perhaps you call it something else&q...
18-09-2018 19:05

Four Cozy Fall Morning Routines

I woke up yesterday morning to a definite chill in the air! I loved it and wore a sweater and boots because I could. One of my favorite things is enjo...
13-09-2018 19:05

Embrace Your Style (and adapt as needed!)

A home is the most inviting to us when it appeals to our senses and makes sense for how we live. The textures, warmth and sense of joy we bring to our...
12-09-2018 19:07

My Fall House Tour

Hello, friends! As always, I’m so glad you’re here. Not only am I inviting you in to my little house for a fall tour, but today you’...
10-09-2018 19:08

How to Decorate a Coffee Table in Any Season

If you want a simple, fool-proof way to decorate your coffee table this fall, here’s an easy formula I shared in my book The Inspired Room! Tray...
07-09-2018 19:11

Cozying Up The House with Shutters

There are so many ways to add layers of coziness to your home this fall, but one of the most impactful ideas that comes to my mind is to install windo...
06-09-2018 19:08

20 Little Things to Love about Fall

What would inspire you to live your very best life this fall" Maybe make a ‘little things to love about fall list.’ What’s on i...
05-09-2018 19:09

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